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tv   Today  NBC  December 2, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. [ laughter ] hey, everybody! it's a great try day friday here in new york. december 2nd. our wonderful hoda is off. she so deserves it. and from "the blacklist." that is "emotions" from mariah carey. >> quick look. >> incredible interview we did with mariah yesterday, that's coming up and we kick off your weekend talking to her the ultimate superstar opening up about her personal life and
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as much as miss piggy does. a run for her money, you, miss piggy. the "muppet" maeving here to tell us about her new collaboration with a big time design right? >> yes, yes. kate spate new york. >> why she's the talk of the internet these days. as if you aren't always the talk of the internet. >> um, yes. it's just know day for >> and another update from you and kermit -- >> oh, yeah, sure. him. right. he's history. >> now that the kermit thing is over, i was wondering maybe what you were up to, miss pig. >>. >> i'm going out to dinner with you. >> you know what? for pork and sauerkraut. >> it starts already, folks. >> that's not cool. >> miss pig.
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really we've had our differences over the decades, like about five of them, but in honor of our country coming together amp this election and in honor of good will and spirit i am going to be loving and kind to you today. >> ah -- it's about time! >> all right bep will have our way with her in a little bit. last night you were invited to think, but were reading a book. >> i got in too late. nothing of -- >> what reads a book -- >> i lead a dangerous, exciting life. >> you sure do. hoda and i had our annual favorite things, event, makes great things for those you love and elvis duran, an artist who sings from her soul. >> looking forward to t. you want to share about this book
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>> it's heavy. race relations in the country. great -- >> you love the direct thing these days. a couple times -- >> yeah. i worked on a film i'm going to tell you about later, that i want to tell you about. >> in the meantime, you have played tom kean on "black list" four seasons when we met you. >> can you believe it? four seasons. >> most amazing thing, your own spin-off series, "the blacklist: redemption." has this hit you yet? this is huge? it will, once we start grinding away. we're starting very soon. >> you keep things very close to the vest. can you tell a lot about it. >> high-paced a lot of spy craft and "mission impossible" meets "jason borne." >> quite different than -- a different genre pretty much than "black list"? >> i think so. a little more lighter, a little more fast paced, that --
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arc? >> there's maybe a spot for miss pig. >> are you doing most acting these days? >> i'm available. i'm available. absolutely. >> all right. >> i think she's excited. and what -- what would be your dream? romantic interest with our friend? >> oh, well, if i must, yes. >> i'm going to speak to the writers and get right on this t. would be fascinating. >> oh, boy, oh, boy. thank you, thank you! you? "the blacklist" returns, new episodes on january 5th. >> i can't believe it. four seasons. >> i'm really proud of you. you couldn't even describe what you were going to do and here you are. >> here we are. >> premieres early. jit early in the next year? >> it does. we come back right after the new year, i think. >> can you do both? >> a little of both.
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tired, but it will be fun. >> beats the unemployment line, baby. >> that's right. that's rights. >> the big thing. two amazing things in something called the most indulgent dessert ever. you've been to my house but don't seem to be a huge sweet eater. >> not a huge, but i actually do love brownies. i do. >> well, all kinds of brownies. you learned that in college. didn't you? all right. so these are red wine brownies. you want to try that? >> yes, i do. >> do you piggy? >> yeah. can you get the plate over here, please? >> yes, of course. ryan will bring them over to you. you can get to know each other a little better -- i want to see this. >> this is important. all right, miss piggy. we need you to get one, or i can feed you, if you like. just a little. >> i would like -- hmm -- hmm! i like you, fed by you, ryan. >> oh, my goodness. this show is taking a turn
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chocolate in a mixes bowl over a pan of boilinging water. mix in my wine followed by sugar, vanilla, eggs, coffee and bake tween 30 and 40 minutes. what do you think? >> i think i could do that. >> yeah, yeah. it's try day friday, and these are cool. do you know what your state smells like? >> oh, gosh. ocean, maybe? surf. i'm from california. >> okay. we have a california sitting up here. is this the first one? second one. these are created, a scent for each state. okay. we were going to go to new york first but let's do you. >> here we go. >> what do you smell, some you smell this, besides the red wine. >> i smile browny. >> and my perfume, probably. >> i think -- a hint of lilac. no -- is it ocean? is there ocean? >> no. there's pear, redwoods and vineyards. >> red woods. forest. there is a forest thing happening. beautiful.
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new york, a smell of the adirondacks. apple orchard and a pumpkin. smells like fall. oh, my gosh. that's beautiful. >> that smells better than california, i admit. >> can i smell connecticut? my hometown, please? where i live, maryland people get mad at me. okay. yeah. as frank used to say, that's god's country. you go visit your family in connecticut. >> smells great. what's happening in there? >> i don't >> what about that one? >> you're aware of what's been happening in gatlinburg and pigeon forge with the wildfires. dolly party, wednesday night, her movie "christmas of many colors," a follow-up to last year's "coat of many colors," highest rated movie on tv since 2011. produced by my friend sam
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now dolly is trying to help the people affected by the fires, in the great smoky mountains. listen to what she's doing. she says, charity begins at home. she established the my people fund through the dolly foundation and look what they plan to do. it's awesome. >> we want to provide a hand-up to all of those families that have lost everything in the fires, and to recover, we want to make sure that the dollywood foundation provides $1,000 a month to all of those families thate the fires, until they get back up on their feet. >> hmm. >> you have to be a fan. right? >> yeah. >> of dolly. do you know her at all? >> no. i did meet her, saw her play live. she's incredible. >> i've known her 30 years and you'll never meet a better human being. you never will. got bless you, dolly, for all of do. are you ready for -- should i have ryan deliver, or do you
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a cold read, mr. actor? >> okay. here we go. >> okay. >> one night a couple was sitting down for dinner together, and the man asked his wife, what would you do if i won the lottery? okay? >> uh-huh. >> and his wife immediately responded, take half and leave your butt. >> ah? >> it's not over -- the man replied -- >> the man replied. >> took me a moment, but -- >> you're so funny. >> the man replied -- wasn't the punch line. the man get out. what did you think? >> did i laugh too early? >> that's called a jokous interruptous. >> all righty. i think my stand-up career is well on its way. >> yeah, yeah. keep your day job. last night was our favorite things party at the refinery hotel. ever been there? could have come last night. >> i was going to. >> the most beautiful space in new york. we love it.
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linda rackareeno brought her mom. she was adorable. linda is in charge of sales and department affairs at nbc. we love her, and bunch of people got in there. >> a little situation where i was supposed to be. >> we made space for you. you would have been the only man there except for don nash. anyway, baby, we got -- are you ready for mariah carey? have you had your cheery ohs this morning? >> i hear about >> hope you've all had it, because it's mariah's world and we're just living in. >> it a new project and a lot to say here. >> oh, yes. >> oh, yes. we're going to we're only human. we rely on our courage. the kind of courage that shows up when we need it... and when cancer is least expecting it.
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tic nerve pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and it's great to help others get back on their feet. ask your doctor about lyrica. it's not every day you get to sit down with one of the biggest movie stars in the world. >> i heard you and hoda caught up with mariah carey. >> how can you catch up with her? we did!
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personal world on "mariah's world" shall i say, she did not disappoint. ? break my heart, heart breaker you got the best of me ? >> this is "mariah's world" and it's impressive. five grammy awards, 1,800 bits more than 18 million records sold. >> we did know grow up this way. okay? people have to understand this. >> pulling back the curtain revealing for the w first time some of her most intimate moments. >> let's talk about your docuseries, shall we? >> this is a docuseries. >> yes. >> you're a public figure. people know you. >> iconic. >> you're an iconic woman, and why more exposure? >> for me, it was more about -- you know, the process of, like, here we are behind the scenes. a lot of moving parts to put a toug together and i don't know when i'm going to do this again.
10:15 am
i'd never done that before. >> in the middle of filming the series, mariah and fiancee james packer calmed off their engagement. >> what did you think about pulling the plug on it, when your relationship ended up not working out? >> oh, i can't give somebody that much power. are you kidding me? no, no. you've got to keep on pushing. >> mariah has adorable 5-year-old twins with ex-husband nick cannon. they joined her on other >> do you have any problems having the kids in the douk cue series? >> actually i did. i wanted to make sure they were comfortable as all times. i never wanted to be a stage mom. that's not me. >> or exploit them for your career. >> not at all. actually, i wasn't going to have them in the docuseries at all, but they were with me, got their activities, so many different things they're learning while on the road it's invaluable lessons. >> different kind of education.
10:16 am
addition to have them a part of this? >> yeah, and nick also, he make as couple came yoes. >> what's with that turban? he loves that turban. >> i refuse to comment on the turban. >> one thing is one thing, but he loves the turban. >> we just saw each other for thanksgiving. >> were together for halloween, too. >> it's important for the kids. >> that's the important thing. we want that, both of us. because he's part of their lives forever. >> he's a good >> so you want them to have that. >> does have a crush on her. what are you going to do with him? >> you saw it, he's not leading easily. >> pictures out and about with you. >> frolicking. >> tell us about -- >> i refuse the answer on the grounds it may incriminate me. >> in other words, guilty of all get out. >> he's cute, by the way. isn't he? you pick cute men. >> this is so pretty in here.
10:17 am
>> i really didn't have it in me you the usual mariah, be nice to everybody thing. >> what would you like to reveal and express about you by watching this series they would be surprised by? >> i had fun. i'm coming here today, obviously this is not morning attire. for most people, well what do i do? i don't want the ladies to feel like i didn't care. >> this is mariah. >> the sequin and a strand and that's it. honestly, i just wanteo behind-the-scenes of all that. you're doing the show for the fans. ? and just sing to him ? >> yeah. it's really kind of fascinating. >> yeah. >> you know, mariah is known as this diva, this diva, but when you're with you, there's a vulnerability and a sweetness and a playfulness about her you can't help but --
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so what actually is the polite way to introduce a pig? >> well, if it's miss piggy, call her an actress, singer, and >> yes. and the talk of social media lately after her appearance wit legendary tony bennett at the macy's thanksgiving day parade last week. >> and hear she's a designer working with designer kate spade. >> yes, and the status of her rlgsship with kermit has got people talking again. miss piggy is here to fill us in on all of it. what a year you've it, miss pig i. know, i know. tell me about it! and here we are. i've got this wonderful relationship with kate spade new
10:22 am
>> and -- yes! >> looking sharp. >> yes, yes, thank you. >> luvgly. >> how did that come to be? because you're sump a fashion icon anyway? >> pretty much, yeah. yeah. pretty much. but, no, deborah lloyd, cco of kate spade new york called me up, said i am so inspired by you, i have to do something with you. i said, okay. all right. it was just -- it was a match made in heaven. i knew it was going to work out the minute she paid for lunch. [ laughter ] >> that's the wayt when can we expect to see the new campaign? >> it's happening. it's happening right now. go to right now. you'll see all the accessories, handbag, ready to wear a and a short i made. >> a gisele going to be really jealous when this whole campaign starts? gisele bundchen? >> oh, yeah, yeah. her? yes. absolutely. you've got to see this stuff. you know?
10:23 am
it's hilarious. hilarious. it's me, sasha and the empire state building. >> wow. can't beat that. >> yeah. >> i'll watch that kermit is not going to be -- there. it's going to make him so long for you and what used to be. >> i know! isn't it great? going to make him so jealous. >> what is it that went wrong? if you two can't make it, i don't know who can? >> what about brad and angelina. >> what i'm saying. it's in the air. >> in the same year. >> what? don't tellth >> yeah. >> i'm just -- i'm living in my own world, i guess. >> did you have higher hopes? did you think that it would be forever in your heart of hearts? >> well, of course, naturally. a girl always wants that. >> yes. >> but now that it's over, i'm moving on. i'm moving on. i am dating as many men who are not kermit as possible. see that? now. >> so no more frogs for you.
10:24 am
though. that can get messy. >> gee, i sense a bit of bitterness. i've got say. >> once i dated a, a flash mob. [ laughter ] that was a mistake. >> get in line, baby. okay -- >> not just because there were so many of them, but because they also were all dressed at santa claus. >> oh, that one, yeah. we have qs in a blanket for you, miss piggy, in our remaining time. when was the last time you were scar struck? >> i ran into matt lauer's car is that what you mean? >> name a movie that made you cry. >> "titanic". i was so sure they weren't going to hit that iceberg! oh! >> what is the worst thing about getting older, miss piggy? >> i have no idea. >> because you're young and -- >> i don't get older. just younger. >> something you're glad you grew out of? in ten seconds. >> spandex! >> all righty. we'll be back cooking with chicken. thank you so much, miss piggy.
10:25 am
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uh-huh. it's try day friday. hoda is off today so "the blacklist" star ryan eggold is keeping me great company today. last night hoda and i held our annual favorite things party at the rooftop here in new york city including many favorite things we've featured this past year on our show. >> i could not make this party, bummed about that, so excited to check out these goodies. >> who better to review than "today" style editor herself bobbie thomas. >> favorites of you and hoda and donna adorable, made in daytona
10:31 am
seven different lens colors. a great option if you're looking for a new pair of sunglasses for that loved one on your list. >> always win best. win the best down in florida. okay. >> makeup is a fun thing around here. glam squad loves urban decay. i happen to be a huge fan of the founder wendy. one of their naked palettes, ryan, sells every six seconds . >> really? >> a lady in your life. >> i wear makeup a and could probably use this. >> and our makeup artist. >> great progression mascara. >> everything's naked, perverted. >> and then danny jo, danny jo jewelry, i'll save you, it's fashion jewelry with high-end. won't turn you green. something you'll invest in, a statement piece. >> right. >> these are two sisters, danielle and jodie snyder.
10:32 am
>> great design team that used to borrow their dad's medical tools to learn wire-making when younger and who knew that childhood hobby would become a hot thing. >> we're going to wear it on monday when hoda's back. >> kathie, i'll let you swoon over -- >> i discovered this through a friend. i was wearing it last night. you see it all the time. it's a mother/daughter company. right? everything's made in new york. it's all washable. it's lightweight. away last night. thank you, ryan. >> yeah. >> and check her website. if you just want to scrunch it, everything, just amazing stuff. >> the fabric is their signature. sarah, thank you. you can put it in your purse, it won't wrinkle. ryan, don't be afraid. something you might like here. >> stuff for you. >> alex is shaking these fantastic martini shakers that look like they have olives but they're chocolate covered almonds.
10:33 am
>> this company, sugarfina, figured how to take spirits, and a 20-person wait list to guess rose all day gum is. really hot item for those with a sweet tooth and look beautiful on your table. >> very good. might be beautiful if we put march teen any and it then tried -- >> after. there you go. >> dry show. we'll take care of you. >> alex, you wild -- >> one of my personal favorites list, minted. such a favorite because they do really special personalized one of a kind designs and feature independent artists, and i love that people this holiday, thinking about where to spend your money, support those people. they do everything from reversible tree skirts to teepees and artwork. customized and more. >> and a baby shower at my house. >> so sweet. >> thanks to everybody who came
10:34 am
for ryan. anyway -- i'm fine. >> not fair. >> and everything you'll ever need and marc murphy is in the kitchen show you how simple. kitchen show you how simple. >> and artist duran's artist there's only one egg that just tastes better. fresher. more flavorful. delicious. only one egg with better nutrition- like more vitamins d, e, and omega 3s. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough because why have ordinary when you can have the best. eggland's best. the only egg that gives you so much more: better taste. better nutrition. better eggs.
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how could you like to have a dish, just one dish that will knock the socks off anyone who
10:39 am
a simple roasted chicken with potatoes and vegetables. >> and marc murphy's go-to meal, chef and partner of gray salt and landmark restaurants. i saw him this summer at the greenwich wine and fooft festival this is the meal he said he would make for me if he came to my house. >> it's a great story. every time my kids come home from camp a long trip or vacation. what are we having? roast chicken. it's comforting, it's h >> but you made it first, were in love with this woman, had to impress her parents and he won her heart. >> coming for dinner. i'll make roast chicken. >> and he's been in the family ever since. this is your way. >> simple ingredients, olive, salt pepper, garlic, lemon,
10:40 am
this is es xrol. i love to cook with es carol. >> of course you do. >> throw a lemon in there, throw some -- >> an entire lemon in there go ahead. >> take herbs, shove the herbs in there. >> the chicken doesn't mind. >> i would hope not. [ laughter ] >> no. it's perfectly fine. >> and so difficult to -- >> you have to us boom. push the lengths in like that, put the wings over there. flip the little guy upside down. it's a good thing. >> what's the point of that? what's accomplished by -- >> what's happened, it keeps everything together to cook more evenly. >> i'm glad miss piggy isn't here to see this. i really am. she'd be very upset. >> not making pork chops. i was getting worried. oh no. what recipe are re doing? >> then what do we do?
10:41 am
clean up after you touch the chicken always got to make sure. >> a little olive oil on there. look how happy it is. >> not difficult. >> so far, yeah. >> something i could do, marc. which is great. >> are you sure? but you still want to go to restaurants. don't stop going to restaurants and stop cooking. that's not what we need. oh. we need a sip. here we go. put this in the oven 15 minutes. >> what temperature? >> about 450. >> toss that in the oven. >> crank t go right along. here it is. >> did you -- >> 15 minutes -- did i put one in there? >> no. >> i think i put one inside. i might have forgot, but it's okay. >> onion goes in there, too. >> you can, if you want. here it is. >> yes. >> happy, happy, as it can be, for about 15 minutes. throw vegetables in there. basically a one-pot cooking thing going on here. >> yes. >> and then throw this back in the oven. >> it's actually very french.
10:42 am
minutes. same temperature. 450. go see what it looks like back here, though. >> oh -- [ speaking in foreign language ]. >> [ speaking in foreign language ]. >> yeah. what's in there? >> drippings, all the stuff -- >> it's all about the drippings, isn't it? >> they call this a reduction? that's not a reduction. >> well, it's reducing. call it whatever you want. >> you're a big tv star. call it whatever you want, buddy. >> >> a little mustard and thyme. >> and ends up looking like this. >> like that. exactly. >> then you put it on -- where are we? >> here it is. you've got to taste this. >> here she is, right here. >> have a bite. for me. >> chicken breast and you've got the leg and thigh over there. >> great. >> these are leeks vinaigrette, another of my family favorites. always make leek vinaigrette. >> delicious. so tender and so --
10:43 am
us on from that greenwich thing we did. told everybody and here we are. >> accomplished it. >> nice job. >> thank you. >> god bless. >> thank you, for this recipe and marc's leek vinaigrette, go to should we put a jellybean on the top? purple? absolutely. ?? ?? ?? ?? ? i was born a dreamer... ? ? i was born a dreamer... ? i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years
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series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. oh, great. all righty. today we have a special member to add to the growing list of elvis duran's artist of the month. >> her name, marina morgan. >> transforming her story into a wonderful album called "paralyze" here with elvis, our good friend to tell us all about it. welcome, hon. >> fantastic. different than usual. usually we bring guests already signed to labels and already have a career, really, really, really going.
10:49 am
very hard from staten island, singing in a lot of different venues, her story is what caught my attention, and now it all begins really big time today on the "today" show. >> that makes it exciting. listen to her story. you were a little girl? >> yes, i was a little girl with an autoimmune disease that left me bound to a wheelchair and i had to live in a children's hospital for months to relearn how to walk and i did, i was doing great for about the past ten years until the summer of 2015 when i started hav with my eyesight and es sof gis gis esophagus testing. after a year of testing i was doeg niced with lyme disease back in may and was inspired to make the song based off these experiences and help bring awareness to the cause. >> and you'll do it with this song. >> wait until you hear this song.
10:50 am
it's fabulous. >> this is fabulous. watch this. ?? ? trapped in the dark can't even feel my heart beating ? will i fall apart or but i refuse to lose my mind ? ? i'm not giving up on my life ? what's wrong with me i can't breathe my mind won't be paralyzed ? ? fighting back all my fears ?
10:51 am
oh-oh ? wake up in pain will this be the day it changes ? oh, i can hardly sleep ? more nightmares than dreams ? but i refuse to lose my mind i'm not giving up on my life ? what's wrong with me i can't breathe ? ? but i won't be paralyzed ?
10:52 am
'cause i won't be paralyzed ? ? oh-oh, 'cause i won't be so afraid of falling back to ? ? who i was before ? back when i was paralyzed i can beat the odds one fight be back all my fears ? ? what's wrong with me i can't breathe ? ? but i won't be paralyzed
10:53 am
? 'cause i won't be paralyzed ? i won't be paralyzed ? ? oh-oh, oh-oh-oh i won't be paralyzed ?? >> beautiful. wow, marina. inspiration, honey. >> thank you. >> i'm so glad you're doing so well. >> thank you. >> thank you, elvis. you bring the best. >> you did a great job by the way. >> fabulous. >> to hear all of elvis' list, find them on our website, and elvis will host the z-100 jingle ball next friday. i hope i'll be with you. >> me, too. >> you're invited. >> we'll be right back.
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so far this week we've collected nearly $4.5 million from corporate donors not including your donations. thank you, everybody, so much for your generosity. >> what you got for us. >> giving away studio pros. >> stop it. their heads and feet, can holds a pose, you can see here. >> cute! >> and kids make stop-motion movies and share on youtube. 150,000 videos by kids. 200 million views. make their own movies, take pictures and share. >> how many have you given to the kids? >> $150,000 worth. >> josh, you're a good man, and i love the hat. merry christmas to you. >> you can donate on the plaza all next week and on,
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it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: we won't judge, but we're judging. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: now, here's wendy! ? >> wendy: hi! thank you so much for watching


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