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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  November 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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right now at 5:00, not in my yard. coming up, i'll let you know what is happening today in the plan to build a massive natural gas northeast ohio. >> we're helping you navigate the cyber monday. >> and we're keeping you advised of savings. every major tech deal. i promise you a cyber monday like you've never seen before. it starts right now, guys. >> it's like a shopping ball of
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don't even have to leave the comfort of your kitchen table with that computer this morning. we'll be mid-50s for a highs this cyber monday. just a small spotty shower chance today. that is going to change heading into tonight. cloud cover will be be be increasing. i do think we'll see some filtered sunshine this morning. so that's great. we see these just random little spotty i shower
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77 north to 76 west, they're expected to reopen by 6:00 a.m., and, again, we're looking great on the map. no accidents or major delays at 5:02, as maybe of you guys e.r.a. trying to prepare to get back into the work and school mode. so coming up at 5-19, we'll lab at i-90 on both the east and west side. back to you. >> break news overnight. cleveland police say an apartment building had to be evacuated after a shooting. we're told two men went into an apartment, filed several shots, hitting one man, and hits a main water line.
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caused the evacuation. police are searching for the two men who were last scene leave nag black jeep. >> it's the little guy versus big business and growing demand. for property own next summit county, the next chapter in their fight begins this week. >> tiffany tarpley joins us this morning. a huge natural gas pipeline could be built in their yards. >> yeah, we've been talking aboth this for quite some time now. this week land surveyors are expected in sum it county as part of a project 255 mile nexus pipeline through the midwest and on to canada. the company in charge of the plan said it will help meet growing demand for more affordable and cleaner natural gas, but people who live here in northeast ohio and elsewhere have been fighting what they feel is big business taking over their land, and in turn putting the potential for danger just feet from their homes or businesses. about 50 property own next
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see unannounced visits from nexus surveyors this week. they have been with armed law enforcement officer ms. the past. >> for you that don't have this right now, what if if they come and take your yard tomorrow? you're going to want people to stand up with you. >> and there are numerous cellphone videos on line showing homeowners denying those surveyser access construction of an oil pipeline is sparking protests. locally in akron, demonstrators will join in that fight with the protests at 4:00 downtown today, john. new information this morning as to what caused a carbon monoxide scare that shut down a lorraine county factory last wednesday. fire crews were back at lorraine county automotive
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that a paper of forklifts were burning their fuel properly. >> president president-he elect donald trump now claims there was quote serious voter fraud in new hampshire, virginia, and california. trump took to twitter several times sunday to voice his opinions, including this tweet had a that says in addition winning the electorial college in a landslide, i won the popular vote if if you deduct the millions of people who voted legallely. nbc has found to basis for these kind of voter fraud claims made by the president- elect. >> just four more chances to avoid an 0-16 season. hue jackson was a lot more emotional after this loss for the browns. same story, though, no
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quarterback. he was sacked 7 times. 27-13 giants. browns are 0-12, and you saw almost more giants blue in the stadium than browns colors. ticket of tickets on stubhub went for less than $10. hard to be believe it could get any uglier, and hue said after the game, it won't. >> this will be the last time this year that we ever feel the way we peel. i know that. i know that in my heart. and that's what i've always said, if you're going to get us, you better get us now, because we're not going to feel this way a year from now. >> then the 3-7-1 bengals, they're a mess right here, they'll be here the following sunday. maybe that's he game they can get. >> as we've been mentions, it is cyber monday. one in every two people say thank they're going to be shopping on-line today, and some protect this could be the
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will you buy more today than you did on black friday? we want to know. head to our website to take part in or poll. >> and now we have important information on keeping your information, and of course your money safe. will? >> i'm actually one of those guys. i'm trying to do some on-line shopping here. one thing i am doing is keeping myself safe. when you're looking at cyber mo and tricks to remember to keep your self safe, your finances safe, your information safe. look for the s on the website, https is the begin, and it means secure. tonight use your debit card. on-line theft with most credit cards, thaw cover and give you protection. your debit card, there's not much protection. avoid wi-fi transactions.
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on-line shopping, maybe get a credit card just for on-line shopping. and you want to pay attention to your statements after your purchases for microcharges. they'll try to minimums get you for a little one dollar or two- dollar extra charge and think you'll just skip sometimes it's not just cyber monday, these deals have been going on for a long time we are and here at wkyc, you've been having them all years. >> yes, and we presume tois any safe shopping, any black friday deal left over. plus dealing you don't expect to see on monday. the most amazing deals you've ever seen in your life are coming up. it's going to are an amazing cyber monday. >> thank you.
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paying off. thank you, matt. let's get to the results now of our instant poll, and, wow. >> i think one person voted, because it's 100% saying they're going to shop today! cyber monday! >> thank you matt, for the vote, because he'll be shopping and fining us deals. keep voting,way want to know if you're going to be shopping today. >> i actually broke a gift the blur that ran by us, that was matt granite. >> yeah, a lot of discounts right now. >> the vote now is if fifty- fifty. >> there you go, another person voted! buying gift cards for the holiday. what you need to know before giving away that very popular gift. >> and trouble in the toy aisle. the three things you should know before wrapping your gifts. >> and good morning to you
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cyber minute, but it's going to be a mild monday. highs in the mid-50s. you better plan for a soaker tonight. we've got rain likely. it's going to be breezy. but notice those mild temperatures, even through the overnight hours, we're holding in the mid-to-upper 40s. wee take a live look from public square as we get you in that fest inch mode, maybe you're getting the coffee brewing, log aung to your computer, ready to find some of those amazing deals matt granite has for you. aren't those lights and as we think about the holiday lights and christmas time, and perhaps snow, we think our instant school closing system. yeah, always there for you, 24/7. we take all the stress away. >> you're watching channel 3
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if your shopping for toys this sessions, you'll want to make -- cyber monday, you'll want to make sure you're keeping your kids safe. choose age appropriate toys by reading the label. if you're buying a scooter or other riding toy, make sure they have the proper sized helmet, as well. and be cautious when buying high-powered magnetic sets. they can have small magnets so a couple of things to watch out for right there. maureen? >> as we approach the holiday season, you're probably racking your brain, what do i get so and so on my list? gift cards are always popular, but some things to keep in mind when you're buying them. >> gift cards are such a major part of the holiday season shopping, but you need to be careful. >> okay. >> the first step is to buy
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reputable source. you don't want to go on-line and do some shopping and trading with people. go to the actual stores and buy the gift card there. >> so what should we look for when we actually get that gift card? are there things that we should look for to make sure it's okay? >> exactly. when you take it off of the the shelf, you want to make sure it hasn't been tampered with. some people prefer to grab from the back. you want to make sure it's a gift card that hasn't been >> it's something that we don't usually save the sales receipts for. you don't give somebody a gift card with a receipt. >> it's become morgue common practice to actually give the gift receipt with the gift card, because there have been so many experiences where you go to use the gift card that you served as a gift, and unfortunately it's been scammed and there's no balance.
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yourself, too -- receipt, and make a copy for yourself, too. >> and there are rules, most places won't deduct money. >> some places are different, but you're right, most of the types, there is this protection, so call that 1-800 numb if if you have a gift -- number if you have a gift card to make soar there's still a balance. >> let's take a live outside. isn't this nice? >> yes, it's really night. >> were you not there with mark nolan there? looks great at public square. >> you did a great job decorating, danielle. >> that's a lot of light use put up there. >> those lights are amazing. they really are magical, though. it's that time of year, you take the kids for are a ride,
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it's 50-something degrees! let's get a look at your bus stop forecast. we are in the 30s right now, so it's chilly as we are heading back to school. but you know what? later today, it is going to feel much better, and we're talking about chances for rain. but i think a lot of those are going to hold off until tonight. you'll be home, have dinner, tucking the kids in, getting yourself ready for bed, that's when the best chance is going to occur. in the meantime, as we kind of sum up expected high. we were 40s yesterday. even that felt pretty decent with the sunshine yesterday, too. we'll be in the 50s. we'll see some sunshine really early. cloud cover increases. rain chances holding off for most of you, like i said, it's going to be later, as we take a look at the stretch over the next several hours, we do notice the cloud cover really starting to move in, and it's going to be a mainly cloudy kind of day once we get past the first few hours this morning, but the decline of rain that we're tracking is
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left-hand side of your screen. so as this continues to push east ward, our chances will be on the increase. a little passing shower ahead of the main batch, we can't rule out that at all, but i think dry for now is really the key, as we track hour to hour, this is 9:30 this morning, we saw see some just small chances west of sandusky and mansfield. otherwise those of you east are still see something sun, and then it's just these little sprinkle chances kind of dotting the map at it shouldn't slow you down coming home from work or getting the kids from school. it's more tonight. this is 5:30 this evening, and, like i said, he vast majority of you are still looking totally dry at that time. but then we get into 10:00, 11:00, midnight, and beyond, and we've got some soaking rains moving through. so a lot of this is going to happen as you're sleeping. by tomorrow morning, it already starting to move out, and we're
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to near 50 degrees. it is going to be another really warm november day. by 3:30 tomorrow afternoon, most of you are already close to 60. i think we'll make it into the 60s for highs for your tuesday. pretty impressive. here is your window nation 7- day forecast. now, it's not here 0 to stay, but you know what? we take it and run with it this time of the year. we'll have those early shower chances tomorrow. otherwise, 63 degrees, and, yep, some sunshine, too. we're in the 50s wi showers wednesday, and then for thursday, we've got another front moving through. it will cool things down again. some rain and even snow chances as we get into the weekend. and speaking of snow, we always think about our instant school closing system alert. it is instant. that's the key. as soon as it happens, you see it. speaking of things happening, let's see what is going on the
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>> hi there, hope you're having a great start to your monday. we take a look that's traffic map. no accidents to the south. in fact, really we're all green. same situation to the north. there was some slow traffic that i was looking at, but that has all cleared out. i promised about 15 minutes ago to prepare you for the drive on east side. here is 90 and west lake at columbus road. to problems there. perfect commute. so don't forget when you hit the road, tune into our partners at 1100 am for traffic. >> surprising cyber mourn deals. you diddent go out for black friday, there is still time to shop, and matt granite has the great deals that you don't want
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us, winter isn't too far away, which means the annual coats for kids campaign is gearing fun cleveland from now through early january, you can donate new or gently used coats of all sizes at a variety of locations including malls, and garden centers. for for information,
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we don't have a lot of grocery stores here in our neighborhood and we want our neighbors to have access to good things at affordable prices. the only thing easy in our community is fast food. ?? we're here to offer some help. welcome! retirement, huh? (laughs) i mean, look at the size of this thing! who doesn't need a sweet potato that size? they took the time to care what our project was about. here you go. and that was something
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every station in the country is covering cyber monday. very few of them can get you deals, and right here, a surprising cyber monday deal for you this morning. >> surprising, because the man is always full of surprises. matt has us cover requested, and even during the commercial
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specific items we missed on friday. you have us covered. >> i promise i have not only listed every cyber monday deal, and not just because i'm so great, but because i have no life, and i've been working on this since may. we have gone through 3,000 different deals already in the last 48 hours. last hour, when i was with holly, we talk aid bite some of the less conventional items that you see on sale, like vera bradley this hour, i want to discuss two deals wimp of which are not commonly associated with cyber monday. so first, tvs. this is a left overblack friday deal. -- leftover black friday deal. i just posted on, two of the best tv deals under 50
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someone smart, someone 4k, and at 1800 bucks, this deal -- 180 bucks, this deal will blow you away. and also a home theater in a box. a 60-inch sound bar, breaks into three pieces, down from 500 bucks, to $188. is so go to to check these out. i'm going amazon products coming up in a bit. >> today's deals, they're bet arer than black friday deals in your opinion? >> they are better in specific categories. tvs, gaming, and alliances are always better black friday. >> all right, matt, thank you. >> so excited. the only monday that everyone looks forward to. let's bring in holly right now. >> a lot of you are up and talk on social media about your
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army, by the way. as we get a look at the forecast, it's going to be an easy w day for you. it's going to warm up into the 50s. we're warm to 42 degrees by 9:00. eventually the rain, but on the travel man, you'll notice, it's still brit far to the west. i think a lot of this holds up until tonight. we're g hour coming up. coming up, how you can keep your private information secure on what could be the biggest shopping day on-line in
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this week, property owners in summit county are expected
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from property owners in one county, and now people who live in green and franklin are bracing for what happens next. the did goal is to run a 250- mile natural gas pipeline through this area and on to canada. there is a group called the coalition to reroute nexus, that is proposing an alternate route that would run through less densely ohio. >> cyber monday, a big day for deals on-line. a lot of people shopping on- line today for cyber monday deals. a couple of thinks to keep in mind while you're out there, forbes magazine lists some tips, like shopping at familiar secure sites. matt granite tolls me a lot of these places are going to take
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so make sure you have it in the cart before you check out. don't use a debit card. they're not as helpful in the event of theft. and of course keep your security software up-to-date, and lot of experts recommend you have a card specifically for on-line shopping. that way hack errs will only have that card, they won't have all of your other information. it's still my advice to you today is go ahead and leave that winder coat at home. you can do a heavier fall coat today, or layer it up this morning. there's a chill. we are going to end up in the
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9:00 a.m., breaking in the cloud cover. we can't rule out a spotty shower. i don't think it's going to to be anything that slows you down too much, that's for sure. 7:00 this evening, we start to see rain from sandusky over into cleveland, and then it really becomes wide spread late tonight, when you're sleeping. this is 1:00 a.m., and it's pouring, pretty much everywhere. so it's going to happen while you're asleep, and by this same time tomorrow, it's already moving out. how is that for in our commute this morning. roadways are totally dry. >> a quiet commute so far this morning. this ramp will be back open today. here is a picture the area where traffic moving justify fine, so no problems out there. back to you.
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this morning, wisconsin officials will meet today to talk about timeline for a president vote recount, which was requested by the green party's jill stein. so far officials say there is no he evidence that voter results were hack heed. tracy pots will have more on this story coming up in a little bit. >> ins new orleans, one person is dead and 9 others hurt after a shooting on bourbon street this weekend. police have still not found the two men they say but they know who they are looking for. thousands of people in cuba are preparing to pay tribute to the late fidel castro today. a them orial ceremony is planned for havana's revolutionary law zoo. his body was cremated, and his ashes will be taken a round the island until the funeral on sunday. a few months ago, we told
5:35 am
leader in self driving trucks, with the turnpike as a key proving ground. today that effort takes the next step. this afternoon, governor caseic will he announce a -- kasich will announce a self driving truck that will be tested on the turnpike. it's how the buckeye state is getting a piece of the automated driving game that's expected to be a big thing if in tech and automotive over the next decade. >> cyber monday has created a firestorm on money man matt granite joins us with his deal army to take your requests. >> we are back! i have had no sleep in a week. cody, amy, andrew. when is the last time you slept? >> i think thursday. >> we'll sleep after today. we are on social media and we're answering your questions. amy, do you want to begin?
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>> still? >> after black friday. amazon has listened, echo and -- >> all of those items that amazon haded on black friday, many sold out, they have is repeated their deals. you can find the $3 tablet. few is your -- $33 tablet. now is your time. and this is the last chance, the links to make sure you get the right products are on our website. all right. we found out why we got so many luggage requests. so many thanksgiving, and realized your lug wang was not that great. >> andrew? >> a lot of 0 people are asking if the beats by dre are still in stock. >> i did find stock for cyber monday at $160 off. that is on our website.
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>> not so much, but you can look at the cannon website. we have more cyber monday teals than anyone else in the country. happy savings! bye! >> great job, team. it's 5:37. even after hiss 12th straight loss, hue jackson said he has the support from ownership and upper management. he should, because he's not the only one to blame.
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the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ?? now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month,
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later today we expect to find out in on finish it's recount before the deadline. now the clinton campaign is joining the the recount. >> president-elect calls it a scam. tracy pot has the latest from washington. good morning. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. wisconsin's election commission is going to tell us later this morning if they can even get a recount done by the federal
5:41 am
requesting recounts and wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. >> this is not about helping one guy and hurting another fee. this is about providing a system that we the voters can believe in. >> president-elect trump denouncing the effort on twitter, alleging voter fraud in states hillary clinton won, claiming without proof that he won the popular vote because millions voted ill legally. he called the recount a fund- raising scam. the green party denies that. >> this is a total and co something hat they should drop. >> reporter: hillary clinton he's campaign lawyer said they found no evidence of hacking. they're not behind the recount, but will participate. meantime, there is dissension inside the trump transition over 0 possibly appointing mitt romney as secretary of state. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor romney would be given the most significant cabinet post of all. we don't even know if he voted for donald trump.
5:42 am
whether there mr. trump will embrace or reverse president obama 0's relationship with cuba. >> reporter: an advisor said the u.s. is willing to do business with cuba be, but wants to make sure that the u.s. is getting something out of it, and they just don't feel that's happening. >> ask she's not the mitt romney as secretary of state. >> reporter: no, she's not. and it's interesting that there is some dissension going on about this. newt gingrich has come out publicly saying he does not think that mitt romney is the best option for this. he favors rids giuliani who is also on that -- rudy giuliani, who is also on that short list. mike huckabee also doesn't think that mitt romney would be
5:43 am
so strongly against trump. as kellyann conway put it, they don't know if he even voted for trump. are you in a mood? >> i am, and maybe i'm going to be in the minority here, but i could use some snow, holly. a breeze as you're waking up. winds are sterned out of the southeast. who would know end of november
5:44 am
about 50s for highs. cloud cover on the increase. you're all going to under up low-to-mid oohs before this day is -- 50s before this day is through. and even that is quite lovely. sun comes up around 7:30. we'll see some sunshine, think initially, and then the cloud cover increases as we head through the day. it will be mainly cloudy skies, but mild and breezy. we are tracking rain. it is dry for no, rain, the bulk of it is to the west. and it's got some ways before it arrives. can we see a little sprinkle, a passing shower ahead of that main batch? sure. but in that were to happen, it would be brief, it would be short lived. it wouldn't cause much of an issue, and really spotty, as far as those chances into the afternoon. i think a lot of you are really going to stay dry until tonight.
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going to bed, maybe dreaming sugar plums, it's pour, and then tomorrow morning at his time, it's already moving away. so the timing really works in your favor, because you're not going to have to deal with soaking wet roads as you're driving around today. and i think we will st see some clearing tomorrow, and even if you can believe warmer day for your tuesday. check it out. window nation 7-day forecast. i'll talk you through it. our highs today in the mid-50s. tomorrow, we will hit 63 degrees. rain is likely tonight, first part of tomorrow, and then we get some clearing. more rain wednesday. kind of a wet weather pattern for sure, but we're at 57 wednesday, and then back into the 40s for later this week,
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to big storm system, that's for sure. normal high by the sway $45. speaking of all of this snow talk, don't forget our 0 instant school closing system i alert always there with the latest when you need it. and it is now time for dog gone weather. simon loves to eat socks. that's simons favorite thing to do. there is simonal glory. a be special thank you to christie for sending it in. don't leave the sobs lying around, danielle. >> don't leave them. love that red nose, so cute. thornton street to south main
5:47 am
south broadway street and miami street. another closure is an east closure, and the last one for you today is east boris between south broadway and south main. i'm going to tweet all of these out at dani, wkyc. >> the cavs missed their first 14 shots. kyrie saved them against philly fourth quarter. lebron had another triple- double. the cavs beat the sixers 112- 108. cavs 13-2 now. they are at milwaukee tomorrow night. home to the clippers on thursday night. i wasn't surprised at anything with the browns game. if fact, friday, i picked the score, 27-13 giants on my wkyc facebook page. so how much of the browns game
5:48 am
head to to take part in our poll. but what was different was the more showed by hue jackson after the game, and after another long meeting with management. >> i full support of jimmy and dee, and we're not apart, or splintered, or whatever term you guys want to use. there's none of that going on. i think what it is, is in these times of toughness and times of crisis, you have to have good strong conversations. and i think we that. >> all right. save said it before. i like hue jackson, what he has brought to this team, mainly passion to get his thing turned around. we haven't seen a coach with this much passion. but he doesn't have enough talent, or really a starting quarterback. and remember, upper management gave him this depleted roster. i hope they have supported him. now, that can be tough to get that support when the team is 0- 12. stands are filled with giants
5:49 am
for under $10 apiece. those are lovely signs that the owner will flinch and make a change, but this 0-12 is as much on those who put the team together as the ones coaching it. i said it before the season, it would get very ugly before better, and this would take lots of time. a patience is tough at 0-12. wait for 0-16. tweet me your thoughts. as for our instant poll results, how much did you watch? it's pretty mixed right there between none and about a half. those are the numbers coming in. all right. did you see this last night? sunday night football, channel 3 here. the nfl was one play away from a third tie game of the season, but chief's kickish santos banged in the game-winning field goal if in the last play of overtime. some of his teammates thought he missed it because of the angle of the bounce. here it is again.
5:50 am
the chiefs beat the bronx 30- 27. the nfl hasn't had three ties in a season since 1973, before the league adopted overtime. maureen, half the time thought he missed it. that it touch. they wouldn't even go shake his hand. >> well, good thing for replay. >> right. >> well, coming up, ways to save a very essential part of our monday show this morning, because it's cyber monday. >> i'm going to money than you ever thought possible. 100% safe shopping, and deals to blow your mind. ways to save unlike anything you've seen, coming up after
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half of americans say they're going to shop today, and the average price of one item, $128. >> that's way too much. matt is here to save us some monday on this cyber monday.
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i'm going to make a promise here to everyone watching. give me 30 seconds of your time, and i will save you at leasted 300 over the course of those 30 seconds. in those 30 seconds? well, let's get started. we're going to start with tech. a lot of requests come it is for beats. $1635 off. that's -- $165 off. that's great grab. for those look he fog are the sound bars, these are 60-i sound bars down from $500 to $188. for those looking to recharge. these are now down to $29. that's 75% off. echo dot still left over from black friday at $39. the hugely well rated and now most popular amazon deal, the echo a tap is now down to $89. for those looking for kitchen ware, this cuisinart, lowest
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the fire tab sell my favorite sunday cyber deal. now, as we get out of the shot for a second, i apologize. for those looking for fashion accessories, that's live on ama son, the vera bradley bag, which is $100, down to $47. for those looking here in the scan smart back packs, these are down to $49. and that's just getting started. i have another 100 items that we're going to cover be i apologize for speaking so quickly. we have two ways around that. one, i'm closed captioned, and two,, everything i just said is right on our home page. >> you know, he best part of this was in if visiters and i'm the building and looked at studio b, it would look like a store. >> yes, a store with prices that no one has ever scene. if exactly. and you're keeping everyone updated on twitter, too. >> going live to midnight.
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much. >> the day's top stories are straight ahead. >> we're going to check in with will first. >> matt was just talking about it, cyber monday, everyone looking for these deals, but should also be aware of the security on there. we have some tips and tricks to make sure you keep your information safe when you're out shopping. >> the next chapter in the fight against the nexus pipeline. >> he said it's the hard it's gets emotional as the team falls to 0-12. >> and pretty soon this little guy is going to be ready to shake. we have the story of a dog who just got an artificial paw. >> and we're checking out your forecast. a quick overview today of mild monday, a mild cyber monday. 50s for highs after 30s to start, and we are tracking rain. i'm going to let you know exactly when the bulk of that
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it's coming up on 5:57.
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it's cyber before you purchase anything, some tips to keep your finances safe. >> we'll have the amazing secure information, and i promise savings to blow your mind. cyber monday's best deals in history coming right up. >> matt, you're amazing. i mean, wait till you see everything he's got going on that's planned for you. if you're just waking up, hold on. we're talking highs into the


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