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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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let's track this rain as it moves through overnight.>> we had a lot of rain that came over last night while we were sleeping, and there was not one county in the midlands did -- that did not get some rainfall. moving through right now, and all of us will start to get clear skies, and a lot of warm air forced in. 55 in lexington, sumter 55, orangeburg at 55 right now, and 55 here in columbia. the winds are kicking up at 13 miles an hour. the kids will need a light jacket or sweater, but mild with the t3 to start. lots of sunshine today, 64 degrees and wendy, gusting up
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coverage, low 44. light winds out of the northwest and lots of sunshine, a high of 61 degrees. as we get ready, a lot of us are going back to school and work. taking a look at i-26, as you head toward malfunction junction, right now no incidents or issues as far as accidents. we have some information, traffic lights out on close to decker boulevard. outside of that, too downtown, an eight minute commute, from blackwood to downtown, 15 minutes. sunshine and we will show you that coming up in just a few minutes. let's talk about the
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ted cruz is heating up. >> allegations of deceit, and talks of a lawsuit lying on the campaign trail, and jeb bush brings a familiar face with him. >> reporter: it was a family affair in south carolina, george w. bush campaigns for his younger brother, jeb bush, and taking swipes at donald trump. >> faith that reveals itself through good works, not loud words. >> reporter: the rally marking the first time that bush has talked for his brother, giving his younger brother a needed boost. donald trump tried to take the wind out of his former president brothers appearance. but the billionaire saved is most brutal attacks for ted
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>> ted cruz is i think the most an honest guy i've ever met in politics. >> reporter: ted cruz threatened to sue. and he rallies voters about the new vacancy on the supreme court. >> we are one justice away from a radical left-wing majority the likes of which this company has never seen. >> and while jeb bush and donald trump campaigned here, john kasich is still trying to build on his second-place finish in the new hampshire and primary. and talking to potential voters at the ebenezer grill, and hearing columbia at the
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town hall. ben carson made several stops across the state, and scheduled to appear in several locations today. >> ted cruz will be joined by rick perry and jeff duncan in columbia, at the colombian are very -- colombian armory. crews will be in -- cruz will be in anderson. on the democratic side, bernie sanders in columbia today, and he has two events, one of prayer breakfast and the other at the town hall, invitation-only events. the democratic primary is february 22, and the republican candidate is this saturday, and you can only vote in one primary.
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more information. let's talk about sports, the usc women's clinics the share of the secretary title, 62-56, south carolina moving to 24-1 overall. with the win last night and the win against george on thursday, earning the team their third straight championship, and here's how the coach responded to the tennessee team. >> we have played a lot of basketball, it in a lot of tough environments. it is familiar to them, so we do not fret about being down are playing a close game. i think we play our best basketball on the fourth quarter when the gang is on the line, and i think that is when expepeence comes in to play.
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that even in these situations. >> the usc women take on georgia here on thursday. the men getting back to the winning ways, taking on the missouri tigers, and the to fall for the game is at 7 pm. it is time for our mom of the day, the mother of three and nominated by her daughter, and she says that although her mother works late nights, she is always willing to give a helping hand, and is always there to talk. she says she loves her very much and wants to know -- wants her to know that she is appreciated. if you would like to nominate a mom of the day, though to our
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today's word subrosa, and they would hang the rose meaning something was said in private. that is the same as whatever is said here is secret. so anything said in sub rosa is setting confidence. there is sub rosa in vegas perhaps. if there are any more fun
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to come, and knowing what is happening in your neighborhood, the new tool that is available for free. the grammy awards is not just about honoring the music, it is always about the fashion. plan accordingly,
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weekend the richland county sheriff department is heading to your cell phone, and here to talk about more is the deputy with the richland county sheriff's department. welcome and thank you for being with us. you guys are just launched some very cool technology, so tell us about it. >> it is a very simple tool for all of our citizens to use, you can submit a tip, or look at our crime mapping, a very easy tool for all of our citizens to use. >> technology in the social media is so big now, and interchanging things between twitter and social media, so why is this important? >> they need to have this information in a timely manner, and the app is a perfect way to
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have to wait until 5 pm news to know what is going on in their community. we have an alert, and we can send you notifications and alert you if something is going on in your neighborhood, or maybe we will just say happy valentine's day, and you can learn about special events that we have going on, and you may not hear about that very often. it is a great tool to be able to look at things in the palm of your hand.>> tell us about the process. when something happens, the first reaction is to get it taken care of, but when you alert the public, what is the order of events that you take to notify people? is it facebook or twitter? >> every situation is different, and we may let the citizens know that something is going on in their community, or neighborhood specifically, and
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this is been a long time coming, and the sheriff is big on being an innovative and keeping up with the 21st century, which is all about the internet right now. we have finally found the most efficient way, and we picked this app, and it seems to be doing very ll, and it is free.>> what is the crime map? >> this is already online, and you can look up your neighborhood specifically and see what crime is going on in your area. and now you can do it from your cell phone.>> the app is available for iphone and android for free. a great tool, and thank you for joining us. let's check on the weather. good morning, and we are dealing with some heavy rainfall right now, and it is finally beginning to come to an
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in a few spots in the midlands right now, and ran in north central sumter county, and outside of that, the rain is coming to an end. a lot of warm air is pushing in, 52 in aiken, 55 in orangeburg, and pretty much the eastern portions of the midlands, 54 degrees. in columbia city get 55 degrees with overcast skies, and the winds are picking up at 13 miles an hour. we have this area of low pressure in the eastern part of georgia, a lot of warm air coming in, and off to the east. skies will start clearing out, after the sunrise, the western half of the state will have lots of sunshine, and all of us will get a lot of sunshine throughout the afternoon and evening. we could get cloud cover through the evening, and a possible sprinkle overnight, but seldom.
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edge, and mostly sunny, very windy, and 63 degrees after school, and all of our highs generally in the low to mid 60s. it will be windy, gusting up to 30 miles an hour, but mostly sunny skies with a high of 64 and overcast skies tonight with a low of 44. all of us in the low to mid 40s overnight. sunshine's sticking around for quite a while, 61 tomororw, down to 57 on thursday, and look at this weekend, 71 on saturday, 70 on sunday, and rain coming in by monday and 67. springtime is just around the corner, and these midland radials offered a day discounted rate. as we get ready for the spring weather, we know what it is
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have the flood earlier, and these will come in handy, and ready to work if your power goes out, so consider this over the next several weeks as we continue this through me. checking ononour road conditions, checking at the mile marker 66, moving slowly. all of the roads are wet, so give yourself extra time. looking at i-26 eastbound, on augustine wrote, an accident -- out gusto road -- augusta road, so give yourself some extra minutes.
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there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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we are talking about the grammys, and the biggest stars hit the red carpet.>> we haha to talk about the fashion. and we have our fashion expert, alicia zigler. and this is obviously a big part of the awards shows, what the stars we are on the red carpet. -- wear on the red carpet.>> most of the people were pretty tame, and i think classy is
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people stuck with that trend.>> any trends we will see coming through, colors or anything like that from last night?>> there was a lot of classic black, and that never goes out of style. i know we will get into some looks here in a moment, several females were dressed with the men's tailored suits, and all of the men had some great tailored, dark colored suits, and they were sticking with the classic looks for the most part. >> not very many outlandish looks this year. let's start with the best in go to the worst. and we all picked what we thought were the best, and they were all different.
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best dressed for the nighgh >> i don't know who was the best dressed of the night, but i liked kristy teagan and hurt katy -- her cape, she was stunning. >> definitely on the best dressed list with the androgynous look was my die with the men's suit in the boy haircut, that was a different look for her, and she is usually girly, and with her on the cover girl, i think she rocked that look.>> is that a
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i liked the look, but not so much her hair.>> i guess she was trying to give yourself that boyish look. back i picked kristy keegan, she is pregnant obviously, but she looked stunning. i just think that she is elegant and beautiful. her pregnancy looks great on her, and she was confident. >> she is a beautiful woman. >> inside as well, and she cracks me up if you follow her on twitter. my pick for best dressed was kelly. in addition to her ving such a big talent, i thought this was a great awards show look, and with the hair and everything, i thought she was great. >> let's talk about the worst
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years back the young lady that had that rib cage. >> i forgot her name, but that was horrible. >> i said it was from pinhead from the hell raiser movie, meets beetlejuice. and with those braids. it was a mess. >> there are some pictures being tweeted, and they had to blur out some spots. definitely one of my picks. >> mine is probably the worst. i actually thought when i first saw this, i thought it was nicki minaj because of the pink
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this is a wrapper -- rapper, and she had liked stuffed animals sewn on. i guess the point is that we are talking about are, so now people will note her. >> we want you to weigh in on twitter, what you think is the best and the worst.>> join the conversation with this, and we will take a break, and when we come back, we will talk about the flood recovery, and what it will take to clean it up, so
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and today, the rain has moved out, and the temperatures are moving up, and thank you for joining us on news 19 this morning. you may have heard rain overnight, but we are told that is moving out. >> a lot of us heard a lot of rainfall overnight last night, but the rain has come to an in pretty much. light shows moving through parts of lee county, and outside of that, in the midlands we pretty much cleared out. only 55 in lexington, 54 in saint matthews, newbury 54 degrees, and we are sitting at 55 degrees here in columbia. winds and 13 miles an hour.
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morning for the kids. 53 degrees and lots of sunshine today, with a high of 64. very windy with wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour. we will have some cloud cover moving in, and these light winds tomorrow, with lots of sunshine, and just a little bit cooler with a high of 61. as we get ready to head out to school and work, heading back now and a lot of us had the day off yesterday. taking a look at i-26, the roads are wet. two accidents reading -- being reported over by geology road, and one on i-26 eastbound on augusta road, so be aware of that. looking at a seven minute commute to downtown from robinsonoulevard.
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will last for a while, and we will have your 7-day forecast coming up. the weather is not so great in other parts of the country, parts of the south cleaning up after tornadoes tore through the area, in florida and mississippi, structures damaged by the twisters on monday. it also dumped snow and freezing rain and the northeast. the columbia fire department responded to a fire at the briar gate apartments on mineral drive around 2 am, and the rescued one person from the second floor of the building, and they are investigating. 12 apartments have been affected by the fire, and they have not determined the number of people displaced or the cost of the damage. if you cross bridges in columbia, you may notice the
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and waterways, and this is more than an eyesore. there is a lot of concern about the water quality after the flood, and he is worried about the post-flood danger, these piles of debris could lead to more flooding, and it may not take as much water the next time. >> we do not need a 1000 year flood to have flood damage, we can have a fairly large rainfall event, something on the order of the 20 year rainfall that could cause the higher water than it has in the past.>> the city of columbia says it is aware of the debris issue, and they have reached out to the army corps of engineers to help to fix the problem. 6:34 am. organic milk and meat contain about 50% more omega-3 fatty acids than the
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omega-3 is linked to improve cardiovascular health. people with chronic pain may benefit from acupuncture, according to research in europe. with nine consecutive weeks of acupuncture sessions reported significantly less pain even up to one year later. retirees that belonged to book clubs and church groups may live longer, tracking hundreds of people after they retired. along the to a social and community group was is good for the health as regular exercise. kroger will start offering narcan, the heroin overdose reversal drug without a prescription across ohio in northern kentucky. the ohio first responders use the drug thousands of times a year to revive overdose
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jumped 18% in 2015. ford will launch four new suvs over the next few years. the vice president made this announcement at the chicago auto show, and the added that they have no plans to eliminate any of the models. the number two automaker has the best-selling suv, the explorer. turn any room into a movie theater. >> and for not that much money. as our money man matt granite explains, you can do it for just under $200. >> happy tech tuesday, and i've had a lot of requests for projectors around super bowl time, and prices have dropped after super bowl, and they are awesome. my favorite deal, $175 for this
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ultraportable, weighs under 3 pounds, and you can reach the large wall for up to 10 feet away. and we shot the smartphone video of the product test.>> thanks for letting me check out this projector, and i've been using it in my basement for about two in years, and it is simple to install with only two wires. this is the screen that i built myself because i am cheap, like you. 129 inches from corner to corner, and it looks pretty good, even when it is daylight outside. if you're looking for a good deal on entry level projector, this is a good deal. >> he just called matt granite out.>> he is not cheap. those projectors are pretty cool, and that is a good deal.
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our website, . be sure to watch let's make a deal today, we have colombian resident and you can watch it here at 10 am. we had the carpool karaoke, and justin bieber won his first award last night. they called on him to get help from the grammys, and they sang songs. i like those white suits. and they talked about wearing the white suits. >> i saw people making fun of justin bieber, and people were saying "welcome to chili's, can
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i am reiterating what was said. i think he is a nice guy. >> you can see the late late show right here would james corbett after the late show with stephen colbert. we have to see the recaps. we are always asleep at that time. the roads, and the biggest concerns here for us in the bed linens. >> working to find a way to fix the roads, and what they will spend on those repairs, coming up.
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welcome back to news 19, 6:42 am.
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about the weather, and how to be ready. we have great way with these radios. >> we have partnered with the midland radio, and it kroger, academy sports and walgreens, these radios are offered at a discounted rate. these midland radios are at a special discount. we are not that far from spring, and we all remember how bad the october floods were, and we actually had a tornado in february in lexington. the radios are loud and much needed, and if the power goes out, they are battery operated. we have our wltx weather, and even though these can be plugged in, they are battery
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you. a lot of times we have bad weather at night, and the phone may not go off loudly enough, but these well. >> and they are very easy to program. >> i showed these to a school, and it was very easy to program. it took two minutes to program it. i will be at the walgreens on divine street tomorrow at noon, and they will have the radios. we will not need it this week. >> we will need sunglasses. >> we will need sunglasses, and we had a lot of wind and rain that came through overnight, and this has moved away. we only have l lht rain falling , and it has moved out of lee county and into the piedmont region, and this cold front pushing through, 43 in newberry, and getting down into the
6:44 am
the winds how are picking up at 18 miles an hour, and it will be a windy day with lots of moisture pushing through. we have this area of low pressure, and mostly sunny at 63 when the kids get out of school, but it will be windy. highs in the mid to low w 60s, and wendy, gusting up to 30 miles an hour. overnight, cloud coverage in the low of 44. all of the lows tonight would generally be in the low to mid 40s. sunshine over the next few days, thursday at 57, 66 on friday, and a sunny weekend in the low 70s before that rain comes in on monday with a high of 67. a lot of the roads are wet, so
6:45 am
we are taking a look at i- 20, and the thoroughfare from i- 77 to fairfield road, no accidents being reported. we have two issues. an accident just by geology road , and another accident on i-26 on augusta road. and at lexington, a little bit of a slow down. from simpson road to downtown,
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welcome back, it is 6:49 am. let's talk about usa today, and the front eover.>> this is the glitz, glamour and glory, all about the grammy awards. >> we have been talking about fashion and the debuts, and attributes. >> in one part of this, talking about the couples. double the pleasure, adorable couples. we have sierra and russell wilson, kristy teagan and john legend. >> she was my pick for best dressed. >> taylor swift and gomez, but that outfit was not so good. >> even justin bieber and his
6:49 am
are going viral. >> i did not even know he had a little brother until those pictures came out.>> we talked about trends in the fashion, and the big trend is black. a lot of the stars wore black, adele, carrie underwood. another part in the usa today is the review of the new kanye west album. the new album, "the life of pablo" got 3.5 stars out of 4. >> we have been tweeting out pictures, and we want your opinion. so let us know what you think. you do not have to agree with
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more to come this morning, some parents in sumter asking why their children took hours to get home on the bus, not back until late late last
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>> and why the school is she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton.
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take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. thank you for waking up here with us this morning. to get to the top stories for today. parents in sumter want answers after took over six hours for some of the from school.
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bus driver called in sick yesterday, so they had to combine the bus routes, and the bus left the school at left the school at 2:30 pm and then it broke down. the parents were calling the district office around 5 pm after the students had not come home, but the school officials were not able to call the parents because there was no student roster on the bus. being charged with murder, charged with murder in the death that happened on sunday night in lexington county. according to the arrest warrant, leon opened the back side door and shot and killed a man. he alsosoattempted to murder his wife who was in the vehicle, but the bullets missed her, and he is currently in the lexington county jail. colombian police are searching for the suspect that crashed a car and shot at a
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columbia yesterday morning, and a vehicle wrecked into a sign on easter street, and if you know who is responsible, call crimestoppers. taking a look at events happening in the midlands, a panel about the primary politics, happening at 7:30 pm at the williams rise building, and the event is free and open to the public. the senate will get back to work today, debating the roads bill, and has given senators many options for the bill. they could agree to spend $65 million more a year to prepare interstates without bridgework or expansion, and another option would include $100 million to fix the bridges and widen the major highways.
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tigers and default is 7 pm. we are taking a look at the road conditions on i-26 at st. andrews, and as you head toward malfunction junction, and the roads are wet. we have three accidents showing up in the thoroughfares, and one ongoing at geology road, and another accident eastbound on i 20. the final accident on augusta road on i-26 eastbound, so be aware of those areas. the rain is gone, 55 degrees with overcast skies, and winds and 13 miles an hour. after school, the kids will need a light jacket or sweater, 53 degrees as they wait at the bus stop. all of this is making its way out, clearing skies in the
6:57 am
already, so lots of sunshine. 63 in mild, winds gusting up to 30 miles an hour this afternoon. high of 64 degrees with lots of sunshine in cloud cover moving in overnight, a low of 44 degrees, so get ready for lots of sunshine today and tomorrow, 61 for tomorrow, and lots of sunshine through the weekend. plan for a great and sunny weekend, 71 on saturday, 70 on sunday, and rain coming back on monday with a high of 67.>> it will be a beautiful weekend.>> savanna is excited. and the groundhog was probably right.'s back -- >> at least
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and a great rest of your week. good morning. it is tuesday, february 16, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the bush brothers reunite on the campaign trail amid new taunts from donald trump. we'll talk to jeb bush. teachers accused of thanking, shoving, even luring kids for sex. how are they finding new jobs in the classroom. kendrick lamar makes powerful statement and taylor
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grammys. but we begin today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> you have to be very careful. he's very unstable. >> the gop race gets ugly in south carolina. >> just going on about how i'm the most horrible person in the world because i keep repeating the things he says. >> how does it feel to have the band back together? >> george w. busch trying to turn the tide for his brother. >> i want to remind you what our good dad told us one time. labels are for soup cans. >> the supreme court concerns everything you are concerned about. >> if you go for it the other way, you can see the second amendment being wiped off the face of the earth. the 58th annual grammy awards. >> kendrick lamar delivering a fiery performance.


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