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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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air and back on to the concrete, he talked about one of eat motion al moments he had, when his daughter knew the officer who was being called a hero. >> to me, if he was here, i would put my arm around him and you know and tell him he has a lot to cope with in the days to come. he has to live with this the rest of his life, but he did the right thing. >> and when professor clark was asked about the suspect, he he would notepapers any judgment until after the investigation was over. reporting in columbus, channel 3 news. thank you. the osu campus community is coming together for a buckeye strong event in the next hour. it's planned for 7:00 p.m. at st. johns arena. the suspect, investigators
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>> law enforcement officials have not determined a motive. they're not ruling out terrorism as they piece together the moments that led to yesterday. abdul razak ali artan. >> he graduated from community college in may, but something changed from who you saw here and who you saw here behind the wheel of a relative's cakes he did it purposely. >> 18-year-old abdul artan launched what appeared to be a deliberate attack on his classmates, dropping a curb and crash nothing faculty and students gathered at osu and he didn't stop there, he got out to attack those closest with a butcher knife. >> he ran out a knife and is taking down people. >> investigators are looking at whether terrorist propaganda might have inspired it. isis and al-qaeda have urged
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knives. they injured 9 people at the minnesota mall and a july attack in neice that left 84 people dead and there may abdul razak ali artan's own words, he allegedly left a rant on his facebook page writing that attacks on muslims around the world led to a boiling point and that i can't take it any more. it american cleric was killed. he fled pakistan and fled the country to become a permanent american resident here in the u.s. and now he's part of the bomb squad on hand. >> and he came by himself and carried out his plan. they're saying it's possible that others may have at least known about it, something that they're looking into tonight.
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on the investigation on air and on on our wkyc app, you can find a complete guide on how parents can sign up for school safety alerts, we can check this up for you across several colleges across the state. we touched up a new twitter controversy. anyone who burns an american flag should face consequences citizenship or time in jail, like a year in jail. american citizenship can only be given up voluntarily. a law firm will be happening. he'll hold a rally at the us bank arena in cincinnati.
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florida. wildfires in eastern tennessee have turned deadly as three people have died and thousands are evacuated from their homes. as a fast moving wildfires sweep into the vacation communities outside of the great smoky mountains. mark barker is in the hardest hit area of gatlinburg with the >> the scene around gatlinburg tennessee is utter devastation, hundreds of homes and businesses were damaged and destroyed by a fast moving wildfire that erupted overnight into a inferno. >> this sapphire for the history books, because it is unlike anything most have ever seen. >> several wildfires in east tennessee fueled by high winds and dry brush reached out of
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hour. >> it's hurricane force, there's nowhere to be when you're trying to fight a fire. >> flames came close to a hotel terrifying guests. 14,000 people were evacuated in gatlinburg. >> i'm glad they did when they did. those flames are right up on us. >> we couldn't see, if they didn't come and get us, we wouldn't have gotten out at all. >> some were choked by smoke and names others were escorted on blocked roads. and homes lost and lives forever altered. >> this may appear to be at the blink of an eye, it touches your heart. >> this area is suddenly changed overnight, but vowing to rebuild. and this image from the fire has been shared on social media all day long from the wildfire threatening the ripley aquarium in gatlinburg, they
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behind. there's good news, an emergency team of marine biologists was able to get back in and all of the animals are safe. closer to home, jasmine munroe went to the cleveland aquarium to find how tough it is to evacuate animals. >> some say it will take an army to save an animal as small as this, but does it? to evacuate or not to evacuate, that was the question. >> they could have evacuated at least part of the animals if not all of the animals. >> hundreds of facebook comments were disappointed with how the general manager left behind the animals. >> i'm upset they left the animals behind because they can't protect themselves. >> but senator brown said they made the right decision. >> when you have procedures in place and you have what you've been preparing for and the
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they do. >> brown says there's been minor incidents in the past at the cleveland aquarium, but nothing too big to handle. and they're prepared with transportation trucks always on stand by in case of an emergency. >> a semi truck that have bins in the back so we can monitor the water quality and animal health, it was a tough decision. >> it was a tough decision for them to make, but with the prop animals ended up being safe. reporting from cleveland, channel 3 news. [ chanting ] we will win! in cleveland and across the
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workers are chanting wanting $15 minimum wage. here things were peaceful. but, in chicago dozens of protestors were arrested by police. we know northeast ohio is known for the state-of-the-art health care. they're hoping to move that legacy forward with a $855 million transformation. they want to unveil plans for the hospital, the hospital will be borrowing money through bonds it storey facility. the iconic round tower will be coming down. the new hospital is expected to be complete by 2022. it was an outrageously warm november day. >> how long will it last? we'll have it all, james will be tracking it up. >> what goes you will come down. we're talking about temperatures as we're toasty warm, we'll talk about the weather and the rain that's in
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>> thank you betsy. also ahead, the need for help increases, those struggling with heroin addiction, we'll tell you how northeastern communities are working to provide a place for treatment. >> good morning russ and sarah, ahead we'll get a late report from the massive and deadly wildfire that exploded in tennessee. and president-elect donald trump what he wants done to flag burners and would it be legal. and reports of breast
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coming up at 7:00, a spinal cord injury left him in a wheelchair, a man is rising up and not allowing his disability to hold him back. >> keeping your yourself, find out the new wearable technology to give you
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the investigation continues after a plane crash killed a brazilian professional soccer team. it happened in medellin, colombia, it killed 75 81 on board. investigators are trying to pinpoint the cause of the accident and they're combing through the wreckage looking to retrieve bodies. it was set to play in the first round of the south american cup. back in the us images from last april shocked the nation. walter scott was unarmed as he was shot several times by michael slager, the police officer, he is on trial for the
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today. it's been a nightmare for him and his family. he remembers very little about the shooting. if convicted he could face 30 years to life in prison. and a new development in the fight against breast cancer, looking for lumps should not be the only method of detection. one in six patients noticed other symptoms of st like changes in shape and density. ugh the key is knowing your own body and looking out for any change. >> i think the most important message that a persistent change in the breast should always be evaluated even if you have had a normal mammogram. >> tonight on nightly news, you'll meet a woman who will notice a change in her breast that likely saved her life. what you should look for coming up on nightly news.
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out of beds and they're dealing with long waiting lists. and we're going to see what is going on to meet the growing need in our community. >> we have been thrown into a world that we thought we would be affiliated with. >> annie's grandchild never overcame his addiction to heroin. to try to do that, trying to save just one, we feel that it's a mission that's been cleveland are working to it. >> we're trying to bring light to the heroin problem in the united states of america, the state of ohio and northeast ohio. >> mike hosted the trip show on 1100 and invited law enforcement and politicians to join him on a broadcast to talk about the heroin he dim.
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day in ohio, but i think those statistics are low. >> it was a car fentanyl and heroin overdose that finally got him. >> other drug and alcohol rehab centers are opening up. the health department says they're work on opening a facility in july. there are turning existing buildings into recovery housing. >> we need facility to look to retrain them and retrain their brains. >> we need a state of emergency. >> and they're working on punishing the people who sell the heroin. the first thing out of betsy's mouth is you know there will be changes.
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that came through, 53 mile-per- hour wind gusts and things have settled down thankfully. we're keeping an eye out for more rain. it will be mild as would he go through the night tonight. overall we have had a beautiful day today as far as the temperatures go, we have had showers and clouds around. but, it will bring back some rain chances late and by late, i mean toward daybreak, we have dry conditions for the most part, past the midnight hour in the early morning, temperatures in the low as we start the day tomorrow, on and off rain chances will be for the good week ahead. the next 72 hours or so, we're expecting anywhere from a half- inch to three quarters of an inch in the northern part of ohio. this is the 72 rainfall outlook, this puts us clear on friday for the most part. the rain is not a lot at this point, once we move on into the forecast, you'll notice that the cooler temperatures will be coming back our way as well. we have some clouds in play
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through the evening, but the wind as i mentioned settled down nicely. winds out of the southwest 5 to 10 outside of ohio. 50 is our cool spot, we're 58 downtown cleveland, 37 degrees surface water and 28 nautical miles as for the buoy, that's any time as they prepare the lakes. temperatures are in the 30s, meanwhile far weather in the heat of the storm. you can see the tornado watch boxes that are going right now in northern portions of alabama and birmingham, those will be continuing to move in from the west out of mississippi, so, you can kind of see how that's going that direction. that's kind of a hot spot right now. they need this rain, they've been so dry down in the deep south. meanwhile up in the great north they're dealing with snow on the wintry cold start of the
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this is the kicker for us. we won't see this thing directly push through. it's not that easy. it will slow down and it will elongate east to west. what that will do for us, is give as you persistent cool westerly winds, and that will shoot rain and snow chances out to the east. temperatures are in the 50s in the midnight hour, look at the rain chances as we sneak in. early morning commuters, have you a better chance to stay dr than by the commute. you can seat rain chances are widespread. we'll make it to 60 in the afternoon. the on and off rain chances won't be going anywhere. it can rain at any point. if at the same time we'll have dry periods, and we're going to hold the 50s as we get into the evening and then look here, this line comes through, that's the cold front, we will have much cooler air then to deal with as we get into the day on
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forecast, 60s tomorrow and for thursday. the cool air comes in on westerly winds, that will shoot a chance for a rain snow mix out to the east of cleveland, a lot of that will be into pennsylvania and new york state. keep that in mind, we'll have to see how winds line up. as of right now, it looks like we'll begin to rescue the end of the weekend withdraw weather and into the 50s next week. >> okay. thank you. >> the first day of december on thursday. >> how about that! >> you >> coming up bad news, the browns got good news involving their quarterback situation. >> we have the latest on rg3
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hi everybody, the browns are officially off for the final practice today, you won't monday as they get set for the bengals for the first four season. and he's been cleared for full contact, he's in the the starter just yet. hugh jackson needs to see a few things on the practice field before he goes from them. josh started two days ago, if rg3 is ready, he'll be the guy. jackson asked today if it's
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competition now? >> not at all. it's not a competition, absolutely. we put him out there because we want -- it's no different than any other player we put out there, we want to see what they can do for our organization and football team, we get an honest evaluation on the player. >> robert griffin the third did not speak on camera today, he offered a statement that he is blessed to get an opportunity to get to give everything i have as long as we work to finish the season. the cavaliers are looking to make it and playing the bucs mean it's deli time again. they'll face the cavaliers for the first time since leaving the team. he won a nba championship last tie time. deli played the first three games with the cavaliers.
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bucs, and 8 points and 6 assists. clearly he knows what is ahead. >> you know what they do. they do it well, so everyone is going to have to be walked in. they move the ball well and shoot a lot of 3s. >> there's a lot of characters on the team and they're good guys. >> it's good to catch up with them. >> it's good to hear his voice tonight and he's going to be annoying guarantee you. cavs have lost 6 to the bucks. and chris has been named the major league executive for the year for putting the pieces together for the first division title for nine years. it's doing so with a opening day payroll overcoming multiple injuries for michael brantley
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operations, the manager baseball, manager of the year, no brainer and we know why, he won the al manager of the world, he became so close to winning another world series title. they're seeking a three-year deal. he's been 35 and been with three teams in the past few seasons, he's signing a one- year deal and he was great during the regular season, not so much in the post-season, the mariners and astros ar interests and the indians, you can't blame them, they would prefer a one-year deal, and see how that works out. >> the high school of the week, st. ignatius patrick ryan, the quarterback goes 69 yards for the touchdown. it's 24-14, they'll play in the state championship game on friday night at 8:00. they're going for their 12th
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championship games, combat high school football in both cities. >> coach kyle does it again. >> he's fantastic. >> year after year. >> thank you. thank you for watching. we'll be back at 7:00. >> the nbc nightly news is
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tonight, raging inferno. a massive wildfire exploding in the great smokey mountains turns deadly. wind gusts surrounding resorts, people rub running their lives. fi dollywood. survivors in the wreckage of a tragic air disaster as the plane carrying an underdog dream team goes down. revoking citizenship. president-elect trump's new threat over flag-burning that experts say is unconstitutional. tonight the subtle signs that could save your life. and best friends.


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