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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  March 20, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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jonathan: today, a hiker in cliff. plus, an indiana high school basketball team on their way to set my finals involve the crash. an update on those injured in accident. richard: we are giving you a taste of the cincinnati tradition, just ahead. >> more sauce right here. jonathan: spring
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however, we' ve got warming temperatures coming. 2016, this [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] jonathan: welcome to "news 5 today." thank you for joining us this morning. jennifer, how are you? good jennifer: -- good, good morning. look at that, that' s nice-looking. especially compared to yesterday' s morning. turning the corner to the cloud cover today. it' s just as cool out there this morning. remember that we are in the 24th and low 30' s this morning. we' ve got a couple of cool days
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a nice stretch of dry weather, it should stay out for a couple of days. it' s not going to feel like it yet, but give it a few more days . looks like not a cloud to be found to the south. upper 20' s to around 30. satellite radar combined, clear skies overhead. talking about the rain coming in from southern indiana, this rain shower and snow shower activity is sinking south, cloud cover across portions of ohio have been trying to invade westward during the night and never quite made it in for us. we ended up between the systems this morning.
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eventually some spring thunderstorms, coming up. jonathan: spring -- emergency crews called to a home in newport because of a fire in the 500 block of thorton street. firefighters say they saw clouds and smoke at six in the morning. the cause is under investigation. the hiker that when missy has been identified as mary stuart. the facility is currently closed because of the accident. she slipped and fell over a cliff to her death. it took rescue crews in our after repelling down the cliff.
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with both rescuers and the victim on board. and indiana high school basketball coach had to be airlifted to hospital after the bus overturned on a busy interstate. headed to their state semifinal in lafayette. police say another driver spilled her drink on herself after causing her sideswipe the bus with her vehicle. it rolled before landing on its top with part of the roof smashing and, as you can see. traffic backed up for nearly 10 miles as officials investigated. >> multiple people were transported to an area hospital
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the coaches now in stable condition. the 20 -- jonathan: the coaches now in stable condition. they will be holding a prayer service at the park later today. a traffic morning for drivers in warren county tonight. lane closures northbound and southbound at the foster ville bridge in deerfield township. the releasing girl lane closures followed by double lane closures at 11 with full closures tomorrow at midnight. all lanes will be opened by 7:00 in the morning. they will have a five lane bridge with a bike path and it' s place. the full construction project will take most of the year to complete. today is palm sunday, meaning
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tradition. the original italian dinner. hey, richard. richard: good morning. you guys have been doing this for 105 years. >> not me. richard: not me, how long you been with -- not you. how long have you been with them? >> about 30. richard: good-looking guy there. 500 gallons of sauce. likely have added a little bit. richard: you added a little bit since you talked to me last. 220,000 raviolis and a lot of bonds. a lot of guys doing a lot of good cooking. >> you know more than i do about this affair, god bless you. richard: this is an amazing thing to you guys do here for sacred heart. dino starts at noon. folks can get carry out starting at 10:00? >> that'
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up all night. they smell it. it' s a wonderful tradition. as much fun for you guys as it is for the folks outside. >> they were here this morning when i came here. richard: thank you so much for letting us spend some time in your kitchen. it' s a wonderful morning. jonathan, we will have to make sure that we bring them left a great day with a wonderful tradition. that' s italian. >> thank you very much. jonathan: this weekend a couple created their own version of a food truck downtown when charlie stein mart spent $200 on food and drove the girl -- their grill up to serve food and drinks for the homeless. he said that he hoped his pop up
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the incident in arizona and how trump responded in the latest on the other candidates ahead of tuesday' s primary. we will have the latest on how the team is preparing to take on the musketeers. a live look outside at the radisson, bathed in sunlight.
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jonathan: welcome back. another scene of protesters trying to put a stop to a donald trump rally. protesters blocking the main highway that led to his campaign rally. there is now a report of another protester assaulted as trump came to a campaign top -- campaign stop in tucson out west. chris pollone has more. >> violence marred another donald trump rally before kicking and punching a protester who was being led from the arena before local police stepped in. trump: that' s
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putting on a ku klux klan hat, think she' s cute. disgusting. >> protesters blocked the road leading to the rally by parking their cars in the middle of the road. the republican front-runner ignore those protesters. >> the establishment don' t know what they' re doing. they have no clue. >> bernie sanders campaigning on saturday. sanders: the personal attacks supposed to be about. >> trying to stay above the fray in utah. >> i will not take the low road land. >> also campaigning, ted cruz, donald trump' s chief rival, who real conservative. ted cruz: he has been supporting liberal democratic politicians
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>> chris pollone, nbc news, new york. jonathan: both parties will vote on tuesday and that is the caucus they for democrats in idaho area for all of your commitment 2016 coverage you can stay up-to-date on the mobile app and online. happening today, mitch mcconnell is going to appear on "meet the press" in 25 minutes. they will be talking with chuck todd about the latest from " -- the latest from the supreme court, including the nomination of merrick garland. you can catch the show right afterwards at 10:00. in addition he will be speaking with harry reid and john kasich. let' s talk local weather with jennifer. jennifer : a cool start to spring. temperatures this morning in the 20' s.
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10 degrees to 11 degrees below where we should be. the low this morning' s 28. low on both accounts today. we will make up for it as a make it into the midweek. upper 20' s and low 30' now. a bit of the windchill, not causing a problem at this point. a couple of flakes close by, bypassing us to the southwest. all drive to the night. on the satellite component we will see a couple of clouds for the afternoon. some showers, rain showers sinking to the south. not a problem for us. flurries across portions of ohio that were trying to back build our way westward and really make it in in terms of the clouds, so we have a clear start this morning, a beautiful start for
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temperatures in the 20' s. north wind at nine miles per hour. a slow time this morning and for afternoon highs it will feel like yesterday. the afternoon high temperature was 45. the forecast today' s 44. the difference will be weaker for the wind and more sunshiny affected. we are not anticipating reciprocation this afternoon. a north wind persisting today, temperatures not going very far. we will again avoid the system to the southwest and it looks like any kind of messy set up is not going to make it back in for us along the east. we have quiet conditions today. partly cloudy, better chance for . overall we are talking scattered s today. upper 20' it is the start to a transition day.
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that northland is not as prominent on monday. temperatures able to climb to the upper 40' s. the big warm-up is not until tuesday. then be have a big jump from monday to tuesday in terms of high temperature. cool air lingering in place for tomorrow. cool air holding off in the ohio river valley and across the plains. warming up tuesday when we see temperatures climb. there will be a couple of days for the midweek to around 70 for the high temperature. partly cloudy with a north wind. if you needed a coat yesterday, you will need it tomorrow. southern counties may have been peeking. touch. 70 is the midweek temperature.
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front showers and storms. stronger storm potential with cool air behind it, highs in the 50' s on saturday. jonathan: one game to go for the musketeers before they make it into the sweet 16. george vogel has more in your morning sports. george: looking for a spot in the sweet 16 tonight. the musketeers taking on the badgers. elise jesse is in st. louis and spoke with them yesterday. elise: it will be a tough game to watch -- top game to watch. the sweet 16 five times in the last 18 years. often junior told me that was something to be proud of. >> they are great coaches and we do what they say.
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between the games and the unfamiliarity with the opponents, major uses a simple strategy. each coach is assigned to one team and they make sure not to overlook player information. >> wisconsin is the same way, from what i understand. the players have heard so much. it' s been a long year. you don' t want to make it any longer. >> at the end of the day this is about playing hard and coming out with more intensity and energy. >> wisconsin likes to play the classic and 10 type of basketball. physically tough from start to finish. not a problem for the musketeers . they love physical basketball. another ticket to the sweet 16 for a second straight year. elise jesse, wlwt, news 5 sports. richard: -- george: the winner
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tipping off tonight, scheduled to be right around 8:40 p.m. elsewhere indiana and kentucky played today. indiana is headed to the sweet 16. it didn' t really hurt] one way or the other. it was shot yesterday, the day before, and the day before that. i only know one guy who had stephen and austin over west virginia with tennessee beating michigan state. i don' t know how you year. jonathan: hey, check this out. the second eagle chick in debut. the mother bird is sitting on morning. it will be called d.c. three. the older sibling called d.c. to hatch friday morning. d.c. one was the first offspring
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d.c. one was born last season. i saw video of the birds carving up a fish and feeding it to the chick that was born yesterday, getting warm with mom on top and all of those feathers. seeking your input, giving your thoughts and ideas about the parks in hamilton county. we will speak with that and about it. going outside to city can five, a gorgeous shot of a church in the distance. i love the sunshine.
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jonathan: the great -- jennifer: the great parts of hamilton county are looking towards the future and they want your thoughts and ideas and questions on how to make your outdoor jack sutton, the executive director, joins us this morning. you guys have done a lot and mao you are wondering where the focus is going to go, right? jack: we want to hear from a residence about where the focus should be on great parks. jennifer: what are some examples of things that people -- that already? jack: we' put a lot into
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doors, extending bike trails into downtown cincinnati. mountain biking is the new activity for the last 10 years. we want to hear what others want from their parks going forward. jennifer: it' s really just a new kind of idea to get the people involved with what they want. elise: we will delete -- jack: we will be having these public, informal opening sessions, going from 6:30 to 8:30, visiting the staff to share with us what you want from your parks. jennifer: the parks are such an expansive amount that you provide. outdoor education and things like that, but is there more that as an option? jack: tell us what you like to of. we have 21 parks and nature preserves in hamilton county.
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maintain. what you looking at terms of going forward? jack: we know the public likes to protect nature. to make sure the natural areas are provided. hiking is one of the most popular activities. should we have more trails? that' discussion we are looking for. go to our website and look for public listening sessions. you can find out where they all are. find one close to your to have you there. jennifer: we are so appreciative of the spaces you have and the variety. it' s a good day to get started. jennifer: thanks for coming to tell us about it. there are 11 more listening sessions throughout the county. the next one will be at the glen carter lodge.
9:26 am website and click on the as seen on section. jonathan: still a lot more ahead, including the top choirs battling it out. the event happening today and the groups competing to make it to the finals. the park near and dear to my heart is all dark. you should see the cherry
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a jonathan: later today, an ohio man arrested for assaulting a teenager that he met on a social media app. richard: the line is ready to go tradition. get your carry out ready. take it home with us. jonathan: more chilly weather to close out the weekend. meteorologist jennifer schack will tell us more about when spring will feel like spring. a long barge on the river as you are watching "news 5 today."
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-- richard: good morning, thank you for joining us. we' ve been discussing meatballs all morning long because of sacred heart church. jennifer: consensus. jonathan: i understand that you once created a meatball out of three different kinds of meat? pork, meat, and? jennifer: the ill. recently -- veal. we recently dropped that part. we do perform desperate for the firm and crumbly months. jonathan: i never thought about it. i do like those. i don' t how you get there. we will hear from richard about the saucy' s been making out there. jennifer: every days a great day for italian. jonathan: same temperatures? jennifer: yesterday was so cloudy there was only a brief window of sun, but today we are talking about lots of sun with afternoon clouds developing. hard to climb because it has been such a chilly start,
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30 to 31 degrees right now, plenty of sunshine. the north wind sticking around it to the afternoon. the system bypassing us to the southwest near louisville, snowflakes in eastern ohio. didn' t quite make it for us. we been in between the systems with sunshine this morning and clear skies to the night and quiet conditions. highs in the mid-40' s , it will be a cool sunday and a cool start to the week, but there is some hope by midweek with spring thunderstorms and the forecast coming up. jonathan: funeral arrangements for a four-year-old boy the died after being put in scalding hot water. set for tuesday in middletown, the police have charged that child endangerment. she says she admitted to putting
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the next day his father found him dead. a minerva man arrested for kidnapping of 14-year-old from missouri is being held on a $500,000 bond. he went before a judge on saturday, charged with one count of kidnapping, rape, and one count of assault. he said that he and the teenager met on a social media website, say hi, earlier this month. he allegedly picked her up and brought her back to ohio but once home, the team told police that he would not let her leave. she eventually texted her mother who called police. >> keep an eye and your kids. stress to them the importance of being safe on social media. watch her kid. jonathan: children services is now making arrangements to get her back home. the fbi is also investigating. >> education, education,
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you don' fighting. jonathan: a cincinnati mom keeping up with the heart foundation. she helped to organize an addiction and rescue share after helping her son with his 14 year recovery. recovery centers and counselors provided resources for families impacted by addiction and scholarships the program. a proposed change to the smoking ban in ohio could allow smoking indoors a private clubs. supporters say the idea would mirror other smoking ban states that allow smoking in private cigar clubs. currently private clubs can allow it if they are not attached to other buildings, do not have employees, and our nonprofit. the new bill to those restrictions. clinton residents are once closer to having a grocery store
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kickoff. they' ve been without a grocery store since 2011 when the cup -- keller iga closed. since then members of the community have been raising funds to bring a grocery store back to the area. it will be full-service, upscale with local ties, and up to 80 employees. >> besides that, it' s the heart of the community. a great place to come together and meet friends and neighbors. >> developers expect the construction buildout to take four months. they meant to do that. it will be followed by two months for fixture installation and inventory stocking. did you know that today is national ravioli day? it' s not clear when the holiday started, but one local church has been using this dish to bring in crowds and raise money for over a century. richard chiles is live for us in camp washington with the
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richard: that' s right, getting close, 30 minutes away. imagine, 105 years here at sacred heart church. food for the week , or at least maybe for the next hour. for s the recipe. 24,000 meatballs, 500 gallons of sauce. you cannot imagine the beautiful, beautiful smell making its way through. you can see the line that has since building. >> it' s really worth it. i' ve been waiting since 10 minutes until 7:00 this morning. richard: no reservations line -- can' t cut the line.
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carry out get started at 10:00, just about half an hour away. dine in inside, a great experience, this wonderful culture at 12 noon. a great way to spend sunday and have wonderful leftovers for the week and enjoy a great cause. live from camp washington with my mouthful, richard chiles. jonathan: today the top choirs in cincinnati, singing. >> forever young jonathan: requires will be battling it out for the top spot at cincinnati sings, arts wave sponsored it in 2014. the groups already have guaranteed spots in the finals after winning last year,
9:37 am
final set for april 13 at music hall. the sixth suicide bombing in turkey this year has killed five people. coming up we have details surrounding the attack, including the two american citizens killed. and looking for back-to-back national titles? their next appearance on the court is coming up. plus, getting you and your family ready for easter. we have ideas to fill your easter basket. city cam five, the bridge has
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jonathan: two dual nationality israeli americans are dead following a bombing in turkey. five people were killed in the attack, several dozen others were wounded. it happened on the main pedestrian shopping street in the city. it was their sixth such bombing in the past year. no one has claimed responsibility so far. a historic date for the president, set to that cute -- set to visit havana, cuba today.
9:41 am
many of the buildings undergoing a makeover. similar to the sea but because of anti-american sentiment many of them have never been used. he will be the first sitting u.s. president to visit the island since 1928 and he will stay there until tuesday. thousands of christians gathered in st. peter' s where -- square this morning. the pope mourned what he called the indifference of people to take in refugees. palm sunday is the official start of the holy weekend. it commemorates the entry of jesus into jerusalem. this morning' s mask comes as pope francis takes instagram by storm. one million followers in less than 12 hours. his first photo there, sent saturday, shows a kneeling in prayer. the accompanying message said pray for me in nine languages. breaking a record for one
9:42 am
the previous record was 24 hours held by former soccer star, david beckham. a british television network releasing a behind-the-scenes documentary with the british royal family as queen elizabeth approaches her 90th earth day. the small team making the documentary was rented close access to the monarch. in clips from the program entitled -- our queen at 90 -- the duchess of cambridge says that the queen has helped her a lot in her approach to public life. >> being very generous without being forceful. i feel that she has been there as a gentle guidance for me. >> that was for the first solo interview for the duchess of cambridge. jonathan: let' s talk to our own queen of the weather here. jennifer schack. >> cincinnati cost certified most accurate forecast. jennifer: you could' ve seen me
9:43 am
time lapse this morning from our weatherbug camera this warning. a gorgeous start looking south, plenty of sunshine in the next couple of hours. couple of low spots. 22 in kentucky. a few other locations in the mid s for morning lows. towards the mid day. temperatures in the low 30' s right now. 28 to 29 degrees. dry conditions for everyone. no concerns today for any precipitation. we have had a couple of close by flurries near louisville, but the system is sinking south. different from yesterday. rain in southern indiana still working its way in our direction. cloud cover to the east, not a
9:44 am
we will stay there to start our day. we will see a few afternoon clouds returning this afternoon. feels like 23 as wind chill for our first spring morning. climbing into the mid-30' s, highs this afternoon at 44. yesterday at 45. in terms of the temperature it will be about the same as yesterday with more sunshine from start to finish. partly cloudy skies this afternoon. a north wind persists that insists on bypassing us to the southwest this afternoon. 80 into tomorrow -- in the upper 40' s wilmore' s -- most northwesterly component tomorrow. a warm front taking shape out in
9:45 am
that will be the big warm up on tuesday. a 15 degree jump in temperatures with a quiet couple of days beyond that. temperatures warming up the planes today and tomorrow. upper 40' s for monday, 50' s and 50' s to the southwest. looks like that' s one third of the warm-up. in the ohio river valley it will continue until a cold front arrives on thursday. quiet conditions with scattered clouds in the afternoon. another chilly overnight tonight. if you needed a couple of jackets, keep them around until monday. monday afternoon, dry, partly cloudy, 48. tuesday and wednesday, mid-60' s. the approaching cold front, watching the timing, they brought it more into thursday than thursday night. watch the potential for thunderstorms as they make it more of an afternoon and evening front possibility coming in. 50'
9:46 am
jonathan: we are just one week away from easter and a new shopping center want to help you fill the easter basket of every member of your family. joining us is tracy schneider. tracy: thank you jonathan: for having us. jonathan:this is amazing and you have some diverse stores. tracy: we do and we will have you all set for the easter. jonathan: a bunny with a jean jacket? tracy: exactly, from build a bear. old navy has cute outfits. little boys should not be forgotten. tracy: the bow tie is sharp. jonathan: and these little ones from kids foot locker are perfect. it' s a clip, they will be good. for the ladies involved thought
9:47 am
fashions by dillards . kate spade bag, looks great on you. jonathan: david spade' s sister-in-law, i didn' t know that. tracy: there you go. we cannot forget the guys. we had some clothes from dillards. see, see? jonathan: this thing is too much. tracy: this is a terrific piece. good for your desk or your office. jonathan: a big appetite. this is a wishbone? tracy: a wishbone. jonathan: rookwood pottery is up there? meet. vineyard vines, it was very nice.
9:48 am
and a colored popcorn i thought i would bring that as an extra when you walk into your easter dinner, the you will be a hate -- you will be a hit with this. and all of those information' s are available on our website. we have the cheesecake factory, brio, conan rilke whatever you are looking for we have a little bit of something for everyone. jonathan: great to see you. you can find these items or shop for yourself at the new liberty center in butler county. now here is george with sports. george: we told you about the
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now let' s talk about this big game. kentucky and indiana meeting in the round of 32. you can see either one of these teams making a run for the final four, but the way that the bracket was set up, only one would reach the sweet 16. look at that bomb for three. going back to work, a great pass to the hoosiers, advancing past kentucky . all right, high school basketball. down roughly, hoping to nail down the state championship game. the thoroughbred taking off dunbar and the early lead. dwyer had 16 points. williams, with 20 points, gets the tip.
9:50 am
thomas more, playing the division national semi finals . she was feeling it last night. the saints come out on top. 74 to 54. a second straight national title on april 4 in indianapolis against tough university. again, the xavier game tonight at around 8:40, winner moving on to the sweet 16 in philadelphia. elise jesse is in st. louis and will have a live report at 6:00, 11:00, and on sports rock tonight. it will be like the elise jesse show every day. just like it' s the jonathan hargett show here in the morning. here, jonathan. jonathan: it' s the jonathan jennifer show. after the break, another check
9:51 am
with speak through -- the peak to the eyes of city cam five. we have a fine arts easy him
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jonathan: let' s get a final update on the morning' s top stories. i hike or died after falling from a hike outside a nature center in lexington. mary stuart fell to her death saturday, hiking at the raven run nature cemetery. it took rescuers nearly one hour to reach her body. once her body was recovered , rescuers say that the both of they were in capsized with boat rescuers and a victim on board. the autopsy is expected to be performed later today. the northern indiana basketball coach is in stable condition after their bus was involved in a rollover crash. headed to the state final on saturday when it was sideswiped
9:55 am
the students have all been treated and released. an early morning fire in newport is under investigation, which started at a home in thorton street just after 6:00 this morning. when firefighters arrived they said flames and smoke again coming from the home. crews got the fire knocked down quickly. the wait is almost over for the original italian dinner. just about five minutes now, take-home orders will be going out. richard is live for us at camp washington with more. richard: the waiting is of course the hardest part. just an appetizer for these great guys, enjoying themselves. a wonderful morning, of course. 220,000 ravioli, lots of friends, lots of camaraderie, lots to enjoy. of course, that' s today' s this meal gets underway.
9:56 am
community. out opening up and 12 minutes. great feast. reporting live from camp washington, richard chiles. jonathan: the waiting is the temperatures. jonathan: sunshine today? be cool. jackets, long sleeves, etc.. on the cool side. the big bump is coming with a tuesday, wednesday, thursday. one more chilly morning . 70 degrees thursday hoping that we see sunshine and the cold front sliding our way. it should rain showers and
9:57 am
with afternoon to evening activity. that front with temperatures behind it in the 50' s. s. the next is in the 50' s. start off easter weekend. jonathan: back under freezing on saturday, when do we get to put out the plants for the season? jennifer: i don' ve got to bring back my basil. jonathan: you think? jennifer: i' [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jonathan: all right, great to be with you guys again. see you next weekend.
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this sunday. the republican establishment has tried persuasion. >> mr. trump is a con man, a fake. >> it's tried schoolyard tactics. >> and you know what they say about men with small hands. >> and still, donald trump keeps winning. but last night, more ugliness at a rally. [ shouting ] >> as trump warns of violence if he's denied the nomination.


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