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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  September 11, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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today, many places getting as much as 3 inches or 3.25 inches of rain. had some waters problems and delia gonsalves is out in the water. how about it. >> reporter: the water we showed you at the top of the 5:30 show has begun to recede. take a close look at the line of sediment left behind. i mean, obviously the water has completely receded and is no longer on the road. i want to give you a look if we can just spin our camera around. at the top of the 5:30 we showed you the tip of the blades of grass was showing and now that field, though it is very swampy, i can it will you, you can see grass. so certainly the water has receded. at one point it was very full. and there was a huge pool here. in fact, let's go to some video shat just a short time ago and fed into our news room. you can take a look at what the water looked like at the height
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of the flooding issue here in the ruxton area. crews tell it was as deep as 10 inches in many areas so they blocked off ruxton road between circle road and elington avenue. those road closures are still in place even though we have some water that has receded. and right now, if you can take a look, joe, can we spin down to the other end and show there are crews with shovels that are clearing some of the gutters and some of the sidewalk areas around here. so certainly there is a lot of work to still do in this ruxton area. and drivers should be very concerned. drivers should be cautious when heading down billiona road that you cannot come down here on ruxton between circle road and elington avenue. that's the latest here in ruxton, delia gonsalves, abc 2 news. >> i was caught in that traffic
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jam myself. don't forget you can log on to to see the most powerful radar online any time all the time. a body was discovered in the harbor downtown today. it was found floating this afternoon near the inner harbor. it was spotted adjacent to the dominoes sugar pier. we don't know if it is a man or woman and the cause of death is unknown at this time. a young man is in critical condition after being shot in northeast baltimore this afternoon at mclean boulevard and northern parkway. we're told the man was sitting on his bicycle at a bus stop when someone came up and shot him in the head. police are looking for a suspect. a man who helped lobby for safety on route 32 in howard county has been killed in a crash on that very road. a very sad irony. authorities say 49-year-old brian emery of sykesville was stopped on northbound route 32 waiting to make a left turn when his car was hit from behind from a van yesterday
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evening. the car was pushed across the double yellow line and was hit by a truck. emery was pronounced dead at the scene. charges may be filed against the producers of a video showing members of that group acorn giving tips on how to cheat on taxes. state prosecutors office compares the case to linda trip, getting monica lewinski to admit to an affair with president clinton. >> a woman pretending to be a prostitute and a pimp walked into the office of acorn. the pair were secretly taping the discussion as they talked about buying a house and how to account for the woman's income on their taxes. >> stop saying [ bleep ] >> they are conservative bloggers. the pair also told acorn
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employees that they plan to employ teenage girls from el salvador. >> you can use them as a independent. >> we came to acorn's office to see if their considering any policy changes. a woman came to the door, but she would not open it. she simply pointed me to a cell phone number that is listed up there. i called that number and the woman who answered hung up: yesterday the chair of baltimore city acorn told us the employees were seasonal part-time workhorse were not workers who were not authorized to speak on acorn and were fired. >> well with today's technology, we don't know exactly what was said, how it was said, whether it was dubbed, whether it was cut, sliced, we don't know. >> reporter: legal expert steve allen says the case clearly violated maryland's wire tap law. >> you must have consent by both sides to have a recording
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of the conversation. >> reporter: allen likens the case to linda trip who was charged with violating maryland law when she secretly recorded phone conversations of monica lewinski's affair with bill clinton. charges against trip were later dismissed. the prosecutors office is considering files charges against the actors in the acorn video. >> the pair tried to pull off the same undercover office in l.a., new york and philadelphia but they were turned away. but now a new video has surfaced. this one done in washington, d.c. where acorn tonight also has fired two workers, once again seen on hidden camera footage and just as in baltimore, its acorn workers tell the supposed prostitute to hide her profession for tax purposes. now we'd like your 2 cents. should the people who made the video face charged charges? to vote go to it was just a drill but it
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was enough to cause concern about the president's safety as he was going to 9/11 services at the pentagon today. the coast guard conducting a training exercise on the potomac near the memorial bridge. president obama's motorcade had crossed that bridge on route to a september 11th event at the pentagon. >> the president was not in the area, he been at the pentagon early they are morning. he was not near where the training exercise was taking place. there was no prenotification of secret service to my knowledge because this is, as i said, was a routine training exercise. >> as part of the training, there were reports on police scanners saying that shots had been fired by the coast guard. courier says no shots were fired and the radio traffic is a standard part of the exercise. the nation of course is remembering the victims of the september 11th terrorist attacks.
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eight years ago today, planes with hijackers at the controls smashed. the world trade center and the pentagon. a fourth plane crashed in a pennsylvania field. 3,000 people have been murdered in the worst act of terrorism in history. kelly swoope shows us how americans remembered. >> am 3,000 lives were lost when terrorists attacked the united states. eight years later, the pain still lingers. >> we love you maddy, whether it's eight years or 800 years, you will never be forgotten. >> reporter: in new york city, there were four moments of silence, starting at 8:46 when the first plane hit the north tower. [ bell ringing ] >> reporter: family members read all 2752 names of the world trader center victims. there were also words of remembrance. >> of my father. >> will never forget the man who made me the person i am today. >> reporter: in shanksville, pennsylvania, people gathered
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to remember the valuable efforts of the passengers of united flight 93 and prevented the plane from being used to attack the white house or capital. >> the heros of flight 93 will live in our hearts and minds of the nation as a shining example of the greatness of a human spirit. >> reporter: at the pentagon, president obama commemorated september 11th for the first time as president. >> no turning of the seasons can diminish the pain and the loss of that day. no passage of time and no dark skies can ever dull the meaning of this moment. >> reporter: and here in baltimore, hundreds took to the streets in a run to remember. the 5 k race paid tribute to the victims of 9/11. >> if it's police and firemen in new york can stand it, then we can tand it too. this is a small donation to the
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city. >> reporter: kelly swoope, abc 2 news. >> and proceeds go to baltimore city and fire department. and there were many more ceremonies. a wreath was placed in the garden of hope and ribbons were tied on a tree. >> i lost my fiance in the plane that crashed into the pentagon on september 11th, 2001. >> the garden of hope was dined and dedicated 7 years ago on the first anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. when we come asking and desiring, there is a mighty cleansing for the nation and the city of baltimore maryland. >> this is the scene of coldon square in baltimore. this gathered to pray for the nation. and we all have unique remembrances of that day. log on to welcome back web and share your story with us. look under the top stories and you'll find a place at the end
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of the article to leave your comments. governor martin o'malley took part in the national day of service to honor those killed in the attacks. he joined volunteers with habitat for humanity in east baltimore today. crews are translating a block into nine modular homes. they will feature environmental friendly elements? and mayor dixon and members of her cabinet took part in the awareness of energy efficiency. >> we're here today with housing building and partnerships to really work on helping people of park heights lower the bg and e and heating bills. >> the mayor and others went door to door to help spread the word about upcoming workshops and upcoming information. the excitement is building. the ravens kick off the season sunday. in case you haven't heard, a preview of the big game and a look at what is new at the stadium this year. i just realized, we have to
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get mayor dixon a new umbrella. how about a two degree umbrella. >> i think we can do away with that. our 2-degree guarantee for today was 73 degrees. what a laugh. we didn't get near that. the high today only 62 with heavy rain. the forecast coming up. we all have confidence
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purple friday, baby. the ravens kick off a season on sunday at home against the kansas city chiefs. last year at this time fans were wondering what to expect from joe flacco and didn't expect the ravens to make the playoffs. this year, expectations are
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higher. now while the offense is looking sharp, the ravens reputation still rests on the defense. >> last year's defense is where it should be and that's last year. now we have to pay respect to gates that are here, that are working to take us to the next level. so we're ready for this year and hopefully we can do some great things. >> we have a core ever guys dedicated to each other. and any time you have that type of chemistry inside, it's almost impossible not to come back and have the same defense. and that's why the defense has been successful year in and year out doing the things we've been able to do so well. >> so what are you expecting this season from the ravens and what are the teams expectations? abc 2 news jamie cost ella gives us a preview. >> coming out of the brian billick era, ravens fans didn't expect much. steve mcnair retired, kyle boller got hurt, troy smith got sick and that pushed the starting job to joe flacco. for the first time, the rains
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discovered a franchise quarterback. baltimore is now whacko for flacco as rookie head coach john harbaugh took this team to the afc championship. this year, more changes. long time defensive coach rex ryan is now on broadway, but the avenue for success always goes through ray lewis, whose pregame ritual on sunday will have his team back on the playoff dance floor. the ravens smothering d. rides the backs of lewis, terrell suggs, reid, haloti gauta continues. and with ray rice, some insiders say we could be looking at marshall faulk ii. and when the ravens move an inch or a yard, they'll run behind an o line behind matt burk. it's expected cam ram ron will take the training wheels off of flacco and allow him to throw
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deep. other than derek mason who is flacco going to find. >> todd heap is off andib injures and clayton and williams have sloan flashes of -- shown flashes of good. and matt stover will not be kicking field goals. that job now lays at the feet of steven hauschka. the owner has a plan. he wants them to be a 10, 11, 12 win team every year. the tone has been set. can the ravens, on 200th anniversary, reach the highest perch come february? we'll find out. >> wouldn't that be cool. of course a big part of going to the game is enjoying the food and not just the tailgating. inside the stadium there is something on the menu for just about everyone. >> we focus on local, traditional, vegetarian. we even have a gluten free
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proud, along with some concepts throughout the building. >> several new restaurants are located in the upper concourse, including high top, back stage grill, the green turtle and bill bateman. tomorrow is the home opener for the terrapins. the terps take on james madison at 6:00 tomorrow night. after getting crushed by california last week, 52-13. maryland is looking for not only a win but a little confidence. now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate, here is chief meteorologist norm lewis and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> so after the weather today, we're wondering what the weekend will be like. >> exactly. a lot of stuff going on this weekend. signal 13 for the police, big motorcycle benefit at pimlico. a lot of people knowing what is going on. right now the ride is still on. a lot of things happening in weekend. so we'll try to clear things up after quite a bit of rainfall today. let's take a look outside right
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now. your shot from harbor cam. at least we're able to see across the inner harbor. about an hour ago we couldn't do that. our temperature right now at bwi, 61. 90% humidity and wind from the north at 13 and the pressure falling. our high tide at 10:51. low ti 4:59. winds calm down during the day. a flood warning for hartford and baltimore and a flood advisory for cecil county as the water is running off and starting to recede. the low this morning was 57. the high today got to only 62. and the temperatures outside right now, 61. 63 in easton. 62 in dover. york, p.a. right now at 61 degrees. throughout the day, the area of low pressure sitting right here, continued to rotate counterclockwise and pushes the rainfall and moisture into the region. you see the heavy rainfall continues to wrap around the area of low pressure and is now
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moving northward very slowly and during the day tomorrow we'll get into this situation where we'll see some clouds and some sunshine. but during the afternoon, there is still a chance we could see a pop-up shower. right now the larger picture shows that whole system now heading up into new england where heavy rainfall is currently affecting the portions of massachusetts, connecticut, rhode island and upstate new york as well as pennsylvania, up here around state college getting heavy rainfall. but as you see, the end of the rain is just about clearing the baltimore region. right now we're still seeing some light showers making their way down from pennsylvania but nothing like what we saw during the day today. our temperature right now at edgemere elementary, 60 degrees. they had 3.25 inches of rain. their wind is from the northwest at 7 miles per hour. but the rainfall is basically in the process of coming to an end. the forecast for this evening. the shower activity that we still have will continue to makes it way northward. during the day tomorrow, a chance for an afternoon shop
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one shower but a decent day. you'll see some sunshine and same thing on sunday. here is your forecast for the overnight period. showers ending. still breezy. 57 for the low. during the day tomorrow. there is a chance for a p.m. shower but a partly cloudy day with a high of 72 degrees. and the extended outlook for the next couple of days, a pretty nice day on sunday. 82 on monday. tuesday and wednesday looking good with sunshine. a few clouds around. then on thursday and friday, clouds increase with cooler temperatures. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. the hit tv show square off returned this weekend. after 13 years richard sher returned to moderate the panel. this week they weigh in on the outburst during the president's address to a joint session of congress. >> joe wilson isn't about that. he just called him a liar. >> he's not a liar. >> he did it right on the floor where they have a protocol where you are not supposed to
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-- >> absolutely, he broke -- he shouldn't have called the president a liar in front of the country. [ multiple speakers ] >> it's just like the old days. >> just like the old days. so before you meet the press sunday morn, you should square off. 9:30 sunday morning. let's take another live look at the inner harbor. still gray skies out there. norm says the rain is lightning up a bit. he'll be back with a look at our weekend forecast.
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after a five day rally, wall street loses ground today. the dow jones closed down and the s&p dropped 1 into here is what we're working on for you tonight at 11:00. we have more of that. we'll have the latest on the torrential rain and the flooding. it put one baltimore county community under water for a little while. plus more on the confusion and fear triggered by a coast guard training exercise on the potomac. the cain -- the chain of events that might have you shaking your head. the rain is ending tonight. tomorrow should be a decent day. partly cloudy and chance for an afternoon shower. 72 degrees. the sunshine comes back on sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> that's looking good. i'm mary beth marsden, changes for joining us.
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we'll be back here tonight at 11:00. we hope to see you then. have a great weekend. dry out.
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