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tv   News  ABC  September 22, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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at the peaofno, ...then capture that natural goodness for salads so consistently fresh and delicis... ...they' guaranteed. fresh express. consistently, deliciously fresh. the wedding cake is ready. was it a signal we should be on our toes? find out in a live report coming up next. she was in, out, now back in the race. the latest from annapolis. and if you live, work or play in the city you're keeping a close eye on the numbers from city hall. we have them this morning. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. let's look and weather and traffic. we're rounding out summer? ? closing out the last few hours. at 5:30 it feels like summer is trying to make a comeback. at least for the next few days it will be a mark on the calendar because we're 60 degrees this morning. 96% humidity. a little hint of mugginess in
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the air as we have fog developed across many sections of the north side, much like yesterday morning. with the cloudy skies we're also watching some rain on down to the south. the remnants of what was once a major hurricane, about two weeks ago in the eastern atlantic now working its way into the southeast. that moisture in north carolina could be working its way into virginia and could get here this afternoon. we'll look for the chance of showers though a warm one with a high of 77 degrees, our two-degree guarantee. 5:31. here's kim. >> we have building volume as you make your way southbound on 95 approaching the whitemarsh boulevard area. you see there the southbound lanes on the rick sund. no problems - righthand side of the screen. if you're traveling to dc, 495 in the college park area, an injury accident blocking two right lanes, could cause snarls in dc. in our area, broening highway and avon avenue in dundalk closed because of the ruptured watermain. if you're headed to the marine
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terminal and you're a truck you have to take the keith avenue accident. and wilson point road and dark head cove road, remains closed. and 41st street and jfx, no problems at this time. back to you. 5:31. as new york prepares to host world leaders at the u.n. the fbi arrested three afghan-born men as part of a terrorist investigation. now they are looking into a plot to detonate a bomb somewhere in the united states. even though the fbi says it doesn't believe an attack is immediate, at this point it makes you a little uneasy this morning especially if you're using mass transit. sherrie johnson is live this morning. >> reporter: good morning. mass transit systems all across the country and even here at penn station in baltimore are warned to beef up security patrols. this comes after authorities say that a man was planning to detonate backpack bombs on new york city train systems. this man is believed to be a
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part of the al-qaeda terror cells. this person and two others were arrested over the weekend. one of the men was working with the fbi but according to court documents investigators say he turned around and warned other suspects that the government was monitoring them. now authorities are trying to figure out if one of the suspects was part of a larger terror plot or trying to help federal investigators. >> the government asks to search his home and he consents to a search of his home. they asked to take a dna sample. he consents to a dna sample. they asked him for more oral statements. he waives his miranda rights, gives an oral statement. >> reporter: now, two suspects are behind bars right now. they have a hearing on thursday. reporting live at penn station, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 5:33. the obama administration is warning insurance companies they face possible legal action for allegedly trying to scare seniors about the loss of medicare benefits. the administration says that the misleading information
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suggests that the benefits could be lost under health care legislation in congress. a notice from the centers for medicare and medicaid warns the firms to stop sending out such mail and remove similar items from their web sites. she was out friday but today she's thrown her hat back in the race. zina pierre, who could become the first black female mayor of annapolis plans to stay in the race. her carp announced plans to -- camp announced plans to drop out friday for personal reasons but pierre says overwhelming support convinced her to stay in the race. 5:34. plans to close baltimore city's huge budget gap could lead to a dispute with the fire and police departments there. the board of stimentsz is expected to approve a plan to furlough every city employee for at least five days. the head of the city's police union says there is a claws in the -- clause in the contract stating they can't be furloughed. the fire chief thinks furloughs
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and layoffs would lead to the closure of eight to 10 fire companies. >> i feel very confident that they will make cost savings in line with, you know, what each agency has been asked to do. >> the overall plan is expected to be approved on wednesday but includes a provision that will allow the mayor to continue negotiations with the police and fire unions. the deadlines for those negotiations are to be competed by october 21st. 21st we want your two cents. should police officers and firefighters take furloughs? leave your opinion on abc2news.comm just vote in our on-line poll. a pitstop for hundreds of baltimore city police cars. city officials think diesel piewl was somehow mixed with
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the gas at the city filling station. 68 cars were disabled forcing police to use undercover vehicles. >> now we are able to make due with the fleet that we have. and the commissioner made it a priority so the public safety will not be compromised on this issue. >> the city is draining fuel from the affected vehicles, replacing the fuel filters and cleaning the fuel injectors. here's a look at what is happening today, the 22nd. that means mayor sheila dixon will be at a news conference to announce the baltimore book festival. and in owings mills the maryland health care for america now coalition partners will protest outside the office of united health care. 5:36. they are back. >> check out some of the highs and lows of last night's "dancing with the stars" premiere. before we head to break let's head to justin and see what it looks like. >> good morning. 5:36. at the bus stop, patchy thick fog, temperatures near 60 degrees of we plan on some
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showers which means take the umbrella in afternoon. it's likely to get a little bit wet but it's going to stay mild. we'll talk about that coming up. let's talk about mta stuff with mark jones. >> good morning. the commute start is good on light rail and the metro subway. marc train on time on the camden, camden -- camden, penn, brunswick. and diversions still at saratoga and greene. corporate and international. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. ♪ ♪
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fall is almost here. happens in a few hours. let's send it to justin berk who is checking the weather today. >> we're going to take to you woodland park in colorado. why? because guess what happened there yesterday? take this thing full screen and we'll see -- we'll move the camera a little during the day. panning the view, that is snow. snowing in the high country of western colorado. is that a beautiful thing or what? the streets are dry but as you can see at least the sidewalks and some of the trees got a little covering. this morning, they are at 28 degrees. why do i show that you? because our 63 in perry hall, 64 rock hall, not too bad. we got some patchy fog and we'll make it to 77 as fall arrives this afternoon with some spotty showers.
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not too bad there, kim? >> no. the sight of snow actually makes me cringe. i'm allergic to winter but we don't have problems here. 95, volume starting to build pretty early as you approach the whitemarsh boulevard area making your way down towards the 695/895 split. no problems to let you know about along 695. however, we have some issues still in dundalk, broening highway remains closed at avon avenue. if you're driving a truck, and trying to get to the marine terminal you have to get off at the keith avenue commit in order to get there. in middle river, wilson point road and dark head cove road closed in the westbound directions, two-way traffic gets by in the eastbound lanes. in the city fire activity. paterson avenue and reisterstown road. equipment there and possibly a detour. jfx, no problems to let you know about this morning. back to you. 5:41. a college student in massachusetts is found dead in her apartment. >> and now investigators have shifted their focus to our area. >> the man they are looking for is from pasadena.
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police say he killed his ex-girlfriend. i'm linda so. details on this late-breaking story up next. ♪
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news. what does a murder outside of boston have to do with us? the suspect has ties to maryland. >> the police are looking for alexander skowran, from pasadena. this all began in clinton, massachusetts, a town about 40 miles outside, just west of boston. abc2 news linda so has been working on this story, joins us now live. >> reporter: investigators believe alexander skowran murdered his ex-girlfriend and is now on the run. this is a picture of the 22-year-old. police found the body of his ex-girlfriend, giselle rodriguez, late yesterday morning in her apartment near boston. the two apparently had a rocky relationship. rodriguez had a restraining order against skowran, a senior at fitchburg state college in massachusetts. rodriguez also used to go there. in july skowran was placed on probation and had to attend an anger management class after he broke into her apartment and poured bleach on her clothes. >> she was a really sweet girl who was going places, very quiet, kept to herself. wouldn't probably hurt a fly.
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>> reporter: skowran is believed to be driving a 2003 black honda civic with maryland plates 8dxx66. again, he's from pasadena, maryland but is currently residing in fitchburg near boston. live in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. >> thank you. now 5:45. a look at some of the other top stories abc2 news is working on this morning. counterterrorism officials are warning the nation's mass transit systems to step up patrols. that is because an of a can born -- afghan born immigrant under arrest in colorado may have been planning bombs all over new york city. we're going to have a live report at the top of the hour from penn station, how officials are keeping you safe and ramping up security right there. the driver of a tractor-trailer is being treated at shock trauma this morning after his rig overturned. this is on 695. investigators tell our our overnight photographer pete "on the street" o'neill that the rig somehow flipped.
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this is route 702 around 11:00 last night. no hazmat was called. that was not the issue, crews were able to reopen the road very shortly after this accident. the tractor was the only vehicle involved in the crash. people in park heights are set to learn more about plans for a roundabout in their community. officials are hoping it will ease traffic at the busy intersection of park heights and druid park drive and also reisterstown road. and thursday night residents will get to have their say on the proposal at a community forum. officials from the department of transportation and city council are expected to attend this meeting. brazilian supermodel gisele not only has great looks but good will as well. named good will ambassador for the united nations environmental program and used her position to send a message home saying brazil's president should propose better laws to stop the destruction of the world's largest rainforest. the fall chill in the air. that means time to dance. >> let's go to the floor. last night the two-hour season
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premiere of the hit abc show "dancing with the stars." there's former congressman tom delay. you might not see him much longer. the all new cast hit the dance floor last night. former dallas cowboy michael ervin was there. singer aaron carter and the remaining eight women's pairs will hit the dance floor at 8:00 tonight during their two-hour episode. for today's "tech bytes," let's head up to new york. jeremy hubbard is standing by. >> reporter: in "tech bytes" -- aol makes friends with facebook and other networking sites. today aol is launching a new version of its popular instant messenger software called a.i.m.7, the biggest change is lifestream, allows vus users to post subjects from aim. motion activated ear buds pause your music when you pull them out of your ears.
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the technology only works with some sony ericsson phones. x box is back with a new installment. halo 3odst launches today. jake ward has tested it out. >> it mostly consists of you exploring this city called new mombasa and playing flashbacks as you uncover clues as to the whereabouts of your comrades. the game also has a much more cautious feel with combats. it's a much more, sort of dramatic sense of combat than it used to be so it's kind of scary. it takes a really beloved franchise known for a little more of a cartoonish feel and brings it into a more, sort of adult, dark movielike quality i think will be really captivating. >> the game sells for $60. netflix names a winner. an interteam of researchers
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awarded $1 million for coming up with a formula that helps the rental company predict what movies its customers will like. the contest was so successful netflix already planned a sequel. for information on all these stories log on to the technology page of those are your "tech bytes." i'm jeremy hubbard.
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5:52. 60 degrees. we're surrounded by really warm tough. altoona, pittsburgh, richmond, 65. pittsburgh and new york 67. we even got a 70 on the map. 71 norfolk. some warm stuff around here. even though this is -- winding down the last few hours
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of summer, we're pumping in some summer heat. we're also pumping in some moisture. the bottom of the screen here, just really interested in watching this little band of moisture moving due north out of north carolina. we'll have to watch this throughout the morning. if this continues its track and looks like it might do it and sustain some of its intensity with our moist flow off the chesapeake and atlantic we could have ourselves some rain out of this one particular cell and it could come down heavy in some parts. we'll watch it. it may pass just west of us. it's something to look out for in the afternoon, with the chance of showers there. unfortunately the flooding continues in atlanta as they are getting more rain from this system. and some of the metro area between five and 20 inches of rain over the course of the past few days. definitely a reversal of their drought but definitely too much of a good thing for them. as far as we're concerned this afternoon, our good thing has come to an end in terms of the sunshine. back with clouds and showers, 77 our two-degree guarantee in baltimore. knock it down a little in westminster, 74 degrees. 75 in parkton. on the eastern shore also the
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threat of rain so just take that umbrella though not much of a rain jacket will be needed as it will be relatively mild and seasonable with temperatures into the upper 70s. tonight still the chance of showers and fog. we're down to 65 degrees. tomorrow's temperatures back up to 81. a chance of a shower but mostly cloudy skies, again looking at temperatures in the low 60s this morning. we'll look out for temperatures actually staying in the 80s by the end of the week. kim? we've got foggy conditions around the area. so if you're driving this morning keep in mind that visibility is a bit reduced. not so much at 95 southbound at maryland route 32, but really on southbound 795 and southbound on the harrisburg expressway, also heads up for going to dc, a bad crash on the outer loop at 695 at route 1 college park that has the two right lanes blocked. it will cause a snarl if you're traveling to the washington area this morning. in dundalk, still dealing with broening highway closed in both directions at avon avenue. we also have some fire activity in the city, paterson avenue and reisterstown road. expect to see equipment on the scene and possibly a detour. as we look at the jfx, no
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problems to let you know about. if you're following me on twitter, it's back to you. still ahead -- she can plie, relevt, kicks and scores. tackling now, taking names later. is in your jea with the special k challenge™s than ever. jeans don't lie. go to... the new to design your plan.
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an oklahoma team is becoming quite the triple threat. on friday nights she trades in taps for cleats. she's the punter and kicker for oklahoma christian academy and now using her grace as a dancer on the football field as the team's kicker. way to go, cara. >> i bet the two help each other. we'll be right back with the 6:00 news. maryland, the daughter of a clergyman was discovered by a music industry insider while pumping gas
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at a service station. the odds of her getting signed and spending 11 weeks at #1 on the u.s. singles charts? 1 in 19 million. the odds of this former church choir singer going on to sell 40 million records? 1 in 15 million. the odds of the same woman winning 6 grammy awards and starring in two broadway plays? 1 in 75 million. the odds of this musician and performer having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 150. i'm toni braxton, and i encourage you to learn the signs of autism at early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference.
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where is alexander skowran? this pasadena man is wanted for the murder of his ex in massachusetts. and president barack obama becomes the first sitting president to appear on "david letterman." and on the dance floor with the stars. we look at opening night. these stories and a whole lot more coming up. in the meantime, thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. the curtain is about to come down on summer. >> that is -- justin has a little countdown going on. >> tick-tock, 5:18 tonight. which brings us down to 11 hours and 19 minutes. so sorry. fall officially arrives later today. the last few hours of summer here and we've got a little muggy feel to the air. check this out. the remnants of what was once a hurricane in the eastern atlantic. has fallen apart but thrown a tremendous amount of moisture across the southeast, some reaching through north carolina. watch that stuff build to the south and try to lift


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