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tv   News 19 Noon  CBS  February 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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he is elected by the people and he is a prosecutor for people here in lexington. they are saying if you yourself have been doing these things, it is time for you step down. you lost your son in 2013. today, you are asking him to step down. how many of you are here today and how soon do you think that he will respond to that? >> well, hopefully, he will do a lot of soul searching and take it upon himself to the do the right thing and step down, resign and hope that we get somebody that actually practices what they preach. being a solicitor, it is kind of hard to hand down punishment to people who break the law and you turn around and break it
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and he did preside over my son's case back in 2013. and it took two years to finally get it brought forward. we did receive some justice but it wasn't the felony dui we were looking for. it ended upupat the last minute being handed down as a plea bargain. we're grateful we have some time out of it but we feel we didn't get enough. >> reporter: as you know, he is an elected official. so he is actually up for re- election in november. he is the only one that can step down. the governor could only come once the grand jury acts. >> thank you. we appreciate it. the victim deputies say was killed by midlands restaurant owner greg leon has been identified. the coroner says 28-year-old
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being shot on valentine's day. leon was arrested for killing santos after telling authorities i shot my wife. leon was also charged with atempted murder because police say he tried to kill his wiwi. yesterdadas high winds caused one death in our state. officials say a 58-year-old darlington man died after being hit by a tree. according to deputies, he stopped on a road near his home to remove debris from a road when a pine tree fell on him. no other deaths from the storm or high wind were reported in south carolina. thousands across the carolinas were without electricity because of those high winds. duke energy reports that nearly 47,000 customers were without seseice this morning. most of them being in north carolina. here in the midlands, s c & g the reporting outages. efren afante has a look at your
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we can expect wind this high. >> unfortunately, the winds today. wind advisories are now covering all of the midlands. we are already getting strong winds now upwards from 26 or 27 miles per hour sustained winds. the wind gusts are higher than that. the temperatures have been higher than that. 53 in lexington n columbia, we are sitting at 55 degrees. winds, 26 miles per hour gusting to 33. we'll see a lot of sunshine but winds gusting possibly up to 40 miles per hour. 33 tonight, 56 tomorrow way lot of sunshine. and the sunshine will continue. people from the carolinas all the way up to new york are cleaning up and assessing damage after that fast machine moving storm system raced up the coast yesterday. at least eight people are dead and property damage is extensive. we have the story from new york.
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toppled a massive tree in long island and flipped over a semi truck on new york's george washington bridge as severe storms swept through the area overnight. in the bronx, broken power lines sparked outside an abandoned apartment building that collapsed during the storm. the wicked weather also caused problems on the water. in queens, the coast guard airlifted seven crew members from a fishing boat that ran aground in rough seas. the air rescue was necessary after a coast guard boat flipped over as it tried to reach the vessel. the five-member coast guard crew was able to swim to shore. there are no injuries reported from either crew. in the south, the storm system triggered deadly tornadoes. waverly, vicious was hit hard. at least three people were kill there including a 2-year-old boy. neighbor vincent donnal was home when the storm came through.
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spinning, lift the roof, you know? i don't know but i survive. >> three tornadoes were reported in north carolina. homeowners, farmers and businesses are now assessing damage. farmers are continuing to pick up the pieces after the october floods. today, there is support for flood affected farmers. the power company will be reimbursing farms for the cost of feed and destroyed crop and other losses. >> to have corporate neighbors and none more outstanding to accept up and say we know what you're going through. we want to be a part of you continuing your operations. the emotnal lift that this contribution does is as importrtt to the farmers across financial. >> the amount of the loss
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million of which the crop insurance program might offset one-third of that. president bill clinton will be in the palmetto state today campaigning on behalf of his wife. he is hosting one event in rock hill and another in spartanburg. he will travel to the midlands for a get out the vote rally. it is happening in the fairfield middle school gym at 7:45. senator bernie sanders will be in our state tomorrow. he is hosting a rally with rapper killer mike. doors open at 3:30. he will be in columbia for a go tv rally and concert at the township auditorium. for that event, doors open at 4:00 p.m. the five remaining gop candidates will take the stage together for one last time. the tenth republican debate is happening tonight in houston. this is just five days before super tuesday when 11 states will vote in the largest primary election day of 2016. that debate will air tonight.
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education. opportunity. reform. bernie.
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put some rocks in your pockets. you don't want to get blown away today. it is just as windy -- maybe not just as windy but it is windy again today. >> that is when i call a bad hair day. that. pony tail hair definitely needed today. look at these winds. we have sustained winds 7 miles 29 in newberry. 26 in columbia. straight out of the west and these winds have been pretty much picking up all throughout the morning. the wind gusts are even worse. wind gusts right now of 33 miles per r ur in newberry. 28 in wynnsboro. 53 in lexington. 54 in camden. here in columbia, it is 55 degrees. winds out of the with is, 26 gusting to 33.
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relative humidity only 37%. there is all the winds coming through. a lot of the cloud coverage has been spilling through. this is from that monster complex that has moved through starting in texas all the way into the great lakes and into the new england area and all of this, the winds that have been coming through here have been absolutely stout. as it comes through, it has just been squeezed right over the mountains and it comes over to us. the winds kick up even more. we are expecting highs to get into the middle, upper 50s, even into the lower 60s. columbia, expecting a high of 58 degrees. we could see wind gusts all throughout the hour. clear skies but cold. we'll be teeter-tottering early in the morning right at the freezing mark. but there is a silver lining. we will see a lot of sunshine. in fact, this is the first time in a while we've seen sunshine right through the entire seven- day forecast. 56 tomorrow.
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66 on sunday. and get ready as we get into tuesday, 70, a little more cloud coverage on 70 with a high of 73. >> but it is beautiful. you know, you really cannot complain about the next seven days and the fact that is dry and it is sunny and progressively warmer every single day. >> but i wouldn't fly a kite today. you will probably end up somewhere in charleston. >> good advice, efren. thank you. still ahead today on friends at 5:00 -- i just jumped ahead five hours. still ahead at
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we love salt. besides bringing out the flavor of our favorite foods, it is a moderation. did you know that there are a load of different varieties. we're familiar with everyday table salt and probably kosher salt which has texture that cooling. they be there is sea salt which is the salt that has been mined from seabeds or extracked from evaporated ocean water which is very trendy in all sorts of dishes. but salt varieties go way beyond these. we can readily find different gourmet salt. in many of these salts, they are meant to be added to the food after they are cooked adding a whole new flavor. one big trend we are seeing is to accent our sweet with salt. we are seeing this on everything from cookies and candies to chocolate barsment
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candy by smothers slightly salted cashews with a easy homemade caramel and drizzling them with milk chocolate. to put these clusters over the top, we sprinkle them with some sea salt. they look like we bought them at some fancy candy store, don't they? want the recipe for our sea salt cashew turtles? it is online so can you impress your frfrnds an family way sweet and salty combo that they will absolutely drool over. i'm howard in the mr. food test kitchen where everyday, we are looking for a sweet and salty way for you to say ooh it's so good. >> thank you, howard. when it comes to finding love, your career could play a
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jobs may matter more than your looks i'm dating app, tinder, is out with its list of jobs that attract the most attention. for women, the top five are physical therapist, interior designer, founder, entrepreneur, pr communication and teacher. pilot is top job for men followed by founder/sprier, firefighter, doctor and tv radio personality. coming up today on friends at 5, if you have more of a sweet tooth than a craving for spice, listen up. a new benefit to eating chocolate. studies show people who ate chocolate regularly tended to have better memory and reasoning. at 5:00, we have the details on why the sweet treat could make you just a little bit smarter. >> so it will probably jack up my diet but it will make me smarter. >> which in turn would make you smarter on how to keep your diet in line. a lot of circular reasoning there, folks. but it is all in an effort to be able to eat chocolate.
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what will work for me is we have sunshine right now. after the sunshine, more sunshine. that will go right through the seven-day forecast getting into the 70s next week.
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on luca santori. oh, my goodness. >> victor: sweetheart, i had to make a point. and i did. okay? sometimes that's the only way. and adam had to make sure that luca left town. >> victoria: do you have any idea how this makes me look? i had defended you to nick and sharon and everyone. i insisted that you had a reason for dealing with noah the way you did. >> victor: my sweet girl, i appreciate your loyalty, but i don't need defending. >> victoria: why? because you'd do it all over again exactly the same way -- is that what you're saying? hypotheticals. i only deal in realities. >> vicicria: you make threats. you inflict terror. >> victor: listen, that luca -- that pompous ass -- needed to understand what's going on. the same thing happened to natalie. she needed to know what's at stake.


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