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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  March 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 "today." lisa: now at noon, several major stories breaking now. right now, a 14-year-old boy has been indicted on several charges after that shooting at madison high school. the indictments brought down by a grand jury, and the decision on if he will be charged as an adult or juvenile. another threat at north college hill school. a security guard has been arrested. mark: the middle and high
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what can you tell us? has anyone been hurt? janell: no one is hurt. the parents are all here. it is a chaotic scene as parents rushed to the high school to pick up their children. the superintendent, i talked to him, he confirmed that a security guard, a school security guard, is in custody for making the bomb threats throughout the week. this is the third time a bomb threat has been called in. the superintendent could not go into details about how they were able to make the link to the security guard, but the security guard has only been affiliated with the school for two weeks. he is a private security guard, and was hired here with other security guards, because of social media issues. the school was trying to take a proactive stance. the parents are still rushing
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just left the campus. she said the situation was getting out of hand. the school district asked the students to leave their back home. there relieved that they have someone in custody. >> we received 2 all call messages saying the school was evacuated that the children run the person has been apprehended. janell: what did you think about this happening? >> it is crazy. you can' t send your kids to school. janell: north college hill bomb threat case that has been the third one called in and parents are feeling frustrated and concerned. suspect is in custody. at two: 30 this afternoon the
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conference. the superintendent will be there to offer additional information. school is out for the rest of the day. we will keep following this story to let you know students will return tomorrow. jenell walton, wlwt news 5 . mark: two suspects in tuesday' s bombings at the brussels airport have yet to be identified. lisa: one of them is a suicide bomber. kier simmons has the latest. kier: in europe' s rain-soaked capital, soldiers questioned commuters, searching bags outside the metro. going to work is an act of defiance. frightening? >> yes. kier: you' re still determined to get to work? >> we cannot give in to fear. kier: an urgent man hunt to find killers who struck in the name
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the man in the middle has been identified as one of two brothers who died in the attacks. the suicide bomber on the is unidentified. each man is wearing a glove on investigators are working to establish why. they transported their palms to the airport in a taxi. the man with them is wanted by the police. there are questions about how the killers so easily enter the airport. there was a third bomb on the subway in our later. the cars' doors were blown out. passengers escaping on the tracks. echoing through the tunnels, screams. there are answers. just outside of brussels, a raid
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an isis flag. authorities have found additional suitcase bombs. there is mounting criticism of the european intelligence agencies for failing to prevent this attack. three american missionaries from if this kentucky couple are missing. lists. she had just been dropped off at the airport by her friend when the bombs went off. >> i saw your light followed by a huge explosion. i was stunned. kier: he is wearing the same clothing. he left his bags behind. europe has closed its eye to a rise of extremism. on the kentucky there are fears in the bluegrass for this young couple still
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aftermath. a lexington woman says she has niece' s husband. the couple was at the airport about the same time as the blast. stephanie shults is originally from lexington, and now she lives in brussels with her they were dropping stephanie' s mom off at the airport to return to the u.s. the family tells us the mother mark: we' re staying on top of the attacks, on air, online, and on your phone. and when you' re not by your tv, you can keep up with the new developments on and our mobile app. lisa: new developments today in the case of a teenager accused of firing a gun at classmates at madison junior-senior high wlwt news 5' in hamilton with what we' ve learned this morning. todd? todd: we now know the suspect, 14-year-old james austin hancock, will not be tried in adult court. a grand jury today indicted hancock on 4 counts of attempted murder, 4 more counts of assault, and one count of inducing panic. police say hancock fired a gun high school'
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month. bullets hit two of hancock' s classmates. two other students were hurt in the chaos that followed. butler county prosecutor mike gmoser said in a statement, 18 witnesses testified before the grand jury. a key factor in the case is the suspect' s age. the grand jury decided to keep the case in juvenile court, but what' s called a "serious youthful offender." that means if hancock is found guilty, he could end up staying in juvenile detention until he' s 21, and if he were to break the rules a judge could then send him to adult prison. todd dykes, wlwt news 5. lisa: the next step in the case will be james austin hancock' s arraignment in juvenile court. we are working to find out when that will happen. turning now to weather, wlwt news 5 meteorologist randi rico has cincinnati' s most accurate forecast. get afternoon. randi: it is a mild and windy
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wednesday to cross the area, lunken airport and wilmington are reporting wind in the 25 mile-per-hour range. at cvg, closer to 15-miles-per-hour. it will be a very windy afternoon. we should not see the high-end gusts that we saw yesterday, but it will be windy. the wind is coming from the south and west. it is 60 in alexandria and loveland. 61 in hamilton. we were clear this morning as far as skies go with clouds filtering in throughout the day. 2:00, windy and 64 degrees. 8:00, 60. the wind is the only issue. it is severe weather awareness week. meteorologist erik zarnitz has more on why you may have heard the sirens. erik: while severe weather and tornadoes are possible anytime of year, here in the ohio
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strongest tornadoes tend to just a few hours ago, the national weather service initiated its annual statewide tornado drill. sounding sirens across the state -- giving emergency operators, as well as businesses and schools, a chance to practice what they would do in a real emergency. taylor elementary in colerain is -- are practicing listening to the announcement, moving to a safe place, and then staying in place with their heads covered until the warning expired. >> all of our students will go into their safety place as part of three of them in the spring time, just incase there is ever a storm that would come to the city. >> it' s very dangerous, and there are many people that get hurt and stuff in it. erik: he feels a lot safer after the training. now if you want to see what goes one behind the scenes at the emergency managment headquarters ll give you a peak behind the curtain
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river police were called to this time it was on the kentucky it' s the latest issue along this stretch of interstate in the last 8 days. this latest crash sent a car through the guardrail and down . -- on the kentucky side. were taken to the hospital it' s not clear how serious their injuries are. this is coming less than a day after a trailer tipped over on the interstate shutting down eastbound side for 3 hours. another accident near the combs hehl bridge over the weekend proved deadly. a rear-end wreck on 275 east near kellog killed scott petredis. cory lipmeier is charged with aggravated vehicular homicide after police suspected he was speeding and driving while impared during that crash. we may have to wait even longer to get answers about the crash that sent a car off the combs hehl bridge last tuesday. the car is still sitting at the bottom of the river, since the
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conditions too dangerous to try to recover the vehicle and confirm who is inside. investigators believe they know released that person' s name. mark: an early morning mulch the president' s trip to cuba. mark: some are saying the president should have canceled the rest of his trip in the wake of the terror attacks in brussels. who is calling them out, and how they say the president should have responded. 60' s but on the windy side. the grass will grow starting tomorrow because we have rain
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lisa: president obama made in order while visiting cuba. mark: a major sticking point us how the president wrapped up his day by joining raul castro for a baseball game featuring the national team. the president said he was not going to let terrorism disrupt his schedule. governor kasich was one of the president' s decision.
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terror situation. i think being not in the country rallying support behind our friends in europe is a mistake. in addition to that, to make sure that we develop worldwide intelligence capability that will allow us to be able to seek out who these people are. mark: the president continued with his trip to argentina. he landed there this morning. the u.s. supreme court is in session. they will hear arguments on the affordable care act contraceptive mandate. dozens lined up outside the supreme court hoping to get a seat inside for the proceedings. it is whether nonprofit religious groups must provide insurance that covers contraceptives. president obama has offered a compensation meant to respect their religious beliefs. they say that isn'
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a mulch fire is putting a restaurant out of commission. a cigarette was thrown into a mulch bed sparking a fire. the fire spread to the business' s office. crews have not given an estimate on the damage. cincinnati police need your help to catch an armed robber. it happened earlier this month at the advanced auto parts store on west mitchell avenue around 7:30 on march 2. police say the man walked in, and showed the clerk on duty a gun, demanding cash. police say the suspect even cut the store' s phone lines while the clerk filled a bag with money from the register. he then took off in a gold or tan colored suv with tinted windows. if you know who this is call police. lisa: in "commitment 2016" news, john kasich is winless in the latest round of contests. ted cruz ran away the vote in utah. it was a winner take all. for trump, 58 delegates.
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whether democrats, there were three contests. senator bernie sanders will earn 2 wins with idaho and utah. hillary clinton won arizo na. a new kitchen in over the rhine could be cooking up the next great treat or restaurant empire. mark: the ribbon was cut today on the findlay kitchen, which will be home to start-ups in need of kitchen space. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters has more. good afternoon. andrew: the findlay kitchen sits across the street from findlay market. the great combination of access to great, fresh produce and a crowd of foodies eager to eat what they make is a recipe for success. that is what they are hoping. this is a business incubator, where ideas are really allowed to simmer. the findlay kitchen was funded entirely by private donations,
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new ideas and new businesses. this 8,000 square foot building was rehabbed and turned into a community kitchen, where entrepreneurs who are in need of space and kitchen equipment can find a place to work. beyond that they' ll also get business advice and a lot of support from people eager to see them succeed. >> this is a place where people can try to start a business. this is a place where people can try to take their famous apple pie or chocolate chip cookie, and try to take it and sell it at findlay market, and start an innovation and entrepreneurial adventure. >> everything from legal help, to marketing and branding, to accounting and finance -- so it will really give them the support and resources food entrepreneurs need to be able to take their business to the next level. andrew: they cut the ribbon today, and they' ll open the doors and a couple of days. they have 3 dozen people ready to rent space and launch their -- to rent space and 30 people on the wait list. this will be a very popular place or young entrepreneurs. >> cincinnati' s certified most
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randi: we are looking at another warm and windy afternoon. you can see over the last hour or two the clouds have gotten thicker over downtown cincinnati. through the afternoon, it will look cloudy more often than not. the next storm system is to the north and west. a line of storms is rolling through milwaukee. we are waiting for a cold front that is developing in western portions of iowa. it looks like we will be dealing with the first drops of rain right around or just after sunrise tomorrow morning. tomorrow, it will be rainy more often than not. we may be dealing with the severe weather we were preparing for with the tornado drill. we do have the potential for stronger storms. green is a marginal threat for
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of the storms may be on the stronger side with damaging wind, hail, and the possibility that the second round could be heavier. 58 degrees now with the wind out of the southwest at 14-miles-per-hour. we will see that at 15-miles-per-hour to 20-miles-per-hour throughout the afternoon, driving temperatures into the 60' s. most places are around the middle 60' s. a lot of kids are on spring break. if they do want to hit the park, as long as they do not mind the wind, you should be ok. 5:00, 65. let' s talk the timeline for tomorrow. we are going to see overcast skies through the evening. tonight, cloudy but mild. the wind out of the south will keep temperatures in the middle 50' s tomorrow morning. as we approach the end of the
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line of rain will be approaching cincinnati. maybe a stray rumble of thunder with the first batch, but the better chance will be in the afternoon and evening. we will get a long gap between the lines when the sun comes up. we do have the possibility of seeing stronger storms into the evening. off and on rain through the evening. right around sunset there is the potential are these storms to have damaging wind or hail. by the time we get to 9:00 or 10:00, this is clear of the area, and we will look for cooler air to move in. the severe weather threat level for thursday is a marginal risk. it is conditional. hail and wind would be the primary concern. 67 today, increasing clouds, wendy through the afternoon.
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tomorrow, 60 five degrees with rain and storms. looking at the forecast for friday, 48. the upcoming weekend, and a lot of people have egg hunts planned for saturday, it should be sunny and dry. sunday, temperatures in the 40' s and lower 50' s and dry through the afternoon. sunday night into monday morning, rain showers. mark: something good coming out of the sad news from the cincinnati zoo. lisa: the mother of the cheetah cubs has died, but the cubs are being cared for. the surrogate that has stepped in. it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous
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away from children. keep them closed. keep them up. keep them safe.
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lisa: the cincinnati zoo' s newest animals have a surrogate parent. who is helping the premature to the cubs since their mother passed away last weekend? a dog named blakely is stepping in. she will provide cuddling and the body to climb on. blakely has also been a nanny for several other zoo babies.
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early start on easter egg hunting. is you keepers hit colored eggs and treats around the enclosure. it has become a tradition over the past 25-years. getting your input. 12 listening sessions will be held throughout march and april. residents are encouraged to share thoughts and ideas about the park district. public listening sessions will be at the quinton carter lodge in delhi township. lisa: mayor cranley is getting involved with the excitement surrounding fc cincinnati. he is introducing the queen city cup challenge. it will be the prize in a friendly wager between charlotte north carolina and cincinnati. charlotte is also known as the queen city.
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mark: can they put a three-way in the cup? lisa: how can they figure out how to put a three-way in the cup? randi: temperatures in the upper 50' s to around 60. it looks like we' re averaging 15 mile-per-hour wind. through the afternoon, upper 60' s. tomorrow, we are expecting rounds of rain. the thunder is a possibility
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mark: all right, 3:15. k, you better watch out boys, i'm on a hot streak today. what's that? wait. what's that? man, that's just the ice cream truck. you ain't got nothin. we got time. you don't got time. i've got time. no you don't. [arguing] look at that! ahhhhhh! we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer an excuse to bet on when we'll arrive. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. not only will we give you a one-hour arrival window, but our new tech tracker feature will alert you with the exact time we'll get there.
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lights, camera, access. >> how does it feel, first night down? >> we put 100% into it. >> one night in, and the front-runners stake their claims. i'm billy bush. we'll tell you who has already dropped 13 pounds. and it's also quite obvious who, well, might be steps behind. >> that wasn't a dance. that was walking. >> i knew that we were either going to fix it then or it wasn't going to work. blissfully wed, with three


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