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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  December 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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attraction here in canton is back opened. the celebration that's happening today. >> good morning and thanks for being with u. we just want to -- with us. we just want to let you know part of our viewing area having trouble watching us. our transmitter tower was struck by lightning last night around 6:00. >> yes so we are work around the clock to get the issue resolved. we will keep you ed and online when everything is fixed. you can catch us live on where we stream our newscast live every case. -- every day. let's check in with hollie because it started with lightning. it was because of the strong cold front that moved through and i am sure you are very well aware of the showers and storms because it was right around dinner time yesterday when we started with the heavier rain showers the lightning and thunder and now we are dealing with a much colder air and wow what a
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we will be in the low 40s and we have got scattered rain and snow in the forecast. that colder air continues to filter in and we are seeing some light flurries and a few sprinkles in spots. i think chances for snow showers mixing in at times today absolutely. as we take a quick look at the track you will notice the computer model forecast picks up on this especially to the east. and there's more to talk about. we could be even a coating or more as we head through the next 24 hours. wi danielle will always keep you up-to-date on road conditions too. good morning. good morning. we have the white on the traffic map which is yes the snow that hollie is tracking for you. but again it's not impacting your commute. we are looking pret they good right now -- pretty good right nowch the ramp closure 270 north to i-70 west is opened and no problems there for you. here's 271 at mayfield road. and mayfield heights everybody is getting fine by.
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are out there. so 271 between 422 and i-9012 minutes north and 12 minutes south we are a-okay. thank you. a search continues for a man police shot and killed. one person and injured another in ravenna township this is 25- year-old david calhoun junior who police say is still on the run at this hour and is currently on parole. the suspect shot and killed man inside his car on henderson road according to police. and also ot girlfriend. a local pastor has been tapped to serve on president- elect donald trump's transition team. >> will ujek joins with us what we need to know. pastor darrell scott has a long- standing relationship with trump. >> reporter: he is a pastor at new spirit revival center and met trump five years ago at trump towers when he was considering a run for president. trump decided not to run scott would text and talk with trump in and his staff and when he
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happy to help. introducing the nominee at trump at a rally at ix center during the primaries and hosting an event at revival center in september. for support of trump he received neglect negative feedback and says people called him uncle tom and questioned the motives but he says he believes trump is what's best for the black community and that trump will be a president for all americans not just some. helping to usher in a "golden age in the united states" after the announcement trump will head to ohio making a stop in and stopping in indianapolis at the carrier plant to anow is a deal to keep a thousand jobs give or take a few in the state and not outsource to mexico as originally planned. trump expected to use the situation to talk about easing regulations and overhauling corporate tax code. more news on the trump transition team front latestrumored addition to the team coming up at a--- 5:30. nancy pelosi is reelected house democratic leader after
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ryan who represents ohio's 13th district from youngstown to akron. pelosi will continue to lead the democratic caucus for an 8th term. she beat ryan in the closed- door caucus meeting vote 134 to 63. new developments now on the ohio state attack this morning. the fbi is now saying abdul razak ali artan may have been inspired by isis but terrorism. he bought a knife before the attack but don't know if that's the one he used to slash people. 11 people were injured in that car and knife attack. probate court approved the 6 million dollar estate settlement of tamir rice. they will pay 3 million in 2016 and 3 million in 2017. estate will get 5 1? million
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sisters will get 250,000 each. he was shot by a police officer after he was waving around a air soft pellet gun in december 2015 a grand jury failed to indict either officer involved. a update on a controversyinvolving olive garden and ricky smith who posted on facebook the restaurant chain will make a donation to his nonprofit random acts of kindness everywhere or rake. smith says the server olive garden told the table she doesn't like serving blacks and when he requested a new server the restaurant asked them to leave. in 911 calls an employee accused smith and his party of sexual harassment and trying to buy alcohol for a minor. olive garden says they are investigating and placed the workers involved on leave but so far has not confirmed the donation. the cleveland apl is caring for 100 barn yard animals
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that happened on the west side yesterday afternoon. turkeys and ducks and a goat and pig were removed from the yard. apl says it is not used to dealing with farm type animals and wants to get them out-- adopted out as soon as possible. for more information, and how to help, they need even chicken feed, check the facebook page or give them a call. highways that enabled develop -- enable self-driving vehicles could be in the dollars to reer is. technology for a 35 mile stretch. a self-driving truck did a test run. it's aided by a fiber optic cable network and sensor systems that will be installed next year. after being thawed for 7 years today a outdoor ice rink reopens. >> tiffany tarpley joins us live from canton this morning.
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make this happen. >> reporter: a big effort here to make all of this possible this once popular attraction is back and it opens tonight and joining me this morning is the mayor. just take us through this. how did you make something like this happen. >> tiffany good morning. thank you for visiting canton ohio. we are by the way the hall of fame city. >> reporter: we are. >> and we are now naming this the hall of fame city ice rink. >> reporter: ay years. so this is the first time it opened it took a lot of work. at first i thought it was a relatively simple idea to open this and it turned out to be hours and hours and hours of work and collaboration from so many, many groups. but most importantly the people that helped us are the sit they parks commission, the canton recreation department, some
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steve koon is a developer center ice and tom who has an enclosed ice rink and is the brains behind the operation and one that taught us how to put the icedown and he is with us this morning to help us talk about this a little bit. >> reporter: we will have a conversation of course throughout the morning a big celebration happening here tonight. so coming up in the next half- hour, lien into and john we will let you know about that and we will have fun on the ice. >> very nice. all right. thank you so much. time is 5:08 and it's the morning news feed time. it's at that -- a tacoma washington police officer died after being shot several times responding to a domestic violence call late last night. the officer who has not been identified was shot by a suspect believed to be barricaded inside a home on tacoma's east side with a gun. he was taken to a local hospital for emergency surgery where the officer died a short
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demonstrators and police clashed as hundreds took to the streets of charlotte north carolina last night speaking out against a court decision not to file charges against a police officer in the death of keith lamont scott who was killed while police were searching a -- serving a warrant for another person and the protest was much more peaceful after storms moved in. the death toll continues to rise in tennessee where wi a total of 7 people have died in and around gatlinburg and pigeon forge. fire officials say they are working rapidly to get into burned out areas object instruct by downed trees and power lines. and some unforgettable images coming in from the fire including this one going viral this morning. the johnson city fire department in tennessee posted the picture of firefighters taking a much needed rest. they tried and tried to keep
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to get some rest. massive wild fires are taking a toll. as you can see the firefighters are lying on the sidewalk and according to the fire chief it was the first break in 30 hours of fighting those flames. >> wow. >> some said no. i don't want to rest we have to fight this thing. >> oh my goodness noon the chief says -- goodness. >> and the chief says no you have we have backups. holiday gifts for your pet. will you be shoppg furry friend? we want to hear from you. head to and after the break, we will tell you how much the people plan on spending on their pets. >> have you seen payton's christmas list? >> oh my goodness. >> thing about apple is ready for christmas. find out how long you can visit the iconic tree good morning. >> good morning. we are feeling december on december 1st. that's for sure.
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blustery. we have got it all for you today. if you have been missing it, we are in the low 40s for highs and in the 30s as you wake up. so it's back to winter coats and bundeling up as you head out the door -- bundling up as you head out the door. we will see if there's more snow coming up.
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4, 3, 2, 1. >> that's so gorgeous. yes, christmas time is officially here last night the 84th rockefeller center
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york city. workers spent weeks stringing more than 50,000 l.e.d. lights on the 94 foot norway spruce. the tree will be lit up and on display until january 7th. >> we have a poll question for you this morning you plan on buying gifts for your furry friend this holiday seasonp head to now and we want to hear your take on this with the instant poll. new numbers show pet parents will d pets this holiday season. pet stores say they are seeing 1 1/2 times the sales than last year and online retailers see a boom on specialty items for whatever holiday your pet celebrates but if you have shopping to do act fast. >> right now the best time to shop for your pet is this week or as conge as -- soon as possible. >> millennials will spend the most on their pets some of the items that could be on the wish
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subscription boxes that get delivered each month. looking at the polls 75% say. >> sure. >> yes. hollie on payton's list a good bone and treats and a new toy. >> right. >> and play station. >> oh. >> well, woe, woe -- whoa, whoa, whoa. >> payton in quotes. >> here's how my family goes we guy gifts members' pets. >> god bless. >> really? >>i swear it happens. >> do they want to buy a share of the play station? >> let us know what you think. the pets are part of the family they are. all right kid we are in the 30s we are back to bannedeling up for wintry -- bundling up for wintry weather. we will throw scattered rain and snow in there today but we haveanother warmup to track
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so we are bouncing all over the place as we typically do this time of year. it's colder and it's breezy and we are only in the low 40s for highs today. and you know that might be even pushing it. might be just around 40 degrees in many locations. so yes you need to have the coaled coat. look at cold air that moves in. the cold front packed a punched. showers and thunderstorms yesterday evening and now we are feeling the much colder air behind it. 36 in elyria. mid 30s on the door. and it's going to feel colder than that when you factor in the winds today. so dress for it for sure and it's going to be a lot of overcast skies and we will have scattered rain and snow as well. look at the flow across the great lakes. here we go and yes with the cold and as we zoom in we are also seeing some light sprinkles and flurries. it's not the a big deal but the chance of snow showers today at
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flying true the -- absolute you will see a few flying through the air. lake shore and ashtabula we are seeing a lot of the possibilities. i wouldn't be surprised if we see them outside of that too cuyahoga county and it gets a little more impressive as we head into tonight. and your friday we could talk some really light accumulation. why not? let's do it up for the first weekend of december. your window nation seven-day forecast. 40s for highs through the we have scattered rain and snow tonight and also into tomorrow. and some very light accumulation is possible. it's not a big deal storm but yeah, lake-effect showers sure. saturday looks quiet and chilly and sunday we have more rain and snow chances and then we get that warmup i was talking about into the 40s and even 50s by tuesday of next week. our instant school closing system has you covered with any closings delays and instant is the key word we stress that because it's all about your
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we want to make sure you need to reschedule and whatever you need to do as fast as you can. let's check the drive to see how things are moving along. >> >> wkyy traffic is brought to you by mike bass ford get a great deal and a great deal morefrom mike bass ford. it's 5:19 and we start on state route 8 at east market street in akron. north and southbound sides of state route 8 are great. we are green in look at traffic map and we are mostly green just a little bit of he slow trafficking. 271 north trying to get to 77 in summit county here are the drive times on that area in the area. 271 north between 71 and route 8. 20 minutes and that looks like about a 2 minute delay heading south is a 18 minute commute so we are aokay. john and lynna back to you. >> thanks. 5:19 right now.
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spotify revealed the artist and songs most popular with music fans around the world in 2016. drake came out on top he the most streamed artist in the world for the second year in a row with nearly 5 billion streams in 2016. drake is also most streamed artist of all time on spotify with nearly 9 billion streams rounding out the top thee justin bieber and rihanna. >> you know who doesn't like drake is kevin durant they had the battle going. >> that's right. every one loves greg dee keeping the eye on the latest and greatest gadgets.
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what's up. >> reporter: yeah so this is it. this is the mevo camera brought to you by the same people that do live stream so i will show you how it works. i am going to set it up. i will launch the app on my iphone here. and let me actually there it goes so you can actually see it on my iphone there's a live view of it. it connects wirelessly to the phone. let's see if it works. i am going to mirror the displayhere on the monitor behind me. this goes hive to facebook and live stream i can set it up right on you guys right here.and it's the production in one set and what you are seeing behind me is the actually interface on the phone. and what this allows me to do is select multiple shots so i can select let's a close up of john and then a close up of lynna and the camera will switch the views as you go live
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john and switch to a close jump of clean -- closeup of lynna and then a live shot it's a live production in single camera. will the me try one more thing as i walk across the camera. i will set it up on the side and i will set this thing up on me. so you are on a wide shot notice it detects your face and puts ablue box on me. watch what happens as i move. the shot follows me around the actual view. so this is a one man a live production. if you are a live streamer to facebook a. live streamer to live stream or want to record it records on sd card this is an amazing tool. it does audio and you can even plug a mic into the iphone and get the audio off the mic. it only works on iphone right now. no ipad support no android so it's pretty limited. it's also pretty pricey. 399. they do have a special right now before christmas on a
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>> oh. >> that's a lot. >> can i ask a question. >> i am not here tomorrow i am off could you put me on the set so it locks like i am work. >> reporter: we probably can with the the camera. >> that wouldn't cost me a vacation day. >> reporter: it's small and compact but,. >> mevo. >> reporter: mevo. >> okay. >> reporter: check it out hollie. >> it's cool. we need to do experiments this morning with okay. we are definitely back in the cold december weather. we are feeling it. happy december 1st to you. cold and blustery. we are only around 40 or so for the high and yeah why not we will throw scattered rain and snow in there too. a very strong cold front moving through yesterday and on the travel map you can see that's to the east showers thunderstorms last night. talk about bizarre weather. we have had a little bit of everything and now we are feeling the change.
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and lynna. 60s yesterday. a huge drop today. you have to grab the window coats heading out the door. 5:27. a holiday homecoming. we talked to a local military monday reunited with her son with the help of santa and south park mall. >> grabbing -- breaking live team coverage our crew in can'ton has seen a snowflake or two. there it is. >> 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. >> we will get more clues to the scene. we will be right back. >>
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good morning it's 5:30. thanks for joining us. we just want to let you know that some of our viewing area is still having some tough times watching us. our transmitter tower was struck by lightning around 6 last night. >> we are working to get it resolved and we will keep you
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everything is fixed but now to your morning rush. cleveland heights pastor will serve on president-elect donald trump transition team. he helped out by introducing him at an ix center rally and hosting an event in september. in other news source close to former alaska touch with trump's team and has interested in leading the veterans affairs department. former massachusetts senator scott brown and former texas governor rick perry are more likely candidates for the post. and mitt romney is the front- runner for secretary of state. donald trump will be in ohio for a thank yew tour in cincinnati and stopping in -- thank you tour in cincinnati and stopping in indianapolis for keeping 1,000 jobs at the
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yesterday. we talked to an owner of five of the stations who told us he had no idea why agents were there. however we have learned two brothers connected to three of the gas stations were part of the food stamp fraud ring. puppy is in foster care and the owners could face charges after authorities say that they gave the dog alcohol. a facebook photo shows the drunk pup passed out on the floor when officers responded to the home a woman admitted he drinks of kahlua and screwdrivers. ashtabula county dog warden took the puppy from the home. no word on charges yet. hollie. so sad. switching gears we are talking the forecast. happy december 1st and it feels like december. that's for sure as you walk out the door this morning. if you have not just yet you will feel the change. 30s and around 40 or so for the high. you need heavier winter coats
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you go to work and scattered rain and snow to the forecast. blustery today so it feels colder than it is. you can see the general flow across the great lakes and he think lake-effect snow showers are going to be with us as we look ahead and pretty quiet in the scheme of things a few sprinkles and flurries and nothing that is accumulating for sure but snow in the air absolutely at times today and there could be a dusting or so over the we will pinpoint that. coming up and look ahead to the weekend too. because it's getting real close. danielle has a check of the drive while yesterday we were in the 60s and here we go. >> here we go. 5:33 we are looking great on the traffic map. no he accidents to report. a little slow traffic state rowed 8 south near macedonia north -- route 8 near south -- 8 south near macedonia road.
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480. 9 minute commute. back to you. >> thank you. a huge community effort is bringing new life to downtown canton just in time for the holiday season. >> tiffany tarpley joins us live this morning. tiffany after 7 years, the outdoor ice rink will open today. >> reporter: it's open and we are standing on it and i am here with the man who is in charge with all this ice tom with center ice sports complex. i got the weather had to have been problematic. >> two, 60 degree days were not ideal. the sun was not out yesterday so we were able to build a little ice. mother nature chipped in with the the rain. we started the process on sunday. it should have been a 30 hour, 30-man-hour install and we are at the 100 mark so it has had challenges but we are having fun and pumped for tonight and tomorrow night to get the kids out here and see everybody enjoying the ice. >> reporter: quickly tell me
5:35 am
canton akron hockey association and 6 and 7-year-old that will have a winter classic in the style the nhl is doing and tomorrow night, from 6:15 to 7 we have the center ice figure skating club that will come out and do 2 to 3 minute routines and show the public what figure skating looks like. >> reporter: we are lighting up downtown canton and i am here with the most energetic mayor i've ever met. and we will be back the mayor. >> very good. >> that's impressive. >> switching the stick like that is very good. very impressive mayor. nice job. >> even at 5:35 in the morning. thanks so much. >> reporter: you should have saw him earlier. >> we will see you again. he hadn't gotten off santa's lap when a military mom surprised her son with the very best gift of all herself home safe and sound. >> dawn kendrick has the
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this morning. >> reporter: just another day of seasonal santa lap sitting at south park mall and this happened. wait for it. wait for it. 12-year-old dillon workman's mom julie surprised him with the holiday homecoming. gone almost a year this navy reservist from cleveland serving in bahrain. >> he didn't want to let go and it was so nice and i was like it fls i am home and i am good everything was great at that moment. >> yeah. i really didn't want to let go. >> reporter: not on face time not on the phone from around the world. right here right now his mama home safe and sound. >> it had been so long since i last seen her and actually like in real life so i just didn't want to let go. >> reporter: santa the ultimate gift giver was in on it.
5:37 am
want for christmas. >> reporter: did you answer? >> i didn't have time because she popped out. >> you got the greatest gift ever. >> yep. >> reporter: how proud are you of your mom. >> really proud. >> reporter: because? >> she is brave enough to be in the military. >> reporter: and when you are 12 and that's your mom. >> i just worried if she would make it or how long it would take. >> reporter: what do you feel in a moment like that? in a hug that was such time coming. three words. >> lots of love. >> reporter: back just more than a day. >> wait for me to get home to do stuff. it's the little things that youmiss when you don't have it be grateful for the family you do have. it's surreal. it's like i am finally home. >> reporter: dawn kendrick channel 3 news. >> thank you dawn. time 5:37. the argument is out there some
5:38 am
to make the playoffs in college football. i think that will make the game worse. i will explain that coming up
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5:40 right now. president-elect donald trump takes a break today from doing interviews in new york. >> he is headed to the midwest on a thank you tour that includes a stop in indiana to
5:41 am
tracie potts has more from washington. good morning. >> reporter: hey good morning. and, of course, the thank you tour which is starting rightthere in your home state in ohio in cincinnati with a rally tonight. but that's stop in indiana to raise awareness and bring attention to something that spent a lot of time talking about on the campaign trail. the carrier plant that had planned to send a,000 jobs to mexico now -- a thousand jobs to mexico now keeping the jobs in the united states. the company says it was business policies that they are predicting expecting from the trump administration that caused them to change their minds. so the the president-elect vice president pence the gorgeor -- governor of the state will be at the plant this afternoon to talk about that. stale lot of details un-- still a lot of details unknown like what spie he civics in terms of financing caused them -- what specific terms of financing caused them to change their minds. bottom line the employees are
5:42 am
bit skeptical wondering what's going to be required any wage or salary concessions but the jobs are staying and president- elect trump is taking credit for it. >> all right. good news for indiana. thanks so much tracie. 5:42 right now. we have been joking about the breaking news a snowflake has been spotted. >> a snowflake or two. >> i just tweeted out a funny huh, huh on twit -- haha on twitter because it's december and we have to have a good sense of humor go >> do i need to bury myself in the house today? >> no john. >> do i need to not go anywhere? >> no. but we have rain and snow showers in the forecast. and there's a little snow in the air. isn't it pretty? what a beautiful time of year. i added another piece of holiday decor to our outside yesterday. in the 60s i am addicted because it's been so warm i keep running up to home depot to buy more characters.
5:43 am
>> call me mrs. grist walled -- wald. -- grist wald -- griswald. another warm up-- warmup is in the forecast. low 40s at the highest today. and it's blustery. so it's never going to feel like that. winter coats and i would go with the hats and gloves for the kids at the bus stop and as you head out to work, layers are not a bad idea. look at the cold air that has encompassed the region behind which are now far east. and we are only in the mid-30s as we wake up. and as we take a look at what's going to happen over the next several hours it's lot of overcast skies and a slow climb to around 40 degrees. and i do think on top of the cloud cover we will see some scattered rain and snow. pretty light in intensity through today. that's the plan anyway. and as we look at the overallflow you can see the colder air moving in and in addition i think the lake-
5:44 am
intensify a bit heading into tonight and tomorrow. there's plenty going on over the lake and we have got the showers showing up in spots. more like sprinkles and in youries i think the best way to put it. could you see more organized snow showers today? absolutely. i do think the better opportunity will be this evening heading into tomorrow. as far as today's chances, the best will be east as they typically are. but i think any of you are really fair game. as we head through the next 24 and tonight, into tomorrow notice rain and snow chances. they are showing up early tomorrow morning we could have slick spots on the drive. maybe a dusting up to an inch of accumulation. i mean it's going to depend on how much of this is a mix of rain and snow and how much stays just snow. but it's in the forecast right out into the afternoon for our friday. your window nation 6-day forecast -- 7-day forecast we should be mid 40s so we will
5:45 am
next few days and keep rain and snow chances in there through tomorrow. saturday looks pretty quiet. sunday we are back to rain and snow and then it's little warmer heading into early next week. gets cold again beyond wednesday but we will talk about that later. 5:45 instant school closing system is ialert and that's always there on channel 3 so you never have to worry about a thing. doggone weather schottzie ready to see all what a sweetheart look at that face. shotsie enjoys weather and has not meat treat he doesn't love. lawrence and cindy in lodi sent in this fabulous picture. very relaxing. >> he is. we all need to learn from him. right now in terms of traffic, no need to learn too much because nothing really is going on 5:45 and everything looks great. here's the picture on i-90 at west 84th street and as you can see traffic is moving fine.
5:46 am
avon and 490 and downtown and 83 and avon 17 minutes headed west. 16 minutes headed east. and no problems out there on the roads. john and lynna back to you. >> thank you. in sports congratulations to baseball owners and players union for doing the smartest thing they have done in years. they agreed to new labor deal hours before the there could have been a lockout. a lockout would have been the worst thing for the game which now has new momentum after the historic world series with the indians listen to this. espn reports one of the big changes is the all star game will no longer determine home field advantage for the world series. it will go to the team with the best record. free agency and spring training can go on as planned. for my take the valley of coverages chap pm -- chapel iionships-- championships could be diminished if they are not
5:47 am
conference champions in the playoffs. even if alabama loses and if clemson loses in the acc, i think they are both in and if washington loses, michigan could slide up. okay. so to all the people who want conference champions in the graphic in the playoffs look at the bottom of the graphic you could have alabama, penn state, oklahoma and colorado. you tell me which four i just want the best four teams in the playoffs regardless if they win their conference championship. ohio state and michigan have set themselves apart by winning three games against the top 10 and others they didn't even have them on the schedule. every body but alabama has what bad night. teams like penn state have had two. they lost by 39 to michigan and they got beat by unranked pitt
5:48 am
schedules. if you want conference champions to be rewarded, then you have to go to an 18 playoff. the power five all represented and three wild cards but you water down the playoffs. almost all the debate discussion and hype and controversy wouldgo away and college football and ratings are feeding off that. tweet me your thoughts at the john wkyc. after more than a year off, tiger s few hours in the world hero challenge in the bahamas. this is is a select invitational tournament that benefits his foundation. this was tiger during the pro he am yesterday and said he was making the shots he needed to make. now there are only 18 players in the tournament that's why it's a very select tournament. the former number one golfer in the world tyinger is is ranged 898 -- tiger, is ranked 898th right now about will go up by
5:49 am
>> his own tournament: i don't care if he is playing i am following golf. even today because i have to watch. this guy brought me in during the heyday of golf. i am still going to watch and see what he does. >> yeah. you know rooting for him. >> yeah. a new way to watch netflix. greg dee has more on the big change coming to the streaming service. and we want to know how many hours do you watch a week. head
5:50 am
5:51 am
the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
5:52 am
it's 5:52. imagine watching netflix when ever and wherever you want no wi-fi required. >> how many hours a week do you spend on netflix head over to the instant poll now. greg dee is here to explain a new feature. >> reporter: a big price surprise yesterday. netflix said they were -- surprise yesterday.
5:53 am
interested in allowing offline down loading so the first thing tough do is update the netflix app. you have to do that and when you launch the app the first time this is what you will get. a big notification telling you hey, you can now down load content. here's how to do it. this is on a ipad go to the menu up here in the upper left corner. 3 lines there you hit the button and you will get some options and now you will see available for down load option in the menu every show and movie you can down load. here's deal. you will notice some titles are missing for instance, the luke cage series is not here. i think there is some content licensing they have to work with. but there are lots of shows and a lot of them are the net flicks originals. when you go to the show you will see a down load button next to each episode of the show. click that button and it starts to down load on the bottom a of
5:54 am
progress you've made in the down load he. once it is done you go back to the 3 button menu and the shows are under my down loads and you will see them listed here. it will also tell you how much space they take up so that if you are-- ipad or iphone or android device uses a lot of space you know what to delete. how much do you watch? most of our fans in the online poll 0 to 5 hours i think i watch more it's easy to sit down in front of the tv and just keep a show playing. >> practically speaking, how much can you really down load without you know completely filling up your device. >> reporter: that's what it is a single episode 200 mega bites a movie is more than a giga bite and you are talking 3 -- gig bite so you are talking 2 to 3 movies at most before you max out isis. one -- max it out. one of the most popular
5:55 am
it again making memories come to life. >> reporter: one of the most popular deals of the whole season to unleash the memories trapped on the smart phone with the highest quality canvass prints a deal like that on the website look at this. this is my nephew and he is 84% off today. 25 bucks or a little bit more a photo of my wife and sister and i am on youtube and one of the most awesome blogging families bought my deal and shared this. >> if you guys don't him. these canvasss were on a huge sale all right. there it is. aren't they cool could you like them? think they turned out nice they look really good. >> reporter: and i did not know they would do this but this is one of the coolest notifications i got. at 84% off with free shipping the deal which is not a paid product i don't care whether or not you buy it.
5:56 am
charges. if you wan the deal -- most awesome family blogging channels. if you want the deal it's on the top stories -- the the top stories are ahead. >> reporter: -- >> the top stories. >> reporter: a major announcement as a pastor joins the transition team. >> amazing video sweeping over parts of florida following a day of severe weather across the country. tiffany. >> reporter: we are in downtown canton where they are getting ready to light up the sit they for the holiday and open the ice kateing rink for the first time in 7 years. danielle. >> thank you a lot of traffic going to be on the rink right now there's not too much traffic at 5:56. so coming up, shortly after 6, i will let you know about the
5:57 am
hollie. >> sound good and we have got scattered rain and -- sounds good. and we have got scattered rain and snow. colder and blusteries. temperatures in the 30s and we are only going to end up around 40 or so today. so bundle up is my advice. heading out -- out the door. it's feeling festive and many of you are enjoying that i think. we will look ahead to the weekend in case you have plans to go see lights. i will let you know what to
5:58 am
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this channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by the calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to today fall in love with your home. and now, channel 3 news today. >> a deadly shooting send a local high school into lock gown. this morning what we lock down. this morning what we know about the suspect still on the loose will. >> reporter: meet the local pastor joining the trump transition team and the announcement trump will make later today. tiffany. >> reporter: this ice skating rink here in canton is opening today for the first time in 7 years. coming up we will tell you about the community efforts that made it all possible. good morning guys. >> good morning. and this morning some of the viewing area can't watch us because last night our


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