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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  November 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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outside a gun show in raleigh. a 9-1-1 call shedding light on what happened. plus--wildfires growing in the north carolina mountains. the latest on the struggle to contain them. and just how low those temperatures will go tonight in our area. eyewitness news at ten starts right now. we're following several new and breaking stories, tonight... including the fight to contain those wildfires in the mountains and the blast of cold air hitting the triangle. good evening i'm dejuan hoggard. heather waliga has the night off. we start in raleigh-- where an accidental shooting outside a gun show sends a woman to the hospital. it happened this morning at the dixie gun and knife classic at the state fairgrounds. this is the second shooting at a raleigh gun show in four years. tim pulliam live at the state
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woman's condition. i spoke with the victim tonight. she's safe and at home recovering. she didn't want to say much more than that.. her husband called 911. william glosson tells the operator his wife is bleeding from her headseconds after being accidentally shot. :21 "she's conscious and ok. she's don't know how bad it is her ears are ringing." 0312 "my gun went off and grazed my wife's head." 08 "she said her head hurts but other than that she is ok." the accidental shooting happened saturday morning at the state fairgrounds. glosson, his wife alyssa and their relative were hanging out at the dixie gun and knife show. glosson bought two guns at the dixie gun and knife show. when the trio returned to his truckdeputies suspect glosson, a legal gun owner, gave his loaded personal hand gun, and one of
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sot donny harrison/wake county sheriff 122826 he says look at this and some how or another when she grabbed it-- the gun went off. piercing through the passenger seat and grazing the back of alyssa glosson's head. mrs. glosson was rushed to the hospitalwhere she was later discharged. no one is facing charges right now. this is being considered an accident. it is legal to have a gun on fairgrounds property. the last accident of this nature happened in 201 live in raleigh tp abc 11 eyn here's a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center on fayetteville street. temperatures in the 70's today but it will feel almost 30 degrees cooler
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raging in the north carolina mountains. conditions out
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the flames to thrive. the party rock fire near lake lure has grown to over 7-thousand acres. right now it's 36- percent contained. despite strong winds, containment lines have held firm near the blaze. a pre-evacuation notice remains in effect for residents living in areas east of the fire. meanwhile--- the chestnut knob fire is burning 64- hunded acres in burke county. crews spent the day there removing leafs and litter from homes near the fire. burned a combined 46-thousand acres in western north carolina. it's the most advanced weather satellite ever built. today, the "goes- r" lifted off into space. the satellite costs one billion dollars and will track everything from hurricanes to tornadoes and lightning storms. the goes-r is the first of three high-tech
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the aging u-s weather system. an aparment unit went up in flames this morning in fayetteville. it happened shortly before three a-m at the cambridge arms apartment complex. everyone made it out safely. crews saw flames coming from the first floor when they arrived on the scene. one apartment suffered smoke and water damage. no word yet on what started the fire. staying in cumberland county-- about 50 people marched today to stop the proposed atlantic coast pipeline. marches took place in counties. duke energy along with dominion power are planning to build a pipeline through parts of virginia and north carolina. people voicing their concern today about the potential impact it would have on water and the climate. duke energy says the pipeline would have a positive
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carolina. a scary scene in charlotte--- when a car crashed right into a home. a man was vaccuming inside when it happened. he went to the hospital as a precaution. police say the driver swerved to avoid something that ran out in front of his car, slid on the grass and drove into the house. a police standoff in charlotte has ended with three men in jail. it happened after police officers found a vehicle wanted for a break-in at the bass pro store at concord mills. the suspects were north of charlotte. the three men would not respond to police for over an hour... and rooms nearby were evacuated. the swat team arrested the suspects without incident. their names have not been released. turning to politics now... a busy day for president-elect donald trump as he met with mike pence to fill out his white house team. this comes as the 20-12 gop nominee mitt romney met with trump this afternoon. romney.. who is a fierce critic of trump... is said to be in the running
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state. daria albinger has the latest. :30-:45 1:26-1:36
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charlotte today to protest president-elect donald trump. the protest started at marshall park... and then people marched their way to uptown charlotte. like many other protests... people are upset with trump's fiery rhetoric during
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nt obama is urging people to give trump a chance. he made the remarks today during a town hall in peru. the president is in the country meeting with world leaders at a summit. he also called on foreign leaders to continue their work to advance the trans-pacific partnership. donald trump opposes that pact. thousands of mourners including the first lady gathered today to say goodbye to gwen ifill. the veteran journalist died monday at the age of 61 following a year-long battle with cancer. ifill moderated the vice presidential 2008. today... former attorney general eric holder read a letter from president obama praising ifill's legacy. a sad night in the music world. soul singer sharon jones has died. jones was known for her high energy performances. doctors diagnosed her with pancreatic cancer back in 2013. her story was profiled in a documentary earlier this year. jones swas 60- years-old. a terrifying scene in savannah when a
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water. next on eyewitness news--video captures the aftermath as people are left stranded. plus a busy day in downtown raleigh--as thousands of people came out for the annual christmas parade. we'll have a look at some of the big floats. but first... a live look at the
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carrying the texas state football team crashed on the way to a game in new mexico. six people were taken to the hospital. their injuries are said to be non-life threatening. no word yet on what caused the crash. the team's game against new mexico state was pushed back two hours... where they lost 50-to-10.
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frightening moments after a ramp collapsed in savannah georgia sending people into the river. you can see victims hugging and others stranded on the ramp. authorities say 30 people were hurt and 13 had to be taken to the hospital. new tonight-- a member of a white nationalist group bloodied after being confronted by protesters today. it happened outside a national policy institute event in washington d-c. a man and a woman from the n-p-i came up to protesters, trying to camera. but one protester knocked the man's camera, which led to a scuffle. the man from the n-p-i ended up with a gash on his forehead, while police handcuffed two protesters. meanwhile--- riot police called in to help supress a dueling protest in austin texas. it all started when about twenty people gathered near the capitol for a "white lives matter protest". they were met by a counter-protest involving nearly four-hundred people.
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unveiling of the texas african american history memorial this morning. a father of a soldier who was killed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan was "booed" on an airplane that was carrying the soldier's body home. stewart perry says his son's death comes at a time when the military isn't getting the respect he feels it deserves. perry says that the flag has become a symbol of protest instead of representing the people who are serving for us. he says the presidential campaign is to blame. perry's son suicide bomber before the bomber could reach his target saving hundreds of lives. kids in hurricane- damaged areas need your help putting books back on their shelves. there is a book drive to replace
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the flood. you can donate new or gently used books at the museums of history, art and natural science in raleigh. you can also leave your books at the state capitol. the books will be given to schools and libraries in counties that were hardest hit by matthew. the donation drive ends tomorrow. the fayetteville rescue mission getting into the thanksgiving spirit. volunteers gave meals to over one-hundred people in need today. after the dinner, many also received new clothes. you can help out too... the mission is always in need of do the holiday season officially kicked off with a big parade today in downtown raleigh. over 60-thousand people lined the streets to see the marching bands, floats and giant balloons. the abc-11 team was on the route greeting people. anthony wilson has the sights and sounds. ice skating has
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opened today at city plaza on fayetteville street. there will be special events there through the holiday season such as live music, theme nights and charity events. you can skate through january 29-th. meteorologist steve stewart is here now with the
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museum in downtown raleigh. it was all for the second marbles kids code. people got a chance to build binary code bracelets, program a robot and experiment with computer parts. representatives from allscripts, citrix, i-b-m and microsoft were on hand to talk to kids about pursuing careers in the science and math fields. rivals nc-central and north carolina a&t playing for all the marbles today. next in sports---the two collide in the meac title game. find out which team came out on top and earned all those bragging rights. ? dramatic italian aria ? introducing carrabba's new meatball magnifico.
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central and north
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meac title, an invitation to the celebration bowl and of course bragging rights this afternoon. the ealges looking for a third straight win over the aggies -- and it's a good start for the home team. after a scoreless first quarter - dorrel mcclain -- 15 yard touchdown. he was happy after that one and so were the fans later in the 2nd -- malcom bell on the keeper -- gets the 41 yard touchdown to go. eagles kept third -- this time bell airs it out deep to khalil stinson. later in the third....bell so dangerous on the run and he proves it again -- 25 yards for the td. jerry mack of course....would get the gatorade bath after this one. nccu wins meac 42-21 over aggies
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fifth tim in six games. that means the wolfpack has to roll a strike next week against bowl birth. miami was held to three points in the first half at carter finely -- but state couldn't take advantage on senior day. matt dayes being honored beofre the game. alex rodriquez on hand to watch the pack and canes. this sums up the season -- ryan finley finds an open guy -- makes a good pass and it goes right through the hands of stephen louis -- a sure td and what would have been a seven three lead -- instead we go to the third tied at three -- then .opening drive of
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the handoff busts up the gut for a 30 yard td run. days became the first state back since t-a mclendon to gain over a thousand yards -- he also had the pack's loan t-d on a two yard run -- n-c state was only down seven in the fourth quarter -- but walton ices the game with the 24 yard scamper -- he had a buck- twenty on the day -- and miami wins it 27-13 -- setting up a must win game aginast u-n-c so much for that good feeling football the blue devils fumbled on their opening possession -- but recover and tie
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7-all. back comes pitt who had a bunch of big plays -- quadree henderson 52 yards -- 21-7 after duke cut it back to seven on an interception return -- more pitt -- nathan peterman to jaster weah -- 56 yards james conner though scored twice to set the a-c-c career td mark owned by nc state's ted brown in the late seventy's -- and duke 56-14 -- the blue devils worst loss since getting thumped by alabama six years ago. unc catching a breather by hosting citadel - already up 14-0...t-j logan created a pretty nice highlight reel for himself -- check this handed catch in the endzone by logan. that fired the tar heels up. later u-n-c's defense followed suit -- dominique green with the heels' first interceeption of the year...we sped this one up because he took the pick-six 58 yards for the
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nothing at the half then logan dazzled once again. opening kickoff of the second half...logan is gonna take this one triple digits on the return. 100 yard kickoff return score for him. heels hand citadel their first loss of the season...41 to 7 still ahead -- some hoops and another injury for the duke blue devils -who can't afford it -
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this afternoon. except that another player got injured the blue devils facing penn state in the hall of fame tip off - that's the trio of freshman already sitting out injured - then grayson allen drives -- and he comes down awkwardly -- calls for the trainer -- thankfully he would return. chase jeter not as lucky. trying to defend under the basket -- he inures his ankle and end up writhing on the court. has to be helped to the locker room and didn't not play again. freshman frank jackson stepped up -- duke u rim -- plus the foul -- three point play there. later -- he's alone in the corner -- and that's three the long way. he had 17 points allen chipped in with 12 points and eight rebounds -- blue devils win by ten -- and will play again tomorrow -- coach k says jeter is doubtful given the way he was walking. in greenville -- a record setting day for receiver zay jones. he started the day eight catches shy of the n-c-a-a f-b-s record of 387 set by a former pirate
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four categories and he was gobbling up yards and catches early against navy. a touchdown reception to open the game. then there is the record in the 2nd quarter. he would finish with xx catches for xx yards hardy there to watch it first hand. unfortunately it comes in a loss -- navy grounding the pirates into submission -- shawn white doing a lot of damage - he had back to back t-d runs to blow the game open -- join us sunday morning on abc-11 beginning at six
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