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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  September 23, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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it is the scariest thing any parent could think of, your child being kidnapped right from under you. it happened to one mother in anne arundel county. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. brian kuebler is here to explain why that mom and child were very lucky. >> reporter: things could have been a lot worse for that family. everyone tonight is home safe. it all happened in the 7800 block of clark road in jessup yesterday afternoon at around 12:30. police say a mom was waiting in her car as her 4-year-old was playing outside nearby waiting for the school bus to arrive. that is when a woman went up to the child, grabbed him and walked off. police believe that woman was
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50-year-old leslie ofit, before she got too far the child demanded to be put down, the suspect listened, put the child down and just kept walking away. >> i think it was fortunate in this case that the mother was in close proximity to the child first and foremost. the child did the right thing for the woman to put him down. that is always good, that can alert somebody who is nearby as well. >> reporter: ofit was arrested and charged with kidnapping and second degree assault. live in studio, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> thank you. a 40-year-old mom is charged with punching a 16-year-old boy in the face after she found out he was involved in a fight with her daughter. according to the sheriff's office the woman faces charges of second degree assault and disorderly conduct. deputies say she want to linganore high school and punched the student while they waited an office to talk with administrators. pierre is dropping out of the annapolis mayor's race, again. she had made her announcement this afternoon saying she
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doesn't want questions about her finances to be a distraction in the campaign. pierre won the democratic primary by 127 votes last week but questions came up about money and if she really lives in annapolis. that is when her campaign abruptly announce she was dropping out of the race. she said it was a mistake then and was running after all. today she quit the race for a second time. the democratic party will choose a new nominee coming up on friday. now to an abc2 news update. a south carolina man pleaded guilty in connection with a two-day standoff at a western maryland motel. james prevot pled guilty to arson and marijuana possession. he was arrested at the best value inn in hancock last august. his girlfriend, renee reynolds is serving a 12-year prison sentence for pretending to be a hostage during the standoff. baltimore city police shoot and wound a plan police thought
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was -- man police thought it was a dangerous weapon. turns out it was a spatula. it happened in bridgehampton drive 6:00 this morning. police arrived on scene after receiving a suicide call. police say the man started to wave what appeared to be a sharp object at paramedics, he ignored the plea to stop coming toward them, that's when he was shot several times. the weapon, as i said, turned out to be a spatula. the two officers will be placed on radio teen administrative leave. 27 baltimore city employees will be out of a job. employees will have to take at least five furlough days as part of budget cuts. mayor sheila dixon says there could have been as many as 400 employees fired if not for the furlough plan. city employees will have to take five designated holidays without pay and up to 10 if they make over $100,000 a year. the city is still imoashting a plan with -- negotiating a plan with police and fire departments on possible furloughs. the first mariner tower at canton crossing is facing foreclosure. the bank told the owner an
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auction for the building and surrounding land is scheduled for october 21st. the foreclosure proceedings come after hale defaulted on an $84 million loan. he said yesterday he's considering several options to come up with a quick resolution to his financial problems. we have a voluntary recall to tell you about tonight. it's involving several children's tylenol products but here's the frustrating part -- you're not going to see anything about this recall on the tylenol web site. the food and drug administration or the consumer product safety commission site. now, we were able to confirm this only after checking various consumer and parenting web sites including this one, stroller derby. also by calling mcneil pharmaceuticals which manufactures tylenol. you can find all the products affected by visiting stroller derby's web site or call mcneil at 1-877-895-3665. to ask about a particular product and also lot number.
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mcneil says there's no danger. the voluntary recall was being done because bacteria apparently was discovered in some raw materials used in the manufacturing process. but mcneil says material was ice laid and not -- isolated and not used in the production of any finished product. it's described as, rather, a warehouse recall and store owners were already advised to pull the affected children's tylenol from their store shelves. doctors and hospitals across maryland and the rest of the country are bracing for an expected resurgence of the swine flu. the wait is over in texas for one hospital, they are meeting the virus at one door step. they have special tents to screen people. diana avillar shows us how the process works. >> reporter: the flu has reached austin, texas, earlier than usual. more than 300 patients a day are descending upon dell children's hospital. >> of the patients who come in with flu symptoms almost 70%
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are testing positive for influenza a. right now that means h1n1. >> reporter: so many that triage tents have been set up to identify and treat patients with flu-like symptoms. the vast majority of the patients, the very young. >> very chaotic in there. >> reporter: brown's young daughter has a runny nose, fatigue and fever of more than 101 degrees. brown suspects she caught the swine flu from a sick classmate. >> i'm pregnant, too. and if my child has the swine flu i would really like to know. >> reporter: memphis hospitals are turning to tents as well to deal with their deluge of h1n1 patients. the goal, to simultaneously diagnose and treat these patients within 15 minutes. >> they have to come inside the tent and critical medical information is taken, vital signs are taken. then they are given directions on whether or not they need to proceed into the emergency room. >> reporter: and temporary tent triage units may be here
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to stay. the cdc reports the number of states experiencing widespread flu activity has doubled to more than 20 in just the last two weeks. an alarming statistic considering the bulk of seasonal flu cases usually don't surface for at least another two months. diana avillar, abc2 news. on the weather front it is feeling a lot more like summer now that we're in fall. if that makes any sense. it happens sometimes. and, by the way, we end our two-degree weather streak because of that. bwi marshall now 83 degrees. it foals a lot more like 90 at the airport now. just to give you an idea. it was only in the mid and upper 60s for lows last night. we'll be seeing 60s for highs by the weekend so things will change around here. a couple of showers off in western maryland. i think those will probably fall apart before making it to baltimore. i'm going to keep it dry tonight. it will still be a muggy sultry night so when i say dry i mean
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no rain but you'll feel the moisture in the air out there. we'll talk more about the outlook for the next couple of days. when does the big plunge in temperatures come? coming up. we have awesome news for bank of america customers. which fees they are finally cutting out. and what other bank is following in their footsteps? so you cash in your clunker for cash, get a new car and weeks later you're told to fork over more money! it's happening to some people. find out why. what's that smell? take control of trash odors
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the dow down 1 1/3. s & p down 10 and the nasdaq down almost 15. we do have great news for bank of america and j.p. morgan chase customers. the companies are going to overhaul some of the overdraft fees and practices that critics called excessive. among the changes customers will not be penalized for overdrawing an account only by a few dollars. more good news for wii players. the console system will have a price drop of $50 on sunday. the demand for wii slowly decreased and analysts hope this will boost the retail sales. nintendo is following sony and
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microsoft. reduced prices on their systems happened in august. there was glitz, glamour, even a few tears. we're going to show you who surprised the crowd and themselves, too. who really needs some work? and we also check in on bachelors prince william and harry. working to become helicopter pilots. and they say they want to do even more. and that's how verizon fios works.
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imagine driving home in your brand new car, when learning a month later the dealer who sold it to you wants more money. i'm talking a lot more money. it's happening to some drivers in the aftermath of that successful "cash for clunkers" program. consumer reporter john matarese explains why some dealers are asking customers to open their wallets again so you don't
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waste your money. >> reporter: just when you thought you had heard the last of "cash for clunkers" now comes some bad news for some folks who traded in an old clunker. the car-buying web site says several thousands of clunker trade-ins are now ending up rejected. remember the car dealers making clunker trades over the summer simply on the hope the government would pay them $4,500 for every clunker they took in? >> right now i probably have 15 deals so that is probably around 60,000 dollars that we're owed. >> reporter: that money is now finally trickling into dealerships. but says some are getting rejection notices, whether due to a paperwork error or customer who didn't qualify after all. a few dealers prepared for that possibility asking customers like tom sharky to sign a waiver if their clunker was later rejected. >> if you sign this document it
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says for any reason we don't get our money, whether it's our fault, your fault, whoever's fault we want the cash from you right now. >> reporter: uh-oh. says as many as 25,000 of the 700,000 clunker trades may end up rejected in the end. if you signed a waiver like tom was shown you're legally bound to repay the clunker cash. but edmonds says if you didn't sign anything the dealer can't ask you to repay the $4,500. by law you get to keep the car. the dealer will have to eat the loss. my advice, if anyone comes to you for more money tell them to hold off. then do some research on your rights so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. whether it's a clunker or not great day to
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cruise in the convertible. i mean it's like summer out there right now. light southeast breeze, you can see old glory flapping a little bit there. nice day for the walk, you will be working up a sweat because the humidity is so high. 83 degrees, 68% relative humidity. summerlike humidity across baltimore. it will continue. watch this. clouds, then sun. then we get doused with a shower right about there. see the rain shower? then it dries off as we go later into the afternoon. a cool day in ocean city. the water is still warm. it's still september. and feels like summer outside even as we truck into the first full days of autumn. the leaves changed from the cool weather last week but soaking in the humidity now. interesting temperature spread. were only down in the upper 60s this morning. and we bounced into the mid to upper 80s this afternoon. take a look out in western maryland. pushing 90 degrees. and the high country, winchester up through
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hagerstown. definitely a warm scenario and i think the numbers are going to be little warmer than that as we go into the day tomorrow. our satellite and radar combination, we've actually had clearing across baltimore the last couple of hours. breaks of sunshine this afternoon is what really allows the temperatures to climb. we knew we would get to 80, 82 today, but 83, 85, a little expected. more sunshine than we had thought. not a lot of rain. the weather is getting a little more active off to the west. and there's chillier air building, more fall-like temperatures are building across the great lakes now. that cool air will sink down toward the weekend but won't last long so we'll stay warm and muggy and chance of a shower again tomorrow. then temperatures are going to drop. then bounce up again. bay forecast tomorrow, might as well do some boating because it feels like summer still for another day here. southeast winds -- check this out, our sunset 7:01 tomorrow. so we're getting close to
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sunset in th 6:00 p.m. time frame. shorter days are getting to be the deal here. 69 degrees tonight. tomorrow, chance for on and off showers but i think we'll see a mix of sun and clouds, kinds of like today and a little warmer. 83 degrees. could get up to 85 in many spots tomorrow afternoon. your 7-day forecast, baltimore's most accurate. temperatures drop after tomorrow, we're down to 74 friday. sort of two shots of cooler air. we bring in the rain saturday. it's going to be sunny early, then rain in the afternoon. 67. then we're going to warm up again towards sunday and monday. so it's the time of year where the air masses go back and forth. we'll go warm to cool, back to warm for a little while. >> thank you. most people are back into the routine of work and school after summer vacation. that includes people in london. prince william and prince harry. the two are living together in a royal bachelor pad as they train to become helicopter
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pilots. but today there were signs prince william is ready to take on more responsibility. abc's gloria riviera reports. >> reporter: the public is used to seeing prince william and harry playing polo or prepping for their very own charity concert jam-packed with rock stars. but the two boys of prince charles and princess diana are inching towards 30. harry served in afghanistan and both are now training to be helicopter pilots. for years the two have worked with charities but today prince william vowed to do more. >> more than being an ornament and such. >> reporter: recently that meant hiking with homeless teens to build self-esteem. for 19-year-old johnny glen deng it worked. >> i -
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>> we just come from different walks of life. there's a bit of hope. >> reporter: as for the rest of great britain? many are hoping for a royal wedding for prince william and longtime girlfriend kate middleton. but for now the heir to the british throne plans to continue living with little brother harry in their royal bachelor pad. the two princes love to tease each other and they may be a sort of royal odd couple. prince william says harry never does the dishes. harry says his older brother is going bald. gloria riviera, abc news, london. here's a look ahead to abc2 news at 6:00. more fallout from the video scandal that started in baltimore. find out who is severing ties with acorn now. and a panel makes a decision on whether to approve the state's first slots machine license. a preview of what is ahead on "world news" at 6:30. >> coming up on "world news" -- an american diplomat caught on tape in a mosqueo hotel room but --
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one star couldn't believe she did it. one partner couldn't believe a judge's comments. another star just glad she didn't trip in front of millions. a model stood tall with the judges. >> i'm really putting so much energy and i'm so determined, i wanted to do this show forever. it's like -- i'm doing this with my heart and soul. >> reporter: model joanna and her partner danced their way to first place with the judges. after the show one pro did a number on derek. >> oh, my gosh. maximilian, really? is it max? is it max? i know it's max. always max. >> reporter: maya and her partner tied for second place. that is just fine with her. >> i was just very happy i didn't slip, get snagged, trip,
5:58 pm
step on his feet. >> reporter: here's where the tears came in. ecstatic kelly osbourne tied for second. and this was the comment from the head judge lynn goodman. >> the best viennese waltz of the night, wow. [ cheering and applause ] >> you don't understand, when he said that i was like, i couldn't believe it! i couldn't believe it! >> reporter: in fourth place for the night olympic swimmer natalie coughlin who was thrilled to trade in her goggles for a gown. >> i normally do these interviews with no makeup and i'm in, like, cabin goggles and this feels great to wear all this makeup and get dressed up and get all glammed up. >> reporter: melissa joan hart is loving it too. she is fifth on the leaderboard. >>i was amazed at how much fun i had. i thought nerves would get the better of me. it was great. >> reporter: in sixth place a nervous debbie mazur and her
5:59 pm
partner but they had fun too. >> i had a good time. i wish my footwork had been better. max threw me back in position. >> reporter: kathy ireland landed in seventh place. judge bruno wanted more sex with her salsa. her partner disagreed with his assessment. >> it's not about what he's saying. it's not what kathy is. i'll never do that. >> reporter: one point behind them in last place, macy gray and her partner. judge goodman gave her his lowest score of the night but told her if he was home he would be voting for her. >> i don't know how this is all going to play out but i'm glad i got on the stage. i wasn't sure i could really do it. it was good. >> reporter: now that we've seen everyone dance two must go. one woman and one man will be sent packing on tonight's show. starts 8:00 on abc2. the details on the baltimore ravens,


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