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i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them
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for the content of this advertising. eyewitness news... 'restoring the vote'. a 'last-minute' -- 'federal court ruling' -- could have an 'impact' on "election day". ....'what' the judge decided... and 'who' is 'impacted'. plus... a new horror revealed in the case of the rescued woman in south carolina-- what police returning to the scene found today. and "all new" tonight - a 'deadly' police shootout -- in new york city. a 'police sergeant' killed -- 'another officer' wounded. eyewitness news starts right now. a "voting bombshell"... just 'four days' -- before 'election day'. good evening from the "abc-11 election h-q". i'm steve daniels. and i'm tisha powell. the federal judge has ordered local elections boards to restore voters who were purged from rolls. elaina athans is live outside state board of elections headquarters in downtown raleigh with what this will
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emergency injunction and now state officials are scrambling. the executive director says -- "our agency is working quickly to establish the procedures necessary to comply with the court order between now and election day." thousands of north carolina voters who were removed from the rolls and told they couldn't vote -- will now be able to cast their ballot tuesday. the federal judge just sided with the naacp. 18:26:00 "we will allowed this suppression to continue." so... let's explain what happened and how we got this emergency ruling. private citizens can challenge another voter's residence based on returned mail. hearings are then held and often the voter in question is removed from the rolls. the state board of elections ended up purging about forty-five hundred voters from the system. that means -- those people were wiped off the grid. this beaufort county resident -- one hundred- year-old grace hardison -- was
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angry -- she wrote president obama and he shared her plight today at fayetteville state university 3:32 "they targeted the wrong woman." 3:39 "she could be your grandmother, you're great- grandmother." the naacp filed a lawsuit. the civil rights group argued there was an attempt to suppress minority vote. a federal judge issued an injection and ordered the state board of elections to restore voter registrations that were cancelled. changes are being made in cumberland, moore, and beaufort counties. beaufort is where where hardison lives. 18:28:06 "voter fraud is a lie, u is alive and we have to fight it at every turn." the today's ruling an emergency injuncation. there will still be a trial that'll happen after the the election the board of election hasn't decided if officials will appeal the ruling. live in downtown raleigh ea abc11 ewn
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here in north carolina. it 'ends' tomorrow -- at one p-m. so far.... more than 2-point-6 million people -- have voted. ....42-percent of them democrats. meanwhile - governor "pat - mccrory" -- waited close to '40 minutes' -- to 'vote' today -- at the 'morrison regional library' in charlotte. he says -- 'enthusiasm' -- is the 'reason' -- for the "spike in turnout". republicans are 'praising' -- 'their' -- "early voting" ground game as well. there's been a '23 percent' increase -- in 'republicans' -- 'voting early' in north car north carolina has become a pivotal state in the race for the white house. the state's 15 electoral votes will be among the biggest prizes tuesday night...and the campaign schedule reflects that. joel brown joins us from the raleigh eyewitness new center with more on the last-minute push for battleground north carolina. this week may go down as our state's 'biggest' turn in the presidential spotlight... in history! 'every' major player of the campaign... making an appearance in north carolina. let's start, tonight...
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president obama... traveling from the 'sandhills' to the 'piedmont', today... making his final pitch. - "north carolina, let's welcome president barack obama!" he swooped into charlotte 8 years to the day... he was elected president. here in the queen city... and hours earlier at fayetteville state... - "hello broncos!" president obama tried to do for hillary clinton what he achieved in 2008... turn north carolina blue. - "right now, you can elect a leader who spent her entire life trying country forward, our first female president." speaking to this largely millennial and african- american audience... the president tried to motivate them to get to the polls... reminding them of allegations of black voter suppression by state republicans. - "right now, donald trump is calling on his supporters to monitor certain areas on election day. i don't know what areas he's talking about, but you do." - "no wonder governor mccrory calls donald trump a role model." back in the triangle...
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this busload of surrogates for donald trump rolled into downtown durham. - "they say women don't love trump, but women are the ones that are going to bring trump to the finish line of victory." the women aboard the women for trump bus dismissed that now notorious access hollywood hot mic moment as dirty tricks... and heralded the republican nominee as the true candidate for change. - "we need change, we need hope, we need restructure." - "i am bound and determined to fight til the end to make sure donald trump becomes our next - "we want someone whose going to do something different and people who like or don't like donald trump know he's gonna do something different." both sides making their 11th hour pleas to tar heel voters... before the close of early voting, tomorrow at 1pm... hillary clinton and donald trump going into election day... with trump 'leading' by 'one' point... in the latest real clear politics 'average' of statewide polls.
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day'... in our "vote 2016 election headquarters" special - right here on abc 11. we'll be featuring comments from viewers... and the results of a 'few polls' -- we're 'running' online right now. have you voted? and who are you supporting? take part in our polls on abc 11 dot com ... and tune in tonight at 11-35 for the special. tonight - the "town of rolesville" -- 'flying' the 'american flag' -- at 'half-staff' -- in honor of a 'soldier' -- from 'wake county' -- 'killed' in afghanistan. the 'pentagon' says -- 30 year-old byers"... was based at 'fort carson'. he was doing "clearing operations" -- in the 'kunduz province' -- when his 'unit' came under fire. 'byers'... and a soldier from pennsylvania -- were killed. the 'byers family' tells 'eyewitness news' -- he "loved what he did"... and becoming a 'special forces soldier' -- was his 'dream'. another republican office in north carolina targeted by a vandals...this time in burlington. a volunteer discovered the damage this morning... it's not as severe as the firebombing of the orange county g-o-p office last month. police have video that shows
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using some choice words on the side of building. the inside of the office wasn't touched. right now -- a volunteer crew is cleaning up the damage. 'developing' now -- 'raleigh police' -- trying to 'identify'... a 'guy' -- in this 'surveillance video'. officers say -- he 'broke' a window -- and tried to enter a home on 'northclift drive'-- shortly before 'noon' yesterday. a neighbor 'called 9-1-1'. police 'arrived'... and chased the man -- but he 'got away'. if you 'know' -- 'who' he is-- call police. no one was injured after a 'rolesville buzz building' -- causing a canopy to partially collapse. eyewitnesses say the truck swerved to miss an oncoming car and struck the building. the accident happened near young and main streets. the cost of the damage to the building is unknown at this time. new details about a 'hit- and- run' in cary that injured two cyclist. a search warrant reveals that police collected "digital data" showing "christopher - moore" driving in the area of the crash. it also says investigators found 'human - hair' embedded in
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driving. "lori - cove" and "ginny - davis" were hit while riding their bikes on high house road last month. moore is charged with felony hit- and-run. now an 'update' -- on an 'i-team investigation'.... ....'engineers' -- working for the 'owners' of the "woodlake dam" in 'moore county' -- 'are' following a "d-e-q order" -- as they work 'toward' a resolution. as the 'i-team' -- first reported the 'd-e-q' gave the 'woodlake owners' -- until 'today'.... to 'submit a plan' -- for a "temporary breach". ....they now have to present a 'construction schedule' by tuesday. failed' -- during 'hurricane matthew'.... forcing the 'evacuation' of hundreds of families. an 'i-team investigation' -- discovered 'years of negligence' -- 'by' the owners led -- to the dam's 'demise'. new tonight - honoring the greatest generation. a special vigil and gathering -- paid generation. a special vigil and gathering -- paid tribute to the 'sacrifices' made to a group of veterans who are thinning by the day. greg barnes is in downtown fayetteville with more. greg? world war two
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this year... tomorrow folks will line both sides of hay street, to shout and cheer for our veterans-men and women as they parade thru downtown. a thank you to our heroes for protecting all that we hold so dear... " "..oh say can you see.. 92 year old don bertino's life and war stories are the stuff of heroe's #06:26:00:07 donald bertino wwii veteran "..what else can i say about war, i am sure as hell glad its over.." a living legacy to american courage, and might he fought from utah beach to the rhine river. 06:26:23:19 runs=:17 don bertino="..when i got over the rhine, them germans came up and said "i quit!..i want to go home. they put us on guard duty. i was guarding 10,000 prisoners one night, and would you believe the oldest was 70!. hitler went all the way. he scraped the
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others lit candles in downtown fayetteville. to honor the world war two veterans whose ranks, the military says, are thinning by 490 deaths a day. a legacy bertino says that must be passed to a new generation to keep the memories alive. :06:24:17 "..we are not supposed to forget anybody, the pow's, the dead, anybody. that's the way i look at it don't forget the veteran.." they remembered veterans in spring lake, as veterans and the 1st sustainment major joined residents for a vigil and march. here and around the country, veterans day is a celebration honoring veterans for their patriotismm love of country and willingness to to serve and sacrifice and a promise it to those great heroes still among us that we will not forget...ever.. #06:55:39:03 "...we will never forget..clink candles.. fayetteville's veterans day
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thru downtown.. and of course for many world war two veterans, the bombing of pearl harbor 75 years ago, marked the beginning of a war that defined this "greatest generation.." 'still to come' tonight on eyewitness news - ....a 'deadly police shootout' in new york. an officer 'killed'... another 'wounded'. 'what' we've learned -- about the shooter. and grisly discovery. a new horror revealed in the case of the rescued woman in south carolina-- what police returning to the scene found today. plus...dodging disaster. new details about an american airlines runway explosion and fire in chicago.
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jet..and it's tie to r-d-u airport. but first... a live look outside of
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for attorney general... there's buck newton, the "cheerleader" for hb2, legalizing discrimination. or, there's josh stein. "a voice of reason..." who's "uniquely qualified..." stein helped "expand the state's dna database and increase protections for domestic violence victims." praised by law enforcement for his
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across north carolina. josh stein is "the clear choice." on the "american airlines 7-67" -- that 'caught fire' in chicago last week -- showed "signs of fatigue". ...that 'same plane' -- was used to 'operate a flight' -- between 'r-d-u' and 'london'.... just 14-hours 'before' the chicago accident. the 'n-t-s-b' says -- a "high pressure turbine disk" -- in the 'right engine' -- 'broke into pieces' -- that 'shot out' of the engine's 'housing'.
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away'.... and a 'fierce fire' enveloped 'one side' of the plane -- after the failure. an "uncontained" engine failure -- like this -- is 'rare'... but as you can see -- it can 'cause' -- extensive damage to the 'aircraft'. an update to a story that was "breaking" at this time last night. troopers will 'not' file any charges against the driver who hit and killed a little girl on old u-s one in wake county. eyewitnesses say the father of 4- year-old "miliah- coats".. was setting up a toy in the yard -- when his daughter darted out into traffic. she died at the scene. county'... a "middle school" -- 'mourning' the loss -- of a 'man' -- who was a 'beloved teacher' and 'coach'. the 'highway patrol' says -- 43- year-old "michael - burks" -- was on his 'motorcycle' yesterday.... when a car "turned in front him" -- at the intersection of 'cumberland road' and 'ireland drive'. 'burks' was 'thrown' off his motorcycle... and later 'died'. 'burk' taught for 14 years at "hope mills middle school". the 'highway patrol' -- is investigating the crash. now to a deadly gun battle in the heart of new york -- that killed an n- y-p-d sergeant and
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the sergeant who died -- was shot at point blank range as he approached the suspect. authorities say the officers confronted the suspect in front of a home when shots were fired. the shooter was also killed. the condition of the wounded officer is not known you can look for updates on this story on abc-11- dot-com and the abc-11 mobile news app. 'grisly details' -- now 'emerging' -- after a woman is found chained "like a dog"... on the property -- of a south carolina 'man'. 45-year-old "christopher - kohlepp"... appearing in court -- as investigators try t 'serial killer' -- on their hands. a prosecutor says -- a 'body' was found on his property... and indicated 'more charges' are coming. authorities say -- they found 30 year old "kala - brown" -- chained by her neck and 'held captive'. brown - and her boyfriend "charlie - carver" -- 'vanished' at the end of august. brown told police -- she 'watched' -- 'kohlepp' -- 'shoot' her boyfriend. a black eye for rolling stone magazine. a jury in virginia found rolling stone liable for defamation over its discredited story about a gang rape at a university of
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virginia administrator "nicole - eramo" sued... saying the story portrayed her as the "villain." the magazine... its publisher and.... author "sabrina - erdely" were found liable. eramo is seeking 'seven- point- five' million dollars. damages will be determined later. rolling stone said in a statement that it sincerely "apologizes" to eramo. now to the big board and the must-see video of the night. we start with a party 108 years in the making.... getting a little crazy! 'chicago cubs fans' -- did "trust falls" -- off a 'grant park statue' -- in chicago. you can see 'two people' -- 'one' after the 'other' -- falling into the cheering crowd -- with their backs turned. in a 'different angle' of the fall.... you can see people 'catching' the unknown fans. the 'fan' -- who shot the video says -- he has 'no idea' -- 'why' they made the jump-- saying maybe they were "partying like it's 19-08." ....which, is the last time the "cubbies" -- won the world series.
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proposal ever... a 'reptile' handler popped the question... inside an 'enclosure' at a park in australia...with an crocodile just feet away! he dropped down on one knee... in front of an audience at the park... just seconds after he tempted the croc with a hunk of red meat. and 'finally'... that "darn cat"! "katie" the 'great dane'.... and her 'little cat brother' -- "jack" - 'play together'. ...but, it seems like this time..... jack isn't "too keen" -- on sharing his 'mouse toy' -- with 'katie'. 'katie' tries to 'convince' jack -- with her 'whining' -- but 'jack' could
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tonight on eyewitness news - it's a 'busy weekend' -- in the 'capital city'... and it'll be a 'chilly one'. we have details on
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washington has made richard burr wealthy. we know that. burr voted himself 5 pay raises and his personal net worth increased 500%. but we're only beginning to learn how little work burr actually does. richard burr missed nearly 70% of his armed services committee hearings... even skipping one hearing to hold a dc fundraiser with lobbyists. it's why the observer says, "burr shows himself to be a consummate washington insider who routinely puts party before country." senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. senate majority pac is responsible a congressional district known as "the octopus", another called "the snake", and 28 state legislative districts all drawn by politicians in raleigh to segregate african-american voters, all upheld by judge bob edmunds. but federal judges rejected edmunds' decision for misusing race for partisan gain.
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mike morgan: north carolina needs a judge who's fair. all about showing gratitude and honoring the men and women who sacrificed greatly defending our freedom. the raleigh veterans parade is tomorrow. the parade will start at nine .. and end with a ceremony on the capitol grounds. i am emceeing the event .. and hope to see you down there! and this year's fayetteville veterans day parade will start at 10 tomorrow morning.
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world war two veterans .. the greatest generation. the parade will feature more than 100 participants. it starts on hay street at the airborne special operations museum .. and ends at liberty point on person street. also ... happening this weekend .. the "city of oaks marathon"... and 'half marathon' -- downtown. the races begin at 'seven' sunday morning ... at the historic 'n-c state bell tower' -- on hillsborough street. there are a number of road closures ... so be sure to check out -- abc 11 dot com before you head that way. coming up next in sports... north carolina unleashes some serious offense against pembroke tonight at the smith center.. plus carolina soccer springs an upset... and something we've never seen before at cameron indoor... matt jones showing off his bunnies... you heard right - matt
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cooper: when we lost the nba all-star game... the ncaas... and the acc championships... it hurt north carolina's economy and our national reputation. but this election for governor is not just about one bad law. it's about them. i'm roy cooper. and this election is about finally stopping the loss of our teachers, lowering taxes on families and growing our economy. vo: we've all seen donald trump's attacks on women, and so has senator richard burr. but it doesn't seem to bother him. richard burr: there's not a separation between me and donald trump. vo: he's right. just look at burr's record. he voted to defund planned parenthood; co-sponsored legislation that would outlaw abortion - with no exceptions; and, could even ban common forms of birth control. donald trump and richard burr - a dangerous combination
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the content of this advertising. happening in chapel hill tonight as the heels and unc- pembroke got together not just for a basketball game but also for a joint food and supply drive to help those in the robeson county area that were ravaged by hurricane matthew always cool to see people helping
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exhibition game... they played a closed scrimmage w/ memphis last week joel berry coast to coast layup heels move it around kenny williams 3 berry finds justin jackson for 3. -- berry 6 dimes, jackson had 16 meeks dives on the floor starts the break berry to hicks for the slam hicks for the slam heels were up 31 at half... they win it by 61... 124-63
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champs tonight.. this year - that meant augustana u of sioux falls, south dakota.. grayson allen crossover j amile jefferson crashes through the line and banks it in, plus the foul.... 2nd - frank jackson goes hard baseline... finishes through contact... night...matt jones... has never dunked... matt jones just dunked... and with some emphasis... luke kennard 3 anson dorrance and the heels taking on top seeded notre dame in the acc tournament semis... 1st - annie kingman w/ the curling free kick... off the goalie and the post... maya worth is
10:32 pm
never score a cupcake easier than that... 1-0 late 2nd now - game tied at 1.... nice play down the right side by the heels... ball is crossed to kingman who hits it first time - and it somehow finds a way through... big win for carolina... 2-1... they'll play florida state for the championship join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow
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how does someone in public office make millions? ask our senator richard burr. burr's net worth has gotten five times bigger while he's been... in congress. five times. no wonder burr voted against the ban on insider trading... in congress. see, burr invested heavily in oil and gas stocks. and voted them billions in tax breaks. they do well. burr does better. it's for burr to go. this advertising. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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harvey: khloe kardashian needs to get over her rich, famous self because she dissed cleveland and this target. >> why would someone think i'm in a target in cleveland. >> nothing is offensive about that. harvey: can you imagine, they see me in target. >> no, that's not how she said it at all. >> at all. >> you're on your own, pal! >> kanye west, he got about halfway through the show and canceled it. looks like he's breaking down a little.palmost like he's crying. >> i was there and i'm pissed and i want my money back. harvey: you invested in it. you went for a night. >> don't tell me that your voice is gone. you're crying. just cry. we're togoing let you cry. and then you're going to finish the show. >> reggie bush may be having another baby.


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