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tv   News 19 11  CBS  February 23, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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questions were raised tonight over a proposed sewer line permit that would run throughout the lower richland community. residents say they are an interesting and footing the bill. loren thomas was at tonight's meeting she has more on their concerns. >> reporter: more than 180 people showed up to the hopkins park monday night speaking out against a proposed sewer permit. >> none of you in this room have any problem with your tanks. the city of columbia shut down there water system. >> reviewing applications to build a new sewer system
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>> reporter: it's -- if the permit gets approved the pipes and station would one richland boulevard into hopkins. according to the richland county school district were asked to upgrade their play it who in turn as the county for help. >> there is a mandate for the school district to do something. >> residents say they were told by the county in previous meetings that their septic tanks have to be upgraded and that it will cost thousands of dollars. >> the statements he had made were disenchanted because they have done no studies. >> the applications for the permit were submitted by richland county on january 30 but rumors of the sewer line have been going on since 2014 and residents are not
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>> this is where we live. don't destroy it. >> residents have until march 9 to submit their concerns before they make a decision. no one from richland county council attended the meeting. tonight rain has been slowly moving northward and right now the rain is in the northern part of the midlands. showers and thunderstorms are moving toward the east northeast extending from newberry up toward winnsboro and they will continue to move up toward the east northeast. in columbia it's cloudy 60 degrees winds six miles per hour. low overnight and 53 degrees. there will be a front passing through the area and it will be the south -- to the south
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showers with 61 degrees. the chance of rain increases as we go into tomorrow night. more coming up. tonight a former camden police officer is charged with misconduct in office. 41-year-old marshall hardin, ii was parked in his patrol vehicle at woodward park watching porn on his cell phone. officers say he got out of the vehicle went to the restroro where they say he performed a sex act on himself. he is no longer employed by the police department. bonds been denied for a woman charged with felony dui. a new board died after a rack. 31-year-old andalyn mills was drunk when she hit a car head on back on february 13. the passenger in the vehicle was seven months pregnant and
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where she went into early labor. the baby lived 15 days. she is now in jail. police continue to investigate saturday's incident at the mall. two people pulled out guns and fired into the air however nobody was hurt. experts say despite what happened there, shopper should deal with it head on by going back to the mall as soon as possible. >> if you have some apprehension, you really should try and go back soon because the longer you wait, the more the apprehension will grow. >> if you have any information that can lead to the suspects call trees -- 1-888-crime-sc. lexington police are warning about a potential phone scam involving a man calling people saying his name is matthew colson working on a federal criminal investigation. the phone numbers called in
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police and other numbers could be used as well. an older -- in order to be a victim did not give out your personal information. if you're looking to rent out your home in the city of columbia you may soon have to pay a new fee. today city of columbia committee discussed changing laws to hold landlords more accountable for their property and tenants win over an ordinance which would require property owners to buy permit for $25 a year if they want to rent out their home. council members say they hope to have the ordinance passed and in effect by july 1. another hearing will be held but no date has been set. the department is charged with taking care of children yet they has struggled for years with high caseloads. children dying unr their watch and not enough places for
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she was to get the office back on track. >> i would like to be able to make instant changes i care deeply about the children. it frustrates me. >> coming up, we talk to the director one-on-one who promises a change for the agency. that will be tomorrow morning. the primary this saturday and it looks like it will be a runaway victory for hillary clinton. the survey shows are leaving bernie sanders by some 28 points. sanders appears to be giving up on overcoming that lead. after campaigning in sumter today and charleston tomorrow, sanders will lose south carolina to campaign -- leave south carolina to campaign and other states. he is connecting with younger
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to do it here. >> he's giving a very high percentage of the young voters and it appears it will be the case in south carolina. when you look at the overall effort and people who will turn out, the youth vote is still relatively small. he has to make sure they turn out in record numbers. >> mrs. clinton is not taking anything for granted. she is numerous campaign stops scheduled each day between now and friday. polls in nevada show donald trump in the lead ahead of tomorrow's caucus. it means the real race is for second and that battle got more heated today after ted cruz's campaign spokesman also accused marco rubio of insulting the bible.
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communications director monday after he posted misinformation about rival marco rubio. >> we will conduct this campaign with the various i -- barry highest standards. -- very highest standards. tyler tweeted that rubio said not many answers and it. rubio blasted crews. -- ted cruz. i think it's a pattern of deceptive campaigns and line. >> donald trump unleashed a series of negative tweets about ted cruz saying the texas senator is the biggest liar in politics. voters we talked with our site of the negativity. >> i am disappointed in the politicians. >> it distracts from the ole thing. it's ridiculous. >> ted cruz and ruby are in a tight battle for second.
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>> the second-place win might be important t at some point people have to start winning and beating trump. >> the caucuses tuesday voters in 12 states pick their candidate next week on super tuesday. for complete coverage of the democratic primary, head to our website to into. -- . during the flood there were many stories that neighbors were helping friends and family and strangers. while one neighbor was lending a hand, two suspects were helping themselves to his stuff. daniel bond spoke with the good samaritan. >> in all of the turmoil it was a great stands up until this everybody in the neighborhood
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to house to make sure everybody was okay. there was a sense of community. >> as he was moving upon to get water out of his cousin's home, those feelings changed when he got back to his car. >> i notice my glove box was open and my gun case was open and my gun and my wallet and everything was rummage through and it was gone. >> according to police around noon on october 5 two suspects went inside of his vehicle as he was helping during the flight and they stole his wallet along with some other personal items. >> or somebody to capitalize on the vulnerability -- for somebody to capitalize on the can't fathom. >> the two suspects were caught on surveillance buying things on stores -- in stores. >> they stole all of my stuff
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they bought pizza and i don't think they realize the severity of what they did and i think they just probably had no fear. >> clinic in does not regret helping out but now he wants help from the public to help solve this case. >> we have to come together and stand up for what is right. i ththk it would benefit all of columbia in the long run. >> if you believe you have information on the suspects, call . if you are traveling around washington this coming weekend you may notice the tours while you are driving because the annual lexington race for hunger takes place on saturday morning at 7 am. you can see the changes to the roots on your screen. the race may affect your ability to get in and out of some neighborhoods. roads are expected to be back
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more information on this go to our website. is not too late to help with the cinderella project chopping off gently worn dresses. you can drop them off at numerous locations including our studio. several girls will get to take their own dress for high school prom. the deadline for drop off is this wednesday. we've the fullest -- full list on a website. don staley and company remain unbeaten in the secretary . we of the highlights coming up.
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lasting for a few more days.3 for every weather event ... this wednesday 3 this wednesday you are invited to of whether radio in northeast columbia. you will be able to buy a new weather radio and people will be on hand to help you set it up. the news 19 weather radio displays are now up and d walgreens and other stores. at some time between eight and eight are a jim gandy will be at kroger. it's saturday -- it's wednesday. it's on wednesday and we may see some stormy weather. >> we've been telling people about that. if you need to, go-getter
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we had some rain today and this is a live look at our radar. restrain is in the northern part of the mid-lands with scattered showers and thunderstorms running from northern newberry county all the way into fairfield county. this is looking northward -- moving northward very slowly. this is a time lapse of the radar over the last three hours and you can see the stream of more struck coming out of georgia. we've had that front coming down to a good part of the mid- lands and it will go stationary and the other part of the front in georgia has already gone stationary. we are going to be seeing and watching is this area of low pressure coming out of the southwest already producing precipitation in texas and as
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invigorate this area of low pressure in the western gulf region and this is going to be quite a storm tomorrow and is probably going to be some quite severe weather in the gulf states. this is what we saw today in south carolina. high temperatures of 62 degrees. it was 77 degrees in charleston but tonight with the ont coming through we have cooled off. 60 degrees in columbia. are commuter model -- computer models says an increased chance of shower tomorrow and into tomorrow evening. we get a break and we will watch a front coming our way wednesday morning. there will be showers and thunderstorms moving through our area that morning but the front will be coming through
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that clears we will be done with the thunder storms but it will be turning colder. are forecast for tonight low temperatures in the low to mid 50s tomorrow the warm air will try to move in but it will stall out to our south so 58 degrees for high. on wednesday we will see thunderstorms with a high of 75 degrees and it will be windy and turning colder on thursday with a high of 55 degrees. a high 54 degrees on friday and
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the weather radio event is 3 college hoops - usc's third rankd gamecocks on the road in tuscaloosa - the big we are starting with college hoops the game count -- gamecocks on the road. alayna coates scores to over 13 points on some good passing. it's the floor -- hit the floor added 18 rebounds second half
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spring valley by greetings -- vikings out for a couple of weeks but more than able to come back. asia led the gamecocks in scoring with 16 points. still inside final they will play at ole miss. the news out of knoxville- based tennessee wednesday night kevin hunter jr. maybe out is dealing with a stress fracture in his right foot. coach says you never know. they beat lsu over the weekend. we will see how this affects
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high school hoops and long and vikings defending state trips -- champs working inside chante taylor for two. taylor lewis from the corner she thinks three with his -- with no problem. they went by final of 95-46. let said to sumter the gamecocks hosting the wildcats of lexington rockettes at the break the sumter would store back in the second half kion wilson won the breakaway with delay and. it is wilson again and should bring it home for another bucket. they would hold lexington scoreless toby and period they go inside going for the cats
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sumter was too much they win 45- 40. the advanced this weekend. blue devils in greenville taking on the side. driving she will miss. dunlap charging the basket this time it's murray on cleanup duty she finds the rebound. they play better tonight. they win 62-33 over east side. the advanced to the championships. girls action calhoun county posting frederic. johnson on defense watch katelyn she's fired up to two fired up she's it with a
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coach was told the call he could believe itit -- could not believe it. she scores and won up 11 at the break. drive over from columbia to saint matthews. second half pickens with a floaoar they had 35 on the night shared more than half of points. the hornets win the defendant -- 57-44. former south carolina basketball standout they are the newest members of the south carolina athletic hall of fame.
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greg buckner also included. former gamecocks parker hester she's one of the eight inductees.
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rain today, rain tomorrow and stormy on wednesday. then drive for the rest of the week. -- dry for the rest of the week. >> 53 degrees tomorrow and showers increasing chance for rain afternoon into the evening high 61. >> with you have love for us tonight? -- what do you have left for us tonight? >> baseball tomorrow.
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good night. weekend. by 5 points. putting her back on track after her drubbing in new hampshire. here's nancy cordes. >> yes, that is former president, clinton, bouncing for joy with campaign staffers in nevada. after his wife stormed the vegas strip for two days. and then won the state's most populous county by ten points. do you think secretary clinton outhustled you a little bit at the end? >> no, i don't. matter of fact. we had three rallies the night before.
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>> still the loss is a blow for sanders who is tied with clinton in the delegate count until you factor in superdelegates. top party officials who are fre to back either candidate. that gap will grow. if clinton prevails as expected in south carolina. in texas this weekend. she accused sanders of misleading vote ears but his plans. i don't think it right to look a person in the eye who is hurting and need help and tell them that if they vote for you you will get $5,000 in health care but only have to pay $500 for it. sanders stand by his math. >> that's not misleading that's the fact. >> you know there are liberal economists who say. >> check out who the liberal economists are. find out who fund them. >> reporter: economists four former top white house advisers who sent an open letter to sanders arguing that his quote x. treem claims about the
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undermine the progressive economic agenda. none of them are paid by the clinton campaign. though a couple did work for former president, bill clinton. they say, many economists share their concerns. sanders told us, they didn't take the time to crunch the numbers themselves.


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