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and weben toght with e passing egendary newsmawalter onkite. goodeveng, evybody. i'm terry owens. wa onkidefined e of levision news anchor. from 196 81, dominad the rw the face of cbs news guiding thnation throug ssinio, war, anr first steps on thmo. abllakemoks ck cronte's trailblin career >>the cbening news, with walter ki >> waltecronte wason haed as the usteman in amica, e that stk because itrang tr. he stteas a reservice report and foball annor. a war rresndent in world waii, climd into a bombd braved aircft fiov europe. tvnews was ill in it fancy when onki took over wh wathenthe 15ute ng cb i52.
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>> from da, texas, the flash apparent officl. president clinton 1 p.m. cerastandard tim 00 eaern dardime. some 38 minutesgo. >> reers kennedy assassinatanoring he make telesinewsthchf anchoring ina isis more sassinations d denstratns. the natial ies of vinayouthfuldraft era upheals. walter croe ok e nation throh it all. >> tang usghintoa otball-siz crar. >> reporthe ored humanity fists on anotr world. arong is one mo. neil armstng. >> reporter: he anyzed til convention, to americthatstreets re burning, that esidhali by the time he left the anchor chair, he had come a lend.
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a lking video arch carr ng memoesof a nation's soows triumphs. alystherwi a st ofsionaleye. s nationnew it d trt. old anormen yoe don' fade awaythey ep coming back for more. and at'sthway it i >>rertbill blemor abc , new yo. >>veramembs ofhe abc 2 ws te released atements ni om diane saer, he was th deninganchor of amica's story, reminng usof what cod be atour . a call, a note a coliment om lterwas prettymucha nol prize for a young rt. and ars gibson fond remeed croe'style. waer cits and alys wi bethgoldstan. his objeivity, his even handed, hine judg all eaexam. olit t way s,d all of who are privileged to work thbuness e hi
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enmous debt grud once dubd the most trusted man ameri, lterkite will aiy ed by colleagues anviewers ike. invite you tostay with us on the air d online aswe remeer a tr legend in our siness, anin ma ofyour lives. on our bs we havened up e comments attached thcronkitest have al postedvideo of his stmoe momes, including thol 11 moonlanding, andes is a tions ofoth main luther ng, nior and president john keedy. waltroite at the age of 9 > we're also folling eaking ws at this hour essex. maive fi okouaround inside two-or house. re the scene in the 1100 block hanville aven. ews frombalte city were call inr ckup. it took firefighters nely two hourto gethe flam unde nt the builngalsocollapsein onit. luy,
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it's not believed yoneas sideen the flesupte nehbo wad th buding bu say businessis apalate company>> the timewe t he, we see thflames ting abo 10feetupin t air ere ause on e propertyanone the pele that veere saide heard three s, and he look out e windowd saw ames coming out ofhe rooff the palabuilding. >>re tocrews e l onthscenatthis hour. y it's stfar o y tell w thfire may havestarted. > thmi of a quor stowr is grievingtonigh as pice in baimorcounty search for his kis. e delyshoong haened st nit atpuy hill lis. brian kuebr sat wn th thefaly tot tes us more abe ctim, and how store sueiancetapes will key to lving this case. brian? >>reporterwe, terroon am kang ran that liquor sto for 15ars.hework hard tort s
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mily, nevehaproblem. s mily never oughhe would llvictim what ses random murder. 57-year-d joon am kang med he 30yes ago,beca an american. he en sve thu.s. army. he ving his partof the ericanream f it al to beted an alo comm american tragedy. a verysincere guy, d also he very honest. d far as i know, he very foiseighborhood. >>orter:ng's bes friend, moon oi, is of many friendfaly membs w stopping by the home, prayininfront of this memade reanmorial, and offeriuprt to hi survivwife andson. >> s wife almostpaed t right now. e can't evtalkig now. lot friends came re, y to lp her tether. >> reporter: whatay be some sola kning tonight e
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of kang's employe ed at e sueillcepeand ld thfamilye cara picked up clear shot ofthe two spts . beeen a pa that was at the storat the ti of th shooti, and that po of deo,police maha some solid leads. we' stilltrying to delop a lot informatn. there is videotap e store outside. and ctiv are tang a at thisvideape to wh else can find >>porterba atthstor onbel airoad, moners pl flowersat the do. manywhknewthbusiness owner haonlywoerful gs to s >> god, i ve, very upset, you kn, because he good rs. he saw inhe mornghe'd y hello and yoowhe a go per nobaltimore countypolice have yet to ree thvio, but could so ithe hopes of catchi e o suects brian kueble a 2 news. >> thank you,brian. netails tot the
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murder of forven ev mcir. ral authorieve ma arre reau of all,too, and fiarms arrestedex an lliam, junior. ey say st ys before mc anhigiie sa zemirekilled, llm soldthe gun ed in the rders to kazemi. gilliam was coted of rder atteted bby in flida i1993 i'm orologisn schrk. goodevening. gs staing qut downa le bit. we'vd a lile bit derm activitysome it in the ro seve categories rginia we ke a look at local dar picture. there you can see meof movi intothstate now. as it doestendto eak up lile bit and aken sowhat stilcould see a uple dopour so thheav at mes whewe ad in e ernight hour thinwe'vd fan't acimsi. we'vse as much 3/10 ingeto. a lot
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less e ddle part of the state we. did ha heavier amnts, up to about a half an chin the ry northeaern poio of state. just depends on where you havebeen etr you ve bunrneath onof e stms or not. 65degrnithe overnight low. showers and stms still possible, anbreezy condionsespeciallyas we head in toomorrow rning. wel vemore what the weend be l be like in a few te back to yo >> thank susan. now toa distbing sty ouofcil ty a ead ischarged in the pe d murd a egnant man. it hned rlier this we inan aptmcolex whitehalcileinelkton. ff hag spe with friends of the er man and discover aninterein nnectiontwn thaccud d thvictim. a teddar, fls, and a het-sh balon theythe ki gifts 26- year-oenfer ompson may have pect ur mont from now when herirst baby w du >>shloved that ba to
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deat she s every mornintalk about mbaby, d kicking. but e weidn'sehe th morning. poer: on nday, neighbor noced waleaking frompson's un. when her iends entered e back of r apartment an nt upsta th found he oodybody, coved blanket in bed. appeedsomeone had cur roat. inveigators ter arst15 ye-old robert he irvin, who ey say ha at r aparent late saay, and charged wi first-deee rder and rape. she waed him lee the apartment. it appears as if he di't want to ere was alrcion,an argume. it turto physical tercion. and thknife came out anhe stabbed her. >> reporter: in a rae twist,thompsonfriey the te whalley lled her may vethed her unborn child. >> he wome through ck, d usedto me with her and thin li that anwe actuay think her -- thalwa used to ss ch other, all the
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time. eporter: thpoint, it doesnoapar prosecutors willcharge irviwie baby's death since thtus was not considediable at vemohs incil coun, je hag, c 2 ws new informatn tonight sty we ouyou last nit abt chd ind on a neighood playgrnd. 18-monldrianrons had co-degreburn her hand and ee after her says s burned a slide at the sohwest baltimore ayground. e ksthe burns arfrom so kind emicat wa on the slide. police are loing to it, but ey'ral looking into the possilitof ild abuse. thmorrow pa littleue alresponding the su here is a statemenfrom e li ague. itreads here ha been no hardous emical findingson the chd's slidesd the ploundmplely safend thurnamentis this weekend. they also say the po ine motor tivities ndhat playgrou. > it lkslike e n1 flu
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virus is in our area. fivestent the maryland institute lleg art ar being nitored after reporting mpto. the deathsof let ree rylaers ha been linkedo e swflu. it's believed00n thate ve suffered om e virus. anso camperinreet mala are getting a ttle mr. than thebaained r this summer. e ve be two coirme cases ofthe swe u at th campmosha. the were other caerwh apedto have u-like sytoms butno fur sts have been done. the althdepartment wa antipatifield campcas and already took ti. >> was all mps in harford coun. ey re identifiedwith the signs and sytoms theshould okinr, d wh to do the event at they saw cases. inthis particul, wee tremely competent thattheymanaged the situn ll. >> and oneofe campers we
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ho. thother stayed. , the last unemployme numberare nd is noa whollot toget exciover. but we'll show why ryla is ill in a lot be shap than some other states > plus, ur rele internet oningyou up for identityheft? e 2 inveatioanyone usinwifi needs to wch. d stormsand showers al ound e regitot. will it st ontoe ekd? i'll tyomore aboat, cong up.
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ñ [ cling bell ] d a ok yo ney no stocks ended mixed onthe da but higherfothe week. thdow ined 32. e nasdaq gained 1/2. d e s&lost than a ha
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at we's end,it the do d s&p'first weekup in e past fe. buof losses locally. spks-b mccorckam the ser,falling mo tha 1/2%. baimore-baaprel maker under armour fell re 2%as d lintcum-baseenna cooration. neunemmentfigure out tonigh and fomaryland they're not ve good. ju a10th ofa percenfrom 7.2 to7.3%. at'slo of about 11 bs last night. westill amg th35 at whe unemployment ras remains ngle di. e alsoillow e naonalrate, ich isw over 9%. > sothg new is brewinat ggng cfee house chain sts. 15th avenue coee ante that's t name ofe chais nelot or it wi feature be, wine nighttims d entertainment. it moleafter neighborhood
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coee shop the rsopeninseate week, but if it successful, yocoulone one your neorhood. and w somethinyou might acally see less ofyour igho. homes withndine on. accordin columbia-bed arbion, homes nolyon ll phon for their me phonneed the cotrfound e range acss the country toe betwee5 an38%. w rk ci upscale stbance the hans had thlowerates. llegstat tes, he texaa&univertyhad the highest. >>and whe we're tag about ce ph, diyou know about 80% of us artuly pa toomuch for phones? head to d check out the st findine be cellphonpl. itin the y-vingips section. > other modern conveniee, wiressteet. buexs say your wifi neork d expo
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yoto identity theft. ab2 news investigator bria kuler looks at st how sy it for ur mostpersal informion to get bod in cyrspace >> reer: quickly a must- conveen in e couter. wireless neorks low you workanyour me. t with no wirealso come t. viuaanrealticay, yo informion can be atched out thin air. as easyas opena ptop. rter: philip mcdold is specagt withe i's cybeuad. the i says wi re aore peoplesettup netwks their home more a more vulner they c beco >>it'sill hanseland gret. they had brdcrumbs ba to their home. r someonwho was soinined coulther e breadcru and go whever ey nt to. they d pie together t puzzle. >>reporter: ur puzzle. facebook, yo password e-il, bank tranctionsalofthe inrmion an needs steal identity
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e probleis monotable unprected neorks. many peopldon'vethe ow w or the patience to set a security pa word. it's a virtuatreare chest. >> u nesome type secure crypti. you wouldn't run whenpeleare shooting across the street t peop n't think that t withr computers. theyplopthem down and just arworkg. reer: anthony is owneof pro uter armewith just a laptop and freeoftware you can find wh googlesearchhehowed us justhow easy this . from a car parked at fedel ll, he showed usat least fo dierent tworks th re unprected. heseone,and st o minutes, hass tothe person lifstory. >> this is everng 're nogoing to ok in anhing. this is all r les. appantly thrsonlike asom their name is che. conceiv, yocould intothis gus network and pullpass wos. you capual curity number you pull baact mber you can
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ll yt. >>ythi. i hopearis wahingthe netoy and puts a wireless pas onhi router. cause thisuy is more posethan even [ inauble ] >> rteut's t just in urhome you' so vulnable in your favorite coee shopor anywre with a ee wifi nek. anre ok anthy other two minutes to pull up ople's rsonal computers, where they were brow, and st wh they weoong at italmost likea radio sign 23 you tune intothe right stion,you' he evything itest diminate. repter: a the shocking inis, this doesn'taall at mucskill. all the re important to ed in from e i and computerexperts. pass wo prott yo or vary yopass word anwhen in puic, be ve mindl of whe tr on the internet. if not, ur whole fe could easily besnatched t of th air. baltor briuebler, 2 news investitors >> and ere was much more on
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what can do otec yoself in this wirele rld our bsit just gonews.comd click thinvestigators tab where brian has ed ral re wa u can otect your. ab2 works yo > w, the foreca ceie baltimore's mostacrateby atteand ryland's st werful doppler rar. >> m meteologt san hrk. thingsre loinpret quiet us rht no lein er ci, baltimles take a look outside. teerures at 70 deee relative humidity at 90 thwindis calm. th will pickg as head into the ovghhours. hi tperatures day l th y upo 87 des the city 86in eaon. 85 in r. 83 , pennlvaniaand 84 harstown. teeratures rig ceainly are quita bit, 70 in ltimore. 70 in easto and 79 deee in ocn ci. 72egre in dorit w.
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so thin are coolindownpretty nicelyfor us. chki out the local radar, land's st porf, there u sea g storis al in the severecatery lots liinassoated wi it. lopein rginia iteemong to th ste. it baking up pretty well as moveto the central portio suburban baimore area itrobably not gog tobe much of a problem fous wel see some raand some shows. but for e part, that's gog the thtoni we'll just be seng occasial shows,and thundetos. rain wise, e amnts ha not been al imessive aswe heed throughout the aften hours. germanwn most 4/. half an inthe higher amous theorstn poion the state. eay depends ere u are as whetyou t lo interest o e storms ssinju overhead no satellitradacompose. there is at wh passed throh roughout mt of the ternoon d theving ho w we just ve the lefters as the coro pushes rougthe region. we'lbeseeing thtoh off
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some showe, d occasi thunderms we into the overnit hours. wing the pture, a low- prsure system gog tobe moving wards th ast. as it does, th's pu us in dang ofat sed weathe inehd it, high pressure moin, and thgs will caindownonsiderably as r as sunshine d e y is concerned. t thwind be ckg up. ming in over out of e nortt, cooling us down and ring us out nily. we'll seeing ja miof sun anclouds rougho y onurdaaswell nday. by nd evening, we'll see e cl mong in mo ickly. fonit, 65 degrees, showerstorms, bree, d into tomorrow, rt nny, lessumid, deees the daytimhi. out the beac things look pretty go isek 'll in the 80th ysful observatio. mo tuesy,wednday, on in thh the re of e week, wee looking unttled atr, theance shows and detorms possible ea aftern e heetur focastby the d nt
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week. back to you. >>all rit, thas,susa >> is shaping to be one of thmmer's, if noth ye'sgest blockbust ming up ne, a full rw "harrpoer ahe ha bld prince" r those wh ven't se yet. amica, wtta say to bighey-st-ness! - subw. fr - eat fresh! when youannaick p zesty chipotluce. - eat fresh! - t fres the flavor-fullest sub ly swacan offer. - eaes eat fresh! y thnew subway bichipotleesesteak. an updatedll-tfarite: icealayewith sty ot sauce. and meed ces piled high wh only. thtoppgsou le. subw. eafres
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e secondlf e baseba seondeay, the ioles retu to the eld toagainst the cho whit x. ck mkiretu wi a bang, in2-run home run in and am jes this home run the si t may t be engh the ors are wn8-n thtop ofhe 9t >>it y bebaseball ason, but before ow itthe ravens will ki off the 2009
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campaign. and if you hat gott your tietyet,well, yore obablyoing have to turn ebaycraigsli, orstub hu ve ng me ckets went alat.m ok amo ll ou thonly ticks left e r the o home preasongames. and u w itre tuesda night. harrnia. thrry potter mania. since oping at midnit, arryotter d thha blprin" s pa $1 miion in dwgrosse a look atthe y wiza's latest exploits. >> atyou're lookg at are memori. in this ca pertaini toone individuvoldemort. >> rorte and "hry pr d the halflood pncof cosedumbledore edrry's lp >> this vial ntains thmost paicar me of thdai firsmehim. i'd
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yoee i >> rerter: pr film contains plenty ofac and drama. reportert with the rmon at gw ging, the are ts ls o. see thatgirl over e? at-- yingll yolove possessi. >> rely? >> he she has intere inyou beusshe thks u're th os one. but i am e ch one >>or "hay potternd the half-blood prie" ie st complete ofthpotter films,makingt thbest o yet. >>ight back! fight back!
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>> repoer: ve stars. and wel ha naok atyo forecast ter e eak. stay with us
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hi everye. my ne isisa, and u should pick me toome to californi tothnext hpy cow. gimma c. gian a. gimme an l. mme igimman f. gimme an, um, o. mma, uh, whever!let's to cafoia! hodo y spe cafo? announcer: grmi comes fromappyows. happco come
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>>thgs a ingood r us iseekend. we jt ha to t throug toght. a look tomoow, th are loing good lots of sunshine, and plsant tempures >>all right. fes li a grt art to th ekend. th gng do it for us tonit. remember, you n llowal the sts wee vering with abc newsn twit. >> and any me online havea greaweend, every. good night > powed ra. only abc 2 recas deli th we have mostpoul ra gyou thrs warng ofsevere weathe mostwer. ab2 eps yosafer. baltime'st accute forecast, certifd weaer te >> the moccate. ly2 guaranesit. focast your set, net, and ll abc 2 and power, accuracy,he most of both frbaltimore's mo raorecast team.
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at you might not kw tha yocacontge to s if you could sanhomenes and renterinranco. r re information call 1-800-7-aur check the ow pagesor oice you [tir scrch creech accidents can happennytime that why geico her 24 hou a deverda geo. 15 minutes cod save you % moron
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