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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  August 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm EDT

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over "h-b-two". 'how' a ruling -- in 'favor' of 'three people' -- could impact the 'entire state'. plus - a dog turns on its owner. a raleigh woman forced to take cover. a group of good samaritans -- attempting to come to her rescue. and... "abc-11 together" -- highlighting the 'needs' -- of a local shelter. how 'you' can help them -- 'recover' from a fire. eyewitness news a 'federal court ruling' -- involving 'three people-- at the "university of north carolina" -- could have a 'widespread impact' -- on 'h-b- two'. good evening. i'm steve daniels. and i'm tisha powell. the ruling says two students and employee are allowed to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. angelica alvarez has been combing through the 80 plus page court document...and
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this controversial state law. angelica? simply put... those against the law.. say this is a battle won in the war against hb2. and believe today's ruling means in a few months time... hb2 could be tossed out for good. "it's been an incredible long journey." ben graumann... with equality nc has been one of many in the state... in the nation... fighti against hb. "it shows that hb2 is directly against title 9, which is a big thing so i think that's going to set a precedent once it finally goes to court." this more than 80 page ruling...boils down to the middle district saying unc must allow an employee and two students to use bathrooms that go with their gender identity. the three named... are the ones suing governor pat mccrory and the state over hb2.
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ruling... the lead plaintiff in this...joaquin carcano said: ", the tightness that i have felt in my chest every day since h.b. 2 passed has eased. but the fight is not over: we won't rest until this discriminatory law is defeated." supporters of the bill however... are skeptical... in a statement tami fitzgerald... head of the nc values coalition says: "...hb2 remains in effect for all others at unc and across the state. since unc has refused to enforce hb2, the effect..." the governor's office agrees... saying: "this is not a final resolution of this case, and the governor will continue to defend north carolina law." still... with the judge saying the law violates federal discrimination laws....people against hb2.. remain hopeful. aclu attorneys tell me they hope for a final decision when they go to court to fight the entire
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their attorneys are going over the ruling... but say the will comply. they point out at they've always said they would not enforce hb2... since they're caught in the middle between state law and federal guidance on the law. . developing right now in cumberland county - hope mills police investigating an accident involving a pedestrian. eyewitnesses te two people were trying to cross cumberland road when one of them was struck by a car. the car stopped. we're working to find out the victim's condition...and if any charges have been filed. you can look for updates tomorrow morni on eyewitness news. new tonight -- a delay for dozens of people trying to fly to london. american airlines 'flight - 174' to heathrow airport -- had to make an 'emergency landing' at r-d-u toight... shortly after it took off. the airline says a suspected mechanical issue was the reason. the plane landed safely -- and no
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next available flights to london 'counselors' -- will be 'on hand'- - at "gravelly hill middle school" -- in 'efland' -- on the 'first day of school' -- after the sudden death' -- of a 13-year-old student. "orange county school officials" say -- "fredrick - seymour" -- had an 'asthma attack' -- during the 'first' football practice of the season -- on monday. paramedics say -- the "risi grader" -- got 'worse' -- during the ride to "u-n-c hospitals" in chapel hill. the teen 'died' this rningking into whether the 'heat' -- lped a role in his death. a 'raleigh mom'- failing to 'show up' at a 'school bus stop' -- to 'pick up' her young son... is taking to cokto defendherself. in an interview with our news gathering partners "univision".... the single mom claims someone else was supposed to pick up her son. "sarai flores - lechuga" says she was 'working' -- when raleigh police showed up at her southeast raleigh apartment -- and found her '8-year-old' in charge of the other kids. the youngest child... left alone was a 'one-year- old'. the '29-year-old' is now charged with child abuse. she says she'll fight to get her
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days' away -- from kids going "back to class" -- at "traditional calendar schools" across the triangle.. and the 'iteam' -- is looking into 'new concerns' -- about a 'shortage' of 'bus drivers' -- in ke county. the 'i-team' -- first reported a 'few weeks ago'... there are "60 fewer buses" on the road this year... and the numbers have been 'going down' for the past three years. ....but there'll be 'two-thousand' more kids in the 'system'. 'wake county schools spokesperson' -- "tim - simmons" says -- they have have "enough dt me 'need'... despite a 'newsper reort' - il ite'. simmons says-- the district 'plannd' for 760 drivers -- because they 'k 'hit' that number... not because it was the 'optimal number'. simmons also sayshe ditrict pln t "aintain or imove" it"on time rate" -- of 95-
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the crunch on families... with 'earlier' pick-ups.... 'later' drop-offs.... and 'longer' ride- times. and be 'sure' -- to tune-in on monday morning -- for 'special' -- eyewitness news coverage -- as your kids go "back to school". we'll have 'live reports' -- from raleigh, duham anfayetteville -- and we'll keep you updated on 'any problems' -- that 'develop' -- with school buses. our 'special coverage' begins at 30 a-m. new onight - a wake county woman attacked by n og. a group of good samaritans... rushing to her aid... trying to pll theanmal of her. this happened on 'presley court' -- not far from 'east millbrook dejn uaggard is here with more on what exactly happened. dejuan? tisha, a raleigh woman is recovering tonight after being attackedby her pit bull. she even locked herself in a bathroom just to keep safe. and the objects eyewitnesses arm hemselvs h to et the doo stop. "like a mvie scen it was vicious. nothing i ever seen in my life." a raleigh woman is thanking 3 of her neighbors for coming to her aid after a vicious pt bul attack.
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presley cour near north hils. "t lady, she works with dogs. so they always played. but for reastoon day, the dog jumped up on her." the woman, who has not been identified, was bit in the arm, chest, and abdomen...before making her way to a bathroom to hie from the dog. that's when he three men sprang io with a bat and a rake. but that wasn't enough. "we realized t really coudn't do anything ab the situao. ut just stand ba an for anmal l to t tere." when the woman s feing for he life inth throom...the pit bull bgan clawing at thd not lettn any near it...and comman...useles s. h i walked inside the house, i could see the dog jumping at the door with claws and growling at the mouth, real aggressively, trying to get to the other side of the door. so he
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raleigh police, fire, and ems eventually arrived a he home to help. animal control also showed up and was able to calm the dog down. "the animal control lady, she got the dog pretty good. she was like a dog whisperer. the dog came right to her and the dog came right out the house acting like nothing happened." neighbors say the woman was taken away by an ambulance. no word on how she's doing tonight...or newsroom, dejuan hoggard, abc11 eyewitness new. "abc-11 together" --igigting he 'needs' of a "family shelter" in durham -- 'daged' bya early morning fire. 'fire crews' responded to "families moving forward" -- on 'north queen street'... just after 'eight o'clock' this morning. they say -- the fire started in a kitchen... and was 'put out' by the 'sprinkler system'. 'two' rooms have 'water damage'... and the 'families' in those rooms -- had to be 'moved'. the 'executive director' says -- he's "thankful" -- no one was hurt. families in the shelter -- will
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to the kitchen for now... and the 'power' is 'off' on that side of the building. they're hoping people will 'donate' at least '12' grocery store gift cards. "families moving forward" -- go to abc-11-dot-com.... and look for the story -- under the "abc-11-together" se a 'traffic alert' in cary... several downtown streets are now closed ahead of the two day 'lazy daze arts festival'. the streets im cary town hl campus. they'll remain closed until'sunday night. this is the 40th anniversary of the festival. is one of the largest arts and crafts festivals in the sta... feturing hundreds of artists. abc11 togethe sponsors this evnt. we'll be saturday and
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that a comeback should include everyone.
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>> there is bad football and terrible football a the effort that the panthers put forward. a terrible display. going dp to benjamin. logan ryan had that one clocked e whole way.
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back to his norl form. and white. tom brady would answer late in the first quarter. this was vintage stuff, absolutely perfect throw for hogan. and cam would throw a second pitch, but this was the good stuff, dodging the rush and getting into the open space for an easy -- should have been an easy ugly night. n for the pass and 19-3 a t panthers have scored and that one is under view. the blue devils have seen it. starting quarterback re-injured his left achilles and needs another surgery.
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recovering so quick and hoped to be th opening starter. and duke told me he will be released but the report is accurate. jones is likely the blue devils starter. and the best coach in the school's history. there is much work to be done before that conversation can be done. starting next thursday. and extending season. they will have co-quarterbacks. >> i need to see the game day and that's the thing. and had a lot of game-day play and ryan got hurt pretty early last year and that's the rest of this season and both these guys need game day and need to see them.
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spot as a 6-5 shootg guard. tore up the summer circuit. so big foster at duke. the first recruit for 2017. it will be a massive exodus when they go to the nba draft. >> that's going to do it for us i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: so we have unlocked the secret with a smiley face. demi lovato has hooked up with luke rockhold. >> they've done doing these secret messages on instagram where they post little smilies on their pinkies. surprising because she broke up with wilmer valderrama. whatever his name is. >> that was a tough one though. [laughter] >> j.lo's in new york filming the next four months. guess who just showed up in new york? harvey: casper sma >> caspert.r smart saying they' still talking and acting like they're still together. they're together in new york. >> wre is he staying? harvey: a hostel or sothing. >> we got justin bieber on the


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