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tv   Today  NBC  November 30, 2016 7:00am-9:59am EST

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good morning. breaking overnight, powerful storms sweep across the south. a string of tornados touching down in four states. at least five people killed, dozens injured. a day care center destroyed. while in tennessee, the fight agns enters a third day. >> it wa apocalyptic almost. >> this morning a firsthand look at the damage and devastation from the worst fires there in more than a century. state dinner? despite their rocky past, mitt romney emerges from a late-night meeting with donald trump and heaps praise on the president-elect. >> enlightening and interesting and engaging. >> but is romney any closer to being the next secretary of
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today. what went wrong? investigators poring over the black boxes from that doomed flight carrying a brazilian soccer team. a surviving crew member claiming the plane ran out of fuel, as emotional tributes to the 71 victims are held around the world. and splitting the jackpot. a group of 20 co-workers comes forward with the winning ticket in that nearly half a billion dollar powerball drawing. >> i had to look again because i thought i'm in a dream. >> their money today, wednesday, november 30th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. you have to feel good for these 20 people. they banded together. they have been playing the lottery for eight years now.
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feel good for them. >> think about everybody who joins the office pool wishing it would happen, but it's nice to see it happen to a good group of people there. >> there is hope. we'll tell you more about that in just a little while. let's get right now to those dangerous situations unfolding across the south. it's been a really rough 72 hours beginning with the historic wildfires that are still burning in the great smoky mountains of tennessee. overnight severe weather raced across that region spawning multiple tornados. starting with those storms. tim fam has the very latest. tim, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. tornados ripped through polk county tennessee. we're in benton, tennessee, right now. this convenience store got hit hard. poyer lines were down, the roof was torn off and thrown across the parking lot. right now the community at a stand-still as power is out
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shutting down a major highway. we spoke with benton county police rocky king and he says there are at least a few fatalities. he could not confirm exactly how many, but says this community looks like a disaster zone. matt? >> tim pham, thank you very much. al, what's the forecast looking for those people? >> it's going to be tough. in fact we have new tornado watches out for that region once again. this was a very vigorous system. we were telling you how this was going to -- t juiced up yesterday. tornado and wind damage reports, 74 of them. the line stretches 550 miles. right now we have tornado watches stretching for much of louisiana, including new orleans, all the way up into central tennessee again. we've even got severe thunderstorm warnings up into parts of the carolinas. now, look at this, today we have a risk of strong storms stretching -- ten million people under a severe risk from new orleans all the way on into western north carolina.
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front pushing through, strong storms firing up. the only silver lining is this is going to help the drought down there. you can see rainfall amounts from 1.5 to 3 inches. some areas could pick up 3 to 5 inches locally. looking at the wildfires in tennessee, you can see more heavy rain moving in, but the sad part about this is while we'll have drenching rains, which is good news, we're also going to have very, very gusty winds so the flames that aren't knocked down are going to be fanned by these 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts. >> you'll be back with your forecast in just a little while. and we want to talk more about these raging wildfires in tennessee, including the largest in that state in a century. parts of two popular resort towns have been leveled, thousands forced to flee. we find kerry sanders in pigeon forge this morning. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, savannah. that rain that al was talking about has literally just started to fall. three people have died in the fires here. ten people are in the hospital,
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>> reporter: dakota cogdale returned to his grandparents' home of 43 years. a lifetime of memories, gone in the flames. >> the gun i learned how to shoot with, my first bb gun, is right here. what's left of it anyway. >> reporter: the loss tumperred by what was saved. >> my family is safe, they're all accounted for. that's what we've been telling each other. we can rebuild, we can't replace. >> reporter: for michael reed, fears of the worst this morning. he left his home to see if when it did and so quickly, he was cut off from his wife, constance, and daughters, 12-year-old chloe and 9-year-old lily. >> we got up to the house and i just screamed her name. >> reporter: again overnight hundreds spent the night in shelters. >> it was nothing but red. i was taking care of an elderly lady. i had to get her out and our animals out. that's the only thing that we
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popular tourist destination, home to dollywood, that's country music superstar dolly parton's popular theme park. flames ripped through the fringes but the park was spared. dolly saying she's heartbroken and praying for all the families. what sparked the massive fire remains unclear, but officials say it appears to be human caused. this morning teams are still on the fire lines trying to tame a monster. a fast-moving blaze that took the mayor o business and his home. >> we're strong, we're resilient, and we're going to make it. >> reporter: this morning michael reed, who is still trying to find out information about his wife and two daughters, does not have an update yet. he fears for the worst. meantime this rain that is falling might sound like a good thing, but the truth is it will soak the ground and these trees here according to the authorities are all so loosened by the firestorm that came
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of course we just saw some lightning. lightning is not a friend either because that lightning can spark another blaze. >> these are really tough times, kerry, and our hearts are with the people. thank you so much. we want to turn now to the decision facing president-elect donald trump over who to pick for secretary of state. he met yet again with mitt romney last night and after that dinner romney heaped praise on the man he once famously called a phony and a fraud. hallie jackson is outside tru is again busy on twitter this morning. hallie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. yes, the president-elect coming out with a big announcement online just within the last couple of minutes here this morning tweeting that he will be holding a news conference on december 15th here in new york city with his children to discuss the fact, he says, that i will be leaving my great business in total in order to fully focus on running the country in order to make america
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law, i feel it is visually important as president to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses. hence, legal documents are being crafted which take me completely out of business operations. the presidency is a far more important task. this comes as questions have lingered over how the president-elect plans to separate his business interests from the interests of the nation. it has been 126 days since his last formal news conference. all of it comes as he tries to o with as you mentioned his former critic, mitt romney. the two sharing a meal of steak, scallops and frog legs here in manhattan. it's the ritzy restaurant rendezvous no one could have seen coming six months ago. the attacks then turning to compliments now. >> he did something i tried to do and was unsuccessful in accomplishing. he won the general election. and he continues with a message
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together. >> reporter: mitt romney and donald trump joined by incoming chief of staff reince priebus at a three-star spot named after famous chef jean george von rick ten. call it a second-round interview for the secretary of state slot trump still hasn't filled, but his cabinet is coming together. according to a top transition source, the president-elect has picked billionaire banker and his f mnuchin as the next secretary of treasury. for commerce it's wilbur ross and for transportation head, elaine chao who served eight years as labor secretary under george w. bush and who's married to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> i've heard rumors that it should be an outstanding appointment. >> reporter: the president-elect now ready for a road trip with nbc news learning from a source familiar with the plans he'll
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pledge to try to keep carrier air conditioning jobs from moving to mexico. >> you think you're going to ship your stuff across the border for no tax, no nothing. you can forget it. >> reporter: the company now confirming it reached a deal with the new administration to keep nearly 1,000 jobs in indiana. it's not clear yet what the incentives are or whether they would be available to other u.s. businesses. after that, it's on to cincinnati and the start of a thank you tour in states trump did well. the candidate, who fed off the energy of campaign rallies, doing it again as president-elect. >> i love cincinnati. >> reporter: donald trump tweeting about his trip but it's another tweet that has him facing fallout in a flag-burning firestorm. quote, nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do, there must be consequences, he writes. perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail. but burning the flags is
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under the first amendment, upheld twice by the supreme court. and the suggestion of stripping citizenship also unconstitutional. >> in this country we have a long tradition of respecting unpleasant speech. i happen to support the supreme court's decision on that matter. >> reporter: also this morning, news of a rare public appearance by donald trump's former rival, hillary clinton. she appeared here in new york city at a unicef gala introduce katy perry. the two joining each other on stage. >> hallie, thank you very much. we're learning more this morning about the possible cause of that deadly crash of a plane carrying members of a brazilian soccer team to a match in colombia. nbc's keir simmons has the latest now. >> reporter: on their way to colombia, video posted to social media shows excited young soccer players looking forward to the biggest game of their lives. now their families, teammates
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chapeco, brazil, forced with loss. a few team members who didn't make the trip shell shocked. supporters joining hands at the team's home stadium chanting the names of their fallen comrades. meanwhile crash investigators are going through the plane's flight data recorders to figure out what went wrong. as the plane approached, the pilot reported electrical problems and crashing into the hillside. a surviving crew member reportedly told rescuers the plane ran out of fuel. >> once that recorder is read out, i think it will become apparent if this is a fuel issue, range issue or if it experienced a mechanical problem. >> reporter: heavy rain and steep, muddy conditions hampered rescue efforts but six people were saved. three members of the team, one journalist and two crew members. one wife posting to instagram
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condition. another player leaves behind a pregnant wife just 18 years old. the family releasing this video showing the moment he learned he would be a father, dancing and celebrating with his teammates. the 31-year-old goalie managed to call his wife after the crash, but later died at the hospital. in the wake of the tragedy, an outpouring of support from the soccer world. teams in europe and south america paying tribute with vigils and moments of silence. stadium lit up in green. chapecoense had been a cinderella story reaching the finals, a team that inspired brazilian fans now being mourned by an entire nation. and a member of the team board tells nbc news that a team doctor is arriving here in colombia to help identify the bodies. the pope this morning praying for the players and the
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face that brazilian team, they now say the trophy should go to the brazilians for the fallen. savannah. >> keir simmons in bogota for us this morning. thank you. tuesday was an emotional day in court at the high-profile trial over a deadly police shooting in south carolina. the former officer accused of gunning down an unarmed black man fought back tears as he testified in his own defense. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more on that. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. the defense after that former officer, michael slager, took the witness stand. now, the jury is scheduled to visit the scene of the fatal shooting later today, and closing arguments could begin soon after in a case that reignited the national conversation about race and police tactics. this morning the final stages in the trial of michael slager, the former police officer accused of walter scott's murder.
7:15 am
stopped, what i'm trained to do. >> reporter: in his first detailed public account of what happened back in april of 2015 -- >> in my mind, fear. i was scared. >> reporter: slager told the jury he pulled scott over for a broken tail light and was about to write him a warning when scott suddenly bolted from his car. >> people don't run from a broken taillight. >> reporter: prosecutors say scott fled because he was behind on child support payments and feared being arrested. slager said he f three times but that didn't stop scott from grabbing the stun gun. >> it was total fear that mr. scott didn't stop. >> reporter: the cell phone video he says picks up the encounter seconds later when scott breaks away from the struggle. slager says in hindsight he would not have chased scott on foot in the first place and instead would have called for backup. >> his entire testimony was what he would have done different and
7:16 am
which he didn't remember then, which was shocking. >> reporter: the trial now in its third week has been emotional for walter scott's family, his mother breaking down on the witness stand. >> he said they tasin' me, and i heard him groaning like he was in excruciating pain. >> reporter: the case could go to the jury as early as today. if convicted, slager faces 30 years to life in prison. >> gabe gutierrez, gabe, thank you. tens of thousands of filled havanas plaza of the revolution last night for a memorial service honoring fidel castro. the presidents of mexico, ecuador, venezuela and south africa attended the service. raul castro closed the memorial with a speech calling his older brother the leader of a revolution for the humble and by the humble. today a three-day procession begins carrying castro's ashes across cuba. we now know who won saturday night's powerball drawing worth
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a group of 20 co-workers who work at a manufacturing plant in portland, tennessee, came forward to claim their prize. they spoke at a news conference about the huge win. >> you never think you're going to win this lottery, but you do it for fun. well, my son saw la fayette, tennessee, and he started texting, i know mom has bought that ticket. wake her up, wake her up. i just started screaming but i had to look again because i thought i was in a dream. of gold. and this isn't changing what they have always done. i was on my way home last night from here and my check engine light came on and i thought, you know, i don't have to get frantic about that now. >> i called billy and he said, man, you need to get up and watch the news. and i went why? he went we won the lottery. >> hope to do a lot of good with
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just don't change. that's my motto. >> you get the feeling they're not going to change. they pooled their money for years. something like eight years they played together. >> so after taxes, they say they'll each get about $13 million. just in time for christmas! >> and for that check oil or engine light. >> that's awesome. >> al, let's get a check of the forecast. >> i've got a tree they could buy. let's show you really quickie what we've got going on. again that, severe weather going on through the southeast into e the pacific northwest, also western plains, western great western plains, western great lakes, high surf advisories in g for everyone to gather around. and you know what else i'm thinking? lights! some help. got it! and the ornaments might take a little bit more time. but we're gonna get it just right. what do you think bullseye? [ bark ] ok, let's do this! hey! hows this look?
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it's like you... it's like you read my mind! ? ? and that's your latest weather. coming up, more twists in that mysterious abduction of a california mother. this morning what her family is now revealing about her ordeal as police expand the search for suspects. and in light of that, a special rossen reports.
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potentially stop an attack and save your life. first on a wednesday morning,
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7:30 now. it's wednesday morning, november 30th, 2016. we're getting excited because tonight is the big christmas in rockefeller celebration. we will flip the switch on this year's tree. it's a tall one, 94 feet. we alwayav lot of holiday music, and of course you can catch it all live right here on nbc tonight. >> yes, looking forward to that. let's check out some headlines on this wednesday morning. severe weather hammering parts of the south with tornados touching down in several states overnight. at least five people have died, dozens more injured. around 20 buildings were destroyed in jackson county, alabama, alone.
7:30 am
of high winds won't further stoke the flames. three people have died, dozens of home have been destroyed and officials fear the death toll could rise as they search areas they have been so far unable to reach. and mitt romney praised donald trump following a second meeting with the president-elect about a possible role as secretary of state. here's what romney had to say to reporters as he left that dinner. >> what i've seen through these discussions that i've had with president-elect trump as well as what we've seen in his speech the night of his victory part of his transition, all of those things combined give me increasing hope that president-elect trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future. >> of course that is a striking change from some of the things mitt romney said about donald trump during the campaign. in the meantime, we've got some new information in that case of a kidnapped california mother. she was found badly beaten on the side of a road nearly 150 miles from her home.
7:31 am
latest. gadi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. for the first time, investigators are revealing that they are taking a look at several other cases across the country for their similarities to the kidnapping of sherri papini. meanwhile her husband is describing his wife's condition after torture and starvation. mother of two, sherri had been through an unimaginable 22 days of terror. rushing to the hospital, her husband, keith, says nothing could saw, telling "people" magazine in a statement the officers told me to brace myself. my first sight was my wife in a hospital bed, her face covered with bruises ranging from yellow to black because of repeated beatings. her kidnappers dumped her early thanksgiving morning on the side of the road shackled. >> chp is advising she is heavily battered and it is a confirmed kidnapping. >> her husband, keith, saying she has been branded. she was thrown from a vehicle
7:32 am
over her head. the same bag she used to flag someone down when she was able to free one of her hands. during her captivity, she had lost so much weight she was down to 87 pounds. her body covered in bruises, severe burns, red rashes and chain markings. her signature long blonde hair had been chopped off. but her husband adding ultimately it was sherri's will to survive that brought her home. meanwhile, a team of detectives is working every detail. even her clues. >> her husband has said she was branded. what could that mean? >> maybe a method of torture. it could mean a way of control or exerting control over a person. is it a symbol or could it be some type of message either to the person, the victim, or to others. >> reporter: and there is one other detail that is a mystery to investigators. detectives say she was taken while out on a run.
7:33 am
phone was discovered about a mile away from her home. but when it was found, it seemed carefully placed on the ground, not lost in a struggle. >> it appeared that it had been set in some grass with the screen facing up, and then the ear buds to the phone were loosely coiled and appeared to be placed on the screen. it did somewhat appear to be that it was placed there purposely. >> reporter: detectives help them develop a better description of her kidnappers, for now only described as two hispanic women in a dark suv. papini was interviewed by detectives for a third time yesterday. they are hoping to have a better description of her kidnappers a little bit later today. >> gadi schwartz, thank you very much. mr. roker, what do you have? >> we're looking at the northern end of that same system causing all the problems down south. it's going to be bringing more rain up into our region.
7:34 am
showers and thunderstorms southern new jersey stretching back into pittsburgh. we have low visibility and ceilings so from boston to washington, d.c., rough air travel today. this front will move this evening into the east coast. we're going to be looking at a lot more rain. in fact it may help some of the drought. look at these rainfall amounts. generally a quarter of an inch to more than two inches. in fact the record for new york city, 2.2 inches. we set one yesterday. poor visibility and it's going to continue right thrount that's what's going on around the country.
7:35 am
>> don't forget, get your weather any time you need it. check out the weather channel on cable. >> al, thank you so much. just ahead, a new reason to be a little embarrassed by some of those songs we stream in private. we'll explain. and first we have a special rossen reports. >> hi, good morning, i'm jeff rossen. coming up, new technology to keep you safe. from apps on your phone to small devices you can actually wear. some of them so advanced they'll even take video of your ?? what if an insurance company wasn't only there when things went wrong? because for every tornado... there's a twister. for every crash... an even bigger collision. and for every tailspin... well, tailspins. state farm understands that getting the most out of life doesn't just mean being there when things go wrong. it's about being here... in all of life's moments. when things go perfectly... right.
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california. a mom grabbed by kidnappers who was out for a run by herself. her family said she had her cell phone with her when she was attacked and thought got us thinking. can your smartphone help protect you when you're out there alone? this morning, new apps and devices you can get right now that could save your life, and we're trying them out. you're walking alone, no one else around. and that's when an attacker could strike.
7:41 am
time. i always wonder, like, could that be me? there's a lot of times when i could be defenseless. >> reporter: missa baker is a waitress who leaves work late at night. today trying out popular new apps and gadgets that promise to protect women. up first, wearsafe, a virtual panic button at your fingertips. >> how does it work? >> it's wearable. it clips right to my keys. if i feel in trouble, i hit the button and it audio records. >> so it's r realtime and even what happened a few seconds ago. >> exactly. and it sends that to my friends with my exact gps location to let them know i'm in trouble or that i need help. >> let's try it out. >> i'm being followed by a tall man in a red jacket with dark denim, and then i'd hit the button. >> and that's it? >> that's it. >> reporter: across town, missa's friends, lindsay. her precise gps location pops on
7:42 am
>> i'm being followed by a tall man in a red jacket with dark denim. >> reporter: this next one goes even further, an app called be safe, recording video. >> i'll hit the alarm button and give a countdown of 3, 2, 1 and it's recording you. >> if i were the real attacker, an alarm goes off as well. if i'm a real attacker, you'd follow me with the camera and this actually gets texted to her friends and it actually calls one of your friends as well by the way, this app has gps coordinates too, which is kind of cool. >> it's really cool. >> reporter: but app number three may be the most advanced of all, called lifeline response. not only tracking you but calling the police instantly. you walk with your thumb on the screen. if your thumb comes off, it sounds the alarm. >> okay, we're going to test this in realtime. we're standing in a random parking lot. we should mention the local
7:43 am
this out. your thumb is on that button. take your thumb off like you were being attacked and automatically it starts you counting you down. you have 18 seconds to type in your personal pin number that no one else knows. the alarm is going off. don't type in your pin. >> this is emma from lifeline response. we have received your emergency distress alert. i have notified the local police of the situation and transmitted your gps coordinates. >> wow. >> the police are currently again, the police are en route. >> reporter: within moments, lifeline response tracks missa's location and calls the cops. >> female white 5 foot brown eyes. >> i hear the sirens, they're coming. this is crazy. >> this is crazy. that took less than a minute. >> that was so fast. that's crazy. >> you guys knew exactly where to come. >> exactly where to go.
7:44 am
>> who do you make of this app? >> i love this app. >> what do you make of this? >> if i was really in an emergency situation, this really could have saved my life. >> here's the good news. you can download these apps right now. they work on iphone and android devices. they work on both and they're pretty cheap. the wearable one, and the one that calls the cops, those are around $5 a month. the one that takes video is completely free. links on our website right now, >> such a sign of the times. as that story is running, we're all glued to the monitors. >> if you're a jogger, that's a great little app to have. >> especially the little thumb one. coming up, we'll show you what oscar winner matthew mcconaughey just did to give some fans the surprise of a lifetime. and tamron has a look at how and tamron has a look at how they're decking walgreens presents a holiday mini miracle. hey! -hey!
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k friday bonus cash on top of all other great offers. it's an amazing time to visit your ford dealer. there's a look at that beautiful tree that we'll light tonight. question, have you put up your holiday decorations yet? these ladies have. >> it's like the tree had two babies. >> well, they're all over it at the country's most famous >> people think thanksgiving is their pregame for christmas. ler like let's get it started. by the way, they have gotten it started at the white house in a wonderful way. military family members joined the first lady tuesday to unveil the obama's final white house holiday decorations. while designers begin planning six months ahead of time, volunteers actually arrived at the white house just five days ago to produce what is an incredible display. let me take you through. throughout the white house
7:50 am
garland, 109 wreaths and 63 christmas trees. and a new addition to this year's decor, 56 lego houses, one for each state and territory. and the decorations also include, we've seen these guys before, larger-than-life replicas of the obama's dogs made up of more than 25,000 yarn pom-pons and no christmas is complete without the traditional 150 pounds of gingerbread, 20 points of icing went into this. the blue room is the official home of the official white house christmas tree standing at 19 feet. it would, by the way, take nearly five of these to reach the height of our beautiful tree out there on rockefeller center which will be lit up tonight. this is not a competition because there's the white house and there's our house. you know my role on this show. i'm the salesperson so here's the pitch.
7:51 am
all of the action 8:00/7:00 central on nbc. even if i'm not paid to say it, i would be watching because i'm watching you guys. coming up, hey, scott brothers, your work is cut out for you. you're going to help us get ready for the holidays in our own homes. and an eye-opening candid neil lane designs jewelry for hollywood's biggest stars. and, with his vintage-inspired collection at kay jewelers, he designs them for you, too. the inspiration for this ring goes back almost 100 years. over 50 diamonds, all hand-set. you know the saying, "they don't make 'em like they used to?" i still do. neil lane bridal. at kay... ...the number-one jewelry store for... yes.
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, deadly disaster. severe weather slams parts of the south overnight. tornados killing at least five people, as devastating wildfires rip through tennessee. we're live on the scene. >> we saw people making out, people smoking, people drinking. >> do you know what your teenager is really up to? we talk candidly with high schoolers, get the inside scoop on the secret lives of teens. ?? and duet with dolly. miley cyrus takes a break from the coach's chair on "the voice" to team up with the music icon,
8:00 am
godmother. today, wednesday, november 30th, 2016. ?? >> we left 18 inches of snow in north dakota to come to the "today" show. >> good morning, north carolina. >> hi from ohio. >> good morning nbc 4 in columbus. >> celebrating our 33rd anniversary on "today." >> shoutout to all my friends and family in louisiana. >> bringing cheer to all who are near from shelby, north carolina. >> we're back at 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it is november 30th, 2016. and that means, as we've said several times this morning, tonight we get to light the
8:01 am
>> then we all get lit. >> it's always that way, that's right. 50,000 lights. and you know what happens. if one goes out, they all go out. we checked off the box for this year. >> we've done all our jokes. coming up, day three of the steals and deals holiday extravaganza. this morning, jill martin has the perfect gift ideas for friends or co-workers, the kids' teachers, honestly anyone you need to shop for. >> get it done. before we get to one thing, which is the news, we just want to say hi. you guys make our yea year, you really do. your names again. >> carol ann. >> and i'm tisha. >> again, thanks for coming down in your finery. >> they say follow them at instagram, nyc tree girls. >> adorable. >> you dropped one of your ornaments there. >> i had that happen once, it's not good. >> here is a check of the headlines. time for your news at 8:00. >> reporter: we begin with the devastating fires and the powerful storms in the south.
8:02 am
morning, tennessee. the fires continue to burn but not as ferociously as they had which has evacuees wondering if they can go to be to see what, if anything, survived. overnight severe weather battering parts of the south. powerful tornados leaving a path of destruction through several states. mississippi, louisiana, and alabama, where three people were killed in rosalie, two dead in tennessee's polk county. it comes as wildfir >> this whole place is on fire. >> reporter: like the gates of hell, say survivors. flames shooting through tree branches. the air filled with smoke and coal-hot embers. >> hit the gas! >> reporter: a record drought leaving dry brush, the perfect kindling to fuel the flames. it caught residents and tourists alike by surprise. more than 14,000 evacuated, with so little time to escape, some
8:03 am
>> we lost everything. we have nothing. >> we could feel the heat off the fire. we were getting hit in the face with embers. it was bad. >> reporter: hundreds of homes and businesses damaged or destroyed. more than 1,000 people waking up in shelters this morning. the fires are burning across 15 thousand acres in and around the great smoky mountains, the most visited national park in the country. the popular dollywood theme park spared. tennessee natively saying in a statement she is heartbroken and praying for all the families. for hundreds, all that's left now is scorched earth. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: dakota cogdale visited his grandparents' home where he had thanksgiving dinner just last week. >> my family is safe. they're all accounted for. you know, that's pretty much what we've been telling each other, we can rebuild. we can't replace. >> of course family members, photographs. >> all that is gone. you know, it's a shame, but we
8:04 am
we know they're still going to be family photos and everything taken. >> new pictures. >> yes, new pictures, new beginnings. >> reporter: it started to rain here, which you would think is good news, but it is not. it's not enough rain to kill the fires, but the rain is causing the soil here to get loose and the firestorm that came through here has already weakened the trees, so authorities are concerned those trees could begin collapsing. it's one reason why they're going to be keeping those who are evacuated out for a little >> kerry sanders. kerry, thank you. president-elect donald trump announced this morning that he will leave business operations to focus on the presidency. he'll hold a news conference in two weeks to discuss the details of that. in the meantime, he's filling up more of his cabinet. trump has picked his former campaign finance chair, steven mnuchin, as the next treasury secretary. investor wilbur ross as commerc secretary and elaine chao as transportation secretary. last night he had dinner with
8:05 am
a vocal critic during the campaign, romney now says he has increasing hope that trump can lead the country to a better future. and now to missouri where a gas pipeline exploded tuesday, sending flames soaring into the air. this happened near kansas city international airport in a pipe line that carries propane and ethane gas. officials are trying to find out what caused that explosion. no reports of injuries. some sad news about a former member of our nbc grant tinker who served as chairman and ceo of nbc from 1981 to 1986 died monday at his home in california. he was the former husband of mary tyler moore and together they formed mtm enterprises, which produced favorites including "the mary tyler moore" show, "the bob newhart show" and "mitt street blues." he turned the network around
8:06 am
cosby show. he leaves behind sons mark and john. grant tinker was 90 years old. just ahead, do you really know what your kids are up to? our frank, unfiltered discussion with a brave group of teenagers. all parents should see this. then the photo shoot that stopped traffic here in manhattan and why maybe it wasn't such a great idea. and we'll get some holiday upgrade ideas for your home from the scott brothers. the scott brothers. but first, these messages. we're only human. we rely on our courage. the kind of courage that shows up when we need it... and when cancer is least expecting it. courage. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it. give now to the american cancer society.
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it's 8:11, time to trend. first up, the video that shows what some are calling street justice new york style. here's what happened. atu was doing a little photo shoot on a busy new york street. there he is on the left and that's his gold bmw that he double parked. they were just sitting on the hood taking photos. so what happened is the driver politely went up to him. a guy behind him smashed the window of his car. >> the guy travels with a bat in the car? >> okay. now here's the thing. >> this is new york.
8:11 am
al is in this camp, is this just an elaborate stunt for like a great youtube video? >> but their reaction looks genuine. the guy is like yo, yo. >> it's a stunt. >> new yorkers are not like that. >> but these guys get paid on the number of videos they get. >> is it going to pay for that car? >> it's a windshield. >> all right. we need to get some closure. >> i'm leaning in the out camp. i don't know. new yorker to just say -- >> no. i'm surprised we could run the audio portion of that. anyway, a police department in kansas, how about this surprise. when they went looking for a wild creature, they got calls about a mountain lion that had been spotted in the area. when they set up cameras to see if they could get a citing of it, they got more than they bargained for. they checked the footage and here's what they found. pranksters parading in front of
8:12 am
animals. the people of gardner, kansas, man, they love a good joke. and on facebook, the police department wrote thank you to the citizens who noticed the cameras. your effort and sense of humor are greatly appreciated. >> i like that. >> too funny. that's a good prank. >> do you guys have songs that you listen to on your playlist that you love but you would not want other people to know about? yeah, we've all got those. a new ad campaign by spotify is falling out some of its users and their song choices. authority. dear person who played justin bieber's sorry 42 times on valentine's day, what did you do? and this ad, to the 1235 guys who love the girld night playlist this year, we love you. the tag on the ads read thanks 2016, it's been weird. >> do you have any like that, any weird songs? >> oh, my gosh, yes. >> give me one. >> like, for example, this
8:13 am
healing." but would i want the world to know that? why was i playing it? i don't know. >> mine would be -- ?? >> nice. >> hoda, i know you've got some embarrassing ones. >> i don't have any i'm embarrassed about but i do have lots and lots and lots of john denver. i love john denver. i'm not embarrassed by that. >> there's nothing wrong with that. >> bang i'm not embarrassed. i would say "do you want to build a snowman." >> the "frozen" song? >> have you never come in and heard the "frozen" theme coming out of his dressing room? >> what about you? >> i don't have embarrassing but i'm always curious when i see men sing "all the single ladies" and they know the whole routine. i'm like oh, okay. >> like al does in the morning.
8:14 am
straight to popstart. >> first, jennifer aniston explaining why she took a stand and stood up to the tabloids earlier this year. she wrote a powerful op-ed for the huffington post calling out the endless speculation of her marriage and whether he's pregnant. jen said she had enough when she returned from a recent vacation. >> we were mobbed, like a scary kind of mobbed. i didn't know what was happening. and it turns out that another had to sort of live with for the last 10, 15 years of picture of me with a bump and a circle around my stomach with an arrow pointing to it, just disgustingly objectifying kind of way and i was just fed up with it. we have to support each other especially at this time, to love each other, to support and to be proud of women and whatever your choice is in life. it's up to us what makes us
8:15 am
>> that episode of "ellen" airs today. next to dolly parton performing one of her biggest hits "jolene." but last night it wasn't just any performance. dolly sang a duet with her goddaughter, miley cyrus. ? jolene jolene jolene jolene ? ? i'm begging of you please don't take my man ? ? jolene jolene jolene jolene because you can ? >> i could listen to that all day. >> that's good. >> and dolly is a busy lady. she'll be among the stars performing at the christmas tree lighting tonight. >> and the pentatonics. and finally matthew mcconaughey moonlighting as a golf cart driver. you might think after seeing this photo but matthew is just giving back to his alma mater. it's a program at the university of texas which offers students
8:16 am
so there he is giving unsuspecting students a lift. this fall matthew also taught a course at school, don't worry, everything is all right, all right, all right. >> look at the girl in the back. >> when matthew is behind the wheel of your golf cart. >> she's tweeting. >> can you imagine you're sitting there waiting for the cart. >> i'd be like, hey, where do you live? at your house. your house is fine. >> i'm cool with it. >> tamron, thank you. mr. roker, check of the weather. >> let's seet again, we've been talking about all this severe weather. we've got right now tornado watches stretching from new orleans all the way up just to the west of knoxville. we're going to be watching this line of storms all morning long. and we've got unseasonably warm weather depending on where you are. if you're here in the east, minneapolis it's 8 degrees above normal. even tallahassee at 80 degrees, way above normal. the temperatures still stay fairly mild but start to calm
8:17 am
mobile. out west it stays awfully cool, salt lake city in the 30s. wichita in the 40s by saturday. dallas even down into the low 50s by saturday. >> and that's your latest weather. we're launching something new this morning. it's a series we're calling teens tell all. >> here's what we did. we gathered a group of high schoolers for a candid discussion about the pressures they're facing, and nothing was off limits. here's nbc's stephanie gosk.
8:18 am
people smoking, people drinking. >> like a racy picture. >> send me a picture of that booty. >> eight colorado teenagers sat down with us for a raw, unfiltered conversation about what goes on inside their lives. >> i'm marley. >> max. >> claudia. >> della, alexandra, jalen. >> roslyn wiseman helped us gather a group willing to speak openly about what it means to be a teen today. we kicked off the discussion by asking theee something anonymously that their parents may not know. >> magic bowl of secrets. >> drugs came up early in the conversation. >> this is a good one. i don't smoke pot. >> remember, in colorado, marijuana is legal for adults. >> it's such a normalized drug that you're almost like pressured to do it. >> it's kind of a stigma. like if you're not chill about someone smoking pot, you're looked down upon. >> i have a lot of friends that smoke a lot. >> which would you say is easier, getting pot or a
8:19 am
>> pot. >> we also heard about the abuse of prescription drugs. >> sometimes there's like pill parties when they have like a bowl at the front door and everyone drops a pill in, and then you can like take one and you don't know what you're taking. >> that's very scary. >> i feel like a big thing right now is lean. >> what's lean? >> cough syrup, jolly ranchers. >> and sprite. >> it's a drink? >> yeah. and you just take it with pills. >> you just chug it and it's really strong. >> sextg. naked photo of someone in your school? when did you first see it? >> middle school. >> sixth grade. >> sixth grade, yeah. >> 12. >> do you have to ask for a picture or do some people just send them? >> some people just send them. guys will just send them. >> so do girls. >> girls will too. >> really? >> out of the blue. >> i've had people come up to me and like did you see this picture? no, i don't want to see that.
8:20 am
send a naked picture of yourself, would you ever think that's kind of creepy. >> i wouldn't think it was creepy just because it happens so often. >> sexting turned into a conversation about sex. and the hook-up culture. >> let me ask this question. is it easier to hook up with someone than it is to hold their hand in school? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> the girls worry about slut shaming. >> there's a whole discussion about it, how girls get treated more and get judged upon more than guys do. >> yeah, i mean if you wear something, you get slut shamed. if you do something, you get slut shamed. if you walk some way. like everything is picked apart about a girl. >> and most of the time it's actually girls who slut shame other girls. that's what i've noticed. >> nothing is private over your life anymore. get into a fight with your
8:21 am
over text. >> there's a lot of competition. you go to someone's instagram, it's all pretty and all parties. you're like i don't go to parties all that often. >> does it make you feel bad? >> kinda. >> you have that pressure to only post the cool thing you did over the weekend. >> i said embarrassed when my grandma comments on my pictures. come on. >> parents misunderstand what school is like and how hard it can be compared to when they were kids. >> you have to have straight as, join clubs, do sports, have a good colleges, have a social life, but still be able to hang out with your family. >> my parents try to get me to do a lot of advanced class, an a.p. class, and i'm not doing too hot in those. i think i jumped the bar way too high up. >> i definitely need time with my friends to take a break from all of the sports and all of the tests and quizzes. >> sometimes when i say i'm going out with my friends, i'm not. i'm going to parties or to hook up or something.
8:22 am
on gps, how easy is it to ditch them? >> easy. >> just leave your phone. >> so i'm at a friend's house. we hear about this party and i leave my phone at sam's house but he takes his and so i sign into my imessage on his phone so when my parents text me, it goes to sam's phone. he sees it and says your parents texted. >> so you respond with sam's house is awesome. >> alex tried a different >> last year i like told them i was going camping for a weekend and then i went to my friend's house where her mom wasn't there for the weekend and we threw like two parties. >> you know when you go and do that, when you just bold-face lied to your parents, you have to in that moment think what, i'm not going to get caught? is that the hope? >> that was a pretty good lie. then i had my friend text him pretending to be her mom.
8:23 am
mom texting to your dad. >> roslyn says all of this is a normal part of growing up. >> the purpose of adolescence is to push and to figure out where you stand on things and to make mistakes and to break rules. i want parents to realize that you really do not have to know everything about your child's life to have a good relationship with your child. >> and the teens had similar advice. >> have trust in your kids. >> guide them as much as need to learn for themselves what's right and wrong. >> that was fascinating. >> it really was. >> fascinating for those of us with teenage kids. >> we've been going through with leila and she's been terrific but it's been rough for her, senior year, college, all the tests and the social media. it's -- i would not want to be growing up now. >> a lot of things seem to resonate with all of us from when we were teens but then there is the social media stuff
8:24 am
tougher time with. >> some things never change like teen girls boxing out this group or that group but now it takes on this extra level with social media. it's tough. >> we've had a lot of talks with -- i have a 15-year-old boy. sometimes you'll talk to him and you know you're not getting the real story and other times he's remarkably candid and, you know, you cherish those moments because you think you're getting valuable information, but it's hard. anyway, for practical advice on how to keep your teen safe and your relationship strong, head tomorrow our series continues and does this sound familiar? >> girl, you're straight poppin'. >> it's like oh, she ratchet. >> sadly, yes, it is. >> you know that? >> yes. >> you do? >> is she poppin'? >> parents will be like goals
8:25 am
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8:29 am
good morning. >> hi, everybody. it's 8:30. it's wednesday, november 30th. we're about to stick a fork in november actually. beautiful morning out on the plaza. look at this. ?? a little mood music. ?? >> what's your name? >> mickey smith from louisiana. >> all right, mickey, thank you very much. merry christmas. >> he's right on theme. we've got the christmas tree lighting in rockefeller center, beautiful music just now and we're about to get a treat, the band of merrymakers is here.
8:30 am
wee hours rehearsing. lots of big celebrity singers and song writers. they team up during the holiday season, all for a great cause. we're going to get a live performance. also ahead, our ongoing guide to make the holidays stress-free. first the scott brothers are here. they're going to give you tips on how to get ready for the season or something. >> or something. we'll turn to jill martin for her latest steals and deals and some great gifts for the list fast. we're also excited to announce a special performance live on the plaza from pharrell williams next friday, december 9th. if you want to get a "today" fan pass go to our website, >> pharrell? >> pharrell williams. >> i might have to come back for that. >> what day in december? >> december 9th. >> how will you miss me if i
8:31 am
>> let's show you what we've got happening starting with today. severe storms down through the south, fog in the northeast, wet weather in the pacific northwest. high surf advisories in southern california. for our tree-lighting tonight, 59 degrees, rain, possible thunderstorms, gusty winds. we are going to be watching this very carefully. and then for tomorrow, you can look for, again, drying out weather here in the northeast, thank goodness. mountain snows in the rockies, plenty of sunshine through the southern tier of states.
8:32 am
>> don't forget, get your weather any time you need it. go to the weather channel on cable. smooth jazz, baby. ?? guys. >> all right, al, thank you very much. now some ways to make this a stress-free holiday season. this morning last minute upgrades for your home before all that company arrives. the scott brothers are known for their hit show "property brothers" and they have another hit on their hands withhe new orleans." they renovate side-by-side homes competing to increase their property value and they do it with help from some well-known friends. even hoda stops by. drew, jonathan, good morning. happy holidays. >> good morning. >> thanks for having us. >> i've gotten to know you a little bit over the years. generally speaking as twins you're somewhat competitive anyway. >> just a little bit. >> i won the challenge, i came out first. that's all that really matters.
8:33 am
>> it comes out. we love competing. especially in new orleans if we're giving homes back to people that lost it in katrina. >> and drew realized that everyone loves the contractors. so in new orleans he did his own design and got into the work. >> everybody talks about wallpaper. they think of doing huge surfaces, other walls. you've got other ideas. >> wallpaper doesn't have to be wall. why not use it on your ceiling. you can use it on steps, tables, the back of cabinets. it's supposed t color and pattern to break up a monotonous design. >> so you can take a shelf and make it feel more designer by putting it on the back panels. if you don't have the budget to do maybe like a tray ceiling or something like that, you can put it up there. >> what are we talking about, just scraps of wallpaper? >> right here on this step, this is a peel and stick wallpaper. this is a kids stepping stool,
8:34 am
long. with kids, they like to mix things up anyway. >> if you have commitment issues and don't want to commit to wallpaper, you can get peel and stick. >> jonathan's hair is peel and stick, he changes it with the season. >> let's move on. i'm going to put some pictures up. transoms can add light to a room. >> most people don't know what a transome is. it's like a window above the door. originally it was used for ventilation and extra light. you can put and everybody knows everything comes back into style n new orleans i put them in above all of the doors, really cool look. if you cannot cut holds or are worried about the structure, you can make your own transome without actually cutting a hole above the door. >> just use a mirror. this is a mirror that we got, what was it, five bucks just at the dollar store. >> you can see right up my nose right there. it's a great view. i trimmed for you this morning.
8:35 am
depth to the room. it feels just like a transome. >> and it's not expensive. tin tiles. why do you love these things? >> i would like to point out if anybody watched "brothers take new orleans" last week, i won. it was all because of the tin tiles. again, if you go into cool restaurants, you'll notice a lot of restaurants put tin tiles back in. >> a lot of them have them on the ceiling. >> usual low they come new like this, very shiny, but i like it you can age it and then work it with a grinder or saw and give it that original look. >> or you can paint it black, something solid, it looks very classy, very elegant. you can use it for wainscoting, on a ceiling. >> how much for tile? >> it depends on the quality of the tile. you can get ones that are plastic but nobody would know when it's all the way up on the ceiling. and then you can rub it anyway around the edges, you can just work it.
8:36 am
>> if you want to break it up, you just sand it down. >> you're just adding that patina. >> it's like clothes. we pay more for the worn clothes. people like the look of things that look old. >> by the way, speaking of clothes, wait until you get a load of this group over here. jonathan, drew, nice to have you both here. they'll be back co-hosting our next hour. just ahead, more help for the holidays. jill has a brand new batch of steals and deals. but first, this is "today" on
8:37 am
8:38 am
we're back, it's 8:39. more of our stress-free holiday steals & deals this week. >> today jill martin has covered gifts for the girls and the guys. this morning we have bargains for everybody else on your list. everybody. >> so you know those lists and the girls, the guys and then miscellaneous, people that you
8:39 am
this one is for a friend. >> for a friend. >> the big reveal. >> this is always super popular. >> i love this stuff. >> bliss body products. the retail $94. scent-sational. two body butters or two soapy suds. one or the another. >> and choose your flavor? >> you choose -- yeah, you choose your flavor and then you can split them up, like my mother >> i know. >> the deal $29. >> $29? >> that's 69% off. >> usually these are $29. >> each. >> is this for the teacher or the baby-sitter? >> yes. >> up, up, up, careful and go. >> this is the marquee by waterford crystal ornaments. retail $99. it's a three-piece ornament set. you can hang them on the tree. >> pretty.
8:40 am
70% off. >> as jill's mom would say, split them up. >> this is two options here in the deal. so 1, 2, 3. >> the retail, $124 to $140. here are the two options. so that is the nine-piece stainless steel barware set. it comes in two colors and you get everything there. that's aup or -- >> look at this. >> you get the vase and the bowl. so the retail $124 to $140. the deal for either, $42. 70% off. >> $42 for either one of these? >> yeah. >> that's good. but don't split up the bar set. >> that looks weird and cheap. >> unless someone likes a certain drink. >> oh, you're right. >> this one is personalized for you guys. the person who has everything. >> right. >> that's nice.
8:41 am
for things. stationary studio personalized stationary. so this is -- you have the border here. you can choose from four borders. it comes in the gift box so just add a bow. >> how nice, look. >> i really like this. >> the retail $125, the deal $37.50, 70% off. so you get 50 cards and 50 envelopes. >> we actually did get this because it has our names on it. so yay, thank you. >> you can't regift this. >> come this way. >> we're going to the kitchen. >> i once got hoda a gift and >> did she regift it? >> she didn't remember it was from me. >> i handed it to you, merry christmas. >> where are we starting? >> you start right there. >> so that is for the foodie. so this is penguin random house cookbooks. the retail $67.50 to $70. there's nine cookbook sets from all different people. great chefs. >> how many books are in a set? >> different in different sets.
8:42 am
nine cookbook sets to choose from. hard-hitting questions here. the deal is $21, up to 70% off. >> okay. this is for who? >> i didn't see the sglont it's for newlyweds. >> okay. so christine, our producer who just got married. so this is a great gift for her. dinnerware. the retail $138.99 to $149. two different styles. dishwasher safe. >> and the deal? >> the deal, $45. 70% off. now, this is something we should all aspire to. >> what's it for? >> multi function cookers. the retail $316. now here's the situation. you can cook three different foods at three different temperatures. >> this is cool. >> is the mac and cheese included?
8:43 am
this? the deal is $69. >> bath and body sets from bliss. >> ornaments from. >> watersgloerd vase and barware set, the cookbooks from. >> penguin random house. >> dipper from. >> crew. >> and the multi function cooker. >> head to for any questions. tomorrow jill has huge bargains, gifts for kids. on friday, can biggest steals & deals ever. we're going to need more time. up next, attention, savannah, how to help survive and thrive when baby number two arrives. jenna bush hager will talk about that. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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>> announcer: today's parenting team is created with our sponsor, johnson's, discovering
8:46 am
>> we are back, it is 8:46. today's parenting team as i am just about to find out, raising siblings i'm told can be a challenge, so what can parents expect when baby number two arrives. "today's" jenna bush hager sat down with a "today" parenting team member, and mom to 2-year-old ancil and 6-month-old austin. >> when you found out you were pregnant with austin, what were your mind? >> i was so excited because i always wanted many kids. and then the fear came in about how would ancil handle this? >> how is he handling it? >> he does not like it when he takes his toys. i actually bought ancil a little baby doll of his own a few months when i was due. ultimately when i brought our
8:47 am
a baby to play with and austin was my baby. >> we had her pick a baby out of the nursery. >> how do routines change? >> one of my hacks was to put the baby bathtub into the toddler regular bathtub and figure out how to do them both at once. moms have like eight arms, you can do a million things at once, except when you are literally locked down. so i've learned that it's critical to have close family nearby, to have a supportive spouse, to bait your girlfriends to come over and maybe bring them some cookies. >> so what do you think is the best part of having two? >> i think it is just the unconditional love that we have for both of them, but also that
8:48 am
their eyes light up when they see one another. >> my baby? >> what's his name? >> austin. >> austin! >> high five. >> yeah. >> betsy brown brawn is a child behavior specialist. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is going to be a two-minute therapy session for you and me. a lot of people give advice when there's a new baby coming and how to handle it with the siblings the case? how much should you kind of try to prepare the child and how much is it just playing by ear? >> first of all, you shouldn't overthink it, but i do think that there are things you can do to prepare that sibling, depending upon that baby's age. a 2-year-old, a 3-year-old doesn't really have an idea of what's coming. you know, he thinks that baby will be born and go tricycle riding. so if you can expose that baby, that sibling to another baby,
8:49 am
little bit about how babies poop and pee and cry and sleep and still going to be a baby, that will certainly be useful. >> some people think the new baby should bring a gift for older baby. are you into that idea? >> yeah, i'm not into that. part of this reality is going to be learning to tolerate disappointment and frustration and delayed gratification. i do think it's not necessary, but when that new baby gets gifts, certainly g sibling and say this baby can't open it, will you open it for him. >> if you have a toddler, they like to be helpers and like to have a role. do you encourage that? >> for sure. and i do encourage buying a doll and having the toddler bathe her baby while you're bathing the other baby. i think also looking back at pictures of your toddler when she was a baby so she can see that she was once getting that amount of attention from you is another good idea. >> well, this is all going to be
8:50 am
appreciate your advice. thank you so much for being here. by the way, our next parenting challenge, we want to know what you do to reduce stress and increase joy during the holidays. so let us know what you do at up next, a live performance from the band of merrymakers but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> you know it is officially the holiday season when this band of merrymakers stops by. the supergroup made up of stars like kevin griffin, cell ma davis, tyler gwynn, charity dawe and sam hollander are here to perform a song called "welcome to our christmas party." guys, it's great to have you here, good morning. we w a morning. can i just say you clean up very well. i was going to wear that exact outfit today. >> that one, matt? it would look good on you. >> exactly. all right, what are you going to sing? >> we're going to sing a very medley -- >> a very merry medley. >> you threw me off, matt. >> ladies and gentlemen, band of merrymakers. >> let me hear you say ho. >> ho.
8:53 am
>> ho ho ho. >> ho ho ho. >> somebody, everybody, you and me. ? band of merrymakers ? ? band of merry makers ? ? some for you and me ? ? a christmas memory ? ? so sing along ? ? on the first day of christmas my true love gave to me ? ? a partridge in a pear tree ? ? on the second my true love gave to me ? ? five golden rings ? ? dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh ? ? o'er the fields we go laughing all the way ? ? bells on bobtail ring ? ? making spirits bright ? ? what fun it is to ride and sing ? ? a sleighing song tonight, oh ? ? jingle bells, batman smells, robin laid an egg ?
8:54 am
claus don't come to your crib ? ? you ain't gonna get no gifts ? ? band of merrymakers ? ? band of merry makers ? ? are you know ? ? we are, you know we are ? ? so have a ? deck the halls with boughs of holly ? ? fa la la la la, la la la la ? ? 'tis the season to be jolly ? ? fa la la la la la, la la la la ? ? o come all ye faithful ? ? joyful and triumphant ? ? o come ye ?
8:55 am
christmas ? ? we wish you a merry christmas ? ? we wish you a merry christmas ? ? and a happy new year ? ? with the band of merrymakers ? ? band of merrymakers ?
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
this morning on "today's take" get ready for double the fun with a couple of hot properties. drew and jonathan scott. then we'll celebrate a christmas of many colors with jennifer nettles and ricky schroeder. plus winter must-have trends, all coming up rino >> announcer: from nbcnews, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> i'd rather look small and al look small. >> welcome to "today" on wednesday morning, november 30th. >> we're battling. >> so here's the deal. we've got, of course, the scott twins, the scott brothers, jonathan and drew hanging with us. >> what are the problems here? >> normally this is not the way we'd sit, tamron would be on the
9:00 am
music? whenever the music stops we're going to sit. >> the scott brothers are really tall. they're as tall as the christmas tree on the plaza. >> drew has got to go downstairs. >> she didn't move. >> she has on a tight skirt. here's what happened. originally al was here, scott brothers here and i'm here. i walked in and said to our executive producer who's watching, al looks too small >> it makes it sound like she normally doesn't watch. >> you're fun size. >> but i feel better looking tiny than having al -- you're an average height man. >> a little below average. >> can we just get a phone book for al. >> how tall are you fellas? >> 6'4". when i wear my stilettos i'm more around 6'6". >> when did you get your growth
9:01 am
were small and getting picked on in school. by the end of grade eight we shot up almost a foot and nobody picked on us anymore. >> you know how to make them look normal size? put them next to the rockefeller christmas tree. tonight we are going to light that up. 83rd annual lighting of the rockefeller center christmas tree. it's a 94-foot norway spruce from coney island, new york. about 50,000 lights, l.e.d. lights, ge lights, on five miles >> which is pretty impressive. >> i thought i put up a lot of lights. >> do you? >> i do. >> how tall is your tree? >> well, it's our tree. almost 20 feet. >> y'all live together? >> we have a big place in vegas. >> we did a reno. we have a slide coming off the second story. you didn't see that? >> no. >> al comes over all the time. >> i know, it is a party. speaking of parties, we've got dolly parton tonight, garth brooks, trisha yearwood, the rockettes, and it airs tonight
9:02 am
you were talking about your decorations, i think we've got pictures. >> can i see? >> we like to do very classy. >> that's your home? >> in vegas. >> we sold our own places and got this place. our parents come down from canada. the whole family gets together. we usually have about 15 people staying at the house. >> look at those doughnut wreath things. >> you can't eat those. >> this is my question, so we're on the road filming all the time. we only get he days at the holidays. is that too much work to put into just being there for ten days? >> no, because it's two of you and so you can split the work. >> i don't do all that work. i'm the dad who sits on the couch and then i'm like -- i dictate. you do this, you do that. >> that's every mom in the country. the whole family gets involved, does one ornament and mom does the rest. >> in my house that's what happens. i got the ladder out and the kids are a little older. it's like you will come down
9:03 am
you're going to drink hot chocolate and you're going to get in the spirit. >> ho freakin' ho. >> in 15 minutes, they're gone. >> my mother is the same way. she wants the christmas tree up and then as soon as we open our gifts, it's got to go, done. my mother does not play. the tree has to come down the minute the gifts are open. >> we use a fake tree now because we don't want to chop down. when we were kids we would use house because my dad brought the tree home and there was a squirrel in the tree and we could not get it out. >> you got a tree and you guys would plant the tree. >> afterwards. >> you cut it down outside, we dragged it in, needles everywhere. there was a squirrel that got loose. it was in the tree. >> how do you plant a cut tree. >> not that tree. in the early years we would get them still with the root system and then plant it. >> i want to go back to the squirrel thing. >> tell us about the squirrel.
9:04 am
out? >> it was going in behind book shelves, flying under the sofa. we thought as kids this was the greatest thing ever. jonathan wanted to keep it. >> it was jumping from like the cabinets and my mom was freaking out. >> did a moose get in there too? >> this is canada. you've got moose coming through there and we don't have a very big igloo, right? it was crazy. >> i like pranking jonathan so that was my inspiration. i put rooms. >> that's your new show. >> we're in new orleans. we've been going to new orleans for years. it was only three and a half to four feet this alligator that i put in his home. >> only? it's an alligator. >> i hear this rustling in the closet. i turn around and there's an alligator. i'm thinking because i've done projects where we find raccoons in walls and rats. is this a new orleans thing that we find gators? it turns out it's a prank. >> this house has been sitting empty for 11 years.
9:05 am
because of the devastation of kaert. there's another episode tonight and hoda is on it. >> we've got a clip of something else. >> what channel is this on? >> hgtv. who doesn't know hgtv? >> for those who may not have seen it. boy, somebody has got a big ego. of course everybody knows where we are. >> we have something that can bring their owing owe back under control r so ryan gosling, take a look at this one. it's a show called "breaker >> don't do it. >> this is ryan looking so dapper. but it's not about ryan. take a closer look. keep going. >> oh, wait, wait. >> in the back. >> that's drew and me. >> the two kids as tall as trees at age 7. >> when we first met ryan, that was us. we were on "breaker high." >> and there you go. and there you go. you look like don johnson meets the guys from snl.
9:06 am
one? this one? dance, dance. >> they would tell us to come down and bring our own wardrobe, bright, bold colors and these miami vice-looking jackets. >> what year was that? >> that would be back in the '90s. >> so you guys were like child stars. >> we were actors before we got into hosting. we got into real estate as a way to fund our creative endeavors because we didn't want to be struggling actors. so we've been at it since we were 18. >> that's amazing. >> if you had been here yesterday, you could have joined us at a little annual we have. our "today" show team holiday lunch. we went -- >> it was delicious. >> i'm not get the invite. >> hoda, kathie lee, willie, savannah. >> what's funny, on your plates. you know how you can blow up things on instagram. for some reason everyone ordered fish, including dylan who normally goes straight for the rib eye. savannah, she doesn't eat pasta a lot, that's something she's
9:07 am
meatballs and spaghetti and her theory is, listen, i get to go in now because after i have the baby in a few weeks, i'm getting tight and right. it was so awesome. thank you to them and thanks to matt for hosting us. you, dr. oz today? >> check your local listings, dr. oz was kind of amazed at my knee surgery and wanted to talk about knee surgery. >> is that your knee, the brown one on the right? >> that's the one t >> they kept the part? >> but it's interesting talking about -- you know, i've gotten a lot of folks who are -- have been inspired, which is very nice, but some folks who are a little upset to say i'm glamorizing the knee surgery because i came back so quickly. and everybody heals differently. >> that's what i think when i see that big scar on your leg. >> people who neglect things or let things go or don't do what they need to to fix it --
9:08 am
>> i couldn't even tell you which knee that it was, so the surgery went well. >> and last night you were at the unicef snowflake ball. >> unicef continuing the tradition of helping kids around the world. it's a great night but this is elias, my date. i took a fashion risk and wore this outfit and now i'm on this fashion blog daily and is it yay or nay. we have to get up so early, i car and all these tweets start, hillary clinton, hillary clinton. i was down the street, gone. hillary clinton comes in. i had my limit. it was like 9:00. and i leave at 9:00. >> i thought you were going to say people thought you were hillary clinton. >> i'm mistaken for her all the time. >> it happens all the time. >> i had a limit. it's like when the sports fans, you think your team is losing and you get in the car and turn on the radio.
9:09 am
girl. >> so there was no murmuring or buzz in the crowd? >> not that i heard. but katy perry, congratulations to you. >> i'm sorry, you're not on the list. >> elias, her news producer, stayed. >> no, he did not. >> and got a picture with hillary clinton. >> congratulations to katy perry. sorry i missed it, though, but i was there in spirit. up next, you're used to seeing them all done up on the red carpet. now four of hollywood's hottest stars are going au naturale for so we'll show you the pictures and talk about this trend that continues of not being too made up. >> they're beautiful anyway. >> they're beautiful anyway. anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana?. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c.
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9:12 am
we are back with more of "today's take." and we've evened out the height for your viewing pleasure. shorty and tiny, aka drew and jonathan, and abdul-jabbar is here with us. >> you can't laugh at your own joke. >> you obviously don't watch our show. >> al carries a laugh track of his own voice and presses it. the lenldsary calendar is out with big-name celebrities like you've never seen them before. they're telling us no air brushing, completely unretouched. so here for your viewing pleasure. that's nicole kidman, that's beautiful.
9:13 am
uma thurman. that's gorgeous. julianne moore. she's stunning. >> that's why i did not do the calendar. >> you guys have been on magazines and all that. do you say, hey, air brush. >> no. i never use -- >> the only difference is we're scottish and so we're basically translucent and so i have them give me a little color. >> can you put some little chee >> al, do you air brush? >> not that i -- well, i've been on the cover of "field & stream." >> air brush the fish on the hook. >> exactly. i've never been, not that i know, air brushed. >> something new to try. put it on your bucket list. speaking of makeovers, the white house, holiday makeover. this is exciting. we actually were asked if we would come down and do it and our schedule is so crazy.
9:14 am
house? >> what? you didn't tell me the white house called. >> our friend egypt sherod went down and it's absolutely gorgeous. >> we have military family members joined the first lady for the obama family's final christmas tree. we've seen the official tree that goes inside the blue room. the first lady got choked up. oh, my gosh, talking about this last christmas in the white house. >> as we celebrate my family's last holiday season in the white house, i'm thinking back to we first came here to washington. we promised to open up this house to as many people from as many backgrounds as possible. and we truly wanted to make the white house the people's house. particularly during the holiday seasons. and to all the military families, those of you who are here today and all those around the world, i want to once again honor you for your service and
9:15 am
this nation. it's a love that my family and i share along with you. it has been such a complete pleasure to support you in this time. so i want to wish everyone a happy, healthy holiday season. >> i love her. i'm going to follow the obamas around and offer to do their christmas trees every year. >> they have a house now outside the d.c. area so maybe you won't turn them down for that. >> 1200 feet of wreaths, 63 christmas trees. this year a new addition, 56 lego houses. >> that's cool. >> one for each state and territory. >> before you go to weather, what is garland? >> kind of roping. >> like a long skinny christmas tree that wraps around a bannister. >> so it's the green thing. >> people always make it out of popcorn. >> but it's always the beads. >> okay. things you need to know.
9:16 am
some severe weather out there. in fact we're talking about the storms down in the southeast. we had over 74 tornado and wind damage reports. of course that stretched 550 miles. we've got strong storms again today with tornado watches stretching from louisiana, including new orleans, all the way up to knoxville. we're going to be watching this very closely over the next several hours.
9:17 am
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use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white. we've had the scott brothers on our show plenty of times before but how much do we know about them? >> you're made of steel. this drill isn't working on you. it's time for a little game we're calling who knows the bros. they will hammer us with gez about in with our toy drills if we know the answer. >> they were just dressed like this. i don't know why. >> i want to do this as a halloween costume next year. >> the coveted prize is your own miniature tool kit. >> and i need a new tool kit because the one i have is pretty bad. >> it's never been used. >> here's what we do. i think we just dive right in.
9:21 am
brotherly love it or hate it, property brothers at home on the ranch or the scott seed. >> love it or hate it. >> that is correct. >> one for tamron. here we go. number two, true or false. drake was once our basketball coach. tamron. >> false. >> that's true actually. >> actually it is true. in the celebrity all-star game drake was our coach. >> al gets the point. wee 1-1. >> you >> he's a really good guy. >> i'll put a good word in for you. >> true or false. we had a top 40 song on the billboard country music charts. >> true, i remember that. >> bonus points, what was the song? >> working 9 to 5. ? hold on, hold on ? ? >> oh, you guys have it. these producers are on it. >> that's a beautiful video. look at you two.
9:22 am
in january. true or false, one of us is a member. international brotherhood of magicians. >> true. >> that is true. in fact to prove it -- >> oh, my goodness. >> did you see that? out of thin air. boom. they just had to look at the nerdy brother. >> where are my pyrotechnics. >> question number five. we bought our very first house when >> a. >> 18, he's right. >> you bought a house at 18? >> right out of high school. >> i remember reading about that. >> he knows this boss he's basically our brother from another mother. >> something went wrong. >> before we were on tv, we did all of these except for one. name the one we did not do. clowns at kids' bitter day parties, b, underwear models, c, scuba dive instructor, and d,
9:23 am
>> scuba instructors, that is correct. >> you were underwear models? >> obviously. >> cut to the picture of the underwear modeling. >> the reason they weren't scuba divers, when they would go down 20 feet, they were still above the water. >> this is the finale question. >> al is winning? >> even our mom has a hard time telling us apart but there's one way that she says she can always spot the difference. a, jonathan has darker hair, b, drew is slightly taller, c, d, drew has a deep laugh. >> drew is slightly taller. >> that's not right. >> my mom says jonathan uses bigger words. >> thank you, mother. >> al wins, but the side part is you get the tool kit. you have to makeover tamron's face. hey, coming up, gather around the tv toejt. right after the tree lighting, dolly parton back with a holiday
9:24 am
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the great dolly parton is at it again with another tv special that's going to be a holiday classic called "dolly parton's christmas of many colors circle of love." >> last year nearly 16 million of you tuned into "coat of many colors" and tonight is the next chapter in her young life. the entire cast is including ricky schroeder and jennifer nettles who plays dolly's parents. take a look. >> you can't be mad at me. >> get off me, you big lug. >> look at me, woman, you can't be mad at me. >> i've been folding these clothes for half hour and you come in here covered with grease from head to toe. >> the bible says don't let the sun going down on your anger, and it's getting dark, so you can't be mad at me just because
9:30 am
>> heating things up. jennifer nettles and ricky schroeder. >> i do that same move when i come back to the construction site. >> his girlfriend is like go shower first, go shower. >> how are you? >> obviously you're back, "christmas of many colors." i'm excited. i saw the first project but dolly wasn't in the first project but she's in this one here. without giving anything away, what can you tell us about? >> first of all, dolly makes a lady. if you know anything about dolly's store e, she readily shares that the painted lady is the woman in town after whom she fashions her style even today. she plays a part in part of the miracles of the show too. >> incredible too. there were so many kids involved inhe show as well and they always say it's always a little leery working with kids and twin brothers, but what was it like having so many kids around? >> goodness, it was -- it was great having their energy, but
9:31 am
running around. >> it was like herding cats. >> so they were all different ages and all into different things. i would just give them sugar and i would just be their best friend. >> he was the one. >> i was the one to go bring candy because i wanted to be popular so here's candy. >> so you wanted them on your side. >> they can deal with them later when they're miserable, but right now they need sugar. >> you were a child actor as well. were you able to give them some advice when they were on set with you? >> olivia is such a hard-working young girl. i got to get pretty close with her. i just got to be friends with her and let her know that she needs to ask for things when she needs things. she needs to speak up. if she needs a break, if she needs a drink, if she needs rest, she needs to learn to find her voice. >> she's a sweetheart, she absolutely is. i did a christmas movie and i shot in the middle of the summer, hot, and you have to wear coats and thick coats. you guys also did, right?
9:32 am
shooting all of this, yes, holiday themed. but we had cooling vests underneath our overcoats. i felt the worst for the hair and makeup folks because it was just constant. >> working in atlanta, we learned to sweat in places we didn't even know you could sweat. >> yes, absolutely. >> that is a christmas visual. but a good christmas visual, you performing with dolly. >> yes. >> how incredible is that? >> amazing. >> and the song -- i mean the her originals. it's actually on my christmas album. she honored me by letting me record that. i had to sing a snippet in the movie which is how i fell in love with it. >> there you are with dolly parton. >> my 8-year-old self looks at that and cannot even believe it. as a young girl growing up in the south and dolly being as iconic even still is a big-time
9:33 am
sure. >> there's nobody more worthy or deserving than you to be with dolly because this is such a spectacular talent. >> he's biased. >> i'd like you to see the range that jennifer has. >> i think he's hormonally challenged for a reason specifically. >> we'll leave it on that note, jennifer and ricky, thanks. by the way, jennifer's new holiday album to celebrate christmas is out now. and watch dolly parton's "christmas of many colors" to right here on nbc. up next, take your winter wardrobe from drab to fab. we'll help you steal the styles from hollywood's most fashionable stars, just in time for a holi i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra... can be a sign of existing joint damage... that could only get worse.
9:34 am
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9:38 am
sacrifice our style. >> never sacrifice style. lillian vasquez is here with five trends to get you looking and feeling so hot. >> i want to look hot. liliana, nice to see you. >> good to see you guys. >> we've got to start with the ladies. >> always ladies first. >> so you've perused through the racks and put some things together based on celebrities. >> women are always asking what are the trends that i can inject into my closet to update my wardrobe. we're starting with one of my favorites, which is white boots. >> that's my favorite too. >> so kendall jennerks very street style appropriate but you can also do them very casually. come on out. here we have our first look, which is one of my favorites for the season. any time you can wear a black boot, you can wear a white boot. >> at our launch party for your style blog, i had white boots on, little short white boots. i love them. >> these are under $50, available at the critical thing is the jean. you want to make sure it's a crop jean so you can show off the boot.
9:39 am
jacket from gap -- >> what if you step in your first puddle? >> don't wear them on a rainy day. >> here's the bigger issue. if your blue jeans are really blue, they may rub off on the white. i'm going to just warn you now, so be careful. >> right. next up we have a pleated makes skirt. victoria beckham wore this a few months ago. this is the perfect alternative to a sequin look for the season. this one also under $60 available beaded shoes and she is holiday party ready in a flash. >> glamorous. >> then brightly colored pants. women always default to black pants. january jones is showing us how to do a bright-colored pant. again, very festive for the holidays. these pants are available at top shop. i love that they're crop because you can always show off that leopard pump. don't do a solid colored blazer
9:40 am
color block. you want a mix of print and texture. >> this is exact same as the home space so i love it. >> the pants, even though it's cold, you've got to suffer. your ankles have to be cold. get some leg warmers after you're done with the party. this looks hot. thank you. >> last but not least we have two very stylish brothers giving us a little style. here with a collared blazer and printed sweater. so this is our version here. so i love this coled here, a little corduroy there. and that sweater from forever 21, under $30. this is the way gentlemen do style for december. >> that's the pretty christmas sweater if i've ever seen them. ugly christmas sweaters, and pretty christmas sweaters. >> that's based off your look. >> can i just take this from you now. oh, after, after. >> we're going to get you guys into a room. thank you so much. great looks, i love it. al, let's get a check of the forecast since we're now dressed for the weather.
9:41 am
to talk about stretching from the northeast all the way down into the gulf coast. severe storms especially down there. snow back through the rockies and the plains. high surf advisories in southern california. for tonight's tree lighting rockefeller center starting at 7:00 on nbc stations and nbc at 8:00, 59 degrees, showers and thunderstorms possible. and then as you can see we've got more drier weather coming into the east.
9:42 am
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you can too. ? ? >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> it's the group made up of incredible artists who have a list of hits between them. first kevin griffin, tyler lisa love gave us 90 hits. >> also "american idol" finalist, tony, constantine marules, sam hollander over here, 20 top 40 hits. they put their talents together to create an album called "welcome to our christmas party." i have your song in my head now.
9:47 am
>> i'm so proud. it brings you cheer but also brings a lot of heart. a portion of the proceeds goes to music cares, which is the charitable arm of the grammys which we all know. they also partnered with musicians on call which brings musicians into hospital rooms to create this fun merrymaker sweatshirt and all of the proceeds goes to musicians on call. >> we're proud to have you perform, the supergroup. let's hear it. christmas spirit. ?? ? it's the greatest holiday ? ? good will and peace on earth ? ? finally they don't seem so far away ?
9:48 am
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9:49 am
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9:51 am
>> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. thank you so much. i feel like it's christmas now. they're going to stick around, guys. more with kathie lee and hoda. get the shirt, celebrate christmas. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
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9:53 am
we are so excited because under way. if you can't be here to donate in person, you can donate online all thanks to our partner, the nice folks at lori richter is public relations manager there. good to see you. >> good to see you too, al. >> you guys have always been terrific for us. why is it so important for you guys to be part of this? >> despite the best intentions, sometimes it can be hard to find the time to give back to those in need during the busy holiday season. so we're making it really easy for people all across the
9:54 am
from the comfort of their own home. just go to add as many items that you want, complete the checkout and we'll get your items to charity. >> what else you donating? >> 250 of these fire hd tablets. this is the kids edition so it's perfect for children. we're donating 250 of them to charity. >> that is so nice. thank you so much, lori, we really appreciate it. you'll make somebody's christmas very merry and bright. to all the folks at amazon, we'll have surprise celebrity guests on the plaza to help collect toys in our 8:30 half hour. you can bring a special gift or donate online at our friends website has all the details. we'd like to thank tiny and
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. wow, everybody! it's our favorite day. it's wines day wednesday and hump day, november 30th. >> yes, it is. >> look at our three hunks. >> every day's wednesday. >> piece of chicken, right? >> come on. >> it's really going to be fun. just -- ours until the lighting of the rockefeller tree, which you know -- >> christmas special, hoda is a


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