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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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mother. [audio not understandable] cousins uncles girlfriends. [audio not understandable] >> reporter: not even 24 hours after someone shot and killed her oldest son angela davis mustered up the courage to make this plea to the public. >> please, if you know something come forward. i don't know how i am going bury my son. >> reporter: on tuesday evening, garfield heights police say her son 29-year-old charles charlie davis got into an argument in side skills barbershop when shots rang out. before the man who shot davis left, he yelled he for the little boy he brought to leave with him. >> we truly believe the small child is in danger and is in the company of a cold blooded killer that must be taken off the streets. >> reporter: once again remember, a child who was here getting a haircut with this man
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key. police believe he will say something to someone. >> that was traumatic for him. we are asking that person that he tells to please give us a call give us a name that's all we need. it can be an anonymous call if you wish. >> reporter: a 21-year-old man was shot in the leg and is out of the hospital and is doing fine. sarah back to you -- care. a back to you. >> how about other witness -- >> how about other witnesses. >> reporter: there were between 5 and 8 people inside the barbershop at the time. police say they are cooperating but none of them seem to know the name of the guy that did this. back to you. >> the studio. >> hopefully this will help thank you. we broke the store iest dash cam video showing lorain police slamming a man's face in a windshield tonight the man breaks his silence and talks
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may find police video hard to watch. in it was not justified at all. >> reporter: to pele smith the walk he took changed everything. >> all i did was cross the street. >> reporter: that's the day lorain police stopped him for jay walking and he became the face of a disturbing video seen by millions across the world. >> it hurts to my core. >> reporter: citizens complained before about lorain police. in 2012 the feds misconduct and deficiencies in leadership. >> oh my god. >> reporter: in smith's case the images moved some to tears. >> this is painful. >> reporter: after we broke the story last month, police chief cel rivera says the video doesn't tell the whole story. for two years he has stood by his officers. no one has been disciplined. >> they can do what they want and they do pretty much. >> reporter: most of the incident is caught on police dash cam. it unfolded as smith left his
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hear him coming. you know like they sped up real fast. >> reporter: smith knew they whether coming for him he didn't know why though. >> they said jaywalking and i said excuse me they said jaywalk. >> reporter: he said he cooperated and allowed himself to be searched and then one officer believe smith swallowed drugs weans grabbed by the throat and forced to the ground -- drugs was grabbed by the throat and forced to the ground. >> i can't breath or yell. >> reporter: the officer is seen racing to smith is cuffed from behind when he escorts him to the cruiser. >> i just get lifted up and they slam my face and cracks the windshield. >> reporter: police contend smith pushed backwards causing him and the officer to fall on the cruiser. and officer gets in the cruiser and blames smith. >> i don't know i am not no fool i won't make my situation worse than it was. so why would i resist. >> reporter: the only drug
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cut a deal to avoid a trial. >> tears me up never thought something like that would happen to me. >> reporter: now the county prosecutor's reviewing the 2- year-old case at the request of chiefry viera we tried talking to the --ry vair -- chief rivera we tried talking to the chief he face as second lawsuit this month by a man who claims an officer smacked him in the face with a flashlight. the suit came shortly before chief rivera received a 22% pay raise figures. sara russ. >> more to come on this tom meyer thank you. akron police say they got 80 pounds of cocaine off the street with one major arrest. officers report they found 24 pounds of cocaine inside jerry davis junior's car earlier this month. than they found another 50 pounds in his new franklin home. the drugs have a street value of about 3 million dollars. the 35-year-old is facing
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also in akron a four-month- old baby is in critical condition after he and his car seat were ejected from a car in a crash this morning. police say the ford f350 pickup truck the hyundai veloster as it pulled out from an apartment complex. the impact ripped off the rear of the car as you can see. along the road in akron. police say both drivers suffered minor injuries. investigators say speed might be a factor in today is considered one of the business iest travel days of the year. we checked in at hopkins and found only a few delays tonight. traffic is moving across northeast ohio. no big backups across the area to tell you about. and police are stepping up patrols and many local roadways as tonight is the biggest party night of the year. and if you plan on drinking and not having a designated driver, you may want to think again. brandon simmons shows us what happens when you are pulled over for a obi. >> reporter: here's how it goes
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for the holidays, and now you are on the road and all of a sudden you see the blue and red lights flashing behind you. and the bad news, you have beendrinking. well it's going to be a long day. >> driver's lines and proof of insurance. >> yes, sir no problem. >> reporter: baseed on driving -- based on the driving patterns or if the officer has a reason to believe you are driving under the influence they will get you out the car you. >> you sure you had one or two. >> reporter: i think that's all it is. >> we need to make sure you are in safe condition to drive. >> reporter: field sobriety test you walk the line and probably have to follow the officer's fingers with your eyes. if you fail,. >> sir come with me. >> reporter: you're headed to the back seat of a police cruiser. this is where you will probably realize how serious the situation is. in the meantime, officers will search and inventory the car before it is towed and that will cost you later. you are off the to get booked in. >> follow my instrucks please i am going to -- instructions.
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step up to the fire and stop. >> reporter: they go over your rights in detail and paperwork is filled out to go into the system. if you are cooperative you may be uncuffed and they will give you a breathalyzer test to see just how drunk you are which you have the toppings refuse but i did it anyway. >> keep blowing sir keep blowing keep blowing and hold. >> reporter: they will take your fingerprints and, of course, they will have to -- you will have to have a mug shot or two. when they are all done, you can post bond which will $404 right now in summit county or if you don't have the cash this is your chance to make that one call to find someone who does. >> understand your call is recorded make the phone call. >> reporter: if no one has the cash, you will be staying the night and missing the holidays enjoying your new clothes in three hots and a qat a rather sobering experience the richfield police department was nice enough to show us what happens in the first few hours and maybe the next night after you are arrested, you have to remember there could be
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follow you can lose your lines and, of course, you can be sentenced to more time in jail so the bottom line is, don't drink and drive. in richfield brandon simmons channel 3 news. >> travel with him and he drinks shirley temples. most people are look forward to the thanksgiving dinner some say they are not looking forward to a sour helping of politics as sara said more gobble and less squabble at the table. >> a dinner, how many calories could you rack up tomorrow? we breakdown the numbers that may have you pushing away from the table sooner. hi betsy. >> let's face it you don't want to know the numbers. but minor ones you do because it's going to be a little bit warmer in the days to come. we will talk about more positive numbers going in the right direction straight ahead. >> ahead on nightly news the busiest travel weekend in years. with millions on the road this thanksgiving holiday.
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are headed. plus -- you are headed president-elect trump names two women to the key jobs as he expands the team and we will have an exclues the nypd bomb squad on high alert this holiday after a recent attack. all that and more when i see
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tonight at 7 we are watching the clock. did you know that the time you shop can affect the kind of deal you can get. you had not want to miss this
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don't put stuffing inside the turkey or you could get sick. well, at 7, we have got the real story on whether or not you should stuff the bird. we go iron chef at 7. ?? to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about over the holidays,
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(laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley, and i raise honest, simple turkey for honeysuckle white.
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is filling out. with two women now joining the team, michigan businesswoman and philanthropist betsy devos is an advocate of charter schools and vouchers and south carolina governor nikki haley is united nations ambassador. they are conflicting reports this evening that ben carson has accepted the position of secretary of housing and urban development. no confirmation as of yet. i see it is a game show politics will certainly be on the menu for many families this year. >> this topic can make it easy to lose the cool so andrew horansky shows us ways to handle it with grace. >> you don't act right you are not part of the family. >> oh. >> reporter: this viral video
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thanksgiving ago but may be nothing compared to this year which can come to blows like in the cast from home for the holidays. >> everyone before we hear news. >> reporter: after presidential race. which is why we decided to give it a dry run. >> i am the only kid. >> reporter: with the help of actors from the angry raidies of improv troup. >> stop after those two. >> why. >> reporter: they weighed in when it came to politics. >> i think the electoral >> oh. >> no politics. >> reporter: she suggested other topics. >> how about neutral. switzerland the weather. sports, and you see us coming up for black friday. >> reporter: this year she says you should put a note on the table if you have to, no politics today then stand by it. >> i would rather not go there. i would rather not talk about it and i kir very much for you. >> reporter: if a guest doesn't
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invitation next year. >> reporter: a recipe that could perhaps help avoid, a dinner time disaster. >> i am done. i am done. >> i hope you got the great thanksgiving video. >> i love the way they end that you know russ and sara one thing that worked is closing your eyes and thinking of where you want to be after thanksgiving if you are having a tough time that troup was the best and if you want to see them they are at coffee fix on nd on if thanksgiving is not so much of an opportunity. >> yeah you have a safe room as well at home if someone gets out of hand. >> that's a good idea or a room where politics will be discussed if some people want to get into that and folks said the text has been shared no politics. >> don't use the bathroom as the safe room. >> that's it but uncle drew comes over and it's all good. >> reporter: i am a good guest.
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concerned about your diet during thanksgiving dinner just look at how many calories the favorites contain eating 2 to 3 slices of turkey 424 want stuffing 320 calories. and scoop of green bean casserole is 161 calories and you can be eating more than a total of 3100 calories which is one plate alone most of us are not going to let that stop us from digging in and for the final time president obama spared a turkey's life with a help of twitter users the president pardoned a tucky named tot each year the president is presented with two turkeys and the one he pardons is the national turkey. white first daughters were not on hand for the pardon the president did say that they will not have to worry about missing this tradition when the family leaves the white house in january.
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turkey pardon what i haven't told them we will do it every year from now on. no cameras just us every year no way i am cuting that habit cold turkey. >> pretty good you probably worry about the other turkey tater he was not officially pardoned. but his life will be spared. tot annotator will live and retire on newly farm. not a bad deal for them. >> sound like a nice retirement place. >> not bad at all. betsy kling no weather arguments. >> i don't think so. that's the go to topic lovely weather it's raining grandma but it won't be too bad. don't worry about that if you are traveling to or from granny's house we have smool smooth saying and there's a lot -- smooth sailing and there's a
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downs have not been too bad for the afternoon. 271 pi broadway you can see how many cars are on the road. this is a little bit more than normal so the rush is on but again, no major problems on the roadways as we speak right now. as far as the rain goes, well the roads are certainly wet. we have a damp evening on tap. heavier showers moving out through ashtabula and a dry period coming in but there's more rain that will be moving our way it's coming in from the west. it looks pretty light here but as we expand the pi into some of the other radars in indiana and kentucky. it's good swath of rain still to come and that's going to be with us through the overnight. here's the beautiful thing all this snow is not going to be with us. i don't think we have a chance to get some rain mixing in with snow at times. even tonight i don't think that will be a problem. friday evening, though, we could start to get a little bit of a change over taking place. rain showers are going to come and go going through the evening here's the next batch
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solid rain. rain showers on and off for the start of thanksgiving. now if you are out running tomorrow morning there's he a lot of turkey trots and whatnot going on you may have to dodge rain showers but temperatures will be in the low 40s. not a whole lot of appreciatable wind going on and we will take temperatures up to the 50 degree mark as we go through the afternoon. scattered rain showers on and off through the day. and when it's not an official rain shower probably going to have drizzly periods in there. so aid great day to be inside. enjoying the heat of the oven and partaking of th was 350 calories for one cup of stuffing i could make a meal out of stuffing so i am shot on that. but as you head out for some of the early black friday deals thursday evening, it looks like the weather will kind of continue on the same vein with drizzly rain showers. temperatures will be in the upper 40s to near 50 for the day. we are going to hold in the 40s for friday with a few rain showers maybe a couple snowflakes mixing in late day. saturday morning, it starts
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out and then sunday looks beautiful. 50 and partly cloudy. rain comes to us on tuesday. looks like heavy rain is a possibility with that. that's the next thing in the distance that we will be keeping an eye on. >> okay. thanks. >> think about calories tomorrow. >> one cup of stuffing. >> sack religious. >> don't think about it. >> one cup. >> two cups. >> two cups come on man. >> sorry. >> forgo the potatoes. cowping, the browbs got goodew browns got good news at rgiii got to practice. >> what he said about his
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and now the kia of bedford and honda of bedford sports report. 2k3w4r? speaking of difficult -- speaking of difficult dinner conversations the browns. >> yes, yes. >> you know i keep looking for something to give thanks for as we approach week number the nfl season and today there was something out there and it was not of course no we are not going to the playoffs no there is not special dispensation given by the nfl to have a team with a losing record go to the playoffs we are 0-11 but there was something to give thanks for this afternoon on a dreary wednesday out at browns practice getting ready for the giants. and there it is. rgiii cleared to practice and out on the field and getting closer to being ready to play.
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is going to play. they have 21 days to activate him of ir a it aers a they are ready. he has one more medical test to pass and they want a scone of the bone in the shoaledder that was broken in week number one to make sure it's fully healed. but if everything is a go i think in a couple weeks, two weeks from this sunday he would play against the bengals and i think he still wants to prove to this front office that he can be the franchise quarterback. >> i marine i have the confidence and i can't speak for coach or anyone else but they expressed that to me. i feel like i could be the guy for the team and the organization. and you know i look forward to going out and proving it. >> now back to reality. the giants are coming to town on sunday. they are very good and they are 7-3 and they have won 5 in a row. they are only in second place in the nfc east by a scotch as they chase the -- little as
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everyone in big blue nation the fans that follow the giants they will not take the browns lightly to week. this week. >> if you don't go about your
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says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. ility. ?? now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month,
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tonight, the getaway, tens of millions take to the road and the air -- the most in years. inside the new command center as the tsa tries to avoid a repeat of scenes like this. the wrong route? late details tonight, federal officials now say the driver in the sc b killed five children should not have been on that road. building a team -- president-elect trump names two women to top jobs, plus an exclusive inside the massish secret service plan to protect the new first family. high alert -- lester's look inside the nypd's bomb squad on guard after a recent attack. showtime, tens of


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