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tv   News 19 5am  CBS  March 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 good morning and and thanks for waking up with us on news19 this morning. it's the first of march. i'm deon guillory. i'm ashley izbicki...we'll get a check of your forecast in just a few minutes but first.. 3 3 new this morning..deputies in richland county continue to investigate a fatal shooting in the northeastit happened around 9:30 last night in the 400 block of seton hall drive. that's near the crane creek area, not far from clemson road. depuites say when they got there...they found the victim shot to death inside a crashed vehicle.anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers at 1-triple-8- crime-sc. 3 in the span of three months that same area... northeast richland county.... has seen multiple shootings along hardscrabble road.just three days ago...a woman was shot in the publix parking lot of the rice creek village shopping december a man was also shot and killed across
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station.the richland county sheriff's department says the woman who was shot saturday had non life threating injuries...but many who visit that area... say they are nervous about the crime that's happening so close to home. 3 i generally night grocery anyway, but had an incident grocery store i certainly will night or after the sheriff's 3 department says to always keep your keys in your hand...keep your head up and scan the area 3 3
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3 south carolina is getting nearly $157 million in federal aid to help pay for recovery from the historic floods last fall.the money is coming in
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million to state agencies. $23-point-5 million to richland county.$20 million to columbia.and $16-point-3 million to lexington county. the money will help pay for damage to roads, homes and businesses.officials at the u-s department of housing and urban development called for midlands for future storms. 3 after months of being closed because of flood damage....spears creek church road in northeast columbia is re-opened this morning.but news 19's loren thomas tells us...there's still some work that needs to be done. 3 have people church is now back to normal....well department of around 4pm october flood, made in the actually a this location is what took so going to do this is happen to the one month to included bridge to they are futureto traffic and area." because it's traffic on lives right creek church open, he wishes prevent the "if we had been excessive then it's very loss of these but for now
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3 it's not clear 3 how long it will take property owners to fix the dam...but after it is...the state transportation department will make permanent repairs on the road. 3 3 an astronaut who has spent a ar, alone in space, all to help future generations of astronauts... comes home today. 52- year-old nasa pilot scott kelly has been on the international space station for 342's the longest stint ever taken on the i-s- s...but the mission has a specail purpose... and it's the first time scientists have focused on the effects of long-term nasa will study kellyand his identical twin, mark kelly, a retired astronaut... to see what challenges astronauts might encounter on even longer trips... to mars and beyond. 3 nasa needs women. the space agency is actively working to
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space exploration. but the positions that women have held in the agency has changed over the's how ... 3 think progress we could do it's true for well. during in white shirts today are very, as we chase a are leading the fogarty, research passionate medicine in out center"over of women working here changed, but their were in like of women were 57%. but the 11% of it's 32%.""i think like lauri center's first engineering. diverse just makes engineering, trying to solve and if we all the same hard problems between us and to mars.lauri requirements anything you where dr. chief scientist for the human program, she's they call the thing."...inside craft. today's *woman crew -- enclosed simulated asteroid... and our air manager lisa been at the 30 years. she interest wane shuttle program thought we closed up with a surge in the goal to 2030s...lisa manager, flight really a lot of momentum feels that."and nasa's deep class has four women.pros *atmospheric* you have a day?"while keeping grounded.jennimom, not the
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leaps... horizon 3
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3 we're just getting started on news 19 this morning... march is women's history month -- the best and worst states for women to live in-- plus, drunk on the job. officers crack open the booze to crack down on crime. 3 and it's going to another beautiful day.meteorologist efren afante will explain what else you may need to take with
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3 we're about to show you a room full of cops getting drunk...but they say it's a part of their 19's savannah levins joins us now to explain how a few shots of liquor might be helping save lives. savannah?3 we work with law enforecment a lot, but i'll tell you i've *never* seen them like this.
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to train *future* cops how to better prosecute duis. in this news 19 exclusive...we're taking you to the classroom turned bar.
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3 chat3 3 finish your to-aren't alone. according to new research, 43 percent of working americans don't finish their daily to-do lists, while 54 percent are able to dedicate just a quarter of their days to important, deadline-oriented assignments. that leaves just
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brainstorm creative and new ideas for 93 percent of the working what are we spending our time on? according to the research, about half of working americans spend half of our days scheduling meetings or calls, while just shy of 60 percent of us use up 50 percent of our time in meetings or on calls. 3 chat3
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women's history month? wallet hub dot com..took at look the best and worst states for women to live in.they looked at what made a state woman freindly.... like salary... health care..and the female unisured rate. south carolina didn't do well... we were the 44th worse for women on poverty...and also had one of the highest number of unemployed women. .. and women in our state have a lower life expentancy at birth. chat 3 keeping your mind growing. what you can do to keep your brain healthy to help prevent alzheimer's disease. plus, it is the biggest day of the presidential campaign so far and it is getting dirty. the new attacks among some of the
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3 it's super tuesday and more delegates are up for grabs today than any other day in the presidential nomination contest...latest polls show donald trump and hillary clinton leading in key states. good morning and thanks for joining us here on news19 this morning.i'm deon guillory. and i'm ashley izbicki for the democrats, 865 delegates are at stake. for the gop about 6060delegates are on the line. weijia jiang has the latete from washington 3
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3 the biggest prize of the day is texas with 155 republican delegates and 252 total democratic delegates. 3 3 3
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worker is facing charges for allegedly hitting an 18- month-old baby. 51-year-old barbara priester is behind behind bars this morning for unlawful neglect towards a child. deputies say about three weeks ago... on february 10...she hit the baby in the face with her hand while working at kinder academy daycare on south beltline boulevard.she has been fired from her job and the baby did not receive any injuries. 3 fort jackson continues to deal with a costly vulture problem. we're being told more than 100 birds have been seen in people's backyards...going through trash cans...and taking pet food.because of that...fort jackson has started using lasers and firecrackers to scare them off. wildlife experts question those methods...but the project manager says this is the most effective and safe way to get them to leave. 3 doug morrow wildlife branch with the public vultures have destroyed the rubber boots vent pipes that roof of this from this rainwater is get
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in rendering a this. 3 it's not clear how long the process will take....however we're being told this is costing around 15-hundred dollars per week . 3 in kershaw county... a family is trying to pick up the pieces....after a fire destroyed their home. it happened on friday night on thunderwood lane.benjamin mcardle was asleep when the flames sparked.he was able to get out safely.his wife was out of town with their three young children at a dance competition. mcardle says he is so thankful they weren't there ...because where the fire started would have made it difficult to escape.his wife says when she found out she was devestated but her dance family lifted her family
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3 spoken to before if you would 3 like to help - you can drop off donations at palmetto dance center in elgin from 3 to 8... or check out the palmetto dance center facebook page for details on what they need. 3 an intersection in forest acres will be named after greg alia who was killed in the line of duty last fall.state lawmakers approved a change that will rename the corner of beltline and forest drive as the "officer gregory thomas alia intersection."32 year old alia died on september 30 near that intersection while responding to a call of a suspicious person at the richland mall. police say a suspect shot him after a struggle near the bookstore. alia was a seven-year veteran of the forest acres police department. plans for a formal ceremony to honor alia at the state house and to put the marker in place have not yet been finalized.
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3 we want to let you know about some free health screenings happening tonight. the event is from 5:30 to 7 at palmetto health women's center on sunset drive in columbia. screenings include free diabetes, breast and cervical cancer checks. call to see if you qualify. 3 canadian researchers found that *monitoring * works better than *treatment* for many men with prostate cancer. doctors say active surveillance of patients with slow-growing tumors can be beneficial .theay say this avoids invasive surgery...radiation and severe side effects. 3 doctors at the university of chicago say lack of sleep may intensify cravings for unhealthy foods. researchers found sleep loss increased the effects of a chemical signal that enhances the joy of eating what they call ewarding snacks. sleep-starved patients ate nearly *twice as much* as those who got eight hours of rest.cravings were for sweet
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3 and falling back and springing ahead an hour *may* be linked to higher risks of stroke. this is according to researchers in finland who studied daylight saving time's affect on health.they tracked more than three-thousand patients and found stroke risk jumped *eight-percent* during the first two days of time changes. 3 americans now fear alzheimer's more than any other disease. and it's no wonder why. but instead of worrying about it, what can you do to keep your brain healthy? here's gregg moss to explain in this morning's bottom line 3 how can you reserve. read to the radio develop brain may be another, but reserve is able to hold onto more of their memory and function difficult things editor bob language if you learn a new different."(tracfavorites like workouts.change it up: take your rut.listen (nats)sot)08:11 there really is a beneficial listening particularly to classical t the clock. folding forces you
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3 chat 3 we are just 44 days away from the first pitch for the home opener for the columbia fireflies. why one part of the new stadium won't only be used on game days. plus, your mattress plays a huge role in helping you get a good night's sleep. we put dozens to the test to see if you really get what you pay for. 3 and we are in store for another spring-like day. meteorologist efren afante is updating his forecast now and will thing you may need later
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3 3 3
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to opening day for the columbia fireflies.44 days until the first pitch at spirit communications park. this morning, we are taking you inside the club lounge. crews are working to put everything in place. the club lounge is 7-thousand square feet and it's not just for game days. you can have a party, luncheon or even your wedding reception here.there's an on-si catering and special events team to help with the menu. the executive chef will make anything in a state of the art kitchen. plus, there's a view of the baseball diamond from the club lounge.and this is a look at the renderings showing what the final product will 3 look like. opening day is thursday, april 14th against the greenville drive.follow the fireflies on twitter at cola - fireflies for updates on tickets and upcoming
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3 the most costly part of you getting a good night's rest...mattresses can cost well over a thousand bucks! we're on your side with how
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spend to sleep well. [loud kids and dog] jimmy john's! jimmy john's!
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3 a recall of all takata air bags will not make vehicles safer - says a top federal auto regulator. this comes in response to florida senator bill nelson - who is urging the national highway traffic safety administration to recall all taka ammonium nitrate air bags. at least ten people have died from airbags exploding with too much force. regulators say recalling all takata airbags would strain suppliers and create more uncertainty. 3 microsoft will start shipping its long awaited holo-lens to developers next month. the 3-thousand dollar headset projects holographic images into the wearer's field of view without blacking out the real world. that's around the same time facebook's oculus will begin shipping the consumer version of its rift headset that creates a 360 degree fictional universe.
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seasonal pricing at their theme parks in california and florida.the new seasonal pricing will depend on the time of year.a fixed calendar set 8 to 11 months into the future will allow guests to see which days are considered "value," ''regular" or "peak,"...prices will go up when the parks are expected to be busier. disney says prices for annual passes won't change. 3 mattresses can be very expensive. most cost well over one thousand dollars, and many sell for much more. consumer reports has tested more than 60 mattresses --here's a look at how much they found youd should spend to get a good night's 3 (natsot: test)(v/o)consumer reports sorts of tests to check mattress is money. as 250 mattress and cost nearly them did well in our test)(v/o) this test simulates eight years of mattress sters also support your your back. and is transmitted restless kuperszmid good indicator mattress will turned up less. (v/o)after preference. mattress, the sealy thousand lehrman)t for back mattress, mattresses casper, leesa, made consumer latest inexpensive he novaform celia some of our but it durable his is theresa
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mattress and softer 3 if you prefer a softer mattrere and have a bigger budget consumer reports recommends the sealy posturepedic hybrid kelburn for about 13-hundred dollars. it one of the few mattresses consumer reports has tested that scores excellent for limiting vibrations across the mattress. 3 so it a good choice if you e got a partner that tosses and turns. chat 3 despite the beautiful weather lately-- it seems many of you are dealing with the ugly side of being sick. the experts are in with prevention tips. plus,
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in one part of richland county. when news 19 this morning continues the latest
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coming up on news 19, a deadly shooting overnight and it is not the first time in this area. we'll have details live coming up. >> plus, a temporary fix. a major route in northeast richland county now back open for drivers. >> and do you feel like everyone around you is getting sick? how you and your family can avoid that nasty bug. news 19 this morning starts right now. new this morning, deputies in richland county continue to investigation a deadly shooting in the northeast. good morning. thank you for waking up with us here on news 19 this morning. >> we know it happened about 9:30 last night on seton hall drive. we have an update.


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