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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  September 24, 2009 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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year to remember those lost to the aids virus yet we are rarely reminded of those who contract hiv each day. >> hiv is not who i am. it's just a disease that lives in me. >> reporter: baltimore's acting chief medical officer dr. ann bailo wits says the virus is still rampant even though we don't hear much about it anymore. >> we have reports of 6,532 individuals reported with the disease. 59% male. 88% of them are african-american. we're extremely active in efforts to educate regarding prevention. >> reporter: two successful vaccines together and doctors in thailand produced an experimental vaccine that cuts the risk of infection by more than 30% in a study with 16,000 participants. it's not known if it will work elsewhere or when it could become available but providing hope after 25 years of futility and trying to develop such a vaccine. >> having this new information
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around the possibility of having an effective hiv vaccine that would prevent transmission and/or extend peoples lives who are living with hiv is extremely exciting, and a step in the right direction in terms of the research. >> reporter: as much as we may forget about those living with aids researchers here with the university of maryland medical center and at johns hopkins also continue their work to find a vaccine. >> both of those are leaders in the efforts. they are some of the first centers to get any new and promising vaccine for hiv and i can attest to the fact they are being checked on right now as we speak. in a subject trial. >> reporter: in downtown baltimore, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> while as many as two million people around the world die from aids each year the mortality rate has dropped dramatically in our area thanks to the availability of life-prolonging drugs. new at 5:00 -- baltimore
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city fire officials are investigating the death of a man who was trying to get medical help at a city firehouse. authorities say the man suffered some type of medical emergency and went to engine 52 at wood brooke in liberty heights avenue for help but no one was there. fire officials say those on duty left just minutes before to take equipment for repair. someone called 911 and another medic unit arrived but the man later died at sinai hospital. much more on this story tonight on abc2 news at 11:00. an anne arundel county man has been arrested for having and distributing child porn. state police say kevin ferguson surrendered to an investigator with a computer crimes unit. they say a trooper found ferguson's computer on a pier-to-pier network sharing porn videos of children that could be downloaded. troopers say they also found dozens of child porn videos in his home. he has been released tonight with no bond. tonight baltimore county police are asking for your help
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in finding this missing 14-year-old girl from towson. they say monica louise muth has been missing since monday afternoon. she was last seen getting into a red toyota camry sometime before 7:30 at the royal farms store on seminary avenue where the man -- with a man possibly named jay. if you have any information you're asked to call baltimore county police, the number 410-307-2020. a fire in north baltimore caused problems early this morning. it broke out just after 5:00 this morning on 41st street in hamden. everyone got out ok but police and firefighters did have to close 41st street at falls road for a while. no word yet what caused that fire. we now know the cause of the fire earlier this month at a children's day care center in harford county. investigators say a faulty ceiling fan light fixture caused the fire at the learning center in bel air back on september 3rd. the fire started in a bathroom at the day care center.
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15 staff members and 55 kids were inside at the time. they all made it out safely. you can say it runs in the family. two college students from catonsville with law enforcement officers as parents did what their mothers told them to do when help is needed. it was this morning. abc2 news sherrie johnson says it all started with a crash in catonsville. >> reporter: it was just after 2:00 in the morning near wilkens avenue and rolling road in catonsville when terrance robinson and his friend spotted a problem. a car overturned on the side of the road with someone trapped inside. it only took a few seconds for terrance and friends to spring into action. >> we saw a car on its side so we proceeded to run to the car to see if they were ok. we banged on the windows, no response so i called nine one and stayed on the phone with them. >> we were just driving home and ran over something. noticed a car -- or smoking on the side of the road. we went out, tried to help them
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and we ended up breaking the front window open and he started responding. >> reporter: a driver was trying to avoid a car that swerved into his lane when he lost control and crashed. the college student stopped and ran over to help the victim after seeing the car on its side. students grabbed a tire iron to help free the man. >> it was pretty crazy because i mean, it was kind of late, you don't really expect that. we hit something. after that, a motorcycle flew by and almost hit it too but we stopped him. another guy, he hit a sign and almost yarchgd the power lines, so it was pretty crazy. >> reporter: these heroics are no accident. terrance's mother is a retired corrections officer. matt's mother, a state trooper. both men are aspiring police officers. in fact they are undergoing a background check right now to become police cadets. >> ever since i was younger i wanted to be a baltimore county officer. for the senior project at our high school we did ride along
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with baltimore county. >> my mom is a cop. she used to work for baltimore county police, now works for state police. i've been watching her growing up. >> reporter: if this was their first test these young men certainly passed, well on their way to becoming the men in blue taking an oath to servened servened -- serve and protect. this is not the first time terrance and matt stepped in. they also received a certificate of valor from the baltimore county police department for stopping a man from stealing a car. the man shot by police for wielding what they thought was a weapon remains in critical condition tonight. turns out that weapon was a spatula. it happened on the 2400 block of bridgehampton drive yesterday. police were called to the scene for a suicidal person. when they got there they say the man started to wave what looked to be a sharp object. officers say they shot the man after ordering him to stop several times. again the weapon turned out to
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be a spatula. tonight the two officers are on administrative leave. quite a change in the air weatherwise here in baltimore. you probably felt the difference from, say, when you went to work this morning, it was still really muggy out. by this afternoon it feels a lot drier, it is. take a look now, what we're seeing temperaturewise across the area. still 80 now at bwi marshall. 82 pax river, but there are 70s on the map and that is going to be the trend here into the day tomorrow. visible satellite pictures now, we've got fair weather cloud cover across the state. no precipitation though. i think tonight it will be noticeably cooler, down to 65 degrees by daybreak with a cool north breeze. that will be a difference. we'll talk about even cooler weather to come for the first half of the weekend, in a couple of minutes. the senate seat held for a nearly half century by the late ted kennedy will now be filled by a kennedy family friend. massachusetts governor duvall patrick named paul kirk jr. to
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fill kennedy's senate seat. the former democratic party chairman will fill the seat until there's a special election in january. he served on ted kennedy's staff for eight years and is chairman of the john f. kennedy library foundation. kirk will be sworn in tomorrow. president obama is in pittsburgh for the g-20 summit on the global economy. the leaders will hold talks today and tomorrow to make sure the global economy stays on track. they also laid out tougher rules for financial institutions. earlier today the president spoke before the united nations general assembly. meanwhile demonstrators are outside the summit protesting. today federal prosecutors reveal details of an alleged terror plot to bomb targets in the united states. it came in the indictment of an afghani immigrant arrested in denver last week. the government says he was compiling ingredients for homemade bombs to possibly bomb new york city commuter trains. here's abc's linsey davis.
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>> reporter: 24-year-old naji ahzazi originally charged with lying to the fbi. now charged with conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. he appeared in a denver court thursday. federal agents say he went to beauty stores this summer for bomb supplies. he purchased unusually large quantities of hydroagain peroxide and as tone. acetone. they were listed in al-qaeda recipes officials say were found on his computer. also used in the 2005 london bombings. court documents also say when the fbi conducted tests in a hotel room he rented earlier this month they found acetone residue in the vent above the stove. those same documents say on september 6th and 7th he attempted to communicate with someone to find out correct mixtures of ingredients to makes explosives. records indicate he repeatedly emphasized he needed answers right away. >> the attack that crippled the
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new york metropolitan transportation system and killed hundreds of people would be the biggest al-qaeda attack against the united states since 9/11. >> reporter: ahmed afzali, a new york city imam also appeared in a new york court thursday. charged with lying to investigators about the terror plot. his attorney says his client didn't tip azazi with a phone call and didn't know about the plot. >> he knew he was under surveillance. he knew in colorado he was under surveillance and it shouldn't have been a big surprise. >> reporter: released on $1.5 million bond. zazi's father, mohammed, also charged with lying to investigators, freed in denver. he'll remain under court supervision until his october 9th hearing. linsey davis, abc news, new york. a local company is suing facebook. why they are going after the social networking giant. and it's facebook 101. see the classes baby boomers are now taking to get in on
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america's facebook addiction. ♪ speedway in the utah desert♪ >> you can start buying the bruce springsteen tickets tomorrow. and many can't wait. meet the fan who has been in line all week. jamie follows that laugh all the way to cookie's kitchen in pasadena for tonight's "dine on a dime." first we'll step outside and check on the weather continues. head over to glen burnie where it feels like 83 degrees. it's actually 81. we'll be right back.
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a small tech company in canton is suing facebook. the company claims the social networking giant infringed on a key patent it holds. according to "the baltimore
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sun" who glue incorporated filed the lawsuit this week. they said they applied for the patent in 2001 three years before facebook was founded and got it in 2007. the company which has less than five employees makes and sells software to help associations and nonprofits management via the internet. facebook says it will fight the lawsuit. when it started facebook was exclusive to college kids but now it boasts more than 300 million users of all ages including many baby boomers eager to learn the ins and outs of social networking. samantha hayes reporting from washington. >> >> reporter: in the world of continuing education you might be surprised to see facebook for boomers under the list of offerings but in this washington, dc classroom every seat is taken. >> i'm through and i just interested for family and photos. then i would like to learn how to use it professionally as a
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fundraising tool. >> i would like to know more about security aspects of it before i start signing up. >> reporter: all good questions according to instructor peggy arvidson. she starts with a how-to on profile, pictures and how much personal information to share. points that speak to a big concern for social networking newbi ses. >> people are interesting in their safety, making sure they are secure, that strangers won't be looking at their pictures or children's pictures. >> reporter: for some retirees or those looking for work there's the ability to network quickly. >> maybe 10 years ago you would network or be at the chamber or ask your friend's cousin's brother for information. it makes it quicker. >> reporter: and there's a curiosity factor knowing what the facebook buzz is all about. >> only really over the last six months did i really start to hear it and see it. >> reporter: time spent on-line might be the warning label of social networking the
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first lesson of facebook? it's addictive. in washington, i'm samantha hayes, abc2 news. fall has definitely arrived. >> yeah. it didn't feel like it for the first few days out there. it was humid, muggy, summerlike weather, getting more summerlike, until today that is. change for the better now. i think we're going to actually see much cooler weather by the weekend. if you're a college football fan, i don't think we'll get out of the 60s for the weekend. first, let's show you -- i choke up when i see boats that nice. beauties, you know? that would be the place to be right now. still choked up about about it. 80 degrees at bwi now. humidity falling in a big way. we were 80%, 90% humidity last night. that has fallen off and just a
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light variable breeze, a light steady wind into the evening. low temperatures this morning down in the 70-degree range. that is for the overnight lows. to give you an idea what kind of change we're expecting across the baltimore area the next few days, these will look more like the highs on saturday. in fact the highs won't even be this warm. they will look like maybe up here in york for the low as we go into the weekend, much cooler around here for at least two days. high temperatures this afternoon, nice rebound. most of the numbers are from the middle of the day. as we went into the middle of the afternoon, cooler air, cool front, across the area, actually dropping temperatures down as we run into the afternoon. you can see that now. temperatures have fallen off. we're down into the upper 70s most spots. basically clarksville 79. baltimore 79. kingsville 78. chestertown on the eastern sore just a little warmer at 84. satellite and radar composite, not seeing a heck of a lot out there. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we tracked a pretty large thunderstorm cell yesterday evening.
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last night around 10:00, 11:00, moved across the towson/timonium, up toward the pennsylvania line. that was obviously a done deal but it doused the ground a little last night. no rain today so far. we could see a passing shower overnight tonight. not expecting much though. and you stay out here in the midwest, thick storm beginning to brew across indianapolis and on into ohio. i think we'll see some of this precipitation as we get into the middle part of the weekend. but dry tomorrow in a big way. we'll see nice clearing during the day tomorrow. just a mixture of sun and clouds. the forecast model -- i don't know why i'm so choked up this afternoon -- basically clearing weather here. sunshine breaks out. no precipitation but as we go into the day on saturday, watch what happens here. large area of precipitation begins to develop. this will likely move in, i think late saturday into sunday. the weekend will be a mixed bag of weather, i think, as we go into saturday and sunday.
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so high tide, low tide, not the main focus on the bay. small craft advisory advisory for friday on the chesapeake. steady north wind tomorrow 10 to 15 with the cool front moving through. definitely watch out there on the water tomorrow, small boats can get caught up in the wind pretty easily. tonight 65 degrees, partly cloudy, breezy and cooler weather. tomorrow we'll look for a mix of clouds and sun. 75 degrees but again it won't quite feel that warm with the north breeze and again the humidity will be quite low compared to the last couple of days. this weekend temperatures cooling off, 67 on saturday. and we have a good chance of rain late saturday into the day on sunday. >> thank you. he was arrested and charged with drunk driving five times. and yet a maryland man is still able to get back on the road. tonight at 11:00, the abc2 news investigators dig deeper into one man's record to find out why he and other repeat offenders are able to continue driving. there are shocking results,
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thousands are marylanders are able to get behind the wheel despite more than five drunk driving convictions. advocates for harsher penltses is the problem repeat offenders aren't looked at as criminals and that's got to change. >> the purpose of the law is not to punish them after they kill somebody, it's to prevent people from killing people with their cars. >> tonight at 11:00 -- how some are able to beat the system and what solution one group is proposing to stop them from posing a risk on the road. tonight the drama is turned up a notch with the highly anticipated two-hour season premiere of "grey's anatomy." here's a taste of what you can expect. >> according to elizabeth kubler ross, when we are dying or suffered a catastrophic loss we all move through five distinct stages of grief. we go into denial. because the loss is so unthinkable. we can't imagine it's true.
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>> clear. >> reporter: we become angry with everyone. angry with survivors. angry with ourselves. then we bargain. >> come on. >> we beg. we plead. we offer everything we have. we offer up our souls. in exchange for just one more day. >> steven! can you hear me? look at me, steven! >> when the bargaining had failed, when the anger is too hard to maintain, we fall into depression. despair. until finally, we have to accept that we have done everything we can. we let go.
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>> "grey's anatomy" starts tonight at 9:00 right here on abc2. it's followed by abc2 news at 11:00. loyola college, loyola college, loyola college. say it all you want now because after tomorrow it will have a new name. and take a look at this. how a colorado family was able to get that elk out of their heated pool. and that's how verizon fios works. any questions? so will the tv in my house look that amazing? yep. fios has 100% fiber optics straight to your home. and i get $150 back when i switch to fios? that's correct. i got a question, i got a question. is anybody here buying this? read it and weep pal. switch to fios now
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a look ahead to abc2 news at 5:30 -- bruce springsteen tickets go on sale tomorrow. meet a guy who has been in line since monday. you may think you've got good credit but are the latest credit changes sinking your score? the answer has always been no but could there actually be water on the moon? we'll have those stories plus wyatt's summerlike fall
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forecast straight ahead on abc2 news at 5:30. a look at news around the nation takes us to colorado where one family had an uninvited visitor over the weekend. the family was shocked to find an elk taking a dip in their heated swimming pool. apparently the animal fell through the pool's cover and got stuck. the family helped nudge the elk to the shallow end and it eventually got out on its own. you've heard the children's nursery rhyme about the little piggy who went to market. a group of piggies went to school in north carolina. five wild pigs have been hanging out on the playground causing passer biers to do a double take. animal control came in to catch the evasive swine. helping to sweep the crime right out of your neighborhood. coming up, a look at this week's crime checker.
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