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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  March 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] from cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 at 11:00. >> he was an outstanding officer. had great promise with our agency, and he will be greatly missed. courtis: a deputy killed in a shootout with a suspect. what led up to the situation in indiana. plus. the president takes a historic trip to cuba. where he plans to stop during his two-day stay. and. >> she makes a lot of people happy. courtis: a local woman falls to her death at a nature sanctuary.
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her family tonight. but first, just into our newsroom, one person is dead after a crash on interstate 275 eastbound near the combs helh bridge. two cars were involved in the accident. there is no word on when the interstate may reopen. the highway is close just before the bridge. good evening everyone, things for joining us. i am courtis fuller. courtis: the hiker is katie. reporter: courtis. family friends tell me katie was supposed to be celebrating a recent birthday with her twin sister, but tonight, her family is left mourning her devastating
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>> i think for her she would wake up everyday and do anything that she could within her power to make others lives better. reporter: remembered as one of a kind- a joyful daughter, and twin sister, with a crazy sense of humor, and an unmatched love for christmas. >> katie was an extraordinary young lady, lit up a room anywhere she went, i called her a beacon of light so anytime she was around she would fill a room with joy. reporter: mary katherine stewart known as katie, died where she loved to go at the raven run nature sanctuary in lexington. investigators say she slipped and fell off a cliff saturday afternoon. >> it' s been estimated between 35 and 50 feet. derek: -- reporter: the recovery effort became complicated when rescuers then tried to move her body using a boat. but the boat capsized with six firefighters and the victim on board. the firefighters swam to safety and recovered katie from the river. >> we' re all going to come here,
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who are still heartbroken about it. reporter: tonight those who knew the transylvania university senior came to honor her at crank and book ice cream lounge where she worked and touched many lives. friends say her memory will be timeless. >> i think for her she would -- anybody that ran into her, would feel that she has become her friend. reporter: katies classmates have set up a go fund me page to help her family. we have more information on our website reporting live in the newsroom tammy mutasa wlwt news 5. courtis: another news tonight indiana governor mike pence has ordered all flags at state facilities to be flown at half staff to honor a sheriff' s deputy killed in the line of duty. howard county deputy carl koontz died at an indianapolis hospital after being shot about 12:30 this morning. he and his partner, sergeant
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arrest warrant at a mobile home park when they were met with gunfire. both officers were wearing body armor. koontz had been a deputy less than 3 years. >> carl will be missed. we appreciate any prayers and support that anyone out there can give us because we really need the prayers of the people that we serve. courtis: the unidentified suspect was also killed in the gunfire. sergeant buckley is listed in stable condition and is alert. a prayer vigil was held today for a high school basketball team. after their bus was side-swiped as they made their way to a state semifinal game. people gathered to sing, pray and just celebrate life in griffith, indiana. 27-members of the griffith high school boys basketball team were on the bus, a distracted driver is being blamed for hitting the bus and causing the bus to roll into a ditch.
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they are thankful to be alive. >> i had to cry, just started crying because it was a scary thing for me. something i' d never wanna witness again. >> sore. we' re all sore. but other than that, there' s no serious injuries. courtis: one of the team' s coaches remains in the hospital but his injuries are said to be non life threatning. -- life-threatening. four people, including at least one child, died in a fire in louisville. police say officers responded to the flames just before three this afternoon. police have launched an arson investigation. they haven' t given a motive or said how the 4 victims are connected. police have arrested two men in a robbery at a goshen township smoke shop. they responded to smokes and things on dick flynn boulevard just before 7:30 last night. investigators say 36-year-old walter feiler pretended to buy an item.
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when the clerk opened it. police say 39-year-old bryan hilderbrant served as the getaway driver. both are charged with robbery in clermont county. williamstown police need your help tracking down two men who tried to rob a gas station. police say these men tried to walk into the marathon on 36-west last night. but workers had already locked the door. police say they ran off toward the ark parking lot. they were wearing hoodies one of the men reportedly had a silver revolver. if you recognize them, call williamstown police. a six hour standoff in lexington is over and a 17-year-old boy is now in police custody. officials say the boy was arrested and charged with robbery and assault after a shooting at a shopping mall. a 19-year-old was shot in the leg at the mall. the standoff happened at a lexington area apartment complex .
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around 7 this morning. a portion of a building in over the rhine comes crashing down. it happened in the 1200 block of walnut street. near 13th. this was the scene this afternoon just before 1:30. now you can see the side of the building crumblng to the ground. luckily there were no injuries . . we' re told the building is abandoned. the xavier musketeers looking to advance in the sweet sixteen. taking on wisconsin. the badgers and muskies went back-and-forth. george vogel' s life in our newsroom with yet another heartbreaking loss for a cincinnati team. george: the game was tied with two seconds left. wisconsin had the ball out of brown' s. -- out of bounds.
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pointer from a corner. it was a tough shot. and seat of a rules do not allow us to show it to you tonight. xavier was up nine points six minutes ago but it is wisconsin coming back for the win. we will hear about the to check coming with sports. it is just unreal. from the newsroom i am george vogel. courtis: we will have a lot of talk about in sports rock tonight. a long standing tradition here in cincinnati where people start lining up early in the morning. to get their bellies full. wlwt news 5' s richard chiles has more on the goodness that is the original italian dinner. reporter:
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of italy have hosted the sacred heart church italian dinner. >> we' ve enjoyed each other, we' ve enjoyed business and share those things together along with our family heritage, where our parents came from, all of that stuff is very important to us. it' s a bond that holds us together. reporter: and for 105 years the camp washington community has served their plates with heaping helpings of ravioli, meatballs, spaghettii, sauce, comradere and love. >> this is a whole different level. theres a lot of craziness right now. this meal has been a fellowship from generation to generation. >> my parents came off the boat, so its neat to keep the tradition alive here. its really nice. reporter: like the cooking, the
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plenty of leftovers to share. >> i came with my girlfriend, they' ve been coming here for like 8 years. it' s really good food here so i said i' ll give it a try. why not. reporter: it' s a simple recipe really, 500 gallons of red sauce, 23,000 meetballs, 200 and twenty thousand raviolli, stir in some laughter, a pinch of joy, and a lot of friendship simmering for years, and serve. with jason sperry, richard chiles wlwt news 5. courtis: this is a tradition. the dinner has been going on since 1911. let us take you out to blue ash. a new spin on the traditional easter egg hunt. this one was held in the pool at the ymca. the great underwater egg hunt as they called was held this afternoon. parents were allowed to help their little swimmers. find eggs that were scattered all over the pool.
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after the egg hunt. president obama and the first family making a historic visit today. their visit now marking nearly 90 years since a u.s. president has been to cuba. who the president is expected to meet with. and ohio governor john kasich making it clear he' s not bowing out or backing down the position he says he will not take. erik: temperatures on the cool side currently sitting at 39 degrees. today' s palm sunday. the first day spring. easter is right around the corner.
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you' re watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 leading the way. courtis: we are continue on falling some breaking news after a deadly crash near the combs helh bridge. eastbound to 75 is shut down just before the bridge. -- eastbound275
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just before the bridge. with no word on when the highway will open. president obama arrived in cuba today for a historic visit. he will spend two and a half day there even meeting with president raul castro. jay gray is in havana with that story. reporter: president obama is in cuba tonight, his trip to havana, the first for a sitting american president in nearly a century. traveling with the first family, the president spent sunday afternoon as a tourist. taking in some of the rich history here, while the classic cars, and historic architecture, for many, define this city, right now, there is a new, and different rhythm. an old vona. >> it' s an amazing place. the people are very friendly. i didn' t expect that. the barbary coast jazz ensemble, from dartmouth college, is playing cuba for the first time, their tour, coincidentally, coming as president obama makes his historic trip, but for this band, this gig isn' t about
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>> the real point is people-to-people when you get to that point, it doesn' t matter what the government says or thinks. reporter: that contact comes a bit easier now, with diplomatic ties restored, and travel ll find more americans on the streets of havana. and it' s clear, fortunes are changing for the cuban people, --. >> it' s been 50 years without relations with the north american government. it looks like within the past year, more things will change than within the last 50 years. reporter: restaurant owner miguel angel morales calls it the beginning of a long story between the two countries, one of the most important chapters, president obama' s historic visit this week, jay gray nbc news havana, cuba. courtis: meanwhile back in
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over the supreme court nominee. mitch mcconnell discussed his position on meet the press. the president nominated d.c. judge merrick garland to replace late justice antonin scalia. senator mcconnell told host chuck todd he would' ve approve a -- he will not approve a lame duck president' s nomination. miss maccallum: -- mitch mcconnell: this senate' s not doing nothing during this election season, but we' re not giving a lifetime appointment to this president on the way out the door to change the supreme court for the next 25 or 30 years. courtis: senator mcconnell said he hoped the next president would pick a judge who' s less liberal than garland. he also said he would support whichever republican earns the party' s presidential nomination. courtis: presidential hopefuls
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trying to woo voters there. more violence has marred donald trump' s rallies this weekend. his rival, ted cruz asking his supporters to reconsider. ohio governor john kasich is adamant that despite what anyone says he will not drop out nor will he be anyone' s running mate. >> earlier in the week you totally ruled out ever being donald trump' s running mate. john kasich: under no circumstances. what, are you people kidding me? >> alright, what about ted cruz? john kasich no. : i' m not going to be anybody' s running mate. i' m running for president. courtis: arizona and utah voters go to the polls on tuesday. cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. erik: today it was the first day of spring and it was a little chilly out there. maybe cold is going a little bit too far. colder than average. it is going to stay that way.
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not going to take very long for that to happen. as we head into tuesday we get a taste of the mild weather. it hangs around for the majority of the week until friday when a mother percent cold air comes in. all there is going to be on the chilly side. it is going to be the chill -- the coldest night of the week. not bad for march and much better than what we saw in january and february. winds out of the northwest at 30 miles per hour. if he is a windchill of 31 degrees. 63 degrees in not healthy. 63 degrees and loveland. -- in loveland. if you spot even colder than that. 35 in wilmington. many of us will break the freezing mark tonight if not be a few degrees below that. many of us tomorrow morning are in the mid-to-upper 20' s. a cold start today. but with the help of some sunshine, things will warm up.
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nashville. that is bring rain to portions of indiana. we have been dry today. a big northeastern taking shape on the east coast. that is taking to see. high pressure is going to move in. clearing out our skies and delivering some milder weather. for tomorrow it is going to be on the cooler side too. not as cold as today but by the afternoon closing in on 50 degrees. we will see a nice sunny day with a few extra clouds building in towards the afternoon. futurecast showing clear skies and i. as we head on to the morning will see some sunshine. i the afternoon a few high clouds will build in. overall it should not be a problem for any of us. a quiet day in a nice start to the week. on tuesday we see quite a bit of sunshine and temperatures in the lower 60' s. we also see a stiff wind out of the south.
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-- per hour. it is also going to be a breezy day. on wednesday we build in a few more class. on thursday we see some showers and perhaps thunderstorms. tonight is sweet seven degrees. -- is 27 degrees. tomorrow will break into the 50' s. your seven-day forecast, tuesday is a little bit better. breezy but better essex e3. wednesday at 62 with a few more clouds there. i thursday showers and thunderstorms with a high of 71. back into the 50' s and 60' s as we head into easter weekend. courtis: a truck tire slams through a man' s windshield on the expressway, and he gets away with just a scratch. andrew bruce, from northwest indiana, says he made a split-second decision when he saw something headed for his car. he says veering left probably
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>> i thought what is that? the very next thing i see is a tire, full size tire, spinning vertically, not wobbling or anything like that, bounce in front of my car. courtis: can you imagine that. andrew' s wife says she' s lost two close family members in the past 8 years. so she didn' t want to imagine what could' ve happened. andrew says he just hopes the situation serves as a reminder for other drivers to check their tires before someone gets hurt. courtis: apple is expected to go small in its spring headliner at -- news conference. the headliner at monday' s event is expected to be a smaller version of the i-phone, followed by a smaller version of the i-pad pro. apple is hosting the event at its cupertino campus, which is smaller than other apple venues. in a look at the weekend box office.
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on to its top spot for the third straight week. the animal story brought in another 38 million dollars this weekend. the divergent series' latest installment allegiant opened with 29 million. and jennifer garner' s new movie, miracles from heaven exceeded expectations claiming the third spot. it earned 15 million dollars its debut weekend. now speaking of movies. a spectacular piece of jewelry once worn by a child movie star is headed to the auction block. shirley temple' s blue diamond ring will be auctioned off next month. the 9 and a half carat blue diamond ring was a gift from her father when she was just 12-years-old. it is estimated the ring will get between 25 and $35 million. george: i wanted they use money to buy that -- how they use
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it just continues for cincinnati teams. we' ll hear from the projected head coach chris mack about the loss.
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is there a full george: cincinnati fans i don' t know why keeps happening but welcome back. xavier loses on a less -- last second shot to wisconsin. their magical run and sooner than expected. anything can happen in march tonight. 66-63 wisconsin. they hit a three off of the corner in a inbounds play. they cannot close the field. that is its for the musketeers' season. i wish i could show you that
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showing any of the videos from the games until midnight. xavier could' ve done a better job. -- on the free-throw line. but a lot of things could' ve made a difference no doubt about that. you feel bad for about the xavier seniors because this is it for them. coach chris mack talked about this and more after the loss. >> obviously, not the outcome we expected or wanted. a really tough locker room. i told the players in the locker room that the sun will shine tomorrow. it does not feel like it but it also it -- but it always does. i' m just grateful we had a good season. it was hard to end this way. i give him all the credit in the row. taking to -- making to dagger threes in the last minutes of
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george: after an offense if all they got -- shout to get the book ball back to wisconsin. they do it again. they, shallot they took out -- the number two seed in the tournament. they did not make it past the second round in dreams of a final four are going to have to wait. now that you see are they bright lights of las vegas calling head coach mick cronin. according to a las vegas newspaper, the u.n.l.v. runnin rebels are interested in having cronin take over the program. the las vegas review-journal is reporting that cronin is in the mix for the runnin rebels job. in the past the vegas job has not paid what mick is making at uc, and mick has said in the past he loves coaching at home. mick has been the head man at uc
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cats the last six ncaa tournaments, and only 7 other teams have done that. former kentucky player anthony davis is shutting it down for the rest of the nba season davis has a torn labrum in his left shoulder and a left knee injury . davis plays for new orleans, and this injury could also keep him out of the summer olympics in rio. the reds consider brandon finnegan a strong contender for the starting rotation. and while one bad game in spring training isn' t going to derail that, this was a bad outing of epic proportions. the reds lost to arizona 9 to 3 finnegan allowed 6 earned run in one inning the first five batters reached base. on the positive side for the reds, devin mesoraco had a 2 run double the reds play the padres night, and impressive youngster cody reed is on the mound. we had the final round of the arnold palmer invitational and rory mcilroy was not in contention for the lead. but he didn put on a show with this putt from 59 feet.
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kevin chappell has the lead on the back 9, but jason day made a charge. and shots like this put day in contention for the win. on 18, it was day needing this par putt on 18 for the win. they -- day nerves a steal. day wins the arnold palmer by a stroke, he was 17 under par. we had nascar racing in fontana, california, danica patrick a little upset after a crack up with kasey kahne. with 3 laps to go, kyle busch cuts a tire and gets into the wall, we will have a restart. shortly after the re-start, it' s jimmie johnson taking the lead from denny hamlin and kevin harvick, johnson wins the auto club 400, his 77th career sprint cup win. he wins at home. this race means a lot to him. courtis: but so that -- let' s hope that mick does not go to vegas.
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they will. as chris mack says, be some will be up. -- the sun will be up tomorrow. erik: it will. it will be a cold start. by the afternoon 49 degrees with some sun out there. 63 come tuesday. wednesday 62 with a few extra clouds. by thursday we' re talking about a few showers and maybe some thunderstorms before getting cooler. sure the sun will rise tomorrow.
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george: thought it could not get worse for cincinnati sports teams. xavier leading up to wisconsin. another game coming down to the final tick. we' ll discuss the muskies heartbreaking loss coming up right here on sports rock brought to you by mike castrucci chevrolet . welcome in to the rock, i' m george vogel along side derek forrest and we have a full slate of college basketball to get to tonight. it is march madness and it it


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