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tv   News 19 5am  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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year donnie myers has been charged with a dui after a car wreck in lexington. good morning and thanks for waking up with us on news19 this morning. i'm deon guillory. myers was taken to the richland county jail and that's where we find news19's savannah levins with the details..savannah... 3 3 it happened just before 8 pm last night on old chapin road and beech creek road. the highway patrol say myers was attempting to make a left during onto beech creek road when he ran off the road and hit a utility pole. when troppers arrived on scene they say the myers was not with the vehicle. investigators say they then went to his home and after questioning him determined he was the driver. myers was charged wtih dui and is currently in the richland county jail. myers was previously charged with a dui in 2005 in asheville north carolina. he was also cited for having an open alcohol container in his car in 2012
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not charged with dui in that incident after he passed a field sobriety test.
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3 richland 3 deputies need your help finding two suspects stealing from a samaritan who flood victims.deputies say back on
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see on this surveillllce video stole a wallet from the victim's car.... while he was helping others affected by the historic floods in the north ridge road area.investigators add the suspects used the victim's credit cards at several businesses and a number of restaurants making purchases totalling more than 635 dollars. 3 "for somebody to capitalize on the vulnerability of us in an emergency situation, to prey on us, i really can't fathom it." 3 the richland county sheriffs department is asking for your help in identifying the two suspects in this case.if you have any infomation that could help, please call crimestoppers at 1 888- crime sc 3 columbia police continue to investigate saturday's incident at columbiana mall. officers believe two people pulled out guns...and fired into the air. nobody was hurt. experts say despite what happened...shoppers shouldn't hesitate about going back to
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3 if you have some apprehension, you really should try and go back soon because the longer you wait the more the apprehension is going to grow .if you have information that can lead to the are asked to call crimestoppers at 1-triple 8- crime-sc. 3 a former camden police officer is charged with misconduct in office.he's 41-year-old marshall hardin. sled says back on december 13....hardin was parked in his patrol vehicle at woodward park...watching inapproapriate videos on his cell phone. he is no longer employed by the police department. 3 in lexington has been denied for a pelion woman charged with felony dui resulting in death after a newborn died after a wreck. troopers say 31 year old andalyn marie mills was drunk when she hit a car head on back on february 13 on two notch road.the passenger in
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pregnant. she was taken to the hospital and went into early labor....troopers say the baby lived only a few days.mills is now in the lexington county jail. 3 3 we are on your side this morning with a potential phone scam warning in lexington. police says a man is calling people....saying his name is matthew colson and he's working on a federal criminal investigation.the phone numbers called from in these reports were from 706-250-8338 and 903-493-6095 ... but police add other numbers could be used as well.they say in order to avoid being a victim, make sure not to give out your personal information. 3 if you are looking to rent out your home in the city of may soon have to pay a new fee. a city of columbia committee talked about changing current laws to hold landlords more accountable for their property and tenants. yesteday they went over an 11 page ordinance...which would require property owners to buy a permit for 25 dollars a year if they want to rent out the
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3 questions were raised last night over a proposed throughout the lower richland community.dhec held a public hearing for neighbors to express their concerns over the project. many said they wouldn't be able to afford the thousands of dollars needed to tap into the new sewer line. dhec says it got the permit application from richland county on january 13th. however, neighbors have been fighting the county on this project since 2014.some say there are still red flags. 3 the e mments that dhec made were very disconcerting because they basically said to us we have done no environmental impact study, we've done no health assessment, we've done nothing to indicate that this is a mandatory thing that we're asking the county to do. but it's here, it's on our desk and the likelihood is, that if the pipes are the right size we'll approve it. dhec is giving folks until march 9th to submit their comments on the project before they make a decision on whether or not to approve the project. no one from richland county council
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3 children, vunerable adults, family help and child supportall part of the department of social services,. the department also has an annual budget of 692 million dollars... but several senators have said the department was in crisissusan alford took over after hours of interrogation of former director lillian kohler and has been in the position a little over a year now. news 19's mary sturgill got an exclusive interview to talk about the problems and her plans to fix the system. 3 " i would like to be able to 3 make instant changes. i care deeply what happens with children. and it frustrates me too. " south carolina department of social services director susan alford, admits she came into a huge mess when she took the helm of the department a little over a year ago. " i was not happy about what i found in terms of over a period of time those case loads have gotten quite high. " in addition to visiting every county office,
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for more money for restructuruing the department " what we're going to do is work very hard to hire the case worker positions that they gave us but also hire vacancies and get enough staff so that our case loads can get down to our new case load standards. they also funded 2nd and 3rd shift pilot case loads so that we could get on call staff so that we would be 3 able to take some of the stress off of our staff in terms of the round the clock work that they do. " and some of that money goes to raises she says she trying to avoid mistakes like this teen who was told she may have to stay overnight in the dss office or the the case that came out in court that a child was abused for two additional years because her case worker failed to notify police when her abuser admitted the abuse. show hudson court case and little robert guinyard jr who lost his life after he was left in an abusive home. accountability" are you setting something in place that holds caseworkers accountable when they make aggregious mistakes like that? so absolutely we have to hold our staff accountable for errors that they make in terms of not following our policy, but also not doing what we know is the right thing to doand that includes getting restructuring
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time, and so our referrals are not going down. so we've got to stay vigilant to identify how many case workers do we need to continue to hire until we get to those standards that we're looking at. "the department itself is one of the largest in the state and covers huge areas of operation... but director alford says they are all interconnected. "you know when the governor hired me, she hired me to run this dss. if you understand our agency you understand that child support connects to stable families and economic services connects to parents getting employment and getting food assistance and being able to provide for their children and those things contribute to whether or not children are
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3 for this next 3 year director alford asked the legislature for another 28 million see the full interview with director alford just go to our website... join us tonight at 11 for another special report... mary looks into why south carolina has had to pay millions in fines... and will continue to pay for the next four years... that's tonight at 11. 3 3 at the state house today, senators are expected to continue the roads topipi..but with one senator on the floor blocking the votes. senator tom davis, who fillibustered the bill last year, has been taking the floor since last week, voicing his stance against raising a gas tax.
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said he would not block the bill, last week, davis held the floor and will likely continue that today during senate session. 3 have you ever wanted to know more about solar power for you home?tonight you can find out more information including incentives the palmetto state has to offer home owerns. the free workshop starts at 5:30 at the state museum located on gervais street in columbia. 3 lexington district two schools will hold their 4th annual african american history community event tonight. the theme is a night at the apollo theater.the students will take the stage tonight at 6pm at brookland cayce high school in cayce. 3 the south carolina legislative black caucus is starting its 2016 voter involvement campaign this evening in an effort to increase voter participation , the members of the south carolina legislative black caucus are having an after work social, called olitics & hip hopit starts at 5:00 pm at myxx nightlife.that's on berryhill road.the event is
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3 according to the american heart association, one in four south carolinians suffers from cardiovascular diseasetoday cardiologist patrick mccann will discuss the causes and symptomsf heart failure and the latest solutions for survival. the event will be at t six p.m. at palmetto health baptist parkridge in the birch room.and coming up at 6 on news19 this morning we'll be speaking with a heart doctor on how not getting enough sleep puts you at a higher risk for a heart attack. again that's when you join us for news19 this morning at 6. 3 3 yesterday on what's brewing we told you about 106 year old virginia mclaurin who wanted nothing more than to meet the president and when she finally did...she danced...chip reid has her story.
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts
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i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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3 arbucks is changing the terms of its rewards program so that people who spend around $5 or less per visit won't get as many freebies.the seattle-based coffee chain says its loyalty program will award stars based on the dollars spent starting in april. currently, people earn a star for each transaction, regardless of how much they spend, and get a free food or item of their choice after earning 12 stars.people will now have to earn 125 stars for a free item, with each dollar spent being worth two stars - meaning they have to spend $62.50 to get their free item. 3 its now the democratics turn in the south carolina primary-the latest numbers in who's leading in the palmetto, a city divided
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ordinance. the decision in the middle of a time when senior poverty is increasing. republicans and some democrats came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people who desperately need them.
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3 we're in for yet another wet day in the midlands but we could be in for some sunshine as the week continues good morning and thanks for waking up with news 19 this morning i'm deon guillory. let's get a check on just how long this rain will be sticking around and when we can expect some
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efren afante ..3 3 3 3
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3 republicans 3 caucus in nevada today to select their party's presidential nominee. gop front-runner donald trump is looking to secure a third win in a row...while rival ted cruz is fighting back against claims he's running a dirty campaign. don champion is on the campaign trail from new
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3 on the other side of the 3 things...the democratics are gearing up for the palmlmto state's primary this saturday. if the polls are will be a run-a-way victory for hillary clinton. the latest cbs news survey shows her leading bernie sanders here by 28 points.and sanders appears to be giving up on overcoming that huge lead. after campaigning in charleston today...sanders will leave south carolina to campaign in other states wednesday and thursday. nationwide...sanders is connecting with younger voters trying to doere in south carolina. 3 hes getting a very high
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and he did in iowa and new 3 hampshire and it appears that thats going to be the case here in south carolina. but when you look at the overall electorate, the overall people that are going to turn out on youth vote is still a relateively small percentage. so he has to make sure they turn out in virtually record numbers. 3 meanwhile...mrs clinton isn't taking anything for granted...she has numerous campaign stops scheduled in our state each day between today and friday.... tonight she will continue her "breaking down barriers" forum that takes place tonight at 6:15 at central baptist church on clement road in columbia. and both sanders and clinton will be particpating in cnn's presidetial town hall rally tonight at usc's school of law. 3 for complete coverage of the democratic primary and beyond ... head to our website ... w-l-t-x dot com ... and click on sc primaries:full coverage..... . der headlines. 3 3 demonstrators are expected to stage rallies at apple stores across the country...amid the company's ongoing encryption battle with the fbi. apple is
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court order to create a back door that would allow the fbi to access data from the i- phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists.the company's appeal is due by friday. 3 a city is divided over the non- discrimination ordinance the charlotte city council voted on monday night.the council voted in favor of the ordinance by a 7-4 vote.wcnc's sarah hagen has more. 3 being assigned male at birth - can be dangerous - if i walk into mens bathroom - told i am in the wrong one or outted as transgender this often leads to violence. they told me they have no problem with me coming there and using the bathroom of my gender presentationtr ansgender people speaking out in support of the non discrimination ordinance. an ordinance that amends the city code addition marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression to the list of protected characteristics in commercial non-discrimination, public accommodations, and passenger vehicles for hire ordinances. it was a full room, with crowds spilling into overflow
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this went for a public vote - it would be profoundly defeated. and that makes you the bully this ordinance is bad for charlottethere are countless deviant men who will pretend to be transgender who will use this to gain access to those they want to exploit. once again this council and you mayor have divided this city and raised passions and anger and pitted the people of this good city against each other. small business owner juli ghazi says her restaurant pure pizza in plaza midwood already has a similar bathroom policy in place - and it works. there hasn't been any gay or straight sex in the bathroom - transgender exposed himself to children, a gay person hasn't hit on a straight person and a gay person hasn't harassed a straight person 3 3 february is heart health month. and heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.experts say
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prevention of heart attacks, rather than wait for people to have heart attacks. here mark koebrich with the bottom line on four tests that can save your life. 3 3 if you think these tests are something you should get, consult with your doctor consult with should get, something you tests are
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you 3 if you think these tests are something you should get, consult with your doctor first.and coming up in our 6 oclock hour..hear from a doctor on how you can improve your sleeping habits and lower your chances of a heart attack. 3 you can make a midland's teen prom magical by looking through your closet-- how you can help our cinderella project.doll company american girl has a new member to its collection.the civil rights era doll making its debut is ahead on news 19 this morning. 3 but first, u-s-c women put another check in the win column last night... news 19 's sports director reggie
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3 for you to help in the cinderella can drop off gently worn dresss... at more than a dozen locations... including the news 19 studio.several girls in the midlands will then get to pick their own dress for their high school prom.the deadline for drop off is tomorrow in columbia... and march 9-th in orangeburg.we have the full list of drop off locations on our website w- l-t-x dot com. 3 "american girl is celebrating its 30th anniversary." this summer, it will release a new historical doll. jericka duncan went inside the design studio to get the first look at melody, the company's third african-american doll in its be-forever historical line. 3 3 when news 19 continues this morning.. a scam alert for
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when news 19 3 when news 19 continues this morning.. a scam alert for lexington, new this morning... a top solicitor in trouble with the law again.the charges solicitor donnie myers is facing this morning. 3 3 morning. the charges
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alert for continues this 3 when news 19 continues this morning.. a scam alert for lexington, new this morning... a top solicitor in trouble with the
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our homes are rich, varied, and pleasantly surprising. and air wick room mist is, too. finally, a true-to-life fragrance, for your lively home. air wick. home is in the air. in lexington county solicitor arrested for a dui overnight. details coming up.
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richland community voice their concern over a proposed sewer line that would run through their neighborhood. it is expected to be another wet and gloomy day in the midlands. efren has your full forecast coming up. news 19 starts right now. the 11th circuit solicitor 70 year old donnie myers has been charged with a dui after a car crash lexington. good morning and thank you for making up with us on news 19 i am deon guillory. myers was taken to the richland county joe ll be fine savannah levins with your information this morning. good morning, savannah. >> reporter: we are here right now.


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