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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  March 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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natalie? reporter: mike, fire officials say a contractor on site this morning, was doing underground work. building. a worker digging trenches hit a gas line causing the fire. >> i got a phone call from my wife saying the house was on i didn' t even believe her. i said what. are you serious? reporter: mike meredith was at work when he received a frantic phone call from his wife, around 10:30 this morning. meredith says he rushed home to find their apartment engulfed in flames. >> i had to run up to the building and it just, it does, it' s just, everything you own. i just got a brand new tv yesterday. it' s everything you own. it' s hard. it' s hard to lose everything. reporter: a construction worker hit a gas line, igniting a fire that caught a pine tree. from there the jet of flame spread to the apartment building. the apartments are more than
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the building made it more challenging to find and shut off the 2-inch gas line. >> that time frame did not contribute anything to the additional loss to the building. so, we' re grateful for that. reporter: chief bennet says considering the circumstances, things could have been worse, they stopped the fire before it spread beyond five units. when it comes to damage mike meredith says he is grateful. >> a little bit relieved. i mean, my family' s safe. that' s what' s important you know. as long as my wife' s and my dog' s safe, i' m happy. everything can be replaced. it' s just stuff. reporter: people from 12 apartments were pushed out by fire or smoke damage. the red cross is helping those families. no one was injured. natalie clark wlwt news 5. courtis: -- mike: fire departments from springdale, forest park and west chester helped fight the fire. a series of threatening facebook posts from a dater high school student set off safety concerns
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he even joked about the panic. saying ' look i' m on the news' . wlwt news 5' s andrew setters has the charges and potential consequences the teenager now faces. reporter: the teen suspect appeared in court this morning, but his parents were a no-show. that means the hearing will be held again tomorrow. threats on social media set off concerns about violence today. facebook posts said things like i' m going to be the new osama. nobody come to school tomorrow. and being a terrorist sounds fun. >> after seeing the post, i immediately called the security well as calling the s office, and they contacted the police. reporter: the 15-year-old is a 10th grade student at dater high school. dater was mentioned by name in the posts along with west high, aiken, withrow, woodward, and walnut hills. districts outside cps like colerain and mount healthy were also mentioned along with every other school in the cincinnati y' it' s not clear that the student had the means to attack the
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is a crime, and he is now charged with inducing panic and telecommunications harassment. >> this, i believe, was almost certainly a hoax, that being said, when lives are at stake we have to take it very seriously and many, many hundreds of parents and students were reacting on facebook to his comments. reporter: along with the criminal charges he is facing, the student is also facing a recommendation for expulsion from school. a statement from the district reads quote whether actual harm was intended or not, this is a very serious infraction. it caused a lot of angst among parents and students and its being taken very seriously. from mount auburn, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mike: if the parents of this teenager don' t show up again tomorrow morning, the court will appoint a guardian to represent him during the legal process. cincinnati isn' t the only school district dealing with threats of violence. in campbell county, what one student said sent more than a thousand students and staff scrambling to another school building. news 5' s todd dykes is live in alexandria, kentucky with more
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reporter: add campbell county middle to the list of schools that have had to evacuate students because of a potentially dangerous situation. and for students and parents this has been a day of disruption, fear and frustration. it' s not a video game. we are not playing a game here. reporter: that' police chief describing what prompted the evacuation of 1300 students and staff members at campbell county middle school. >> we had a child that made several threats that he had an explosive device in a backpack in his locker. reporter: chief mike ward says the 14-year-old told a handful of classmates about the backpack. some of those students alerted school leaders. as a result, students were bused to campbell county high school, the teenage suspect was taken s bomb squad determined the backpack was harmless. but students like alex clark say the impact will be long-lasting. >> it' i don' t want to go back in
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i mean, i don' t want to have to deal with the whole messed up schedule. i don' t want to have to deal with the possibility that another bomb might be in there and blown up. i don' t want to have to deal with that. reporter: alex' s mom is grateful her son is safe. >> it' s terrifying. you know, you get a text from your kid, and you can tell he' s obviously scared. reporter: but she wishes the school district had notified her sooner. the ordeal began at 10 a.m. kristina clark says she didn' t get an alert until after 11:30. assistant superintendent kerry hill understands miss clark' s concerns but says safety comes first. then it' s a matter of messaging. >> we want to make sure we report facts, as timely as we can, but we definitely don' t want to report misinformation which can create more problems for you as a district. reporter: when i talked to chief ward this morning he said the student accused of making the threats was being very uncooperative, even laughing about the situation. we spoke again this afternoon. the chief telling me the student is finally talking about the incident in a more serious
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todd dykes, wlwt news 5. courtis: -- mike: school leaders credit first responders for handling today' s scare so quickly. they' re also grateful other students were willing to speak up and let teachers and the school resource officer know about the threatening statements. funeral arrangements are now set for a kenton county woman, who died while hiking outside of lexington this weekend. 22-year-old katie stewart fell from a cliff at a popular overlook at raven run nature sanctuary. she went to notre dame academy and was set to graduate this spring from transylvania university. katie is being remembered as one of a kind. a joyful daughter, and twin sister, with a crazy sense of humor, and an unmatched love for life. visitation for katie is this wednesday at 3:30 at saint agnes in fort wright. her funeral mass will follow at 7:00. a body found in the parking lot of a cvs on vine street in hartwell. police say there are no signs of any trauma to the body. relatives so the person' s name
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we are told it is a man known in the area. new details tonight, on a fire overnight at an apartment building in paddock hills. we are told the fire started in two basement level laundry room storage lockers. this is on reading road. firefighters were able to quickly put the fire out. all of the people were able to safely get out of the building. no word what caused the fire. new developments in the crash that sent a vehicle plumeting 100 feet off of the combs hehl bridge. tomorrow marks one week since not been able to recover the the current in the river is still too strong, but that is changing. the ohio river is beginning to -- that is changing. boone county water rescue is lining up professional divers to take on the mission. the plan is to bring in a platform with a crane and lift the vehicle. meanwhile, we' re getting a new perspective on the crash from someone who saw the car go over the edge. she says the car was pushed over by the momentum of a crashing semi. >> once it hit the left side of the wall these other cars were getting into accident and then
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of the wall and once it hit the right side the car just plunged right over. reporter: -- mike police have : not said who caused the crash, the witness thought it started somewhere in front of the semi. wlwt news 5' s brian hamrick will have the latest on the crash and the effort to identify the victim coming up at 6. new details on another deadly crash on 275 on the combs-hehl bridge. police say, 41-year-old scott petredis was killed when he was rear-ended by 35-year-old cory lippmeier. police say excessive speed and impairment contributed to the crash. and they have now charged lippmeier with . -- vehicular homicide. he is still in the hospital tonight listed in serious condition. history is unfolding today in havana, president obama. ending almost 90 years of silence between cuba and the u.s., as he sat down for talks with cuban president raul castro. president obama' s first full day in cuba began in revolution square, he laid a wreath at one of the nation' s most important
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poet jose marti. then, he walked three blocks to the revolutionary palace where he was officially welcomed by cuban president raul castro. during the reception one of the most stunning sights and sounds the cuban military band played america' s national anthem. wlwt -- president obama: for more than half a century the sight of a us president here in havana would be unimaginable. but this is a new day. mike: tomorrow president obama will address the cuban people during a speech on state-run television. new developments tonight on the november paris terror attacks. authorities say the prime suspect. has told investigators he was plotting more violence from brussels. meanwhile, new video footage released today. showing the police raid in which the suspect was captured last week. he was europe' s most wanted terrorist. as heavily armed officers
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a run for it. he' s caught. and a second man is brought out wounded in the leg. it' s not clear which is the prime suspect police were going after. authorities now believe more than 30 people were involved in the planning and preparation of the paris attacks. still ahead. apple' s big unveiling. a smaller cheaper iphone. but is it really new? we take a closer look. plus. buzzer beaters. ruining your brackets. leaving local fans in disbelief. we have new reaction from xavier players. erik: it may not -- kevin: it may not feel much like spring right now. temperatures are beginning to hedge into the right direction. i' ll have your full forecast coming up. mike: caught on camera. a juvenile joy ride. in minnesota. and there' s concrete proof of the crime.
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swiped the cement truck from a contractor then side swiped a police cruiser, while cutting through yards, witnesses say they saw the child drive around the neighborhood 6 or 7 times hooting and hollering, having a good time before police brought his fun to a end. you'
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wlwt news 5. mike: you hear a lot about the cincinnati curse, if you weren' t a believer before after the way u.c., and now xavier are both eliminated from the ncaa tournament, maybe now it' ll make you think. george vogel is in with the muskies, the day after the buzzer beater, george. george: it is unreal. xavier is feeling a lot of u.c.' s pain today. the muskies thought they were on their way to the sweet 16. they were up three of 15 seconds to play. that is when wisconsin' s koenig shoots a deep 3 to tie the game. then it is a offense of foul call on edmond sumner baird then
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the defense was good but they shot was better. wisconsin shock savior with 66-63. the senior try to have some perspective after the game. >> it was good time while it lasted. i will get over it. i would chairs is moment. , it is all good. we had a final goal but we do not get. george: there was reason to think bigger things are ahead when they want over villanova. the highest seed ever for a in the ncaa tournament. that first final four in school history was a goal. that will have to wait another season. mike: the offense of foul call was terrible. what about this curse.
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george: these late game finishes going the wrong way make you think there is something with this. this goes way back 20 years. this kind of stuff has been happening. this happened with you see with kenyon martin. andy dalton got hurt. it is going to break though. at some point. mike: we are going to celebrate. george: i hope i am still around. mike: thank you. apple unveiled the newest addition to its line of tech gadgets today. a new, four inch phone. packed with many of the features found in its larger i-phone 6. >> we are calling it the iphone se.
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the new phone starts at $399. critics call it a scam, saying this is just a revamped iphone 5-6 also unveiled a smaller, 9.7 inch i-pad pro. as well as colorful new bands for its apple watch. a new, i-phone 7 is expected in the fall. the first lady is keeping an ' eagle eye' on her offspring. in the nation' s capital. we' re talking about this first lady. she and her partner, known as mr. president. are nurturing their two eager eaglets hatched at the national arboretum. you can follow the feathered first family. you can fall them with a live eagle cam at eagles dot org. they are the first bald eagles to nest in the arboretum since 1947. cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. what a beautiful spring day it is turn out to be across the area this afternoon. that mid march 2 -- sunshine. if you look at the edge of your
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even more work over toward st. louis. temperatures running 15 degrees warmer. that is where we will be tomorrow. highs tomorrow are going to be warmer than they were today. our wins on our their weight -- are on their way to switching south. temperatures will continue to can -- to climb. the winds will climb as well. tomorrow into wednesday is going to be quite breezy. temperatures regionally speaking, notice that 40 line -- 49 in columbus. if you get closer to hoosier state near indianapolis and bloomington. officially here at the airport we are holding at 52 degrees. pre-close to where we should be for this time of the year. look at this, look at the dew point. at 25.
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sun goes down, it will turn chilly this evening. it is going to cool off after the sun goes down after 530. -- 5:30. look at this very quiet on the weather map. along the ohio valley. other than a few clouds, not much out there to really speak of. it is going to be like this for several days before we talk about significant weather around here. if you look at futurecast, it is quite to now, -- it is quite tonight -- quite tonight. even our wednesday is going to start off on the quiet side. as we headed towards the middle the week will hit some clouds as a get into the day on wednesday. the next opportunity for rain of any real significance does not get here until thursday. 35 for low tonight.
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tomorrow is going to have plenty of sunshine. we' ll will have a delightful spring day. a little bit on the windy side. look at those temperatures. back up there in the 60' s tomorrow. we are in the 60' s on wednesday. a be even pushing closer to 70 out there. it will not be quite as chilly. there is your rain chance on thursday. we call down on friday. right now everything works out as scheduled. we should have a very nice easter weekend around here. maybe a little bit of a chilly start on saturday. by saturday afternoon we are in the 60' s. it will be on 7 -- around 70 on sunday. so those easter egg hunts should be in good shape. mike: we will take it thank you. two high school students. in a rented plane. when the engine fails. with a 17-year-old at the
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mike: a teenage pilot forced to save himself and his girlfriend when the engine fails on their rented plane. it happened in wichita, kansas. 17-year-old christian dell doesn' t remember landing the plane. or crawling out with a broken nose and cheekbone. he says his engine conked out as he and his girlfriend were headed home from nashville. >> we were trying to restart it, but yea it wasn' t, it didn' t restart. mike: the emergency training kicked in as he missed homes and power lines clipped a tree and crash landed the plane on the 14th hole of a golf course. his girlfriend walked away with a concussion and some minor scrapes. be careful what you ask for. a uk research council wanted the public' s help to name a new research ship. it is a state-of-the-art $300 million vessel. and so far the number one
5:25 pm
. the research council did specify the names are quote suggestions only. a 9-year-old fresno, california girl, is hoping to shatter a world record with the number of books she' s collecting. danay ferguson, spearheaded a 24 hour book drive. to fight illiteracy. danay and hundreds of volunteers collected more than 280,000 books. all while 360 cameras caught all the action for guinness world records. >> we did it. >> we are tired but we are excited and running on adrenaline. >> my first goal was to share my passion of reading.,my goal now is to make sure every kid has a book. guinness is still reviewing the books to see if it qualifies for a world record. mike: comedian amy schumer showing her heart is as big as her smile. she and a group of friends got tickets to see ' hamilton' in new york. at intermission they ordered a round of drinks for $77 and that'
5:26 pm
hit with a real showstopper. they paid with a credit card, card clip, and it said ' amy wants to make sure you get a . m she used to bartend back in the day. hysterical and smart, but she' s incredibly generous. mike: a thousand dollar tip. split among the bartenders. not a bad way to bring down the curtain. a victim'
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remembering a fallen you' re watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 leading the way. mike: the family of a st. bernard man, beaten to death in his home, is not happy with the sentence for the man' s attackers. carl engel suffered for at least 3 hours before he died, and his children want the defendants to suffer too. wlwt news 5' s jenell walton is live from the courthouse with the story jenell?
5:30 pm
accepted a plea deal with --. one being sentenced to 37 years another 10 years. the victim' s family says they should have been put to death. >> he took my dad' s life for $400. reporter: cynthia koehler says she wanted judge nadine allen to give the defendants james kirby, mario lewis and chasidy brewer, the maximum sentence, even though the prosecutor agreed to a plea deal. >> our interpretation of the law is that she definitely had some judicial discretion in which she could have imposed some additional time. reporter: prosecutors say 73-year-old carl engel was severely beaten by kirby. >> he had been beaten for an extended period of time with such items as a can inside of a sock used as like a swinging club, a coffee maker, a five gallon bucket of driveway sealer. reporter: engel' s son says his dad suffered for at least three hours before he died. prosecutors say kirby removed engel couldn' t call for help. >> the assault went down two
5:31 pm
kitchen with blood sprayed all over the walls and the ceiling and down the stair case into the kitchen. reporter: brewer, who served as the lookout during the burglary, cried in court as she apologized to the victim' s family. she was sentenced to 10 years for trying to burn evidence before she was caught. >> i don' t know what else to say but i' m sorry. a third accomplice, mario lewis, also apologized. however, he became upset when engel' s family asked the judge to give him the maximum sentence. >> they want to sit there and say certain assaults toward me that they don' t even know the real truth too. at least i was the one that actually came to the detectives and told them the whole truth about the whole situation in the first place. reporter: lewis was sentenced to 14 years in prison. the longest sentence was 37 years for kirby.
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mike: engel' s children says their father knew his murderer. they say their dad was friend' s with james kirby' s ex-girlfriend. the sex abuse trial for a former xavier assistant basketball coach will now start next month. bryce mckey is accused of getting a female player drunk at his home, then making sexual advances. the victim' s father also alleges mckey offered money to avoid charges. his new trial date is set for april 11 in kenton county. flags are at half-staff on indiana state buildings today to honor the sacrifice of howard county deputy carl koontz. officials say a suspect shot him while he was serving a warrant yesterday. the county held a moment of silence for deputy koontz a day after he died. koontz also served as a school resource officer. >> he was really sweet. there was this kid in our grade with disabilities in our grade and he would always give him hugs and high 5s and tell him how cool he was. mike: the school is now wearing
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through t-shirts. a go-fund-me page for his wife and 8th-month -old son has already raised $33,000. flags will remain at half-stuff until sunset on the day of koontz' s funeral. 150 firefighters battled flames in indianapolis. fire investigators believe the fire at the flying j truck stop started outside a denny' s restaurant nearby. a couple of workers tried to put out the fire in a grease container. but eventually everyone had to get out. the fire caused four million dollars in damage. but no one was hurt. no details on what caused it. a high school basketball team, involved in a bus rollover, says they still want to play. their assistant coach remains in the hospital in indianapolis. investigators say a driver, trying to pick up a spilled drink, side-swiped the bus on i-65. the griffith team was headed to a state semifinal at the time. the game is rescheduled for wednesday night. the coach says players still need doctors'
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a police chase ended in a crash in glendale early this morning. two suspects are now in the hospital. police were investigating suspicious activity in the area of reading and hauck when the driver took off. police say they crashed about four this morning on the 200-block of east sharon road. investigators say the car jumped railroad tracks hit a pole and a gas light. fox -- >> glendale is known for their gaslight district here, which is why you can smell the natural gas. and finally came to rest, as you can see, down there by that house. there was some damage done to a nearby business here. police say the suspects may have been trying to rob someone. they' re being treated for non-life threatening injuries at west chester medical center. investigators have not released their names yet. kentucky' s attorney general is warning of a growing scam. andy beshear says more con artists are claiming to be sheriff' s deputies. beshear says scammers will call people and offer to take care of an arrest warrant, if you pay them. the sheriff' s offices in boone kenton and campbell county are
5:35 pm
about the scam. they say they' ll never call for warrants. and you should report any scams to them. police believe the same people committed two robberies at the same clermont county gas station. state troopers arrested three people, after the latest robbery at the speedway on state route 131 in miami township. they say the suspects entered the store with a knife and emptied the cash register. robert steele and benjamin pendleton are due in court tomorrow on aggravated robbery charges. stephanie fletcher is charged with complicity. in commitment 2016 the leading pro-israel group is hearing from candidates. sally kidd is in washington where a group of rabbis they will boycott trump speech.
5:36 pm
donald trump try to root -- woo establishment republicans. >> we talked about jobs, the supreme court, we talked about national defense. reporter: 15,000 activists gathered to hear from the candidate. >> i' m here as a candidate for president. hillary clinton blasted trump as unqualified to be president. >> we need steady hands not a president the says he is neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday, and who knows what on wednesday. because everything is negotiable. thought from: she is not know anything about my policy. her policies obviously didn' t work. look at libya look at anything you want to look at. reporter: trump came under fire saying that you will remain neutral in the is -- israel
5:37 pm
>> neutral means different things in different context. >> this is already drawing contrasts with trump on this issue in particular. as well as a whole bunch of other issues with regard to tone. reporter: bernie sanders was the only presidential candidate not at today' s event. instead he is campaigning in arizona and utah and head of -- ahead of tomorrow' s contest. mike: trump and clinton are expected to win in arizona. crews -- ted cruz and sanders are leading in areas -- utah. mike: senate republicans are still refusing to vote on president obama' s nominee for the u.s. supreme court. kentucky senator, majority leader mitch mcconnell says merrick garland is too liberal
5:38 pm
s not about the judge. >> this is about who should make the appointment. we' re in the process of picking a president. and that new president ought to make this appointment which will affect the supreme court maybe for the next quarter century. >> portman, take a stance. do your job. mike: today liberal groups held more than 50 events, nationwide, to protest the senate' s refusal. more than two dozen people took part in the do your job rally in columbus today. ohio u.s. senator rob portman is standing with other republicans, who won' t approve garland. the groups are focusing on local gop offices while the senate is on break. happening tomorrow apple will face-off with the fbi in the california court. the justice department wants apple to unlock the phone of the san bernardino shooter. apple says that would compromise security on all iphones in the
5:39 pm
the federal judge will hear from both sides. mike: harry black is saying that the city exceeded revenues last month. they made a $.3 million. more than expected in february. the march -- the majority of that is higher than expected income taxes. and also saving money on ems through surplus. a new ad campaign hoping to encourage more people to travel to the buckeye state. a new 32nd tv tourist spot will air. it will feature the ohio find it here rand. the ads are meant to highlight the attractions for people living in the state. gas prices are up more than $.20 in ohio compared to last month. aaa reported the average price
5:40 pm
a drop in gasoline supplies has contributed to the jump. firefighters rally behind their brothers and sisters in need. plus preparing your family before severe storms hit the spring. the best toll sustained top of this year storms. and how to know the difference between watches and warnings. kevin: we had a chilly weekend around here, we are replacing it with much milder and more springlike weather. i' ve a full look at your
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you' re watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 leading the way. mike: local chefs are donating thousands of dollars to the general rabbit hash rebuilt. the food network' s butcher babe created the artwork for the store. the bash raise more than $11,000 to renovate the store.
5:44 pm
fire destroyed the store on valentine' s day. the department is worrying special t-shirts for down syndrome awareness. today they donated nearly a thousand dollars to the local association from the shirt sales. >> there are probably about a half a dozen firefighters and some other fire departments in the state to have kids with down syndrome. they care very passionately about it. mike: the local down syndrome association has hosted several parties. they will also host a triathlon coming up in may. with spring officially here we know that spring storms will happen in just a matter of time. the weather team is partnering with the hamilton co emergency management office for severe weather awareness week. here' s wlwt news 5' s meteorologist jennifer schack to help keep you safe in the storms. reporter: you may hear us use
5:45 pm
watch and warning, but knowing the difference between them is a big help in planning your day and staying safe. severe weather is guaranteed each year here in cincinnati and staying safe takes work from everyone. >> the call to action tells people to take cover right now. reporter: cincinnati is subject to all types of severe weather and in every case the terms watch and warning are used. a watch means conditions are favorable for inclement weather. a watch can be in effect for 4 or more hours. watches are used to alert people to the potential for storms, tornadoes, floods, and even snow. a warning means inclement weather is imminent or being observed. they are often issued for a shorter period of time when a location is under the greatest threat. watches and warnings are issued by the national weather service . >> our mission is the protection of life and property and nothing highlights that more than issuing severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings. reporter: once issued, our team
5:46 pm
the public. the most obvious format for coverage is through tv but we also have a suite of products online to keep everyone safe, everywhere. the wlwt app is the best way to keep you safe from your phone. once you' ve downloaded the app, go to the weather page. alerts and closings are right at the top. just below the interactive radar and latest video forecast. at the top of the app, if we are on tv because of severe storms or tv because of severe storms or tornadoes, the coverage will be availabele to watch streaming right from your phone. last year alone the national weather service office, issued more than 140 severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings for greater cincinnati area. reporter: knowing the difference between a watch and a warning, along with taking precautions seriously are key factors for everyone remaining safe. throughout this week we' ll talk about ways to prepare for severe weather and the biggest threats here in cincinnati. jennifer schack wlwt news 5. mike: tomorrow, jennifer will
5:47 pm
severe thunderstorms, and the role lightning plays. it is springtime. as we get 02 kevin robinson, a day like they -- today . kevin: ali up to do is look back over the past couple of years. he take this time of the year march is synonymous with wild swings of weather. i can think just with my six years of being here, we' ve had snow, tornadoes. we' ve also had it widespread flooding. year. weather. again as jennifer mentioned, it is just the beginning of severe weather season here in the greater cincinnati metro area. but today is probably the far this thought from your mind. many of us are still wearing morning. you might so need a light jacket this evening as temperatures s
5:48 pm
it is going to be a crisp and cool night. so the cool air from the weekend is finally on the retreat. can see some snow showers across new england today. high pressure is going to be in charge of our weather for the next couple days. it should bring in some mild and breezy weather. the storm system will not live here in till thursday. it is all the way out in the rockies. it would take several days to get here. we' ll see temperatures begin to climb considerably proceeding that. it does not feel like spring today but tomorrow it will. as we head into your wednesday, it will as well. compared to 24 hours ago, our temperatures are about 5-7 degrees warmer. tomorrow, i expect our temperatures to jump about 10 degrees. that will take us from where we are in the low 50' s today to the
5:49 pm
s out to kansas city and springfield. get ready for springlike whether to return. it is 52 right now at the airport. the dew point is that 25. the air is very dry. our weather is going to be very quiet tonight. tomorrow will be a windy day as winds returned to the area. it is going to be quite overnight on tuesday and overnight on wednesday. we' ll see an increase of clouds across the area. our next opportunity for rain will not arrive until thursday. 35 for low tonight. clear and chilly out. tomorrow is mostly sunny breezy and mild. we can see sustained winds of 10-20. here' s a look at your day planner. 37 after a chilly start. will be 57 by lunchtime. here' s a look at your seven-day forecast, it will be much milder here for the rest of the week.
5:50 pm
a cold out on friday. time for easter over the weekend. sunday. it looks like we will hold the rain off until monday. mike: a new warning about letting your teenge drivers hit the roads alone. the conversations you should have before they get behind the wheel and what you should keep out of the car. plus bright new train cars are pulling into taiwan. why the country decided to launch the new hello kitty train. i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for honeysuckle white . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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mike: investigating teenage driving tonight. a new study suggests nagging parents could keep their kids safe. the most common ages for premature deaths are 16 and 17. because teenagers are driving for the first time. aaa says teen carpooling can be the most dangerous. if teen drivers have a passenger younger than 21 in their car they' re 44% more likely to die in a crash. the risk increases with more passengers. >> let them know that you care. the advantage of a contract with your teen in which you stipulate the rules and the consequences for violating the rules is not that the child will obey them,
5:54 pm
monitor the child. mike: experts say you should give your kids a wide variety of driving experiences. and talk with them about distractions and putting the phone away when they' re behind the wheel. if you have an older kindle you still plan to use, you' ll need to update it by tomorrow. amazon says kindles made before 2013 that you haven' t updated will lose their internet connection. if you miss the deadline you' ll need to manually download the update. newer devices will update automatically via wi-fi. passengers in taiwan could take their first ride on a new hello kitty themed train today. fans could also take pictures with a life-sized mascot of the japanese cartoon in front of the new train. taiwan hopes the hello kitty train will attract more people to rail travel, especially from other countries. they also plan to add more themed trains in the future. t get to see his latest
5:55 pm
affleck told the associated press four is too young for superman versus batman. he joked he may have to bribe a film editor to provide a shorter version for his son. without the scariest stuff. nearly one week ago a car plunged into the ohio river. we still do not know the identity of the driver but we got more information from what happened from a person who saw the crash unfold.
5:56 pm
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5:58 pm
how from cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 leading the way. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] this is wlwt news 5 at 6:00. mike: a construction crew hits a gas line catching a nearby apartment complex on fire. a look at the efforts that prevented this fire from being much worse. >> you to see go over. you do not know what to do. mike: a horrific crash that sent a car to the bottom of the ohio river. tonight a woman who was on the
5:59 pm
recounts those scary moments. that is where we begin. you developments in the crash that sent the car into the ohio river. the current is so strong that crews have not been able to recover the vehicle. brian hamrick has the latest in a new perspective on -- from someone who saw it all. reporter: the conditions of the river are getting better. they are still not enough. we' re learning more about how the vehicles lost off of the bridge and somebody who saw it all happen. when the car plummeted off the bridge, even for those who saw happen, it would not register. >> not at all. i cannot believe it. alyssa irvin was right behind the semi. >> i was to cars behind the semi.
6:00 pm
somewhere ahead of the truck and in the semi began to skip. -- two skin. -- to skid. she felt helpless as the vehicle disappeared over the edge. quest i did not think it would go over. once i saw it happen i said oh man. i do not know what to do. reporter: when the traffic stops, witnesses say that the chaos continues. >> once i got out, there is all these other cars. the lady next to me was screaming. i was very scared. reporter: all of the cars have been impounded. the owners have not been able to have them assessed or take a picture yet. meanwhile the way continues to recover the vehicles from the river. divers need to continue to run no faster than one miles per hour. lastly goes measured at five miles per hour.


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