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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  September 16, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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worse. >> yeah, because there's swine flu everywhere. or flu everywhere. i mean, when you're on campus you're exposed to germs 24/7. >> reporter: the health center is remaining open seven days a week now. after the number of students reporting flu-like symptoms more than doubled in the last week. >> we had one of the girls in our soccer team leave because she got it. another girl on the team, her roommate had it. she couldn't come. we keep hearing about it. i hope the school will cancel it at some point. >> reporter: the standing number of infected students at college park is 615. the university officials tell us they feel the worst of the outbreak is over. last week as many as 90 students reported feeling ill on a single day but that number since dropped into the teens over the last few days. >> i think that the university is responding appropriately and last year they started their big campaign around washing hands and staying healthy. so i think they are doing a great job.
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>> reporter: even if she contracts the virus kathryn mcdonald is confident the university will help her get through it. >> as far as being here and being sick, they may get really easy on you. you can have food delivered to your dorm. and they encourage you to not go to class, stay home if you have a fever. but teachers are being really nice about letting you electronically submit reports and papers you would have had to turn in in person. >> reporter: the university is expected to serve as a vaccination center beginning in mid-october. in college park, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> while more than 600 students have reported flu-like symptoms at college park university officials say most of them recover in about three days. we're not sure if president obama will be wearing a surgical mask but he's still expected at the university in college park tomorrow. he brings his push for health care reform to college park. the university is setting up for a rally at the comcast center. the rally starts at 11:00 a.m., is open o-to-the public.
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no tickets and seating on a first come/first serve basis. dc-area serial sniper john allen muhammad is now scheduled to be put to death in november. a virginia judge set muhammad's date with death for november 10th. he was convicted of killing dean meyers, one of 10 people shot and killed during the rampage that terrorized this entire area back in 2002. six others were wounded in the sniper attacks. muhammad's accomplice, lee malvo is serving life in prison. now to exclusive video of a police-involved shooting in southeast baltimore. two undercover officers were the monument street initiative were trying to make an arrest in the 2800 block of orleans street when police say one of the suspects stabbed an officer. >> shortly after midnight, this morning, officers from the monument street initiative were conducting a drug arrest in the 2800 block of orleans street. during the course of that arrest officers encountered a suspect. the suspect tried to stab an officer in the back. the officer's partner witnessed
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this, withdrew his service weapon and fired multiple shots in defense of that officer. >> the suspect died at the hospital. the officer who was stabbed was protected by his bulletproof vest. both officers are now on routine administrative leave. a school bus crash in baltimore county sends six students to the hospital. the crash happened after 7:00 this morning at the intersection of philadelphia road and i-695 near golden ring mall. police say the over lee high school bus was hit from behind. they were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. no one else was hurt in the crash. it's been nearly a year since the crash of the state police medevac helicopter in prince george's county that killed four people. now house speaker michael busch has reappointed a work group on emergency medical services in the state. busch says the system needs continued oversight because it's a complex network depending on volunteer fire and rescue personnel. the house work group will begin meeting this fall. these tough economic times are affecting two long standing
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baltimore traditions, the city's columbus day and thanksgiving parades have been cancelled. the columbus day parade has been around for more than 100 years. the city funds the thanksgiving parade and the mayor says the money is too tight and in recent years attendance has been down. >> the thanksgiving one was pretty light. most people tend to come out in the spring, for certain events. we want to build on those and maybe do something in the inner harbor to celebrate thanksgiving, get people out into the community. >> we're disappointed they are cancelling the parades because of the economy. they have money for everything else but the parades are something that families look to get together and watch together. >> while the mayor says the city will reconsider bringing the parades back next year if the economy does improve. some good news, the christmas parade that runs through hamden will not be cancelled because it apparently attracts thousands of people a year. we want your two cents. after more than a century baltimore will not host the
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columbus day parade. is that the right decision? log on to our web site, and look at the right side of the home page to vote in our on-line poll. speaking of budget issues -- governor martin o'malley says a drop in state revenue could be as high as $300 million. he says the state's 7.2% unemployment rate has take an toll on the amount of money the state is bringing in. o'malley says a drop in revenue could lead to another round of "painful choices in budget reductions." the board of estimates will meet tomorrow to release revised revenue estimates. and state budget cuts are forcing changes at bwi marshall airport. the maryland aviation administration will close the communications center at the airport. eight staffers including those who deliver announcements in five languages are losing their jobs. the cuts are expected to save about $450,000 a year. if you are a senior citizen struggling to pay your telephone bill the state wants to help you out. this week marks narc telephone
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lifeline awareness week. the and verizon is encouraging people to take advantage of the program. i could get service for as little as 66 cents a month. one senior tells us her bill had become unmanageable. >> all the charges, federal charge, all the other state -- nobody understands too much, but that adds up. so, oh, yes, we wouldn't be charged the federal charge. it's a big savings. >> if you would like to learn more about the lifeline discount plans you can call verizon at 1-800-525-0145. the day didn't start out too bad but the clouds moved in and we have scattered showers. look at maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we've got a few light scattered showers. let's zoom into them. in portions of the carroll county area, a few scattered showers out there.
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nothing of any real significance in that region. basically just some light scattered showers across the area. also -- here we go -- we'll look here -- there we go. for some reason our little zoom doesn't want to work. you can see the scattered showers there under the b in baltimore. also scattered showers up around cecil county. as far as our forecast for the next couple hours this evening, look for mostly cloudy skies, a few sprinkles. we'll see a temperature of about 70 degrees. many places are already in the upper 60s. what about this cool weather and shower activity? how long it will last? complete forecast coming up. safety changes are coming to route 32 in howard county. the changes follow two recent deadly crashes on the two-lane road in sykesville. governor o'malley and howard county executive ulman announced the safety improvements today. they include warning signs between 99 and the carroll county line. rumble strips will be installed and passing zones will be closed and replaced with a solid line near river road.
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to the democratic primary for mayor in annapolis. political consultant pierre has a small lead. the capitol reports pierre was leading with more than 1,400 votes. josh cohen trails with only 15 votes. mcfall is in third place. pierre is the first african-american to run for mayor of annapolis. >> she would bring a level of professionalism and transprancey and efficiency to the government. >> the winner faces the republican and independent. ellen moyer cannot run again because of term limits. more primary results from frederick. democrat jason judd and republican randy mcclement will move on to the general election in the frederick mayors' race. if you enjoy a glass of wine check out these directions. piedmont trail. for lovers of local wines.
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learning in a very creative and musical way. a fun discovery for us as we teach the constitution abc2 -- abc2's of weather. i gave you a two-degree guarantee of 73. i changed my mind and went with 77. i should have stayed with the first one. high was 72 degrees today. forecast coming up.
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st. paul school for girls celebrated its 50th anniversary today. students and alumni packed the
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gymnasium. enrollment at the school has grown from 89 girls to 4 40e girls today -- 440 girls today. >> this school really holds a special place in all of our hearts. it's hard to explain. if you have not been here, but even though we were here in 1959 and graduated in 1963 some things just stay the same. there's a wonderful feeling of warmth. >> it's important to our school's history and seeing all the alumni come back is a really cool experience. >> st. paul school for girls opened on september 16, 1959. if you're looking for something to do this weekend how about unworking a visit to maryland's wine country? state officials toast the opening of the piedmont wine trail. the trail combines the wineries of both baltimore county and harford counties.
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baltimore county executive jim smith was on hand for the event at the fiori winery in harford county. maryland wineries generate over $40 million in economic activity and $12.7 million in direct revenues from wine-making and associated activities. >> 293,000 people visit maryland wineries and wine festivals every year. people visit us also for other things. take a look outside now. our shot from harbor cam. >> for the water. >> that's right. they've sailed into the inner harbor and anchored out there. got their little solar -- not solar but wind generator going. welcome to baltimore. our temperature right now at bwi, 70 degrees, 76%. wind currently from the northeast at 13, pressure rising. your high tide at 5:53 a.m.
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low tide 12:40 in the afternoon. winds tomorrow from the east 6 to 12. sun coming up 6:49. sets 7:13. low this morning 66 degrees, the high only reached 72. i thought it would be warmer. they did get to 80 in ocean city. currently, everybody starting to cool off a little as that cool front sinks in from north to the south. as far as our satellite picture early this morning, a few light scattered showers and the eastern shore and delaware, they've been getting scattered showers basically on and off throughout the day. but the heaviest rainfall remains back over sections of southern portions of virginia. the larger picture shows that area of low pressure kicking out moisture into the carolinas and virginia. around the baltimore area, again, just scattered showers around and that is basically the way it's going to be for the next 24 to 36 hours. right now maryland's most powerful doppler radar indicating a little shower activity along 70. on the howard/carroll county line into the fredrick county area. also up in harford and cecil county getting a few scattered showers. northern carroll county getting
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a few scattered showers but they are going to be very widely scattered overnight and through the day tomorrow. towson now 66. 64 westminster. damascus now at 65. 65 havre de grace. elkton currently reports in with 63 degrees. your forecast for tonight -- a few scattered showers across the region. then during the day tomorrow, again, more scattered showers on and off but the heaviest rain remains wack to the west in the ohio valley. all things considered though, weekend right now looking pretty good. forecast for tonight, mostly cloudy, scattered showers, 673 for the low. during the day tomorrow, daytime high of 67 with cloudy skies and scattered showers. your extended outlook for the next seven days -- things are looking pretty good on friday. not a great day but gradual clearing, should become partly cloudy. then saturday and sunday looking good, 72 degrees with quite a bit of sunshine. sunshine continues into monday. then cloudy skies and scattered showers, 77 degrees. did you get out today? >> i was out a little today
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but, we get to the community a tiny bit here at abc. this morning we had a chance to meet a special teacher and some students who are learning in an unconventional way. take a listen. >> these kids are singing with the help of mr. mckinley broomd e. he wrote this rap song four years ago. school leaders say in two years they've seen children score world -- 100% of the math portion of the test. justin berk came by earlier. each day justin will be visiting schools and teaching the abc2's -- get it? of weather. >> i got it. >> if you want justin to stop by your school drop us a line at the
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one thing, keyshawn johnson, i heard he said something else. if you want to hash this out, man-to-man and talk about it, stack up numbers man-to-man and talk about it. we can do it. remember, keyshawn, you were number one pick. i was a fourth rounder. our numbers still pretty much stack up but let's go. >> reporter: derrick mason firing back at keyshawn johnson. remember he called the ravens receivers bums? fyi, keyshawn's numbers are slightly better but as derrick mason said he's the first overall pick. mason has never been afraid to speak his mind. keyshawn didn't attack mason personally but he sure felt that way. >> he said that -- he said it about the group but i took it as a personal shot because i'm the elder statesman in the
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group. the know the other guys are not going to say anything. it's like taking me. you just don't do that. if you're going to attack the bunch you're attack me and i'll come back at you. >> reporter: fun for us in the media but the ravens full focus, the chargers who had a two headed running attack from tomlinston and darren spoals. they allowed just 29 yards sunday against the chiefs. lt isn't the best back in football anymore and darren isn't every downback. but the ravens know both are still capable of busting a big play. >> played against lt many times. even when you think you have a chance you really don't. you know what i mean? he's a special back. sproals, i don't know that much about him. i watched the tape. it's interesting. >> reporter: gooden is hoping to be back after spraining his
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right knee in game one. smith also recovering from a hamstring injury. brian roberts hit his 52nd double last night, eight shy of the all-time record by a second baseman set way back in 1936. chris tillman pitches tonight. fellow rookie brian mattis was at espn zone today. the os final q & a session with fans. he was with the radio voice fred manfra, who seems ok with being shut down for the season. >> you have to give 100% to the heavy hitters. it's draining. >> reporter: 22 years old, looks pretty good but a smart decision to shut him down. highlights of the os tonight on the latest at 11:00. back to you. let's take another look outside, espn zone. norm will be back with his final forecast. the weekend looking pretty good. and the temperature from around the area, in the 60s
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most everywhere. we'll be right back. ♪
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stocks rose for a third day. the federal reserve says industrial production gave investors hope that the economy is bouncing back. the dow jones was up 108 points, s & p rose 16. nasdaq up 31 point. we work for you in these tough economic times. how to find the right credit card depending on age, credit and spending habits. and job advice for those that haven't worked in many years. five years to dry your clothes the old-fashioned way. go to and click on the "financial survival guide." tonight at 11:00 -- credit card companies are using college campuses to get your kids hooked on plastic. tonight at 11:00, what parents of college kids need to know and why changes are on the way. plus, after a string of
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animal abuse cases in baltimore city leaders are meeting with community members tonight to address the problem before it gets any worse. those stories and much more tonight at 11:00 after primetime the outsiders. maryland's most powerful doppler radar continues to pick up scattered showers, continues to kind of develop in place along the i-70 corridor. also up in northern carroll county we're also seeing some popping up in montgomery county, also on the eastern shore some scattered showers. right along 95 between harford and cecil county. as we go through the overnight period and into tomorrow the scattered showers are going to be remaining with us. here's your forecast for the next seven days -- a cloudy day tomorrow with scattered showers, things will start to clear up on friday. saturday and sunday looking real good with quite a bit of sunshine. we'll talk again tonight at 11:00. that is all for us on abc2 news at 6:00. i'm mayor maria. thank you for joining us. we'll be back tonight at 11:00, we hope to see you then. remember, the news always on at have a great night.
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