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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  December 2, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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oprah ended up carrying her backpack and mine, too. >> the trip is featured in the january issue of "o." it was this photo that brought oprah to tears. >> it was an early morning shoot because we wanted to get the sun coming up so it was a little after 5:00 and oprah is very a tuned to nature and trees. that moved her to tears when she saw the sun coming up and this is no joke, a hawk flew by at just that exact moment. oprah really is fearless about i don't like heights, so she got right on the edge and looked over. i'm the one standing in the background going no! be careful! >> this is kicking off our great year of adventure in "o magazine" and i'm hoping it will be a year of great adventures and experiences for you, as well. >> big people, live big. >> that is so fantastic. i've never been to the grand canyon either, oprah, next time please take me with you.
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will see all season because tiffani thees sen serving up a delicious side of '09s nostalgia. >> merry christmas. >> these are a group of people, all of them that i love so much and to have them all in the same room is pretty neat. >> joining the actress and husband brady smith at their table three of tiffani's former on-screen loves and their wives including beverly hills 90210 star jason priestly. >> i'm e. >> my favorite thing on the plate was made by brady this evening. >> what's that? >> the smoked turkey. >> he made it? >> i'm sorry. >> he brought it on a plaae. >> did you smoke it? >> i smoked it. >> all i saw was you carried it in. >> he carried it. >> tiff, i apologize. >> unapologetic, tiffani's white-collar co-star, tim tekay. >> i'll take another roll. >> my goodness!
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tv past a bearded mark paul gosselar reminiscing about their time shooting "saved by the bell". > zach, you don't know what this means to me. >> my love for food started with europe. >> a paid trip to paris and going to the finest restaurants. >> do you remember when we went to bordeaux and we had that amazing meal, with, like, seven glasses of different type of wine? >> how old were you? >> 16. >> we did aot then! >> it was awesome! >> with slater, jesse, lisa and screech there, too? >> time to unwrap the presents on gwyneth paltrow's list. these are gifts that make you go, oh, my goodness. no wonder the pop-up store attracted an a-list crowd. >> demi moore, got their shop on
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pop-up shop. >> a teddy bear that does yoga poses for $30. a real steal because it is known for over the top extravagance. >> what's the most expensive item here. >> the algae styler was a gift. it basically is a dry-cleaner at home and it saves a trip to the dry-cleaner and you put something in and in under an hour it's done. >> is may be the most expensive item in the l.a online you can really splurge. there is a $8300 yurt which is basically a tent or how about chocolate toothpaste for $120? >> who comes up with this list? >> so there are 600 product and they're picked outtby gwyneth. >> the person on the list who really wants to live like gwyneth, there's the infrared sauna, price tag, just shy of
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that has changed my life. >> there is something for everyone in this store. there are $10 stocking stuffers to over the top finds like caviar to go. >> wait a minute. one more time. caviar to go. >> caviar to go. 30-gram tins are $100. i'm a candy cane in a stocking kind of girl, but if you want to give me caviar, hey! >> i'll get you some for christmas! my favorite gift these tags are really cool, five inspired phrases including consciously unhelpful.
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of man down. >> it's all at >> primal consideration provided by -- we can't say good night without remembering a giant in the tv industry. this week age 90. he's considered one of the most influential tv execs ever and the man behind "the mary tyler moore show" on cbs. >> you've got spunk. >> well -- >> i hate spunk! >> he actually was married to marry. also on cbs, he was a force behind rhoda, the bob newhart show and on nbc he spearheaded programs like hillstreet blues and cheers. >> on the series finale of
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sitting at the bar for the last call. >> cheer, welcome back. on friday, tom hanks, perhaps the biggest movie star in the world's is coming to cleveland for two events sponsored by the greater cleveland film commission. i have the pleasure of moderating and discussed with him tomorrow night. earlier in the day he will be at tracy speaking to local students. a 17-year-old from st. joseph's academy. i'm a little on edge for ailing confidence and i'm excited. a little nervous. i'm a big fan. i might scream or faint. >> her name is today williams and she's going to be just fine. she is a list of questions ready and says she is seen just about every tom hanks movie. >> my favorite is forrest gump. i think and philadelphia.
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senior. she's involved in several organizations at st. joseph's, has written a film and loves to read about history. the film commission ceo says casting her was a no-brainer. >> my daughter schools had an event, this woman stood up and asked the most articulate questions and i thought, she is the perfect person to interview tom hanks. >> what was your reaction he found out?>> i screamed. i said let me mm after that, i was fine. >> reporter: when she graduates next spring it's off to college. don't be surprised if down the road, they become very familiar with her name. my childhood dream was to be a talkshow host but, my more realistic dream is to be an attorney which is also really great. i'm not too sure, maybe i will combine the two.
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>> you meet tom hanks from. he probably has a few connections to hook you up. >> that's great. >> i am so excited. she had advice for me about my interview. she said just be yourself and it will all be fine. the bad news about tomorrow is both events are sold out. the good news, will have reports right here. some acrid flavors will be found in the flats. the brewery is eyeing the the crop rocks and crop stakes moved out earlier this year. cleveland city planning commission reviewed these plans for the brewery but decided they to table a final decision until later. it started as a golf tournament with a cause. the lebron james family foundation has hundreds of thousands of dollars. more to continue its mission. 223. $223,000 raised at the
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tonight, the giants testing giant check presentation offers programs that engage, akron public school students as they pursue their dreams through education. city sponsors want you to get the perfect gift. that includes our four-legged friends. research shows are being especially tennis to our dogs this year to the tune of 62 to the tune of $62 average spent on >> shopping for your pets, the best time is this week or as soon as possible. >> popular gifts include handcrafted treats, high-tech toys and subscription boxes filled with fun for the pooches. this holiday millennials expect to spend the most on their pets. we can think of at least
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shopping for it. >> with you have presence still to buy or you are hanging out at home, it feels like december out there. it's getting tested. the flakes are starting to fly in some locations. as we start the day tomorrow. rain snow mixed up year-round, especially east. i don't think it will cause problems road was that there could be visibility issu we'll continue that chance as we head to the afternoon. we are colder today than yesterday. you could see we still have that westerly flow coming across the lake. that stirs up rain and snow showers. this is much more impressive earlier.
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the rain snow mix will continue . as we go to the overnight hours, you can see there's a whole lot of that happening upstream as well. the whole circulation set up across the great lakes region. a little way that comes through most likely tomorrow. that could stir up a moral widespread mix. further -- surface wind out of the southwest. as those winds start to shift, we will see the rain snow makeshift and it may sink southward coming inland. you see temperatures to the 30s in the morning. the rain snow makes ongoing. a dividing line between the lower elevations were we have the brain, hire for the snow is more likely. once we get into the latter part of the evening, we start
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to see the rain snow mixed press software. temperatures likely to stay in the 30s. it looks like things start to fade away for us. only to return saturday. will continue into sunday. how much is coming? the temperatures above freezing comments hard to get the accumulation. to have a dusting to a coding and areas to the east. here's a look at window nation or cast. we have cloudy sky with rain snow mixed. morning temperatures in the 30s. will peak in the low 40s, temperatures will fly back. the forecast through the weekend . early next week with peak around 50 with rain coming in. the blue arrow is back on day seven which averages in the 30s had falling, snow, a wintry
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companies in northeast ohio were celebrated at the 29th annual weather had 100 ceremony. local businesses, small and charged -- small and large that continue to strengthen our economy. the refinery, exact care pharmacy and one is iq the top winners with the revenue growth
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a bump in the road to the cavaliers to get blown out at home thursday. the la clippers command and beat them by 19. you go back a couple nights ago a loss by 17 to the milwaukee bucks. i'm not panicking. not at all. let's go to the highlights. kailo and the cavaliers came out pouring led by kerry irving. he had 20 points in the game. there okay until just before half. lebron with this deal, slam and dunk. he had 16 points. by the end of the first half, they started to slip away. jj redick will hit three right there. 23 and the clippers are up i ate and put it away in the third quarter. they ran away. the start of the second half, the aleah to
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chris posted a three up by 18. wasn't even that close. end up losing 113-94 for the first time this year, they lost two in a row it's off to chicago coming up tonight. news about lebron james. what an honor. sports illustrated, sportsperson of the year. second time in his lifetime. only tiger woods is the other athletes to win it twice. lebron was cited by sports illustrated promise to come back home, bring a championship to cleveland's and brings out 3-1 to lead the cast when a title. nationally, a lot of people say maybe the cubs should have won that award. instead, after winning the world series finally after 108 years, they didn't. sports illustrate it goes with lebron james. speaking of him. tomorrow night, he must pay off his bet with his buddy plays
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lebron will wear cubs uniform, he will not wear cleats. you'll pay it off as a beat the indians . big weekend in columbus. state high school championship weekend, division ii with a rematch from last year's game. it was la salle taking up massive perry. ohio state buckeyes led by quarterback jt barrett on the sidelines score. dominic bowman with the pick six, 17 yards up 7-0. the game is tied fourth quarter, two touchdowns and in hundred 24 yards rushing. la salle wins 14- 7, three straight without. friday's schedule, 10 am. good luck cuyahoga heights. they take on bishop hartley.
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the coach bill for their 12 state championship. ill take on saint ann's. the browns hit the bye week with four to play. a week from sunday against the bengals. one looks into the tunnel and says, in those four games, is there one win?>> they still try to fight and win a game. it's hard for any organization. th all the guys leaving us, nobody saw any signs of putting. >> their best shot is a week from sunday. >> that tunnel looks awfully
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as many of you have noticed. with had problems with our transmitter over the past day or so. at 2 am for an hour 45 minutes. will take our transmitter down again interrupting the signal so we can put a permanent fix in place. at that time, many of you will not be able to watch cell three programming. that should be in place by the time cell three news today begins at 4:30 am. you can tune in in the morning. part that which has been on his way into a. that thingamajig. what would we do without you? >> you'll find out it to. we'll see you in a bit. have a great night.
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tonight, trump's victory lap. as the president-elect celebrates saving jobs at carrier, we now know the cost paid to keep them.
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are not. without a trace. family members missing in the devastating wildfires scorching the smokey mountains. why searchers now fear they may never be found. hostage crisis. nearly a dozen held inside a florida bank. tonight the dramatic moment they distracted the gunman, allowing the s.w.a.t. team to storm inside. high-risk rescue mission to save legendary astronaut buzz aldrin, falling ill at the south pole. the bottom of the world. and magic mushrooms, wait until you see how they're helping cancer patients feel better. some say it's changed their lives. "nightly news" begins right now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. the campaign is over, but donald trump was back on the trail today, this time to run a victory lap and celebrate an early
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from leaving the country. in his first public event since the election, mr. trump appeared at the carrier plant in indianapolis to trumpet a deal to keep over a thousand jobs previously earmarked to leave the country, in the u.s. the deal is raising high expectations, as well as some eyebrows, over whether what worked with carrier can reverse a decades' long tide of vanishing manufacturing jobs. nbc's kristen welker has >> reporter: president-elect donald trump taking a victory lap in indiana. >> hi, everybody. >> reporter: touting a deal to save more than a thousand jobs at carrier, from getting shipped to mexico. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. not gonna happen. >> reporter: the deal gives the heating and air conditioning company, $7 million in state tax breaks over
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are slated to go to mexico. sources familiar with the negotiation say one motivating factor, carrier's parent company, united technologies, has billions of dollars in contracts with the government. for the first time, pointing to a story he saw on "nightly news." >> they were going a story on carrier, and i said wow, i want to see this. >> reporter: in this story, this strong message to the president-elect. >> we want you to do what you said you're going to do. we're going to h >> reporter: trump saying he was using carrier as a euphemism on the trail, acknowledging it was too late to intervene. >> at first i thought, i wonder if he was being sarcastic, because this ship has sailed. it was 6:30 in the evening and i said, i'm going there. >> reporter: many carrier workers relieved. >> it's a christmas miracle. >> reporter: but just a mile down the road, other workers
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save their jobs too. >> do for us what you did to carrier. >> reporter: he's a father with two children in clerge. >> i know they say something about the trump train. i don't know what kind of train it is, but don't let it stop at carrier, keep on rolling, let's get them all back. >> reporter: since 2000, the u.s. has lost nearly 5 million jobs. some to overseas, others to automation. >> the president is not going to get involved individually can expect in the trump administration, a more active federal role in these sorts of cases. >> reporter: mr. trump is holding a rally here in cincinnati, ohio, aimed at being reminiscent of a campaign-style event, although as of right now, the crowd size is considerably smaller. but this is the kickoff to a thank you tour. mr. trump poised to criss-cross the country, thanking his supporters for helping him win the white house. lester? >> kristen welker,
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deadly one-two punch on the violent storms and massive wildfires we've seen this week in the southeast. dozens of tornadoes carved a trail of destruction through seven states. and the death toll from the fires has climbed to ten and many others are still missing, leaving anguished loved ones desperately waiting for word. nbc's kerry sanders brings us the latest. >> reporter: a flare-up just before sunrise in gatlinburg this morning, put out by firefighters within two hours. with the downtown in community spared, but still evacuated, high anxiety because a single ember could ignite what remains. the fire storm this week, burned so hot officials say the bodies of of the missing may never be found. john and janet summers from memphis were in gatlinburg on vacation. no one has heard from them since. their three sons, alive, but in the vanderbilt burn unit tonight. >> looking for my wife. >> reporter: michael reed among those
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tell him where his wife and two daughters are. police chief russell brakens. >> what is it like for you, because you have the families reaching out to you, wanting answers? >> it's one of the most difficult things you can imagine. >> reporter: among the dead, alice hague ler, her son james says at least he has an answer. >> my mom was the grandmother of two. my mother was my best friend, someone who cared about everyone, never m >> reporter: with more than 400 firefighters working 12-hour shifts, exhaustion. this photo on facebook captioned -- as close as we got to seeing sleep in 36 hours. the clean-up in the smokeys is just beginning. and today, clean-up of a different sort across the south. tornado damage. 34 twisters across seven states, leaving five dead. in alabama, a tornado with wind speeds up to
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rosalie. tonight after three days of mother nature's fury, the forecast is finally for calm. tonight here in the smokeys, as many as eight people are still unaccounted for. family members wondering if they'll ever find their loved ones. especially if they ran into the woods in a panic. lester? >> kerry sanders, thank you. let's turn now to the hostage drama that played out for hours this morning in florida. a gunman, holding nearly a dozen people inside a bank, q s.w.a.t. team, as well as worried family members. nbc's jacob rascon has details on a harrowing day. >> looks like they got them out of the bank. >> reporter: they were hostages. now survivors. >> it was scary. i thought it was a dream, but it was so real. it was real. >> reporter: it was around 9:00 at the community first credit union, when the alleged gunman, 23-year-old nicholas da'quan humphrey walked into the bank with a dog and a handgun and demanded


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