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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  March 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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>> leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 at 11:00. courtis: developing news after a 22 euros kentucky hiker dies after falling to her death. good evening. mary stuart fell while hiking at raven run nature sanctuary . it took rescue teams nearly an hour to reach her by trying to rappel down the cliff. once her body was recovered they say a boat they were in capsized with rescuers and the victim on board. it is closed until further notice. also, and indiana high school basketball coach had to be
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a bus carrying 27 players and staff members overturned on a busy interstate. the boys basketball team of the northern indiana were headed to a state semi final game when the crash happened. another driver spilled her drink on herself causing her to sideswipe the bus. >> the vehicle did roll over. there are injuries to students and several adults. multiple people were transported to local area hospitals with varying degrees of injuries. anchor: all of the injuries were told appeared to be non-life-threatening.
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charged at this time. funeral arrangements have been set for a four-year-old boy who died after being put into scalding hot water. austin cooper' s funeral is set for tuesday located in middletown. police have charged the boy stepmother with child endangering. she admitted she put the boys legs and scalding water as a punishment. the next month father found him dead. the heart foundation to fight the heroin epidemic. >> education, education, education. you can' don' t know what you are fighting. courtis: she knows the pain of confusion and addiction firsthand as for some continues his 14 year recovery.
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addiction rescue to save the next generation. >> they are kind of withdrawn and hide in the closet because they have a child or parent or neighbor, a boyfriend , a mom or dad who is an addict. they don' events and ask for help. courtis: recovery centers provide resources for families scholarships to help pay for recovery. hundreds of folks put on tuxedos and evening gowns to find a cure for pediatric brain cancer. the cure starts now holding its gala tonight. janel walton has more on this very big fundraiser.
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they are hoping to raise money to fight pediatric brain cancer. the thing tonight, moulin rouge. that helped kick things off at the ninth annual once-in-a-lifetime gala. >> we raise 6.6 billion million dollars. $6.7 million towards the cure. it starts with events like this. reporter: guests met real-life cancer survivors in the crowd. >> junior a 2009 i was diagnosed. i came from my yearly checkup. july i was diagnosed with another tumor. reporter: organizers invited the family to get their minds off the illness.
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support this cause and to get to see it firsthand is humbling. reporter: lauryn hill lost her battle to cancer last year. she says it' s a great honor to help others fight the disease. >> to be in that fight every day in her honor and memory until we can get the job done, that gives me purpose to get up every day and keep moving full board, to help other families that are fighting. reporter: some money raised will go to cancer research centers here in cincinnati across the world. courtis: thank you. organizers say they have had a good turnout. our very own news 5 meteorologist emceed a portion of tonight' s festivities.
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to ohio smoking ban could allow smoking indoors at private clubs. bill sykes sponsored the bill. supporters say the idea would mirror other smoking ban states which allow smoking in private cigar clubs. currently private clubs can allow smoking if they are not attached other buildings, don' t have employees and our nonprofit. the bill would remove those restrictions. clifton residents are closer to having a grocery store tonight. the clifton market held a construction kickoff meeting and party that started at 10:00 at the esquire theater where the construction timeline was laid out. it will be a full-service upscale grocery with local ties when finished. >> besides that, it' s the heart of the committee -- community. it' s a great place to
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courtis: clifton has been without a grocery store since 2011 when the keller iga closed. mayor john cranley proclaimed today henry armstrong day in honor of a local world war ii veteran. the day he was presented with his french legion of honor medal. he served 40 years in the u.s. army. today the french consulate honored mr. armstrong for his service in france during the war. another scene of protesters trying to put a stop to a donald trump rally. this was in arizona. protesters blocking the main highway that led to his campaign rally. tonight there is a report of another protester assaulted at a truck campaign stop.
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video shows a man kicking and punching a protester who was being led from the arena before local police stepped in. the protester is wearing a kkk hood. donald trump speaking out against him calling him disgusting. democratic candidate bernie sanders also out west making his pitch to voters calling on immigration reform in arizona. john kasich also out west. he held a town hall meeting in utah and campaigning in utah, ted cruz. donald trump' s chief rivals said the near billionaire is not a conservative. a northern kentucky couple out to just make a difference for others. >> just try to do our part, help the community. hopefully others will do the same. courtis: the afternoon grilling
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and ranch fans braving the cold and rain. erik: temperatures are gradually falling into the 30' s. how cool he gets tonight and how much warmer it will be for the first day of spring. we will see the big warm up straight ahead. [content sigh] ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable.
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anchor: welcome back. he next story is about greatness in the form of kindness. martin luther king jr. once said everybody can be great because anybody can serve. witness a local couple trying to change lives serving one burger at a time. >> just trying to do our part to help the community anyway we can. hopefully others will do the same. courtis: they live in northern kentucky. they are not part of the big organization. they are not part of any organization. this story is proof that kindness is an underestimated source of power and you don' t need an organization for that. >> this is our first time. a lot more people than we
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we went through 100 hamburgers and hotdogs. reporter: they are well aware of the problem of homelessness but they want to be a part of the solution. charlie loaded his grill on the back of his truck and went to the heart of downtown to 3rd street between walnut and vine. reporter: i' d love to see other people do it. i' m not sure if we are allowed. we didn' t get in trouble. it worked out fine. this is where most of them sleep and hang out. reporter: one person is robert miller, homeless for three years. >> it' s hard to ask for help. when you are used to supporting yourself. reporter: they say they worked nearby. they see many of these individuals all the time. they knew it was time to stop and make a difference.
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same as you and i. they are nice people. >> if i can -- if they can do this what can i do for my fellow man? there is no giving up. courtis: a nice story. charlie and laura hope to do this again sometime soon. they spent $200 today but the impact they made is priceless. today reds fans braved the rain to buy their seats for the season opener. ticket packages went on sale at 9:00 this morning. fans were able to camp out 24 hours before the box office open to buy two tickets view level or standing room for opening day and a field box seat to another april game. the reds introduced something called spring sale to support
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lead the way with all of your reds coverage opening day. it starts at noon monday april 4. keep an eye out for our wlwt float which will actually be in the parade until 2:00. courtis: this is something called horror hound. it offers books, movies merchandise and a horror film festival. enjoy panels on topics from the strain to x-files. celebrities are there to sign items. we' ve done makeup artists looking for people who enjoy their specialty. >> we look forward to this once a year. there are a lot of people dressing up and getting into character of their favorite
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courtis: are you scared yet? it runs from 11 until 5:00 tomorrow and a day pass will cost $22.50. >> cincinnati' s most accurate forecast. erik: it certainly looks more like october. we are going to start to gradually shift things over. more sunshine, warmer temperatures. it will take a couple more days. we had sunshine and rain but now we are watching clouds beginning to break up. even down towards robberson county. we have some rain. it is heading this way but not this time. it is moving south. we stay on the dryer side of things. sunday will be on the sunnyside and dry side.
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nine miles per hour. it windchill of 34. 39 degrees in cleaves. 39 in loveland. if you other locations or even colder. 32 in wilmington. maybe if you degrees below freezing. possibly a few degrees colder than 29 in wilmington. this is the big change in seasons. we ship from winter -- we shift from winter to spring. 12 hours of each. every day we go through for the next month we are going to see an increase in sunlight by two and a half minutes. warmer temperatures, we start to see some warming temperatures through the week. sort of a pen will affect. we have this east coast system
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this other system to our west will head straight south, leaving us in the middle. a good spot to be. a few clouds. little cooler than most of us only 44 degrees. most of that will be found in the morning. by afternoon clouds build back in. perhaps even overcast skies. showers moving away. skies starting to clear in areas. most of us see a fair amount of sunshine. clouds build in. we see a similar scenario. see all day sunshine and milder temperatures your forecast looks like this. many of us in the upper 20' s, especially in the outline communities. a high of 44 with sunshine
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take a look. if you mark clouds monday. 60' s on tuesday and wednesday. just for you, we threw in that seven day. it is short lived. courtis: if you could give us that could you throw out the 31 and 48? erik: a lot of numbers you are throwing away. courtis: you were looking at your bracket seeing what has been thrown out. anchor: i had to throw it out when michigan state lost. the musketeers are
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anchor: it was a battle of heavyweights, kentucky and indiana. you can see either one of these teams making a run to the final four. only one would meet the sweet 16. this was a back and forth game. a bomb from downtown. he drops and 27 points.
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yogi pharrell turned it into 3. jamaal murray sweet dried here. then , this was a great pass. >> what i don' t want to do is take away from what indiana did. they played every kid on that court. they deserved to win this game. maybe it was because of them that we didn' t play our best. anchor: indiana advances to the sweet 16. that game is in progress. savior will look price a
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>> it' s going to be a tough game to watch. two of only 19' s to go to the sweet 16 five times in the last eight years. an accomplishment like that should reflect highly on the coaching staff. >> we have great players. that is a complement to them. reporter: with such a quick turn around the use a simple strategy. they are assigned to one team. >> it' s about coming up with
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>> that will not be a problem for the musketeers. they love playing physical basketball. one game stands between savior and another ticket to the sweet 16. anchor: here' s a look in xavier' s bracket. the winner of the notre dame game plays the winner of the xavier game. they are tipping off that it: 40 p.m. in high school basketball the boys were hoping to nail down a spot in tomorrow state championship game. the thorough breads taking on lawrence dunbar. darius williams had 20 points. 11 rebounds for dunbar. he gets the tip in here. 55 to 47 dunbar. they are playing in the division
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pouring in 39 points. this game was a battle. the saints coming out on top. tom is more will play for a second straight national title in indianapolis against top universities. courtis: something going on with the reds. a final check of the weather. erik: think of it as a transition to spring, a slow handoff rather than a quick pass. temperature starting off in the 40' s sunday, sunday afternoon into monday. 47 by the afternoon. 63. and 70 degrees, slow warming trend. tomorrow on the cool side with a few clouds here and there. warming up by the end of the week. courtis: a slow handoff? erik: in the spirit of the ncaa
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