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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  March 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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sheree: answers in a downtown mystery. the high-tech police work that triggered an arrest in the great american tower shooting. plus -- >> my heart's out for them, the family. i can' t believe it. sheree: a four-year-old tortured to death. an arrest tonight in the great american tower shootings. good evening. i' m sheree paolello. mike dardis has the night off. it' s a story you saw first on wlwt, now we' re learning the suspect is linked to another high-profile case. wlwt news 5' s jenell walton is live downtown with how police tracked him down. jenell? jenell: police and the atf have identified the suspect as rayshawn herald. court records show he' s the same man who was arrested for firing shots at a metro bus. great american tower workers spent the past year wondering if
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shots at their offices in january of 2015. tonight, some relief as they learned someone has finally been arrested in this high-profile investigation. >> it' s a lovely facility and it was unusual to hear about that. but, we' re certainly glad that everything was taken care of and the gentleman was arrested and we don' t have to worry anymore. jenell: the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, along with cincinnati police, say 23-year-old rayshawn herald has been indicted in federal court for possession of the firearm used in the shootings. 14 months ago, bullets struck the glass windows but luckily no one inside was injured. >> that' it means they' hard and i' m happy that they caught him. it makes me feel safer now. jenell: police say herald was identified as a suspect after the atf ran a national integrated ballistic information network, or nibin test. nibin uses digital technology to identify links between firearms
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s how they were able to link herald. investigators matched the shell casings to another shooting attack. police have yet to say what that crime was. however, herald is the same man arrested and charged following a shootout with another man outside this gas station on reading road last may. the crossfire hit a metro bus that was driving past the gas station. herald was in prison in lucasville on other charges. he's since been moved to the butler county jail to face federal charges in connection to the shooting downtown. jenell walton, wlwt news 5. sheree: jenell, thank you. cincinnati police and the atf will hold a press conference tomorrow to talk about how herald was linked to the great we' ll have that covered for you. it' s hard enough for adults to understand, let alone children. tonight, wlwt news 5' s tammy
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knew the four-year-old little boy who died this week after police say his step-mother punished him by putting him in scolding hot water. tammy? tammy: sheree, just try explaining to a child how their four-year-old friend died a horrific death. it' s very tough to do. tonight, i spoke with a family who knew little austin while he lived with his mom, before his dad got custody of him. >> he was four-years-old. he was a little kid. tammy: for adults, it' s hard enough to understand. let alone 10-year-old lona frye, crying for her friend, little austin cooper. >> we always played together. i always did everything with him as much as possible. tammy: police say austin' s step-mom, anna ritchie, admitted she punished the child by putting his legs in scorching
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his dad called 911 the next morning. >> i think my son died. >> do you know how old your son is? >> he' s four. tammy: investigators say the four-year-old suffered third degree burns and died. >> who does that? tammy: austin' s father had just won full custody of him this january. according to court documents, austin' s dad wanted the child, claiming the biological mother used drugs and claimed she failed to cooperate with child protective services. elizabeth and lona became close to the boy while he was still with his mom. >> he played with my kids and my kids loved him, and nobody, no kid deserves that. tammy: for them, what hurts the most is that while austin escaped alleged abuse, he still ended up dying in his new life. >> i suggest to any child abuser, whatever you do to that child, needs to happen to you. tammy: tonight, i reached out to austin'
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you can imagine, she was not ready to talk to anybody. reporting live in franklin, tammy mutasa, wlwt news 5. sheree: it is just unimaginable. tammy, thank you. a hearing related to the custody case was scheduled yesterday the day austin died. right now, ritchie is charged with endangering children but those charges could be upgraded now that the boy has died. 48 hours later and still no tips about who was inside the car plunged off the combs-hehl bridge and into the ohio river. >> it' s been under water for five minutes now. i don' t see anyone. sheree: the car came off the bridge during a 12-car crash tuesday. strong currents have prevented crews from pulling up the car from the water. it is just not safe enough for crews to go down. a press conference is set for tomorrow, where we hope to learn more about exactly how and when those recovery efforts will resume. adding to the mystery, no one has called to report a missing
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s just been questions are there, why hasn' t anyone come forward, when are they going to be able to get the car, how are they going to be able to get the car? sheree: crews were on the river site, but they' re saying it could be sunday or monday before they can get the vehicle out of the water. an elmwood place man is facing three counts of rape charges tonight after police say the suspect, charles johnson, admitted to sexually abusing a young girl on multiple occasions. police were called to the victim' s house earlier this month, but the victim says the abuse had been going on for months. police need your help identifying a man who walked into a cvs store in madeira, he shopped for about 10 minutes before running out with a bunch of stolen items. he was confronted by the manager, but still got away. these are new pictures released
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if you recognize him, call madiera police. a double dose of partying going on tonight. even if you' s plenty of basketball to watch. and while that' businesses and a lot of you who s makes for a busy night for officers. police around greater cincinnati told us they prepared themselves would get on a thursday night. >> for the most part, it makes thursday more like saturday. s an increased volume of s more people in the city. things like that, so, we just staff appropriately for the increased amount of calls, the increased population. sheree: unfortunately, a lack of drinking and driving going on, so we hope people are safe this weekend. speaking of the extra crowd, out tonight. dickmanns down in fort wright was packed as the wildcats took on stony brook. for xavier and u.c. fans, the march madness wait is still about 24-hours away. we are on the road tonight with
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they get ready, beginning with elise jesse in saint louis. elise: most people believe that they will be the first 15 seed to be a two seed. but that idea is a tougher sell for everybody else outside of that area. xavier welcomed their opponents confidence and said, as long as they played xavier basketball, they will be just fine. we hear more about that coming up. derek: the cincinnati bearcats picked up the number nine seed in the ncaa tournament, setting up a second round match-up with the st. joseph hawks. the bearcats are currently on traditional ncaa tournament open practice. we' ll hear from the players on their second round matchup with the hawks later tonight in sports at 11:00 p.m. the bearcats and hawks will go
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9:57 p.m. reporting from spokane arena, derek forrest, wlwt news 5 sports. sheree: bearcats fans are getting pumped up today for tomorrow' s game. s sixth straight ncaa tournament appearance. elise and derek will have the latest on xavier and u.c. as the two make a run for the ncaa championship, starting tomorrow. a girls track coach in brown county resigns suddenly after being accused of sending inappropriate text messages to students. coach mark day submitted his resignation, monday. day tells us today he resigned for family and personal reasons, but we found out an external investigator was hired to look into allegations of sending improper text messages to students. the school has reported the allegations to the ohio department of education. by the way, he was not a
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a police chase in huber heights early this morning ends in a deadly crash. an officer was trying to pull over 18-year-old kyndra shackelford after they say she stole a car from a gas station. shackelford ran a red light here, and crashed into a white suv. the driver of the suv died. the passenger was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. shackelford is behind bars right now while charges are pending. police believe alcohol is a factor in the crash. homemade bombs go off within days of each other in an indiana town. >> takes a coward to throw something out of a moving car at night and run off. sheree: why police say the bombs are an attack on the criminal justice system. kevin: compared to 24 hours ago, temperatures are slightly cooler than they were yesterday evening. this is a trend in will continue into the weekend. the question is when does it stop and how chile will be?
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sheree: two homemade bombs detonated in an indiana town nine days apart. now police in madison are calling the explosions an attack
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t sound like a t sound like a bomb. reporter: evan hensley says he heard a noise around 3:00 re having renovations done on the back of our house, so a lot of tables are set up and a lot of saws to cut the wood down. i just thought something had fallen out there. reporter: but the black burn marks on hensley' s driveway are not from renovations. police say someone detonated a bomb outside the home he shares with his father, a county judge. >> to hear it' s a bomb, that' s just kind of shocking to have that happen here. reporter: this was the second explosion. nine days earlier, a bomb detonated in the shared parking lot of the madison police department and city hall. >> we' re taking that as a direct threat to our criminal justice system. reporter: madison police chief dan thurston says the bombs are homemade powder bombs, with a fuse you have to light. >> same material, the same type of evidence was collected at both scenes. reporter: he says at this point, it' s unclear if this is a single-person operation, or if multiple people are involved. the chief says the community should report anything that seems out of the ordinary.
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the case. sheree: no one, luckily, was hurt in either explosion. the police department says there have been no other threats. officers have added patrols during the overnight hours as a precaution. a meeting of political powers behind closed doors. but, will it shake up the republican presidential race? get this, tonight, cnn is reporting that conservative leaders met today about ways to take down donald trump. the group is led by radio host erick erickson. according to cnn they discussed a possible unity ticket involving senator ted cruz and ohio' s john kasich. earlier today, house speaker paul ryan discussed the possibility of an open convention. >> this is more likely to become an open convention than we thought before, so we' re getting our minds around the idea that this could very well become a
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s sources say the conservative leaders didn' t commit to the joint ticket, quote, " because of the egos involved." so, what' s next for former candidate and current florida senator marco rubio? today, rubio ruled out joining any ticket as a v.p. candidate. at least for now. when asked if he would endorse a presidential candidate, rubio gave mixed messages saying he thinks cruz is the only true conservative, but he also likes john kasich. two days after the missouri primary, a winner in the race was finally declared. tonight, bernie sanders conceded to hillary clinton in missouri. she led senator bernie sanders by less than half a percentage point after most votes were counted. missouri was waiting for absentee and provisional ballots that hadn' t been counted yet. sanders also had the option to request a recount, but his campaign saying tonight that he would not do that because he wants to save missouri taxpayers some money. president obama' s nominee for supreme court says he is looking
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with senators on capitol hill. today, merrick garland met with minority leader harry reid and a democrat senator from vermont on the judiciary committee. the 63-year-old faces a battle from republicans, who for weeks, have been saying they refuse to consider any nominee. >> the concern that we have, especially after meeting this t the re supposed to? do their jobs. why are they afraid to meet with him? why are they afraid to hold hearings? sheree: the white house is holding out hope that public pressure will cause republicans to budge. kevin: it is a nice night outside but there are changes coming for the end of the week and the weekend. not so much tomorrow, tomorrow will be another nice day. basically a repeat of today. if you enjoy the st. patrick' s
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friday as well. as we head into the weekend, s the biggest story. not feeling much at all like spring. spring rolls in your around midnight saturday night, sunday morning. t feel like it. and we will have a threat for a stray shower. there is not a big, dramatic temperature drop. it will be a gradual descent over the next couple days. even tonight, compared to 20 for hours ago, temperatures are running five, 10 degrees cooler. we' ll see that play out heading into friday and saturday as well. no problems tomorrow morning. it will be a chilly start. temperatures in the upper 30' s, but it will warm nicely the day. we make it into the mid-50' s in the afternoon and will top out just shy of 60. tomorrow we should come up close to that, but maybe a few degrees cooler with clouds increasing in
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across the area. we are down to 49 degrees. the dew point is down to 24. with mostly clear skies and wind relaxing, temperatures will continue to fall. evening on your location, it is 30' s for some of you. brooksville. if you live in a valley or an area that is sheltered from the wind, it is going to be considerably cooler than some other locations. that is why get the wide disparity of temperatures there. let' s talk about the weather map. this storm system, which will have an impact, it is gradually pulling away. even as it pulls away it will
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no clouds overnight tonight. mostly sunny skies tomorrow. nice friday evening coming up. clouds will increase overnight friday and the models want to squeeze out a few showers on saturday. i think they are more sprinkles and passing showers than a steady, all-day rain. so, saturday does not look like a washout and i don' t think it will be terribly wet either. while the bulk of the really cold air will bypass us towards the east, you can see that pink there, it is going to be very chilly for mid to late march heading into saturday, sunday and monday with afternoon highs only in the mid 40' s. 37 for the low tonight under clear skies. tomorrow, look for an afternoon hike in the 50' s. about 58 degrees. 39 at 8:00 a.m. a very nice-looking friday. here'
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and for the weekend. highs only in the mid 40' s. overnight lows down below freezing. spring arrives on sunday. the threat for a few sprinkles we' ll continue to find-to the t cancel any plans. sheree: nike gets "back to the future" with self-tying shoes. this is pretty cool, your kids are going to love this this year. the nike hyper-adapt one-point-o has rechargeable power-operated laces. when you step into the shoe, your heel hits a sensor and the laces tighten. these futuristic shoes will be available for the holiday season, exclusively to subscribers of the nike+app. march madness is getting underway tonight.
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george: we are bearing down on game day for the local teams in
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welcome back, everyone. public practice in spokane, where out derek forrest is tracking the cats every move. derek: so it all begins friday night for the cincinnati bearcats. they come in as the number nine seed and take on st. joes. but they understand anything can happen in the first two days of the tournament already we have seen a ton of upsets. and troy caupain said to me, he believes in the basketball gods. >> they say cinderella story, or they say the game is not over until the fat lady sings, or until you see zero on the clock. there are a lot of miracles that can happen, starting from the conference tournament to now. this is where it definitely can happen, so you just have to be prepared for anything. derek: earlier today, st. joes head coach phil martelli said he' s worried about the defensive pressure and the size of uc and mick cronin told me he' s hoping that this is a matchup between size and versatility. reporting from spokane arena, derek forrest, wlwt news 5 sports.
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in st. louis, second seeded xavier is getting ready for weber state, and elise jesse is on hand, where it is more kudos for xavier' s big mack. elise: xavier head coach chris mack recently won the henry iba award for national coach of the year, and today he was named the national coach of the year by basketball times magazine for the 2015-16 season. counting his stops as an assistant, mack has been to the ncaa tournament 17 times, and brings a wealth of experience. >> but it' s just about getting used to your surroundings now and enjoying it. elise: it' s not difficult for this team to enjoy themselves but by game time, the team is living by one of mack' s slogans -- 40 minutes to houston. >> 40 minutes is all it takes. >> i don' t want them to look at it like we don' t have the opportunity to play for houston until 3-4 more games. you know how hard would you play
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whether of not? because in a weird way it does. elise: the first 40 minutes to houston starts friday night at 9:20 against weber state. from scottrade center, elise jesse, wlwt news 5 sports. george: the hoosiers advanced and kentucky running away from stony brook in the second half. columbus is where the ohio boys are settling their championship games this weekend. we had local teams taking the floor in the state semifinals. in division 2, aiken took on akron st vincent, st mary. carlik jones and the falcons making their first appearance in the final four. and it' s jones with a nice lay up for aiken. but st vincent st mary takes this game, aiken falls 85-68. roger bacon fans were making noise in columbus for the ohio
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bacon against lima central catholic. bacon' s justin johnson, nice take to the hoop. but bacon fell in a big hole early, and it' s lima central catholic advancing 74-56. in the other d-3 semifinal, lynchburg clay falls to cleveland villa angela st. joseph, 81-64. and kentucky boys sweet 16, taylor county beats mason county newcath plays in the elite 8 at noon tomorrow. other headlines today, bengals free agent andre smith signs with the minnesota vikings, and the reds are bringing back pitcher alfredo simon. he sings a one year deal. reds win 8-6 over cleveland. mesoraco, bruce, and scott schebler with home runs. sheree: it is a shame that nothing is going on in the sports department tonight.
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sheree: now to our top stories,
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american tower shootings. rayshawn herald was indicted in federal court for possession of the firearm used in the shootings from last january. cincinnati police and the atf tracked herald down because his gun was linked to another violent crime. also tonight, the stepmother charged with a four-year-old death is expected to be in court tomorrow. sheep the child' s legs and scalding hot water and sent him to bed. the little boy suffered third degree burns and died. a beautiful night, and it looks like tomorrow will be nice. kevin: then the weekend goes downhill a little bit. we are not talking a lot of
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sheree: [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the


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