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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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where was the meat going? according to the complaint, a restaurant on west 25th. ce. bab station in cleveland and olive tree food corporation in north olmsted where we found the same kind of confusion we encountered yesterday. >> is that wrong. >> yes. >> we never have meat from them>> reporter: you never bought meat? >> no. >> reporter: owners said they bought it elsewhere some offered to show >> it surprises you to see. >> yeah of course. it's a surprise. >> reporter: she later told us she believes the family owns the building she rents. as a way to explain how her store may have ended up on the list. as for the live stock investigators say it came from quaker city a hundred miles or so southeast of cleveland where the owner allegedly attacked a federal agent with a led pipe
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sold 525 sheep or so to sail newly so much -- salem. >> we understand salem has criminal past. >> reporter: yeah he is has been charged with food stamp fraud twice in the 1990s and so this is certainly something that is not new to him although whoa have not seen anything like this before with the slaughterhouse and with potentially selling bad food. >> all right andrew horas -- horansky. poison is believed to have killed a couple on buck trail this morning. firefighters say they found very high levels of carbon monoxide surrounding an indoor pool. new tonight three people were shot at popular akron barbershop this morning. it happened before 11 at rp blade academy barbershop on west exchange. amani abraham is live with more on the victims.
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shot multiple times in the abdomen chest and arm a 17-year- old shot in the ankle and 49- year-old imagine shot in the shoulder. and now police are pointing the finger at a customer as the alleged shooter. the shooting late this morning inside rp's blade academy barber shot on west exchange. police say a 20-year-old came into the shop and started yelling at a customer. that's when officers say the customer pulled out a gun and multiple times and two others in the shop. including a 17-year-old from akron and a 49-year-old talmadge man. we are told one bullet was even found lodged in a barber's chair. this woman inside the candy shop nearby says she witnessed a man running up to the shop's locked door around the same time of the shooting. 123450 when he first came he tried to-- >> when he first came he tried to get in the door when they were up there the cops come and everything and i thought he was something that wanted to come
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it was not. >> reporter: and sometime later, the same man was seen coming back into the shop this time without a barber's cape and tried to leave through the front locked door but ended up walking back outside. now no word on that man's connection to this case. but of course police still investigating and still searching for the shooter. only a vague description was released. reporting from the akron canton mobile newsroom amani abraham channel 3 news. >> thanks. new details tonight a pregnant woman is also a victim after yesterday's shooting in ravenna. we told you about this shooting last night at 6. investigators say david calhoun shot and killed 33-year-old lashaun sanders and sarah marsh. marsh was 6 to 10 weeks pregnant when she died. calhoun remains on the run and is considered armed and dangerous. if you know about his
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tonight as victims of the ohio state university attack continue to recover we have learned two of the victims are from right here in northeast ohio. according to the police 20-year- old amherst native elizabeth sturges was treated for minor injuries and another person was from the area. ' dull artan believe he was -- been -- artan is believed to have been inspired by isis. a cell phone battle the p push to make connections quicker and stronger has city hall and cell phone companies on a collision court course. tom beres has more on the fight and what it could mean for you. >> reporter: with at&t and other cell phone providers putting g whiz technology to move data faster cleveland cheered and now the sit they is jeering. >> we are blind sided.
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state law makers to let he them install equipment on sit they utility poles rights of way water towers and when and how and where they want. >> unrestricted access with no oversight. this proposed legislation will set a very bad precedent as it relates to home rule. >> reporter: he he wrote the senate president speaker cliff rosenberger asking them a pull the plug on this. claiming it would prevent local municipalities interest having a say how the safe usage and legal accountability. >> when you have people putting in electrical utilities or infrastructure that will expose potentially expose people to electricity eye raises serious concerns. >> reporter: at&t sprint vidson t-mobile want this telling lawmakers customer demand is creating a capacity crunch and need to streamline ohio's
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procedures. the ohio telecom commission claims this will allow to us improve service and high traffic areas and better serve our customers. cleveland in the lead pushing back. >> they side stepped traditional process. and didn't involve the stake holders he and this is not a cleveland issue but a statewideish out-- stayed wide issue -- stayed wide issues ors it wouldn't -- >> reporter: it approval for cell phone towers. business wants to move faster and move the speed of business to satisfy customers. now government moves slower and we know that. the city argue that doing this -- argues that doing this right is before doing it fast. and we know home rule is a bedrock issue for the mayor. >> what is the timetable on this. >> reporter: well okay again we are in the fast track lane and as far as we can tell there's
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if it happens it is likely to be a writer that is just attached to some other measure that's likely to be passed before the end of the month. >> okay tom beres thank you>> reporter: sure. talking about technical issues, many of you were not able to watch channel 3 last night due to technical difficulties we were experiencing. as you can see we are back up and running. and we will be reairing theholiday specials you might have missed. get ready to set your dvrs on sunday morning, at 1:30 a.m., we will christmas and rockefeller sent eater tree lighting. and then at 2:30 a.m., we will reair dolly parton's coat of many colors. in tonight next at 6, the controversy between local comedian ricky smith and olive garden. we will tell you how they are joining forces to show kindness to others. hi betsy. >> hi. well aid little colder right now -- it's a little colder right now than it was that the point yesterday. snow showers to talk about and
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tofill you in on in the 7p day forecast. -- 7-day forecast. >> someone taught me so it's my duty to pass that knowledge on. >> in this week's sara's circle an incredible woman who is passing on her love of music to others. but first let's check in with lester holt on what's coming up on nightly news. >> hi russ and sara president- elect donald trump's victory lap and nightly he says launched him on a mission to save jobs at factory in indiana. how the bank hostage stand off and psychedelic drugs may help cancer patients when we see you for nbc nightly news after
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it's being called a scientific breakthrough a leagd candy maker says it's found way to reduce sugar in the products. find out if less sugar means less taste. also, are you getting your peat holiday gift? lot of us do so what are you getting your furry friend. >> we have ideas when we talk
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welcome back. last night we told you about the controversy at the olive garden restaurant and ricky smith. >> looks like olive garden is trying to make good. the restaurant is donating 5,000 dollars to smith's nonprofit organization rake known as random acts of kindness everywhere. this comes after smith claims he was asked to leave the parma location when he asked for a
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party she doesn't like serving blacks. happening right now a summit county favorite is revived. the west point market opened reopened in the fair lawn location the 80-year-old grocery store closed a year ago and phase two of the project is expected to start at the beginning of 2017. the flats could get a taste of akron if thirsty dog brewing company moves in. the brewery is in on and crop sticks move out -- moved out of the nats the planning commission revised row viewed rather the plans for the brewery but will decide if the project will go forward at a later date. on thursdays we introduce you to women who see the possible. you can say this woman heard it and then turned the beautiful music into fulfillment. this week we are bringing martha baldwin into sara's circumstance neil frustrating i
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there will always in my entire life be ways to play it better. [ music ] >> reporter: martha baldwin buys into the the whole idea it is the journey not the destination. >> it's fun to be able to go to work 15 years in and think okay this week i will play better this week i can do it better. >> reporter: martha how whyd you first meet the -- how can you first meet the cello. >> my mother said i loved th remember asking to play the cello but i think it was when i was that age, it was the time of the puffy sleeved dress with the huge skirt and the ruffles and i think it was sort of my version of the princess fantasy. >> reporter: she started playing at 7 as a kid in calgary under the master john katz her talent and determination made institute of music the grad school stop and
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the cleveland orchestra. >> i just got really lucky. >> reporter: she is one of 100 some of the world's most talented musicians who together play for a living. >> it's like you are with all of your high school friends but now you get to do things like you know travel the world and play concerts. >> reporter: it's a physically sometimes emissionally demanding job. she always learning and found teaching the next generation of cellist has become a grea i moon i heard figured someone taught me and it's my duty to pass that knowledge on. >> reporter: what could you need to cut yourself slack on. >> it's okay to not go 24 hours a day. >> reporter: her 4-year-old daughter has given her plenty of reasons to enjoy life. >> and she makes it easier tosay no to things and to you know be less selfish and less work focused. so, that's been good for me.
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>> he loves his work too which helps so he understands that when i am going work it's not like oh i have to go to work. he gets that it's important on more than just a paying the bills level. >> reporter: that level that's what -- that's what she said everyone should chic neil find something -- chisel. >> find something you are skilled at and enjoy and if you do something absolutely as well as humanly possibly can, satisfaction that comes from that. >> reporter: i like listening to them. >> yeah. >> she says even young kids like her daughter who is 4 can learn from exposure to the ark stray so on wk -- orchestra so on we have free easy ways to get involved. >> i find something you are skilled at and enjoy. >> and do it as well as you humanly possibly can. >> zoe's cello looked interesting. >> you know she is maybe on a
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is okay. >> future star in the making. great piece. >> thank you. betsy is here. it turned into winter quickly around here. >> it is decembery. >> that's true. >> we are moving from browning to decembering. and boy what a temperature change we have as we skip from november to december. some 10 to 20 degrees colder it now than what we -- right now than what we were yesterday at this same time. oh that's a stark thought isn' colder than 20 24? hours ago. -- 24 hours ago will we did make it to 43. 38 for the mansfield area but look at what the average high is. 44. this is a perfectly average december day so this is not anything crazy. we have had if you had a -- i had a couple producers saying do we need to amp up the weather and not really because this is december in northeast ohio. cloudy skies, scattered lake
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course for the next couple days. west wind are our dominant weather pattern that's going on. and as we pop it in here let's zoom in a little bit out here to the areas out to the east. you can see we are getting the snow showers in our primary snow belt areas northern portionings of geauga county higher he will ies vations into -- elevations in the colder air that sustains the snow flakes but it's predominantly light rain and this is continue. we don't expect a lot of accumulation but it's one of the things when yesterday it was in the the 60s and today now we are decembering. we still have very gusty wind going on as well. out of the southwest, surface wind are out of the southwest but above the surface the west winds are carrying the moisture in off the lake. temperatures in the 30s to near 40 currently and we are in the alone in this. all of us across the great lakes and into the mid-ohio
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the heat is pushed farther to the south. and we talked about this a couple days ago that this whole kind of rain snow mix system is going to stretch out across the great lakes and you can really see that now. that's helping to drive the west wind and that's going to continue to bring that flow across the lake and you will see the rain and snow showers just continuing out to the east of cleveland. meanwhile, cloudy, cool and breezy especially farther south. morning temperatures in the low 0s for mansfield dover akron and canton. mid-30s to upper 30 snow showers are going to continue. may have a patchy drizzle maybe a flurry father south but things -- father south but things -- farther sorry but tomorrow things are going to be just like today. how much snow by the way? not much. look at this. the little bull's eye in thompson as we are anticipating maybe an inch and on the outi'd chance two -- outside chance 2. we are decembering.
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start to come back late sunday and again into tuesday. looks like big changes could be coming then for next weekend. >> wow. >> as cool are air comes in. >> -- cooler air comes in. >> this is too decembering can you say what that's called next week. >> decembering. >> okay. all right. thanks betsy. >> decemberer. >> december yikes. >> something like that. extra december. it sounds like a cold-- and annual coats for the kids campaign is bothering up. gearing up. donate used or jntly used coats -- new or jntly used -- gently used coats. at the td garden center. wkyc helped to response outer drive. for more information go to coatsforkidscleveland.o-rg. and coming up a national pblycation gives lots of love to lebron -- publication gives lots of love to lebron but.
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and new the kia of bedford and honda of bedford sports report. >> hi, should be a frame game at the -- game at the q take on the the clippers. both teams trying to get back on the winning track. now the cavs had the functiony- - funky game in milwaukee where they fooled around and lost to
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that's fine to have you know a couple of those nights during the regular season. but when you are trying to get home court advantage at the end of the year you may look back as you gave away a game like that. >> after winning a championship your goal is to get home court advantage and you look around the league it's not just keeping pace with one or two teams but it's trying to get the most out of yourself and that's something we should do. >> now to the clippers he. and specifically the head coach glen doc rivers he he went ballistic the other the game. in brooklyn against the nets the clippers blew and lost in double overtime and went after the officials no one seen him behave like this. the team lost 3 in a row and doc lost 15,000 dollars for the fine and his sideline etiquette against officiating. big honor for lebron james sports illustrated sportsman of the year for the second time now lebron has won the award.
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that discontinuing wishing at of get its. tiger woods. there's a -- of getting it. tiger woods. there's push back people saying it should have been the cubs betsy doesn't agree. national people are saying 108 years and you wint the world series but sports illustrated said this guy delivered on the promise to come back home and win a title. more on that at 7. state high school football weekend starts tonight and we wish all our teams the best of luck so we will merry they are -- masslin perry they go to the division championship they lost last year to cincinnati la salle and will play them tonight 13-1 and against cincinnati la salle they are 12-2. congratulations joe hayden voted the browns 2016 ed block courage award recipient given annually to the player with courage and commitment to his team and his community.
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zimmer he. he had emergency eye surgery last night for a detached retina in his right eye. so the entire coaching staff all of his subordinates will pitch in and take over to run the team. here's the lineup on channel 3. 7:30 football night in america. 8:25 cowboys and vikings. and tiger woods made the return after 15 months in his tournament the hero world challenge in the bahamas and shot one over par 73 but went out on the front 9 and shot is 18 players and he is in 17th position right now. >> you surprised the push back nationally. >> yeah a little bit but i will tell you what and some people say it's individual honor rather than a team honor. and but they have given it to a team in the past the red sox won after they got 88 years without winning a world series but i go with our guy. >> yeah i think we all do. >> yeah. >> certainly. betsy definitely. >> yeah. >> that's right.
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-- we thank you for watching jimmy and betsy back tonight 579. >> the nbc -- tonight at 7. >> nbc nightly news is minutes
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tonight, trump's victory lap. as the president-elect celebrates saving jobs at carrier, we now know the cost paid to keep them. tonight the campaign's over, but the rallies are not. without a trace. family members missing in the devastating wildfires scorching the smokey why searchers now fear th may never be found. hostage crisis. nearly a dozen held inside a florida bank. tonight the dramatic moment they distracted the gunman, allowing the s.w.a.t. team to storm inside. high-risk rescue mission to save legendary astronaut buzz aldrin, falling ill at the south pole. a medical emergency at the bottom of the world. and magic mushrooms, wait until you see how they're helping cancer


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