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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  December 1, 2016 11:30pm-12:04am EST

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offense, number 78. five-yard penalty. and replay the try. >> al: sirles, the right tackle. >> cris: sirles moved first. may have been a little movement. but unless you cross that line, it doesn't matter. >> al: now, you have got the 7 yard line, they flex the tight end, rudolph, all the way to the left. three receivers to the right. bradford looks over the middle. and whoa. where was that? ten feet high. not even close to keep it at 17-15. and obviously, they try an onside kick and if dallas recovers, that will be that. >> cris: let's see if sam bradford can get this in on the end of the play. a blow to the helmet, could have been called.
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to the helmet of the quarterback. enough force we've seen those called. and sam bradford calling for it. tony corrente did not see it. it was to the shoulder pads. it was not. >> al: not at all. that was cedric thornton, getting away with it. corrente doesn't see the shoulder pad as we see. and they get away the it. >> cris: the arm on the shoulder pad blocked the arm on the face mask, from the view of corrente, back off of the quarterback's right. >> al: we know a lot of you joined us late. mike zimmer underwent emergency eye surgery. not here. has to be at home. priefer is the interim head
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if this game will go on or not. and witten hasn't caught a ball tonight. but he makes the catch there. so, the streak will be over. but the dallas cowboys are going to be on their way to another win. i just want to quickly acknowledge graham tinker passing at the age of 90. he was instrumental of building nbc into a tremendous network during his tenure. a beloved man by everybody who worked for him and all of his pals. our sympathies to the family. he was a special human being. >> cris: got a chance to meet him, thanks to you. it was great. >> al: he was something else. the dallas cowboys will get the weekend off. their next game is a week from sunday night, against the giants on "sunday night football." so, we will be there for that one.
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the giants are 8-3. pittsburgh coming up on sunday, to try to keep pace with them. only loss this season for the cowboys was to the giants, by one point on opening day. so, find out about mike zimmer and minnesota's next game is a week from sunday. they two to jacksonville. whether mike can make it or not, we don't know. bradford trying to lead that comeback, comes up short. but coming up next, the volkswagen postgame report. "thursday night football"
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welcome to "the folks volkswagen gulf alltrack game report." >> the minnesota vikings hold zeke elliott to less than 90 and yet, the dallas cowboys emerge with their 11th-consecutive victory here on "thursday night football." winning a football game. a tight one, 17-15, here in minnesota. heather cox, moments ago, with dak prescott. >> you came into a hostile environment, on the road against a top two defense. what went right tonight? >> we stuck together. we played a great defense. but we always believe in ourselves.
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turnovers, some bad things happen. things didn't go our way. but we stayed together. >> 11-consecutive wins. and we talked yesterday. there's no stage too big. what's the key to you staying so composed and so confident during this run? >> my teammates and coaches. we have a great group of veterans that have been here that have done this. just keep us all under control, just allow us to go out and have fun. >> congratulations. let's go upstairs to al. >> thank you, heather. a year that starts with tony romo in preseason. and opening-day loss to the giants. they're a team you can see it now. and they figure out different ways to win the game. and they certainly did tonight. >> let's say this. that was an ugly game tonight, for the dallas cowboys. they did it in an atypical fashion tonight because the time of possession, much more in favor of the minnesota vikings. mistakes and penalties.
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they found a way to win. and as much as anything tonight, they went on special teams. it was the big turnover down there, that led to the go ahead touchdown. special teams, a big difference all night tonight. >> the irony in that, was zimmer not able to coach. and priefer the interim head coach. the one special teams guy that works with everybody. and the thielen play, that was really close, was the play of the game, though. >> and sam bradford hung in e. this is an offense that is struggling to put something together. they did on occasion. and did it on the two-point conversion and get the penalty. and don't catch a break on the officials from the last one. >> dallas, 11-1. and minnesota at .500 after the great start. they are 6-6. we'll have more of the postgame report when we come back to minneapolis after this.
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seagulls they'll be smilin ? ? and the rocks on the sand ? it's so peaceful out here. yeah. introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack with 4motion? all-wheel drive. soon to be everywhere. thank you for watching "the volkswagen gulf all you know track" postgame report. >> it's on to "sunday night football." we go to seattle, which means carolina against seat. you got cam newton. you have russell wilson, next thursday night. what a beauty this is going to be. arrowhead stadium. oakland on the afc west.
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thrilling win, sunday night against denver. that's your action coming up over the next week on nbc. ? coming up next on nbc, except on the west coast, the late local news. our entire crew, good night from minneapolis. nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national football league. whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh!
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parents in fear. three mothers whose lives change when tj lane opened fire inside the high school. speak out on his possible release if a proposed law passes. a police officer shampooing a pooch can we just pulled may sewer pipe. going above and beyond for the dog owner. give these men an award. , actually, done. in the spotlight. introduced into the local teenager who sits down the one and only tom hanks when he comes to town friday. how to prepare for the big interview. on the move, what beer may be standing right here. each thought they'd seen
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when he handed a life sentence without parole for killing their three sons. the mothers of those boys say they are being read traumatized with the news that lane could be set free. >> today they spoke exclusively with the investigator. they formed a bond since that horrific day. three moms never able to hug their high school sons, all gunned downy family still just as was forever served one lane that life without parole. another own state senator is behind the bill that would mandate lane and other juvenile killers be eligible for parole at age 40. >> just believe it's over and over. >> gene kings son was the first who shot.
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>> reporter: dean is a son is waiting for a bus when lane opened fire and killed him. he was only 16. she doesn't understand how any lawmaker, especially one representing hometown could consider legislation making lane parole eligible. we are living a living hell. >> it's horrible. we live this every day without our sons. we think about them every day, every minute. lane doesn't deserve a second chance. she says he knew what he s then, lane broke out of prison, no remorse, only smirks and smiles. >> i can't go to sleep. i can't concentrate. it disturbs my life and it already has been. all three mothers are offended by senator akron. so is holly walczak whose son was shot several times by lane leaving him paralyzed. >> i'm upset because i would
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families intimately and how they share their holidays about their children for >> senator argues us supreme court rulings require ohio to reform sentencing guidelines for juvenile offenders. prosecutors disagree. the prosecutor says his office has been flooded with calls from the community including chardon high school offering help to kill the bill. >> since we broke this story, we are hearing rumblings that the direction it's headed. schools of ministers are weighing in on the situation. superintendent michael hammond released a statement on twitter saying, we are deeply concerned about the impact this legislation has already had an current and former students and staff members as well as the entire community. we would welcome the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with legislators related to the very real long-term impact this proposed legislation would have
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either bill passed in its current form. cleveland police officers went above and beyond to save a dog's life is said to be honored for their actions. we caught up with those officers to get their story. this was supposed to be a story about compassionate cops who pulled a dog out of the sewer pipe. the kind of guys we can use more of. then we found a story within the story. it turns out the world could use more of this dog's unanswered prayer. >> these police officers who pulled up and downs the dog visibly shaken saying her docket fall into the sewer. i heard a big splash. i couldn't see her. i panicked. daphne was on a rock. the water was applying pastor. in those cleveland police
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lover, climbs up the ladder,>> we had to give her a bath. she was the the. >> she smelled terrible. my truck still stinks. >> smith laughed and said it was worth it. look at the resilient fluff ball today. >> the 18-year-old teenager. >> blind as a bat and death to. >> a lot of days, she's the reason i get up when i don't feel it because i know she needs me. >> reporter: here's a story within the store. was and unable to walk on her own? >> the answer even her heroes don't know. and that is a victim of domestic violence. >> he beats me badly. he pushed me and i went backwards for a second story when you broke my neck. >> reporter: the story of daphne's rescue leads to her mom's own story of resilience. >> this is my second chance.
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i didn't love myself. i fill out a window and fellow mother myself and i learned how to respect me and love me. good for to everyday. >> more days with daphne because a stranger named sean smith crawled in there with no hesitation and got maybe the outs. >> the police are getting so hammered. this is something positive that they did. something great for me. told nobody cared, nobody would help me. they did. >> edna, we're glad we met you. anyone living in gratitude, thankful for this officer and living with what she has a making the best of it, what we call that? >> the good stuff. >> an amazing story. feature police searching for two suspects tonight's a pair of recent carjackings.
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ending the victim's vehicle. when the driver got out to inspect the damage, the suspect got in and drove away. carly the market shows us what you should do if you are ever faced with a similar situation. involved in a minor accident. what's the first thing you do? >> gets out of the car to exchange information with the other driver. you may want to think again after what happened to tune in beachwood. >> i was in the car, someone hits me from behind. i got to check the damage. the person jumped in my car and drove away. >> police took to 911 calls like this tuesday the >> we drove past the lady on the ground. she said she had her car stolen. someone drove away with it. >>@dark-colored suv struck the victim's vehicle from a time. when the victim got outs, matt jumped in the driver seat and took off along with a dark- colored suv. the first incident happened
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that vehicle was found shortly after the crime a few blocks away. the second was half hour later on cedar road. that vehicle >> we talked with an ohio state patrolmen who told us how to prevent this from happening to you. he says always called police after a crash, even if it's just a fender bender. if you don't police arrived. both victims were adult women. neither physically hurts but had items stolen like their purse, cell phone, ipad and while it was $700 cash for the >> i never had anything like this happen to me ever. according to ohio state patrol, you can call 911 for any crash no matter how small. if you don't feel safe, you can weights in your car until police arrived.
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many of you were not able to watch town three last night because of the technical issues we experienced. as you can see, we're back up and running. we will re-air those holiday specials you may have missed. prepare to set your dvr. we will re-air christmas in rockefeller center on sunday morning at 130 prepare to set your dvr. we will re-air christmas in rockefeller center on sunday morning at 1:30 am. at 2:30 am, don partin's christmas of many colors, circle of love will re-air. a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. one very lucky local teenager gets to sit winner tom hanks tomorrow. a taste of the rubber city, how close a major aspirin brewery is to expanding our. desir dogs this christmas. will to the best time to buy still have. we have rain and snow coming down in parts of northern ohio. it feels like december. that won't change for now.
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welcome back. on friday, tom hanks, perhaps the biggest movie star in the world's is coming to cleveland for two events sponsored by the greater cleveland film
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him tomorrow night. earlier in the day he will be at tracy speaking to local students. the person interviewing him at that event, a 17-year-old from st. joseph's academy. i'm a little on edge for ailing confidence and i'm excited. a little nervous. i'm a big fan. i might scream or faint. >> her name is today williams and she's going to be just fine. she is a list of questions ready and says she is seen just about every tom hanks movie >> my favorite is forrest gump. i think and philadelphia. >> she's one busy high school senior. she's involved in several organizations at st. joseph's, has written a film and loves to read about history. the film commission ceo says casting her was a no-brainer. >> my daughter schools had an event, this woman stood up and
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the perfect person to interview tom hanks. >> what was your reaction he found out?>> i screamed. i said let me comment down. after that, i was fine. >> reporter: when she graduates next spring it's off to college. don't be surprised if down the road, they become very familiar with her name. my childhood dream was to be a talkshow host but, my more realistic dream attorney which is also really great. i'm not too sure, maybe i will combine the two. >> you meet tom hanks from. he probably has a few connections to hook you up. >> that's great. >> i am so excited. she had advice for me about my interview. she said just be yourself and it will all be fine. the bad news about tomorrow is both events are sold out. the good news, will have reports right here.
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found in the flats. the brewery is eyeing the former home of on-air. the crop rocks and crop stakes moved out earlier this year. cleveland city planning commission reviewed these plans for the brewery but decided they to table a final decision until later. it started as a golf tournament with a cause. the lebron jam thousands of dollars. more to continue its mission. 223. $223,000 raised at the championship in september. tonight, the giants testing giant check presentation offers programs that engage, akron public school students as they pursue their dreams through education. city sponsors want you to get the perfect gift. that includes our four-legged
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research shows are being especially tennis to our dogs this year to the tune of 62 to the tune of $62 average spent on dogs. what is the best time to buy? >> shopping for your pets, the best time is this week or as soon as possible. >> popular gifts include handcrafted treats, high-tech toys and subscription boxes filled with fun for the pooches. this holiday millennials expect to spend the most on their pets. we can think of at least one, our faithful producer julie. she's probably out right now shopping for it. >> with you have presence still to buy or you are hanging out at home, it feels like december out there. it's getting tested. the flakes are starting to fly
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as we start the day tomorrow. rain snow mixed up year-round, especially east. i don't think it will cause problems road was that there could be visibility issues. we'll continue that chance as we head to the afternoon. we are colder today than yesterday. you could see we still have that westerly flow coming across the lake. that stirs up rain and snow showers. this is much more impressive earlier. it focused for the to e the rain snow mix will continue . as we go to the overnight hours, you can see there's a whole lot of that happening upstream as well. the whole circulation set up across the great lakes region. a little way that comes through most likely tomorrow. that could stir up a moral
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further -- surface wind out of the southwest. as those winds start to shift, we will see the rain snow makeshift and it may sink southward coming inland. you see temperatures to the 30s in the morning. the rain snow makes ongoing. lower elevations were we have the brain, hire for the snow is more likely. once we get into the latter part of the evening, we start to open things up. we'll start to see the rain snow mixed press software. temperatures likely to stay in the 30s. it looks like things start to fade away for us. only to return saturday. will continue into sunday. how much is coming? the temperatures above freezing comments hard to get the accumulation.
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and areas to the east. here's a look at window nation or cast. we have cloudy sky with rain snow mixed. morning temperatures in the 30s. will peak in the low 40s, temperatures will fly back. the forecast through the weekend . early next w the blue arrow is back on day seven which averages in the 30s had falling, snow, a wintry pattern forecast. the fastest-growing companies in northeast ohio were celebrated at the 29th annual weather had 100 ceremony. local businesses, small and charged -- small and large that continue to strengthen our economy.


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