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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  February 8, 2016 3:05am-4:00am EST

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i'm sorry i followed you. it's called stalking. and thank you, by the way, for putting your phone on vibrate and taking a nap. i don't nap. or whatever it is you did while i was being stalked. david! why were you following him? i just wanted to talk. i-i know you didn't kill wendy. how? because she said she really liked him. wendy was my best friend. we told each other everything. and she knew she had something really big. she knew someone wanted to kill her for it. did she know who? there was this guy-- i don't know who it was. i saw them fighting outside her house once. he was threatening her. he s-said he wanted whatever she had on him. that had to be him. but the thing is, he knows i know. he saw me watching, and now she's dead, and i'm the only one who knows who killed her.
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harrison, abby, keep prepping gayle and will for the gala. huck, put molly somewhere safe, and see if there are any security cams outside wendy's house that could give us a visual on this guy. maybe we can i.d. him. what do you think? take her to the safe house, or spring for a room at the stanworth? uh, do whatever you want. (door opens and closes) (projector and camera shutter clicking) she backed out? it happens sometimes. they think they're on board, and when it's time to pull the trigger, they balk. but we have a very strong runner-up. she'll be ready in time for the fund-raiser. (marion) no. enough is enough. first choice, yes, it's worth the risk, but-- marion. this is will's wife we're talking about here. if he rushes into this with this woman, and then next week decides he hates her-- he'll get a divorce. i know you have my best interests at heart, but the gala tomorrow night-- that's my shot. (cell phone chimes) those are the people whose wallets pick our party's leaders. this second choice of ours-- she good, liv? because we're gonna need a real charmer now. who does she need to charm?
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just agreed to be our keynote speaker tomorrow night. (exhales) (chuckles) can't you send someone else to the caldwell gala? mellie, the vice president, secretary of agriculture-- anyone. i didn't even know about it. i had no idea he was even going. you're kidding me. i'm completely out of the loop, liv. but it's not the knife in my back that is upsetting to me. it's the size of the knife in my back. it's the... enormous knife, being stabbed over and over and over. cyrus. she's got him. he looks to her. he leans on her. he's her guy now. maybe that's how it should be. she's his wife. she's the mother of his children. this is mellie we're talking about. (sighs) whatever you feel about fitz, whatever happened, leaving him to mellie-- that is low, liv. cyrus. yeah, i-i know. i'm sorry. it's just... i almost don't know who i am without him. it's like... (sighs) i don't know what to do with my hands,
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i can't figure out how to fight her. (thunder rumbling in distance) let mellie be. that's how you fight her. don't overthink it. just let mellie be. let mellie do what mellie's going to do. when it comes to fitz, mellie's her own worst enemy. eventually, she's going to go too far and cross him. you just need to be there when she does. besides, if that doesn't work, he'll be seeing me at the fund-raising gala. which should take the heat off you, because the only person fitz hates more than you is me. (projector and camera shutter clicking) i was telling her class what it's like to be a congressman, but it wasn't going very well. honey, they're first-graders. they have the attention span of gnats. honestly, i couldn't take my eyes off her. i was like a blushing schoolboy. (laughs) don't flinch when she touches you. and don't call yourself "a blushing schoolboy."
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find a place to disagree about the story. makes you sound less rehearsed. again. again. first grade teacher from nebraska. what was her college major again? library studies. not to mention she's pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-family. she wants kids. (exhales) at least four. and she water-skis... competitively. and this was his second choice? liv, you have outdone yourself. be a hell of a thing if this marriage became more than a political convenience, wouldn't it? yeah. a hell of a thing. (projector and camera shutter clicking) these bombing raids are a death sentence for my son... (shutters clicking) and for all the other hostages of kashfar. this president is endangering my poor charlie's life. he is clearly not fit to be commander-in-chief. you sure you don't want me to come with you tonight? i could dig something up out of the closet. it's a bunch of party bigwigs and oilmen. you'd be bored to tears. (exhales) (knocks on door)
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lip service to the chamber of commerce guys. they'll be spending big come midterms. uh-huh. he's under so much pressure, cy. it's terrible, isn't it? approvals are free-falling. he's coming off as a demon. i wish there was something we could do. it's not like we can tell the families that we're back-channeling with the kashfaris. we just have to take the beating. to bad fitz can't meet with the families. (sighs) be a media circus. what if it were me? you? i'm good with parents. i speak their language. what about the press? the second these parents show up at the white house, we'll lose a week's worth of news cycles. so we set up a conference call-- a private number the families can dial into. i say my piece, i set them at ease-- disaster averted. (woman speaking indistinctly on tv) what would this white house do without you, mellie? (exhales) (projector and camera shutter clicking) (sighs)
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(cell phone chimes) (chimes and beeps) i have a car waiting. one of the girls talked. what? to who? editor of the "d.c. dish." he just called asking me to comment on the auditions we held to find a fake wife for, and i quote, "senator caldwell's gay brother." how much does he know? everything, from rehearsals to confidentiality agreements. (exhales) find out how much lead time we have. none. they're running the story tomorrow morning. (exhales) (clicks switch) this story cannot come out. it'll destroy will's political career. i'm headed to the "d.c. dish" now. i bet it's the first girl who leaked it--the one abby got to. (elevator bell dings) we deal with that later. just do whatever-- and, harrison, i mean whatever we need to do
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that's why aveeno's oat formula is designed for your baby's sensitive skin. aveeno . naturally beautiful babies. anne. i'm on deadline, cy. come back in an hour. i've got a big story for you. biggest of the week. an american civilian was beheaded in kashfar, and in return you guys ignored international law and bombed half a dozen villages. news-wise, i'd say it's already been a pretty big week. 8:00 tomorrow morning, the first lady will be on a conference call, a conference call where she will speak very freely about what this administration is doing regarding the hostages. she will speak freely because she won't, in fact, know that a reporter, hopefully yourself, will be on the line. (paper rustles) (clicks tongue) have i mentioned how much i like and respect you, cy? anne. you're welcome. (projector and camera shutter clicking) the house across the street from wendy's had a security cam. mm-hmm. and look, right there-- see that? mm-hmm. same night molly saw wendy fight with our mystery guy, and the time fits, too. we should have molly come in and take a look,
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(gasps) (projector and camera shutter clicking) we're running this. end of story. off of one source? look around you. this is the "dish," not the "times." i ain't bernstein, and my reporter sure as hell ain't woodward. i get it. you break this story-- however erroneous and fabricated--and what? sell out a day's worth of papers, score a few hundred thousand clicks? let me just ask you--would you rather break this story, or would you rather own this story? what's your offer? (chuckles) (indistinct conversations) she was so pretty, i-i still don't know how i made it through "green eggs and ham." (laughs) keep in mind, there's only about five words on each page. (laughter) thank you so much. (amplified voice) ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states.
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(panting and rustling) (moans) (laughs and sighs) don't think this means anything. (exhales) don't worry! i don't! when it comes to leadership, there's no better man than will caldwell. (applause) i mean that. support him, and not only does north carolina get a damn good governor, but he'll be too busy to run against me in the primaries. (laughter) (chuckles) thank you. thanks, everyone. (applause) thank you. will caldwell, governor. (speaks inaudibly) (cell phone chimes) (chimes) harrison. well, now i know why you won't go out with me again. you're having a torrid affair with henderson. it's harrison, and he's my coworker.
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uh, you called me. no... (laughs) i didn't. yes, you did. you said, "jake, if i'm gonna go on a second date with you, i'm gonna need you to sell me." you don't remember saying that? no. so sell me. let me guess. we'll start at a michelin-rated restaurant and end up picnicking under a bridge. no, i was thinking the metro. slap some mac and cheese in a tupperware. the red line's my favorite, but it's also the longest, so until i'm sure that i like you, you know, as much as you like me, i think it's best we start with something short, like the green line. (call waiting beep) i have to go, jake. i'm sorry. can i call you back tomorrow? and say hi to henderson for me. (laughs) (button clicks) tell me you shut it down. i shut it down. it took me offering exclusivity on the caldwell wedding photos and pretty much everything else for the rest of their heavily contracted marriage, but given what's at stake-- small price to pay. so where are we with the first girl? you think we can muzzle her? that's the thing. i was talking to the editor, and he said
3:20 am
(clicks phone) hello? liv? (peter) he needs a wife. (olivia) you haven't dated anyone in the last ten years. why? i'm sowing my oats. i don't want to settle down. this is will's wife we're talking about here. if he rushes into this with this woman and then next week decides he hates her... (door clicks) be a hell of a thing if this marriage became more than a political convenience, wouldn't it? yeah. a hell of a thing. (echoes) a hell of a thing. (harrison) he said the leak came from inside the family. i can't. (panting) i have to go. marion-- olivia. will. end it. now.
3:21 am
i saw you. end it. i don't care how much we're paying you. you have no right to insert yourself into a private family-- i can't. it's too late. why? because i love her. the day pete brought her home ten years ago, i wasn't even supposed to be there. i was supposed to be on a plane. sometimes i wonder, if i had just been somewhere else... we denied it for months, because that's what you do. you deny it. you pretend it's not happening. you pretend it's all above board and it's appropriate, and the next thing you know, you're having sex in the coat closet at your brother's engagement dinner. pete loves her. she's his wife. and she and i-- well, we have what we have. it might not be much, but it's what we have. you have nothing. you have a pile of secrets and lies, and you're calling it love. and in the meantime, you're letting your whole life
3:22 am
and celebrate anniversaries and grow old together. you're frozen in time. you're holding your breath. you're a statue waiting for something that's never going to happen. living for stolen moments in hotel hallways and coat closets, you keep telling yourself they all add up to something real, because in your mind they have to, but they don't. they won't. they never will. (voice breaking) because stolen moments aren't a life. so you have nothing.
3:23 am
(thunderclap, rain falling) (footsteps approaching) (sighs) um... (sets cup on table) i've got molly set up in the conference room looking at the images of the guy you found on the security cam from wendy's house. fingers crossed she can i.d. the guy. uh, yeah. you smell. what? you smell, huck. you've smelled for a week. (inhales sharply) i googled it. what happens to people who've been waterboarded. they get panic attacks. they can't sleep. some of them can't even go out in the rain. (labored breathing) sometimes the rain makes things so bad, they can't even face the shower. huck? it'll go away. when the rain stops, it'll go away,
3:24 am
being okay as long as it doesn't rain isn't the same as being fine. i used to live in a box outside the metro, and before that i dismembered people for a living. right now i smell. when the rain stops, i won't smell. i'm fine. (beep) is that... one of wendy's files. (huck taps key) (door opens and closes) how exciting to be summoned. speaking to the hostages' families, making promises in my name? in the first lady's defense, sir, her heart was in the right place. it's where her head was lodged. i was only trying to help behind the scenes. there was a reporter on the call. it's all over the news. what? there wasn't supposed to be press. oh, there wasn't supposed to be any witnesses to your discussing military options with civilians, or implying we're willing to negotiate with terrorists, jeopardizing every u.s. citizen overseas. that was just an "oops"? fine!
3:25 am
(inhales) what can i do, sir? you've done enough, cy. arrange a press conference-- c.i.a., national security, and secretary of state. good. smart. we'll act fast, put a band-aid on it. fitz... that'll be all. (exhales) representative caldwell might have thought he'd be the one making headlines, with a big endorsement from president grant, but never underestimate america's love of a cinderella story. stealing the spotlight was caldwell's date to the gala affair, an elementary school-- (turns off tv) (sighs) (cell phone rings and beeps) hey there, you. yes. yes? yes, i will go out with you. henderson's out of the picture? (chuckling) henderson's out of the picture. i've got a client. call me later. job well done, as usual. looks like your brother might actually win this thing.
3:26 am
and the president in his corner. money is flowing in by the barrel. all we have to do is keep kay out of rehab. i say the caldwells are golden. it'll be nice to have your little brother in the governor's mansion. (clicks tongue) yeah. be nice to have my wife back, too. come on, liv. i grew up in america's greatest political family. we lie first, breed second. they've been sleeping together for years. saw it from a mile away. if you knew, why didn't you stop it? because my brother's crazy enough to try and fight me for her. he'd tank his whole career for marion. i couldn't let that happen. family comes first. always has. that's the downside of being a caldwell. what is it?
3:27 am
their c.i.a. files were on wendy's flash drive. huck just de-encrypted them. so albatross, the mole, the man who killed wendy... he's the one who leaked their names to the terrorists. i went in house, did a thorough sweep of all my officers, checked all ingoing, outgoing communications. and? the mole is not in the agency. the c.i.a. is clean on this, sir. which is a relief. however, it does not solve our problem. i know the picture's not great, but you think that's the guy? that's him. it is? that's him. that's the guy. i know it. that's him. (panting) olivia! sir, for my money, i'd start looking into other intelligence avenues-- the n.s.a., national security council. i can provide you with reliable names, oversee any sweeps you need. that's the guy who wanted what wendy stole! that's the guy who killed her! that's him on the tv! that is him! (speaking inaudibly) thank you, osborne.
3:28 am
(knock on door, door opens) sir? send him in. (bottle clatters) i don't see you in person for three years, and now i'm seeing you twice in a week? i'm starting to feel special. (door closes) you still watching her? of course. but i have to tell you, i don't have any more information than i gave you the other day. who's the guy? what? there's a guy, isn't there? she's seeing someone, someone new. look-- who's the guy? so this is personal. look, fitz-- i'm your commander-in-chief. it's "mr. president," and i need an answer. mr. president, there is no guy. she's not seeing anyone.
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craig: he died from unrelieved swelling of the brain caused by a severe concussion and the resulting frontal lobe hematoma. right, when i spoke to him right before he died, he gave me the impression he was in some kind of fight. the abrasions and contusions would point to that, except for one thing. the hands. exactly. looks more like he got a manicure than had a beef. so, what is this, i'm grounded? we got everybody
3:32 am
but for right now, yes, you are confined to this house. for how long? as long as it takes. do i have a curfew? can i stay up and watch jon stewart? you think this is funny? no, i think it's ridiculous; you wouldn't do this to any other cop caught in the same situation. i damn sure would. i just wouldn't have them move in with me. there's got to be something i can do besides just sit here. well, my dining room chair's a little wobbly. i have some gorilla glue in the garage. i'll see you tonight. you'd think it was him they put a hit out on. take your worst fear, multiply it by 100, you're not even in the ballpark. you're not even in the parking lot next to the ballpark. thanks. big help. look, you have to understand the way your father thinks. he's got such a deep sense of responsibility that when something goes wrong, he takes it personally. and his job is to put 30-odd thousand people in harm's way every day.
3:33 am
okay, well, sometimes around here, it's like danny's made of armor, and i'm made of toothpicks. come on, he's an equal opportunity worrywart. how am i supposed to walk around with that on my shoulders? that's for you to figure out. he's not gonna change. you clear, i'll clean. man: he was our colleague, he was our friend, but most of all, he was our brother in arms, and, um, suddenly he's gone. and, uh, it sucks. but the way to get through this is to honor phil in all we do, in all we achieve. in the memory of one of our own who is now behind the sun.
3:34 am
excuse me, you ladies did tell them that i was a detective with the nypd, right? they're almost finished. okay. you know phil? yes, of course. did you know if anyone had a beef with him? a beef? like some street-y thing? like a problem? can't think of anyone who'd want to hurt him. mm-hmm. you? not here anyway. hi, detective, i'm sorry to keep you waiting. i'm josh thorp; this is terry longacre. um, should we take it to our office? sure. no calls. he ever show up to work like that before? all beat up? only from a hangover. wait, wait, wait, what was his line again? oh, uh, "i don't call it a hangover anymore. it's just the morning." so, he had a drinking problem? not that ever got in the way of his productivity.
3:35 am
look, detective, if you took all the functioning alcoholics out of the financial industry, you'd be left with, like, two bond analysts and a atm. so, sure he drank. how about gambling? any gambling problems? we're all gamblers. i mean, serious gambling problems, like he was into his bookie? i mean, there is a version of this story where he caught a real beat down. not that i ever heard of. i mean, philip played division three hockey and lacrosse. i mean, he knew his way around a fight. he have friends in the company? people he hung out with after work? uh, larry, brad, jason. kenny, rand. i mean, guys he went to school with. i'll have sara give you their contacts on your way out. great. just out of curiosity, what do you think happened to him? well, same as you do, detective, uh, he got into some sort of fight and, uh, suffered an injury the proved to be fatal. i mean, it's a real tragedy for all of us. mm-hmm. and you? yeah, ditto. and we're gonna do everything we can to get to the bottom of it as well. what does that mean? it means that we're gonna have
3:36 am
your security team? yeah. oh. with all due respect, i'm not gonna trust my financial assets to the new york city comptroller. i'm not gonna trust a human asset to city services, either. i'm not city services. i'm a first grade detective with the new york city police department. and i will not hesitate for one second to lock up anybody who interferes with my investigation. you understand? forgive my partner, detective. um, just in shock around here this morning. very well. they'll give me that list? yeah. i can, uh, give them all a heads up, if you like? no, i wouldn't want you to spoil the element of surprise. they are his friends. yeah, well, you know, even friends have stuff to hide sometimes. um, did any of these guys not show up for work today? simple question. rand hilbert. (elevator dings) but he was scheduled to fly for a meeting in boston on the first shuttle.
3:37 am
thanks for your help. all right, thanks. what do you got? rand hilbert was booked on a 6:00 a.m. shuttle to boston but was refused boarding because of his quote, "inebriated and agitated state." then he's home? no. the night doorman says he got in a town car at 4:30 to the airport; the day doorman says he never returned home. and the doormen have your number? yeah, and they get 50 bucks to use it. show these guys a 20, they look at it like it's a nickel. right, now even the doormen are players. all right, then what the hell is this? what? i got an e-mail from philip.gibson a dead guy sent you an e-mail? apparently, he did. 596 west 2-8, 9:00 p.m. bring a $100 bill with the word "damaged" written on it-- that's your ticket. got a couple $100 bills on you? uh, no, but there's a bank across the street that's open till 5:00. great.
3:38 am
thanks. arbogast: i can't say as this is good news or bad, but we picked up further intel on the hit. it's now hits-- plural. phil sanfino got orders to take out his nephew, noble. what for? what for? for bringing you in, or rather, bringing jimmy riordan in. have they carried it out? not that we know of. so we can still reach out to him, right? to who? noble. that's a pretty fragile ecosystem. uh, you know, we got a lot at stake. we can't compromise the whole operation for one wiseguy. so, what... what, noble's just roadkill in this? jamie, we're not talking about innocent bystanders here. we're talking about the nypd handing down a death penalty. collateral damage. on the side of the patrol car
3:39 am
it says "courtesy, professionalism and respect," not "judge, jury and executioner." that's out of line. we cannot risk letting noble sanfino know. we're 36 hours out from taking down the case. i can't see how tipping any of them that we've got eyes and ears isn't asking for trouble. unless you want to order it. i won't do that. and why can't we move it up to tomorrow? what are we waiting for, vic? cavazzere's grandkid's christening. we're expecting a few of them to come out of hiding to attend. let's just agree this isn't everyone's finest hour. there's only one egg that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat.
3:40 am
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3:41 am
(low chatter) girl, look, i got one, too. see? he's already seen my i.d. reagan. danny reagan. gary heller. looking good. stepping out? actually, i'm on the job. do you mind? this is my partner, detective curatola. oh... new york's finest. would you knock it off? what are you doing here anyway? working the, uh, roofie concession here?
3:42 am
narcotics in the 2-1 for years. mmm. jamaicans were running millions of dollars through the streets. but they never lost an ounce on your watch, did they, gary? that's right. yeah. see you around, regan. yeah, not if i see you first. flopped cop? he flipped on some jamaicans in exchange for immunity. guy never met an angle he didn't like. (sighs) you know what? i'm seeing a lot of these bracelets. i'm not seeing any bills. you think we got duped? i don't know. yes? not sure how this works. damaged? all right. go ahead. thank you.
3:43 am
thank you. (hard rock music blaring) (cheering) boxing gloves. that explains the clean hands he had. it's like cockfighting for rich guys. i'm going to go look around. i'll be back. excuse me. excuse me. excuse me. excuse me.
3:44 am
watch the left! who do you got? nexmont. you? nexmont. how big? oh, big. how about you? 50k big. hit him! (cheering and applause) you guys here last night? yeah. you? did you see the fight with the cortlandt street guy? yeah. he ended up in the hospital. not surprised. he was getting really clocked out there. uh-huh. who was the guy he fought? it was another cortlandt street guy. they're the only firm that will pit two of their own against each other. guy gave up like 20 pounds and six inches of reach, but it was like he had a hammer. yeah, what was his name, that guy? cortlandt street, they're all ivy guys.
3:45 am
ooh. they got no bell here? bells are for cats. is this your first time? (cell phone ringing) yeah, just checking it out. where you work? one second. reagan. you did? yeah, okay. i'm on my way. um, i work here, with the nypd. your cards? good luck. excuse me. rand hilbert came back home, jack. we should head over. yeah. it's time for his post-fight interview. wow. cortlandt street company cars. looks like they started the party without us.
3:46 am
hey. when did he get back? minute before i called you. yeah? and how about his visitors? uh, ten minutes after that. apartment? 11-b. we go up unannounced. you got it? (men's voices in distance) you hear that? mm-hmm. (man yelling) (knocking) police. open up. let's go. coming in! mr. hilbert? that's my father's name. would you put the bottle down, please, sir? i said put the bottle down now. cutting myself off. hey, easy, easy. sit down and don't move. my partner and i just come from damaged. who wants to go first? okay, then. the first rule of fight club is: you will talk about fight club now.
3:47 am
who's lawyered up? i'm on retainer with the firm. oh, lucky for them. were you at the fight last night? (laughs) of course not. then get at the back of the line. none of us were there. rand was there. weren't you, rand? you don't have to answer that. you really want to waste my time making me go round up witnesses, huh? go ahead. go ahead. were you there or not, rand? yeah. yep. and you were in the ring with mr. gibson, weren't you? yeah. yeah, and you hit mr. gibson, who later died. is that not true? quayle: detective, you talked to mr. gibson before he passed away. and you know that how? longacre: as i told you, we're trying to get to the bottom of this ourselves. the point is, did he say anything to you about being forced into the ring? the point is, we're asking the questions. whatever you say. i had words with him. wasn't an interview. but you identified yourself as nypd, so, surely, if there was some foul play, he would have said something. not necessarily.
3:48 am
yeah, right through there. were you close, you and phil? (sighs) we were brothers, man. they went to prep school and college together. they were best friends. and as you can see, rand here is crushed. no, as i can see, rand here is a train wreck, and you guys are all up here trying to get your stories straight. (stifled retching) whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, no. that's the ladies' room right w. use the sink. unselor, i need to interview him as soon as possible, so why don't you get him straightened out, all right? i will have mr. hilbert ready at 8:00 a.m. for an interview with you and the ada of your choice. oh, you'll do that? mm-hmm. and you two, you knew about this when we met this morning, and instead, you choose to yank my chain instead? that's not true. we're piecing this together just as you are. we apologize if you got the wrong impression, detective. your money doesn't make me stupid, all right? and mr. quayle doesn't make me shrink, either. yeah, and that fact, if it is one, doesn't make you right. shut up, terry.
3:49 am
let's go, partner. we'll see you bright and early, mr. hilbert. try some tomato juice. you find anything in the bathroom? yeah, there were meds for him like a marine coming back from a third tour. it's a bottle of alprazolam prescribed to a girl. recent prescription. okay, what's alprazolam? it's a generic for zanny. all right, and the girl-- what's her name? sara allen, chelsea address. sara allen is the name of one of the assistants at cortlandt street capital. that bottle full when you cracked it? sir, yes, sir. stop at the halfway mark. wasn't doing a damn thing anyway.
3:50 am
it isn't missionary work we do. yep. you want me to go? just say so. what would you do in my shoes? drink the neck and shoulders off a bottle for starters. then? you can't just go out and find him. his family has a hit out on a guy who looks just like you, and they're not gonna stop and ask for i.d. i know that. and you can't tell him you're a cop. that would scratch a pending bust that's taken up thousands of man hours and should and must go down. so what do i do? i don't want to screw this up, but i can't just stand by knowing what i know. neither would you.
3:51 am
that you want to make a move, you keep those boundaries in sight at all times. not a lot of room there. a smart cop can find room between a rock and a hard place. good night, son. good night. noble. you know what to do. it's jimmy. you need to call me as soon as you get this. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke.
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