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tv   News 19 Noon  CBS  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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from the station that's on your side you are watching news 19 at noon. good monday afternoon at thanks for joining us for news 19 at noon. and i'm darci strickland. donald trump won the south carolina primary saturday so now the state's attention turns to the democrats. the party holds its primary this saturday and hillary clinton begins campaigning in the palmetto state tomorrow. she's taking part in a foreman in central baptist church in columbia from 6:15 until 8:00 tomorrow night. meanwhile bernie sanders made a surprise visit at a west columbia church. he stopped at brookland baptist church at a dinner gathering and last night more than 5000 people came to see him speak at a rally in greenville. he lost to clinton and the nevada caucuses but says his campaign is momentum on its side. for complete coverage on the democratic primary head to our website and click on
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that other headlines. a rainy start to the work weekend question now how long will the rain stick around? meteorologist efren afante joins us now with the answer. >> we've been getting a lot of rain since early this morning and now a transition from showers to go showers and nonsevere thunderstorms and a lot of lightning associated with it. the extension from saluda county into northern aiken county. moving to parts of lexington county into columbia and then more going into aryans from hopkins and throw sumpter and approaching into areas so a lot of rainfall, a lot of lightning with it. right now in columbia 60s and calm winds. we expect the ring to continue in thunderstorms as well.
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low 51 and then tomorrow brain seven-day forecast and when the rain will be out of here coming you. one man dead and another missing after the boat capsized afternoon. dnr officials say other boaters but were unsuccessful. they pulled the other man into revive him. the missing man. richland county hope you can find the people who stole the wallet of a man who was helping victims in last october's historic flood. it happened october 5, the day after all the rain fell in columbia. the victim was on north ridge road near gills creek were some of the worst flooding had taken place. while the good samaritan was helping others the suspect went
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wallet and other personal items. later that day the suspects charged $400 on the victims credit card at local businesses. if you know anything that can help police locate the suspect call crimestoppers at 1-800- crimesc law enforcement asking for the public health finding 2 men who fired shots at columbiana mall saturday. anyone with photos or video of the incident to release it to them. it started with a fight around 7:00 pmn eventually 2 men pulled out guns before shots were fired in the air. no injuries as a result of the shooting and anyone with information called law enforcement at 1-800-crimesc. remember you can remain anonymous. patrol deputies continue to investigate a shooting from over the weekend.
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call of shots fired around 4:20 sunday at darrell's place which is a bar and percival road near i-77. i found the victim shot in the lower body and he was taken to the hospital but condition is unknown. if you have information that can help call crimestoppers. the public can did get more information about the lower richland sewer project. they are having a meeting and public hearing and leaders will accept written comments from people with questions or concerns about the project. the meeting starts at 6:30 it hopkins park and the last day to submit written comments is march 9. the suspect in a mass shooting in michigan over the weekend expected to be arraigned on those murder charges. he is 45-year-old uber driver dacian dalton. -- jason dalton. six people were killed and authorities say it appears the victims were chosen at random.
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motive. a connecticut judge holding a hearing to determine if the manufacturer, distributor, and seller of an ar-15 military weapon used in the sandy hook massacre will face trial for 26 deaths. lawyers for the gun company will ask a judge to dismiss the charges. several victims family members will attend the hearing. prior to the hearing some family members expected to speak to the media. bill cosby's wife expected to answer questions under oath today. camille cosby being deposed in the case brought against her husband by seven women who claim he assaulted them decades ago. lawyers for the cosby say camille cosby doesn't have relevant information in conversations with her husband are confidential. lumber liquidators stock price plunging after the cdc said it underestimated the health risks of its flooring. 60 minutes reported last march the retailer sold flooring made in china that exceeded health
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formaldehyde. the cdc says those who are exposed to them and 30 times more likely to get cancer than they previously believed. apple ceo tim cook jumped back into the fray between the company and the fbi. the feds demand apple help hack an iphone used by a shooter in the san bernardino attack. an early-morning email to employees, cook said the government should withdraw its demand. he's saying the legal fight is sparked a debate on government power, policy, digital rights, public safety and security. new data from the cdc's chose infections from hpv the human papilloma virus are down 64% among teenagers. researchers say cases of fallen since the vaccine for the cancer-causing virus was introduced a decade ago. officials recommend vaccines
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women since 2006 and four boys and young men since 2011. the arrival of refugees from war-torn countries like syria is frowned upon by many people in south carolina and a group of serious receiving a warm welcome in canada. yesterday 100 syrians gathered in a mall in canada to say thank you. the refuges gave up moses to thank residents for the hospitality and help bring them into their new home. the gamecocks baseball team had a great start to the season over the weekend. they swept a three-game series. they will be back on the field tomorrow taking on appalachian state and first pitch scheduled at 4:00 p.m. usc women's basketball will open a two day road trip tonight in alabama as sec play enters its final week the gamecocks have a solid lead in
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tipoff is set for 7:00.
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umbrellas for a little something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism.
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will come back and hope you know where your an umbrella is. where mine was. how will i make this happen? >> not good. not a good day not to have an umbrella or rain jacket. we've been getting a lot of rain starting this morning in the northern part of the midlands and the last several hours it has ramped up a lot of rain moving through and a lot of lightning. nonsevere but expect heavy downpours, please downpours, and quite a bit of lightning. light rainfall moving through parts of the kershaw and lee county. sumner county a strong line from time would to sumter and five lightning strikes just occurred down near the county line. further south quiet for now in calhoun and orangeburg county.
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county you see the southmoor park of lexington county moving in and a lot more rain and lots of rain over the last several hours. central, northern, and western parts of lexington county and cluster of lightning strikes from gaston into lex cynthiana into downtown columbia. temperatures now rather mild. we haven't moved much, maybe a degree or two from this morning. 60 and lexington park 60 saint matthews. orangeburg 69. lots of the rain and warm air coming from the south. cold front coming through our clashing on top of each other.
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expecting highs in the lower 60s through all the communities but continue with showers and thunderstorms. 63 high today and wins out of the east, southeast and tonight light to moderate rainfall and low 51 as all the close range from upper 40s into the lower 50s. one thing we will watch carefully is all the rain and especially the rain tomorrow is from the area of low pressure and the cold front. it's the second stage of rain we expect. into the southern plains there is pressure in mexico expected to bring severe storms into the south. severe weather center for today in texas. as it moves into tomorrow, an enhanced risk of severe storms everywhere from southern louisiana, southern mississippi, southern alabama and parts of florida. it makes its way towards the palmetto state and by wednesday could be looking at severe of the upstate through the midlands into the piedmont and downtown. heavy rainfall and likely guess the winds and even possibility of small hail. a lot of
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with it. something we will watch carefully for tomorrow will be the chance of rain and high 53. strong storms possible wednesday and high 68. when it leaves clearing skies and windy thursday. weekend still looks lots of sunshine and by sunday 63 degrees and quite a bit of sunshine. >> thank you so much. we are excited about the booker t. washington centennial celebration and pleased to have 2 ladies with me who are the expert on everything booker t. washington associated. miss mary and susan great to see both of you. thank you. sunday will be a huge day. >> yes it is. mary is the chairperson of the event so she will speak to the things that will be going on.
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>> sunday is a huge event and all those in columbia who are affiliated or know anything about booker t. washington, we realize and appreciate that booker t. washington is celebrating the centennial date in is 1916 through 2016. on sunday at 3:00 p.m. we will have an inaugural event to begin the year of celebratory festivities. we are asking everyone to come out and enjoy it. beginning at 9:00 a.m. we will have a roll call of each graduate of booker t. washington's name will be called. the whole people, for that event but even if they don't, we're sending them out into the universe to let everyone know they passed this way. >> you were telling me during the commercial there's something tangible you are working on to commemorate this. >> we will be unveiling the commemorative tree. it will be housed permanently at the university of south
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building. it is an opportunity for persons who graduated from friends, family members, community organizations, community members to have a information of their choice. >> how would you get your lease on the tree? as you are watching this and it's the first of you heard of the event? >> on sunday we have a table available for people to pick up brochures that provide information on getting the leave or stone on the tree. >> so for folks this might be the first time they've heard of booker t. washington, tell us who he is or who he was?
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known basically for beginning the tuskegee institution in alabama. booker t. washington i have been told many times and i'm glad i was told walked so many miles just to secure an education. our high school was named after booker t. washington, and what is phenomenal about our high schools we consider it an icon. as we all know, icons are those god. it has been a beacon of education for all of us. what was phenomenal about our high school is not only were we educated but we also had educational aspirations of higher education and we also had trades at our high school. we have many artesian's in the community was businesses were honed and trained in auto mechanics, cosmetology, carpentry.
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today howard in the test kitchen whipping up sweet potato biscuits. >> if you have ever had a chance to grab a bite to eat in north carolina that you have probably had sweet potato biscuits.
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you can make these babies right at home. all you have to do is mix that can be canned or freshly cooked along with milk, sugar, eggs, and melted butter. we set that aside for a second wildly mixed together self rising flour, baking powder and salt. we cut in shortening using a pastry cutter or you can use a couple of butter knives. we stored in the sweet potato mixture. all that is left to do is drop heaping teaspoons of this on they go. in about 15 minutes once they have the most incredible biscuits we have ever tasted. maybe brush on warm maple syrup or drizzle them with honey and get ready for good old-
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for our southern there are about 5000 homeless adults and children in south carolina and this is where they can call home where they put their lives back together. on friends at five we will tell you you can support this organization. tax season is here and we are here with the help bank and tonight folks with the cooperative ministry will take your questions and calls.
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you know about the rain. she spent a lifetimemaking a difference e r people. winning healthcarere for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton
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>> adam: you sacrificed your own grandson to prove how ruthless you can be. congratulations. >> victor: do i need to remind you that that luca santori guy was able to blackmail you more than once -- in fact, twice -- by threatening you to expose noah's bad behavior? well, i eliminated that, all right? and that peacock and his family will follow. >> adam: well, i wouldn't get too cocky if i were you. luca's on to you and marco annicelli, so that threat is still alive. >> victor: not for long, okay? >> adam: okay. what's the plan?
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back. >> adam: you want me to step back, whether i want to or not. >> victor: i don't want you involved in what is about to come down. >> adam: mm. grind your own flesh and blood, that way you don't break a sweat. i-i am dying to know what you have in store for luca. [ door opens ] >> nikki: oh, victor. the most terrible thing has happened. noah has been arrested, and he's in the hospital. >> adam: no, he knows. um, victor's the one that put him there. >> nikki: what?! >> adam: yeah. >> victoria: i think it's time for you to own up to what you did to billy. >> sharon: he just got out of surgery. >> noah: it's okay, mom. vicki's right. i hit billy. it was an accident. he -- he was behind the wheel of my car. i didn't even know that i hit him until later. i'm relieved that it's out. i-i want to see him. i want to apologize to him.


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