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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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wildfire explodes in seconds and tennessee. see the destruction caused in its path. but how their taste. it could mean higher prices for everyone.>> history, we used our character, resilience and unity
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of unity. >> students faculty and staff gather at the ohio state university in a buckeye strong events following yesterday's attack. the campuses community gather support investigative tonight still search for a motive. >> one person says is no established contact with prices are other terror groups but that the suspect may have been inspired by isis. pouring over his laptop and devices searching for clues, privateers have no reason to think his family knew he was trying to attack. leverage of an 18 year old student drove his car into a crowd comic-con alternates navigable. one of the victims spoke the hospital today sing every happened so quickly, he didn't know what to think. >> is it within 15 to 30 seconds, i heard the shots.
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i saw one other student hit by the car and sent in the air. he was lying on the ground. i didn't see any people who were stamped. >> only three victims remain in the hospital tonight. they are all expected to make a full recovery. students return to their normal class schedules today. one of the most striking things on campus today was the thought board at the ohio union. was filled with messages of love and support following share inspirational quotes and words of encouragement. 's investigation into the attackers motive goes forward, many in the muslim community working to inform their neighbors and start important conversations in the wake of attacks like this one. >> collies lynn morgan spoke with local leaders and brings us that story. please. >> this is what with recently heard about monday's attack.>>
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shouldn't affect the most the large because with nothing to do with it. >> is the board president of the council of american islamic relations. with her 18-year-old suspect claimed the islamic faith. his choice of weapons set off an alarm for global terrorism analyst tweeting use of vehicle and they can ohio state attack is consistent with recent attack instructions issued and as long as isis media and detailed manuals on how to attack sit on social media, these attacks will continue. >> why do these occur and how do we respond to it? >> reporter: this is a topic of discussion at cleveland state of student union meeting tonight's the students says something like this could happen at any school but identifying someone who might attempt alone will attack is complicated and delegates. >> how do you differentiate
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actually has malicious intent. >> reporter: they are more worried about backlash against muslims in the wake of another attack saying all americans need to put beer aside and focus on what we have in common. >> we love this country. proud to be americans, which is happened to me muslim. want the best for all of us. >> his family fled slowly and 2710 pakistan until 2014 when smalley leaders yesterday urged people not to paint everyone with the same brush saying we are all in this together for the sake of unity, please do not do that. the people have been killed in wildfires raging in east tennessee and hundreds of homes have also been damaged. 14,000 people had to be evacuated from
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submitted out on their own braving the roads, others were escorted out by tennessee state troopers after falling trees blocked roadways. firefighters have still been unable to get to many of the burned-out areas. >> we're not able to get in all the areas. we pray that we don't experience any more fatalities. >> high winds and dry brush helped fuel the flames with wind gusts reaching 87 miles per hour . >> genetic images show how dollywood. the theme park will resume normal operations ernie. spokespeople for the park say the focus will be to support the qc until then. in a statement, dolly parton herself said, i pray for all the families affected by the fire and the firefighters who are working so hard to keep everyone safe. president-elect trump hunched touched a new controversy today. he treated anyone who burns the american flag should face consequences like loss of
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not all republicans agree. in fact, supreme court has her twice to uphold the rights to burn flags in protest.>> in this country we have a long tradition of respecting unpleasant speech. and to support the supreme court decision on that matter. natalie has a corporative flagburning it ruled american citizenship can only be given up voluntarily. earlier we asked you if you think bring the flag should be illegal, the results are right there right now. as you can see, 70% of you say yes, 21% say no. more than four years ago tj lang became infamous we opened fire inside high school. >> his sins was life in the chest probe at that prison term is in jeopardy. bustier top minor has exclusive details of how lane and other killers could be set free. he discusses with his
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three classmates and injuring three others. >> many found comfort knowing tj lane would never leave prison. then, somehow, he escaped. his back behind bars but that lifelong sentence is no longer a guarantee. >> proposed law could one help him win his freedom as early as age 40. the across the state were outraged that ohio lawmakers are even considering legislation. he says old wounds will be reopened and this quaint community will be re- traumatized. >> i don't understand why we're taking this decision away the judges are elected by the community and handing it to a bunch of baseless bureaucrats for the >> head to for the pain you caused this.
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she's koukal of the proposed law that would show mercy to a man who is shown nine. >> isermann never get a second chance to walk. there's three boys and their families want to get second chances to see them. >> the proposed law affects juvenile kozak lane who were sentenced to life in prison without parole. kathleen, parole eligibility could come as early as age 40 could come as early as age 44 is late as a 22. >> it's geauga county resident john echlin whose cosponsoring the bill. second he says it's needed for ohio to conform to us supreme court rulings. prosecutors says echlin has his facts wrong. >> is nothing driving this. it was no us supreme court decision is making action necessary. >> house lawmakers passed one bill making juvenile killers eligible eligible for parole after 35 years behind bars.
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now an amended bill would make him eligible for release at age 40. alain's parents may have changed since he went to prison, they believe that's all that's changed. >> he's parents. what's to say he won't do it again? it hurts more families. >> a new services promising more than 60 channels for $35. being recalled and what to do if you have one. the popularity of coffee among millennials could have an impact on your wall. we have rain showers coming our way tomorrow. we'll put that into perspective with a cool down will also come. details hour by hour forecast coming up next.
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the final numbers are in. cyber monday hit a new record this year making it the biggest sales day in history. adobe digital inside says online shoppers showed up 2.4
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black friday wasn't too far behind. it generated 110 $110 million, less an online sales fiber -- cyber monday. 2.5 million dehumidifiers are being recalled hundreds of fires. they are sold in various sizes under 13 brands including frigidaire, ge and kenmore. the company announced recall 2014 so many still use the units they are announcing it again. you have one of these you are advised to stop using it, contact the company for a full refund. check if it seems like a morning cup of coffee is costing you more cash, you are correct. it may be a large part because a growing group of you can't get enough of it. and over caffeinated don kendrick went to the source. millennials and younger she stuck my local coffeehouse with the story. >> reporter: our cup of morning
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choice. those craving caffeine gets younger and younger. part of what they are calling a coffee culture in which millennials are stacking up the lion share of the coffee. market analysis company bloomberg says local demand. he is an all-time high and millennial >> lattes, like in 10, hot chocolate espresso. >> reporter: bailey is a national coffee connoisseur for >> i drew up taking so much coffee and i'm going to pay whatever for coffee, i'm so used to drinking it.>> reporter: is a zoloft alternate with half an hour. took the young people make up 44% of coffee drinkers in the us. they get a lot more money from
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it's normal. check as part of the rhythm that defines the grind of our lives. this brings a cup today. >> sycamore and more hopped up on caffeine in coffee prices hiked up with analysts say with that demand coupled with the growing supply shortage. >> don't blame it on 10-year-old, she's having hot chocolate. >> watching all the kids grow up , i saw that happening. it's really cool. >> that's why we are here now. >> a great 20-year-old told me she started drinking coffee in high school because it was so stressful. >> with you how old were you
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the now. people weighing in now. >> i could start coke also. >> outta me on tv like that. >> mitchell has that covered. >> have you thought about cutting the cord? at&t is trying to entice customers by launching three new streaming services tomorrow. call directv now, preview and full screen. 13 now customers will get more than 60 channels for the five dollars a month and more than 120 channels for $70 a month. >> the services available at all internet connected devices. >> we're all school at our house. we have the rabbit earscomes in just fine. the circuit 3.2 and three.
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show and massey and all that? >> was the radar. >> it's on all the time. >> with the soothing sounds of rain showers to contend with as you go through the day tomorrow. scattered rain in the morning that linger into the afternoon, temperatures holding in the 50s as you go through the day. not anticipating any heavy rain. this is a comprehensive storm system. to the north first. check itou the social portions of north and south dakota getting hit hard with heavy snow. in the deep south even hit hard with severe weather. nasty storms rumbling with her. you can see how all of that continues with the northeast. most important, in east tennessee, that's the gatlinburg area east of knoxville. you can see right here there are storms that have rotation in them. they could get hit with severe
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out areas, heavy rain is about threats because that can cause landslides. something they will have to keep an eye on. here in ohio valley, you can see this first surge of moisture through this will be arriving as to get into the start of the day tomorrow. it's coming together. we don't anticipate the severe weather or storms. anticipate the rain. clouds rain showers around. southeast winds those will change to the southwest as we go through the day tomorrow. wet roads for the morning commute. it does look like it will be too terribly heavy. disability issues, you need to use those windshield wipers. we have scattered rain showers that linger to the afternoon. as a hit or miss pattern. wins due south and turning southwest the afternoon to go the reason they go southwest, with a cold front coming
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happens of these temperatures. temptress fall back into the 40s. we have clearly taking place by the end of the day. with athlete be chilly and we will fast-forward to the west wind thursday. there's a little lake effect going on with the possibility of a snow mix especially east of cleveland. the most part, the hardest hit areas will be pennsylvania into new york. we certainly will keep an eye on aston vico isolated showers in the morning. teachers will stay in the 50s for the day. it's a literature forecast. that big temperature drop comes in. thursday will only be in the mid-40s. would be breezy. you'll notice the difference. i friday we have to keep an eye out for that snow mix used of cleveland. women made it to 40 degrees on a cool raw feeling saturday.
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by this time next week will have another round of a potentially coming our way. the cast took on old teammates in milwaukee. they keep the box from scoring. >> super davis in with the highlights next. handle diamond are here for passer. we have music from neil diamonds. do not change or channel.
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the cavs go to midwest to see an old friend. >> that's good news.
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into games. the cavs will not win them all. it was the worst loss of the season. not much life, a lot of mistakes as a loose in milwaukee. there's one of five she has seven assists. this 20 was seven turnovers. we watch this on the event. jr smith not playing defense. he was hiking jason terry over there. he matched his career high with 34 points. 12 rebounds plus this came the third quarter. he had eight team points. lou benched him again in the
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their way tonight. davis 118-101. their four-game winning streak is over there 13- 3. they host clippers on thursday. the browns practice today and there often next monday. it's a final four games starting with the bengals. it's looking more like will be the first starting qb is not the starter just yet. hugh jackson needs to see some things on the practice field before he goes with him. if he's ready, he will play. this note qb competition with cancer. coach would be assessed for next season if he's to play in the final four games. i'm always looking to see who will be on the team as we move forward. every game we play. we're still evaluating our team as we go through. at this point, we are looking, if he plays quarterback and we
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the different the cody or josh or kevin. >> rg three did not speak on camera but issued a statement saying they are blessed to have an opportunity to get back on the field. i will give everything i have is to work to finish to see them stop. >> the college football playoff rankings released tonight. buckeyes dump michigan out of the top four. in doing so, they remain the second ranked team. the buckeyes trail number on washington for. the question, will the buckeyes remain in the top four sunday when the final rankings are released? nothing would happen but i find it difficult to believe the plan committee would leave them out you really don't play in the big ten title game. not playing is osu gets it would be a bonus. no chance of losing. penn state is seven, the committee says the buckeyes and the lines are not close even though penn state has them.
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big ten football for special teams players of note buckeyes earned first-team monitors. they were named the league's defensive lineman of the year. he is the third straight back to win the award for the last five years. more recognition for the indians after great season and will desert. chris is named baseball america's 2016 major league executive of the year and put the pieces indians first division title in nine years. the series appearance since 1997. manager of the year, no- brainer. we all know why that happened. so close to winning the world series. according to reports mike at least seeking a three-year deal after playing three different teams of the past two seasons after signing a one-year deal worth 7 million with the indians was free to their new
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we will see what happens there.
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late november and they just like that. >> they have their umbrellas ready.>> channel 3 news begins
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- natalie portman. j. j. abrams.


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