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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 23, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. enough is enough. acorn is going after the posers behind this video shot right here in baltimore. she should have known better that ton run for mayor. >> and out of the annapolis mayor's race. we start with a new push to close a club. good evening. the suite ultra lounge in the basement of one local hotel has stayed open despite complaints and violent incidents. that may be changing. christian shave ser on the story. >> reporter: let's get up to speed on the conflict that started a year. in 2008, two people were shot,
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one one stabbed in a fight that spilled out on out to charles street. the lick your board voted to shut it down. the club appealed and stayed open during the process. fine ideally last month a judge ruled in favor of the club. the process has been a big disappointment for those in mount vernon. there is a effort to close the club for good. >> it is a scene that people have grown tired of seeing. >> it gives you an uncomfortable feeling. >> video showing the people outside of the hotel after leaving the ultra lounge. >> there are 200, 300 kids gathering at charles and chase streets while exiting the club. >> reporter: there has been violence, people who live and work in the area say the lounge is to blame. >> if you look at the times and dates that the incidents
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happen, they always go with events that are happening at the lounge. >> reporter: people have started to avoid the area on saturday nights. >> people leave in groups, people are talking about it. it is hard to say if it is affecting the business, people are affair of -- aware of 24eus. -- aware of this. >> reporter: they have been calling for the club to be locked. the council president sent a letter to the commissioner calling the club a new sans and requesting that it be shut down. the club's owner has resisted efforts to close the club. wednesday evening his attorney told me, quote, because something happens in a block -- block of a police does not mean it involves the establishment. i will see reports that the commission ser considering before commenting further. neighborhood is waiting for final resolution. >> people want it gone.
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get it out of here. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the commissioner said expect a situation op the padlock request and tomorrow the city's liquor board will consider new regulations for clubs like the suite ultra lounge. the judge said she had choice but to follow the regulations. look at them to be strengthened tomorrow. a strange situation this morning on bridge hampton drive. police shot a man armed with a spatula. it happened outside of the apt complex. they were called about a suicidal man. he was waving an object. it turned out to be a spatula. they warned him to back down. he ignored them and the police officers opened fire. >> i heard gunshots. it was this morning.
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i looked out i seen about 7 police cars and a ambulance. >> and he was listed in critical condition. as for the officers involved, they are on leave tonight. so far this year, this is the 13th police involved shooting in baltimore city. acorn is firing back at the people who shot the under cover videos. they have filed lawsuits against the pair who posed as a pimp and prostitute at several offices across the country including here in baltimore. in the meantime, the irs said they will not be included in the volunteer tax assistance program. the house and senate voted to cut ties after employees were caught on video helping the pair commit what could amount to tax fraud. the census bureau shut out acorn for the 2010 national head count. first she was in. then apparently out.
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then back in. but tonight the democratic nominee for mayor of annapolis calls it quit. after her troubled past game to light. delia goncalves has more. >> reporter: she puts the controversy to bed and bows out of the race leaving her supporters and opponents alike disappointed. >> i thank you. >> reporter: she thanked supporters as she delivers the news, i regret i will step down. >> reporter: the former white house aid was in the running to be the first african-american mayor. it was reported she decided to drop out of the race but then she said it was a mistake and she was running. >> she is out and cloud of controversy. history and financial troubles. >> things have slipped through the cracks. i own up to it. >> reporter: she struggled --
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struggled running a business ad caring for her parents. some of the accusations were false, lashing out at reporters. >> she is a private citizen at this point. i think she cannot overcome she should get out. >> if she has sick parents and issues running the households, how will she run the city, she did a great job. >> i could not believe she ran for mayor. >> reporter: she apologized but promised to return, firing back at those she feels were behind the controversy. >> always remember that there will be mud left on your hands. when you sling it. >> they will pick their new nominee on friday. we learned that the 27 city
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employees will be out of a job. all employees will have to take five furlough days. it stems from the issues of the budget. the mayor said 400 employees could have been fired if not for the plan. >> i would rather do that than see a layoff. during the tough times everyone has to do their job. >> this impacts all of us. >> the city is foreating with the fire department on possible furloughs. the state's attorney sent a statement. it reads in part: our office will honor the days designated by the mayor. it says, i want to assure the public our operations will not be affected. the city is not the only local government suffering.
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these are tough times for the state. approval for the parlor to lead to much-needed money. and a panel voted to approve slots. the owner can proceed with a plan for 800 machines. he said they could be operational by memorial day of next year. we're tracking storms. humid and hot. look at radar. we're tracking a large cluster of storm activity here. north and west. and out we're seeing thunder here. something to keep in mind you may get caught in this activity. one more loop to give you an
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idea. we'll give 69 degrees. not a lot of rain. we want the passing around of shower activity we'll profile that in more detail and fall- like temperatures. good news for people in dundalk, they are drying out, including the shopping center which was just about ground zero. after five days of dealing with the mess from the water main break. they are out and about. we stopped into businesses to see how they're holding up. the owner says that saturday was tough. captain harvey is making subs. they reopened. crews are working to fix the
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massive hole. >> what we're going to do is when we get that out and it is drained, we do an inspection. we'll look at the section of it shut off which is 15,000 feet so that's, what, 2 and 3/4 miles along those lines. >> this is a big job. officials say a section of the pipe should be off on friday or monday. >> parents we have the recall to pass along to you about the children's products. you will not see anything about this on the web site. the food and drug administration site or the commission site. we checked parents web sites including this one. stroller derby. we called a pharmecutical company which manufactures the product and you can find the products affected by going to stroller derby or mcneil at 877-
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895-3665. that's to ask about a product. there is no danger. the recall is voluntary and bacteria was found in the manufacturing process. butt the nearly was isolated and not used in the production of a product they believe. this is a warehouse recall. and to your health. maryland has reached outbreak status. after a surge in faces the first case of seasonal flu has been confirmed. officials have been advising people of getting their include shot. now get this, a florida business is doing its part in the flight against the flu by
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offering free shots and lunch to young, veterans and seniors. >> i think it is great, i wish i had the figures like the gals do. >> that's because this miss is a strip club. >> this time with the rising cost it is a way to give back to the community. >> and she has been doing this for unionism years. you are about to see more of one of the elares on dancing with the stars. and statements. phone companies charging to you get your bill in the mail. >> and a summer-like after. >> and moving to towson next.
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a water main break. cars under water. trees, houses, this is major. >> and some people are trapped in their homes. >> they need to be rescued. >> we probability you coming. ñó
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now, the latest on the terrorism alert spread across the country. there are no threats to mare land. officials are warning people to be vigilant after threats were uncovered. homeland security secretary was in baltimore announcing a grant for the state. >> these go to security and fire station construction. at the same time, they will create jobs through new projects and stimulate economies such as the one here. >> the funding will momster security measures in place. the president challenged
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the un today to help shoulder the critical murders of the world. but he was not the only leader to address the un. and the president of iran spoke, he said his country is ready to shake all hands, quote, that are extended. the feds held interest rates steady. and the dow gave up 81 points and the enact lost 15 and s&p 11. another mixed day. mccormick and company gain 2-d percent and joseph a bank closed down at 3%. and more bad news for first mariner. foreclosure have started at the tower building. it is slated for october 21st. this is after a default on a
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loan and order regarding problem loans. we spoke with the ceo and he said he is considering several options. he assured customers that business will go on as usual. news for anyone with a cell phone. one company is backing down on plans to receive a bill in the mail every month. others, however, have made the change forcing to you pay more to get the bill. consumer reporter explains why and what you can do so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: companies would send you bills and you would send a check. they try to get away they are charging you for charging you by mail.
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she loves her service but outraged she will have to pay if she wants to receive paper bills. >> i notice that it had a statement on there that beginning september of this year, they would charge 1.50 for a bill. >> she could not believe it. the only way to avoid it. electronic billing. if you don't want to pay it. you needed to sign up for a paper less bill. she said her e-mail has problems but get used to it, companies are trying to cut their mailing costs. they want to convert offering a credit to sign up for e bills. and state farm charges three dollars to some customers. she does not understand it. why should we pay a fee to receive a bill.
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they receive their money. t mobile is rethinking its plan after many complaints and threats of a lawsuit. advice, if your company is charging for bills, complain. but don't switch companies over this the next one will do this, too. don't waste your money. >> and the certified most accurate. and. >> i heard people say there was lightning. >> if you look north and w. we have a cluster. it has been a summer-like day. >> the heat contributed to the storms and it is a summer-like night. could ep it going another day, too. triggers the storms and let's say maryland powerful radar now. we're tracking a storm. a cluster that has move the -- moved out of maryland and i-83.
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with rain now. and we'll zoom new here and show you what we're looking at. we're looking at quite a bit of weather. north of the city. and you can see where that activity is. that's where it is. i tell you as we take a look at the sort of radar in motion. we're picking up strikes. and thend of a summer like day. humidity out there. and enough to give this round moving across the area. across the northern part of the and then into cecil and get out of here. and down to rockville. the fact we would seize and the line the most part this is going to be a move in and out
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of here. keep an eye on and 95. and the next hour or so. 84 degrees. tonight we're seeing 74. and very high humidity. southwest wind. a lot of humidity. and you may let it run tonight. and the withest. there is not like and this moves through. should be in and out of here quickly. and sort of a garden variety. and if you look up and down the coast here. we had some wet weather. we don't pick up on a lot.
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muggy, rainy afternoon. look out for that storm complex. we're looking good. north of downtown is where we'll see the bulk of rain. 84 degrees and look out for showers possible in the afternoon. another warm and humid day. we cool it off. and then it looks like we surge back to 80. and nail that down tomorrow. thank you he can do the e- street shuffle. happy birthday to the boss. andtickets are on sale november
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20th this friday. a first for the ravens. and business overly excited.
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looking good. a hit business ray lewis gave the ravens the 2-0 record. defense is the tapeful is the offense that has people talking. they got on the field to get ready for the game against the browns. the buzz was about that as well as for the first time ever our team is number one in's power ranks. it is nice the only thing that happens is how they finish. season. you have to play and win games
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and you know, if we can say that later on in the season. maybe 12th game we're in the playoffs. that will mean something. >> i do not believe it. we are behind. but it doesn't mean anything that's what we're to thing fof, the best and let them be whatever they want to be. >> wide open! and that is a -- did he step out at the one. touchdown! >> i wanted to show what i had when i had the opportunity, talent cannot be hidden as far as if you get that opportunity and you have talent.
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show your ability. >> oh, my. who else. >> i think it was a big play for the team. it is making the team up reeling that you can lose on any given play. fun for the fans, they take on the bruins inside the bank stadium. now a different competition. you can sedansing with the stars here. but now you may see one of the regulars. she is not taking off here dancing shoes. it is an anti-fured a for pe. it a. it says would rather dance naked than wear fur. map
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and heavy rain and lightning moving across baltimore county. watch that the next 30 minutes. the bbb healed a torch awards at the mansion house. several businesses received awards for their presence. that's it for ul today. leblanc. >> see you tomorrow! just as we promise 100% fresh produce...
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