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tv   Today  NBC  March 18, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EDT

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you're hungry. that's why for years kellogg's has helped provide millions of breakfasts to kids who start school without it. and with your help, we can all grow into our dreams. from nbc news, this is "today." kotb. live from studio 1a in
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hey hey hey [ applause ] >> you guys are pretty good, you two! >> hi. >> hello. >> how are you? >> thank you. happy st. paddy's day. >> what are your names? >> james. >> maggie. >> james and maggie. what were you doing? give us a quickie. ready? >> and, go. how do we do it? >> i'm going to hold you because i'm not going to fall down. >> i gotcha. >> okay. right, left and up. >> oh. >> up!
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that was great! >> our exercise for the day. >> we're exhausted. now we need a drinky. >> thank you sochl, guys. happy st. patrick's day, guys. >> happy st. patrick's day. >> those are two of the stars of the irish dance show "riverdance." >> it's unbelievable. if you've never seen it. i saw it at rockefeller center years -- but we finally found a hat that fits hoda. >> that's actually not nice, all right? anyway. that is so, so true. happy st. patrick's day, everybody. it is the day -- they're blocking the streets of manhattan. >> i know, i can't get over to neary's pub. i'm so upset. i was going to go for lunch. jimmy, i can't get there, baby. >> we wish we could. anyway, both of those lovely dancers who we just saw, maggie and james-v been with the show for five years. it's been -- by the way, it's celebrating its 20th year. >> remember michael flatley? he made a fortune on it. isn't that the same guy? i think he retired with andrew lloyd weber. pretty much. good for him. okay. so we have a really big show for you with emmy and golden globe
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thriller. you don't know if he's the bad guy or the good guy. >> we're so used to seeing him in certain roles and it's a little creepy to see him this way. >> and somebody who is a good guy all of the time, he's back. fabio. >> fabio! >> st. patrick's day, it's perfect to have you. what a perfect moment. >> when you think irish, don't you think of fabio? >> yes. [ laughter ] mind. >> all right. we also have our wonderful chef with us. >> he just left! scian. >> we saw you on the 8:00 cheating on us. >> i'm sorry! >> twice. >> i feel guilty! i felt guilty. >> you should. all right, good. >> and it's ambush makeover day. plus a st. paddy's day performance from international singing sensations. wait until you see these guys. they're so darn cute. celtic thunder. all right. awesome. >> first of all, we need a little beverage. >> yeah.
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today we should have a little guinness, probably. who do we have over there? >> hello. >> hi, ladies. >> who are you, richard robinson? >> i'm your local bartender. >> he's from the beekman bar in new york city. he's doing something where he's making us a guinness beer with a shamrock on top. >> it's called art. >> trying the best i can. >> richard, you need to come over here and bring them to us, okay? >> i'll be right there, ladies. >> because we like to be served by sexy men. >> yes, we do. >> you know, fabio can help you. >> come on, fabio. >> by the way, do you know who knows richard? >> who? >> do you know who richard just came up to me and said "guess who i know?" >> who? >> joel. >> everybody knows your joel. better known as boots. oh! thank you ever so. >> so where is the shamrock? >> it's the best i could do. >> under pressure? >> under pressure. >> okay. let's do a little toast. >> what happened to our shamrock? >> fabio, what did you do to the
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>> it's called the fabio effect. >> i didn't touch it. it melted when he touched it. >> yep. >> get that mustache. >> wow. beekman bar, it's called? >> beekman pub. [ laughter ] >> it's a boys' drink, but we like it too. >> it's delicious. >> thank you so much. >> you don't like it? she likes her vino. >> you should have one a day. why? >> just one? >> it's very healthy. >> really? >> the guinness? >> yeah. >> i have a head cold. i'm not supposed to be on anything. >> she's on medication, too. it's not going to be pretty by the end of the show. >> i'll make sure i stick around, then. >> all right, guys. fabio has so many great things happening in his life. he's going to tell us about it. for fun with regis years and years ago, fabio was -- he was the body on all these romance novels. you know? >> right. >> they come out and they just used to use fabio. they changed the women. and fabio would always be the guy ravaging the women. >> because he looks like that guy. >> so regis and i did one with him. they were sword fighting and i
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i enjoyed it. okay, so this is really cute. we love jennifer garner. >> have you ever been in a wedding party and you have a big fluffy dress on and you have to go to the restroom and you're thinking to yourself, oh, my gosh, 40u am i going to go with all this extra dress? jennifer garner talked about that very thing last night on the show. take a look at the dress she wore to the oscars. >> i thought she looked spectacular. >> she looked gorgeous. she said that dress gave her an excellent waist, beautiful bust line. but the problem is, she had like a body suit corset snapped downstairs. remember those old body suits? >> they were impossible to get on and off. >> who thought that was a great idea, to have a snap? >> some pervert. >> last night she revealed she needed her best friend to help her go to the bathroom at the oscars. >> she needed her person. you're my person. you're my person, hoda. take a look. >> we go into the bathroom, because she's going to have to hold something up.
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>> okay? [ laughter ] it's not pretty. it's worse than a toddler in a snowsuit. >> it's worse than that. >> because of the body suit! >> oh, so it's like a snowsuit thong. like a thong snowsuit. >> yes. >> okay, yeah. >> and the connection of the body suit, because it had a hook and eye situation, was in an intimate position. it was like in -- >> okay. >> so i said to my friend, i said, i don't know what's going to happen, but i think you've got to get this. [ laughter ] >> no! what kind of friend is this? no! absolutely not. >> she is a good friend. she said, if this has to be done, it has to be done. but listen, i want you to give it a good college try. >> a hook and an eye? >> men have it so easy. you guys have no idea how easy you have it. >> really. seriously. your shoes that you wear are flat. you don't have any spanx on. you don't have to worry about your waistline. >> they do have man spanx.
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>> they do. >> have either of you fine specimens ever had the need for a manx? >> are you posing? >> what are you doing? looks like you're going on a date. >> hoda, get over there, make it a trio. >> get in there, fabio. >> fabio doesn't -- >> one of the things -- >> donald's like a toothpick. >> let's play a little music, shall we? you know why? because it's almost friday. >> saint paddy's day, hody. >> this is a new song by flo rida. >> i love him, but please -- >> it's about friday. so let's take a listen. friday for a long time you just save me when my life came tumbling down and i know you're gonna leave me >> here we go. here's the chorus part you like. go! for a long time >> go, go, go. yeah like a charm baby
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it's a party every time you come around baby now if you're down baby >> see, i liked it before now. i did. they start rapping and i'm out. >> hoda, save some fun for my song, please. >> i will. here it comes. i bought a ticket to rome >> hold on. by the end of the evening >> what did i do in a past life to deserve this? monday so manic tuesday she wanna go up but wednesday i panic i'm scrambling thursday just ain't my luck hello friday i've been waiting for you for a long time >> here it comes. >> playing way too much of these songs. friday >> isn't that good? >> will you sing my song? >> yes. we have to sing kathie lee's song because it came from your musical and it was a good one. >> thank you. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. all right. i have to do this because of public demand. there was one person -- >> one tweet. but it was important. okay, let's do it. i met a sweet lassie from --
2:17 am
>> i'm sorry. i met a sweet lassie from -- >> come on, chrissy, what is it? i met a sweet lassie from -- >> my -- >> nothing is going well. >> well, if you hadn't played that much of the daggone song. >> now it's my fault! >> i'll figure it out. i met a sweet lassie on my way to blarney she told me she came from the county of cork she showed me the way to her heaven and back and the next the stork hey diddle diddle come play me more of laddin' and lassin' and sweet lovers who came here before hey hey [ laughter ] died now pour me a guinness i'll mind me own business and try to forget that sweet lassie from cork
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[ cheers and applause ] that was -- by the way, that was beautiful. that was beautiful. >> that was the clean version. >> you can catch us on sirius xm. by the way -- >> still don't like it, sorry. >> we have some awesome people here in our studio. >> we do! they're so cute. >> all right. they're going to play us out, and they play an awesome set of bagpipes. >> no rap! >> all right. real quick, we wanted to give a shoutout if you're a bride to be and want to be ambushed next week by our makeover team, louis and jill want to hear from you. go to and hit the >> take a trip to "10 >> that's where you'll find actor john goodman. and it would not be st. patrick's day without these bagpipes. jason, jack and peter are from the police drums and fife band. >> retired new york law enforcement. >> for the seventh year in a row they'll be kicking off the big we love these guys. >> they're so sweet.
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we are back with emmy and golden globe winning actor, john goodman! >> "vanity fair" calls him one of our very finest actors. >> he's a national treasure, hoda. >> i know that already. i lived in new orleans for years. with a career that spanned more than three decades, it's easy to see why. >> now john is starring in the crippling and gripping new thriller "10 cloverfield lane" that has been kept very hush-hush by hollywood. >> what we do know about it is that he's supposedly keeping a woman safe in his bunker to protect her from an outside threat. but the audience isn't sure if he's a hero or a bad guy. take a look. >> there's been an attack. a big one. i'm not sure yet if it's chemical or nuclear. but down here we're safe. >> i was driving north of here.
2:22 am
i saved your life, michelle. >> thank you. so much. for saving my life. i guess i should go to a hospital now. >> you can't leave. >> why can't she leave? >> i'm scared of you. >> because there may be something bad over the bunker. or nothing at all over the bunker. >> or something worse than what she's in with you? >> comfortable. >> possible. >> i've been in worse places. >> except not right now. >> i've lived in worse places. >> what appealed to you about this particular role? you're a fine actor, but we mostly know you from lovable. >> i'm normally not loveable. this gave me a chance to bring my natural inner creep out. >> inner creep? >> to let him out and roam. >> set him free. >> for 8 to 12 hours a day. >> by the way, we are drinking one of your favorite drinks we
2:23 am
cold-brewed coffee. >> you bet. >> new orleans is your place, isn't it? >> yeah. whoever made this did a good job, too. >> it's our gang in the kitchen. >> you shot in new orleans, the movie? >> yeah, we did. it was great. it was working at home. i did "trumbo" there and right after "trumbo," i did this there. and yeah, i got to sleep in my own bed. that makes a big difference. >> huge difference. what else -- you get to be with your family. you're a dad now. >> yeah. well, i've been a dad for 26 years. >> oh, you have a little one, though, don't you? >> a wee one. yeah, she's 25. >> that's what i meant. >> she's a usc grad, and she's -- >> i thought you just had a baby, we were told. >> i have two puppies. they're both -- research. anyway. >> if i have a wee one, it's a secret to me. and i'm sure it won't be after this. >> well, that was awkward. >> yeah, i can hear the lawyers tiptoeing up the stairs. >> did you not read the same thing? >> you know i don't read -- i'll tell you why.
2:24 am
>> connie, surprise. happy st. patrick's day! >> so new orleans is, by the way -- it's your home and it's a place i feel like is home to me. >> yeah. >> i remember seeing you emcee events and being at places and there was always something about you that just fit there. what about the connect? i've seen you do your thing. >> yeah, well, my thing has changed in the last few years. i used to go down there and get lost every time i would get a couple nickels together, i would go down there. i married a girl from louisiana, and i wanted her to be near her parents when i was out on the road. >> which was often. >> yeah. i worked a lot. and she was able to be near her family. so we decided very happily to live in new orleans. >> you recently took a trip for work, but you ended up having some pretty cute pictures. i think we have a couple of -- >> in australia? or am i wrong about that too? >> i think we did.
2:25 am
>> we were in hawaii, australia and vietnam. and that's me holding my newest wee one. >> oh, that's -- >> that's the twin, jerry. and they'll be coming home soon. >> by the way, you look fantastic. congratulations. >> you really do. >> on your weight loss. >> thank you very much. >> john, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i'm going to go strangle someone. "10 cloverfield lane" is in theaters now. >> all right. you know him by only one name and it rolls off your tongue like butter. fabio. find out where you'll be seeing him shirtless this time. plus ambush makeovers.
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all right. can you believe it was in the 1990s that we first laid eyes on fabio? oh, that italian stallion with the long locks and the i can't believe it's not butter commercials. >> well, ladies, good news. the romance novel -- novel. i'm sorry. i'm so medicated. cover guy is back and better than ever. with a new ad. so let's check it out. >> i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. >> i can't believe it's made with real simple ingredients. >> i can't believe -- >> we're on a whale? >> i can't believe they talked me into this. >> i can't believe my role is even bigger. >> oh! fabio! congratulations. >> thank you. you have fun with life. you know, it's a great commercial. you know, it's a fantasy. >> but you have been a fantasy for so many people, men and women, for years. >> kathie lee, first of all, i want to thank you, because you
2:30 am
>> with regis. >> when did that happen? like what went down? >> back in the '80s. and it was just a local show. you know, and they used to call me all the time to model -- >> what did you do? oh, you modeled. >> yeah. >> and he did silly things with us. we did a lost skits back then. so anytime you needed regis foiling with the hunky person it was always get fabio, he's awesome. >> he'd show me his muscles. >> i know. >> regis? >> yeah. >> by the way, i just saw in the notes that you're 57? >> yeah. >> and you still look like this? is it a daily workout? what's going on? >> american women. >> what are you doing that we're not doing? oh, american women, that's for sure. >> that's the secret. you know, well -- first of all, of course i can't believe it's not butter, you know -- >> that's an incentive to also keep it -- >> 20 years, you know -- they have been like family to me. it's great. >> when it works, it works. and they're smart enough to keep you. >> yes. >> and what does fabio do? >> can we congratulate him?
2:31 am
yesterday he became an american citizen. >> i'll tell you -- [ cheers and applause ] >> congratulations. >> and he got 10 out of 10. >> it's the greatest feeling of my life. you know, first of all, when i came -- the first time in this country, i was 14 years old. and that's when i fell in love with america. well, did you? >> not at all. not at all. and as soon as i got off the plane, it was like, i'm home. i felt home. europe. >> wow. >> and then, you know, when i actually -- i was 14. i ran away from my father. >> wow. >> and i wasn't used to -- and my father was going nuts. because i'm 14 years old, run away from him, and you know? >> i think we're winding down -- >> coming down to the break. fabio, we love you. come back and see us, okay? you american thing, you. >> aw. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved toprelieve both itchy,
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day, but it's also thirsty thursday which means it's time for ambush makeovers. >> two lucky ladies will be ready to parade down the streets of new york once they see their fabulous new looks courtesy of the favorite lad and lassie. >> oh, i can't do it again. "today" contributor and celebrity hairstylist to the stars. louis licari, la, la, la, la, la and our lovely "today" style contributor jill martin. >> jill's the best. all right, kidos. so today was st. paddy's day. big crowd. >> big crowd, all in irish hats. so we had to ask them to pull them off, practically. but it was a fun day. everyone is in great spirits. >> denise is our first lucky lady, 47 years old from allen, texas. denise came to the plaza this morning to show her support for the special olympics with her sister debby who is a special olympics athlete. debby doesn't wear makeup or do her hair. she works as a respiratory therapist and spends a lot of her days in scrubs. let's listen to her story.
2:35 am
tell me why you're so excited. >> i'm very excited for denise because she is a mom of three kids and she works full time and she certainly deserves a makeover. >> and you say she's the best sister. >> yes, she is. the very best. >> super supportive. and fill in the blank. you are -- >> excited, elated. >> we can do whatever we want? >> yes, absolutely. >> oh, yes! >> again with her mom jeannette, who's holding her blindfold on. sister debby, daughter lacey and family friend brittney. okay, gang. please keep your blindfolds on for one second, okay? here is denise rebel before. keep your blindfolds on. let's see the new denise! come on out. wow! >> oh, my gosh. are you guys ready? take off your blindfolds. take a look. >> oh, my gosh. >> how pretty is that? >> denise, you look smoking hot. are you ready? i think you are. spin right here.
2:36 am
>> wow! >> that is va-va-voom. >> you look beautiful. >> hot. does she not look hot? >> tell us about the hair. what did you do? >> when i saw her, i saw these beautiful eyes that just sort of disappeared. so, of course, it's st. patrick's day, so what a perfect day to make someone darker auburn which is the perfect color for her skin complexion. then arsene gergoff who did her haircut framed her face to show them off more. layered. >> i like that cut. >> she could do it herself. >> debby, mom, what do we think? >> fantastic. very beautiful. >> can you believe what's going on there? >> jill, talk about a perfect dress. >> well, color, obvious reasons why we picked this color. but i love the interest, the sheer in the front and the back. look at how lovely the v-neck is. >> it's a strapless bra and she was wearing a convertible bra so it worked perfectly. >> i like those.
2:37 am
big round of applause. >> good job! >> our second lady is blanca correia. she's 48 from houston, texas. she works as an educational diagnostician and she has been married for 22 years and has two kids. they came to nyc for their spring break and a lot of people do that. she's running the diva half marathon. >> go, girl! >> and wants to look like a diva for it. let's hear her story. >> visiting from texas. and you had strict instructions for your hubby. so what were they? >> to be here very early this morning, so i can hopefully get picked for this. >> and we picked you! so what do you think about all of this? are you into it? >> i think it's great. she deserves it. she does everything for the family. it's nice for her to get something once in a while. so -- >> crying already. so how are you feeling? >> i'm very excited. i'm a little nervous, because i haven't had my hair cut in a long time. but i'm game for anything you want to do. >> yeah, like that! >> she's in the best hands possible. and she's here with her husband
2:38 am
brianna. let's take one last look at blanca and bring out the new blanca! >> wow. wow. hold on. >> all right, you guys. take off your blindfolds. >> you look great. >> you want to look, sweetie? >> oh, wow! >> you look beautiful. >> i look younger! >> she does look younger. i have to tell you, when i saw blanca, i saw this young face and gray hair and it just didn't go together. >> look right there. >> so we immediately eliminated the gray hair. and then of course another great arsen haircut. and to make things even younger, she had perfect skin, and we really emphasized it with the great makeup. >> so soft and pretty. >> nyc jeans and a little leather for you. real interesting detail in the shoulder, and of course the green blouse.
2:39 am
>> she looks amazing. >> it's a 10. it's all working. >> you're both 10s. let's bring denise out. a big round of applause. >> great job! beautiful! >> thank you! covergirl invents apmodern new queenpcollection because we rule. the latest and greatest designed just for us. like new false lash drama mascara get 400% bigger volume. and new stay luscious lipstick. color and moisture that last all day. the new queen
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st. patrick's day is one of the biggest celebrations of the year but you don't have to be irish to eat, drink and be merry. >> so grab your shamrocks and your green beer because today's food team is taking you to the emerald isle with irish tv personality donald skehan. >> beautifully done as usual. >> we practice.
2:43 am
>> we are doing the most beautiful beef and irish stout stew you will ever taste! >> ever taste. >> very simple ingredients. chuck steak, onions, simple stuff. basically, stuff you'll have in the house. stuff you'll have in the kitchen. you've got to have the irish steak. you have a hot pan. a little drop of oil. go in there with canola oil, as we call in ireland, rapeseed oil. >> grape seed. >> no, rapeseed oil. everyone looks at me when i say this. that's what it's called in ireland. anyway, moving swiftly on -- >> on that fun topic. >> fun topic. so we're frying up the beef until it has a nice color. we're going to brown it on all sides. kathie lee, i'll give you that job. keep browning. the trick here is not to do it in too big a batch. what will happen, you won't get that nice color on it. so once you have it nicely brown, you're going to transfer it to a plate. two batches will do, and we have some carrots something, celery and a little bit of onion for your base flavor. you've got to get the base flavor. >> it's all about that base.
2:44 am
back in there with all of this beautiful beef. the beef we're using is chuck steak. but you can also go in there with some shiner beef, even the river beef works really well. anything that is a cheap cut works really well. something with fat and muscle that will break down in the slow cooking process. in with a bay leaf for that extra flavor. some beef stock going in here. i'll let you do the pouring of our irish stout. and you've got to be generous with our irish stout. >> put the whole thing in? >> the whole thing in there. >> you're doing beautifully. >> what does the irish stout do to the meat? >> it just intensifies the flavor. it's malty. it's dark. and it just will give you that really rich flavor. >> got it. >> when you move over -- this is going to cook. >> still doing it. >> you can move back over. come with me, kathie lee. i've got one. it's all done really. so you don't have to worry. this is the trick. because you have such a liquidy stew, what you want to do is thicken it up slightly. so to do that -- >> flour? >> yeah.
2:45 am
dump in a bit of plain flour will do. and whisk it up. >> fold it in. right? >> i'm going for more of a vigorous whisk today, kathie lee. >> you are a vigorous guy. >> that moment again? i love it! i love it! so -- okay. get that straight in there. it looks a bit miserable right now. but when you stir that through, you're going to get left with a really thick and hardy stew. >> why don't you just dump it in the stew? >> it will just go lumpy. if you dumb than flour in there it's just going to go lumpy. >> okay. >> i do have some for you to try. >> oh, it looks delicious. >> sprinkle with a bit of parsley after it's cooked out. we have one for you, kathie lee, and one for you hoda. >> and irish bread is a big part of that, right? >> we have some sourdough today, but if you have some soda bread, it's a very easy one to do. and we've also got some irish coffee cupcakes if you want a little taste. >> that's for hodi. >> they have a lot of booze in there, i'm just warning you right now. irish whiskey and there's a little bit of espresso powder. >> certainly is delicious. delicious. >> hardy food. great comfort. >> we love you, donald. you give us comfort. good to see you. >> thank you so much.
2:46 am
youtube channel. and get all of these recipes at >> irish eyes will be smiling when international singing sensations celtic thunder perform right after this. >> they're cute.
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the citi concert series on "today" is proudly provided to you by citi. >> we're keeping our st. paddy's day party going with a performance from the world-renowned singing sensations celtic thunder! >> they've been named billboard's top world music artists multiple times. they've sold more than 2 million records. >> and their latest album hit number one. congratulations! >> and what are we announcing today? >> you have something big, right? hitting the road? >> absolutely. we have a tour coming up.
2:51 am
77 cities across north america this fall. >> starting in the fall. >> yeah. so it's on today it released all our -- >> living the irish dream! >> absolutely. >> ryan, neil, damion, emmett, emmett. >> correct. >> excellent! >> what are you singing for us? >> we're going to sing "ireland's call" today. >> here they are. celtic thunder! ireland ireland
2:52 am
one for all and all together we will stay united through darker days and we'll be unbeatable forever ireland ireland together standing tall shoulder to shoulder we'll answer ireland's call come the day and come the hour some will live in song and stories we were born to follow our
2:53 am
ireland ireland together standing tall shoulder to shoulder we'll answer ireland's call hearts of steel and heads unbowing vowing never to be broken we will fight until we can fight no more till our final requiem is spoken ireland ireland
2:54 am
shoulder to shoulder we'll answer ireland's call let's go >> happy st. paddy's! >> here we go. ireland ireland together standing tall shoulder to shoulder we'll answer ireland's call we'll answer ireland's call [ cheers and applause ] >> whoo! >> celtic thunder. you guys were so great! >> awesome. back with more in just a moment.
2:55 am
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on car insurance, you switch to geico. r it's what you do. where are you?r it's very loud there. are you taking at
2:58 am
hoda, how do you who saint patrick was? >> do i know who he was? >> don't worry, you're not alone. >> we hit the streets to ask people who they thought saint patrick actually was. take a look. >> who was saint patrick? >> an irish saint of some sort? >> oh, i have no idea. >> i'm going to go with a catholic saint. or an elf, i don't know. >> patron saint of leprechauns. >> a guy who wore green.
2:59 am
>> drove out the snakds. . >> snakes in ireland. >> everyone has been saying that. and i don't know what that means. >> a saint. >> saint patrick. i guess that's all i know. >> like a saint or something. i don't know. >> uh -- a saint in a church, i guess? i don't really know. >> a leprechaun? >> a saint? >> i really don't know. who was he? >> he was a christian missionary. >> the first person who got it right. good job! >> way to go. somebody got it. ireland ireland together standing tall >> i want to be irish! shoulder to shoulder we'll answer ireland's call >> i think we have a spanx alert down here. it's not me. >> tomorrow the bachelor and bachelorette will be here. >> ben and lauren b. enjoy your st. paddy's day, everybody. >> don't forget celtic thunder! >> let's go out with "danny
3:00 am
oh danny boy the pipes, the pipes are calling from glen to glen and down the mountainside steve: i'm here to help.


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