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tv   News 19 430am  CBS  February 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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see...good 3 morning efren. 3 3 chat 3
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3 3 the usc women's basketball team make it to the s-e-c tournament after beating lsu 75 to 39. the gamecocks finished a perfect 16-0h in sec play and moved to 28 and 1 overall with the victory. up next the women will play in the quarterfinals of the sec tournament this friday in jacksonville, florida. the top-seeded gamecocks will face the winner of thursday's contest between number 8 missouri and number 9 auburn in a game that will tip off at noon 3 and before the women head to jacksonville...the my carolina alumni assocation is inviting everyone to a pep rally today. doors open at 6pm at the alumni center located on
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downtown columbia. you'll also get the chance to receive an autographed poster from players. you must rsvp the event...for that info you can head to our website 3 turning to the men's side...the gamecocks weren't able to pull off a win against mississippi state over the weekend. the final score was 68 to 58. the men will return to the colonial life arena thursday for the final home game of the regular season against georgia. tip off time is set for 7pm. 3 3 republican presidential candidate, donald trump is facing criticism after he refused to distance himself from a controversial endorsement. meanwhile, a new cbs news poll shows trump and clinton leading in key states ahead of super tuesday. don champion has more. 3
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3 3 lets talk some tech news.... a new, small-screen iphone... and new ipad are reportedly coming march 21...the long- rumored iphone with 4-inch screen... and faster chip... and a next-generation ipad pro... headline apple's first product announcement- extravaganza of the applewatch bands and support for apple pay... are also expected... 3 volvo is developing an app that bascially turns a smartphone... into the "digital keys" for your car. the phone could start the car... and also unlock the
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even electronically send the digital key to friends or family... who are borrowing the hopes to start selling keyless cars beginning next year. 3 news 19's mary sturgill... is always on the look out for things that make our lives easier... here's what she found for pet parents... 3 if you are like me sometimes you just want to get away for the weekend.. or you have to travel for work... i am always anxiious about leaving my pets... or boarding abbie... so i discovered a solution... i wanted to share with you... for the next time you have to pac up and leave... its rover dot com... so weather you need boarding... pet sitting... dog walking... or drop in visits while you are spending long days at work... rover dot com connects you with a reliable pet sitter in your area... the sitters go through thorough background checks and you get the opportunity to vet them before... you leave the fur kids with them. and get this... the sitters are pet parents themselves... so they know how important your pet is to you. when you go to the site.. you complete the
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and what and when you are needing a sitter.and here's a bonus for all dogs... look for the sitter who has a rover donation badge... and money is donated to dog rescues... or if you are looking for an easy way to add a little cash to your pocket... maybe buy some more dog treats... you could become a pet sitter. all you have to do is go the site and click on the become a sitter tab.oh and by te way... there is an app for that... 3 if you have a website... or an app you would like mary to check out... just email her at 3 hollywood is celebration the best in film. we break down the big winners at this year's oscars. plus, a richland county councilman arrested for dui over the weekend.what investigators say happened and where he is this morning. 3 and the workweek is off to a cool start.meteorologist efren afante will explain how long you'll need that jacket today in your forecast.
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when richland county coucilman kelvin washington will appear in court next...after he was arrested for a felony dui over the weekend. the highway patrol says washington was driving along bluff road near martin luther king boulevard when he rear ended another car as it began to slow of the passengers in the car.. was taken to palmetto health richchnd with serious injuries. the other passenger in that car and washington were also taken to the same hospital with minor injuries. now you may remember that washington was also sentenced earlier this month to probabtion and a fine for not paying his taxes over a three year period.news19 was there as the councilman walked out of alvin s. glenn detention center at about 3:30 yesterday after making his 25-thousand dollar bond. 3 councilman washington, anything to say about the charges brought against you. no comment. anything to say to the victims? do you feel sorry about what you did? have you had contact with any of the people involved in the incident councilman? how many drinks did you have? could you tell us how many drinks you had that night, councilman? anything to say to the constituents? anything to say
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sir?3 richland county council chairman torrey rush released a statement is our understanding councilman kelvin washington was involved in a car accident and charged withthelony dui. as law enforcement continues its investigation and as we gather more facts i want us all to extend our prayers and thoughts to the victims in this situation. i want to ensure the public that this body and its individual members take this very seriously. our collective responsibility to the public is compromised when such an event like this occurs. in the coming days we will continue to monitor this situation and rely on the law enforcement agencies investigating this matter.
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of shooting and killing his wife's lover on valentine's day may be wanted by the mexican drug cartel. that according to greg leon's attorney. he says the cartel now has a hit on leon after he killed arturo santos..whom they say was a member of the cartel. during a court hearing... the claims were *not challenged by u.s. attorney... jim may. investigators say leon shot santos several times at the park and ride on corley mill road. leon is currently out on bond. 3 the woman who was shot in a grocery store parking lot ... continues to recover this morning and is expected to be okay.deputies say around 9 p.m saturday... a woman was hit by a bullet in the upper part of her body.... outside the publix on hardscrabble road. deputies say the woman was not the target, but they do not have a description yet... of a suspect... or motive.if you have information ... call crimestoppers 1triple-8-crime- sc. 3 3
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3 the usc women's basketball tetm waking up big winners this morning. alyssa lang shows us the plays that helped them tame the lsu tigers in your morning sports. did you know there's a cough liquid that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours.
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3 according to the national institutes of health 1 in 10 ericans has a rare disease and two thirds of these patients are children.sarah
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patients.she was diagnosed with cystinosis, a rare... genetic... metabolic disease at 14 months is rare disease day and sarah's father is headed to washington dc to share rare disease stories with members of congress in attempt to shed light on the need for government funding for treatment.although sarah cannot attend...she says she knows this effororwill go a long way. 3 i'm really proud of that, so that means if we find a cure we won't have to take all of the medicine that we have to take, but we'll still be healthy most of the time, even though we get sick sometimes.3 according to the national institutes of health, a disease is rare if it affects less than 200,000 people. 3 the numbers are in and the students at usc were ablt o raise over 500-thousand dollars for the palmetto health children's hospital. it's all thanks kn part to dance marathon the university
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danced for 14 hours straight in hopes of raising money. public relations director gabi santos says the marathon has made a impact on her college life. 3 to me personally, this organization has brought like a sense of family. i've just really grown with this organziation. it's been the biggest part of my college career. it's all of us, a few college students, coming together for a cause bigger than ourselves and something that we can help other people in the community.3 this is the 18th year that usc has held this event and have raised over two point four million dollars. 3 hollywood's biggest stars partying overnight after the oscars. we break down the surprises and who walked away with that golden little man. plus, the u-s-c women's basketball team, now in the
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comoing up on on news 19 this morning...a richland county councilman accused of driving under the influence is out on bond. we'll get you caught up the case against kevin washington. 3 plus...a decision still hasn't been made over the roads bill. the latest on where it stands in the senate. 3 and the oscars are trending on twitter this morning. we'll get you caught up on the big winners - and the after parties...news19 this moring starts right now. 3 3 good morning and thanks for waking up with us on news19 this morning it's monday...february 29th. i'm deon guillory. monday...februa it's us on news19 this morning it's monday...february 29th.


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