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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  March 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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out through warren and highland county, eastern parts of warren county through clinton county, you'll see snow showers into our midday a possibility. into the afternoon, temperatures climb a little bit. should be light rain showers again. so temperatures will be very close to the freezing mark in terms of the chance for snow showers. i think we'll still be sitting at 34 or 35 degrees. so it's not likely to cause any problems with air temperatures above freezing. but some wet snowflakes in morning. most of us, extra clouds and light showers at times. across the area this morning, we had the clout cover. we have rain not quite making it to the ground. it's being pumped in at the surface. the low pressure coming up from moisture. morning. we keep around clouds during the day today. a couple of light showers. heading into our sunday, it looks like clouds mainly our eastern counties, especially the first half of the day a couple of light showers.
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temperatures still struggling, though, highs tomorrow oral in the mid forties. it will be a chilly weekend, chilly rain showers, snowflakes. we come out of it next week. we talk about where the sun runs coming up. jonathan: we may be getting answers into the accident that led to a car flipping over a bridge on i-275. a family surveillance video was pointed straight at the bridge when the 12-car accident happened. wlwt news 5's jenell walton has a look at the video. reporter: this surveillance video captured the horrific happened. a car flips over the combs-hehl bridge, landing straight in the ohio river near coney island. a family, who doesn't want to be identified, realized today their home surveillance camera was pointed at the bridge. you can see the car flip and then crash into the river, sinking almost immediately. campbell county police believe driver.
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believe we know who might be -- have been driving at the time the vehicle went over the bridge. reporter: the chief says family members have come forward to say they haven't heard from their loved one since tuesday's accident. the person works in the area and traveled across the bridge to and from work. >> that individual was last known to be in the campbell county area and frequently commutes across the combs-hehl bridge. reporter: in the meantime, investigators say it could be several more days, maybe tuesday or wednesday, before dive teams can attempt to recover the victim from the wreckage. >> we too are going to do everything in our power to get the occupants out of that vehicle. that is our first priority. jonathan: that vehicle is about 27 feet under water, but investigators say they don't know if the victim is still inside. investigators say it will take special equipment to pull the car out of the river as well. dive teams will attempt to
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or wednesday. an owen county teenager killed in a crash monday night will be laid to rest today. the funeral for ella stout begins at 11:00 at the owen county high school gym. we're told some of the students are planning a balloon release. police say the car 16-year-old ella stout was in ran off the road in owenton and flipped several times. she died at the scene. another 16-year-old girl and an 18-year-old boy were also in the car and they were taken to area hospitals. all three were students at owen county high school. police say the cause of the accident seems to be wet road conditions and the driver being roadway. two northern kentucky men are being remembered after they died murder-suicide. it happened in pikeville in southeastern kentucky. police say they found 36-year-old nicholas hopkins of florence and 22-year-old travis thompson of independence dead after being called to check on them. friends gathered in florence to remember the two. investigators say they're not shooting.
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was a student at the university of pikeville. a mom has now pleaded guilty in her young daughter's death. her family says the abuse doesn't make sense. rebekah kinner pleaded guiltiy friday to involuntary manslaughter, child endangerment and permitting child abuse. her live-in boyfriend is charged with murder in the death of 2-year-old kinsey kinner. the toddler's father was in the courtroom for the plea. >> i'm hoping they give them the 25 years. that would be nice. i mean, you plead guilty and you've got to wait a couple kind of bull crap. i don't know how this stuff works, but me, myself, i don't like waiting. jonathan: rebecca's father says he loves sincely. kinner is to be sentenced in may. jonathan: last year, the
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wlwt news 5's elise jesse begins our team coverage in st. louis. elise: xavier beat weber state 71-53 friday night. the team treated it like any regular season ball game. they walked into the locker room, got out of basketball mode by turning up the slow jams. it was calm off the court. story. james farr leading the way with 18 points and 15 boards recording a double-double. >> james had a hellacious game tonight. he set the tone for me, him coming in and have the spark. we love that coming from james. we expect that from him. elise: the fan base was strong tonight, but it wasn't exactly like a home atmosphere like we expected it to be. a lot of wisconsin fans stuck around to watch xavier play and quickly let it be known they were rooting for weber state. but, of course, the muskies upset. now the badgers will be tasked
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deep, versatile xavier squad on sunday. from the scottrade center, elise jesse, wlwt news 5. jonathan: u.c. was also on the court against st. joe. tough call in the last seconds of the game. it sent the bearcats home empty-handed. wlwt news 5's derek forest is in spokane, washington. derek: it came down to the wire. the bearcats losing 78-76. it came down to one play, a dunk by octavius ellis, which was called off. the bearcats fall by two. here is a ruling of what happened at the end of the game. according to rule 11, section 3, article 1, it says when there is a reading of zeroes on the game clock at the end of any period, after making a call on the playing court and when necessary to determine the outcome of the game, in the following situations situations, determine whether a try or field goal entering the basket was released before the
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as you can serioux ellis actually never let go of the basketball before the red light goes off, therefore disa lowing the basket. this is what the players and mick cronin had to say after the game. >> we just came up short. i feel like the last call at the end wasn't a good call. i feel like the basket was good. i feel like they -- i don't know. >> seemed like the ball was inside the cylinder when the clock -- before the red light came on. inside the cylinder is a bucket. it's inside the net, inside the rim. >> everything that could happen to this team has happened to them. i feel bad for them. i told them i'm proud of their character. you find out who your friends are in tough times. you find out what you're made of in tough times. these guys could have quit and hung their head or splintered as a group all year, and they didn't. derek: they finish the season
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for a guy like octavius ellis a senior, his season comes to a close on a very disappointing end. he was not in the locker room for comment after the game, but you can imagine how distraught he might have been. but he ends an outstanding career with the bearcats. reporting from the spokane arena, i'm derek forest, wlwt news 5 sports. jonathan: today, the tournament continues for the u.k. wildcats. george vogel looks ahead to the matchup coming up in sports. the wait's almost over to get reds opening day tickets. they go on sale this morning at 9:00. fans have been lining up 0 outside great american ballpark since yesterday. we talked to reds fan kristy mack, the first in line friday. she says she will not miss this opportunity. >> friday's my day off. so i made sure everything was done around the house so i had all day to just come down here and get ready for some baseball with some other people. hopefully we'll have a crowd by the end of the night and have a little fun.
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used to play in the minor leagues for the reds and gave her, her love of baseball. we're less than a month away from reds opening day. wlwt will be leading the way with all your reds coverage. we have live coverage of the opening day parade and have a float in the parade. the parade will go on from noon until 2:00. jennifer schack and i were tapped once again to do commentary on the float and the many things that you see out there. it's going to be a lot of fun in 16 days and 11 hours. a deadly plane crash in russia has left more than 50 people dead. coming up, we'll tell you what we know about the crash and the investigation happening today. and a crime in a local business caught on tape. what the thief took and how it led to his capture. and your live look outside. citycam 5. old glory waving in a little bit of wind out there. 45 degrees. we've got cooler temps today. boy, it's been nice to see
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you' re unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they' ll do. grown aroma of folgers. the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place.
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jonathan: 5:12 on your saturday morning. new details on a plane crash in russia. officials say the passenger plane from dubai crashed at an airport in southwest russia wile trying to land. i'm assuming this is video from that area. russian officials say all -- oh, there's the video of it happening. my goodness gracious. officials say all 55 passengers and seven crew members were killed. four children were among the
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russia 24 television broadcast security camera video of what appears to be a huge impact. wow. a ministry statement identified the plane as a boeing 737-800. boeing has said it's ready to assist in the investigation. france's president now says he expects more arrests after a police raid in belgium. authorities captured the prime suspect in the paris terror attacks in brussels. the 26-year-old man eluded arrest for four months. investigators believe he drove a car carrying the gunmen to the site of one of the attacks. yesterday taps yesterday's raid left one man dead and a suspect hurt in the leg. >> three other persons have also been arrested. all members of the same family. all persons will be interrogated by investigators. jonathan: france's president say more people were involved in the
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and authorities will continue to look for anyone who helped. terrifying moments after a balcony collapses at a building in downtown oklahoma city. this happened at the city rescue mission, which is an need. four young moms were standing on the balcony, another standing near it underneath. fortunately, none of the women's injuries were life-threatening. the city rescue mission has closed all balconies connected to its buildings as it conducts an investigation. a man has been arrested after police say he stole security cameras from a louisville laundromat. security cameras caught 35-year-old thomas -- there he is. thomas still well entering the business on flint lock drive. he began to check every corner of the laundromat. micah reed, with easy wash, says stillwell was hanging on the cameras until they gave way. reed says he left with four cameras. the last one he took, near the
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>> look at the video, what were you thinking? >> i was thinking, i gotcha. jonathan: reed says it's not the first time the business has been broken into, but they've worked to improve security. butler county residents have the capability to text 911 for service. sheriff richard jones says it's another method when making voice calls become difficult. those text messages will be retrieved by the dispatcher, who will notify first responders. officials say it's important to give your location in the text and this is important too. pictures and video via text message are not supported at this time. so they won't be received. you've got to use good old text. all right, let's talk local weather with jennifer. we got a gorgeous week. we're paying the piper, it sounds like. not too bad. snow mix.
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march can be tricky, because in the middle of a winter, you have the cold air but usually limited for moisture. in march, you have the moisture coming in, but you're starting to not have the cold air. >> beware of the ideas of march. >> for this situation, it will be limited for the cold air. i don't think it's widespread by any means but there may be brief snow. jennifer: you know about the ides of march. lots of radar and information. here's a look at the citycam shot. humidly is low. so it's raining aloft in the clouds, but it's not raining at the ground. it's evaporating before it reaches the surface. humidity, only 58%, drawings in the dry and cold air. the cold air is trying to be in place to help with snow showers. it's only situated, with a
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extreme northeast counties, where temperatures are already 41 and 42 degrees. they don't have to fall off too much farther. cincinnati is holding at 45. rain showers aloft not making it to the ground yet, but everyone with the cloud cover. in the next couple hours, we'll start to see some light, chilly rain showers making it to the ground as some heavier bouts of moisture in western parts of indiana work its way into our direction. so i think we're looking at past 7:00 and 8:00 this morning, that better chance for the chilly rain showers at the surface and then at that point, we'll also have the potential for some of it to be wet snow flurries. right now, wlwt radar heading up 75 looks like it's raining. we might see a sprinkle or two, but it will be limited. notice futurecast is matching up nicely with the radar for where the location with the showers in place right now. as we continue, it increases in intensity and widespread activity by 9:00 and 10:00. we all have moisture. this should be making it to the
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quadrant of the tri-state, the potential for some of it to be wet snow. we may see some of it as a mix. we may see a brief window of wet snowflakes. the situation where the ground is warm, the air temperature above freezing, you have to get it coming down intense to cause accumulation potential. i don't think we're going to get this out of it. we will have a window where we'll see all snow in parts of the region. it shouldn't cause problems on the ground, maybe on the grass. that's the extent. as we head past noon and the air temperatures climb a little bit, we should see a transfer back over to some liquid rain showers into our afternoon. temperatures today not going very far. the potential for wet snowflakes in the northeast counties between 8:00 a.m. and noon. most of us for the afternoon, the cloud cover, wet showers a possibility. temperatures should be in the low 40s. helping out that snow chance, a northeast wind at the surface. the moisture from the low pressure cranking in on the east side. both of them combining overhead
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here for our saturday morning. we'll have the clouds around through the afternoon a light shower or two, and then heading into the overnight, a system bypassing us to the southwest. moisture trying to arc back in from the east tomorrow. looks like we'll continue with at least extra clouds on sunday. a couple of light showers possible. temperatures not going anywhere. highs tomorrow, back in the mid 40s. so it will be another chilly day for sunday. rain showers should be limited. 48 for the high. that was at midnight. afternoon tempb churs in the low 40s. tonight, 30 with the extra clouds. a stray shower possible and a couple of stray showers again tomorrow. chilly and mostly cloudy. 44 sunday. 47 monday. we come out of the cold and it looks like the highs in the 60s and 70s. eventually, rain thursday into friday. jonathan: part of our sports team is traveling this week, but news 5's george vogel is still here to keep us up to date on
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the latest in morning sports. george: we have reached a round of 32 in the ncaa tournament. elise and derek have filled you in on xavier and u.c. xavier picked up what could be help down the road. stephen f. austin knocked the west virginia mountaineers out of the east region last night. dayton lost to syracuse yesterday. two-seed michigan state upset big-time by 15th seeded middle tennessee. just the eighth time in history a 2 seed was bounced by a 15. later today, john calipari and the kentucky wildcats will be in a big-time battle. the wildcats meeting indiana. it will be an interesting matchup between indiana veteran point guard kevin farrell and wildcats sophomore kai tyler euless. many field both deserve better seeds.
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in the round of 32, tipoff in des moines set for 5:15. jonathan: happening today, bengals linebacker vinnie rey is signing autographs at fleet feet sports in flew ash from 9:00 to 11:00 to raise awareness about sex trafficking in india through the aruna project. he's the co-chair with his wife, noel, of the 5k which takes place on april 16. a huge push for education in kentucky. coming up, we'll tell you more about the new initiative that ames to help high school graduates continue their education. citycam 5 has high definition electric lights both in covington and the roebling suspension bridge. look how calm the ohio river is and how beautifully it's
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jonathan: a big push in the bluegrass state that would give kentucky high school graduates the opportunity to go to college for free. community college. wlwt news 5's natalie clark is leading the way on this story. >> being a single parent and having a child, that's one thing you worry about, additional debt, when you already have a one-person income anyway. if this bill were to go into effect, i mean, if i had the opportunity, i would have jumped at it.
5:25 am
freshman at gateway community college. as a single mother, she believes house bill 626 is just what kentucky needs. >> it's a wonderful, wonderful opportunity to do that and it's also going to mean that our colleges really going to have to work even harder to make sure that when students come, they're successful. reporter: it's called the work ready scholarship bill. high school graduates would have the opportunity to go to community college for two years at no cost. they would be required to apply for federal financial aid and any amount not covered would be paid for. gateway's president says the bill will give more students a shot at not just community college but will also put a four-year degree within reach. >> our mission is really to promote education. so that's where it has the support of myself and my colleagues from the standpoint of what it can do to really build the work force and essentially building the work
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development. reporter: mcnabb says more opportunities give everyone a better chance at improving lives. >> cost is always an issue and that would give me a step in the right direction. jonathan: the bill moves to the state senate. if it passes, gateway's president says because student enrollment will increase, more classes will be offered and it will help with faculty recruitment. happening today, the cincinnati public schools brain bowl tournament will have kids working out their minds. students from cove dale, dater montessori, fairview, clinton, hyde park, kilgore, pleasant ridge montessori and the school for creative and performing arts will participate. the academic competition will be held at cove dale high from 9:00 to 1:30. good luck all. also happening today, the university of cincinnati is hosting the southwest ohio science and engineering expo. the event is open to students in grades 6 through 12 residing in hamilton, butler, clermont,
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received a superior rating at their school's local science fair. students will compete for more than $60,000 in scholarships and cash awards. the expo begins at 9:00 this morning. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including st. patrick's day may be over, but runners are getting ready to celebrate. where they'll be hitting the streets today for a good cause. and your live look outside. citycam 5 has the freedom center downtown. stay with us. everyone wants a taste of the good life but who knew it was right down the street. at white castle, we believe in shrimp for all. that' s why our classic shrimp nibblers are back with our new kicked up spicy sriracha shrimp nibblers. so raise your cocktail sauce to the good life, cravers of the sea. cuz shrimp nibblers are available anytime, for a limited time.
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only at white castle. preorder your favorite craves anytime.
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jonathan: now on news 5 today, seeking justice. the pleas from the family of a fairfield teenager shot and killed. now he's being remembered. plus, putting on a party for a good cause. the local organization ready to make a difference for children with cancer. and the weather is moving in the wrong direction. meteorologist jennifer schack has how the chilly temperatures could bring us a snowy mix on this saturday, march 19, 2016. this is news 5 today. jonathan: did you see that?
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jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this saturday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood. this is meteorologist jennifer schack. the dark, early morning behind us. jennifer: it gets light out later. jonathan: this has been the hardest week to get up. i slept until like 6:45 a couple times. crazy. jennifer: mind blown. my kids have slept in, which is nice. the nice weather, been out in the evening, been sleeping in in the morning. this weekend, we get a break from the nice weather. jonathan: cold temperatures help you cozy up and sleep more. jennifer: if you were hoping for a few more winter-like days. i have it in store for you. 30s and wet snowflakes. it's been a month since we've seen snow. we have the cloud cover in place. it's dry outside, though it's
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atmosphere. some locations, we may be seeing sprinkles make it to the ground. i haven't had ground confirmation from anyone yet. but we'd need heavier bants to make it to the ground. we have very dry air at the surface. it's heavier in indiana, heavy in west virginia. in between, light precipitation aloft. temperatures in the mid 40s. that's an important note. if we're going to see wet snowflakes, we've got to keep it in the 30s. showers. it's our north and east counties later this morning in the low 40s. the potential to cool back in the 30s and see wet snow. we'll talk about locations for that, timing for that and where the rest of the weekend temperatures go coming up. jonathan: a bal roone release in fairfield was part of a memorial for a popular high school athlete who was shot and killed a week ago in hamilton. we told you about this incident
5:33 am
the family is hoping someone comes forward with a suspect and a motive. wlwt news 5's courtis fuller has details. >> i just want justice for jaylon. i want his name to never be forgotten. on. they've taken my child. reporter: family and friends of 18-year-old jaylon knight gathered at fairfield high school, the place he would have graduated from in two months. this gathering was in memory of the young man who folks say was full of dreams and eager to step into his tomorrow. that was all cut short last friday, when someone fired multiple shots into jaylon's car, while he sat inside. the teenager was pronounced dead at the scene. >> he was in the wrong place. he was where he was supposed to be, but some people had bad intentions for him. and it's sad. it's really sad that you got so many people out here who just don't care.
5:34 am
to this past week has had nothing but great things to say about this kid, from school officials to family and friends. >> went to school, worked, and lived a regular teenage life style, man. a good kid. reporter: serena knight, jaylon's mother, organized the balloon release. she comes from a family strengthened by faith in god that will get them through this tragedy. they want answers, and they want justice. >> for one young man to make an impact on the community, it's amazing. so his life was not in vain. jonathan: jaylon's mom says she's praying for the person who committed the crime, hoping they'll do the right thing and turn themselves in to police. if you know anything, contact crimestoppers or the hamilton police. charges have been filed in a
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kind ra shackleford is behind bars, charged with vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, grand theft auto and failure to comply. the 18-year-old is accused of stealing a car from a gas station and leading police on a chase before running a red light and crashing into another car. the driver of the other car died. the passenger was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. new crime fighting tools may have helped solve a mystery downtown. a man is faced with charges after more than a dozen shots went into great american tower. rashawn herald was convicted in a shootout that happened on reading road. well, a new database of ballistics found the same gun used downtown. oh, this is the guy on the phone when he was shooting. i remember this video. herald could face an additional one to ten years in prison on the new charge involving the great american tower. police say there's still a chance that he may not have been the gunman, but that was the
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today a cincinnati mom is teaming up with the heart foundation to fight the heroin epidemic with hope. they're putting on an addiction rescue event on the ecm center on east kemper road. representatives from area recovery centers and counselors will be on hand to give information to people impacted addiction. scholarships will be given away to help with the cost of recovery. yet another setback for medical marijuana in ohio. attorney general mike dewine rejected a petition for a proposed amendment that would attempt to legalize medical marijuana. dewine said he found at least 11 issues with the latest petition submitted. hundreds will be downtown to help the cure starts now fight childhood cancer. it's the annual once in a lifetime gala. randi rico will be serve
5:37 am
the emcee. this event will have a moo lon rouge theme with live entertainment, food raffles and an auction. hey sister, go sister jonathan: last year, the gala brought in $150,000 for pediatric brain cancer research. in the ncaa tournament, it will be another game for xavier. last night, the musketeers won the first round game, beating weber state, 71-53. way to go muskies. james farr was probably what you'd consider the mvp of the game. coach chris mack says he's trying to keep his players focused. >> we see teams go down all over the country, michigan state on the same floor earlier today. and for us to be resilient enough and get stopped and being able to score and finish plays around the basket, proud of our guys. jonathan: xavier fans are
5:38 am
second round last night. we found x faithful at maggie o'brien's in st. louis. they'll have another chance to see their team play sunday night against wisconsin. could you believe middle tennessee state university beat michigan state? a little school out of murph reese bro. meanwhile, it's one and done for the bearcats. last night, st. joseph's isaiah miles sunk a three-pointer with nine seconds left. cincinnati returned with a basket at the buzzer. but it was waved off, giving st. joer a 78-76 win over the bearcats. nearly 5,000 runners and walkers are expected to participate in the shamrock shuffle. the annual event hosted by and benefits the community foundation of west chester and dozens of other local charities. the 5k run and walk and the 10k run course wind through union center and the beckett ridge neighborhoods. so you can expect road closures if you live up there. the 10k begins at 8:30. the 5k begins at 8:45. today, at fountain square, people will celebrate the
5:39 am
it already looks jolly, except for the rain. the day is designed to inspire people around the world and today from 11:00 to 4:00, fountain square will have performances and interactive accidents of happiness, like laughter yoga and art station and dancing. i wonder about the laughing yoga. for a full schedule, visit the cincinnati day of happiness facebook page. more protests and violence at donald trump rallies. we'll tell you about the latest incident and the message trump had for former candidate m.i.t. romney. and a great season for one local basketball team ending only after a hard-fought battle in the state semifinals. more on wilmington's final tournament game of the season. a live look outside. citycam 5.
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jonathan: welcome back. 5:42 on your saturday morning. the father of france train hero spenser stone has been named in an arson fraud scheme. 57-year-old brian stone was arraigned on charges that he helped people get insurance policies that covered fire damage, then set fire to the buildings. investigators say stone helped with the fraudulent insurance claims. brian stone is charged with 14 counts of mail and wire fraud. brian is the father of spenser stone, one of the three men who stopped that terrorist attack on
5:43 am
august. hundreds of protester crowded outside donald trump's rally in salt lake city friday night. the protests started peacefully, but the clashes between trump supporter and opponents quickly escalated and led to police restraining the crowd. meanwhile, inside, trump spoke about m.i.t. itt romney and his inability to beat president obama. >> when i see the disharmony, when i see the lack of harmony we have in our party with mitt going -- mitt let us down. he just let us down. he let us down. hi choked like a dog. he choked like a dog. jonathan: trump will be in arizona today for two campaign events. now, the republican candidates are focusing on utah and arizona before voters in those states head to the polls tuesday. ohio governor john kasich is
5:44 am
he told the crowd at utah valley university, he expects a brokered gop convention in which the delegates will choose the candidate and he confidently said he's the person that has hillary clinton. game. i'm running for president because i have a record, experience and vision that's different than the rest of them. and i'm not here to play a game. i'm here because i'm worried united states. jonathan: kasich's not getting the vote of mitt romney. the former presidential nominee says he'll vote for ted crus in the caucus. even after campaigning in ohio with kasich last week, romney says he has respect for the ohio governor but said his vote is based on the belief that cruz can beat donald trump for the nomination. celebrate world water day by helping children in need get clean, safe drinking water. volunteers will be at the hope factory in sharonville with the group, a child's hope
5:45 am
to send to kids around the world water. there will be cases of clean water available for purchase and each case sold will yield enough supplies to purify 100 dpal gallons of contaminated worthy. the event begins at 9:00. horseshoe cincinnati is going to go dark for an hour. does that make ate dark horse? it's for earth hour. it's to raise awareness about climate change. the casino's iconic 80-foot sign will be turned off. as well as the chandelier in the main entrance. inside, the lights will be dimmed but the casino will remain open. let's go over to see if meteorologist jennifer schack got that dark horse comment. jennifer: i don't know what we're talking about. i was thinking about the weather and the rain. here comes the rain, huh? jennifer: another lane. radar, the citycam shot, we're
5:46 am
showers and sprinkles make it to the ground. especially in ripley and dearborn county, i'm sure that's making it to the ground. it's a chilly rain in spots this morning. the contention that is we have such dry air at the surface that it's raining you loft, but not all of it is making it to the ground. we're in the mid 40s for cincinnati. we have upper 30s to 40, 41, 42, and our northern fringe areas. that's going to be the location where we're not too far away from that mid 30 degree temperature that will allow some of this to transfer over into snow showers. and we'll watch for that later this morning. downtown so far, it's just been sprinkles and light rain showers. we're at 45 at the airport, a north wind at 8 miles an hour. note the dew point is low with the humidity low. so we're not seeing all of this reach the surface. satellite and radar combined showing there is some heavier banding off to the west that still has 0 to slide over us for the late morning hours. that will be the better chance as you head past 8:00 and 9:00. for some of this to transfer
5:47 am
now, for cincinnati metro and south, i don't think it's a problem at all. in general, locations that see a transfer to wet snowflakes should not amount to much. should not come down too heavy or be too problematic, one or two spots may see briefly heavy window. the ground temperature is so warm, you need intense snow to get any collection on the ground i don't think that's a problem. notice at 2:00, northern and eastern counties seeing wet snowflakes come down. there may be a time period we transition to that. then get into all snow in spots in the northeast counties. past noon, the moisture on the back side of it. the temperatures trying to climb for the day. i don't think as we head past noon we'll see additional snowflakes out there. this afternoon, extra clouds around, a light shower still possible general locations with the potential for snowflakes between 8:00 a.m. and noon. wet flakes mixed in.
5:48 am
we never make it down to the freezing mark. that will discourage accumulation this morning. what's working the system, a northeast wind at the surface, bringing dry, cold air. a low pressure to the southeast pumping in moisture around the back side. both basically combining over the ohio river valley for us in the morning. this afternoon, it's mainly just the clouds around. chilly temperatures. highs only in the low 40s. later on today, heading into sunday, a weak disturbance bypassing us to the southwest. we have low pressure dragging back in moisture from the east. so we don't quite clear the air mass. we may see showers lingering for sunday as well. futurecast tonight and tomorrow, extra clouds, a light shower a potential into tomorrow morning the model wants to squeeze out a flake or two. we should be dry tomorrow with clouds but light showers. high temperature today, 48
5:49 am
this afternoon, we'll recover to around low 40s. extra clouds, rain showers and snow showers, afternoon spotty showers. tonight, 30 for the low. tomorrow, mostly cloudy a couple of passing showers. the moisture is down once we come out of this, sunshine, rain returns thursday into friday. here's saturday morning sports. george: the high school championships are being decided this weekend. wilmington took the floor last night in ohio's division one state semifinal. the hurricane against undefeated lima senior. wilmington's first appearance in the state final four. lima senior were lead by as many as 20. late in the third, wilmington starts a furious comeback. jaren cumberland, a game-high 25 points. wilmington cuts the lead to 3.
5:50 am
chance to tie it. cumberland, and no good. a great season comes to an end for wilmington in the state semis, 61-58. new cath breds have stormed in the state final. ben wire had a big game with 27 points and 12 rebounds. the breds beating murray. they'll meet dunbar this evening at 6:30 in the final four. cac cuss league. the reds get a 7-6 win over milwaukee. adam duvall 3 for 3 at the plate with a home run. also last night at u.s. bank arena, the cyclones get a win over wheeling, 3-2 the final in overtime. that's all the sports for new. more coming up later in the day. jonathan: george, thanks. we're six weeks away from the flying pig marathon. some of the littlest runners are practicing for their big mile. students at terrace park
5:51 am
mile at a time for the past few months, are getting up to 25 miles. when these kids will run their final mile, it will be during the flying pick g weekend. >> it's important that they keep going. this is not something that they just come to a finish line and stop. it's supposed to be a marathon for life. we'd love it if they'd come down and do their fine minl in al mile in flying pig weekend. jonathan: marathon weekend begins april 30. wlwt is the exclusive media partner for the flying pig. we'll have complete coverage leading up to marathon day and live coverage as the runners take off may 1. always a fun day. tragedy in butler county after a fire broke out at a barn. we'll tell you why rescuers couldn't get to the horses inside and what we know so far about the investigation. and your live look outside. citycam 5.
5:52 am
surrounded by lights on this saturday morning.
5:53 am
5:54 am
jonathan: welcome back. five horses were killed friday morning in a barn fire in butler county. the liberty township fire chief says the animals, which might have been rescue horses, couldn't be saved by the flames
5:55 am
the fire was so large at one miles. liberty township fire crews inside. they simply sprayed water on it from the outside. they're working to figure out exactly how it started. the fire chief says someone was last in the barn about 11:00 p.m. thursday night and reported nothing suspicious. barn. a horse in kentucky had to be rescued after he fell into a ravine. akia was found friday morning trapped in a ravine in tangled in vines. people from the kentucky large animal emergency response unit were able to get him out of the ravine using a tractor and a harness. a vet says it will be a few more days before they know what his future looks like. the cincinnati zoo is nursing five cheetah cubs back to good health. look at that. zoo officials say the tiny cubs were born last week at the zoo's breeding facility under kentucky
5:56 am
critical care. the cubs were born prematurely and now need help putting on weight and building up their immune systems. they'll stay at the nursery for the next 8 to 12 weeks. how often can you fight five cheetahs in two hands. eagle watch 2016. at the u.s. ash reit tum in dc. all eyes on an eagle egg friday morning. at 8:30, the eagle came out of its shell. its brother or sister is expected to hatch in the coming weeks. happening today, spca cincinnati, partnering with north shore animal league america for the world's largest mobile pet adoption event. adoptable cats and dogs will be at the kroger marketplace on mar burg from noon to 5:00. the tour for life will travel through the u.s. until the end of may helping rescue groups
5:57 am
their organizations. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today. including local crash survivor gets a chance to say thank you to the people who saved her life. the reunion seven months in the making. and your live look outside. citycam 5. great shot of those buildings over in covington and just a stay with us. i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe... we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy,z watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes
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jonathan: now on news 5 today, the search continues for answers into a car that plunged into the ohio river. the new video that captured the crash and the leads police have on who was inside the car. plus -- >> if you dunk it, i thought it was good. but sometimes you just, you just can't control some stuff in life. jonathan: a tough end for the bearcats. the last second shot that didn't come quite soon enough for u.c. and how the xavier players are reacting after their big win. richard: we're camping out with reds fans in the rain just ahead. jonathan: one more day of winter and it will feel like it. meteorologist jennifer schack will have the falling temperatures, rain and maybe even some snow ahead for this weekend. it's saturday, march 19, 2016. this is news 5 today.


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