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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the rain is on its way out. that it will be followed by sn ow. mike: kevin robinson in now with the most accurate forecast. kevin: we have had thunderstorms, wind gusts, temperatures close to 60. 90 can see this whirl of this storm system moving right over cincinnati as we beat. and that blue represents snow at the colder air is beginning to wrap in. some light shower activity is going to come back to the eye. -- the the area. it looks like it will gradually overspread the area from west to east. following that dinnertime , it is near i-65 now and will gradually
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you' ve got the warm air with the s. it will be drawn back in. notice that rain shower activity , that transition will be to snow. on how much i think we can see warm-up on the way. ask a thing: anderson township
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reporter: take a look behind me. they look at a different story. they made their way to several inches of rushing water. and a large sinkhole next to the road. at one point, a foot of water was pouring across the roadway. officials tell me this is a private roadway and private land and i' m told the owners are working to get this sinkhole fixed. a reminder for those driving tonight , do not drive through the flooded water. this is the number one weather killer in america. you should never drive on a flooded roadway. talking about cleanup.
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they will show us it uprooted during the morning rain and made a mess. reporter: you can smashing down while she and her sons were
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lot of inspiration. happening. feet away from having this message dropped on her. reporter: reporting live, natalie clark. mike: be sure to wake up with us tomorrow morning. starting at 4 a.m. tomorrow morning. sheree: developments in the murder of a middletown mother.
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tonight, we have video of the suspect arrested a. reporter: brandon carr was arrested for the shooting death of britney tany russell. the moment the car was being escorted. being held in the montgomery county jail, they were found shot dead. the child' s father had reported her missing the day before. middletown, wlwt news 5. mike: a victim of sexual offense on campus.
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who the police are looking for. reporter: a building would of been closed to the general public. >> one of the precautions i take is to go through buildings that night. it is kind of crazy that happens inside >> they do not know if the suspect is a student at the university. >> it is unusual to have that occur inside any of our buildings. reporter: it was a building that
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>> we determined as much information as the student was willing to share. reporter: emphasizing the importance of secure access. no entry until verification. sheree: the crime were indicted. they rely for us with all the details. >> they face multiple felony charges in butler county. cracked it open and set a
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and and tied him up and beat him and robbed him. caldwell says he still can' t sleep at night because he thought he was going to die that morning. >> they put me back on the bed. i am trying to brees. the others took care of it. my phone, whatever. reporter: one of the women put a gunned his head during the break. it turned out to be a fake gun. they found him an hour and a
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mike: a mother pleads guilty to child endangering. a photo of a police officer playing with the boy and ended up going viral. a judge sentenced caldwell to a year of probation. the boy is being taken care of. sheree: jb goodwin is charged -- jacob goodwin distressed with animal cruelty. somehow, this is not the video
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back now to butler county. charged with animal cruelty. found dead in the dumpster. she asked goodwin to watch the dog. they stood in the rain this morning. >> a body found in a park was discovered last night. an autopsy is set for tomorrow. sheree: a man was shot in the leg while driving with a group of friends. police believe the victim and his friends were targeted. mike: watch where you toss your garbage. you can help identify the pickup
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officers looking to return the trash to its rightful owner along with a littering citation. >> one day at a time is all we can do. sheree: coming face-to-face with the victims family. with gusts close to 40. kevin: they will be looking around since no no let you know when that starts to fall, coming up. mike: police are looking for this guy and surveillance photos. along with memory supplements from the walgreens store on hamilton avenue.
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sheree: brian hamrick was in the courtroom today along with the family of the victim. >> texting and driving for miles. the semi-crossed a median and slammed into other cars, killing one man. the driver found out the price he would have to pay. reporter: chris thornhill is receiving a new message that comes in the form of an eight year sentence. thornhill was texting and driving when he crashed his semi last january. he injured one woman and killed the man driving this truck. his sister addressed the court. >> our brother. nieces and nephews.
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reporter: he could be eligible for parole. >> if you are looking to buy a hoverboard, this is actually a story. they have pulled it from the website. the decision comes days after the safety commission deemed all hoverboards unsafe because of risk of catching fire. >> they released reactions to all of the users.
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it tested reactions and received good reviews. mike: when you are talking about the weather around here, all of that stuff. kevin: the cold air is pouring in. we are at 45 degrees around 17.
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the storm system begins to pull its way off toward the north. the cold air is going to gradually get its way into the area. that show will be made to feel worse by the fact it is coming in on some very gusting wind out there tonight. we are done with the flood threat. it' s all about watching that transition and because it is not a steady snowfall across the entire area, the balance of snow will be uneven across the region.
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we will keep on and off snow showers throughout the day. we will have to wait till the weekend to see things begin to improve. a quick check on radar, you can see some of the shower activity spreading back in back down to around aurora. there is the rain and snow line near interstate 65. we still got several more hours. temperatures to the evening hours will be dropping down with rain transitioning to snow. close to 40 miles an hour.
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most areas will pick up around an inch of snow. most areas looking at half or may be .75 inches. wendy all day tomorrow and a high will ever a few degrees above freezing. nice-looking weather. how about into the low 60' s.
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sheree: the dangers of smoking taken to new extremes here. mike: the battery just blew up. it ran outside and dropped his drawers. the confused clerk could not register what he was seeing. >> it was short. not all that bad, he did have second-degree burns and he is able to walk. >> charged with animal cruelty after police say they shot a puppy with a bb gun more than a dozen times.
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old was shot 18 times. you can see the puncture wounds including a bb that just missed his eye. the vet says they are lodged under his skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. >> it has been an overwhelming amount of support. it was a very sad i think it will be a happy ending for him. mike: you can see the guard taking off his helmet. the 50-year-old guard was treated at a hospital and released. >> a ferris wheel was no match.
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more than a handful. mike: taking notes from the city of cincinnati. sheree: the plan to revamp a riverfront. homeowners
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sheree: right now, pouring rain in slowing wind. the rain we have been experiencing all day is expected to turn to snow overnight. we have seen our fair share of weather-related issues today. mike: and snow in the forecast. kevin robinson has cincinnati' s most accurate forecast. kevin:
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it is now beginning to pull away. we see colder air drawing in. look at temperatures having fallen back into the 30' s across much of indiana and western kentucky. we will gradually see that come in on some gusting wind. here we are at 7:00. after 9:00 or 10:00, most of those will have transitioned. we may see light snow overnight tonight. i' ll let you know when we get to be seeing 60 degree temperatures
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sheree: making plans to keep roads clear. they will work 12 hour shifts. once the snow changes, you can also stay up-to-date with the very latest forecast on her mobile app. it is unbelievable. dan griffin is in liberty twp. for us tonight where the cleanup
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>> a newly later of mud and more damage. a good news that relief is in sight. reporter: frustration. for the second time , digging out mud and pumping water from their home. the reason, a second water main break funneled it in while they slept. >> we have no relief from the first episode. and today, we have this. reporter: the damage inside adds insult to injury. a new furnace was just installed a week ago. they say it is ruined. new problems are showing up. through the floor. i' m assuming i need at here because of not sure if there are foundation issues. >> they have been fighting for
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we ask, are you going to pay. pumping water, cleaning the house, and assessing the damage. they have homeowners with damage this weekend at the latest. it' s a step in the right direction that' s a up until now, they felt helpless. the county will replace that water main, converting service to a new system. they hope this won' t happen again. >> they have spent $70,000 on replacement and repairs from the last break.
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we are beating the governor. >> in recent ohio poll. donald trump taking a jab there at john kasich. >> the republican front one or picked up the victory last night. mike: in our washington newsroom tonight, tracking the candidate as they fan out across america. reporter: candidates are looking ahead to super tuesday. a third straight win for donald trump. the front runner one with more than 35% of support. >> he is steaming down the
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>> super tuesday, i believe, will be the single most important day of this entire presidential election. mike: ted >> is ted cruz doesn' t win texas, how viable is his candidacy? >> we are fighting in south carolina. >> hillary clinton will begin to accumulate delegates. the uphill climb becomes more steep. mike: overall, trump with 81
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it takes 1000 -- to choose a nominee. they will not act. to go. i don' of me abdicating on my duties. sheree: brian sandoval is a former federal judge. mike: in florence, police are searching for a couple passing around phony money. she passed around fake $100 bills. sheree: they built more than
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caretakers were sentenced to take care of the elderly woman but prosecutors say they became predators. jackson will spend a year in jail. the hearing next month will determine how much money they will have to pay back the victim. mike: a man that led cincinnati police on a chase, officers say they were drunk when he tried to pull them over. before crashing into a parked car. he reached into his coat and grabbed what appeared to be a weapon. sheree: after relying on a mechanical heart come, a hillsboro man is getting a heart transplant. he underwent surgery and suffered a massive heart attack that almost killed him.
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the condition. he thanked them for saving his life. >> 140 days is a long time. and do they are. >> they say david never would' ve gotten that transplant without the sacrifice of another family. mike: a huge game for xavier. it the musketeers taking on number one villanova in the area. elise jesse live on campus were students at been pumped up and lined up all day for a matchup. elise: this might be the biggest
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students as you can hear are filing an. this is video from earlier today. students are an excited bunch. they expect to see them . >> it is the excitement. everyone wants to be here. it is just the excitement factor. be out here at 10 and this is a pretty good spot. i am excited to be here. everyone else is. elise: this is a sold-out arena
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as xavier takes on the number one team in the nation. live from the sum tossed center, is five. sheree: courtis fuller accepting an award from the visitors bureau this afternoon. a recipient for the cincinnati area and an example of a progressive business. the award was presented during the visitor bureaus annual meeting today at music call. he is always getting something. mike: more renovation expected on the riverfront. the northern kentucky city taking notes from the bank' s development.
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kevin: that thing system was responsible for the rain and we are sending the snow line
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i will let you mike: covington is taking a page trying to breathe new life into the riverfront. sheree: courtis fuller is live tonight showing us what it' s going to take to make the plan a reality. reporter: money will make this a reality. city leaders are not bashful for the proposed enhancements. everything from grants to private donors. >> these are images of possibilities along the riverfront. >> we are looking at this is not
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economic development and community well-being with parks, water features, art, and other recreation. >> the commission being last night, they have pictures of it. reporter: frank is straightforward and says with a move by the city to build more apartments, the riverfront plan sounds like a winner. >> i have been fortunate that we can see a good clientele. retail will come back. reporter: dollars and sense will
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much of that, i' m told, is already in the bank. sheree: the long-range project is a 10 to 15 year concept. expect progress later this year with bike and walking trails as well as lighting. new transportation options. >> holding open houses today to talk about the oasis rail transit. this is just the beginning stages. >> at least three are dead after southern states overnight. tornadoes from louisiana and florida, they were reported across the region overturning semitrucks and ripping apart
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mike: now we have some slippery conditions. kevin: and just to add to some of those numbers, they have more fatalities tonight in parts of virginia. look at satellite and radar from earlier this afternoon. this just gives you a clue to how powerful this storm system is. look how often you see tornado watches in february. as far north and places like philadelphia and washington dc tonight where tornado warnings are currently in effect. this is a pretty strong system and it is starting to pull away from us. now we are on the backside of this big ten wheeling storm.
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we got a lull and a lot of the rainfall. this rain won' t be terribly heavy. it is still rain in louisville again, you can see that massive spin. there comes the cold air wrapping it in changing things. it will stay gloomy out there this evening. those wind close to 40. 45 right now the airport. it' s colder in bowling green
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pulling the cold air in and wrapping it into itself. they should stay very gusty. there is a it' s still plain old rain. accumulation is generally on the order of maybe .5 to .75 inches. the amount will not be even. it begins to wrap up tomorrow afternoon and evening. i don' t expect widespread travel problems. but we eventually get down to 30. can' t rule out the secondary
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30 for the low tonight with rain changing to snow. it will remain very when the overnight tonight. and afternoon high around 36. probably depositing another half an inch tomorrow. and what a turnaround this weekend. temperatures in the 50' s on saturday and low 60' s on sunday. i will say it again, go make those outdoor plans for the weekend. the morning team could be trying to get you through that commute. mike: it was ominous out there. sheree: it looked like we could of had a tornado. mike:
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erin andrews recorded her with a cell phone naked in that hotel room has served his time. sheree: the new trial under way and who is on the hot seat.
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sheree: nearly eight years after erin andrews was secretly recorded in her hotel room, the lawsuit against nashville marriott is moving forward. he was terrified for his spot -- daughters safety if some crazed stalker was following her. the man behind the reporting served a two-year sentence. he' s suing the hotel for $75 million citing personal distress and humiliation. mike: the white house will honor ray charles is part of the performance at the white house series. two of the big names such perform some of the iconic singer' s songs. the performance will be streamed live on the white house website starting at 7:00 tonight. the music center is giving fans a reason to come flocking this summer.
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will get you in three concerts for the low price of 50 bucks. with slipknot and special guest marilyn manson. sheree: right up your alley. mike: right. sheree: the cincinnati music festival has released the list. new edition , babyface and fantasia. charlie wilson and the whispers will also perform that day. tickets go on sale this weekend for you. two weeks after the murder of a middletown mom, police arrest a suspect in the case. mike: video of the suspect being taken to jail by police. sheree:
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down trees and cau >> it did not just crack and fall, it fell over.
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opening up new sinkholes. we look at the damage across the region and a look ahead at the winter like conditions hours away. we have seen heavy rain, but tonight will switch over to snow. sheree: here is a look at downtown for you tonight. kevin robinson tracking the weather for us and joining us with what you can expect tonight. kevin: this powerful storm system not done with the ohio valley just yet. the center of the storm is between dayton and columbus. can see this huge counterclockwise swirl across the area. what you really need to pay attention to is the fact that we plunging its way across central indiana. a little bit of some down time. that is starting to pick up. if you have plans on heading out
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the snow line is still to the west of interstate 65. they have transitioned to snow in indianapolis. it will pivot across the area. we have chilly air moving in on the heels of some very gusting wind. when sustained between 20 and 30. gusts close to 40. the storm system moves up towards columbus and you see the cold air beginning to wrap around the system tonight. down to 39 in louisville. that cold air is going to wrap its way back to the wlwt viewing area. still mostly rain. by 10:00, many areas will is seen the transition from rain over to snow. i expected to continue through much of the overnight and into the day on thursday. i will let you know how much i


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