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smoke and flames -- 'tearing' through a home. a 'wake county family' -- 'loses' nearly everything. ...'what' we've learned -- about the cause. plus - calls for change. a tearful plea from the mother of a murder victim. what she's demanding from police and the community. and... a 'raleigh couple' - accused of abusing and killing -- a dog. the woman's 'teary' defense. eyewitness news starts right now. now - a fire destroys a wake county home. good evening everyone. i'm tisha powell. and i'm steve daniels. 'chopper 11 h-d'... brought you the story 'live' -- as 'breaking news' -- during our 'news' at six o'clock.... as 'flames' and 'thick' black smoke -- poured from the roof. the fire started -- just before 'six o'clock' on "cortona way"... 'not far' from 'buffalo road' -- near the "wake / johnston county line". angelica alvarez is 'live' near the scene with the
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the home though... is a total loss... it's going to be a long night for firefighters... they're still here... working to put out hot spots... as of right now they don't know yet what caused the fire... but say it does appear to be accidental. endia brewer neighbor 19:14:18 "i was watching tv and i heard, it was just like boom, it was a pow, i went outside and the smoke was dark." endia brewer witnessing the worst of the flames taking over this home here in the 78-hundred way. this view from chopper 11 hd... showing fire shooting through the roof. the fire fight was intense... you can see firefighters breaking windows... and on ladders... brian staples fire chief, wendell fire dept. 19:24:40 "lot of flames shooting up the back corner." wendell fire chief... brian staples...says they had as many as 12 units from five fire departments out here... and says at one point they had to pull out for their own safety. brian staples fire chief, wendell fire dept. 19:27:15 "once the roof started collapsing we
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hit it from the outside, used the ladder truck to knock down the brunt of the fire and then went back in with hand lines." he says the fire started here in the back... in the deck area... then took over both floors of the home. and with the closest fire hydrant...almost two miles away... they had to truck in the water. 19:25:35 "we had five tankers, we set up a water point to the next closest hydrant which is on turnip seed road and we were trucking in water, filling a 2,000 gallon tank." the chief says they never ran out of water... still the flames complete loss. the family was not home at the time. but their dog was.. i'm told a neighbor down the street actually ran into the home...before firefighters arrived... and rescued the dog. the highway patrol identifying the driver -- who
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crash this morning on i-40. several people raced to pull others out of those burning cars. troopers say 63- year-old "dempsey - smith" of wilson....died. other drivers hurt in the crash were transported to duke and u-n-c hospitals. troopers say it all started when a car stopped in traffic was rear- ended by another vehicle. a total of seven cars were involved. i-40 westbound was closed for several hours causing massive backups. you can look for updates on this developing story on abc-11-dot-com or the abc-11 mobi a 'raleigh woman' -- accused of 'torturing' and 'beating' her 'rescue dog' -- tells 'eyewitness news' -- she "didn't do it". raleigh police say -- last thursday night -- "khai - daugherty" and "annaliese - petersen" -- were at the 'swimming pool' at "bexley apartments" -- when their dog... named "eclipse" -- who they rescued from a shelter 'five' months ago... was 'beaten' and then 'drowned'. petersen says -- she was 'swimming' in another part of the pool -- and thought her boyfriend was 'playing' with the dog. she says -- moments later-- he was taking the dog 'out' of the water... saying it
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out' of jail. ...the judge 'raised' -- "khai - daugherty's" bond -- from 3 thousand to 10 thousand dollars -- after reading the warrant. 'both' are due 'back' in court next month. a grieving mother -- ple answers and change in her community. her tearful outburst comes less than a week after her son was found shot to death outside a southeast raleigh home. so far, no arrests have been made in the death of "laquan - anderson." heather waliga joins us from the raleigh eyewitness news center with more on the community's frustration.
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front of dozens of people....begging for an end to the violence....just days after her son's lifeless body was found on a southeast raleigh street. mothers who have lost children gathered tonight to console her... and plea for an area plagued by crime. a mother overcome with grief....the pain of losing her son to murder....too much to bear. 23-year-old laquan week on fisher street.... the first deadly shooting in the area since a gang truce in july. friends say the former gang member...was turning his life around. 18:46:47...laying down his flag, no longer wanting to do the banging which they call it and just really trying to be there for his kids despite anderson's violent death...diana powell says raleigh's streets are safer since the truce. and she's working to keep the peace....calling a
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angela. rolanda byrd's son...akiel denkins...knew anderson. denkins was shot and killed by a raleigh police officer in february.'s just sad to keep seeing these things happen whether it's police accountability or black on black crime. it's two issues that we need to get a grip on in our community a community trying to keep the momentum toward peace and another for answers. 18:50:05...we have to stay united. if we ever fall apart we might as well just give up. but we can't give up. we've got to keep pressing forward raleigh police still aren't saying whether anderson's death was gang-related and they have yet to make any arrests. they're asking anyone with information to give them a call. live in the rewnc, hw, abc11, ewn. new details about a weekend
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old boys and a 16- year-old. the boys were shot saturday night on reservoir street. a caller to 9-1-1 says it was a drive-by. one of boys was shot in the stomach another in the leg. the 11 year old hit in the stomach underwent surgery and remains in serious condition tonight. no arrests have been made. a 'grand jury' -- in 'wake county' - "indicts" a raleigh homeowner -- who claimed to be "locked and loaded" on a call to 9-1-1 -- in the 'shooting death' of "kouren - thomas." investigators say -- "chad - copeley"... 'fired' a shotgun -- garage... hitting 'thomas'. copeley 'claimed' -- he was "defending his neighborhood". thomas' family -- and some people in the neighborhood -- call the shooting a "hate crime." in a statement -- the family of 'kouren - thomas' says -- they "hope that today's indictment sends a clear message -- that this kind of 'malicious behavior' -- cannot and 'will not' -- be tolerated." also in wake county -- an act of 'forgiveness' by the families who lost loves ones to a hit-and-run driver during the february 20-14 snowstorm. "marshall - doran".... admitting in court today he was not only 'drunk' -- but a 'coward' when he
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he also thanked the families for their forgiveness. doran's already serving a 'life sentence' for setting a fire in 'kure beach' -- that killed '2- women'. his sentence for the 'hit and run' was for a minimum of '2- years.' family members.. leaving the courtroom in tears. they were there supporting '22- year-old' -- 'jacielespino- montes' -- who is facing a list of charges linked to a crash that killed 'three' of his friends. that crash.. in raleigh near 'highwoods boulevard' and 'poplarwood court' -- over the weekend. authorities say the wayneo when he ran off the road.. hit a pole and a tree.. then flipped. espino-montes had a previous d-w-i in 2011. new tonight - 'governor mccrory' -- "applauding" a 'federal court decision' -- blocking the obama administration's 'directive' -- on 'transgender bathrooms' -- in public schools. in a 'statement' the governor's office says: "we're also pleased that a federal court has sided with governor mccrory's position -- that the obama administration has 'overstepped' its authority -- by bypassing congress and the courts." the
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schools -- to let 'transgender students' -- use the bathroom of their 'choice'. ....but a 'judge' in texas granted a 'temporary'... 'nationwide injunction' -- against the policy. ....that means, for now, federal agencies are 'not allowed' -- to 'take action' against schools -- that 'don't follow' the bathroom policy. classes start tomorrow at u-n- c... but some students are already getting a lesson on "how to be a good neighbor." this is the 13th year for the good neighbor initiative. it encourages students to work with residents to build community -- and keep neighborhoods clean, safe and quiet. many students have never lived important for them to know town rules and neighborhood expectations. this year -- the group had '3- times' more student volunteers -- than in years past. "donald - trump" putting a major speech 'on hold'.
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on immigration. who he met with over the weekend. plus... 'growing concern' over the "zika outbreak" -- right here in the u-s. ...'where' health officials are 'afraid' --the illness could 'hit' next. plus... "blown off course". hundreds of 'americans' -- create an "international incident". the "unintentional invasion". but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center chris?
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these are grillers. and we make them at johnsonville. they've got way more flavor than ordinary burgers. flavors like bacon and cheddar and steakhouse onion. people who try 'em, love 'em. because they're burgers. made the johnsonville way. plans' for "donald - trump."
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supposed to deliver a 'major speech' on immigration thursday... but now that's not the case. questions are looming as to whether or not trump is 'softening' his plan to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. he met with his 'hispanic advisory council' over the weekend. trump says he wants to come up with quote "a fair but firm immigration policy." no word yet on when he plans to deliver his speech. meawwhile -- trump's campaign announcing that his running mate -- indiana governor "mike - pence" will be in wilmington on wednesday afternoon. pushing back on reports suggesting he may have given "hillary - clinton" the idea to use a 'private email account' -- as 'secretary of state'. people magazine reporting powell said -- quote -- "her people are trying to pin it on me" -- at an event in east hampton, new york. powell -- who was 'secretary of state' under president "george - w - bush" -- suggested clinton was using private email long before he talked to her about the subject. a 'new warning' -- about the "spread of zika" here in the u-s.... as 'concern
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right now... the 'fight' -- is spreading to "south beach" - miami's 'second' identified "hot zone". the 'c-d-c' is now warning 'pregnant women' and their 'partners' -- to 'avoid travel' -- 'not' just to 'those' two places - but 'anywhere' in miami-dade county. doctors are now 'worried' -- cases will 'spread' along the gulf coast - especially in the aftermath of 'recent flooding' -- in louisiana and texas -- where 'standing water' is a problem. chilling news details released -- in that 'deadly' alligator attack -- at walt disney world. a new report says a guest at the 'grand floridian' -- warned staf about '45- minutes' prior to the attack -- and was on his way down to warn families -- when he heard a woman scream. the report also says the gator acted in a "predatory manner" and that 2-year old "lane - graves".... did nothing to provoke the reptile. the gator grabbed the boy when he bent down and that the boy's father tried to pry open the gator's mouth that was clamped on his son.... but the animal broke away. in virginia -- police are 'investigating' -- a
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'college trip'. they say -- a mom, dad and daughter -- were 'hit' by a car -- as they were crossing the street. the mother, 57- year-old "bonnie - baha" -- died from her injuries. the dad and daughter -- are recovering in the hospital. the family was in 'charlottesville' -- dropping-off their 'son' -- at the 'university of virginia'. no charges have been filed. now to the big board and the must-see video of the night. we begin with a 'dramatic rescue' -- off the coast of australia. rescuers worked to 'free' a yo trapped in shark nets. they spent about an hour coaxing the distressed mammal from the net. the whale was several feet long -- and most of the netting was around its tail. they say the whale was getting pretty annoyed -- but it was eventually freed. a 'fish' -- wasn't 'going down' -- 'without a fight'. this 'egret' -- was recently recorded 'swallowing' a fish but the "tilapia" -- still put-up 'quite a fight' -- inside the bird's
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fish 'flail around' -- and 'fight for its life'. ....but after a 'sip of water' -- and a couple of head shakes -- the egret 'finally' swallows the fish and carries on. and -- the royal norwegian guard bestowed the honor of "brigadier sir"...on king penguin "sir - nils - olav." 'sir - nils' is the mascot of his majesty the king of norway's guard. he wore a gold military pin as he proudly waddled his way up the zoo's penguin walk... past '50-
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nearly two months of heat and humidity, a cold front has brought some welcome relief. a cold front dropped through the region last night, and high pressure over the midwest is funneling in cooler and drier air. tonight, some spots near the may fall into the 50s, with low and mid 60s from the rdu area to fayetteville. enjoy! tuesday will be a sunny and warm day, but the humidity will stay low. highs will be
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pressure will keep us dry and warm through the end of the week. but by the weekend it will get hotter and more humid. enjoy the great
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the 'saint clair river' -- turns into an 'international rescue'. '15-hundred
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down" -- when 'heavy wind' -- blew them 'into' canada. the 'wind' -- pushed the group -- in floats, rafts and 'inner tubes' -- along the canadian shore. several 'canadian police agencies' -- worked to 'pull' the floaters -- safely from the water. they were all 'sent back' to michigan on buses. every year -- one florida couple celebrates their wedding anniversary with a special tradition. ann and ken fredericks nibble on a piece of the original cake from their wedding day. the couple got married in 1955 -- and they've been same fruitcake for over six decades. ann's grandmother made the cake for their wedding day. the couple says they keep the cake wrapped up in a tightly sealed coffee tin that stays in a cupboard above their refrigerator. ken and ann say each year they have a little piece with some champagne. from tailpipes - to tailbacks. a nascar
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clearing the way for college football. plus - a "golden trip". coach "mike - krzyzewski".... 'returns' to the triangle. 'what' he's 'calling' -- "team u-s-a's" -- 'best
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underway -- in rio de janeiro. the streets around the 'olympic venues' were 'empty' today... after 16- days of high activity. they 'started working' overnight -- to collect the trash -- around the olympic stadium.... and they were 'still at work' -- in the early hours. the 'rainy and cold' weather -- drove away residents... and the remaining visitors. the 'transformation'
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"bristol motor speedway" infield -- into a 'football field'. about 450 trucks are bringing in 11 thousand tons of stone into the speedway. the speedway is turning into a football field for the world's largest football game. the battle at bristol will see the tennessee vols face the virginia tech hokies. that stone will be leveled and turned into a football field for the september tenth game. planners expect 150 thousand attendees. coming up next in sports... mike krzyzewski
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basketball... plus a starting quarterback decision arrives for one acc team but first - the bulls were blasting tonight - casey gillaspie especially... not one but two home runs tonight for gillaspie as durham beat
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honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event,
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basketball program a decade or so ago... the best players either didn't want to bother, or if they did, certainly didn't look engaged... what followed was the most dominant string of international men's basketball in history... 88 wins in 89 tries... three olympic and two world titles... needless to say - k did the job... and now, for good, he's back to his day job 0-5 13-19 57-102 family and friends rolled out the re welcome back coach k and his family. with wife mickey by his side another golden trip to the olympics is now complete. "you know we played our best game in the gold medal game. just excited to be back" feeling the weight of a long trip krzyzewski made sure it was a happy return. his team crushing serbia by 30 behind kevin durants identical point total. this title wasn't a given by any stretch "it was a long journey and i
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best in the medal round. our defense adjusted to the type of play we had to play against and then we were giving up instead of 90 points 75." not one to wax poetically about the emotions of winning or in this case the end of his run coaching the national team. krzyzewski didn't reveal that side of the story with the afternoon. he did say he's happy to be in the triangle. "you know all are unbelievable but this journey each one is different. we knew we were learning but we have would have liked to learn not by winning by three points." olympic coaches don't get gold medals and k doesn't need anymore hardware. just a recharge and a new journey with duke. at rdu joe mazur abc 11
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who his starting qb will be at state... dave clawson on the other hand spilled the beans at wake forest today, anointing john wolford the man for the deacs opener vs tulane... clawson said former southern durham star kendall hinton will also play in the game, so it seems far from a one guy situation....both wolford and hinton played last year too join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for
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