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tv   Channel 3 News Sunday  NBC  November 27, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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austria and neighboring countries took part. all right. i'm going to go and visit of the real santa claus. >> [ laughter ] >> all right. sand sculptors from around the world wild crowds at the international sand art competition in the florida keys but the artist -- they were given water, hand tools and about 15,000 pounds and external heart. the event runs through sunday. that is very cool. after the break, we're talking about the changing of the guards with meet the press chuck todd and jasmine is live at the airport keeping an eye on the lines. >> reporter: in the next 30 minutes, the lines are expected to get a little bit longer so if you're coming this evening, you might want to come earlier. we will have more when we come
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welcome back. the time is 7:30 am. the focus in washington is still on the changing of the
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and who will fill in top cabinet positions. meet the press moderator chuck todd joins us to discuss all of this. how are you this morning? >> i am fine. i keep thinking about what ohio state -- what they are thinking. >> ohio state fans are energized. you know? they are excited. >> i'm thinking about you. ohio s right? november is the greatest month of your life. it has been unbelievable. >> let's go back to the president-elect donald trump. >> yes. >> he has been making picks throughout the weekend and did not take a break. what you think they are saying about his governing approach? >> so far, you know, i think it is too soon and to sit here and label things yet. he has given off the idea that he is looking to fill his cabinet with, perhaps, some folks who disagree with him but he has not really done it yet. he has interviewed folks that
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not named them in key spots yet. i think, let's see what happens with secretary of state. does he come down on the mitt romney side of things? somebody who was highly critical of him during the campaign, but appointing him would send a message of trying to bring the party together or does he go with rudy giuliani, who was there when the things were at their lowest point during the campaign? i think that, until we see what he does with some of these positions, what he says and what he does have so far been two different things and throughout the campaign so we have to wait and see what he does. >> you are talking to the ohio representative tim ryan was challenging a nancy pelosi for the position. what does this mean for democrats? >> i think democrats are having this debate. did they go too much on the identity politics crowd where they thought the demographics were to destiny and was about putting together a coalition of a diverse america that was going to keep them in the white house for years to come? tim ryan is arguing, and bernie
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that as well and good but if you do not have a message to working-class people about jobs and the economy you are not going to win just look at the -- at how few offices right now -- the democrats hold up and down the ballot so i think that the tim ryan aspect of this is very interesting but i do not think that he is going to upset nancy pelosi but i would tell ohioans to keep an eye on it and i would not be surprised if he gets up and running for governor in 2018 and this is the step one in a process. that thank you so much. you will be back for meet the press starting a 10:00 a.m. right after channel 3 news a 9:00. we are going to get a check of the forecast, especially for anybody traveling. either by car or airplane on this really busy travel day. one of the busiest of the years. >> airplanes, trains and automobiles. here is what it looks like if you're hitting the roadways, actually we are green and clean
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around northeast ohio. perhaps a couple of slowdowns around 480 and closer to the airport, temperatures outside right now, in the 30s, so you can grab the jackets. we are dry as we scan the skies for you locally. upstate new york, rain and snow showers there. the same story towards maine and going towards miami, we will see some rain showers down that way. adult on the west coast, it will be wet from seattle, portland, down towards san francisco, los angeles and san diego. the four quarters tracking the wet weather but otherwise, nyc, think it looks good as you are going out that way to perhaps la guardia, or jfk, detroit, metro airport, i think chicago o'hare is looking good. minneapolis, st. paul, a couple of tieups perhaps later on this afternoon so you can check your flight there and as we just mentioned, towards the west coast, los angeles, although the temperatures are in the 60s -- it comes with rainfall and
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largest city in the united states. i think we will see traffic tieups there not only on the roadways obviously but also in the air as well. lots of folks locally going to the cleveland browns gave and we will talk about that in a moment. that have a lot of people are getting better football fix this weekend thank you so much content that a lot of people are going to the airport today. weather it -- if it is akron- canton, cleveland hopkins could -- we have seen traffic getting a little heavier around the airports. jasmine is inside live at the cleveland hopkins airport with a look at the security lines and wherever you are going -- how has it been looking? are we seeing another influx of travelers? a >> reporter: in the next 20 minutes, the lines are expected to get pretty busy but as of right now, southwest, jetblue and spirit airlines are doing fine, traffic running smoothly. people traffic is running pretty smoothly inside of the
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what they are suggesting is to check your baggage before you step foot inside of the airport. they are noticing more bags -- they are heavier than what they were when they got here. as well as delayed flights. there are no delayed flights, no canceled flights as we speak right now. we got a chance to look at the screen. the lines when we got here, 5:00 a.m., they were wrapped around the quarter and they are expected to get double that when we get here at 8:00 a.m. today so if you are expected to go out to the airport, you definitely want to give yourself enough time to get here and to get yourself situated and to even grab a bite to eat before you set foot on the airplane. one of the things that we also -- you can actually bring a turkey onto the carry-on baggage. i got invited to go to disney world. if i'm not here for the 9:00 show, you know where i am. >> all right. so turkey is something that you can take of the airplane but what about pie? nobody wants to leave empty- handed. >> reporter: yes.
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boxed mashed potatoes is not the only thing -- you cannot have those already made your mother, your grandmother's picogram airplane. >> that is what counts. thank you so much. winter is not far away which means that the annual coats for kids campaign is gearing up. from now through early january, you can donate new or gently used coats of all sizes at a ri shopping malls, howard hanna officers and garden centers. wkyc is a proud sponsor of the annual coat to drive which provides warm coats for children across northeast ohio. for more information you can go to coats for kids cleveland website. a visitor put in alabama football player in tears before the game. you want to see this emotional moment. a new changes coming to the pro football hall of fame. what new agreement means for canton -- we will update you on
7:38 am
?? to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids.
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hi everyone for good morning. game 7 of the nba finals, go down to the wire in the championship, extra innings, game seven back of the world series -- almost the title and yesterday ohio state within an incredible win over michigan, needed two overtimes and the cavaliers -- to show support -- they had a blast. he had never been to the game live. what a game to see before the cavaliers go to philadelphia where, of course, they take on the 76ers today. again, good morning, everybody. what a morning. the buckeyes have a lot of great wins this year but none bigger than beating that team up north yesterday. as they take care of michigan and the buckeyes are still alive to get into the playoffs. although it is in the committee's hands, penn state,
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go on to the big ten title game. what a scene yesterday at the shoe, over 110,000 fans, a record crowd, and the quarterback for michigan -- of the buckeyes with a flashy black helmets, not a lot of offense, 3-0 -- in his own end zone, he is picked up, the third, and 7-3, buckeyes -- before the half, michigan with a power run, touched on, 10-7 wooldridge that have come a third quarter, the turnover, at their 19, ohio state, for the sake pod -- they do not get it, michigan makes them paper touchdown to 17-7 of michigan but after the wolverines turnover, mike weber from detroit, up and over for the touch a, 17-14, buckeyes down after 3 and the same score, six seconds left, tyler -- he had missed two of field goals and he hits -- in overtime, j.t. barrett, scores, 24-17, michigan ball -- for the down, into the air -- a connection with those we go to double-
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27-24, buckeyes facing for the down and they needed one yard and he says go for it and they get it. replay, upholds it, very next play, curtis sando, the playmaker and -- 15 yard touchdown, game over, the buckeyes win 30-20 summit in double overtime, ohio state, 11 and 1 and the key is the defense forcing four turnovers. >> the defense is doing their job so let's do our part. they were doing everything that we prepared for so it is real >> we went in at halftime and we did not play buckeye football. we had to come out and make some plays. and not just depend on the defense. >> i tried to instill -- the defense. to keep our heads up and keep control -- before you know it, we're back in the game. >> from glanville doshi had a
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in my opinion, the play that save this is, interception, late third quarter, game changer -- it did not look promising, 17-7 michigan at the time and they set up a touchdown, making it a three-point game. >> my number was called and i got in there and just a -- i did what i could do. i have my talents. all those guys they kept my head on. you know? straight versus michigan, urban meyer, 19 and 1 in november at ohio state, 5 and 0 against the wolverines. and -- the first game, to go -- into overtime in the 113 game history, 2000, the last time that michigan won at ohio state the last time that the browns won -- it seems like years ago.
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of the browns continue to look for their first win of the season and they will try to do that today as they host the new york giants. the big -- it is a big problem for the browns -- obviously, scoring touchdowns. new york favored by a touchdown today. the browns are ranked 30th in the nfl while the defense is ranked 31st giving up almost 30 points per game. the defense is on the field too much. >> we have got to put points on the board. you know? we have got to move forward and we have got to be better on the third down, and we cannot be -- we know that. that is a major point that we have got to score points. you know? we have got to help the defense stay off of the field. >> a big win for the buckeyes, browns in action, cavaliers in action and i am dave chudowsky.
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big news out of canton. the hall of fame announced a
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