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tv   News 19 Friends 5  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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good evening and thank you darcy strickland. >> i am and remark. -- i him and remark. according to the united nations there are 40 million refugees. this morning 220 of them have beenenpproved to be placed right here in south carolina. earlier today the lutheran theological southern seminary of the community forum -- held a community forum to answer questions of the 220 approved refugees for 2000 1665 are from
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the middle east and south asia and seven of them are from latin america. three of those latin -- of those refugees are from your. >> he wanted to present the refugee crisis and what resettlement possibilities there are in south carolina from a christian perspective. we also wanted to have a biblical and theological underpinning for how we as christians welcome the stranger. >> in january the south cacalina senate passed a bill that would increase surveillance in limitless the refugees from war-torn countries settling. a graduate and ole miss athlete died last night she lost her life in a car accident. it happened around midnight near holly springs she was in her senior year at ole miss majoring in integrated marketing communications on the bali -- volleyball court she finished her for your career. are fire captain has been it -- a fire captain has been
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touching a coworker. he is charged with second- degree assault and battery he is accused of inappropriately touching a male firefighter back in october the alleged incident was reported the columbia police next month -- last month and he turned himself over to authorities earlier today and was released on a $500,000 pr bond. they say he is a 16 year veteran of the department and he was most recently assigned to station 12 on n. main st. fire chief aubrey jenkins says that he has been placed on an investigative suspension pending the outcome of the charges. the sheriff's department has an app it offers notification alerts most wanted deadbeat parents crime, mapping, and you could submit a tip and even links to social media it is targeted for citizens in richland county. >> we are in 21st century
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whole lot. so the app is a really great way for us to instantly get in contact with our citizens and also for them to be connected with us at all times. it's kind of a win-win on both sides will always be connected with our citizens and they will always be connected with us.>> the app is free. deputies are looking for a person of interest after in suv was stolen. employees from aa a ao sales say somebody drove off in a sober 2005 chevy trailblazer. the employee says at about 3:30 pm a male took the $7000 vehicle on a test drive and never came back. they say he arrived at the business in a blue audi and a woman drove the audi away. a similar incident has been reported in the columbia area as well. investigator say that they may be connected if anybody has information on who this is
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sweatshirt call crimestoppers. and this morning we started out with clouds over the area and we were watching a little patch of wintry mix over in the atlanta area that raced across the upstate region in the northern part of the midlands producing a little bit of a mix and a little bit of snow it was right along the border and did not affect the midlands per se but we had cleared out and we have warmed up. notice it is still 31 in raleigh, it is 58 and augustine and down in albany georgia that 71. here in columbia we have cleared out have sunny skies degrees the windsor from the hour. for tonight we are expecting mostly clear skies a light breeze 31 four are low tomorrow will be sunny. it will be briefly it will also
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degrees in tomorrow night we will be dropping down to 22 degrees. let's take a look at the traffic around the area for the afternoon. we have some slowdowns in some accidents. there were more accident a short time ago. the one accident we are watching this one right here that is on broad river road, it is slowing things down but we have got egg slowdowns there was an accident on i 20 -- i'm sorry it was 26. it has slow down traffic in both directions. if you are going from downtown all the way to the boulevard it will take you a little bit of time. however, the sumter highway is in pretty good shape, and things are in good shape on the northeast side of town except for this road. once you get past it it slows down in the average speed is only about 8 miles per hour. so it's going to take you a little time. on the interstate it is not bad in downtown to block what 15 minutes.
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minutes. more on the weekend forecast is coming up. a little more than a week to go until the primaries presidential hopefuls are making it up to the south carolina voters but as boswell reports candidates want to stay in the race a will need a key constituent group to line up behind them. >> john kasich is hoping to turn his second-place finish into a surprise in south carolina. a lot more money is coming in, just as we expected it would happen, our events are a lot bigger people are a lot more interested. ted cruz is following the same game plan he used to win the iowa caucuses by implementing a large get out and vote effort. he is also getting support from evangelical christians. he made his pitch to south carolina preachers in this video from the brody file on cbn news.>> you have the
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of the primary.>> there also pushing for the vote. jeb busch spoke at bob jones university. >> marriage and family is the single most important powerful political institution in our society. >> they study religious in the boat. >> the very large portion of the portion. >> going after those votes. you have to. it's such a big part. each candidate can hope to find one niche of evangelicals that he can draw on. >> they will make their pitch to voters in a debate saturday night. cray bart -- craig boswell news19. they go to the polls a week from tomorrow and it's onto nevada which holds a conference three days later. parents, take a deep breath it was supposed to be a checkup
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doctors in tennessee say that it should have never happened because it was the wrong child. back in december jennifer melton took her newborn baby and for a physical. when nurses returned the baby she says she found out a terrible mistake have happened. a doctor actually performed the surgery meant for a different child. part of the babies under the tongue area was cut it's designed to help the tongue the better for children having trouble nursing. >> at that point i began to cry hysterically. >> essentially, they took our child who is 100% healthy and just took him out of the nursery and cut his mouth. >> crazy, family lawyers says the doctor did apologize but they still build them for the surgery. investigators are striving to figure out what caused the mistake. let's pray she doesn't have to pay for that.
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supposed to.>> all you're going to say is sorry quick >> i feel like i get to cut you. lay down, and i'm going to take that off of your tongue. >> is whatever they did to that baby is the baby going to be fine? >> yes, what they called? something like that. well when it's attached sometimes you have a short one and it keeps the tongue lower. so i guess that baby is going to have a mobile tongue if they made even smaller. >> still, you operated on may baby and you should not have peer right now --. right now, someone is thinking this baby is not leaving my side. ron baby. >> i met and it's not even my child. coming up next, today would have been president. lincoln's 207th birthday now
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to celebrate but chef keith is here and we are cooking up pr something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up
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and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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now some stores to kick up your weekend with a smile. in honor valentine's day we have been talking about love what does it mean for the little ones? we decided to try to find out. >> i think that love means when someone is special to you and you do nice things and it comes from the heart. >> love is like family because they love you and they are always there for you. >> it's like love let's get married and then it's like, you like something, like your dog.
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somebody and, they show you that they love you by doing things with you. and they love you. >> real of is when you're having a bad day and your mom and dad hug on you and say good things to to make you feel better. >> something or someone that cut the value. >> somebody cares about you and who helps you when you are sad. >> it's when your dog or your cat oreo teacher or your principal or you are friends, or your toys. >> you get lots of presents. >> that is precious.
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out to everything but his parents. >> you can love all that stuff. and when you really love somebody just follow them around.>> and you do nice things for them. sometimes my daughter stopped me.>>[laughter] >> anyways, the love you. >> and we've got three. >> multiperson collision right there.>> happens in my house once a day. they are close to me because they love me. >> or they want something. >> they want good weather this weekend. >> they will get good weather except it will be cold but, this weekend will be totally different from the next weekend is going to be cold this weekend but the next weekend will be warm. this is what we saw, will
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seeing right now the e ouds have beeeemoving out of the midland still a few clouds in the eastern part of the midlands but most of the area has been cleared out and sunshine has come in. clouds upstate into north carolina is a weak front to our south but it really hasn't affected us associated with this weather system that moved out into the atlantic and that's what brought the precipitation. if another surge of cold air that's coming down to the midwest the sprint will sweep through the area and we will increase winds as the area of high pressure building to the southeast for the weekend. here are the temperatures across the country and you can see that cold air coming down into the midwest 21 in chicago up in minneapolis it is at 10 degrees but, it's been nice across the southeast where thth sun has been able to come up and in fact in dallas there at 69 here in south carolina look at this, it is 39 in florence still cloudy there, 37 up in
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sumter, 52 in columbia, 54 in orangeburg and 58 degrees over in a gusto. tonight skies will be clearing and we will continueueto see plenty of sunshine tomorrow. it will be chilly tomorrow. tomorrow night it will be mostly clear towards daybreak some clouds will come and it will be partly cloudy on sunday and then another weather system will be affecting us. he will be seeing an increasing clouds on sunday and by monday morning there will be a chance for some showers and in the northern part of the midlands, there is a chance that it could be mixed with a wintry mix or maybe even some freezing rain. it won't last long, the rain will be coming in later on monday and in fact are best chance from -- for rain will be monday night. here's our forecast for tonight, it will be chilly. 27 over in falluja, 41 four columbia, 29 in sumter, 33 in orangeburg, tomorrow warming up
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44 in camden, 46 four columbia. our seven-day forecast, our coldest they will be sunday, it will 22 with a high of 40. the clouds increase sunday night and on monday we will see the rain increasing not as much during the day more likely monday night a high of 50 degrees, we will see the rain coming to an end on tuesday with the sun coming out in the afternoon. high temperature 58, he will be dry the rest of the work week 62 on wednesday backing off a little bit thursday. next friday we are expecting sunshine and a high of 66. let's go over to andrea. >> thank you so much. today, president. lincoln would have been -- >> 207. president lincoln is not here to enjoy this meal unfortunately. we asked him to come, there was a problem.
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lincoln's favorite meal. now pronounce it for me again. >> chicken -- >> i heard our producers a chicken frangais >> but that's different. >> it's been around for a long time, hundreds of years, back in the day, they would take a whole chicken cut it out cricket and then add all of your veggies and it would just kind of sit like a stew for a day over rice and it was a really hearty dish especially when it is cold soy a lot of good protein. but, it's a little fattyof heavy cream in my the fat from the chicken so we do ours a little bit different we as a fat-free half-and-half, with some greek yogurt, and we precook boneless skinless chicken breast, and the idea that we were talking about earlier as you can actually -- is you can actually do this in the crockpot, you can precook
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to. i'm not a fan of b bes in a stew like this because it -- they are very small. and by doing it this way you can cut about three quarters of the fat out. >> show us what to do. back you have a pot with a little bit of butter. some onions these are leaks. relative. >> an onion cousin. >> just make sure that you wash them. they do grow in santa so they will be a little gritty. some carrots. >> lots of carrots. garlic. those will go in. >> and at this point, the kind of cut this down for about five minutes until brown's off a little bit. again, if you are crockpot in draw everything in and -- if you are doing a crockpot throw everything in and walk away. so this will cut down.
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wine. >> i think that vermouth is to sweep. >> -- is too sweet. >> it's not like a chardonnay. >> it is. >> and then we are going to add a half-and-half. and then we turned in a little bit of greek yogurt that gives a kind of the silky -- >> exactly. >> and then a pension are so of time. -- time -- the space-time. >> that is such a hearty delicious looking stew. >> so crockpot, all-day let it cook them. i would recommend putting your veggies the little quicker. -- a little quicker. if you precook your chicken, throwing in just to warm it up, then you are done. >> so cook this then put in a
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>> rice is optional. it's up to you. we do a little bit of brown rice on the bottom. and then -- >> wait until you guys see this. >> i pre-case it a little bit of this. i don't know if it's the wine or the leaks or what. but it is literally the best tasting brought i have ever had.>> chicken fricassee the -- >> just rolls off the tongue. >> you're making us a romantic dessert next. coming up after that a copy high school
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from some veterans. imagine getting to speak with someone who had the chance
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students at one middle and high school were able to do just wonderful event to honor our veterans. today, pick up a chance news19 kobe gallagher goes inside -- colby gallagher goes inside. >> their eyes are glued on us. absorbing it. major. store. he spent nine months as a world war ii prisoner of war and contntue to service once he was released. >> patents third army world war ii, they stopped at our prison camp and released us. >> major hamilton spoke to them as part of the valentines for vets program. for military hopefuls, the serving means. >> it's very great to hear their stories and being a part of their life even it's for a day. it's really good to sit down
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>> as an active-duty medic he represented those who are still serving. they hope their presence is a bout -- a positive reinforcement. >> it's an honor to meet with people from world war ii and vietnam, and it's inspiring to stay in and make that. >> diming kelly says that it's meant to give back to those who gave so much for us. >> they didn't have to come here but they chose to come here to speak with us. and to inform us on what they have endured in the war. i am glad that i got to be part of this experience. >> i wouldn't give it away for $1 million. it thrills me. >> kobe gallagher news19 wltx. >> it was major hamilton's fifth you're speaking to these kids and he calls the school
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says he loves ben carson, jeb busch, and ted cruz attended the presidential form in greenville. >> bush discussed his feelings s about the 10 amendments. >> it hillary clinton get the supreme court justices it will not exist. it just won't. there's a lot riding on this. my view, is that the tenant limits as a package deal. sometimes say they like the first i like them all. >> ben carson attended the presidential form at bob jones university in greenville, carson discussed the need for an amendment act in order to protect religious freedom.
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whatsoever with any two adults regardless of their sexual orientation doing whatever they want to do in their private lives. they want to get a lawyer so they can write up a contract to they can have visitation rights and share property i don't have any problem with that. what i do have a problem with is overturning what the bible says. >> ohio governor spent another full d d campaigning across our state current polls show case it with single-digit support here in south carolina. with that said he says he doesn't expect a win here but he expects to win -- do well enough. he spoke today about his ideas. >> we have to make sure that we remember those in the public light that we are americans before we are republicans and democrats and that we had to
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>> cbs says all the remaining major republican candidates for president will be on stage for the gop debate. it starts at 9 pm tomorrow. donald trump and ted cruz, marco rubio, governor. jeb bush, and dr. ben carson and also ohio governor john kasich will all be participating. >> hillary clinton got a lot of questions from voters today during a town hall close to 400 people heard from her she rolled out a 125 billion-dollar plan that she calls the breaking every barrier agenda. its purpose is to end the school to prison pipeline. also to invest in communities of color. clinton was asked about medicaid, education gap and what she would do about the hospital closing in rural areas. for denmark residents a lot of those we spoke to are still
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candidates to focus on but unemployment is important. >> at the schools have been fafaing apart and rich suburbs of columbus for columbia charleston, we wouldn't still be talking about it. there would have been an outcry. action would have been taking. if the school more often much -- if schools a more affluent children were in this condition, that legislature would have acted. >> she was in south carolina for more than an hour. >> it was chilly, it was cold. it is sunny and 52 degrees. windsor from the southwest at three mils per. tonight, we are expecting mostly clear skies a low
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will be sunny but breezy and still a bit chilly. a high temperature 46 degrees. as we go into sunday it's going to be a cold day. it will be partly cloudy a low of 22. clouds will be increasing sunday night. you're going to be seeing some rain moving into the area monday. most of the rain is going to be monday night. high temperature monday city the rain coming to an end on tuesday with a high 58. i went they will be mostly sunny with a high temperature of 62. let's take another look at traffic. this afternoon we had a few areas that can -- congestion. we also had some problems on the northeast side of town. have an accident right here clemson road. we've also got a bit of a slowdown here. on the eastbound lanes of two notch 2 notch road. there was an accident earlier. can the segments are slow but
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shape. the southwest side of town everything seems to be moving fine particularly if you're heading south towards the charleston area but we still have a bit of a slowdown here on i 26. and coming out of the city on 126 the average speed is only about 11 miles per hour. it's been a problem in the northwest side of town. if you're going from downtown to harbison boulevard. right now it's going to take at least 18 minutes. going from downtown to lexington on highway 378. it's going to take you a half hour. back to you. the effects of october floods -- october floods are still visible throughout the midlands. the department of transportation just released their monthly update thing 25 flood impacted bridges are being put on the fast track for replacement. that includes bridges on congress road, and hopkins which crews will begin working
5:36 pm
andy rockbridge and forced acres which is set to open by june 1. i resident who lives right next to that bridge says it took a few extra minutes into his route every day. >> is a little bit of an inconvenience. because, we have to go around and about to either go over to decker and come down to go to 77 or go over to force drive. it takes a few more minutes to do that now. >> currently cost statewide dot says that they had more than 125 active bridge projects. >> is with a heavy heart that we report the passing of one of our most popular 19 survivors. seven years ago teacher duncan found -- deidra duncan wound a lump. they diagnosed her with stage iv cancer but she never let that stop her. her smile and her infectious
5:37 pm
everyone wanted to be around. she generously donated her time, attention, and love to others fighting this disease and never wanted anybody to feel sorry for her. >> i can't wake up every morning to die, have to wake up every morning to live. >> it spread to her bones and liver and last night she passed away. she was surrounded by her family at home she leaves
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daughter, husband into many they are talking about valentine's day on sunday. and, if you haven't done what
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that is extra special >> what are we doing quick >> chocolate. >> >> if you are in trouble and not as they could go to dish typically the french culinary version of this it takes a long time conference start to finish but we can do at about 20 minutes. the length of time is getting your cream to thicken. >> what is this called? >> this is a cream pot. heavy cream, milk, a gill, some chocolate, chocolate i wouldn't recommend dark. we did 50% dark and 50% milk. and a little bit of sugar.
5:42 pm
and a half of heavy cream. and then you will get x egg yolks. >> homo, heavy cream there's no way to do this with 1%, or 2%. >> this is what we do this stuff over here. matt -- >> all right. >> it's hard to fake those decadence desserts -- decadent desserts. >> you need to keep stirring this. you do not want to bring this to a boil. if you do that, he will have scrambled eggs. >> you do not want scrambled eggs in chocolate. >> so about six minutes medium heat you'll see it thicken, it will get much thicker almost a warm pudding consistency, and add sugar and, to your blender. put in your chocolate this is nine answer -- 9 ounces, and as this comes up to temperature he
5:43 pm
want to run the blender because it is loud. just until this is nice and frothy. and whatever glass you want to use whether it's a coffee mug or something. for that from there, put in your fridge for two hours, cover it with saran wrap and that's it. >> so it's pretty much just like a moose >> it's in between a pudding and a moose. but the french make it sound so much better. >> everything the french say, -- >> if i was in culinary school i'd say i'm making putting in they say there's the door. >> you can use drivers which we slice open and fanout. we also made some homemade whipped cream. >> how to make homemade whipped cream? >> this we have a, i forget with up call. >> is in a whipping canister quick >> he put some air and it. >> whipped cream, powder junior, you can whisk this and end up the same thing.
5:44 pm
put a co2 cartridge in it. you shake it up, and you get that. that's pretty much it. and in a nutshell. >> it's beautiful. >> you can go from that to this. and then try that. >> let me give it a shot. >> we're going to move that may. >> i do see the consistency is kind of putting. it should be light the idea with the blender you want to get everything to blend up because your chocolate has not melted. >> that is delicious. >> andrea has a question. >> it's just about how you put it together. traditionally, you will cook us in a water bath. sorry water bath is, a pen -- so a water bath is in a pan. and with this you get a little lighter consistency.
5:45 pm
kind of with a little bit. >> i love it. >> andrea, i want you to talk about what's coming up. >> i need some of that. all right, coming up next it's time to do a little bit of harvesting. so excited about this, but today he is harvesting a vegetable if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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it's been cold here. here it is middle february in our garden is still in good shape. in fact, we went about protecting it, look at the road covers that we've got over it. not all of the plants need to have those covers. we have kale here.
5:49 pm
plants that we have are here. they can take temperatures all the way down into the middle teens. and to put the covers even lower than that. but these covers are breathable, we keep them on when it is cold like this. but, today we are actually going to harvest. off here. and you can see that it's real easy and fast to take those covers off. they are expendable, in fact, these can go out to about 10 feet. he will just put that right over here. this particular plant right here, it produces something that's kind of unique, this we actually planted and, you are just experimenting with and let me just kind of, harvest one of these. and show you what we've got. this is a plant right here and i'll just pull it out. and take it out, and the edible portion is this bulb right here.
5:50 pm
flavor and, the plant is similar to a cabbage, so this bulb. it is going to be fixed up in many different ways. but it's similar to what a cabbage heart is. and all we would have to do is click the leaves off like this. -- clip the leaves off like this. and obviously we would wash it off. and, just like that, and here is what we have left. in this little ball. you can cook it like you do a cabbage heart or, you can actutuly cut it out, you might want to cut more around that. you can cut the overall into some silence. there is a number of different ways you can fix this. but this is a particular type
5:51 pm
got a latin name. but i will tell you, that we are going to give this a try and we will see how it does. we do not have any other plants at the moment are readadfor harvest except for the kale. the kale we have been clipping the leaves off of and using them in salads, which you can use county -- kale in many different ways. the two types of kale that weird -- that we are growing. they are in the process of mentoring, probably the next thing that we will harvest is the red cartridge dust cabbage. some good news is, some of these we will be able to mature a little faster next week because we are expecting more mother it may be a sign that spring is not too far away. that's it today. that was pretty cool. i thought i knew all my vegetables. >> no, coming through with a new vegetable.
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still ahead, now that his term is winding down we are seeing a whole new side of f
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barack obama. the first job of a president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush.
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has a look at tonight, the amazing race kicks off at 8 pm, hawaii 50 at 9 pm. you can finish your news -- or evening with news19 at 11 pm. some i hope you watch ellen every day. today, she outdid herself. she helped president. obama film a romantic valentine's day message for the first lady take a look. >> somebody call the situation room.
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>> michelle, this valentine's day going to treat you right. going to make you some zucchini bread. then i will spread out the veggies on a plate. just the way that you like them. and then going to give you a massage while you watch ellen's design challenge on hd -- hdtv. because, i love you so much i owe obama care about you more than anything you even know. >> [applause] >>[laughter] >> i have made a lot of great decisions as president the best decision i ever made was choosing your. thanks for putting up with me. i love you. and alan, happy valentine's day -- island -- allen happy valentine's day. >> she said roses are red violets are blue you're the
5:57 pm
>> happy valentine's day. you can the ellen right here
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>> [music] right now news19 at 6 pm, we are on your side answering questions about the resettlement of refugees. >> a midland fire captain. is on leave accucud of inappropriately touching a coworker.
5:59 pm
millions were damaged by the floods. news19 at 6 pm starts now. according to the united nations there are over 43 million refugees worldwide. this year 220 of them have been approved by the federal government to be placed right here in south carolina. good evening, thanks for being with us i am jr barry pick >> i am darcy strickland. they held a community forum to answer any questions about the refugees. meeting. >> reporter: south carolinians refugees. >> who are the refugees? >> how many women and children are there? right here? >> so today the southern seminary had a community forum. >> wanted to present the refugee crisis and what
6:00 pm
there are in south carolina to make christian perspective. >> patricia of the lutheran services of carolina was the main speaker. speaker we pray -- try to provide as much affirmation as possible. in the process on the resettlement pick >> according to patricia, 65 are from africa, 70 e. asia, 75 middle east and southeast asia, and seven are from latin america and three are from your. the most attention is going to the middle east. >> 35 of them are children. >> 20% at least are the special immigrant visa holders in those are iraqis or afghanistan who served as guide and interpreters for the us troops. >> as for syrian refugees she said there are only two in south carolina right now 11


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