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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  September 16, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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gas main work that could cause delays. at route 22. jfx at north avenue, traffic looks great at this time. new at 5:00 -- another exclusive story and we're the first to tell you about it. >> baltimore city police have a police-involve shooting to tell you about. linda so live in our studio with what happened all new since 11:00. >> two undercover officers were working the drug beat overnight in southeast when police say one was nearly stabbed by a drug suspect. officers with the monument street initiative were trying to make a drug arrest in the 2800 block of orleans street. this is exclusive video from our overnight photographer pete "on the street" o'neill. police say they were forced to shoot the suspect after he tried to attack one of the officers with a knife. that suspect later died at the hospital >> shortly after midnight, this morning, officers from the monument street initiative were conducting a drug arrest in the 2800 block of orleans street. officers encountered a suspect,
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the suspect tried to stab an officer in the back. the partner witnessed this, withdrew his service weapon and fired multiple shots in defense of the officer. >> reporter: the officer who opened fire is on routine administrative leave. police haven't released the name of the suspect who was shot and so, abc2 news. 5:01. the latest on the johns hopkins university student who used a sword to kill a suspected burglar. >> it happened early yesterday morning. it happened outside an apartment house just off campus on the 300 block of east university parkway. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live near the campus where the increased police presence is definitely felt this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're here on university parkway and yes there have -- university officials are telling us there have been a rash of burglaries and that's why we have increased police presence out here today. the suspect killed yesterday, in yesterday's attack has been identified as donald white, a
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man with 29 convictions for breaking and entering. this is exclusive video that we brought you yesterday. police say after he lunged at the student the student attacked him with a sword. school leaders say they try to educate students about their safety. >> particularly for incoming freshmen we get the word out about the fact that this is a city and it's a wonderful city but you also need to be aware of your surroundings. >> they respond really quickly. they never fail to remind us. >> reporter: the dean of student life sent a letter to students reminding them in case of a burglary call 911. do not attempt to confront the intruder but rather secure yourself in a locked area until police arrives. it's unclear if charges will be filed against the student. so far this morning we've not seen any police patrols through this neighborhood but we'll be out here all morning and bring
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you that information when we see it. reporting live in north baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> the student and his roommates' accounts of the incident may be critical in dearth whether the sword-wielding student will face charges. >> people do have a right to defend themselves, samurai swords are not illegal in baltimore city. it's like going to the garage with your baseball bat. >> people are allowed to use deadly force in defense of their home. if there's a felony being committed or about to be committed or if they themselves reasonably believe that they or a family member are at risk. >> levy says the fact that the burglar had no weapon shouldn't matter if he really lunged at the student prompting him to defend himself. police are still matching witness statements with evidence found at the scene to make sure there are no discrepancies. police in connecticut say they've executed search warrants on a person of interest in the murder of a
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yale university student. after interviewing more than 100 people investigators gathered enough evidence to storm the apartment of 24-year-old raymond clark iii. last night clark was handcuffed and escorted out of an apartment building and into a silver car. authorities say he did work as a lab technician. meanwhile, police have not released any details about what possible relationship clark shared with the victim if any. police want to stress that clark has not been charged this morning. let's look at sports. it's now 5:04. let's get some game two highlights between the orioles and tampa bay rays. rays had four runs, three-run home run in the first inning, jumping to an early lead. orioles battle back. that put the orioles up in front 6-5. they would go on to win 10-5, way to go, matt. >> he had something to say and now they are going to come together. now they are going at it.
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there you go. >> yankees star jorge posada and toronto reliever jesse got into a fight at home plate last night leading to a bench-clearing brawl. during toronto's 10-4 win over the yankees. benches and bullpens quickly emptied out though order was quickly restored. a popular expression for orioles fans, there's always next year. now we know at least one piece of next year, the orioles will open the 2010 season on the road taking on the tampa bay rays. and then make their home debut at camden yards against the blue jays three days later. in june the orioles will host the three-game series against the nationals. the orioles will be on the road in san diego and san francisco. for a complete list of the games log on to our web site now at >> talking about next year already. recovering from surgery
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can be difficult. just moving a muscle can be uncomfortable. >> ready to run the baltimore marathon. >> the rehab that is making surgery a little more tolerable. first, let's see our out the door weather forecast with justin berk. >> 5:05. we showed you maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we'll have an update after the commercial, because heavy rain rolling through parts of baltimore and harford county. look at perry hall middle school, 63 degrees. they've already received almost a quarter-inch of rain and yes, plan for some showers today as the kids are heading to the bus stop. we're looking for mid-60s and a little bit of rain. we'll be right back. right now the mta with mark jones. >> out there now, if your ride is on light rail or metro subway, both are on time. marc, no delays on the camden, penn, or brunswick lines. and on the buses the 53 and 59 are being diverted at reisterstown and 7-mile due to a watermain break. and the number 17 bus diverted at corporate drive and
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international, construction on the scene. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. (announcer) they're highly trained specialists. true professionals, always ready when they hear the call... guys, pancakes! because when it's pancakes everyone's in it together.
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welcome back to "good morning maryland" on this wednesday morning. >> meteorologist justin berk standing by. pouring in some areas, huh? >> it's raining, pouring, the old man not snoring anymore. waking up. rain pounding on the windows in eastern baltimore county. we were talking about
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jacksonville. this is heading over towards jarrettsville and looks like just the north side of glenarm. really heavy rain towards blair as well -- bel air as well. this morning, wet weather. on the wider view we have rain on the lower eastern shore from easton through cambridge and more showers on and off thought the day. our two-degree guarantee from last night, not going to be achieved. i think we'll struggle to get back to the low to mid-70s. calling for about 74, on and off showers into the afternoon. 5:10. here's kim. >> traffic is very smooth at the beltway, no problems. also southbound 83 as you approach the beltway, pretty smooth. we have a little bit of increased volume as you make your way towards the timonium area, but we have lane closures, northbound reisterstown road at seven mile lane, that lane is going to be closed for construction work. alternating traffic does get by in the southbound lanes. northbound harbor tunnel is closed overnight for construction, two-way traffic gets by in the southbound tube. in churchville, harford
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county, gas main at 122 and 136. give yourself a few extra minutes there. jfx at northern parkway, traffic looks great. back to you. 5:10. you know kids can get into trouble from time to time. look at this, a bus fight has two teens facing serious charges. and school bus drivers pick up and drop off your children everyday in the safest way possible. the mistake one driver made that changed a family forever. pillsbury crescent rolls, so warm, light, flaky... you'll never have to call them to the dinner table twice "but it looks pretty nasty outside" (announcer) grands at only $0.25 a biscuit you'll find any excuse to eat in
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from a technical perspective the recession is very likely over at this point. >> let's go about our lives then. however, fed chief ben bernanke does say the economy will still appear weak for a while. according to a new survey the greater baltimore area likely won't return to prerecession levels on the job front until sometime in 2012. we're working to help you get more bang for your buck. time to check our exclusive "financial survival guide." on there today, how to find the right credit card for you depending on age, income, spending habits. plus, are you still looking for work? some job hunting advice for those who haven't looked for work in many years. just log on to and check out our "financial survival guide." you go to the hospital. you have surgery, that's usually where you recover, right? what if it could be done at
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home? health reporter kelly swoope tells us about a home health care rehab program that is making surgery a little more convenient. >> reporter: george is reporting for work. the location, joan banes home. >> where is the pain? >> reporter: the assignment helped whip her into shape. >> i'm ready to run the marathon. >> reporter: joan is just weeks out of knee replacement surgery. >> this is a quad set. you're going to keep your toes pointed and slowly push your knee down. just push it down. keep your heel on the floor. >> even though i was getting excellent care in the hospital there's nothing like getting back into your own home. >> reporter: thanks to med star health visiting nurse association joan is getting rehab at home. >> we are able to reduce the length of stay the patient is actually in the hospital because we're able to follow them home and make sure all the things are in place to help them recover. >> you're going to pull back slowly. >> our goal is to help the patient become independent or more indepartment in some
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cases. >> reporter: joan says she was thrilled she was a candidate for the home health program. >> it's really been beneficial. my overall, you know, outlook improved, just getting out of the hospital and coming into your own home environment. so i really am happy that i was able to get these services. >> reporter: tracey anderson says monthly the vna serves close to 3,000 patients from the baltimore-washington area. >> it's really helping to provide the continuum of care from the hospital or rehab facility once they've had the procedure. >> reporter: joan looks forward to the visits and already has her sights set on the future. >> breathe, looking good. how do you feel? >> reporter: kelly swoope, "2 your health." 5:16. baltimore ravens linebacker ray lewis is kicking off a brand new business venture and you're going to get to enjoy it very soon. this was the groundbreaking for the new family entertainment
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and dining facility at the hunt valley town center. ray? >> you see the transition from 1996, the cleveland browns coming to baltimore and not really having an identity but being in the same neighborhood for now 14 years, five minutes down the road and now i'm walking into an establishment that, man could never have seen but god knew this a long time ago. >> used to see the hunt valley mall? let me tell you. we're told the new facility will offer upscale bowling, restaurants, sports bar, golf simulators. it's scheduled to open in spring of 2010. 5:17. our floor director is asking what upscale bowling is. i think they are marble bowling alleys. probably not.
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84 degrees yesterday. a good-looking day. last warm day of the week. on target with our guarantee from yesterday morning but it's the last warm day we're going to have. wednesday the 16th of september, typically should bring us 57 in the morning, 78 in the afternoon. we're going to be pulling back below normal for a few days with the wet weather and a lot of clouds. 41, the record in 1873. 1991, the high mark of 98. 6:49, sun up, but we have clouds. 69 in baltimore, pulling back with the frontal boundary just north of the airport or pretty much through central maryland. we've got this line of rain that developed across the eastern shore. another push as we've been showing you in harford and eastern baltimore county. we've got this cool easterly wind. we've got the moisture flowing up on the other side. our forecast model indicating the chance of rain lingering across the region as we head through this afternoon and on in through this evening. doesn't show much as we head through tomorrow but an easterly wind is going to provide us with rainfall and that is the case trying to break up as we head through the start of the weekend.
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today mostly cloudy, showers, 74 in baltimore. as we go through this afternoon, looks like scattered showers and temperature about 70 westminster. 72 parkton. as we pull on down towards the south, 73 degrees in annapolis. cooler weather and more rain expected for tomorrow. let's check the roads with kim. >> thank you. we don't have any problems to let you know about on the beltway as we check at liberty road. we have building volume down towards the baltimore national pike but traffic is moving well, out downtown east lombard street at president street, police are directing traffic there. and a couple of other incidents, pikesville, northbound reisterstown road at seven mile lane, that northbound lane is closed because of construction repairs. alternating traffic gets by southbound. northbound harbor tunnel is probably going to be reopened pretty soon. and in harford county, route 22 at route 136, gas main repair so give yourself a few extra minutes. jfx at northern parkway,
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traffic looks great in both directions. back to you. new around the nation -- a heartbreaking start to the school year for one family as several children with it a terrible -- witness a terrible accident with one of their classmates. >> he was on the other side of the bus, he dropped his bookbag under the bus. he went on the other side of the bus and he -- by the time -- the bus started moving. he slipped. he slipped under the bus. >> sadly, the bus driver didn't see the 6-year-old and ran over the boy killing him. atlanta police have not said whether that driver will be charged. here we are in illinois, several teens have been suspended because of this -- look at this surveillance on board this school bus. officials say a student who didn't fight back was beaten by first one boy, then another student on the bus but this video does show some of the students trying to stop the
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fight. both are expected to face criminal charges, already thrown out of school. others on the bus who encouraged the beating were also suspended. on the shores of the north carolina there was a very rare hatch caught on tape. >> after waiting several months hundreds gathered along the carolina beach to watch 70 leatherback turtles make their way to the ocean with help from volunteers. the baby turtles will follow whatever light they see so about 200 volunteers used infrared and flourescent lights to guide the turtles to the water. they also built ridges out of the sand to help keep the turtles on the straight path. leatherback turtles are an endangered species. that would explain all the volunteers. the push for health carols into our state again. >> but the message this time is not from a congressman or senator. we'll explain when we come back. (announcer) they're highly trained specialists.
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true professionals, always ready when they hear the call... guys, pancakes!
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5:24. a quick peek at the our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. we got a few wet days here. today not a washout but we had heavier showers this morning. we'll show you maryland's most powerful doppler radar with the rain in harford county in a couple of minutes. 74 this afternoon. 62 overnight. tomorrow we stay around 66 with a chance of developing rain. clearing skies after morning rain on friday, 75. saturday looks good but looks like another round of rain is coming in sunday and monday.
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5:24. let's check the roads with kim. >> no, hold on. wait a minute. i know. don't worry about it. shake it off. today's "tech bytes" from new york. jeremy hubbard. good morning. >> reporter: in "tech bytes" -- an important milestone for facebook. the social networking site says it made more money than it spent in the last quarter. that doesn't necessarily mean it turned a profit yet but it is close. the company's founder and ceo says it sets facebook up to be a strong independent service for the long term. and more good news for facebook users. the site will soon feature voice chat. members will be able to have conversations with anyone on their friends list and even nonfacebook users will be able to dial in. apple and iphone ap store has many followers, now the federal government. agencies would be able to buy approved applications and services. part of the obama's push to modernize i.t. systems and help balance the budget for federal
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i.t. spending. smart phones will soon be able to help you report problems around your town like potholes and graffiti. a start-up company called city source lets you snap a picture with your phone, fill out a complaint report and it's automatically sent to the correct government agency. san jose, california, is the first city to sign up for this program. the gadgets for the harry potter in all of us. a british company developed a universal remote control shaped like a magic wand. no buttons, you have to wave it to make it work. for example, flick your wrist up or down to change the channel or rotate to it control the volume. it features a total of 13 functions and goes on sale next month. for information on all these stories log on to the technology page of those are your "tech bytes," time jeremy hubbard.
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this morning an abc2 news exclusive. overnight, two baltimore city police officers were just doing their jobs, when investigators say a suspect refused to cooperate and it cost him his life. also this morning, former president jimmy carter knows why he heard "you lie" the other night. he says it's simply racism towards president obama. and how are prosecutors going to protect us from gangs if they don't know the true definition of one. we're going to hear a legal argument coming up on "good morning maryland." good morning, maryland, wednesday morning, the middle of the week. halfway there. >> here we go with weather and traffic every 10 minutes, here's justin berk. >> good morning. 5:29. we're busy in the weather department. that often means we are going to be busy on the roads as well. here's why -- maryland's most powerful doppler radar and we're zoomed in now on fallston. pretty


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