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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  March 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> trying to get to this emergent vehicle, the current was too strong and remains that way. they needed to be below 1.5 miles an hour. >> around that. , we had a five mile an hour current which is way beyond the limits of any diver. reporter: they will bring in professional divers along with the toe in the platform. >> keep in mind this is not a normal dive. recovery operations, special skills and equipment are needed. reporter: exactly the same car believed to be at the bottom of the river. part of it was recovered after the crash down the stream. even though many of the clues
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missing, confirmation will wait on the temperament of the river. they were hoping to get into the water by at least monday. with the conditions of the water out there, it will be more like tuesday or wednesday. mike: investigators do not know if the victims are still inside. one of the main suspects is wounded. one of the suspects in the attack that killed more than 100 people. belgian police found the fingerprints at the scene of another shootout in brussels. the stepmother appears in court today accused in a connection of
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that died after being dipped in scalding hot water. the biological mother says it feels like a nightmare. with an interview you will only see here. >> she admits she got into trouble and did not have custody of her son. but every day she has been working to become a better person because of him and she feels lost knowing she will never get to hug her son again. >> he loved suckers. we would walk to the gas station and get him a sucker because he would want one. how can you say no? reporter: a mother' s pain written across her face. member and joy that austin brought to her life. painful.
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reporter: memories are all she has to hold onto. his stepmother dipped the four-year-old installed in water, then put him to bed. have been boiling. austen' his son dead the next morning. >> i can' went through. t there to protect him. reporter: arraigned on a child endangering charge. austen' s grandmother walked out of there angry saying that he showed no remorse. >> she took my baby. >> she was just a sweet kid. i can' t imagine why she would want to do this to him.
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reporter: the judge kept the bond at $350,000. it' s likely the stepmother will face more charges when this goes to a grand jury. mike: due back in court next friday for a preliminary hearing. new developments and the resignation of a high school coach in brown county. mark day resigned at eastern high school as the district looked into allegations of improper contact with students. we have obtained e-mails showing the coaches accused of rubbing the feet and legs of female students during a van ride home. he said he resigned for family and personal reasons. five forces are killed in a fire. they say it has been too intense.
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they simply spray water on it from the outside. they' re working to figure out exactly what started it. >> we' ve called and some help from the fire investigation team. at this point, it doesn' t appear to be suspicious but we will get the investigation to rule out a couple of causes. the barn last night at 11:00. nothing unusual at that time. mike: somebody was in the barn about midnight. nothing suspicious reported at this point and no other animals in the barn. that shattered windows and nerves in a downtown landmark. the shootings at great american
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case. reporter: federal prosecutors say the man in question is 23-year-old ray sean harold. bullets at great american tower. old-fashioned detective work and a new tool. >> we' re not going to forget that has caused terror in this community. reporter: they say ray sean harold is a big part of that terror. a gun caused panic last year. that' s when someone fired at the great american tower. 17 bullets hit the office building. >> no indication anybody was targeted. now identified as a ford fusion, they identified bullets and
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that was put into a database called the national integrated ballistic information network. and there it stayed until may. another high-profile case ended with harold convicted. the system linked bullets from his shootout to the bullets that shattered nerves and great american tower. we' re not saying definitively that he fired the shots but police seem confident in their case against him. >> you will see more cases solved based on this technology. >> eight-hour dump-in calls -- involves the collection of cell phone data to identify a suspect. i asked what role that might' ve played and the police chief did not want to talk about it since the case has not yet gone to trial.
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police said that harold had no connection to anyone that works inside queen cities square. the coroner said that the crime lab will have one paid for by cincinnati police by the end of the year. police are searching for a driver that crashed a van into an apartment and took off this morning. investigators say no one was home. the only evidence left was a silver side mirror. ikea recalling three models of table and floor lamps. the company is urging all customers to immediately stop using them and return them for a full refund. three models are being recalled. the floor lamp and the table lamps. even if they appear to function normally, there is a problem
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in contact with the metal body imposing a shock hazard. take us to go on sale until 9:00 in the morning tomorrow. 24 hours before the tickets go on sale, we saw fans securing their place in line. we spoke with arends reds fan who was first in line today and says she wouldn' t miss the opportunity. >> i made sure everything was done around the house so i had all day to come down here and get ready for baseball with other people. hopefully we will have a crowd by the end of the night and have fun. mike: her father used to play in the minor leagues and gave her her love of the game of a small. we will have live coverage of the opening day parade. we have a float from noon until 2 p.m.. always a lot of fun for us. the new milestone among the
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department >> i wanted to do something that was making a difference in somebody' s life. mike: the first woman to become a captain in the cincinnati fire department. what motivates her each and every day. saving the lives of five tiny cheetah cubs. what does he was doing to help cubs survive several difficult weeks.
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mike: cincinnati fire department week. jennifer schack introduces us to captain arnold. reporter: there has been no female fire captains. that all changed earlier this week. melissa arnold is a 17 year veteran of the cincinnati fire department.
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has been one of only four lieutenants in the department history. now she has a new title. captain. >> 54 guys on the list and they are all good guys. towards the number that is going to be in the range to get promoted. >> a title she is proud of not necessarily because of the first woman but the education and follow through. it took her two times to pass the test, three trials to become a lieutenants, and this was her second attempt at becoming a captain. >> i don' t really think of it as a gender issue. i' m glad that it actually paid off. >> why do people wait so long? it' s because of this.
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effort. >> one of 20 other firefighters being promoted to captain this season. she hopes to hear her permanent house assignment in the next month. mike: the next level of promotion' s district chief but she plans to get settled into her new role. the cincinnati zoo nursing five cheetah cubs back to good health. the cubs were born last week at the breeding facility under difficult circumstances. they are now in critical care. building up their immune systems, the cubs will stay at the zoo for the next eight to 12 weeks. scary moments for passengers on one american airlines flight that had to make an emergency landing at new york' s jfk airport.
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flying from north carolina to laguardia. the huge flash of light by what followed by an explosion -- followed by what sounded like an explosion. >> it was a flash of light and a big explosion. the plane dipped about 100 feet. it felt like it was on roller coasters. and then we smelled smoke. mike: no one was hurt but the plane had visible burn marks when it landed. kevin: what a delightful ending to the week here. spring rolls in here on sunday. and winter makes another appearance. i will explain in just a moment. look at this. but mere 60 degrees right now. the devil is in the details. i will show you what i' m talking
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look at the dew point of 19. we have some really dry canadian air that has moved in place. it' s that kind of year -- time of year where it warms up nicely. temperatures will slip down through the 50' s. look at temperatures across the board. as you head down the parts of the bluegrass, there is cooler air sneaking its way into the ohio valley. it' s being brought in on a north wind. we will gradually bring in cooler and progressively colder air. down around little rock tonight, it'
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most of this is simply cold rain. and to first part of the day on saturday. as we go towards saturday morning, look what happens here. and as the air turns a little bit. we see temperatures continue to drop. tomorrow morning into the early afternoon. it changes over into the afternoon and into the evening hours. as of right now, i' m going with
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sometimes it can have a little bit of surprise. that 45 will be at midnight. we will probably hop or -- hover. the morning. spring arrives on sunday. look at those overnight lows. before we see spring finally return. mike: and 20' s for temperatures. unbelievable. what the sender wants the trump campaign to do.
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tensions between north tonight. a missile launch came days after the north korean leader ordered weapons testing and helps that could reach america. have been fired from a mobile launcher. s son after a suspicious piece of mail arrived. powder inside. the white patter indicates it was not hazardous. there is a threat for donald trump to drop out of the race or the next one would be real. closing arguments in the trial involving former pro wrestler hulk hogan. hogan claims the website violated his privacy by posting a sex tape of the wrestler online. stalker argues the publication is protected by the first
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his sex life and matter of public interest. attorneys claim his wrestling persona is far different from the man behind the character. >> he did not create this world. he did not consent to be recorded, he did not consent to the post. he wasn' t even called before this was put in. mike: he is suing gawker for $100 million. big names coming to the ohio state fair this summer. dolly parton and kenny rogers, the state fair runs with concert tickets going on sale march 26 while others go on sale april 2. a mother accepting charges and
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her tear filled guilty plea and
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mike: a mom cried as she entered a pleamike: in her daughter' s death. her two-year-old daughter died back in september. richard has reaction. >> switch justice for kinsley is the promise from prosecutors today. >> permitting a child to be abused, tortured. >> beat and the madison township home. they later died at children' s
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they admitted the role in her daughter' s death. it will take time for justice to move forward. >> in order for me to get to heaven i have to forgive that woman at some point in life. reporter: certainly tragic today.
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young perhaps in may. mike: prosecutors have upgraded charges. police arrested jonathan day and was attacked. jail and night was a senior at fairfield high school. live in fairfield. >> they are having a balloon release here. looking forward to aw graduating from high school in may.
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friday. they told the jail and was a good student and athlete as you mentioned. her son had a job and would children. turn themselves in. >> i want his name and his legacy to continue on. i just truly want someone to know something and i want his face seen. >> someone knows something.
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her son went to hamilton. it' s the type of person he was. she believes he was in the wrong place, wrong time. not the intended target of this assault. and police have not released any motive in this case either. reporting live from fairfield. mike: if you know anything at all about that crime, call crime stoppers. in indianapolis man will now spend the rest of his life behind bars for a house explosion that killed two people. the judge sentenced bob leonard to two consecutive life sentences without parole for murder. leonard' s half brother was convicted of being the mastermind behind that explosion. he'
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cleveland has fired and ems supervisor who posted about tamir rice' s death online. the city called the facebook post where he said he was glad police shot the boy agree just. the post also said that he wished he' d had the chance to shoot rice himself. a follow-up post is that someone stole his phone. they finally met one of the heroes who helped save it. >> thank you very much. >> one of six people hurt in august. they had critical injuries. a medical helicopter flew her to uc medical center. the 20-year-old thanked the uc
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thing back here and being able to talk to her kind of full circle. >> it is amazing and nice to see someone to have a complete recovery. that is why we do this. mike: the ncaa tournament has had its share of upsets when number two seed michigan state got bounced out by number 15 middle tennessee state. xavier knows it has a target on its back. live in st. louis as they get ready for round number one. >> it should feel more like a
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in the school make sure to secure additional tickets. some arrived earlier today, flooding in right now and they' re hoping to get the huskies a very warm welcome tonight. >> is just a short trip from cincinnati and everyone is really excited. reporter: the bar in rupp did when they took down michigan state and fans are hoping that was a teachable moment. mike: the bearcats also playing a late one tonight. in spokane,
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reporter: the cincinnati bearcats are hours away from tip-off. it is even more special. >> we want to get back to the final four. we can succeed and make a run for it. reporter: six final four appearances for the bearcats and two national titles. mike: they joke the statue would
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today' s news. >> it was my honor and privilege to play for this organization. i was glad you all drafted me. mike: he won a super bowl and announced his retirement after the second super bowl win just a short time ago. the work will continue through the end of next month. thousands of eighth-graders took
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>> possibly future team members. a better flavor of who we are. they engage more than 30,000. they announced the upcoming
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the ballet shared these photos of their work. and king arthur' s camelot. concern is building over donald trump' s presidential bid. a trumped ticket could tilt the balance of power. the feds say hackers are taking control of. kevin: a delightful and to the week. yes, i' m talking the threat of snow in the forecast. the weakened cooldown just as we
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mike: ohio governor john kasich getting ready for rally.
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nomination with republican leaders hatching a plan to put the brakes on his momentum. the concern is that trump could put the down ballot candidates. they look at how all of this is playing out. reporter: it motivates them to turn out and vote not just against trump but other republicans on the ballot. they say republican incumbents face a tougher than usual election-year. >> he is going to hurt republicans. it' s a matter of how much he hurts republicans. how big of an albatross this will be for the republicans. reporter: already, democrats are running attack ads linking trump
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>> refusing to consider any nominee. reporter: the koch brothers have decided to focus millions of dollars to protect conservative incumbents. >> when mr. strickland raise taxes -- >> republicans running for reelection. reporter: there are some places where trump could help republicans like the west -- >> it is still very theoretical. >> we have to bring the party together. some conservative donors have begun redirecting their money to
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the risk losing voters and there is not a clear-cut size that benefits everybody strategy. the developments in the death of a six-year-old girl. janiah mcmillan died of a rare heart defect. official misconduct charges and authorities say they fail to perform a bed check. nine days in jail. criminals are accessing both manufacturer installed and
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installing security updates. if you think about breaking out to enough for your friday meals, check the can. recalling chunk light tuna cans. 30,000 cans of tuna. illnesses. you could find a list of affected products. kevin: it is finally friday and everyone is excited. mother nature pulls a little bit of a surprise for us. it won' t even feel like spring and at times it won' t even look like it. a little bit of snow in there. we are talking about a fast
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it looks like we' re going to go down this weekend before swinging back up. temperatures will slowly slid down into the 50' s by 11:00 in the into the upper 40' s. lots of sunshine out there today was really a delightful spring afternoon. the north wind at 13, that is indicative of some very dry air. it' s been a windy day. we are bringing in some colder air. you see it appear from chicago over towards detroit and cleveland. that colder air is gradually filtering and compared to the 70'
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that storm system will develop overnight tonight and slide to the south. it' s happening right now. it will allow this storm system near little rock tonight. we will be on the colder side of this system with progressively colder air moving in. expect cloudy skies as clouds thicken across the area. i expect light rain to begin tomorrow morning by sunrise. and as the northerly wind continues to pick up, it looks like there will probably be a windows saturday morning and mixing with some snow.
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cloudy chilly weather for saturday night. no accumulation. we will probably cover 39 and 40 degrees. mother nature giving us a tease here. mike: i thought the snow was in
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>> it slowed down, let across. mike: he calmed down the boy until the police got there. the dog overly excited to come home. where she' s been the past five weeks and who helped make the
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>> he doesn' t know me so i tried to calm him down as much as possible. mike: what a story out of kansas. calling a college baseball player a hero after he pulled a little boy out of traffic. they ran out to the road. the third baseman saw the boy, headed toward the road track and put them in his pickup, called his baseball gear. he expects all four kids to
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head back to their parents. you can buy meat out of the vending machine in paris. you will have to pay about a quarter more to use the machine instead of buying the meat inside. a dog owner had an unexpected reunion this week. nick says his german shepherd disappeared at sea . he figured the dog had died but the u.s. navy found her this week on an island off san diego. today, they were reunited. hard to believe.
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investigators say that they used high-tech tools to nab the guy they say fired several shots at great american tower. free college for kentucky students?
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>> she looked sorry she got caught. mike: raw emotion. a possible break in the mysteries surrounding the combs hill bridge crash. just into the newsroom, we have obtained surveillance video
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camera. police know about this they also say the family has contacted them about the crash and a missing loved one. brian hamrick leading the way tonight. reporter: we have learned that nearby. just enough time to get on the bridge. they have other details, but we' re not going to release those. we are hanging on them until they make a positive identification. we are told that could be days. the vehicle remains submerged along with clinical clues. recovering any of them depends


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