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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  November 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning, thanks so much for being with us. i hope you're having a wonderful extend holiday
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everybody is not too full from the thanksgiving meal a couple of nights ago. michael is keeping an eye on that forecast for all of the other holing day events. michael, it's mall business saturday, so a lot of people will be out shopping, and those deals are still happening in stores. slew >> absolutely. >> we need our shopping forecast. >> exactly. if you're waking up with us this morning, there is a little bit of a you factor in the wind, feels like 31. here is what we're tracking for you. this is what we have our eyes on, the light to moderate rainfall, not only in western cuyahoga county, but ashtabula county, and although it's mostly just a light to moderate rain and shaker heights area, there is a cold rain and mix
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berg, to be aware of that. we'll break down what the forecast looks like if you're head hing out tow first energy stadium tomorrow for the big game in a few minutes. >> police need your help to identify suspects if in two different robberies. the first happened in you liquid, the suspects took the money and ran away, running west on kill dare neighborhood. police are asking for your him in finding the six picture of a shooting. take a look at this newly released video. shots were fired at the shell gas station.
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the store, and then walking outside, and then shooting at a white suv before running away. if you have information, call cleveland's detective bureau. >> cleveland police are still searching for the man who shot and killed a man while driving along the shoreway, just before dead man's curve. a person in a red jeep stuck his arm out of the window and fired several shots a at person in a gray said been. that person suffered a gunshot wound to the chest, and the cash went through a the red jeep then drove away. police are investigating this incident as a homicide. three children were flown to akron children's hospital after a crash that ejected them from the car that they were riding in. the crash happened in he wayne county, about 40 miles west of akron. the driver that hit the suv was about 18 years old, did not have a license, the children
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morning. thanksgiving isn't just about turkey and football, it's also a huge weekend jailia takes a look. >> over the five. day thanksgiving weekend, the studios are hoping to keep up strong momentum from warner brothers fantastic beasts and where to find them and disney's dr. strange before that. targeting kids and families moana is likely to dominate this weekend. frozen three years ago was the biggest tropical storm hopenning of all time, and
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through the end of the year. >> disney has had an incredible year. you have captain america civil war which kicked off this summer in the early part of may. finding dory, the biggest hit of the year so far. and after that, they had a really good fall period, well. fox is hoping to draw an adult audience to warren beatty's rules don't apply. >> one big question this holiday season is whether the explosion of content available
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and amazon could deter are audiences from making the trip to the box office and spending money on tickets. >> we have the gilmore girls on netflix. there's a lot going on there. there's so much content, that it really takes big content auntie big screen to get them out of their homes and out to the movie theater. >> so there's a range of filming debuts still ahold this morning, it is small business saturday. let's check in with jasmine. >> that's right, maureen. find out how you can get these bags and get some great deals
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today is small business saturday. the american express sponsored the day, and it fails on the saturday after thanksgiving every year. this year, the deals just keep getting better, and jasmine is live at university circle now with more on the deals of the day. it and seems like every store in that area is day of it. >> that's right. and the weather right now is not frightful at all. i have to listen to make a little bit more. i don't know if the rain is going to continue, scattered showers a little bit. i have lisa here to talk about why shopping small is so imimportant. good morning to you. >> good morning.
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to the coquette rotisserie. >> university circumstance physical general, how important is this area? >> well, there are a lot of small businesses in this area. i think the moist in important thing is, look, you can shop at a big box store any day of the week. am ways a sale and thing going on, but the beauty of shopping staying right in your community, right? they are going back into the community, spending money in cleveland, and shopping locally. so it's great for everything all together. it makes a lot of difference in
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family. enter we're running out of time. in the next segment, we'll talk about how to get these bags. you can get it here. this is delicious. they're allowing us us to have some of this for the station, so we'll have a small business party when we get back. >> sounds good. we saved some calories over the thanksgiving holiday just for this. thank you so mu iphone users, a five-second video is being passed around that causes iphone it is to lock 0down,, and have to reset your phone. >> forget the goalen ticket, look for the gold can of bud light.
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gold cans in behalf behalf behalf >> there are reports of hacks into party and is voter databases after the election. the green party and it's calling for a recount in wisconsin. this comes after ex-computer experts have called for a recount. the trump administration didn't take much of a break over the thanksgiving holiday. they announced more appointments, and they're still
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>> president elect donald trump's -- 65-year-old k.t. mcfarland is trump's third female appointment. in 2006, she unsuccessfully ran for senate, attempting to unseat new york's then senator hillary clinton. now a fox news analyst. >> the united states is now in retreat never >> reporter: mcfarland is known for her hard line views and credit imof president obama. as for mcgann, he is an attorney for the tropes cain, and served fire years with the federal election commission. he'll now help the president elect navigate his vast business entanglelements, but intrigue swirled around a position yet to be filled, secretary of state, trump world
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and former an tag this, mitt romney. >> it wouldn't surprise me in a third name emerges. >> reporter: trump trying to make good on a campaign promise? to keep working class jobs in the u.s. vice president mike pence serving as his chief negotiate per his home state of indians, trying to keep carrier air-conditioning from following through with its plans to move a major plant to coming up, a few study that pencillen allergies may be temporary. we'll explain coming up. let's check in with mike. >> we're not only tracking rain, but at times, mixed in with a couple of snowflakes. basically our primarily snow belt communities, closer to the lake, and not only parts of cuyahoga county, but lake county. we'll track this out for you, and tell you about how long it
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welcome back. up to 50 million americans have been told they are allergic to pencillen, a label that can last for life, but now a surprise finding shows most of those people are not really aledger hic at all. john torres has more. >> reporter: spencer join jones was 15 months old when he first got the label allergic to pencillen. >> it he would be given antibiotics that weren't as effective, more tox 0ic and expensive. >> reporter: so today he sat thal edgist, getting tested toed see if he's truly allergic. it's something more doctors are calling for as new study shows that many have grown out of the allergy, or were misdiagnosed in the forecast. >> they get a rash which is
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the antibiotic. >> reporter: this doctor said misdiagnosis can lead patients to take antibiotics that have more side-effects. >> itchy rash all over my body with hives. >> reporter: she got an infection and needed a pencillen related antibiotic, but because she was labeled allergic, she ended up on a drug that made her sick. she was breast feeding, and baby. >> did that scare you at all? >> the decision was clear to me, i was going to pick an antibiotic that did that risk my child. >> reporter: so she decided to take the penicillin drug, and surprise, no allergic reaction. >> congratulations, it looks like your skin tests are never. >> reporter: a simple test so patients know they can take the right antibiotic.
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nashville. well, today is the day a lot of people goring to start preparing for the holidays, if if they haven't already. decree christmas holiday. >> i can officially listen to christmas move without being, like, you know, looked at crazy, right? >> you know, i told you that, like, i wait for thanksgiving, and then i go buddy the elf, we got our tree, pant sell decorated, stockings are up, the elf is on the shelf. >> you guys are all set and ready to go. >> >> i like it. but you might be running into a couple of raindrops. if you want to beat the weather all together, sunday, tomorrow, the day to do it. we're now in the 30s and lower 40s downtown, and criminal temperatures not going to be wavering too much more from this point forward.
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shore through parts of cuyahoga county and ashtabula county. we're seeing light to moderate rain. let's dive in from west toward the east. lorraine, perhaps over towards avon is lake. that will begin to uptick in intensity here soon. even towards places like lake county, notice there are some embedded features right along 80 and 90 there where we're tracking a few heavier showers, that's what that peek is on your tv set with a little bit of snow flake activity in there, as well. so a couple of novelty flakes. not expecting much at all the way of accumulation. notice the three know arun that high pressure center is able to drag some of that cooler air over lake erie, so it's actually lake effect showers
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not only through lunch time, but also through the afternoon. notice that generally-speaking south of akron be, canton, we're relatively dry. i think that by the day tomorrow morning, and through tomorrow afternoon, though, we enjoy more sunshine on your sunday. window nation's 7-day, showing you 47 degrees tomorrow on sundays, with iing the as we cruise into the next workweek, temperatures warm up a smidge into the low 50s to start off your monday, but notice on tuesday, although we're at 60, it comes with not only more rain, but also more wind. so tuesday might be kind of a hectic day, and then wednesday through the end of the work wieck, temperatures taking a little tumble, but at least the sunshine comes out. of course tomorrow one of the busier travel days of the year.
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flights. the weather shouldn't be an issue where we are in northeast ohio. >> if you're looking for something to do for the entire family, check out the ice rink at public square. a free skate today from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 tonight. stop by public scare to get a ticket for your free 45-minute session. so if anybody is looking for something holidayesque to do, that's something. >> key tower is often the first thing you see when approaching our city. >> it is. and if you have ever gazed attie building and wondered what the view from the top looks like and is who is up there, well, we had an opportunity to find out. take a look. key tower located at 127 public square is the centerpiece of cleveland's skyline, stabbingth at a powerful 947 feet. it's not only been the tall
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ohio since 1991, it is also the tall it's building in the midwest outside of chicago and philadelphia. climbing 57 stories into the sky. have you ever wondered what is the view from the top of our championship city actually look like? we're taking you to the most unique perspective of downtown cleveland to meet key tower top intellectual property attorney group. you might be wondering what does he enjoy the most about the view from the 57th floor of key tower? >> the storms are my favorite part of being in the building. lots of times they just roll in over the lake. they get closer and closer, and then, boom, it hits you, like, right in the face, and all of a sudden it's a white out, or a gray out, and it's just unbelievable.
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very neat perspective of the air show and the cleveland cavaliers championship parade. >> just being able to see it from this vantage point was pretty amazing. it was unbelievable, just seeing close to a million people congregate at the base of the building, and you just -- it was just the true speaker of the cleveland. >> reporter: perhaps the most amazing view he has he had is the view of cleveland's rebirth and renaissance. >> you can sense the momentum of the city, we've been slowly improving year by year, and now with the cavs winning, then we'll show the rest of the country we really are the city of champions. >> you will knee advertise right over maureen's right shoulder, that is actually what is the 57th floor of key tower looks like prior to moving in. it was actually vacant for 16 years prior to their attorney group moving in, and kind of
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again, the views were just incredible, like none other you can find here if in the city. and it was just so neat to see him talk about how he has just this unique perspective of what the revitalization of cleveland, as well, from the east bank of the flat it would be the new hilton being built. he sees it all from just a really cool perspective. >> that's so great you got up there to see that. >> it was really, really cool. >> thanks so much. after the break, we're going to look at how th cavaliers came out winning against the mavericks. jasmine? >> and a number of businesses will have these showcase for you to get in your store. shop small, and find out how you can get one when we come
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here at home, cleveland police are still searching for the person who shot and kill
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man's curve. witnesss say a person wases in a red jeep, and fired several shots out of a window at a person if a gray sedan. that person was shot in the chest, and then crashed into a light pole, then through a fence at the airport. and then the red jeep drove away. police are investigating this incident as a homicide. is >> cuban americans took to the streets to celebrate after learning of castro. they were carrying cuban flags and banged on pots and pans while marching through the streets. thousands of cubans flocked to miami and south florida during his 49-year rule. castro was 90. ohio state and michigan fans take their rivalry seriously. take a look at these babies born at the medical center this week. even was given a red blanket
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16. >> it's basically saying to that child, you are destined to go to osu. you are not to ever cross the state line into ch you might know a little bit. >> we're all good. >> it's all fun. >> it is. but this morning, we are getting schooled by the weather on how to dress for winter weather. temperatures outside at 38, again for ohio, for late november, almost december, this is exactly what we expect, right? it feels like 32 degrees in akron, canton.
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worse. this someone. though i days to bundle up and take advantage of small business saturday. in the lake county, basically all light to moderate rain, same sort ashtabula. we'll talk more about tomorrow's forecast. we have a lot going on, of course, that first energy a big game taking place. we'll talk about just how nice and mild the temperatures get by the second half of this weekend, which also happens be to the busiest travel day of the year, new just a few minutes. >> and people have to string some of nowitzki holiday lights up, so this works. >> it does. a good-looking forecast for tomorrow. >> all right, thank you, mike. . we've been through
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now it's time for small business saturday. the annual shopping event started by american express in 2010 is the saturday after thanksgiving. the goal is to celebrate and support small businesses. jasmine has been live all morning with some great deals in university circle. hi, jasmine. >> hello. we want to get to these bags first, because they are really important. this is what you need just to prove that you shop small business, right? >> right. a lot of the merchants have so if you come to any of the businesses, and for a shop small bag, and shop and wear it proudly. you want to tell everyone you are shopping locally and small today on small business saturday. >> these are some great museums, as well if the area. ? that's right. and people are looking for unique gifts at christmas time, you want to consider the museum
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bags right in the back, and he also has a great deal for the macaroons. >> our first 30 customers will get a free macaroon. >> and the first three are us. >> first 33 customers. (laughing) >> all right, fees, we're going to bring something back for you. for folks watching at home, make sure to shop small business. we'll check out some more stores in the area, too. back to you. >> we are just a few hours away from osu and mini. we'll look at what they are do -- and michigan. we'll look at what they are doing to prepare coming up. >> and we'll tell you which brand has the best deals to look for on cyber monday, ahead
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in the best team in the east, the cavaliers, hosting the worst team in the nba, the dallas mavericks last night at "the q." you can probably imagine how this one went, just in case you didn't see it. wince night, it was allle about kevin be love's efficient. last night, kyrie irving's first quarter. he had 19 in the quarter, 29 for the game. kevin love added a great game, too. it was love to lebron, and lebron james looking like a receiver. he had $1points, 11 helpers. the big three all sat out the fourth quarter because they weren't needed. cavaliers won by 38. they're in columbus today to watch ohio state take on michigan in the big game. and the cavs will, in philadelphia on sunday to take on the says. speaking of the buckeyes, we are now just a couple of hours away from the big game in columbus between osu and michigan. this will be the 113th meeting between these two schools.
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playing for a share of the big ten east division title, the right to go to the conference championship game in incidence, and a birth in the -- indianapolis, and a birth in the college football rankings. >> it's one of those kind of things where we are going to go do our best and prepare to make sure that we come out and win those battles. >> well, the the giants done at first energy stadium. still look fog are their first win of the season. meanwhile, the new york giants have won five in a row. they're hot and look pretty good, but josh mccown will get the start for the browns at qb. even though this has been the worst season ever for the browns, their starting quarterback here, mccown, is the type of guy who never gives up. he said neither he for the team are throwing if the towel. >> excited for for another opportunity, and especially the
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know, we've got to cherish every one of these opportunities and go out and have a good week, and get ready to go for sunday. ignatius taking on liberty last night in high school action. 44 yards here, 14-0 saint ignatius. and then rush, goes 69 yards, and they go any to win it 24-14. they'll play in the state championship game next weekend at the shoe in columbus, looking for their 12th state title. college hoops last night, akron beats air force move on to the championship game tonight against percenter in the savannah invitational. ohio state basketball, they're hosting marshall last night.
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he had 20 points. you know who else had 20? tate with the layup and one. big win for ohio state. 111-70. the most points osu has scored in a sam m atta coached game in this 13 seasons at ohio state. the ohio state football team today, though, is the big news,
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in case you're not all shopped out yet after black friday, nat has deals, include speaker deals. >> our news director hates speakers, but we love you, brendan. the audio aisle of black friday was one of the best-selling years we've seen. i'm only bringing this up to
6:46 am
to $49 are a big cyber monday grab, as well. we are greatly color coordinated today. >> yeah, a little bit of energy goes a long way. >> i want to take a look at two other categories that were quite big on black friday, where we're is still seeing a couple of deals trick spool cyber monday. >> oh, i look good in these. >> yeah, you do. i do. my problemcy can never get my nose under the goggle part, but that's fine. it's not about face looks better. this particular item was $33 on black friday. but it's still a deal on cyber minute. we are noticing a little bit of repetition. if there's one brand that repeating more deals than anyone, amazon. >> so? >> so i wanted to go through, if i had to take all of the amazon deals on and narrow it down to just a few, you're holding one of my favorites right now. >>vy so many friends asking about the fire be tv stick.
6:47 am
fire tv stick, and many of you are wondering how does it compare to gaggal andle chrome cast and apple, it's amazing, it's $29.99. it has voice activated remote, june say alexa who is the most amazing anchor on television, and all of a sudden your face comes up, and so amazing and accurate. >> and easy to use. that's what i keep hearing about it. >> and fire tv for gaming. this would competitor apple tv, big discount today, as well. the gaming option comes with two free games way, allow use tow play and then stream. >> i'm still on super mario brothers, so i have no idea what's happening here, but i'll take your word for it. >> the echo dot is a big black friday deal, which is still active right now. if i had to two two other amazon deals to pick, i would sea the tablets at $33 and $55
6:48 am
good as the $55 option. you can watch a full comparison. we have casey, one of our interns, and you can watch her review on-line. >> the weekend, are we seeing extra deals, or is this kind of -- >> it's a complete mess. actually wal-mart lawn everyoned their cyber deals on black friday. amazon the answer is go on-line, go to shop, save. none of these items are paid products. we don't care whether or not you buy them, but this would be the time to go now. >> you know where i go to find my deals? twitter for your twitter page, even through the weekend. when you're done, when you should be sleeping, i see your deals keep popping up. >> i'm in bed, and i'm, like, okay, maybe i can do one more. if you legal he like you're saving money, be the i'm good.
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happened friday, i note what's coming up monday, but it's if its saturday and sunday, you're where i'm turning. he didn't pay me. thank you, mart. >> you're welcome. >> matt and maureen, thanks so much for that. if you have friends or family in town and you're thinking what am i going to do to entertain them today, well, in public square, it is located in the middle of downtown, it within revitalized and looks great. there is ska g for the winter fest. it used to take place towards courthouse square, but has moved downtown. temperatures in the upper 30s, lower 40s today. look for more clouds with off and on showers. and if you peek outside your window now towards the street light, you might notice a couple of little showers coming did down, especially if cuyahoga county and ashtabula county. temperatures outside the mid-up toker 30s, low 40s, so is very
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along the lake shore is where we're tracking most of the wet weather, south of akron, south of canton. i think our chances for rain are going to be very slim through the day. but the closer you are towards the lake, the higher your chances are from, say, avon lake towards lorraine county, and then through cuyahoga county. and notice that towards the 271 split there, we're also tracking what could be some cold rain mixed in with a couple of snowflakes in there. we're not accumulating snow out of it. just a couple of novelty flakes. but you may notice that even towards south you can lid, sharden, we like to consider that the snow capital they're in northeast ohio, and continuing the trek towards the east. you can see in the lake effect rain mixed in with a little bit of snowfall and snowflake
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all compliments of this high pressure off toward our west. notice this circulation pattern, especially on the east side of it, it's generally pushing air right over the lakes, and that's what is creating the lake effect clouds and the lake everybody rain that we'll see throughout the day today. again, just to note, if you're joining us south of akron and canton, we'llle stay relatively dry, the closer you are to the lakes through the afternoon, i think that we'll see wet wehe wet weather gear through without your day today. tomorrow, though, looking much better. window nation 7-day showing temperatures in the upper 40s with more sunshine, lower 50s on monday, and then we spike into the low 60s on tuesday. however, it comes with a lot of wind and rain by that point we wrap up the work wieck and head into the new month, temperatures in the 40s with more sunshine in store. so tomorrow looking more so like the better day to get out
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town, and all that good stuff, put, you know, today is not a waste. light rain, it's northeast ohio, we can do this, grab an umbrella and your warm weather clothes and you could be okay. coming up after the break, a community goes to great lengths to rescue a stranded
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cat strand on top of a power poll. helped finally arrived to rescue endured wind and rain as he sat at least 45 feet high in the sky. onlookers clapped and cheered as the cat was lowered to the ground in a crate. check that out. power was shut off for a few hours to 250 homes in the area during the rescue mission. fat boy appeared to be in good shape, and of course started eating immediately. well, it was thanksgiving. >> just hang out, have a look
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>> we've all been there where we climbed into is a situation we couldn't get out of. >> oh, so very true. here is what it looks like. not enough snow to create a snow man. a couple of snowflakes will be mixing in with some chilly rain in parts of creek, but perhaps even -- cuyahoga county, but so grab the thick coat, grab, of course, the wet weather gear, by team, however, just in time for the game at first energy, temperatures in the upper 40, so tomorrow look like a better day to get out and about, but either way, it's northeast ohio, we are used to the snow, we are used to the rain. we'll be doing a little bit of all of that today. >> okay. thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you back here at
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good morning. breaking overnight. the death of fidel castro. the long time cuban dictator dead at the age of 90. his brother raul making the late night announcement on cuban tv. >> as celebrations sll out into the streets of miami's little havana. castro's half century reign forced thousands to flee for their lives and brought the u.s. and cuba back to war in the '60s. he presided over 11 presidents in power. now the u.s. and cuba are enjoying better relations, what


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