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tv   News 19 430am  CBS  February 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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3 iowa voters backed their candidates last night at the first-ininhe-nation caucuses with some record turnout. cbs's craig boswell has the results from des moines 3
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3 3 gop hopeful ted cruz will be campaigning in the upstate.he is speaking to supporters at the td convention center in greenville.the event starts at 7 and is free and open to the
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3 on friday... donald trump will be in florence.he'll be hosting a campaign rally at the florence civic center from 7pm until 9.the event is free and open to the public. 3 on the democratic side....former president bill clinton will be in columbia tomorrow to rally support for his wife hillary clinton.the rally is taking place at 6pm at allen university.the event is free and open to the public however space is limited. 3 3 the university of south carolina dance company will host the dance theatre of harlem tonight at seven.the one-night performance will be at the koger center for the prices start at twenty dollars and are available online, at the box office and by phone.purchase online at capitol tickets dot com. 3 benedict college will celebrate black history month today at eleven's event "no greater faith" will feature family members and
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church shooting.they will share their stories and honor the impacct of african americans througout u-s history.the college will cocoinue to host events and activities througout the month of february.the event today is free and open to the will take place at antisdel chapel on the benedict college campus. 3 the central carolina community foundation is bringing new york times financial columnist ron lieber to columbia to give some parenting advice.the best selling author will discuss his new book, the opposite of spoiled: raising kids who are grounded, generous and smart about money.lieber will focus on how to talk to your kids about money.the public event will begin at seven p-m at the katie and irwin kahn jewish community center on flora drive. 3 results from the noise and lighting study for the new columbia commons baseball stadium are complete.the city of columbia invites people of booker washinton heights, cottontown, earlwood, elmwood and robert mills neighborhoods to hear an explanation of
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drop-in.the drop-in will take place from ten a-m until two p-m in the mayor's conference room at city hall on main st. 3 3 those of you who drive on decker boulevard need to expect some delays today... because repairs will be made to the area where decker road and parklane road intersect with two notch road. the recent flood damaged south carolina's already fragile roads....leaving behind lots of pot holes.deana bells says she has made several calls and not gotten any answers as to when the issue wiwi be fixed she says so far.. she has spent more than 500 dollars on repairs to her car and tires from the damaged roads. 3 i just really want the problem fixed. i just don't understand how we can be taxed as i said before as citizens and not have anything done. ijust feel like no one is responding back to you. 3 after our story aired we learned that crews will be out this morning starting at 10am
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are traveling that area... be prepared for a slower drive. 3 last night ....lexington mayor steve mac-dougall gave the state of the town address. news19's chuck ringwalt has the story. 3 "the town prides itself on being the place where citizens want to live, work, play and learn. "many were there as the mayor steve macdougall gave lexington's state of the town address including 6 year resident paula kauffman. "this is my community. i choose to participate in my community and that's why i'm here."the mayor began his speech thanking the town staff for their efforts during the october flood. "through these efforts the town of lexington did not sustain any human casualties. mother nature dealt us a handful but with our outpouring of support from our community, we were able to provide for all of the needs we had during this most difficult time."he then focused on one particular theme... "dealing with the growth that's coming whether we like it or not."according to the mayor - since july ...70 million dollars in new construction has been approved for upgrades within the town...that's 35 percent higher than the 2014 fiscal year.and that growth has made
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priority. "the most anticipated project of 2016 is our continued improvements to eliminate traffic congestion."something that the town is already working on with computerized traffic signals that adapt to traffic - an over 5 million dollar project. "we will be the first municipality in the state to implement this new technology at all traffic intersections in town." kauffmann says it's a little early to tell if she's noticed a major improvement, but... "i went through one of the intersections on my way to the meeting tonight. i was stopped five cars behind red traffic light and i thought, 'oh my goodness. i'm going to be here forever. in less than a minute i was on my way through.'"in lexington chuck ringwalt news19 wltx 3 3 the mayor said the council hopes that the growth will continue.they project to permit the construction of 160 new homes within the town.last year that number was 112. 3
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traditional media day into a prime time opening night to the super bowl. the denver broncos and carolina panthers both toto the floor with a halftime show in between. jamie yuccas reports from san
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3 3 and the only place to watch super bowl 50 is right here on wltx this sunday, february 7th. also the day before there's a special honoring the best player and biggest plays of the season in a show called n- f-l honorsrsit's starts at 9 p-m february 6-th.
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director reggie anderson will have a preview of the big game... 3 and lots of us enjoyed the beautiful spring-like weather yesterday...we'll check in with meterologist efren afante to see if we'll see that again this week... that's after the
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3 columbia police have released images of a man who they say is a person of interest in a sexual assault on the campus of the university of south carolina ... take a look at your screen. officers say the attack happened this past saturday between 3:15 a-m and 3:30 a-m in the 800 block of barnwell street.the victim was talking to an unknown man when he said he had a weapon and forced the victim to a nearby area where officers say he sexually assaulted her.if you have any information about this case ... call crimestoppers at
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3 in richland county... deputies continue to investigate the friday night shooting death of deanndra roach.the 19 year old was pronounced dead at the scene on farrow road friday. she was shot multiple times.we learned that roach was an employee of the walmart on two notch road in columbia.her co-workers set up a memorial for her at the store.she was a sales associate in the electronics department. 3 she was a very generous and smiling spirited person who never came to work with a bad attitude or having a bad day. this incident is such a tragedy to know that we've lost a member of our family here at walmart. 3 investigators believe 22 year old andre heatley was involved in her death. heatley is roach's ex-boyfriend and is currently charged with murder and armed robbery. 3
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3 a reminder that you still have time to to donate gently worn prom dresses ... to help those that might not otherwise be able to get's part of the 15-th annual cinderell project put on by the s-c bar young lawyers division and the alpha kappa alpha sorority there are several locations to drop off a dress including the news 19 have until february 24-th in columbia and march 9-th in orangeburg to donate dresses.we have all the drop off locations listed on our website at w-l-t-x dot com. 3 something as simple as donating a bra to woman in need could change her life... that's the message that soma intimate apparel and sistercare are promoting this morning.bras are one of the least donated clothing items, but one of the most needed at shelters. for the last month the store has been collecting
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help women impacted by domestic violence.soma has helped collect more than one million bras in the last five years...going to women in over 2 thousand shelters nationwide. 3 coming up, we'll tell you everything you need to know about what happened during the iowa caucas overnight...what
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us here, after the break.3 the 2016 presidential race now turns to new hampshire...just a day after the iowa caucuses. good morning and thanks for waking up with news19 this morning...i'm deon guillory. 3 and i'm savannah levins. as marlie hall reports from des moines -- while the e republicans have a alear winner...the democratic race is still too close to call.
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