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tv   News 19 430am  CBS  March 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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3 3 donald trump and hillary clinton inch closer to securing their party's presidential nomination...aft er sweeping victories on super news projects both trump and clinton won at least seven of the states in play....securing hundreds more delegates.ted cruz, marco rubio, and bernie sanders also picked up wins -- offering some hope to their campaigns. 3 3 still no vote on the roads and now state business leaders are demanding that the senate start voting on a plan to fix them. several senators are filibustering the bill ... because it includes raising the gas tax. they say that's not needed ... because the state has a 1-point-3 billion dollar dollar surplus this year. 3 ( "if our legislature spent every dime
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far short of what would be needed for next year. so it raises the question: what about next year?" ( spartanburg senator lee bright is one of the senators blocking the bill ... because of a tax increase. he says he'll keep blocking it ... until senators vote to end the filibuster ... or kill the bill. 3 the house ways and means committee approved a two percent pay raise for teachers. the committee also agreed to cover the increase in educator healthcare premiums.the new budget also includes a 10 million dollar pay increase for bus drivers. this will now go before the full house of representatives. 3 the state's longest serving representative in the state house says he is retiring. grady brown made the announcement yesterday on the house floor.the democrat has represented lee, kershaw and sumter counties for more than 32 years. brown is among at least eight lawmakers not seeking another term in the general assembly.all house and senate seats are up for election this year. candidates must file with the state election commission between
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primaries will be held june 14. 3 3 the violent incident involving now former spring valley high school school resource officer ben fields and a student last october has sparked a national conversation asking what the role of a s-r-o is when it comes to disciplining students. community members along with usc professors held a discussion last night on way to reshap poilcies and fine the line between disciplinary action and criminal punishment. the head of the richland county sheriff's department sro program says the 85 different sro's everyday. 3 "it's fairly difficult. however, we frequently have meetings every month. and we have quarterly meetings with forward information and whatever we need to do, changes we need to make and things we need to foucus on." panel - says a major way to learn from incidents in the past is for the school districts and the school resource officers to gather
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often force is used and what types of force sro's are using . 3 3 happening today...testimony on the state's child passenger restraint laws. this will happen before the house edcation and public works transporation subcommittee. the proposed legislation would update the current law to meet standards established by the american academy of pediatrics. 3 the senate finance health and human services subcommittee will hear budget requests from the department of social services. the agency is looking for 7 point 2 million recurring dollars for the centralized computer system that tracks deadbeat parents. dss says it's also looking for an additional 9 point 9 million in non recurring funds to pay for both the contractual expenses for the system and the state expenses for the facility and hardware needed for the system. 3 the 27th annual disability advocacy day kicks off this morning.registration begins at 9:30 a.m on the north side of
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events include a walk, rally, and speeches governor nikki haley has also been invited to speak.according to the bureau of labor statistics, those with disabilities are twice as likely to be unemployed. 3 usc's school of visual art and design will hold its 61st annual art auction tonight. the event includes original sculptures, photography, and paintings made by faculty, students, and will be on display beginning at 1pm for public viewing in mcmaster college.the auction starts at 6. 3 a fast-food mexican restaurant is making it's return to south carolina this morning. del taco is opening up today on harbison boulevard in irmo. the restaurant chain and the irmo chamber of commerce will celebrate the opening with a ribbon cutting at 11:30 at the restaurant. 3 3 about a third of senior citizens fall each year... that results in millions of dollars in doctor and emergency room an effort to counter act that....local health organizations have joined
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type of class...designed for 19s mary sturgill has more... 3 "it feels good it makes you feel good all over.. " to watch her in the free tai chi class at the lourie center.. you wouldn't know that florine rowe is 77 years old... she's been doing tai chi for fall prevention for 7 weeks now... and she sees a big difference in her stability. "when i came here i couldn't stand on one foot. but now i can balance on one foot. " certified instructor joseph whiting explains "we look at the balance, the weight transferring how their feet are positioned so that they can avoid the possibility of falls increasing their range of motion so they will be able to see whats going on around them as welll as stepping in a nice safe place before they actually transfer that weight." he says the movement in tai chi creates other health benefits too. "lowering blood glucose levels, a2 c's droping, helping with cholesterol helping with depression, anxiety and stress." with a third of americans over the age of 60 at risk for falling.. according to the cdc.. whiting says... tai chi can prevent his students from becoming one of those statistics. "hopefully tai chi will catch them before they fall "florine says its not exactly what she
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thru the motion but its hard it takes a lot of practice and then sometimes you do misteps. " but each practice is a step in the right direction "i call it meditation in motion, you can also call it medication in motion " 3 if you would like to learn more... just go to our website.. 3 getting unplugged while you eat. the fast food restaurant with a new challenge to keep families off their cell phones. plus, a teacher making strides in her classroom. we'll introduce you to our teacher of the week. 3 3 of the week. to our teacher we'll classroom. plus, a teacher phones. keep families challenge to with a new restaurant while you eat. unplugged 3 just go if you would 3 if you would like to learn more... just go to our website..
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eat. the fast food restaurant with a new challenge to keep families off their cell phones. plus, a teacher making strides in her classroom. we'll introduce you to our teacher of the week. 3 and...we saw some rain overnight.meteorologist efren afante will explain if you'll need your umbrella as you head out the door this morning.your forecast after the break. 3 did you know there's a cough liquid that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours.
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3 a richland deputy has been fired and charged with misconduct in office.he's 26 year old kaleb broome.deputies say last tuesday.... he responded to a home to assist a victim involved in a domestic dispute. we're told while he was at the call...he defaced a poster of africa in the victim garage with a racial slur and then stole a double-sided piece of tape from the victim. sheriff leon lott says that's something he
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3 but also for stealing something3 3 broome had been with the sheriff's department since october 2014.the charge of misconduct in office, if convicted, carries up to a year of imprisonment. 3 also out of richland county...a teenager has been charged with murder in the shooting death of a man found in a car. he's 17 year old jose happened around 8:30 monday night in the 400 block of seton hall drive. deputies say reyes was an acquaintance of the victim...18 year old jaelen josey.they say reyes shot josey during an attempted armed robbery. he's currently in the richland county jail. 3 new information out now about the felony dui arrest of richland county councilman
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the highway patrol's incident says the responding trooper could smell a strong odor of alcohol when he approached washington's car to request his license and registration.the trooper also wrote th washingto shows multiple signs of impairment including slurrd and delayed speech. the trooper read him his rights and requested a blood sample, but washington refused.the report says after obtaining a search warrant, they were able to get the samples they needed at 1:09 a- m, more than five hours after the accident happened. washington is now out on a $25,000 bond. 3 3
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in the s-e-c awards.reggie 3 our teacher of the week says her students are a part of her
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same way about 19's savannah levins takes us now to ballentine introduce you to ms. paulette moses. 3 "im not married i don have children of my 3 own so i treat them like theyre my children. we laugh we cry we fuss and at the end of the day i hope they leave knowing they e been loved unconditionally the whole day " talk to paulette moses for a few minutes... and it won't take you long to figure out adore her so much."that what the world needs, is more love, and we have to be others minded and do what we can to make this world a better place. " ms. moses has been decades...and it's a job she doesn't take lightly."no one in my family is a teacher im the first to go to college, the only one actually to go, so its something ive always wanted to do "nats " tell me some of the axis powers " in class, the students are engaged...." who were considered facists?" and encouraged. " kiss your brain, very good " "shes very parent like, in fact sometimes i fifth grader gavin imhoff
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ms. moses called them a family, not just a class. "savannah: how do you think ms moses feels about her students? // gavin: like theyre her children. her whole family. she says this class is a family." "ms. moses my name is savannah with news 19 and you are our teacher of the week! "nats: cheers it can be tough for kids to leave their families every day to come to school.but in ms. moses' class.... they're never far from feeling at home. "we do try to build a real strong sense of community in the classroom and we are a family, and families fuss and fight but at the end of the day weve got each others backs. and that what its all about " nats/group: "we love ms moses! " savannah levins news 19 wltx 3 if you'd like to nominate an educator for teacher of the week.... email t-o-w at wltx dot com 3 keeping hackers out of your home. the steps you can take to keep your smart devices from being a crook's next
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floods destroyed the sumter fire department's training crews are still
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despite the challenges. coming up on news19 this morning...teachers at the autism academy of south carolina are pick up the pieces after the october floods left their school in the community is making sure things get back to 3 it's just disppointing.. that someone something like that wears this uniforma richland county deputy ..charged with misconduct in office..why he got fired..straight ahead. 3 and could you make it through dinner without looking at your cellphone. well one fast food restaurant is putting you up to the challenge...news19 this morning starts right now. 3 3 made their way some 3 thunderstorms made their way through the midlands last night but it's expected to be a pretty nice day today. good morning and thanks for waking
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morning. i'm deon guillory.


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