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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  March 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 at noon. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] mark: continuing live coverage of breaking news. dozens killed, dozens more hurt in terrorist attacks in belgium. bombings at the airport and the subway. the world reeling in the aftermath. >> we can and we will defeat those who threaten the security of people all around the world. mark: right now at noon -- team coverage of the impact in europe and right here at home. terror in belgium. you' ve been watching breaking news coverage from nbc news all morning long. lisa: here is the latest. isis has claimed reponsibility for the attacks. 31 people have been killed, more blasts.
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targeting the subway. the attacks come as president obama is in cuba. and vice president biden is right here in cincinnati. we' ve learned that a group of uc students are in belgium but are safe, and were not near the attacks. we have live team coverage of all of the developments, beginning with mark barger with the latest on the attacks themselves. >> bristles when into lockdown this morning after a series of city in attack. >> we felt a small blast of air , we heard some flooding in the distance, the metro immediately stopped and the lights turned off, the engine turned off, and message came over the intercom saying there' d been a disturbance on the line. >> officials raise the terror threat level, shut down all look transport in the belgian capital, and advise locals to
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belgians federal prosecutor said one of the two excursions likely caused by suicide bomber, and all three blasts were acts of terrorism. the prime minister called today a dark moment for the country, and world leaders swiftly alleged solidarity, including president obama, who is on a historic trip to cuba. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, belgian, in bringing support -- and bring to justice those responsible. >> arrayed on friday captured europe' s most wanted man in connection with the november paris attacks that killed 130 people. the terror group isis is claiming responsibility for today' s explosion. mark barger, nbc news. mark: the images out of brussels have many local families on edge, as they await to hear from their loved ones. we know a group of uc students are traveling in the country. wlwt news 5' s jenell walton is live at uc, with the latest from the school. jenell. good afternoon.
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are a total of 19 students in brussels right now. they are there on spring break. the university says the students are in antwerp, belgium. that' s about 35 miles outside of brussels. the students are all safe. take a look at the students travel schedule. they arrived in paris on saturday. they took a train to brussels last night and were scheduled to visit the parlamentarium and procter and gamble today. however, the vice-president of communications at uc says the students will not head to brussels for that part of the trip. the students are traveling with professors suzanne masterson and tony salerno. greg vehr: we have 19 students and two faculty students in antwerp which is about 34 miles from brussels. they are safe and they are redirecting their plans to stay away from the scene. jenell: the uc international
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calls right now, not only from parents with students in brussels, but all students who are travelling abroad. uc says staff is working very hard to keep parents informed. they' re just relieved that those students in brussels were not injured. jenell walton, wlwt news 5. mark: thank you. we also reached out to procter and gamble today to learn more about its employees working in belgium. employees working in brussels, p&g' s global innovation centers is based there. p&g says quote -- "we are working to confirm the safety of interim have asked that employees in brussels to work from home until more information is available from the local authorities." lisa: vice president joe biden happened to be in cincinnati belgium today. mark: the vice president is in the queen city on behalf of ted
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senate. we have team coverage with his downtown. event wrapping up at noon, you some of the barricades out of the way. the vice president is on the airport. and air force to to take off for his next destination. this was to be a breakfast meeting, around 9:30 this morning, a fundraiser for democratic senate candidate ted strickland. the vice president rolling into the west and about 10:30 this morning. rick perry is to talk to some of the folks who attended that event this morning to find out what the vice president had to say about the current state of affairs in the world right now. we know that this was not likely to be part of the discussion, this breaking early this morning. something that he likely
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at the westin this morning. just wrapping up, the vice president just rolling out of the westin a little while ago, he will be on the road headed towards the airport now. reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: andrew, thank you. wlwt news 5' s richard chiles is at cvg, where the vice president flew in on air force one. -- in air force two. richard, did morning. richard: security is heightened terrorist attack. with the security bubble in place surrounding the arrival of air force two at 12:00 last night. the vice president in route to , cvg after following his remarks in downtown cincinnati. he certainly has been informed by national security advisers with president obama in cuba, updating the course on this developing situation in the threat assessment and climate right now.
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here at cvg, like airports across the nation, remains yellow. additional security is certainly in place across this airport, as people are checking in, and with vice president biden expected to arrive here relatively soon. we' ve seen the secret service bubble starting to tighten up, we have seen those making their way around this airport. you see the c-17 galaxy there as well. the vice president is certainly making his way back to cvg, anticipating, of course, the rolling traffic stops in anticipation of the motorcade. reporting live from cvg, richard chiles, wlwt news 5. mark: richard, thank you. john kasich has released a statement expressing solidarity with the people of belgium. he writes in part "along with every american, i am sickened by the pictures of carnage. we and our allies must rededicate ourselves to values of freedom and human rights. we must utterly reject the use of deadly acts of terror."
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already having a ripple effect here at home. lisa: wlwt news 5' s brian hamrick is live at cvg, with a area. brian. o' brien: did not only -- brian events in brussels have a ripple : effect across the globe, even here at cvg. but the way the attack happened the bombs went off in an area before screening. cvg and in washington -- they' re saying nothing so far. here' s what you may not know. they' re in a difficult position. they' re basically responsible for screening, making sure banned items do not go beyond they' re not responsible for policing, they call airport any security increases not related to screening will have to come from airport police. they can increase their presence. we talked with air travel expert jay ratliff. he says they can bring in more bomb sniffing dogs, but outside of checking baggage outside the terminal somewhere, there'
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much they can do to build another layer of security in the pre-check areas. travelers today are telling us incidents like brussels always gets their attention. david volnier: it' s let us revisit our security policies. that has helped. we' ve got new things like the tsa pre to ensure that we have quality travelers and they' ve checked backgrounds for travelers. i think those things have been bonuses. brian: this isn' t unprecedented. l.a.x. in los angeles had a gunman in the terminal back in 2013. the same talk about increasing security in those areas came up then, but there were no major changes live, brian hamrick, wlwt news 5. mark: brian, thank you. we will continue to lead the way on this breaking news throughout the day on the air, and online, on, and the wlwt mobile app. lisa: a mother local mother, who pleaded guilty to putting something into her son' s feeding tube, learns her fate.
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s explosion in brussels, is caught on ll take a look at the images and hear from a witness at the scene with a traveler from ohio. lisa: plus, president obama calls on countries around the world to unite against terrorism of all forms. today' s terror attack, next. randi: it finally feels like springtime. s. we have the 60' pretty windy day. along the strong wind will hang around and how they may have an
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s leading the way. lisa: good afternoon, welcome we' re following breaking news out of belgium. isis is claimed for series of explosions in reported dead. mark: nikole killion is in our washington bureau with the latest. nikole: the white house says president obama has been briefed on the brussels attacks, while justice are in touch with their belgian counterparts. the city is on lockdown this morning after explosions ripped through the airport and subway a belgian prosecutor says at
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was likely a suicide bomber. flights were canceled and diverted while the subway system s prime minister called it a "tragic moment" and appealed for calm and solidarity in the wake of the attacks. terrorist attacks and that has now happened in airport and at a metro station in brussels. nikole: in response, belgium has s terror alert to the maximum level. embassy in brussels told and bolster their personal security. in washington, mark: the nikole killion, reporting. m nikole killion, reporting. events. meantime the metro system in s no they will have k-9 teams precaution. the nypd is also reportedly stepping up its presence in new york. and in europe, several countries
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including airports in paris, romania. lisa: just an hour ago president obama weighed in on the brussels attack, saying the world stands in solidarity with brussels during this difficult time. president obama: this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together, regardless of nationality, race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. that threaten the security of people all around the world. lisa: president obama pledged to "do whatever is necessary" to help belgian authorities seek justice for those killed and wounded in explosions. mark: we' re hearing from people caught in the middle of the chaos, including jeff hoffman -- a nato worker who was at the airport at the time of the blast with his girlfriend. they also took in a traveler from ohio. hoffman did a phone interview this morning with the today show, lets listen to part of that interview. >> the three of us were actually right next to the explosion. we were waiting outside the check-in line and they wouldn' t
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everyone kind of hit the floor. the first explosion occurred to the right of me. delta airlines has its check-in. that was my guess, from what i saw. the first explosion hit and i felt the shock wave kind of hit me. basically, you kind of turn and a lot of debris just comes flying at you. i turned to her , the entire check-in queue behind the counters was, frozen in place, around. at that point, i started to move s when the second one went off, which was a little bit further away. there' s actually a starbucks in security. it was essentially right next to the starbucks. at that point, you have no doubts whatsoever was going on.
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mark: we' re staying on top of this breaking story in belgium all day long. we' ll bring you special reports on air as new information comes in about these terror attacks. and when you' re not by your tv you can keep up with the new developments on and our mobile app. lisa: just in -- former toronto mayor, rob ford has died, at age 46. he has been battling a rare, aggressive cancer in his abdomen and then bladder for the last two years. ford became internationally known, after a 2013 scandal in which he admitted to smoking crack cocaine, public drunkenness, and driving and driving. he was stripped of some of his mayoral powers. he then was elected by a landslide to a city council seat. ford then aimed for a second run as mayor, but in 2014 dropped out, announcing his cancer diagnosis. mark: new details about a crash that caused big traffic problems for the morning commute.
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for three hours this morning. after a crash just south of u.s. 27 in highland heights. the crash left roofing materials on the road, forcing traffic to pass on the shoulder. westbound lanes were also brought to a crawl by drivers slowing down to look at the crash. no word if anyone was injured. lisa: another delay for the mission to recover the car that flew off the combs-hehl bridge, into the river. mark: divers were hoping to get in the water today, but search efforts have been pushed back again to thursday or friday. rescuers say the current has to be 1.5 miles per hour. just yesterday, it was still at 2.8 miles per hour. crews are hopeful they can get the car out of the water. lisa: a 15-year-old boy is due -- a mother accused of putting something into her son' s feeding tube at cincinnati children' s hospital was sentenced today. jessica valik was sentenced to 180 days in jail, the maximum sentence for a misdemeanor. earlier this month, she plead guilty to a child endangering charge, all other charges were dismissed in the plea. valik' s 4-year-old son jax suffers from a rare and painful
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"e.b." his skin is fragile, blisters and falls off, she had brought her son from new york to cincinnati children' s for treatment. in october, 26-year-old mother, was charged with child endangering and felonious assault after she allegedly injected an unknown substance into her son' s feeding tube. her lawyer says it was benedryl, and that valik was only trying to help him. massimino ionna: the issue obviously here was that it was at the hospital while he was under their care with other medications and their concern of what can occur with that. but, no, she didn' t, she was never intending to hurt her child by doing it. she thought she was helping him. mark: jessica valik was ordered to stay away from her son and children' s hospital. valik was credited 173 days she' s served, and, will be released from jail in a week. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: he feels like spring, but
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take a look outside, the camera' s bobbing up and down. and a lot of people are on spring break trade applicable of dramamine, it' s like you' re going on vacation somewhere. 15 mile and wind at cvg, 22 mile an hour wind currently, the gusts over the last hour or so have been very close to 20 miles an hour here at the studios. we are a little higher up, we had wind gusts over the last hour of 37 miles an hour. is a very windy afternoon. we have sunshine going, 55 degrees the current temperature. sustained wind right now at 15 miles per hour. whenever you head out this afternoon, temperatures are climbing up into the 60' s. it' s going to stay quite windy. looking at the radar, you can see dry conditions all across the area. mostly clear skies as well. it is sunny but windy, and what area of concern. a red flag warning has been issued for adams county in ohio, and some counties in kentucky.
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if you have plans to burn yard waste this afternoon, not a good day to do it. accommodation of low humidity, high wind can create a problem with the firewood spread rapidly. don' t do that today, pick some thing else to do outside. 60 degrees at 2:00, 5:00, 63, windy and mild. tonight, clear and somewhat breezy. it stays mild overnight with temperatures only dropping down close to 50. futurecast shows mostly sunny skies for through the day today. tomorrow, clouds will be that will hit us on thursday. tomorrow we make a run at midair s. still on the breezy side, by thursday morning, light rain showers moving in early, spotty at times. through right around the evening commute, giving us a chance for heavier rain, maybe thunder and home from work on thursday evening. that rain is gone by sunset, colder air will work in, but it will be here for one day only.
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tonight we dipped down to 49, tomorrow, breezy through the day with increasing clouds. scattered rain early on thursday, maybe some thunder later on the day. the cold snap is friday only, a one-day cooldown as we head towards easter weekend, temperatures jumping back up towards 70 by easter sunday. mark: more delegates up for grabs in the presidential race. the details on who' s going to the polls and what it means for the candidates. lisa: plus, we' re continuing to follow the situation in brussels. the latest after bombs exploded at the brussels airport and metro stations. you'
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wl [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] mark: welcome back. we' re continuing to lead the way on breaking news. authorities have locked down the belgian capital after explosions rocked the brussels airport and the subway system this morning. the incident has left 26 people dead and injured at least 200. people can stop -- start moving around brussels now, belgium has highest level, diverting arriving planes and trains and ordering people to stay where they were. the blasts came just days after a main suspect in the november brussels.
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terror attacks in brussels on, and the wlwt mobile app. lisa: in the race for the white house. three more states are up for grabs today. utah and voting in arizona' s primary. there are 98 delegates between the two neighboring states. meanwhile, the two democratic for votes in utah and arizona. s caucus today. that adds up to 149 delegates for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. mark: how would the streetcar be impacted during crowded cincinnati events like the flying pig marathon and oktoberfest? we hope to get answers at a special city council meeting set for two this afternoon. -- 2:00 this afternoon. the transportation committee will meet to discuss a plan for the streetcar when big events are taking place. the proposed plan allows organizers of events like opening day and taste of cincinnati to request to have the streetcar shut down in certain areas, 90 days before the event. the streetcar is expected to begin operations in september. lisa: windy and warm today.
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we are talking gusts in the 30 mile an hour range right now, steady wind of 30 miles an hour. at least it' s warm and sunny. we make it into the low 60' s this afternoon, 63 degrees for the high. tonight slow is pretty close to 50. another day pretty close to tomorrow, the wind gusts shouldn' t be a strong tomorrow. rain on thursday, spotty early in the day and a couple of rumble of thunder late. : friday but we warm right back up as we get ready for the big easter weekend plans. mark: sunday looks good. that'
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