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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  November 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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some people waking up in the dark after strong winds and east 9th street is back open this morning. wind cause damage to the building but crews got to the area cleaned up. again east 9l1 this back open for the latest on
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these and the roadways show the direction the winds are coming from. generally out of the south. with as mild as it is. 40s and 50s as we speak. 15 to 20 miles an hour sustained across ohio. here's the plot and what to take way. they do lighten a bit heading intoed afternoon hours. they'll become more 10 to 15 miles an hour sustained sure. we're going to be breezy all
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to 25 miles an hour range. but it's a far cry from the 30 to 40 miles an hour range we are at now. temperatures, they are above normal highs already. 40s and 50s quite common. it's because of this warm front that moves through while you were asleep. we had the rain and it's still a little spotty shower here and there but the wind is probably the biggest thing as you're heading out on the commute. danielle is keeping an eye on >> multiple road closures but good news is that they are starting to reopen. we told you that east 9th street -- east 9th street is open in downtown cleveland. miner is opened. it was blocked due to fallen power cables but west 9 t street remain close at maywood avenue. it's because of a building
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90th. also in huron state route 20 is shutdown because of some fallen power lines. they've been working through the night and the investigation continues into an attack on ohio state's campus. >> 11 people injured, one critical ri this morning after stabbing spree. live from columbus this morning on the campus of ohio state with the latest. will? looking into what happened. i want to give you an idea of where this happened. northern campus. look behind me. this is where this happened around 10 a.m. you can see a lot of crosswalks here. a green space and then back behind me there's some tables and chairs.
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here. we got some sand volleyball. just down from high street where a lot of restaurants are. a very, very pedestrian- friendly and pedestrian-area where a lot of people were walking. this happened 10 a.m. yesterday and an 18-year-old student drove on to the campus. rammed his car past the curb then starting stabbing people before police officer allen maruco shot and killed the suspect. 11 people went to the we're told all will be okay. he wrote that he reached a boiling point . he made a reference to a lone wolf attack and a radical cleric. two hours before that forgive and forget. love. and a university employee described living through that.
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we barricaded ourselves in our room. he hunkered down. >> universities are offering counseling services as they try to put life back to normal here today. john meanwhile authorities are looking into the suspect's past. searching ifer 5 motive. what really triggered everything that happened yesterday. back to you. >> all right. thank you. now let's get more on that part of the story and the possible motive. tiffany joins us. they are looking into all possibilities at this point . >> they are are going through his apartment and interviewing people who knew him and checking his social media accounts, technology all to answer the questions why and if someone else may have helped or knew about the attack ahead of time. 18-year-old was born in somalia. he and his family fled to pakistan in 2007 and came to the u.s. in 2014. he was a lawful, permanent u.s. resident. we're also learning more about
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for a short time he lived at a temporary charity shelter in dallas. he was a student at osu and told the campus newspaper that being muslim he was kind of scared to pray in public. coming up at 6:30 i'll let you know the rant that he posted on facebook. >> all right. thank you. in the wake of the attack at ohio state ohio lawmakers are set to vote an bill that would allow concealed handguns the state senate could vote tomorrow on 5 bill that passed the house last year. it would let colleges decide whether to allow concealed handguns on school property. the bill would also allow concealed carry in some government buildings. >> we got a lot of phone calls from worried parents when new broke. we did some research to find out how you can keep tab on your student's safety. many ohio universities offer campus alerts for
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most cases your student has to sign you up. right now on wkyc you can find a complete guide on how to sign up for school safety alerts. by checked out the process for you at several colleges across the state. and there were three words ohio state tweeted as the attack was unfolding. advised students to run, hide, fight. that is tactical how this might become part of our safety routine. >> it's frightening to think about being in a situation like that, one that took place yesterday on campus but defense instructors say they can mean the difference between life and death. they've been teaching it that needs to be in back of everyone's mind. last night at cleveland state instructor matt schaffer told them to run away and call 9-1-1. find a place to
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the view and find a way to barricade yourself with objects making it difficult to physically reach your location. >> lastly number three, we're going to fight. in event we weren't able to run away. we were hiding and they found us. we are going to find. try to fight in a doorway. we'll use weapons of opportunity if we have mace, pep e spray. anything to our advantage. fighting for your life. >> meaning anything that can fight back. it's hard to think about ever being in that situation. but defense experts say it's something to think about now so that in case of emergency you know what to do. back to you. >> all right. thank you. it is 6:08. we're following breaking news. a plane carrying a top brazilian soccer team has crashed. the latest on survivors.
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school district, it's now over. and waking up to a breezy start to this tuesday but a mild start. most of you in the 50s. so we'll deal with the wind and then we're going to warm up into those 60s today. we're talking close to a record too. i'll let you know the record highs for this date. we'll see.
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6:12 right now and we continue to update you on our breaking news this morning. a charted plane with 81 people
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brazilian soccer team crashed in colombia. nbc and the associated press reporting that five people survived the crash. the plane is believed to come down in a mountainous area outside the city just before midnight. it's not clear though what caused the crash but there were heavy rains and thunderstorms in the area. >> you no this photo was just released by a soccer publication. it shows the three players mourning. they did not make teammates. it's unclear why. it doesn't say if they were injured or they have a reason why they were not on the flight. but obviously very shaken at the news that football club has issued a statement say may god be with our officials, journalist and other guests travel with our delegation. the team was headed to the biggest tournament in the club's history when the crash happened. >> back here at home overnight there was a partial building collapse on
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church. brick were stripped off. they say weather did play a factor in the damage. >> teachers will return to the classroom tomorrow in louisville after a week's long strike. district board of education posted a message saying it has been notified that the teach ear's unit voted to end the strike. today was the first day back after thanksgiving break. classes are nc teaches can prepare to return to the classroom. the damage that's out there and the winds that are causing this. it's a messy morning. >> yeah. >> dealing with a bunnen of power decisions too. and thing is the winds are going to easy. that's the great news for all of you and it's still warm. >> yeah. >> i came to work in flip-flops today. >> we have fans going. >> fans are going.
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this is what i came into work it. >> november the 29th >> . we should wear that right now. >> you should wear those in january. >> we'll see. let's check as we're heading to the bus stop. you don't need snow boots. we're talking really mild weather. still a few sprinkles around. it is 6:15. 55 degrees at hop kins. mid-40s normal high. you're all about that. so the moral of the story is this. we're going to co today. 67 the record on this day. set back in 1933 and we're forecasting at least 63. i think middle 60s are very doable especially depending on when we start to see some sunshine. the wind is still with us this morning. and those mild temperatures too. now radar look quiet. we don't have any heavy rain coming down but these light showers just kind of spotting the area. wind that are sustained at the moment between 10 and
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the start of the show. things are starting to look better for us and as we plot the winds over the next several hours the line in white is the us sustained wind. the line in pink is the gust. it's going to be breezy all day but when you take the sustained winds into account we really start to see a difference towards dinner time with more nine to ten to 15 miles an hour sustained. that is a far cry from what we hours. warm front lifting through and -- we're certainly feet feeling it. air that house out a little bit as you're putting ornaments on your christmas tree. showers most of them are now to the east. we've got a few leftover showers this morning and like i said, these are really, really light in intensity. that's not the issue. it's the wind and the power outages and the things like, you know, power lines and tree branches that are down. danielle is going to have a
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report coming up momentarily. the good news is 1 sunshine on the way. i think that after some cloud cover this morning. that's really going to help draw our temperatures up to those 60s and then some. tomorrow too. it's going to be another really mild day. before things start to feel smr seasonal. the shower chances for early today. orders just call it a breezy warm tuesday and maybe a low 60s and shower chances early and then with a front pushing through we'll see temperatures fall back into the 40s which is normal. not unusual. by early next week we're into december and close to 50 degrees on monday. our instant school closing system is there. you know, it's not only snow. it's a good day to remind you of. that styes we have power outages and windy weather.
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immediately. coming up on 6:18. danielle's got you up to date on your drive. >> reporter: good morning to you. we start in huron county because u.s. 20, state route 20 remains because of leaning power lines. this is near the norwalk county airport. if you need to get around this take state route the detour option. for those of you that take loraine it's not passable. it was blocked due to fallen tree. well we're looking good there. normal drive times to the south are also looking good. no accidents reported. we are seeing a little bit of slow traffic on u.s. 224 eastbound as you are approaching 5:32. passing 91. adding about 3 to 4 minutes to
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road. turn it it our partners. they'll have updates for you every 10 minutes. back to you. >> all right. thank you. wide receivers are paid to catch the ball. it's simple; right? i found one who did a lousy job. i have the video. biggest winners and losers coming up. >> from buying to giving. we are live at the greater cleveland food bank this morning with how you can help local chairtds on this giving tuesday. and a picture in you're about to see. there it is. skies afire is what we're calling that one. this is november 23rd. a beautiful shot there. thank you so much for sharing with us. it is 6:19.
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two different football leagues. practice four hours a day and keep straight as. he's been voting defensive
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times. great job devin. and thanks to darrin. how about giving out some love for the brother? you want to smile? think of it this way. it's going be really warm. it is really windy as we're waking up this morning. we've within talking a lot about. that there's power outages still. still around. and we do have some wind damage. we have power lines down and tree branch and just the leaves in general kind of flying around as you're traveling. so be aware and a little extra
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warm front lifting through the region. we had a line of more steady showers hours ago. what we're seeing a whole lot of across this almost december national temperature map is warm weather. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s. that's what's common. does it change? i'll let you know coming up. we'll toss it . >> the investigation continues as they're look swoog the past of the a suspect to figure out what triggered the attack yesterday. details coming up. >> all right. also, check out the smile. the dog who loves his santa toys gets the meet the
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the house rattling. good morning. i know. my kids were both kind of out of their beds and awake a little early. well, whatever you want to call it; right? middle of the night. we do have a windy start to the day. i do think winds will ease.
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like two days out until december 1st and highs low to mid-60s and even close to a record today. the wind are definitely stealing the headline as far as weather goes. 10 to 20 miles an hour sustained out of the south is where the winds are coming from. and as we take a look at the plot over the next several hours the good news, the bright spot here is they start to ease later today. sustained winds are in white. we see em really high gusts of 20 to even 30, 35 miles an hour this morning down this afternoon. and sustained winds about 10 to 15 by later today. that's a huge difference from where we are now. it's so warm right now. let me remind you. mid-40s are normal highings. 50s, upper 40s. you're all above normal. already on the temperature map and it's because of this warm front that has lifted through while you
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some spotty showers and sprinkles around but we're going to see some sunshine today. overall it really turns out to be a nice weather day. those wind have caused issues. power outages, power lines down. danielle is on top of everything with what you need to know. >> some weather impacting the traffic this morning. the main road is closed at ah burp road because of a fallen tree. please on cleveland's west side west 91st street remains closed. you can take west 90th or 94 as a detour option. state route 20 was closed in huron county between 601 and west commons road but i just saw that that has cleared out. so you are good to go there. we have normal drive times but again watch for those road closures because of fallen power cables and
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the investigation continues today into the attack on the campus of the ohio state university. that sent 1 # people to the hospital. >> live yelling us the very latest information. what are we finding out, will? >> good morning. all this happened yesterday. right behind me here. this is the hall. it's the material science building. this complex behind me from high street. just before 10 a.m. an 18-year-old student drove on to the campus, rammed his car into a crowd on the sidewalk then started stabbing people before a police officer shot and killed the suspect likely saving lives. 11 people went to the hospital. one injured critically. we're told all will be okay. he wrote on his facebook page that he had reached a boiling point . he made a
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it sent the campus into lockdown for 90 minutes. university offering counseling services to those who need it. they gathered at a church last night. the scene near the attack it pray for victims and the community. >> anyone who is part of ohio state who lives in columbus and knows this community knows we are in a inclusive place. we welcome everyone. we're one family. >> reporter: a senior law enforcement offici investigators are trying to determine whether he had personal problems or something else that may have pushed him overt edge. that's where the investigation continues today. looking into his past and trying to figure out what did push him over that edge to yesterday's attack. >> all right. thank you. and this -- this morning we're learning more about the attacker's past. >> tiffany, we know that he came to the u.s. in 2014. >> he did so by way of
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ago. he and his family fled to pakistan in 2007. he is or was a permanent resident as will mentioned. he posted a rant on facebook about attack on muslims writing it's led to a boiling . i can't take it anymore. before attending ohio state he granted from columbus state community college with an associates degree. investigators are working to figure out why he carried out this attack he had help planning it. you can see it they spent much of the day and night serming his apartment. now moving forward, coming up at 6:50 what has police looking into whether he was inspired by terrorist propaganda. >> all right. thank. there's also a lot of people taking so social media
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where they were. how weird. so many miff friends got let out early or overleapt share class today and just missed the craziness. other universities from across the country are weighing in. auburn saying they're sending thoughts and prayers to colleagues and friends at ohio state today. university of georgia saying keeping ohio state in our thoughts. buckeye strong. from one ohio to another. be safe, ohio state. a lot of that hashtag throughout the day today and throughout the morning. buckeyestrong. if you want to see how people are reacting just use that hashtag when you search. all in support of our buckeyes. >> thank you so much. the day's top stories. the national stories. those are still ahead. >> including mandatory
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coming up on #u 37. forecasting a warm windy november 29th. highs in the 60s. we do have an instant school closing. bring back or holiday lights promotion. >> send us a picture or video. imagine this. a home holiday light controller preprogrammed to tso holiday hits. and front row streets.
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>> i'm looking for my ladder right now. here are some the entries so far. amanda sent us this picture. >> another one from amy. lots of fun characters in her
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at this time no reports of any
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evacuate. multiple trees and power lines have been knocked down. they deployed several to the other. we'll keep you updated. part of evacuations include the employees at the aquarium of the smoa kis. our sister station posted this picture. you can see the fire looming behind the aquarium many the general manager says all of the employees made it out safe but he's worried about the more than to leave behind. at this point the building has not been damaged. parents it can sometimes with a struggle to see santa but what about the dog. look at this picture. this is kya. a 1-year-old who loves santa. her favorite stuffed toy is a santa cluz. they thought it would be fun n. they posted it on twitter t.
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and nearly 9 # ,000 retweets. that's when the current contract with nbc and cbs out. declining tv radarrings and thursday with a quick turn around. so people have been voting. here are the results. 26% say they do watch thursday night football. 74% say they don't. >> pretty much matches the ratings. >> well and all the early rises that are up here. it's hard to stay up for a thursday night game. i feel you. not a snirveg poll. >> i watched one. that was the browns and ravens.
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off friday. ki stay up. i'm not losing sleep over these games. >> right. >> thank you. coming off the biggest cyber monday ever many deals still this stock. the cyber surplus in today's ways to save. >> happy cyber tuesday. yeah. that's actually a thing. retailers are more desperate than ever. they have the extended cyber ly be working around the clock to protect your wallet and steer you to only the items that are the incredible buys many of which are still in stock. take a look first at your reminder that just as we saw with black friday where it was expand and confusing to the consumer well yep, prepare for that this week. not every purchase is great. if i had to look at the items the 180 pair of wire led headphones down to 39.
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buying that over these which i did find more of at $160 off. the luck gaj sets. $520 at 159. one of the best grabs this cyber tuesday. stereo systems down. happying savings. back it you. >> you'll soon be nap by. >> hours and we appreciate that. >> all right. let's head over to holly november 29th. >> yeah. your calendar is correct. >> how are the flip-flops? >> the flip-flops are still impact. it's what i wore to work today. a lot of times this time of the year we're talking about boots. not today. you bare ri need a jacket. a sweatshirt or a light fall coat will work. maybe an umbrella. a few sprinkles out. there upper 40 toss low and mid- 50s.
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the record is 67. record high for this day. we have a chance -- i'm going to throw it out there 6789 we really do. especially if we start to see enough sun shie. the big headline has been the windy weather this i'm sure you heard overnight. and maybe even, you know, made you toss and turn a little bit. we'll talk shower chances through the next hours and then back to partly sunny skies. really warm, really mild today. radar looks pretty quiet. the showers that we have at the moment are these very light sprinkles. we still have a pretty strong breeze. sustained winds are 10 to 20 miles an hour out of the south. and this has been consistent through this morning. now it's improved a lnlt but we're still talking breezy and that's not taking into account the wind gusts which are around 30 to
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the winds ease a bit. you'll notice a difference. they become more 10 to 15 sustained but even so. those wind gusts are going to be around 20 miles an hour. so we'll call this a breezy day regardless. warm front moving through. that has jep rated the showers, the more consistent showers and now to our east. southerly wind and this really warm november weather as we get closer. barely any shower activity going on. over the next several hours we start to see more and more sunshine especially as we get into the second part of today. that's when i think we'll
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and we're going to start around 50 degrees for your wednesday. rain chances especially early to the east. front is through. we'll have more seasonal weather thursday, friday and into the weekend. you no, normal high is 45 degrees. the normal low of 32. it'll feel like if through the weekend. maybe a few rain and snow flakes but chances are pretty small. and then we're back in the uppes got you covered. our instant school close system. collinwood high school closed because of no power. coming up on 6:48. weather for you and seven month hold is berlin here: he's a boxer. take a look. it's a she. i'm sorry. sweet berlin. this is her in the shade after running around like
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she will probably have a different opinion once winter comes. good morning. the investigation continues today into the motive of the suspect from yesterday's attack. students and faculty members try to get back to every day life.
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let's start with will who's live in columbus. >> reporter: good morning. down here in columbus the information continues into yesterday's attack that happened yesterday just before 10 a.m. right here on 19th and college. you can see all these crosswalks here. ic see people already out and about. this is a lot of pedestrian traffic. have some chairs. just before so m 10 a.m. an 18-year-old student drove on to the campus and rammed his car past the curb and into a crowd then started stabbing people before a police officer shot and killed the suspect. 11 people were injured. all are expect dod be okay. what we know back in cleveland.
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the attacker and what investigators are looking into this morning. big question was he inspired by terrorist propaganda? they have urged confident he came to the campus alone and carriesed out the attack by himself but now they're investigating whether anyone knew about this or was involved ahead of time. a comarter plane crashed in colombia. the plane is believed to have come down there a mountainous area just outside the city just before midnight. it's not clear what caused the crash but there were
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the area. >> the fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage is the focus of two protests today as part of a national day of action. they are holding rally and as we site a minimum wage proposal will be on the main second ballot. it call for a gradual increase in the city of cleveland to $15 over three years. >> councilmen is urging cleveland city council and the mayor to hire police officers. there have been more than a 10 murders in the city this year. third year in a row with more than 100 homicides. >> after a long holiday weekend much shomming and deals, today is known as giving tuesday. americans are urged to volunteer or make donations to charities today.
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bank can provide four nutritious meals. >> thank you. right now we are seeing stop and go traffic only state route 8 because ever an accident. this is where the west two lanes are blocked. stop and go traffic in the here. here's the picture where again the left two lanes blocked we have a road closure 6:55 is the time and the current date is november 29thment waking up to temperatures in the 50s. end up to the low and middle 60s today. record high of 67. it can happen. i'm in the going to tell you fibs. it's going to end up pg warm again tomorrow and then hello december and back to temperatures more
6:56 am
weekend and we warm back up. still briezy this morning too. >> so all right. today's show will have the latest in the ohio state attacks. >> we'll keep you updated.
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good morning. breaking news. a charter plane crashes in colombia. 81 people on board, including a professional soccer team. this morning, five survivors pulled from the wreckage. tennessee burns. wildfires raging out of control in the great smokey mountains. two resort towns. flames now at the edge of the famous dollywood resort, and this nearby hotel where guests appear to be trapped inside. officials believe arson is to blame. we'll be there live with the latest. is he a terrorist? new images emerge of the man behind the attack at ohio state university. >> there's a guy crashed his car into a bunch of people. >> 11 people injured, the suspect shot and killed by


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