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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  November 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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eyewitness news...a raleigh police officer and suspect shot. what we know about the moments before the gunfire. the latest details 'just in." and - a new round of protests in the streets of charlotte. the decision sparking the charlotte. the decision sparking the unrest. eyewitness news starts right now. developing right now... 'gunfire' at a southwest raleigh apartment complex... ends with a police officer and a suspect shot. good evening everyone. i'm joel for steve daniels. and i'm tisha powell. here's what we know right now... raleigh police responded to reports of a break-in at 'lake park condominiums' around '2-40' this afternoon. both the officer and suspect were shot.
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the suspect is critical. angelica alvarez is live at the complex on university court with the latest. angelica? the area where this happened... still blocked off here tonight. the city of raleigh says the officer has serious injuries... and the suspect... is critical but stable. more than two and a half miles from nc state... in an apartment complex near lake johnson... sending a police officer... ...and a suspect... to wake med. and turning this complex into a crime scene. "it was like a frantic state of emergency, they were trying to move us as fast as they could." what we know from raleigh police is limited. they say just before 2:45 this afternoon... officers responded to a break-in at this complex here on university court. there's no word on what sparked
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officer and the suspect were both shot. soon after... our view from chopper 11 hd showing us a lot of blue... with police flooding the area. "there was like a lot of police around." the ambulance escort to the hospital... just as busy.... with police and highway patrol... as wake county deputies handled traffic control. the frantic push to get both officer and suspect to the hospital... as the investigation into what happened... continues into the night. been released... and still no word on what happened that led to shots being fired. we're told rpd internal affairs is investigating... as well as the state bureau of investigation. breaking news right now in charlotte... we've been tracking developments out of charlotte, tonight-- from the breaking news
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took to the streets... in response to today's decision from the mecklenburg county d-a's decision... not to file criminal charges in the "keith - scott" case. scott is the black man shot and killed by a black police officer back in september. more than 100 protestors have been on the move in uptown charlotte. at least four people have been taken into custody... for not staying on the sidewalk. earlier today, the mecklenburg d-a said scott's shooting was a 'lawful one'... and officer "brentley - vinson" reacted in reasonable self- defense. the d-a says scott was armed with a 'loaded' illegal handgun-- that ready to shoot. scott's family says they're still deciding whether to file a civil lawsuit. we will keep track of this story overnight. look for updates tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. developing right now - the governor's race will drag into another month. the state board of elections voting along party lines to order a 'recount' -- of '94- thousand' votes in durham county -- and it could be another week before we know the results. heather waliga is live outside the state board of elections in raleigh -- with reaction to this
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down on party lines....a victory for republicans who were denied a recount by the durham county board of elections. and tonight they say the race for governor is not over. the state board of elections ordering a machine recount of tens of thousands of votes in durham county. republicans who voted in favor of the request say the late election night tally included irregularities. ..what harm would it do to scan these votes and count going to think why wouldn't they count those votes? the votes in question...were added around 11:30 on election night. until the addition....poll numbers showed governor pat mccrory in the lead in his bid for reelection. an attorney for the nc gop argued a recount was necessary after a ballot counting machine in durham broke as staff counted early votes. a state election official proofread the results and testified they
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process. - it's the duty of the board of elections to properly tabulate, and if there's reasonable suspicion we're here on a protest democrats maintain there is no substantial evidence of any wrongdoing or laws violated. ...there was no irregularity on november 8th in the state of north carolina as it relates to the gubernatorial election. there was none. the state board of elections now has roy cooper leading the governor's race thousand votes...surpassing the threshold for a mandatory recount. pending the results of a recount in durham county....the nc gop says it has still not ruled out a request for a statewide recount. .nobody lost today. everybody won because we are going to be able to put these matters to bed and answer the questions that have been out there for a month the chairman of the durham
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take as long as a week and cost tens of thousands of dollars. the board will hold a special meeting to start the process. mccrory's campaign requesting that process start immediately...sayin g they will respect whatever the results show. live in raleigh, hw, abc11, ewn. now let's check in on the weather. showers are moving through right now...and it's been a gusty night. chris, how much longer will the rain last? through 8 pm, then a band or two of showers with isolated thunder moves across the region through midnight or so. we're still in marginal risk, overall threat looks low as showers weaken as they move east. isolated damaging wind gust is possible. it will be breezy even outside of showers, lows 48- 57. sunny, 60s tomorrow, 50s for the weekend. next chance of rain sunday, but it
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new tonight-- a crime alert on a crime alert on a triangle college campus. durham police investigating a report of a 'sexual assault' near duke university. it happened around 10-10 this afternoon... on 'swift avenue' between 'campus drive' and 'duke university road'. the ictim told police... a guy grabbed her by the arm... and forced her into nearby woods at 'knife point'... where she was sexually assaulted. police only have a vague description of the suspect. new tonight -- a 'training - exercise' for
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the 'real deal' for officers. police say officers -- and the department's k-9 unit -- were training in a wooded area along 'shaw mill road' when they found a man's body. the body will be sent to the medical examiner's office to determine a cause of death. you can look for updates on this story on 'abc-11- dot-com.' new tonight - cary police releasing 'surveillance video' -- from a bank robbery in downtown cary. the 'fidelity bank' on chatham street -- hit just after nine o'clock today. police say a man wearing sunglasses -- and a multi-colored scarf over his mouth... handed the teller a cash. he did not display a weapon. if you know 'who' he his .... please call police. to fayetteville, now... where a 'controversial' classroom lesson... is 'costing' a cumberland county high school teacher. you may remember "lee- francis"... he was caught on camera -- back in september-- stomping on an american 'flag'... during a lesson on the first amendment. greg barnes is live in fayetteville... where the school board came to a decision about francis' future. greg? the board of
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doors, listening lee francis appeal. it included more than a dozen witnesses--when it was over the board decided that superintendent dr. frank till was right, and lee francis was wrong.. #4649 tc: 06:54:09:00 " heart is broken, teaching is my life and love." disappointed, but determined. #4649 tc06:52"54"02 allen rogers- lawyer="..definitel y don't intend to drop it. i think there is a window of opportunity to appeal to superior court, and i certainly anticipate that we will be in superior court." lee francis was kicked out his history class after a student snapped this pix of lee standing on an american flag, during a lecture on free speech. school superintended dr. frank till suspended francis for ten days without pay. in a 5 to 2 split the
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till's decision. #4560 tc:06:58:39:17 runs=:09 dr. frank till- superintendent=".. the core issue for me that we presented is that we have a curriculum and that stepping on the flag was not a part of the curriculum." several of francis supporters were outside the board meeting holding signs calling the suspension unfair punishment. one of the witnesses who testifiedfor francis agreed. #4841 tc: :06:00:18 runs=:12 billy king-former county commissioner"..he is an excellent teacher, on top of tha black role models in our school system, so i told the board give the man green a green light to go back to teach." but for now that is not in lee francis future. he's been reassigned as a warehouse worker. and francis says he's been told his contract will not be renewed. after today's hearing the superintendent said he would decide sometime after the christmas break, if
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returned to his class.. still to come tonight on eyewitness news... scorched earth. the death toll 'climbing' from the wildfires in the smoky mountains. the new concern from the fire zone tonight. and... final moments. new details about that deadly plane crash in colombia. what the pilot frantically said before the plane carolina to cuba. my co-anchor "steve - daniels" was on the historic flight from charlotte to havana. what's changed since his last visit in 20-15. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh
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the devastation from the wildfires in gatlinburg, tennessee. houses, cars... and personal belongings... are now ashes. a local official says three more bodies have been found in the ruins in the great smoky mountains area... raising the death toll to seven. search- and- rescue missions are continuing. meanwhile -- gatlinburg officials welcomed rain -- but were worried about mudslides and rock slides. 'disturbing' new 'final' minutes of a 'doomed' charter plane... carrying players from a brazilian soccer team... before it crashed into the andes. in the sometimes chaotic 'audiotape' from the air traffic tower... the pilot could be heard desperately requesting permission to land... due to a "total electric failure" and lack of fuel. the crash killed all but six of the 77 people on board. an investigation into the crash is expected to take months. now to that attack on the campus of 'ohio state university'.
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have inspired monday's attack. the f-b-i says it is looking to verify whether ohio state student -- "abdul - razak - ali - artan" -- posted rants on facebook about u-s interference in muslim lands on the morning of the attack. the '18-year-old' was killed by a police officer shortly after ramming his car into a group of people -- and slashing people with a butcher knife. for the first time in 60 years -- a direct flight from charlotte to havana took off from the airport. the plane go water cannon salute as it moved across the runway. passengers were treated to cuban refreshments and giveaways. former charlotte mayor and current u-s transportation secretary "anthony - foxx" was among the dignitaries making the trip. my co-anchor "steve - daniels'..... also made that historic flight from charlotte to havana today. american airlines expects the flight to do 'well'... because it's the 'first' direct link for north carolina businesses-- hoping to 'cash in'-- in cuba. steve has more
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us on the inaugural flight between north carolina and cuba today.... are getting a surprise here in havana tonight. this part of old havana -- famous for live street music -- are silent tonight.... because of the official mourning period for fidel castro. donde esta la castro. donde esta la musica en la calle? in the streets? estamos del duelo nacional, nueve dias... there's a nine day period of mourning for fidel castro. la taberna de pescador is a popular spot.... that's normally packed. but, right now, they're limited in at they can r.alcoh? is it ssibleoea ink? alcol. nocohol. dn know whatto expect when they arrived. i was a little intrigued to find out how it was going to work as a tourist would i get basic food at all , that's happening, everyone is just chilling out basically. are you surprised about what's
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but a little disappointed because i've heard so much about the music here but at the same time being able to share this with the people here is a really amazing time. -- nat sot to clt airport -- a delegation of north carolina business people cancelled seats on the inaugural flight.... because they heard so many things are shut down. but the people who did make the trip are excited to be part of north carolina history -- taking part in the very first mmercial flight oour state -- cuba.ame you ok theinaugural f better half. she said she found it and let looking forward to? honestly just seeing the culture and the architecture. to actually be able to go there that's what i want to see like what's been going on with cuba all this time. i'm just excited. they're also looking forward to cuban food.... and they won't have to wait for a table. que han dicho los turistas? what are the tourists saying. todo tranquilo. they understand what's happening. life on the streets of havana won't return to normal until monday --
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many visitors here right now - who were hoping to see the "real" cuba. joel and tisha. unseasonably warm weather sent temperatures to and near-record levels this afternoon. rdu tied a record at 77. a cold front approaching from the west will bring wet and stormy weather this evening followed by a significant cool down late tonight and much lower humidity. as a front to the west comes across the region this evening, expect a few hours of heavier, steadier rain and even gusty thunderstorms. the cold front
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into eastern north carolina around midnight. in the wake of that front, drier air will help bring a break up in the clouds early tomorrow morning, and the rest of the day will turn out mostly sunny and pleasant. temperatures will be some 10-15 degrees lower than today, but still mild for the first day of december. look for highs in the low and mid 60s. high pressure will continue to build into the region friday and saturday, so the sunshine will continue along with seasonable highs in the 50s.
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tonight on eyewitness news... 20-17 is looking pretty 'sweet'. the one thing you need to do... to earn free frosty's from wendy's for the entire year.
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lovers are going to have a great year in 2017. the restaurant chain announced that starting next year... anyone with a two-dollar key tag will get a free junior frosty with every purchase. wendy's will then pay 90 cents on the dollar for every key tag... to the dave thomas foundation that helps children in foster care. the tags are available at most wendy's locations. tags on the company's website abc 11 together highlighting a great organization here in the triangle. 'fostering wellness' helps transition foster children into adulthood as they age out of the system. today... a group of young people aging out of foster care -- toured golden corral corporate headquarters in raleigh -- and its test kitchen to learn about the restaurant industry. this is also an opportunity for them to network with people who can help them navigate the corporate structure.
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-- is going on display at the 'national museum of american history' in washington. the bucket was used to dump ice water onto "jeanette - senerchia" in 2014 as part of the "ice bucket challenge." her husband anthony has lou gehrig's disease. the challenge ended up raising more than $50 million for research. earlier this year - abc 11 anchor "larry - stogner" lost his battle with a-l-s. coming up next in sports.... north carolina finds itself in deep at indiana as the acc tries to pull off its first challenge win in 8 years.... plus high school hoops - the top two teams in the triangle battle to the wire but first - lamar jackson is the acc player fo the year... the louisville qb had almost 5000 yards total offense and a record 51 tds this season... well
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#1000 as a college head coach tonight at indiana... guaranteed to be the last thing on his mind as the ball went up... indiana had been hyping this game into the hills and it paid off - an absolute madhouse at assembly hall... james blackmon back in the lineup and feeding off the frenzy....
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another on the break... before carolina knew what hit 'em - they were down 17 luke maye back in action - posts and picks out joel berry for 3 then berry kicks to nate britt for a deep rattler.... seemed like carolina was settling down a bit... not so indiana... raleigh native josh newkirk with the alley og anunoby with heels are holding on for dear life... britt a strong half... 41-29 indiana at the half louisville and purdue in top 15 showdown at the yum center... david levitch hit one shot all game... this one to beat the half buzzer... cards up 33-19 at the break 2h - louisville starting to lurch a little... off an inbounds turnover... caleb swanigan to
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four point game... donovan mitchell says no problem - i got this... wander dribbles left then accelerates into a midrange j cards win 71-64 the evening began with the challenge tied at 4 wins apiece.... the acc quickly seized control... but it has evened out... millbrook hosting garner in hs millbrook hosting garner in hs hoops tonight... top two teams in the area... that's jordan whitfield getting loose on the inbounds for the flush... the campbell recruit had 20 for the cats... late in the game - tied at 59... garner pushes... milan harrison - a transfer in from massachusetts - hits the pullup... whitfield tries to answer at the other end - but he's stripped garner wins a
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join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news at ten" -- here on
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harvey: the woman legedly who al tried to extort von miller says that she wasn't trying to extort him. >> i used it to play with myself. >> that's cool. >> you ever watch a sex video of yourself? >> of course! >> a camera across the room? i'm not looking at that. but if i'm holding it, i'm directing, i can frame myself up. [laughter] >> donald trump got the hell beat out of him violently at the y.g. concert last night. it was a donald trump pi.nata >> [bleep]! >> wait, what was in the pinata? >> i'm obsessed. was it candy? >> pages of e-mails flew out everywhere. [laughter] >> khloe kardashian, she took to snapchat to give us a tour of


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