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tv   News  ABC  September 9, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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g to help you beat the flu... in neighborhoods nationwide. at walgreens we want you to know, there's a way to stay well. a havre de grace pawn shop is hit, 20 guns stolen. hear what police have to say. pulling a rabbit out of the hat is nothing compared to this trick. how did they pull this fire truck out of its hole? and jetblue wants to fly from you here to boston for a few bucks. is it worth the ride to your wallet? we'll explain coming up. all that and more. in the meantime it's september 9, 2009. >> here we go with the weather forecast for today. here's justin berk. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're watching a strengthening hurricane out in the open waters of the atlantic. we're watching a coastal storm here and while we could have potential flooding just got brand new video in. we'll show you, of flooding in turkey. unfortunately some fatalities to go along with that.
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locally, though, maryland's most powerful doppler radar, rain and light rain pushing away from bel air to jarrettsville. watch it move from east-to-west which means it's heading to baltimore county so it will get wet in the next half-hour on 83 and maybe towson getting clipped with showers. overall the wide view highlights the fact there's a storm off the coast. we have spotty showers, no widespread steady and heavy rain but take that umbrella because it's going to be wet today. and the chance of showers will actually go up as the day wears on. our two-degree guarantee officially 73. i think just because of the date, 9-9-09 we'll stay with the additional seven plus two, 72. i don't want to wake you up too much this morning. 6:31. let's check the roads with kim, hopefully an easy ride before the rain hits. >> hopefully. 95 southbound in howard county, route 32, there's an accident just north of this shot on southbound 95 approaching 32 where only the left lanes are getting by. traffic slows around route 100 so give yourself a little extra
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time as you make your way out headed towards the washington, dc area. we're also working a crash on the outer loop, between liberty road and security boulevard. that crash continues to take away the left lane there. and in reisterstown a crash working at westminster pike at brian daniel court. in woodlawn, middleford road at cross bee road, that crash on the scene as well. jfx at cold spring lane, we have heavy volume early this morning but traffic does seem to get through without any delays at this time. back to you. new at 6:32 -- ' tis the season for writing college essays and filling out common applications and there's nothing wrong with aiming for the ivy. listen to what the former presidents of princeton and mcalister colleges are saying. they are telling high school seniors now to aim higher. they have a new book out coming today and in it they say students are settling for less selective schools thinking it will be easier when in fact they are more likely to drop out. fewer than six out of 10 students entering college ever finish. that is not good. and they say choosing colleges
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below the qualifications should not be the norm. what is it going to be this time? we know and the ceo steve jobs is back on the job after getting a life-saving organ transplant. now it's anyone's guess what the next i-pod will be. will he show up in public today? that will happen at 10:00 this morning will it be a new i-pod with cameras? the beatles on i-tunes? we'll find out at 10:00. 20 guns off the streets, stolen from a pawn shop in harford county. this happened in havre de grace. the burglary happened at the bank pawn shop in downtown havre de grace. police say the suspects broke in during a blackout in the area that may have affected the pawn security system. >> apparently from what i was told somebody had hit the transformer up by the farm. >> it's not the pawn shop's fault. it can happen anywhere. it was an opportunity that
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somebody definitely took advantage of. >> knowing that, yeah, there's guns on the street, yeah, that's scary. >> residents say that there was a power outage that lasted about an hour and police were actually in the area protecting nearby banks at the time. check out this incredible individual yes we want to show you. a fire truck finally free of a giant sinkhole, this is in los angeles. the 22-ton truck was stuck for hours before a tow truck could finally pull it out. firefighters were called out to check on the watermain break that apparently weakened the street so much it couldn't support the weight of the truck. the asphalt gave way plunging into the muddy water. the firefighters are all ok. but $500,000 in computers and electronics are a complete loss with this. the body of the truck is salvagable. the willis family lost their home in california station fires. they spent labor day sifting through the ashes of their home trying to find anything that
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could be saved. they found a lot of quarters but a bright spot after hours of work they found kelly's wedding ring. she joked that it no longer fit but plans to fix the band, have the diamonds made up so it can look like it's brand new. to avoid getting caught by speed cameras in baltimore county put a mask on. a man in phoenix, arizona, wears a monkey mask when he goes by speeding cameras. sometimes he mixes it up a little bit. he'll put the giraffe or -- gazelle mask on. the man already has 37 speeding tickets totaling $6,700 in fines. police know who he is. he's what they call a frequent flyer and they are trying their best to track him down and get him off the road for a long time. he's the guy with the monkey mask. you heard stupid criminal stories like this one. this one might be the best. >> he robbed her and went back to her house. you're not going to believe why. he's one of the sexiest men in the world but one
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star-struck fan took his love for thehole hottie just a -- hollywood hottie just a little too far. and that storm off the coast not getting far enough. in fact it will work its way backwards which means we can expect more rain and wind and cooler temperatures. we'll explain coming up. let's go back to the roads with kim. >> a quick update on an earlier crash southbound 95 approaching route 32, only the left lane gets by. traffic begins to slow around rout 100. you might want 29 or 295 as your alternates. let's check the buses and trains with mark jones. >> good morning. light rail presently dealing with a 20-minute delay northbound from north avenue, be aware of that in your light rail travels. metro on time. marc looking good. on the buses, number 15 divert the at saratoga and greene. and number 17 with a diversion at corporate and international due to construction. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. ♪
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trust me, this is not a good way to get a date. not a good approach. three robbers approached an ohio woman, diana martinez, sitting in her car. one guy put a gun to her head, tried to rob her and took off. less than an hour later he couldn't believe it. at her front door one of the suspects waiting to ask her out. he tried to get a date. her cousin called 911 while he was working his game. police came an arrested him. >> this never happened, i've been here eight years and a couple of months. i just never had anything like this before. >> diana martinez told reporters she declined the offer for the date, obviously. they say civilry is dead. >> i am gay, george. >> here it comes. >> i think i'm in love with
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you. george, please -- take me, choose me, george. please! ok. please choose me, may i kiss you, please? >> apparently everybody loves george clooney. this man proclaimed his love for the heartthrob at a press conference in venice. he's there promoting his movie "man who stare at goats." i think that's the story. what in the world is that movie about? always a gentleman george clooney let the man down easy saying he applauded himself for putting himself out there and it hurts to be rejected. >> i can't say i blame the guy. >> really? >> kiss me, george. kiss me. ♪ you say you want a beatles rock band♪ oh, sorry. the fab four coming to a living room near you. i promise jamie won't sing. >> anybody have a neck brace? >> you could dress up as a goat. good morning.
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6:41. we're watching rain across the area which means take the umbrella, light jacket. temperature cool and it will get breezy today. we're aiming for a high around 72, 73 degrees. give or take a notch on the thermometer but we expect more rain and wind on the way. our complete forecast coming up in a bit. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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will the speech from the president tonight be enough to get his health care plan through coming? >> speed cameras coming to baltimore county. it was a fight but the council vote in favor of it. 9-9-09 the beatles reunited. soon you'll have paul, john, ringo and george at your fingertips. >> all of this ahead. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. here's your weather with meteorologist justin berk who has some breaking news from overseas. >> reporter: this video just in. wow, that is amazing. first time i'm seeing this. from turkey where the governor
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of instanbul, the death toll has risen to 20. it happened in their city overnight. and heavy downpours are expected to continue throughout the week. that is impressive. we expect heavy rain around here. it's always good measure to note never attempt to drive over any sort of flooded waterways because it may be deeper than you might actually imagine. more on that on "good morning america." a storm across the atlantic, 67 in baltimore, 69 new york, 68 norfolk, not much spread here. we've had a storm that is stuck, has a blocking pattern to the north preventing it from moving to the north. also out to sea. this sits here and churns. in fact with that high pressure sliding out of eastern canada and out of maine it's actually going to enhance the wind flow and help to pull this storm backwards in our direction. this means high surf, rip currents, even some potential
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flood advisories reposted on the west shores of the chesapeake. watch the rain shield advance with our timeline through midday tomorrow. heavy rain expected in the central and southern portion of the delmarva and around the chesapeake with rain moving into baltimore and looks like a wet afternoon tomorrow. locally heavy rain, one to two inches, maybe up to four inches on the eastern shore. and then leftover showers on friday morning. this afternoon, aiming for low 70s in downtown baltimore. my pick 72 degrees, in the range of our two-degree guarantee and 69 in annapolis with scattered showers. take that umbrella and it will be chilly. let's check the roads with kim. >> good news if you have to travel southbound on 95 through howard county headed towards the dc metro area, that earlier crash approaching route 32 has been cleared over to the right. you can see traffic starting to move but we still have pretty much a solid day in stemming from the route 100 area so give yourself a lot of extra time if
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you're headed out of the roadways this morning. still working a crash on the outer loop between 795 and liberty road. that has traffic really slow from owings mills on southbound 795. that crash has been moved over to the left shoulder. still dealing with a crash in reisterstown, westminster pike at brian daniel court and woodlawn, middleford road and crosby road, that crash remains on scene. jfx at northern parkway, traffic beginning to build significantly as you make your way southbound headed towards downtown baltimore this morning. back to you. 12 minutes away from "good morning america." is your health care plan going to live or die or what you tell us tonight? >> president obama will give us his prescription for the nation's health care system in more detail than ever before. linda so with more. >> reporter: there are so many questions, so much debate. obama's health care plan has been under fire and tonight is his chance to clear up all the confusion. the president sat down for an exclusive interview with "good morning america" that will air later this morning.
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white house leaders say the speech will help the public understand what the president is proposing and show that he's open to new ideas for achieving his goals. obama's plan for overhauling the nation's health care system is stalled in congress largely because of disagreements over a government-run insurance option that would compete with private unsurers. >> so the intent of the speech is to a, make sure that the american people are clear exactly what it is we're proposing. b, to make sure that democrats and republicans understand that i'm open to new ideas, that we're not being rigid in ideological about this but we do intend to get something done this year. >> reporter: the president says under his plan people would pay premiums 10% to 120% less than private -- 10% to 20% less than private insurance. more on that interview on "good morning america" on stew starting at -- abc2 starting
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at 7:00. >> drop on to our web site on leave us a message on how you feel about president obama's push to overhaul health care. friend us now on facebook and twitter. we've already done the work for you. write us. we want to know how you feel about this. we'll shout out your comments on the air. that is on it's a busy week for the president. his health care speech comes a day after a controversial speech to students across the land. while some schools didn't show the address walter johnson high school in bethesda rearranged the class schedule so 2,100 students could watch the president. he encouraged them to stay in school and try their hardest. >> i liked how he said that practice makes perfect. you need to practice to do everything. >> it was very inspiring. to be the best we can be. and learn from our mistakes. >> in harford county schools didn't show the speech. parents protested too much
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politics. harford county public schools say they will give the students the opportunity to view the speech by the end of the school day coming up tomorrow. moms and dads, the last thing you want to worry about, your kids getting hurt while just trying to get to school. >> baltimore county council members voted to makes sure that doesn't happen. sherrie johnson is live in rogers forge with more. >> reporter: good morning. we're at rogers forge elementary school where soon schools like this one may soon have speed cameras in the area. take a look behind me here. look how close the school is to the street. and authorities basically want to protect the students. the baltimore county council voted in favor of speed cameras last night. they could be in to place by october in 15 selected locations. and montgomery county they have been catching unsuspecting drivers and generating tickets by mail for two years. now baltimore county is next after a 6-to-1 vote by the county council. 31 protesters gathered outside
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the meeting. they say the cameras are a hidden tax on unsuspecting drivers. >> anybody going that fast deserves a ticket. we just know there's a better way. we want to put police officers back in school zones. our kids deserve better than a speed camera. >> police in every location, that would work but that adds up too and right now we're not in the best of economic times as everybody knows. >> reporter: the police department is trying to determine where to place those 15 speed cameras. in the meantime they should be in place by october but no later than december. and county executive jim smith is expected to sign that legislation sometime this week. reporting live at rogers forge, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> in facebook, a lot of comments on the speed cameras. >> marlowe said just another way to make money, why can't the county put more police officers out to enforce this. >> mark miller writes in, speed bumps are a wonderful thing, unfortunately they do not generate revenue. i'm more likely to slow down
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for speed bumps. who wants to ruin their car? we're on twitter, too, waiting to hear from you. if you're heading to beantown we have another travel option. jetblue is launching a flight from bwi marshall to boston today. in honor of the new flight jetblue will donate to the national aquarium. jetblue will run four non-stop flights daily from boston to baltimore and baltimore to boston for $39 each way. all part of its inaugural flight. jet blue also arrange to give out free crab hats and gifts. compliments of visit baltimore. nine new families will soon call a vacant east baltimore block their home. habitat for humanity of the chesapeake will kick off construction of their new homes tonight. they will be building in the 2400 block of fayette street. a few blocks from the biotech center being built across the way from johns hopkins hospital. these are not typical homes, they are module homes and will
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be put up with the foundation, that costs less, takes less time to build other homes. they are also more energy efficient. the nine families could move in by mid-october. >> nearly all our homeowners are first-time home buyers. nearly any of them would say they never thought this could be possible for them. they don't qualify for a traditional mortgage but have a stable income. they are in the gap where there's not a lot of opportunity for them. >> the families moving into the homes are helping to build homes in other areas of the city. they will be on hand tonight at 7:00 to watch their homes put in place. the construction will cause some road closures in the area. part of westbound fayette street will be closed thursday and friday so people driving along westbound fayette street will be detoured on to milton avenue, left of orleans street. left on paterson park avenue, pack on to fayette. so the detour is there. it will guide you through there and last >> the later portion of the -- last from the
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later portion of the evening from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. ♪ hold me, love me♪ >> sounds better than you. >> the day beatle fans have been waiting for. now you can sing and strum and drum like the fab four. the new game the beatles rock band came out today and features 35 songs from the beatles. the whole band will set you you back about $250 but if you already have rock band and just want the beatles hits you'll pay $60. 6:55. maryland's most powerful doppler radar highlighting that we have some rain now trying to come in from harford to baltimore county. this is actually moving opposite of what we normally would expect the weather pattern to do. stuck system off the coast will do this for a couple of days. perry hall getting a little wet. spotty showers pushing back in through western howard county
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near mount airy on i-70. generally we're expecting today to have temperatures in the lower 70s across the board. and then we'll start to increase the wind, 60s overnight and staying at 66, windy and some heavy rain possible tomorrow. 74 friday. the rain tapers off and low 80s as we dry out this weekend. good news if you're traffic towards the -- traveling towards the dc metro area. that earlier crash in howard county, has been cleared to the right, but you will encounter delays starting from about the route 100 area. also a new crash to report there, eastbound route 100 approaching 950, a crash -- 95s crash on the scene there. and 795 and liberty road, that crash cleared to the left. and westminster pike and brian daniel pike, a crash on the scene. and woodlawn, cross bee road, a crash on the scene there as well. and jfx at north avenue, traffic looks good in both directions. >> we're out of time but "good morning maryland" at 9:00, happens at 9:00.
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>> that's great.
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