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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. the 2016 presidential race now turns to new hampshire, caucuses. good morning, thank you for waking up with us. i am marshawn ptomey. >> and i am savannah levins. the democratic contest in iowa remains unresolved with hillary clinton and bernie sanders still locked in a day. both candidates address their supporters late last night as the numbers were still being counted.
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candidides will likely leave iowa with the same number of candidates but it doesn't bode well for sanders. >> it is probably not going to cut it for berniement i didn't turn out the obama coalition he would have hoped for. >> reporter: voters handed victory to ted cruz over donald trump. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa. >> we finished second, and i want to tell you something, i am just honored. i am really honored. >> reporter: all eyes are on marco rubio who pulled away with a third place finish last night, only trailing trump by 1%. >> the big target is on marco rubio's big. not only cruz and trump, but bush, christie and kasich. >> reporter: the focus of the 2016 presidential campaign new shifts to new hampshire which holds the first in the nation
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marlie hall, des moines, iowa. >> thereris still no democratic winter in iowa but hillary clinton is claiming victory, but still, there is no clear winner in this. >> there was a small margin between her and bernie sanders there, ted cruz winning the gop, obviously. joined now by political science professor todd shaw. all eyes are on iowa as a predictor as to who will take the presidency but that hasn't been the case the past two years. what does this mean? >> well, iowa has not always been an indicator of what will occur. mike huckabee and rick santorum won iowa in the past and as you know, it did not spur them to victory. iowa is good to win but not an
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>> you mentioned barack obama winning iowa in 2008 when hillary clinton lost. it is really, really close between clinton and bernie sanders, but she is claiming victory. what does this mean now for her? >> well, a loss by clinton would mean that sanders is a formable contender in a lot of ways. it is not bad for either camp, but it really was important for sanders to pull out. he puts a lot more emphasis upon new hampshire now where he is ahead in the polls. >> that is his neighborhood. >> right, right. in all these ways it is a draw, even if they are separated by a couple of votes. >> i think a big surprise, donald trump the forerunner coming in behind ted cruz. is that surprising to you? what does that say to you? >> not surprising. ted cruz is a savvy come
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he won his texas seat over the establishment. he reaches the roll, thinks about the digital media and places his volunteers where he thinks it will get him the most. he is smart in that regard. donald trump didn't have the ground game to match him in that respect. that is why crews won out. ted cruz and marco rubio have talked about their christian faith. donald trump stumbled a bit in that regard so that made a difference. >> what does it mean for the south carolina primaries. >> south carolina become as firewall for some and a last
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in some respect on the democratic side sanders really does need to show he is a contender in south carolina. if you had a new hampshire victory in a south carolina polling event or even a victory, that could be quite a feat, particularly given the majority turnout here in the state. supporters of jeb bush are hoping this is the last prospect in terms of what is occurring, although marco rubio, some politicals in the state are leaning toward rubio. >> all right. thank you so much. the south carolina gop is february 27th we will have an eye on that her and in our state. let's go to he have he have now with a check of the -- let's go to he have he have with a -- efron with a check of the weather. yes. we have columbia checking in
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camden is 52 and the cold spot is sumter at 47 degrees. be aware there is patchy fog out there. the kids will need a light jacket at the bus stop. they won't need it all day long. we will warm up quickly with winds out of the southeast at 10 miles per hour. we will hit a high of 74 degrees. warm overnight tonight, 63 degrees. we could see a sprinkle or two in the early morning hours. storms are possible tomorrow and it will be windy gusting up to 25 miles per hour and we will hit a high of 272 degrees. as you get ready for your tuesday morning commute, let's
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here is a foggy i-26. no accidents, however, reported anywhere in the thoroughfare heading to columbia. just a little slow heading west. as you approach the split, i- 26. it goes down to 15 miles per hour. a 5 minute commute from the airport to downtown. day two of 70-degree weather and we will have a seven-day forecast in a few minutes, guys. >> thank you, efron. continuing conch this morning. columbus police released images of a examine -- continuing coverage this morning. columbus police released images of a man who is part of an attack that happened saturday morning between 3:20 and 3:30 in the 800 block of barnwell street. the victim, investigators say, was talking to an unknown man when he said he had a weapon and forced the victim to a
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he sexual assaulted her. usc sent out an email but did not send out an emergency alert after the incident happened. students say they are concerned. >> i feel like just an alert, even if they don't know exactly what is going on would have been nice. like a warning. i mean, i wasn't out that night by i know a lot of my friends were. it scares me that it could have been any of them. >> if you have any information about this case you are asked to call crime stoppers at 1-888- crime-sc. and richland county deputies continue to investigate the friday night shooting death of deandra roach, found dead on the scene on friday and shot multiple times. she was an employee at the wal- mart on two not road in columbia. she was a sale's associate in the electronics department. >> she was a very generous and
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never came to work with a bad attitude or having a bad day. in this incident it is so tragic to know we lost a member of our family here at wal-mart. >> investigators believe 22- year-old andre heatly was involved in her death. he is her ex-boyfriend and currently charged with murder and armed robbery. and for those of you that drive on douger boulevard, you should expect delays between decker road and park lane road connecting with two notch road. all the rain damaged south carolina's fragile roads, leaving behind lots of potholes. deanna bell said she made lots of phone calls and has not gotten answers on when the roads will be finished.
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damage to her tires in repairs. >> to feel like no one is getting anything done or responding back to you. >> after our story aired we learned that the road had been scheduled to be resurface this had year and crews will be out this morning starting at 10:00 to begin those repair, so if you are traveling in that area, be prepared for some traffic there. and last night lexington mayor steve mcdue gal gave the -- steve macdougal gave the state of the town address and focused on the town's growth and the state of the town after the floods. $70 million has been approved for upgrades in the town, 30% higher than the 2014 fiscal year and it has made traffic solutions a number one priority, implementing traffic signals that adapt over time. >> the most anticipated project
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improvements -- in 2016 is to help continued improvements in the state, implementing new technology at all traffic intersections. >> the mayor says he hopes the growth will continue. they expect the construction of 160 new homes within the town. last year the number was 112. time for our mom of the day. jonie davis is the mom of five, nominated by her daughter, meagan burns. meagan says her mother is one of the most sweet, generous people she knows, always putting everyone else before her, raised five children and is now the grandmother of one. if you would like to nominate a mom for "mom of the day," head over to and click on
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time now for today's word of the day. today's word is foil i can't imagine, meaning the leave -- foilage, meaning the leaves of a plant or many plants. ahead. pronounce it. foilage is easy enough. if you have a sentence you would like to tweet out, we would love it. well, comingup, the super trip for of the lifetime for one pastor. >> and we are seeing a
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thunderstorms for today is groundhogs day -- and it's unlikely punxsutawney phil will see his shadow when he pops out of his burrow. that means the country can expect warmer temperatures and . well, today is groundhog day. how accurate is the famed video. you are looking at video from a
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experts say he is not so accurate. a new study says flipping a coin may be as accurate as good old phil. he is about 50% accurate. wow, that is a face only a mother can love, right? >> wow! >> i know! we can't put too much faith in mr. phil. >> well, it is a nice tribute. >> it is fun. we know our efren afante is a bit more accurate with the forecast. >> also, in addition to it being groundhog day, it is also national heavenly hash day. we have great weather for ice cream. >> now i am really hungry. >> yes. >> we are just really hungry here at news 19 this morning. let's talk weather. it is beautiful today and again like yesterday? yes.
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sumter is the cold spot at 46 degrees. 48 in manning, 40 in saint matthews at 54 degrees. columbia is sitting at 51. light winds at 5 miles per hour. relative humidity is 89%. a lot of moisture is in place and we are dealing with fog in camden, half a mile or less from newberry to winnsboro, and saluda, pretty much north and west of i-20 be prepared for patchy, dense fog. and an area of low pressure is up in north carolina, a front slowly making its way through. we expect a little bit of shower activity in the up- state, but not for us. 73 degrees and partly cloudy when the kids get out of school and highs today in the lower to middle 70s. we will have sun and clouds, but again, warm temperatures.
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southeast winds at 10 miles per hour. we could see a sprinkle but it is still quite warm, 60 degrees in the midlands, upper 50s to lower 60s are the normals. we have a stout weather complex in the central plains right now. blizzard conditions to the north, severe weather to the east and south is making its way to the palmetto state. we could see a little light shower activity overnight tonight. ass we get into the early morning hours a line of showers and thunderstorms will start moving through the midland, the main line from midday to the early afternoon, quickly moving at 45 miles per hour. by the time we get into the evening the front will be pushing into the grand strand. a high of 76 degrees with a light wind, and showers and
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61 for a high on thursday and 50s friday and through the weekend before we introduce a chance of rain by monday. the roads are dry right now but fog is reported all over the midland. be aware of that. this is i-26 by pineyville road. fog is dense in this area so give yourself a lot of extra time and make sure you use your low beams. no issues being reported as far as accidents heading to columbia. the only issue is if you are heading south on charleston highway. about 21 miles per hour in that area. no accidents. from shaw airforce base to fort
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from i-26 and 77 we are for a greensboro pastor, it's an all expense paid trip of a lifetime... is all right. we are days away for a greenville pastor, a trip of a lifetime. >> his congregation is sending him on a trip to the super bowl. here is that story. >> sweet carolina, we made it to the super bowl >> reporter: faith, family, friendship and football, the most important parts of life for this panthers' fan. >> i ihas always been a dream of mine to go to a game, but we are talking the super bowl. >> reporter: the pastor williams never expected his congregation to be the ones to answer his prayers. >> sometimes you think the things you teach and preach, they are not getting it. it shows the people have
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>> reporter: the 75 person congregation pulled together to find their pastor tickets to the big game. >> he gives his life for ministry and the congregation. what better than the congregation to give him what he is always dishing out on sundays. >> reporter: they are covering airline expenses and his hotel room. >> that is the keyword, sacrifice. it took sacrifice to get there. >> reporter: the members of the congregation say their sacrifice was well worth it to make their amazing pastor's dream a reality. >> we all have dream and goals, but let's think about somebody else, especially if you are a pastor and leader. they go through a lot. >> i am really waiting to wake up because it feels like a dream. >> okay. we are a little distracted because punxsutawney phil is acting up. >> i tweeted that he is not
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hang on a minute. experts don't no everything. >> who knew the ground hog could tweet. on the super bowl story, what a sweet story about the congregation coming together. >> to give back to the pastor who gives so much every week. >> that is right. great story. we continue to follow the iowa caucuses. whose campaigns are celebrating and who is trying to figure out a new game plan this morning.
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good tuesday morning to you. it has been a very busy one. thank you for joining us on news 19 this morning. i am deon guillory. >> and i am savannah levins. we have been following the day after the iowa caucuses and the weather. let's do that. we started off the show with efren afante. yesterday a beautiful day, beautiful weather, efren, and good news today, too. >> we will have a repeat of what we had yesterday, but the only difference is we are seeing fog right now. many communities have dense fog. visibility is less than a quarter mile in camden, half a mile in lexington and under two miles in saluda. at hopkins visibility is less than a quarter mile. be aware of that as you are heading out the door. temperatures in columbia is 49 degrees. that is low level cloud, and the winds are calm with saturated air. relative humidity is 93%, very saturated air. the kids at the bus stop will
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50 degrees at the bus stop. we will be warming up quickly. 63 degrees by 10:00. by lunch time 70 degrees. as we get into the mid afternoon up to 47 as the winds will generally be out of the southeast up to 10 miles per hour. by 6:00 this afternoon we are only down to 68 warm degrees. as far as the roads, the roads are dry right now. we haven't had any precipitation fall, but there is a lot of fog out there. this is i-20 at exit 72. if you are traveling anywhere from alpine road on i-10 there is a lot of fog. visibility will be an issue this morning. no accidents fortunately reported anywhere to the thoroughfares. we have a little slow down as you are coming north on 321 before you get to flick road, 24 miles per hour there. on airport road heading east to i-26, down to 23 miles per hour. as you are heading west on 602
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miles per hour because of the fog likely. from the airport to downtown a 10 minute commute. take a look at the seven-day forecast and the possibility of showers and storms for tomorrow coming up in a few minutes, guys. >> efren, thank you. right now the focus of the 2016 presidential campaign now shifts to new hampshire following last night's iowa caucuses. iowa voters handed a huge victory to ted cruz over republican front-runner donald trump. votes are still being counted in the neck and neck rate betweeeehillary clinton and bernie sanders, but hillary clinton is declaring victory this morning. and back to the midlands now. today gop hopeful ted cruz will be campaigning in the up-state, speaking to supporters in greenville. the event starts at 7:00 and is free and open to the public. on wednesday donald trump will be in florence, hosting a
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civic center from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00. that event is also free and open to the public. and on the democratic side bill clinton will be in columbia tomorrow to rally for his wife, hillary. it is at allen university. the event is free and open to the public but space is limited. the cdc is adding more tropic destinations including costa rica that pregnant women should avoid. yesterday officials with the world's health organization declared the virus an international emergency. the virus has been linked to a rare birth defect in thousands babies, mostly in south america. 6:34. now we will do a little usa today chat about what is in the paper this morning, and the front page is all about the iowa caucuses. >> yes. we have all this information coming in this morning when we
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hillary clinton, bernie sanders neck-and-neck there. >> yes. >> very close. >> as the headlines say cruz wins over donald trump. >> a lot of people were expecting donald trump to win because of the polls. he came in second. he says he is honored to come in second in iowa. >> yes. and another thing in the money section of usa today, the cdc ending the e. coli investigation at chipotle. did you see that? >> yes, a lot of people are happy about that one because they love chipotle but they are closing all its stores, still, monday to have a meeting with staff -- >> yes. everyone, making sure the facilities are clean so this doesn't happen again. and another big thing in the life section, the story about the o.j. simpson trial that so many people are really talking about. >> what is that?
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from the makers of glee and american horror story. >> interesting. >> it stars cuba gooding, jr., john travolta, david schwimmer. we get to see the kardashian's before the rdashians we know now. and the most iconic super bowl performances are in the report, as well. i was there for one of them. anyone that knows me knows i am a huge janet jackson fan. i was able to see her, the one that created youtube out of that one. also, if you are a super bowl aficionado, you know that wawa the first time the panthers were in the super bowl. >> okay. but if they win this will be their first title. >> yes. if you want to check out the headline, pick up a usa today paper today. we have them on our website,
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on your side now, last night lexington mayor steve macdougal gave the state of the town address. he began his speech thanking the town staff for their efforts during the flood and focused on the growth. $70 million in new construction has been approved for upgrades within the town, 30% higher than the 2014 last year. >> we will be the first municipality in the state to implement new technology at all traffic intersections in town. >> the mayor says the council hopes the growth will continue. they project to permit the construction of 160 new homes within the town, as well,
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last year the number was 112. a community group is fighting to keep an old school building from being demolished. the mount zion building in winnsboro has been abandoned for years but now a private developer could renovate it into community space. the group did not have a concrete plan by the deadline set by officials but the winnsboro mayor says time is up. >> we feel is town can come back. we lost wal-mart and all these businesses. we feel the town can come back using a cultural focus point. >> it is an eyesore to the neighbors and an unsafe building. the town's concern is that this building being unsafe and not structurally sound, it is our responsibilities to the citizens of the town. >> the group estimates the renovation costs will be more than $4 million. the mayor says the demolition
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into a parkrkwill cost a little more than $100,000. group members say a developer is interested in the property and they will discuss future steps at town council's next meeting on february 15th. 6:38 now. today there is new life for those photos trapped on your tablet or your smartphone. >> and we know that there are so many of them floating out in cyberspace. money man matt granite has the great deal in time for valentine's day. >> good morning. i am so pumped for today's price drop. you can upload a photo and you can turn it into a beautiful photo for $25 that can be easily hung. if you do not have a valentine or children or dog, the $25 also goes a long way. take a look at my favorite
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black fridayment you upload your photo -- black friday. you upload your photos and your favorite canvas company i found gets it done, $25 for that size and an 18x24 will cost you no more than $30. free delivery. something for over the mantle. >> strike a pose, matt. that is nice! well, that is a good deal, though. >> a huge discount. >> off of $120 or something? >> yes. >> it is on our website at if you want to check that out. something else we are checking out, super bowl 50 everybody is getting ready for. we will have the new details you need to know before you
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>> you know the kids will . welcome back to news 19 this morning. we are starting off our tuesday with once again mild to chilly temperatures. the coolest spot is sumter and saint matthews, each at 46 degrees. manning is 48. winnsboro is 54. lexington is 51. here in the capital city 50 degrees. we are dealing with a lot of fog issues. dense fog right now in camden, less than a quarter mile. half a mile or less visibility in winnsboro to newberry, a mile or less in saluda and half a mile in lexington. the bottom line, there is a lot of dense fog out there, especially in the low lying areas so keep that in mind as you head out. by the time the kids get out of school it will be 73 degrees. but even with the cloud cover we will be in the lower to mid 70s. further south we could be hitting a couple of upper 70 temperatures.
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slight chance for sprinkles but it will be rather warm as lows tonight will be in the upper 50s into the lower 60s. this system we are watching in the central plains very closely will be making its way first to the deep south today bringing the possibility of severe weather. for us tomorrow we are looking at the possibility of showers and thunderstorms. some of them could be strong. ways go into the early morning hours tomorrow we could see a few sprinkles but by mid- morning this line will start coming through. by midday, showers and thunderstorms, some could be strong, moving through the palmetto state and into the midland, quickly exiting out of here into the grand strand and low country by the evening. a lot of cloud cover by thursday morning. 76 degrees for a high tomorrow. showers and thunderstorms could linger into early thursday morning and we will only have a high of 61 degrees on thursday. middle to upper 50s friday, saturday and sunday with the next chance of rain coming in by monday.
6:33 am
we haven't had any rain, but we are dealing with quite a bit of fog out there. you can see right now on i-26 this is over by piney grove road, traffic has been moving along but there are pockets of dense fog, especially in the central and northern parts of columbia. no accidents reported anywhere on the thoroughfares. lexington has a little slowdown on sunset boulevard heading east past mineral springs, 35 miles per hour. west toward town a 17-mile per hour speed limit and north up
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from shaw air force day a 33 you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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we are gearing up for super bowl 50. >> i am so excited. it is panthers all the way. we will be cheering in our householdful with he are two states but one team when it comes to the carolina panthers. >> that is governor nikki haley there. the only place to watch super bowl 50 is here on wltx. this sunday february 7th and the day before on saturday there is a special honoring the players and biggest plays of the season in a show called "nfl honors." you won't want to miss that, either, and february 6th, this saturday. pizza hut is offering a
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knot pizza for super bowl sunday, sprinkling $100 in edible gold on top. customers in limited cities will have a chance to win one of the 50 golden pizzas along with a $100 pizza hut gold card. >> sounds fancy. and here is a look at what is coming up on wltx a little later tonight starting at 8:00... well, it is 6:51. we have much more ahead on news 19 this morning, including new images of a sexual assault suspect. that more in your midland's
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>> and i am charlie thank you for waking up with news 19 this morning. it is february 2nd, tuesday. >> that is right. the time right now is 6:55. let's get to today's top stories in your midland's rundown. police have released images of a man they say is a person of interest in the sexual assault on the campus of the university of south carolina. look at the screen. see if you know this gentlemen. officers say the attack happened between 3:15 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. in the 800 block of barnwell street. call 1-888-crime-sc if you have any information.
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becker boulevard need to expect delays because repairs will be made in the area where decker and park lane road intersect with two notch road. south carolina's already fragile roads now have lots of potholes. roads have been scheduled to be resurfaced this year and crews will be beginning work there at 10:00 this morning. be prepared finish traffic if you travel in that area. and the new columbia commons baseball stadium has repairs now complete. booker height, cotton town, earlywoo , elmwood and surrounding areas can hear results in a public drop in. it will take place from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the mayor's conference room at city hall on main street. and benedict college will celebrate black history month at 11:00 in the morning. no greater faith, the event,
6:39 am
survivors of the emanuel ame church shooting. they will share their stories and honor the impact of americans throughout u.s. history. they will host events and activities throughout the month of february. it is free and open to the public. it will take place at the chapel on benedict college campus. the university of south carolina dance company will host the dance theater of harlem tonight at 7:00. the one night performance will be at the kroger center for the arts. tickets are available online, at the box office and by phone. you can get them at the usc men's basketball team will be back in action tonight, beginning with a two- game road trip. they are ranked 23rd in the latest usa coach's poll. tipoff is at 7:00. as you get ready to head out the door of the, let's check traffic with efren afante. >> yes. this is i-26 by piney grove road.
6:40 am
covering parts of the midlands. give yourself extra time as you need the low beams throughout the commute this morning. one accident is reported on highway 76, 370 at garners road east of falls hill on blue johnson road. we haven't had report there is are injury, but be aware of that if you are commuting from shaw airforce base. outside of that no accidents are reported into parts of columbia, but still a slowdown on sunset boulevard heading west of lexington. 19 miles per hour speed limit on augusta road, 22 miles per hour in columbia and 28 miles per hour on charleston highway toward i-26. right now it is 51 degrees, winds are couple and a little fog is in place in columbia. when the kids head out to the bus stop they will need a light jacket. it will be 50 degrees on the way to school this morning. by this afternoon warm with partly cloudy whys and 73
6:41 am
skies and 73 degrees is what they will expect as they head out of class. winds will be out of the southeast at 10 miles per hour. tonight 60 degrees. we could see a sprinkle or two in the early part of the morning. this strong complex in the central plains will be the next weather maker. tomorrow by early morning we will see the showers and thunderstorms coming through. some could be strong in the late afternoon, but it will be out of here as we get into the evening. we will go with a high of 76 degrees for tomorrow. up to 61 degrees on thursday. showers begin to end, as we get into friday, saturday and sunday, a lot of sunshine with highs in the middle to upper 50s before the next chance of rain comes in by monday with a high of 59 degrees. we are getting ready for punxsutawney phil to see his shadow or not. >> yes. that is in half an hour. we will see what happens. >> not as accurate as efren afante, about 50/50, but we will keep an eye on that. cbs this morning starts now
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what you missed last night. >> yes. some of the results too close to call. they will have all good morning. it is tuesday, february 2nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." ted corus upsets donald trump in iowa. marco rubio finishes a strong third among republicans. >> democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a have itual tie. all are focused on new hampshire.
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most watched spectacle.
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